kwwiirickspencer3: hi00:10
rickspencer3kwwii, are there icons for me to merge? I thought you mentioned something about it, and seeing new icons seems more fun that what I have to do no ;)00:11
kwwiirickspencer3: yes, I can get some together quickly which are better than the place holders but I cannot do it now (meeting)00:20
rickspencer3kwwii, no rush AT ALL00:22
rickspencer3I'm just looking for something to play with ;)00:22
kwwiirickspencer3: ok, I'll get something together nad propose a merge00:24
rickspencer3thanks kwwii00:24
kwwiirickspencer3: happy to help ;)00:24
jonoNafai, hey00:29
jonohows things going?00:29
Nafaijust a sec00:29
Nafaisorry, was calling out my dinner order :)00:33
NafaiOh, today's been frustrating (not feeling well)....so I'm working tomorrow.  Sorry :(00:33
Nafaibut I did figure out more of GObject00:34
jcastroNafai: hope you feel better00:41
Nafaigetting used to my new early schedule from a few months of slackering while laid off :)00:41
Nafaiare the indicator app libs and such fixed in the repos now?00:41
Nafailibdbusmenu-{gtk0, glib0} are broken packages for me right now00:42
jcastroNafai: afaik they're working on it 00:42
jcastrotedg: can you give us a quick 2 second update? 00:43
Nafaiok, just curious :)00:43
tedgjcastro: Nafai: Everything should be working itself out.  There shouldn't be any gtk0,glib0 anymore as they're migrated to gtk1, glib100:46
Nafaioh good :)00:47
tedgYeah, there'll be some package rebuilds coming through.  Basically the glib0,gtk0 ones can't be on a system with glib1,gtk1 -- so it'll take a little bit.00:48
seg|arsdjsiegel: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/2198/screenshot1vp.png01:17
djsiegelseg|ars: you are the man01:17
seg|arsI'm still tweaking some of the details, but it's a pretty solid first pass01:17
djsiegelthat looks awesome01:17
djsiegelyou might want to drop that reflection if possible01:18
seg|arsI'm also thinking about making the icons full-size01:18
Nafaiwow, that looks nice01:18
djsiegelseg|ars: yeah they could be bigger01:21
djsiegelwould be nice01:21
djsiegelwhen i post, do you have the bubble come from the right?01:22
seg|arsno, but I might be able to do that01:22
djsiegelthat send button needs some horizontal padding01:22
djsiegelseg|ars: empathy does that01:22
djsiegelalternating sides for from/to01:22
seg|arsyeah, I see from the template01:22
djsiegelseg|ars: can you talk to TheMuso in #ubuntu-desktop about accessibility?01:22
seg|arsaccessibility in what sense?01:23
seg|arsare there specific things that need to be done to the design to accommodate certain accessibility requirements?01:23
seg|arsor is it just about accessibility in webkit in general?01:23
kklimondaseg|ars, why was it decided to render all buttons using webkit (well, at least that's how it felt when I've selected them all using mouse and then managed to get a 404 page). Is gtk not flexible enough?01:25
seg|arsI could achieve the same thing with gtk, but it would take me a few months and it would likely require about ten times as much code01:26
seg|arscustom gtk widgets are almost never worth the effort01:27
seg|arsQt, on the other hand, makes such things trivially easy because it has native CSS theming.01:27
seg|arsI'm hopeful that in a year or so Clutter and Mx will be mature enough to get the job done, at which point I'll probably replace the webkit bits for the UI01:28
djsiegelok gtg01:28
djsiegelawesome work seg|ars01:28
kklimondaMx ?01:29
seg|arsit's a widget toolkit for clutter. Intel is funding it01:29
seg|arsupdated: http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/5489/screenshot3kh.png01:43
vishseg|ars: hi.. i noticed a few things , the icons[replies , inbox] dont change to the user's theme , not even to humanity , they are stuck at gnome icons..04:45
vishalso gwibber  now has 2 menu items in the system>prefs, is that intentional?04:46
seg|arsvish: in the previous version, we used to use theme icons for the sidebar, but we had a lot of problems with it04:56
seg|arssome of those icons, like the inbox, aren't actually part of themes. That one comes from evolution, for example04:56
seg|arswe had a mix of static icons like that and we also used theme icons, and the result was a very, very inconsistent looking sidebar04:57
seg|arsanother problem is that not all of the themes expose the necessary icons at all of the sizes we use04:57
seg|arswith the current sidebar, where we have three icon sizes, some of the icons from the themes would be either pixelated, or shrunken full-sized svgs, which looked really bad04:57
vishseg|ars: yeah, the old version had scaling problems with those icons , but we have included the icons in Humanity iteslf , it would help being more consistent04:58
seg|arsbut humanity isn't necessarily available on other distros04:58
vishah.. 04:58
seg|arsthe current behavior works better everywhere people use gwibber04:59
vishseg|ars: k..,. cool 04:59
vishseg|ars: was the 2 menu items in sys>orefs intentional?04:59
seg|arswhen I discussed it once before with david, what he wanted was a set of really generic silhouette style icons for inbox/reply/etc that we could ship with gwibber. I'd be open to that, but somebody would have to make those icons04:59
seg|arsno, that's not intentional05:00
seg|arswhat menu items do you see there?05:00
seg|arsI didn't even know gwibber puts something in sys>prefs. That must be something kenvandine did05:00
vishseg|ars: Gwibber social accounts and Gwibber social settings05:00
seg|arsoh that's interesting05:01
seg|arsthose are two separate dialogs. One is preferences and the other is account settings05:01
seg|arsimo we don't know the settings one in there05:01
seg|arsI'll talk to kenvandine about it and see what he thinks05:01
* vish nods05:01
vishseg|ars: silhoutte style icons as in , similar to the glyph panel icons?05:02
seg|arsI think he was specifically envisioning something like tweetie05:02
seg|arsvish: like this: http://theocacao.com/images/content/000603-tweetie-timeline-buddies.png05:03
vishseg|ars: hmm , I already have a few of them somewhere , I'll try to get them done in a couple of weeks , 05:04
seg|arsawesome. :-)05:04
vishseg|ars: do you have a bug report open for it? if so you can assign it to me05:04
seg|arsI'll file one. Thanks!05:05
Nafaismithj: I'll be around for part of the day working, so let me know if you have questions I might be able to answer17:42
jonosmithj, hey19:43
Nafaijono: Made it back to California?19:43
jonoNafai, back home :-)19:43
jonohows things Nafai?19:43
Nafaipretty good19:44
jonoNafai, what is the current state of progress?19:44
Nafaiprolly about 45% on brasero, due to back day yesterday, but back into making progress for a few hours this afternoon19:45
Nafaican't wait to have at least one done :)19:45
jonosweet :)19:45
NafaiI'm going to shoot ken vandine an e-mail here soon (so he can get to it at his leisure, as it is the weekend) with a code question19:45
Nafaistyle stuff, abstraction in GObject/C seems a little different than I'm used to19:46
jonothanks Nafai, I am keen to get you unblocked on the things you mailed about19:46
Nafaime too19:46
jonosmithj, ping?20:07
NafaiIt's weird how people keep bringing up gnome shell and duplicated effort whenever someone posts about app-indicators (reading comments to jcastro's latest blog post)20:28
jonoNafai, lol, indeed21:06
jonosmithj, are you around today?21:06

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