mhall119good morning14:20
alkisgGood morning14:22
mhall119so it looks like there are lots of good games available in Lucid14:25
mhall119just found gnomekiss14:29
mhall119holy crap, paper dolls with nipples is _NOT_ child appropriate14:40
Ahmuckis there a way to build a custom script so that it removes/installs programs upon installation before a full first time boot?17:28
bdoinit is each to make a script that does 'apt-get install' and 'apt-get remove'. To make it run once there are probably several options17:34
bdoin /it is each/ it is easy/17:35
sbalneavAhmuck: Yeah, just a shell script18:04
sbalneavapt-get purge package package package18:04
sbalneavAhmuck: then just call it at the tail end of a preseeding19:02
XuzhouJimEdubuntu terminal server didn't work out of the box as planned!! so now I need to trouble shoot but can't seem to find a good starting point. Maybe the problem was a amd64 image was created but dhcp is pointing to i386. BUT changed dhcp.conf to point to the amd64.img. still no go.22:29
sbalneavEvening all23:07
sbalneavThat what? :)23:27
highvoltagethat! "evening"!23:31

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