jjessenixternal: nothing00:02
jjessenixternal: changed one file00:02
NCommanderRiddell: nixternal, *grumble* bindings doesn't want to build00:20
Lex79JontheEchidna: sync only with Testing or with Unstable too ?00:54
JontheEchidnaLex79: They accept Unstable merges upon request00:55
Lex79JontheEchidna: so I can request a sync with Unstable?00:56
Lex79ok, you says "merges" before :)00:56
Lex79I see00:56
NCommanderRiddell: got it to build, but dh_sip failed to do what it was supposed to01:15
Riddellit's a short perl script though, shouldn't be too hard to see what's going wrong01:15
Riddelloh but you used a pbuilder so no build tree to test on01:16
Riddellwell at least virtuoso seems to be working01:17
NCommanderRiddell: I can't easily build on my system :-/01:18
RiddellNCommander: I'll start it going here01:18
NCommanderRiddell: well, we're getting there :-)01:18
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RiddellNCommander: you might want to avoid agateau at the plenary, his laptop is missing kdebase-workspace now because of this and is showing a blue screen of death :)01:19
NCommanderRiddell: ****.01:19
NCommanderRiddell: I forgot; being active in Kubuntu means I have a higher risk of breaking peoples desktops01:20
Riddellyeah, it's not like arm, people actually use our software :)01:20
Lex79NCommander: it's more fun working on Kubuntu for that :P01:21
NCommanderRiddell: ouch.01:23
agateauRiddell: :)01:27
nixternalRiddell: http://nixternal.com/files/bsod.png01:29
Riddellkwwii: jorge wants you in the plenary01:32
neversfeldeRiddell: I uploaded koffice 2.1.1 for karmic to staging, it is a simple update of the package in backports ppa. I am not sure, if I can move it to backports, because I cannot test, no Karmic here anymore. What do you think?01:34
nixternalneversfelde: I can test01:35
neversfeldeonly lpia finished btw, but I guess that i386 and amd64 will have no problems then01:35
neversfeldenixternal: great, rest should be ready in a few minutes01:36
nixternalwhere is it located right now?01:36
neversfeldenixternal: staging ppa01:42
nixternalroger that01:42
nixternalinstalling now01:43
nixternalneversfelde: what did you do with kformula? between 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 there were a lot of list-missing files...a lot need to be installed, and quite a few need to be placed in a not-installed filed01:44
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nixternalheh, i guess nobody has applied for that microsoft open source job, as i just got an email from one of my friends at microsoft letting me know they would be interested in talking :) haha, he cracks me up, he says I can still continue using Linux, just might not be able to contribute anything anytime soon01:46
jjesseyou should join01:47
neversfeldenixternal: hum, I just had a look at the debian package, guess it needs more work01:47
nixternalneversfelde: it at least installed fine :)01:47
nixternaleverything seems to work01:48
Lex79Debian doesn't ship kformula anymore01:48
nixternalwe don't either...not until a few more releases, however the kformula plugin is kind of ready to be used and tested according to upstream01:49
neversfeldemhh, when did Debian changed the not-installed file, alle the kformula stuff was in there before01:52
neversfeldenixternal: it is too late now to correct this, will do it tomorrow, thanks for reviewing01:56
nixternalneversfelde: no problemo, I will get the update when you fix it up :)01:58
neversfeldebtw as far as I understood, there is no MOTU team anymore, can someone explain the new situation to me?01:59
ScottKneversfelde: MOTU will continue01:59
* ScottK has to write a mail about it02:00
nixternalMOTU should be around, MC on the other hand02:00
neversfeldeScottK: ok, that's good. I was rellay confused about it. Probably I did not understodd the situation because of languag deficits.02:02
ScottKneversfelde: It's confusing.  Hopefully we'll have it resolved soon.02:19
neversfeldeand it is really confusing02:19
neversfeldenot only for me02:19
NCommanderRiddell: I don't get it; it built locally02:51
* NCommander feels his brain melt02:51
NCommanderRiddell: I have a flight to catch, but maybe you can help work out why bindings is busted02:51
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=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
yuriyis the amd64 CD oversized?04:37
yuriycdimages lists it as 717MB04:37
yuriyfor the daily live04:37
ScottKThat would be oversized.04:37
yuriyuhoh. probably should cancel the download then. anyone working on this or know why it's 13MB bigger than i386?04:38
yuriyand all the alpha 2 images are even worse04:39
yuriyi guess these didn't get tested04:39
ScottKThey did, but not as physical CDs04:40
yuriyah, good point04:40
ScottKYou can use usb-creator-kde to put them on a stick04:40
yuriyis it possible to burn a CD image to a DVD? I don't have a stick04:40
ScottKI think so04:40
yuriythough i guess i could borrow one or use an SD card04:41
ScottKSD cards work too04:41
ScottKI've used those04:41
yuriyalpha 3 in 3 weeks... i'll try to keep an eye on this and at least point it out in the ISO tracker if they're still oversize04:42
ScottKRiddell has been working it down over time.  I think we need to get 4.4.0 done first and then decide how to handle it.04:44
yuriygot a new core i7 setup, but my current installation hangs a few seconds into booting and I don't have any recent CDs, but hopefully the lucid daily will work04:49
verbalshadowoy, are there any know missing theme issues with kdm?05:12
verbalshadowif not seem the default theme is missing ( or moved) in the latest round of packages05:13
ScottKIt's been reported before.  Not sure if it's fixed05:15
verbalshadowScottK: thanks, doesn't seem to be yet i reinstalled and reconfigure from cli with no luck05:17
dhillon-v10ScottK: a real quick question: if there are changes to the .po files we don't include that in the diff  that I am about to attach right?05:18
ScottKAlmost certainly not05:19
dhillon-v10ScottK: thanks :)05:21
Riddellyuriy: yes you can burn them to DVDs fine05:28
Riddellkdebindings compiles fine, uploading to ppa and main archive05:35
ScottKThat means pitti can fix jockey05:36
dhillon-v10Riddell: can i help with something, my packaging have certainly improved thanks to people here :)05:38
Riddelldhillon-v10: could you add the patch on this page to kdebase-runtime? http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Nepomuk+Virtuoso+Converter?content=11966105:40
yuriyso at least Nero won't let me burn the CD image to a DVD05:41
yuriyprobably an artificial limitation05:41
dhillon-v10Riddell: sure :) thanks for giving me a chance05:41
yuriyi guess i'll try k3b tomorrow05:42
Riddelldhillon-v10: you know how to get our packaging out of bzr?05:42
Riddellyuriy: bah.  you can also use a virtual machine05:42
dhillon-v10Riddell: please reword that, do you mean make a package out of something present in a branch? then yes05:52
dhillon-v10Riddell: or are you talking about kdebase-runtime? so that I can apply the patch05:54
Riddelldhillon-v10: yes the packaging for that is in bzr05:54
Riddellbzr co lp:~kubuntu-members/kdebase-runtime/ubuntu05:55
Riddellgrab that patch and put it into debian/patches, add to series file, dch -i05:55
Riddellbzr diff05:55
Riddellsend us that diff or push the bzr branch05:55
dhillon-v10Riddell: alright, I actually know these steps had to do them before for a merge :)05:55
dhillon-v10Riddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/370001/06:09
dhillon-v10Riddell: there's another file called KUBUNTU-DEIBAN DIFFERENCES, should I worry about that file or no?06:10
Riddelldhillon-v10: the patch file doesn't follow the naming convention06:10
Riddelland since 4:4.4.0-0ubuntu1 hasn't been released you don't need a new changelog entry, just add it to that one06:10
Riddellyou can update KUBUNTU-DEBIAN-DIFFERENCES but it's not too important so long as its in the changelog06:10
dhillon-v10Riddell: alright, so what was that about the naming, I just downloaded the file and added it06:11
Riddellthe other files are all named kubuntu_xx_description.diff06:12
Riddellyou should follow that06:12
dhillon-v10Riddell: alright06:12
Riddelldhillon-v10: also please make kdebase-runtime Recommend: virtuosoconverter06:15
Riddellwhich I've just packaged06:15
Riddelldhillon-v10: are you updating your patch?06:28
dhillon-v10Riddell: how about this http://paste.ubuntu.com/370008/06:29
dhillon-v10Riddell: yeah sorry had to go to eat dinner, its pretty late06:29
Riddellumm, I have to login to download that as a text file?06:30
Riddellpaste.ubuntu has gone mad06:30
dhillon-v10Riddell: just a sec.06:30
Riddelldhillon-v10: could you use another pastebin, that one won't let me wget06:30
dhillon-v10Riddell: see if this one's better: http://pastebin.com/d129673ab06:32
dhillon-v10Riddell: check this out if you have time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCpjgl2baLs06:37
Riddellmaco: I think the guy on the mailing list is asking for full source code branches, not just packaging branches06:37
Riddelldhillon-v10: what is it?  I probably don't have the bandwidth for video here06:38
macoRiddell: oh wait thats not the full source?06:38
macoi tried lp:ubuntu/lucid/kdebase but it didnt work06:38
dhillon-v10Riddell: its talking about the end of the world being caused by our own mistakes :)06:38
macoi thought that was where the full source branches were supposed to be06:38
Riddellthey're not all complete06:39
macooh boo06:39
dhillon-v10Riddell: would you like me to email you the patch if you have some bandwidth problems and pastebin is not working?06:40
macoi thought all the packages were supposed to be imported, except in the case that they tried to import and it failed. *pout*06:41
Riddelldhillon-v10: yes that would be good, pastebin's also have this annoying habit of adding windows line endings06:41
macoRiddell: is james still around/awake?06:41
Riddelldhillon-v10: jriddell@ubuntu.com06:41
Riddellmaco: I've not seen him this evening06:41
dhillon-v10Riddell: done :)06:42
Riddelldhillon-v10: groovy, uploaded to bzr and PPA06:48
Riddellto be backported to karmic: new virtuoso, virtuoso-converter, kdebindings, kdebase-runtime06:48
RiddellI'm afraid I'm done for the night so volunteers welcome06:48
dhillon-v10Riddell: alright so what's next for me, if anything06:49
dhillon-v10Riddell: I guess I'll work tomorrow then, bye and good night :)06:50
Riddellmaco: that kdebase branch failed to import, other kde branches work07:43
freeflyingRiddell: are we going to backport qt-4.6.1 to karmic?07:44
Riddellfreeflying: mm, meybe, there's a load of things that should be put into the karmic PPA07:45
Riddellsee above07:45
Riddellooh 1000 e-mails in my inbox, kdebase-workspace must have compiled07:46
falehttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/kdepim/lucid/annotate/head:/debian/patches/kubuntu_01_abort2cancel.diff <-- why this diff? does it _really_ make sense?08:29
Tm_Tfale: s/Abort/Close/g for editor makes sense08:31
faleTm_T: with editors you mean people or programs?08:31
Tm_Tfale: "Close the external editor or leave it open?"08:32
faleoh, I see ;)08:32
falehttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/kdepim/lucid/annotate/head:/debian/patches/kubuntu_30_debianize_akregator_default.diff <-- whouldn't be more correct to implement this at an akregator.rc level?08:32
Tm_Toverall, now that I look that patch more closely, to me it seems reasonable08:32
Tm_Tfale: err, would make sense, yes, if there's no limitations (and there shouldn't be?)08:34
falewhat do you mean?08:34
Tm_Tfale: except, isn't rc generated based on that cpp? (:08:35
faleTm_T: well ok... at this point could be reasonable to implement that into kubuntu-settings or somewhere like that08:37
Tm_Tfale: true that08:37
faleI mean.... is not the best, I think, to patch the code to implement a setting08:37
Tm_Tfale: that's how I do for me though08:38
faleI, personally, do think that patches should be patches not indeterminate-time-code-appends08:39
faleIf a code is a feature, it should be proposed upstream, and if is a setting, it should be putted into a -setting package08:40
faleTm_T: like this one: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdebase/ubuntu/annotate/head:/debian/patches/kubuntu_14_dolphin_preview_on.diff I think it should be implemented into kubuntu-settings, instead of there (or trying to push it upstream)08:43
Tm_Tfale: hmm, you should collect all these and send to the mailinglist (:08:45
Tm_Tjussio1: hi son08:45
faleTm_T: yep, I'm going to... I was thinking to put Kde-devel in CC08:45
jussio1Ive an issue, when I start kdm in lucid it cant open the theme file. which is the config file to change this?08:45
Tm_Tjussio1: /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc ?08:46
jussio1Tm_T: ahh, Ill take a look there, thanks (was looking in .kde :D )08:50
Tm_Tjussio1: kdm is systemwide (;08:51
RiddellTm_T: can you pastebin me whatever started fale and thiago's coversation in #kde-devel?09:02
faleRiddell: http://pastebin.ca/178788409:03
jussio1I got kdm working, but x boots to a black screen with a white mouse. ideas? (on lucid)09:04
faleRiddell: I was also saying to Tm_T, here, that imho some patches could be moved to kubuntu-settings, wouldn't be better to have settings into kubuntu-settings instead of patching the code?09:04
Riddellfale: thanks09:04
faleRiddell: yw09:04
Riddellfale: yes in general it's best to change settings than do patches, I'm doing that now with plasma settings for example09:04
faleRiddell: cool ;) I have identified some patches that could be ported into kubuntu-settings09:05
faleRiddell: do you think would be a good idea to add a column to that table with patches that could go into kubuntu-settings?09:06
Riddellfale: yes09:06
faleRiddell: I'm going to do that, then. thank you :)09:06
Riddellfale: but e.g. that dolphin one, the setting ends up as a long string of serialised data09:06
faleRiddell: do you think that that one is better to keep in the code?09:07
Riddellso it's not practical to changeit in settings files. it's not (or wasn't when added) someting that could be overridden without risking affecting other items09:07
faleI see... it was written for 4.4?09:08
Riddellno 4.0 or .1 soworth checking again09:08
RiddellI have to sleep and won't be online much but e-mail me if you have queries09:09
falei'm going to, first, edit the wiki page, and after checking again each ''config'' patch to see if is still reasonable to not put them in kubuntu-settings09:10
Tm_TRiddell: I can sing a lullaby to you too, will try get R. (daughter) to sleep soon09:10
Riddellalso check the latest packaging, some patches have been removed and added since that wiki page was done09:10
* Riddell snoozes09:10
faleRiddell: yeah, I'll check the wiki page too09:11
* Tm_T hummms "riddell poika nukkuu"09:12
jussio1so no one else's lucid x is failing to start? :(09:13
Riddelljussio1: kdm is broken you can remove the theme line in kdmrc09:16
jussi01Riddell: yeah, I got kdm working, its now x that is the issue09:23
jussi01ie. when I log in09:24
jussi01Ive tried mv .kde kdeold but it hasnt helped any09:24
jussi01failsafe mode just drops me back to kdm09:25
Tm_Tjussio1: anything on .xsession-errors?09:25
jussio1 Tm_T actually yes09:28
Tm_Tanything interesting that might explain why it fails?09:28
jussi01not real fun hey09:32
* jussi01 is on Sari's PC burning new lucid disk...09:33
jussi01hrm is there a reason the 64bit disk is oversized? (and has been for a long time?09:36
Tm_Tjussio1: hasn't been able to get downsized yet?09:36
jussio1ok, see you all on the other side...09:37
Tm_Tjussio1: good luck (:)09:39
jussio1this is just evil09:56
jussio1ubiquity doesn fin my HDD...09:58
faleTm_T: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/LucidPatchReview ;)10:25
faleRiddell: are you still with us?10:27
Tm_Tfale: (:10:33
faleTm_T: still working on that, but is progressing... one thing: I left the removed patches.... do you think would be more clear to remove it?10:34
Tm_Tdon't ask me ):10:35
falehehe oki, I'll wait Riddel ;)10:35
Tm_Tfale: or ask in ML10:36
faleTm_T: I think I'm not in kubuntu-devel10:37
Tm_Tfale: join then? or you can send anyway10:37
faleTm_T: yeah, I think I'm gonna join it10:38
faleTm_T: I can not find a kubuntu-devel team :(10:44
faleoh, I see... I was looking for it into launchpad.... that's why I didn't found it10:51
txwikingerwow lucid boots fast now14:30
txwikingerin the newest lucid packages... is there something wrong with the panel in KDE?15:30
dmatttxwikinger: i do not know about newest but I had to add panel because there was none in alpha215:33
txwikingerdmatt: Yeah.. that is the problem I have15:52
txwikingerbut I even have problems adding the panel15:52
dmatttxwikinger: i did not succed in netbook remix15:58
txwikingerNo.. I am using normal desktop.. in a virtualbox though15:59
dmatttxwikinger: but ALT-F2 worked so you can play little bit :)15:59
txwikingermaybe some packages did not update properly... I am currently upgrading15:59
dmatttxwikinger: i was in virtualbox too, may be that's culprit16:00
txwikingeryeah could be16:00
txwikingersomehow I could not change any themes16:00
yuriydoes kubuntu have a plymouth theme? currently booting up the lucid cd and i just get this weird bar at the bottom followed by a black screen16:10
yuriyand there it goes hanging again :( looks like something doesn't like my new hardware still16:11
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ZoraelIs the kdm theme being broken out into its own package? The kdm package currently only has the wallpaper symlinks (wrt the theme); no other pixmaps, no xml.16:28
ZoraelOh, oxygen-air is in kdebase-workspace-wallpapers.16:35
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yuriyomg looks like it was my wireless card. d'oh.17:17
yuriythe new wallpaper is gorgeous btw. it's like installing kubuntu/kde 4.4 is a new sunrise17:17
Lex79Riddell: kubuntu_87_nepomuk_virtuosoconverter.diff is missing in kdebase-runtime18:16
ScottKForgot bzr add?18:18
Lex79ScottK: yes :)18:19
Riddellsigh, sorry, hacking from the bar not alwayhs advisable18:21
Riddellit's here if you want to add it http://pastebin.com/d129673ab18:21
RiddellI don't have my full computer here18:21
Lex79ok I can do18:22
high-rezAfter upgrading to 4.4 rc-3 kdm stopped working - says that the theme is missing.18:45
Riddellhigh-rez: comment out the line in /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc18:49
high-rezThat line ?18:50
high-rezOh, this one: Theme=/usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais18:51
erinaceus_Morning, i have some trouble with codeing a plasma widget in js19:55
erinaceus_When i try to start my widget it says "Could not open the js package required"19:55
verbalshadowhi guys20:06
dhillon-v10nixternal: almost done fixing my spacing, vim rocks :)20:10
Lex79ScottK: retry please https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdegraphics/4:4.3.98-0ubuntu1/+build/148128020:12
Lex79kdebindings needs okular-dev (kdegraphics) to build20:12
dhillon-v10nixternal: can i nto worry about the spacing in sharing docs. its like 1500 lines long so I don't want to go through the entire thing :) other than that I will delete the last merge-proposal and file a new one20:32
tomplastScottK: Hi Scott. I have now put some time into comparing modem-modeswitch (integrated in udev) and usb-modeswitch. From the little information I have been able to gather (from source code, some manual pages and some mailing lists), it seems that usb-modeswitch supports more devices than udev's modem-modeswitch. To be honest I don't know how true this is but judging from the list of supported devices (for usb-modeswitch) and ho20:46
tomplastw easy it's to add a configuration for a new device it feels very nice. The latest versions of usb-modeswitch comes also with an udev-rule so that the switching should be done automagically (depends on tclsh, 4KiB, exist in main). I wish I could give you some more information, but that's all I got for now. Maybe I should talk to the udev developer(s) responsible for modem-modeswitch and see what we would miss by switching from20:46
tomplastmodem-modeswitch to usb-modeswitch. Or do you have any other suggestion? How should I proceed?20:46
nixternaldhillon-v10: use kate, highlight everything, and then press 'shift+tab' a few times to clear up the tabs21:02
dhillon-v10nixternal: yeah that sharing doc was ported from ubuntu-docs so it had a *lot* of useless indentation, the ones I wrote only had extra spacing :) but thanks for the tip21:08
dhillon-v10nixternal: how about now, the merge-proposal has been updated, and I fixed all my errors21:15
nixternaldhillon-v10: I will look at it later, have to get ready for a birthday party21:18
dhillon-v10nixternal: alright :)21:19
ScottKRiddell: I could use some help figuring out how to get plasma-netbook to start after install.21:20
nixternalScottK: put plasma-netbook.desktop in /usr/share/autostart/21:22
ScottKnixternal: OK.  Thanks.21:24
tomplastScottK: I understand that you may be busy, just wanted to know if you saw the messages I sent to you in the channel? We can talk about it another day if necessary.21:33
ScottKtomplast: I saw that.21:38
ScottKRiddell: Could you chat with tomplast on the modemswitch stuff.  It seems to me we still want it, but I'm not sure.  I'm on travel for business this week and expect to be pretty much working or sleeping.21:38
* txwikinger wonders what is wrong with his ppa22:06
_Groo_hi/2 all22:18
_Groo_i just did the skrooge 0.6.0 package, how to proceed? should i open a bug in launchpad with [need-upgrade] or something like that?22:19
tomplastScottK: Time for me to hit the sack. I will pop in here tomorrow again, maybe Riddel is here then. Gnight Scott, don't forget to take a pause from the work man ;)22:21
macoRiddell: hacking from bar? thought you were going to go find somewhere to canoe while stranded in portland22:35
Tm_Tmaco: perhaps bar is related to something that he calls "canoe"22:39
Tm_Tjussi01: pokety poke22:39

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