BluesKajnetwork manager crapped out , so wicd is doing wifi on this lappy, I guess the startup script isn't loading properly, gotta activate it every bootup00:00
kaddijc0694: possible, yes00:02
kaddi!fstab | jc069400:03
ubottujc0694: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:03
darthanubissound stops from one app when another starts00:06
kaddithat would be another bug i suppose :p00:15
gyothat’s not me!00:17
BluesKajthat IP is in london UK00:17
kaddithat is a problem with the client afaik, usually the person gets kicked/banned by a mod in the end00:18
kaddiwith a gentle reminder to fix the client00:18
kaddiI've seen this happen a couple of times.00:19
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Nighthawk82hey guys can anyone help me with installing an asus my cinema U3100 mini usb tv tuner card please and which app would be fine to work in NZ for the TV cannels is this possible in Ubuntu?00:22
jc0694i'm getting ready to edit my fstab file and i'd like somebody to look at the line before i save and close it...00:27
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jc0694is i created a permanent mountpoint directory at /media/passport and the command "sudo blkid" returns /dev/sdb1: UUID="6E32DC6F32DC3E31" LABEL="My Passport" TYPE="ntfs" can anybody tell me what the new line in fstab should look like?00:37
amgarchIn9UUID=.. /mountpoint auto defaults 0 000:39
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baron86Hello there.. I got a problem with the new Amarok 2.2.2 I added the repository ppa: and then updated and when i play a click on amarok after 5 seconds it crashes00:46
baron86anything wrong with the new version?00:46
jc0694i'm trying to edit my fstab to mount an exterrnal hard drive.  the following is the new line i inputted into fstab. i just rebooted the laptop and it doesn't see the hard drive.  here's the new line in fstab00:57
jc0694i think i need to do this through the volume manager.  how do i open the volume managerr?01:07
jc0694i need help with gnome volume manager.  anybody use this?01:13
kaddijc0694: try asking in the #ubuntu channel most people here use kde and kmix01:15
jc0694kaddi: will gnome volume manager work with kubuntu/kde?  supposedly by installing gnome-volume-manager i will be able to fix my external hard drive problem not being detected at startup easily instead of using fstab.  is this true?01:17
jc0694kaddi: *edit the fstab01:17
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kaddijc0694: gnome-volume-manager should work as well. you will probably have to install a lot of ubuntu libraries. I cant say whether it will help wit your problem though01:19
NicadWhen I start Kubuntu, nothing but the desktop, cursor, xscreensaver, and yakuake start01:20
jc0694does kubuntu/kde have something similar to gnome-volume-manager already installed?01:20
jc0694kaddi: does kubuntu/kde have something similar to gnome-volume-manager already installed?01:20
Nicadno kwin, plasma, kicker, krun, or anything else01:22
kaddijc0694: there probably is, but I don't know how it's called01:22
NicadI cannot even get some programs to start01:22
kaddiNicad: what happens when you try to start plasma?01:22
NicadI cant01:23
agent47how to install network manager applet01:23
Nicadhold on im trying again to see what happens01:23
kaddiagent47: if you're using kde 4.3 or up: sudo apt-get install plasma-widget-network-manager01:24
NicadWOW, I just restarted KDM a second time and it fixed itself01:24
Nicadwell, thanks anyway01:25
agent47kadddi: i am using genome pack but install kde packages in it01:25
kaddiagent47: what ubuntu do you use?01:28
kaddiagent47: not sure you can do this though, since the network manager for kde is a widget, which would imply that you are runnin plasma in some form01:28
darthanubis"an error occurred during your last KDE upgrade leaving an orphaned control module"01:29
kaddidarthanubis: don't you use lucid?01:30
darthanubisI was for a spell though01:30
darthanubisit is way to raw to enjoy everyday01:31
agent47kaddi:can u help me with it ubuntu genome 9.10 i am using01:31
darthanubisI think my running of alphaware days are over01:31
darthanubisany 4.4rc2 users in here?01:32
kaddii'm using 4.4.rc201:33
kaddiagent47: I don't think it is posible. Why do you want to do that?01:33
darthanubisdoes your printer config module work?01:33
agent47kaddi:i am not able to connect my usb broadband modem01:34
darthanubisand does amarok crash on you when scrolling the playlist while it is downloading albulm covers?01:34
kaddii have all my album covers downloaded, so I'm not sure I can reproduce01:35
darthanubistry this01:36
darthanubistry to add a single song to a playlist while it is playing01:36
darthanubisthe new song will load at the bottom of the playlist01:37
darthanubisthen try to use the scrollbar on the playlist to scroll to the new song to play it01:37
titan_arkhey. is there anyway i can have a notifier constantly show me when i have an update rather than just an update. i remember it being there on ubuntu, but after i switched to kde cant seem to see it01:37
darthanubisit should crash before you get to the new song01:37
EDinNYI just replaced the internal vid card with an Nvidea card.  It seems to have the wrong driver.  Where can I find the menu to install the restricted drivers in 9.10?01:40
kaddidarthanubis: not crashing for me01:41
kaddii added a song and scrolled down. everything is fine. i selected the song previous to it and it just started playing the song  without mucking up01:42
darthanubisare you 64bit?01:43
EDinNY32 bit here01:43
kaddidarthanubis: 32bit01:44
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EDinNYis there a restricted driver menu in 9.10?01:46
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GatorHoyhello, anyone have a few minutes to help me out in pm?01:49
=== [BT]Brendan is now known as [BNC]Brendan
titan_arkhey. is there anyway i can have a notifier constantly show me when i have an update rather than just an update. i remember it being there on ubuntu, but after i switched to kde cant seem to see it01:50
GatorHoywhy do i have to type in my password every time i go into one of my hard drives?01:59
Nicadwell, im back02:05
darthanubissound is not this pityful in ubuntu02:05
darthanubisany 64bit 4.4rc2 users here?02:06
darthanubiswith sound playing from more than one app simultaneously?02:06
darthanubisbefore I install pulseaudio02:06
NicadI was here before because the most of KDE would not start. I thought it somehow fixed itself, but then I closed Opera and everything disappeared02:07
Nicadit did not even just sudddenly vanish; it faded as if the screensaver was starting or I was logging out02:08
NicadI tried starting systemsettings to see if suspending compositing would work, but it had no title bar and when I clicked on "desktop" it closed.02:10
Nicadyakuake, the cursor, and xscreensaver are the only things still working02:10
Nicadany ideas?02:14
Nicadanyone there?02:15
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.02:16
darthanubisNicad: good luck getting help here02:16
Nicadsorry, on the channel I usually go to, people will say so when they have no idea.02:17
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titan_arkhey. is there anyway i can have a notifier constantly show me when i have an update rather than just an update. i remember it being there on ubuntu, but after i switched to kde cant seem to see it02:38
fannagogannahi, I am running kubuntu 9.10. Whenever I try to login with KDE session, I get a blank screen. Any help?02:43
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roberto_ciaoa tutti03:10
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macman_hi all question .. i have a studio 17 i just installed ubuntu on it and my sound didn't work at all04:18
macman_anyone have success with kubuntu ?04:18
macman_anyone alive ?04:27
e_t_macman_: it depends on why your sound doesn't work.04:28
macman_dunno removed pusleaudio / nothing04:29
macman_looked at alamixer / still nothing04:29
e_t_The volume is turned up?04:30
e_t_Sorry, had to check.04:30
lillakahi all :)04:31
lillakai have just a little question about firefox on Ubuntu 9.0404:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:32
len__Why isn't kde 4.4 rc3 in the repos yet?04:34
lillakaI want to play a flash game on FF 3.5.7 and i have a message who tells me i need player version 7 (flash ?)04:34
lillakaThe flash game doesn't work04:36
len__Do you have flash installed?04:37
lillakalen__:  yes (because i can read flash videos on daily and youtube)04:38
jepongany news regardinh KDE SC 4.4 RC3 on Kubuntu?04:38
jepongany news regarding KDE SC 4.4 RC3 on Kubuntu?04:38
kaddi_afaik it's in the lucid reps already. so it's just a matter of time til it gets to karmic as well.04:39
len__Do you have the adobe version?  (adobe flash non-free, or something like that).04:39
len__If they wait too long, final will be out by that time.04:40
e_t_which will, in turn, take time to enter repos.04:41
lillakalen__:  i have in synaptic => flashplugin-installer
lillakalen__: nonfree is not selected04:41
len__I think they recently changed the name of the package.  Sounds like you have adobe flash installed.  What game is it?  Must be really old it it's talking about flash 7.04:43
lillakalen__: can i give you the link to check ?04:44
len__Versons are supposed to be backward compatible.04:44
lillakalen__: http://www3.jeux.com/jeux/jeux.php?VIDJeux=338004:44
len__I get the same message.04:45
len__I wonder if it only works on Windows for some reason.04:46
lillakalen__: other games on this website works on linux... strange04:46
len__Or maybe it hasn't been looked after for a long time and verson 10 is considered an unknown version number.04:46
lillakalen__: so it's not really a problem of Ubuntu, it's developper side04:47
len__Probably.  It might be version checking for the existance of flash 7 through 9, or something.04:48
lillakalen__: ah ok04:49
lillakalen__: thank you very much, i will check with a Windows Live CD04:49
len__Good luck.  I have virtual box and vmware.  I could check it through there to see what I get.04:50
lillakalen__: it's only this game who are not working so i think it's not very good programming04:51
len__Or just no maintanence for a long time.  Might have been ok when it was first put up years ago.04:52
lillakalen__: most important is that my ubuntu has no problem, its why i asking ;)04:53
lillakalen__: thanks for answering04:54
len__I sometimes have flash issues, but that's mainly because I'm running 64-bit kubuntu, and the flash package in the repos is 32-bit and runs through a wrapper.  I should change it to the native 64--bit beta one on adobe's  site.04:55
lillakalen__: i have 64 bit Ubuntu too :)04:57
len__the wrapper get hung up sometimes and hogs cpu in the background, and I have to kill it manually to get my cycles back.04:57
len__I wonder if Lucid has the 64-bit version in the repos rather than using 32-bit +wrapper?04:58
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lillakalen__: i have to go now, thank you very much for the time spend05:00
=== scary is now known as scaryguy
lillakalen__: (i have to go out with my dog)05:00
len__Goodnight (or morning or afternoon as the case my be).05:00
lillakalen__: in Switzerland it's 6:00 am05:01
lillakasee you05:01
len__Good thing I stipulated then.  :)  Have a good day.05:01
FlakeparadigmAfter updating, I get this error after booting. "Cannot open theme file /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais" I press okay and xserver is terminated05:03
FlakeparadigmI've tried purging, reinstalling, all that. How can I fix this?05:04
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scaryguywhuts the rulz in here05:10
e_t_Flakeparadigm: what Kubuntu version?05:16
titan_arkhey. have 2 queries, firstly is there anyway i can have a notifier constantly show me when i have an update rather than just an update. i remember it being there on ubuntu, but after i switched to kde cant seem to see it05:18
e_t_titan_ark: I'm not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?05:23
titan_arke_t_: in ubuntu and fedora i have seen that there is a notifier that comes up in the panel at the top or bottom which indicates that there are updates, but now in kubuntu i only get a pop up message and if i dont happen to see it i dont even realize that there is a fix that i need to update unless i check in kpachagekit05:25
titan_arkdamn! pardo my typos05:26
titan_arke_t_: are you with me?>05:27
e_t_OK. For one thing, you can set kpackagekit to automatically install security updates. Also, I think there's a plasma applet called Message Indicator that is supposed to store notifications.05:27
titan_arke_t_: well i would prefer to select the updates i want. so i would prefer an indicator.05:28
titan_arkis there an applet05:28
titan_arkshall check it05:28
titan_arkshould i check for an applet or widget?05:28
titan_arkpardon my ignorance, not very familiar with linux05:29
e_t_widgets == applets, at least in plasma05:29
titan_arke_t_: oh okay. but no, i cant see it in the list of widgets05:30
titan_arke_t_: there is a notification and jobs and indicator display already On, but they dont seem to do the job05:31
e_t_OK. That's the thing I wasn't sure on, whether it would do for updates. In earlier versions of Kubuntu, a gear with a green arrow would appear, indicating updates. However, I have not seen it in 9.10.05:34
titan_arke_t_: yeah thats exactly what i want.05:35
titan_arkso there is no way to get that on i guess?05:35
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e_t_Under kpackagekit > settings, there is a check box for notify when updates are available.05:38
titan_arke_t_: yes i have that checked. it just gives a pop up when there is an update and goes down :P05:40
titan_arkand if i am not noticing it then i miss it :D05:40
e_t_There is an "i' icon in the system tray that stores announcements like that until you look at them, though I can't remember whether they expire on their own or not.05:41
titan_arke_t_: okay. shall check that. i dont remember seeing it. but shall check05:42
titan_arke_t_: i am also facing trouble with powermanagement. everytime notebook recovers from sleep it tells me i have no battery05:45
titan_arkit seems to be a fix that is needed for certain hp and dell notebooks05:45
titan_arki found a bug reported and they have given a patch that needs to be recompiled with the kernel and i have no clue how to do it05:45
jc0694i've downloaded texlive and am trying to figure out how to start latex.  can anybody help?05:46
e_t_titan_ark: does your computer shut off when it says it has no battery?05:48
=== Fanfare[afk] is now known as Fanfare
titan_arke_t_: yes it goes back to sleep but after i attemot to recover 2-3 times i can then use it05:48
e_t_Hmm. I don't know much about power management options. My Dell has always worked perfectly.05:49
titan_arke_t_: yeah my friends on dell also dont have this problem and i have a friend with the same notebook as me using the kde version of fedora and he does not face my problem05:51
e_t_jc0649: you will probably be far, far happier using a program like Lyx, rather than messing with latex directly. If you really want though, check out http://www.tug.org/texlive/05:54
Duskaohey I just upgraded to 4.4 rc2. the kde plasma is crashing every 5 seconds...06:30
Duskaocan anyone help?06:30
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MHz128hello world06:42
MHz128What is the gui kde app for mounting iso's?06:42
Duskaowell, got it working.06:43
Duskaosmooth tasks doesn't agree with 4.406:43
titan_arkwhoa fonts look bad! especially in openoffice and okular06:48
titan_arkanything i cn do to improve em?06:48
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Duskaotry changing the fonts06:52
Duskaoin your settings, or perhaps the system font settings06:52
titan_arkdoesnt seem to be working06:58
darthanubis4.4 buggy07:07
darthanubiskopete, ktorrent, completely trash, and amarok is unusable07:10
darthanubishopefully on the 9th this will all be fixed07:11
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buckfastDoes kubuntu use ntfs-3g by default to mount ntfs?07:46
administrator_有中国的嘛 ?07:49
sajmoni need yours help08:01
sajmoni'm new user08:02
sajmonhow turn on a task bar08:02
titan_arkmy fonts have gone from bad to worse :(08:09
buckfastis it safe to write on ntfs paritions in kubuntu?08:20
titan_arkis there no way to obtain smoother and cleaner fonts in kubuntu? i just tried improving it by reading some things online and now it has gone from bad to worse08:23
titan_arkeven firefox fonts have got screed08:24
titan_arkhi fale08:40
Peace-Hi everyone08:40
Peace-!offtopic | Peace-08:41
ubottuPeace-, please see my private message08:41
MarcoPauhello, I've been getting some spam popus at firefox boot  lately.  what's up with that?08:56
MarcoPaupopups! :)08:57
Peace-i think you should get an answers on firefox channel08:57
Peace-:D i use konqueror08:57
MHz128how do I auto sync the clock with kde? there are no options under clock settings!08:57
Peace-your clock?08:57
Peace-explain better man08:57
Peace-set the timezone and stop08:58
MarcoPauPeace-: I'll give it a try. thanks09:00
Rav3nSw0rdHow do I write a script to open certain programs such as kopete, konversation, thunderbird, and firefox, upon startup, and move the windows to various desktops?09:03
Peace-Rav3nSw0rd: this is not #bash channel09:08
Peace-Rav3nSw0rd: anyway.... open kate create the script , set like executable then put the script in $HOME/.kde/Autostart09:10
titan_arkHey Peace-09:10
Peace-titan_ark: heya09:10
titan_arkPeace-: do you think its a good idea to recompile the kernel to fix a powermanagement problem?09:11
Peace-Rav3nSw0rd:  i think to put in somewhere your application in your screen yoi have to do this  http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/kdialog-set-position-on-the-screen/09:11
Peace-titan_ark: open a launchpad bug09:12
titan_arkPeace-: it is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/45396309:12
Peace-titan_ark: why do you spend your time if there are developer for that ;D09:12
Peace-titan_ark: oh09:12
titan_arkthey have given the patch but i have no clue to go about it09:12
Peace-titan_ark: if you have time and you want understand why don't you compile the kernel09:12
Rav3nSw0rdPeace-: oh, sorry, and thank you09:13
titan_arkPeace-: i would love to, but i am an Electrical guy with no clue on how to do it09:13
Peace-titan_ark: mm i understand... there is some tutorial tha i have used when i compiled my own kernel ...09:13
Peace-titan_ark: made 3 time .. then i killed myself xD09:14
titan_arkiv already reached the last few strands of hair on head struggling to get everything working on my notebook. if i end up screwing the kernel i will have to kill myself09:15
Peace-well i used the debian tutorial to compile my kernel...09:15
Peace-it's not so hard to understand ... but....09:16
Peace-what a waste of time to understand everysilly stuff09:16
Peace-anyway you can save your time because your kernel has a configuration file09:16
Peace-and the most of time people use that configuration file09:16
titan_arkhmmm okay09:16
Peace-but i know ... i can 't help you so much09:17
Peace-i am a bit lazy today09:17
Peace--------> goes to drink a strong italian caffe09:17
titan_arkits almost time for me to crash and i am yet to do any work on my assignments :P09:18
Peace-titan_ark: i found my tutorial.. but it's italian...09:21
titan_arkPeace-: ah! i dont understand italian :P09:21
titan_arkthx for trying :)09:21
titan_arkPeace-: have a query, can i create a kernel for a usb boot and then try if i get it right before trying it on my notebook?09:22
Peace-titan_ark: you can your own kernel without problem even in your machine ,, then there is grub menu xD09:22
Peace-titan_ark: if ti works well if not reboot and pick another up09:23
titan_arkPeace-: :D I already have 6 options there from the previous updates and the memtest and 2 windows options! talk abt clutter!@09:23
Peace-titan_ark: well when you install your own kernel you use ... a .deb package xD09:24
Peace-removing that...09:24
FloodBotK2Peace-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:24
titan_arkah, i cannot comprehend, pardon my ignorance09:24
Peace-titan_ark: when you creates your own kernel the most of time you get a kernel.deb09:26
Peace-titan_ark: so it's like a software you can install aand remove it09:26
Peace-with sudo apt-get remove name09:26
titan_arkthen i must and will try doing it!09:27
Peace-titan_ark: like my friend has just said here it is http://kernel-handbook.alioth.debian.org/09:28
titan_arkthank you very much09:29
Peace-well now i have to complete my own dolphin video converter service menu09:29
Peace-i will never finish it09:30
titan_arkgood luck with it09:30
titan_arki have to work on some signal processing :P09:30
titan_arkthank you once again09:31
muhammad__hi all, any good application for ubuntu as an alternative to MS Visio?09:51
Tm_Tmuhammad__: what does MS Visio do?09:51
muhammad__making Diagrams, flowcharts of different types etc09:52
Tm_Tmuhammad__: Kchart, Kivio ?09:55
muhammad__thanks Tm_T, can you name some more?09:57
muhammad__for example one for drawing UML Diagrams also ?09:59
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Tm_Tmuhammad__: Dia, Umbrello, perhaps Netbeans10:05
=== [BNC]Brendan is now known as [BT]Brendan
kamoladoes a german "klarmobil" hdspa stick work with the kubuntu netbook edition?10:10
Tm_Tkamola: cannot say, what device it is actually?10:10
kamolaTm_T: it's one of this: http://4g-systems.com/www/index.php10:14
Tm_Tshame I have no idea who is the manufacturer of that one10:15
Tm_Tkamola: but it might work just fine10:15
kamolaTm_T: i'll see :) thx for ur information10:18
noaXess1does anybody know getlibs?10:18
Rav3nSw0rdumm, how do I control sound from terminal?10:20
=== Rav3nSw0rd is now known as Nev3rM0re
=== Nev3rM0re is now known as Rav3nSw0rd
muhammad__hi , have uninstalled unwanted ubuntu kernels after updating to new kernels but i still see them in the boot menu10:39
muhammad__there is a long list now, what to do ?10:39
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Vroomfondle 11:12
teagehow do i exit the x server so that is just a shell?11:13
teagei need to stop x11:13
kaddi_teage: press ctrl+alt+f2 to switch to tty (command line) and then type "sudo service kdm stop" or "sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop" to stop the dosplaymanager11:16
teagekaddi: Is that going to propose a problem for me when i am done. I am installing nvidia drivers and the installer needs to exit x in order to install.11:17
=== Rav3nSw0rd is now known as Nev3rM0re
kaddi_teage it should kill x, you can then restart it with startx11:18
teagek, than11:19
=== Nev3rM0re is now known as Rav3nSw0rd
GazraHi all!11:32
xocolatehi all11:32
kaddi_!hi xocolate11:32
kaddi_!hi | xocolate11:33
ubottuxocolate: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:33
xocolatesomebody know how to edit grub on kubuntu 9.10 ?11:33
kaddi_do you have the old grub or the new grub2?11:35
xocolatei believe that be 'new grub2'11:41
kaddi_xocolate: sorry I'm not familiar with that one11:42
xocolatebut... the old file does not exist (/boot/grub/menu.lst)11:43
xocolateI only would like to change the default system to startup11:43
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.11:44
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub211:44
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kaddi_!hi | dem05k4111:45
ubottudem05k41: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:45
buckfastHey. I'm trying to watch a video with Mplayer, it plays fine but gives me this message when opening: looks like this file was encoded with (divx4/(old)xvid/opendivx) -> forcing low_delay flag. I'm using xv video and alsa audio.12:00
Peace-buckfast: mmm12:04
Peace-buckfast: have you ffmpeg?12:04
amichairis there an option in konversation to restore open channels after a restart? (not just auto-join settings for specific channels)12:05
buckfastPeace-: probably not, pretty much default kubuntu12:08
Peace-buckfast: could you try ffplay /path/File12:08
Peace-buckfast: mmm kffmpegthumbnailer is much more faster than mplayethumbs...12:09
Peace-buckfast: try it...12:09
buckfastPeace-: ffplay doesnt work. btw dragon player works fine12:09
cimehi! I want to install lucid (daily) on eeePC from an USB key... but I get that cd-rom mount error... anybody know how to solve this? I know there was a solution with manual loading a module and then choosing USB device as CD-ROM12:10
Peace-if ffplay doesn't work it's bad12:10
Peace-cime: first tha is not stable...12:10
Peace-cime: second use daily build12:11
Peace-cime: 3' use alternate iso12:11
cimePeace-: it is all of that :) a daily build, alternate12:11
buckfastPeace-: so i'll just install ffmpeg?12:12
Peace-cime: have you a usb boot compatible mother board?12:12
Peace-buckfast: ffplay is a part of ffmpeg12:12
Peace-cime: then if you have use unetbootin12:12
Peace-and a compatible usb stick to boot12:12
Peace-not every usb stick can boot.12:12
cimePeace-: copied with unetbootin to an usb key.... yes, it boots.... but in the first steps of installation it can't load CD drivers (because there is none)...12:13
Peace-look strange i have lucid and i ahve installed via usb12:13
buckfastPeace-: What do you suggest then12:13
cimePeace-: I know there was a solution of using USB key (/dev/sdb) as a fak CD-ROM...12:13
Peace-buckfast: ffplay namefile12:14
buckfastPeace-: Does not work12:14
Peace-buckfast: this means a damaged file12:14
buckfastPeace-: ffmpeg is not installed12:14
Peace-buckfast: -.-'' install it then12:14
buckfastPeace-: ffplay works but gives same error: looks like this file was encoded with (divx4/(old)xvid/opendivx) -> forcing low_delay flag12:16
Peace-buckfast: maybe you have to rebuild the index12:16
buckfastPeace-: how12:16
Peace-mencoder -forceidx -ovc copy -oac copy mifile -o outfile.avi12:17
Peace-that maybe could be not completed12:17
Peace-but it should be  some like that12:17
buckfastPeace-: it played fine under windows12:17
Peace-buckfast: use vlc then12:18
buckfastPeace-: I want mplayer12:18
Peace-ask to #mplayer12:19
timoi have a question12:23
timomy puls audio dont run12:23
timohow cann i repair this12:23
timoi dont have sound12:24
timoevrybody cann help me ???12:26
mahasamootis anyone here using the ppa mainline kernel 2.6.32 or 33?12:26
upgrayeddhow do i connect to a private server?12:26
mahasamoottimo:  is this a fresh install?12:27
mahasamootupgrayedd: I'm not sure what you mean by 'private server'12:28
timoi dont have instal evrythink12:28
timohe say my puls audio dont run  but i dont know why12:29
mahasamoottimo: have you had audio working on this computer in the past?12:30
timono never12:31
timoi have this pc 2 weeks12:31
timo2 weeks without sound12:31
mahasamoottimo: is the audio out all the time, for every program?12:31
timoyes for all programs :(12:32
mahasamootlaptop or workstation?12:33
mahasamootdid you remember to double check that the speakers are plugged into the right socket, and turned on, volume up ... et cetera?12:35
kamolahat von euch jemand die netbook edition von kubuntu am laufen?12:37
Peace-!de | kamola12:39
ubottukamola: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.12:39
kamolathx Peace-&ubottu12:42
cimePeace-: I recreated USB key, selected Command-line Install and it works12:49
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GeertJohanHey, does anyone know if and how I can add UbuntuStudio-audio to my kubuntu installation ?13:09
GeertJohanIs that even possible? or will that give conflicting repositories?13:09
=== fer is now known as Guest41619
petsoundsGeertJohan, #ubuntustudio perhaps :)13:12
GeertJohanI'll try thx :)13:12
petsoundsnp. good luck13:12
=== icaro is now known as Guest93965
=== Lance is now known as Guest53769
Guest53769ok sorry13:16
=== christian is now known as Guest4472
Guest4472Anybody interested in helping a newcommer to Kubuntu getting Gnomad2/MTP up and running?13:16
Guest53769oh i'm having trouble with13:16
=== Guest4472 is now known as WierdAAR
WierdAARAnd with a propper nick, again, Anybody interested in helping me with Gnomad/MTP?13:17
Peace-WierdAAR: what's up^13:20
Peace-WierdAAR: first the most of time this could fix your problem13:20
Peace-sudo gnomad213:20
Peace-that because you could not be in some groups and then you could get some problems using mtp protocol13:21
WierdAARPeace: I already tried that, and no luck13:21
Peace-WierdAAR: ok what i can say about that its this13:22
Peace-WierdAAR: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libmtp/+bug/43302313:22
Peace-WierdAAR: it seems libmtp9.rules has ome problem i have fixed with that13:23
WierdAARPeace: Well actually it did work this time. Damn.. I've spedt almost all day tried to get it to work and it just did. Don't know what i did differntly.. Anyways thanks hehe13:23
Peace-WierdAAR: hehehe sudo ?13:23
Peace-WierdAAR: maybe you have added your user to some groups13:24
WierdAARPeace: Yeah, It's was one of the first things i tried when it didn't work.13:24
=== Lance_ is now known as Guest63405
WierdAARPeace: But it works know so all is well !13:24
Guest63405how do you identify?13:24
Peace-  /msg NickServ identify passowrd13:25
Guest63405 /msg NickServ identify password13:25
WierdAARPeace: So no reason to switch back to XP anyway.. I was scared of that there for a moment hehe!13:25
Peace-without space before13:25
Peace-WierdAAR: o well well done kid13:26
Guest63405Hey do any of you know if there is an AOSS client in kubuntu or ubuntu?13:26
Peace-what is13:26
Guest63405AOSS buffalo connection to wifi13:26
Peace-mm looking13:27
Peace-it's a wifi router something like that?13:27
Guest63405I can't use kubuntu because i can't connect to wifi though i can in vista13:28
Guest63405buffalo is the router brand13:28
Peace-so you have a problem with your wifi card13:28
Guest63405no the client13:28
Peace-are you sure ?13:28
Peace-i wanna know you want connect your pc yo your router?13:28
Guest63405in vista you use a client manager to connect though in linux can i install a windows client13:29
Guest63405I have dual boot13:29
Peace-open a terminal13:29
Guest63405vista connects, linux wont13:29
Peace-ok... kid...13:29
Peace-in the terminal13:30
Guest63405i will take note as im in vista13:30
Peace-well you have to connect to your router via ethernet then ... conncet to internet with vista13:30
Peace-with linux13:30
Peace-so we can test your wifi...13:31
Peace-come here with linux13:31
Guest63405well it's 12 midnight here so i don't wan't to wake anyone13:32
Peace-xD here in italy it 12 am13:32
Guest63405lol it's 12:32am here13:32
Peace-wtf xD hahahah13:33
Guest63405So do you do this for fun help people?13:33
Peace-yep my free time it's for freedom13:33
Guest63405how can i get involved13:34
Guest63405I really like kubuntu13:34
Peace-just come here and help people and write documentation on our wiki13:34
ubottuhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.13:34
Peace-just that13:34
Guest63405Thinking of getting 3 computers to have ubuntu servers13:34
Guest63405I'm a geek lol13:34
Guest63405Have you heard of geeks.pirillo.com?13:35
Guest63405It's a ning for geeks13:35
Peace-pirillo is not that italian.american guy13:35
Guest63405I joined ages ago but there's not too many linux geeks13:35
Peace-that speak about linux windows and mac via streaming ?13:36
Guest63405hate him like him13:36
Peace-i hate piririllo13:36
Guest63405I won't to do a show like him but not live stream13:36
Peace-anyway it's better on chat13:36
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!13:37
Guest63405well back to linux13:37
Guest63405with this AOSS can i conect by doing what you said13:37
Guest63405open terminal13:37
Peace-youy have to connect with ethernet13:38
Guest63405So i cant use my wifi???13:38
Peace-for now no13:38
Peace-but if you can with etherent13:38
Peace-we will test it13:38
Peace-and fix maybe13:38
Guest63405I have connected via ethernet before13:39
Peace-so use that :)13:39
Peace-but i am not everytime here hehehe13:39
Guest63405but my modem is down stairs and i don't have a phone line in my room13:39
Guest63405I use wireless phones for that reason13:40
Peace-what kind of wifi do you have?13:40
Peace-have you?13:40
Peace-i need to know what kind of interface you are using13:40
Peace-to connect to you router13:40
Guest63405thats what i posted on geeks thats my problem13:41
Guest63405Im using a windows app to connect called client manager V13:42
Peace-well it's a bit complicated13:42
Peace-i can't catch well the problem13:42
Peace-but.... the most of the routers has this like ip13:43
FloodBotK2Peace-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:43
Guest63405I found if i could access the routers config i could access my aoss as the pc is already linked13:43
Peace-the problem is that i can't figure out the kind of router do you have13:44
Peace-i have a normal netgear13:44
Guest63405i can access the modem just not the router13:44
Guest63405Buffalo WZR2-G300N13:44
Peace-ok kid let me see what is this sick stuff13:44
Peace-ok ti seems a standard router13:45
Peace-mmm well on kubuntu there is knetworkmanager13:46
Peace-you should use that13:46
Peace-it should show you the wifi13:46
Peace-if not13:47
Peace-you have to set wifi driver13:47
Guest63405but wont it ask for encryption key13:47
Peace-it ask... the wpa stuff13:47
Peace-it's like on windows then13:47
Peace-but some network card ...13:47
Guest63405yes i think i opened that and it detected the ssid and asked for encryption13:48
Peace-has some trouble and you need to install13:48
Peace-Guest63405: anyway the best way to fix your pronblems is : come here  with linux13:49
Peace-now world peace goes out :D13:50
Guest63405ok im going to shut down and load kubuntu and have a play13:50
GazraHow can I make the akonadi server to work?14:16
GazraI get error messages14:16
tyhoi have a problem with ssh key authentication, it still asks me for a password: http://paste.ubuntu.com/370279/ what did i do wrong?14:19
dmatttyho: I am not sure but when I had this problem it was because of incorrect rights settings. Look in documentation for exact correct rwx for files and directories. otherwise it will not work.14:27
buckfastwhat is the default font in kde 4.314:31
tyhodmatt: i set authorized_keys to 600, is that right?14:31
dmatttyho: well, i did it log time ago but you can probably find answer here http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/~vschmidt/notes/sshconfig_notes.htm14:34
tyhodmatt: thanks, it works now, /home/user was chmod'ed 77014:38
buckfastHow do i get KDE 4.3 fonts for my kubuntu karmic kde?14:41
buckfastlike there14:41
dmatttyho: :) glad to help14:44
GazraHow can I make the akonadi server to work?14:46
kaddi_buckfast: you can select the fonts you like in systemsettings ->appearance-> fonts14:46
buckfastkaddi_: I understand KDE 4.3 uses Helvetica fonts?14:47
kaddi_buckfast: that I don't know14:47
buckfastSome of the desktop effects are pretty sweet in KDE14:49
buckfastSome dont work for some reason14:49
buckfastShould I be using proprietary drivers or open source drivers?14:50
Koliabuckfast: for your graphic card?14:53
buckfastKolia: Yes, I have ati hd 387014:54
Koliabuckfast: just open "Hardware Drivers" and see if something is available14:55
kaddi_I have a very weird "bug" when my laptop looses power: The grub menu entries for ubuntu get rewritten from "root (hd0,6)" "kernel ... root=/dev/sda7" to "root (hd0,5)" "kernel .... root=/dev/sda8". Any idea what might be causing this?14:55
buckfastKolia: fglrx is awailable, thats what I'm using right now14:56
Koliathen i don't know14:56
kaddi_of course that renders ubuntu unbootable adn I have to manually edit the grub menu before being able to boot a kernel again14:56
Koliasometimes people are told to get the lastest version of their driver for the manufacturer site, to fix some problem14:56
Koliabuckfast: i can't say more sorry14:57
Vinleghey i have a problem, i tried to transfer music from my laptop into my iPod nano, it's successfully added, but it wouldnt show up as a song on the iPod, but it uses the space15:06
dmattkaddi_: check which version of grub you have and if the file you edit is not actually automatically recreated (grub and grub2 are quite different)15:10
kaddi_dmatt: i use grub(1) and the change only happens when Ioose power, eg the battery dies, when I shut down the PC normally this doesn't happen.15:11
dmattkaddi_: that's strange15:13
kaddi_dmatt: exact version of grub according to apt-cache is: Installiert: 0.97-29ubuntu5915:14
=== ubu6 is now known as lvh
kaddi_dmatt: it is. And since I know how to edit grub menu when it's booted I can easily fix it, it's just peculiar, something that I find interesting. and would like to understand15:15
dmattkaddi_: do you always edit menu while in boot process or do you edit menu.lst later from booted system?15:16
kaddi_dmatt: i edit from edit menu when it happens, but that isn't permanent (or I don't know how to make a permanent change) so I edit the menu.lst later from the booted system to the right settings and save them15:17
kaddi_i only use the edit menu when the PC won't boot without me editing it.15:18
GazraHow can I make the akonadi server to work? Every time I try to start it I get error messages15:19
dmattkaddi_: did you check timestamp to see WHEN was the file changed?15:19
kaddi_no, letme do that now15:19
=== ubu6 is now known as lvh
kaddi_dmatt: 16 hours ago15:20
kaddi_oh wait15:20
kaddi_that actually coincides with the kernel update they issued 2 days ago15:20
kaddi_i installed that yesterday evening15:21
kaddi_i thought that it was related to power loss, but it may actually be related to kernel updates. I don't reboot very often so it's possible that the time I noticed the discrepancy after a power loss coincided with "reboots" after kernel updates15:22
dmattkaddi_:  i suspected something like that15:25
kaddi_dmatt: what could cause the kernel update to confuse grub that much though?15:27
dmattafter kernel update, grub automatically recreates grub menu in order to call newly installed kernel15:28
dmattthe problem lies probably in grub, which does not recognize your drives correctly15:28
dmattso it would generate incorrect menu.lst if you run it now manually15:30
kaddi_how do i get it to generate a menu.lst manually? so i can check if that's the problem?15:30
dmatttry sudo update-grub and check menu.lst15:30
kaddi_k brb15:31
=== Kubit_ is now known as Kubit
kaddi_dmatt: I did an sudo update-grub but the menu.lst remains the same (correct entries)15:34
dmattkaddi_: do you have more system installed on one computer?15:35
dmattkaddi_: you might be editing wrong menu.lst15:35
kaddi_dmatt: yes i have xp, win7 and kubuntu installed on the PC15:36
kaddi_I'm editing the /boot/grub/menu.lst in kubuntu15:36
dmattkaddi_: only one linux should not cause the problem15:37
kaddi_only one linux15:37
dmattkaddi_: you can try reinstall kernel upgrade an check menu.lst afterwards15:37
kaddi_dmatt: I'm considering removing one. Do you know if that'll rewrite menu.lst as well?15:38
dmattkaddi_: yes15:38
kaddi_lol, that brings me to another "oddity" why does "sudo apt-get remove 2.6.31-13*" remove ALL kernels from the 2.6.31 series and not just the update 13?15:40
kaddi_dmatt: it's definitely the kernel updating. removing kernel 2.6.31-13 brought back the hd0,5 and sda8 instead of hd0,6 and sda715:41
dmattkaddi_: now you know HOW but not WHY :)15:53
kaddi_dmatt: that's some progress :D15:53
dmattkaddi_: try to add and remove some kernels through synaptic15:54
kaddi_any idea as to why?15:54
shadeslayerhey if i want to add a script to the system startup,what do i do?16:06
shadeslayerits basically a cyberoam client script,which is run with : ./crclient -u username16:06
kaddi_dmatt: added a kernel with synaptic and still get the wrong entries in grub16:09
tkoornhello, I have a question about re-enabling plasma-desktop. I tried out plasma-netbook but uninstalled it. Now my plasma-desktop doesn't start anymore when I login, I have to manually start it from the terminal. I tried adding it to .kde/autostart but that didn't work. How do I get plasma to start on login?16:09
hari_can some one help me with the resolution problem16:10
Biosftwhi i need help. I cant burn anything with my laptop16:10
hari_i have this tv connected to the vga output of my laptop16:10
Biosftwand this is not a permission problem16:10
shadeslayerhari_: and?16:10
hari_now when x starts it defaults to 1024x768 resoklution for the laptop lcd16:11
hari_i want it to have 1024x800 resolution16:11
shadeslayerhari_: have edited the xorg.conf ?16:12
shadeslayer!res | hari_16:12
ubottuhari_: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution16:12
hari_i have searched for the file everywhere but i cant find it16:12
hari_ok let me try16:13
dmattkaddi_: i would definitely expect update-grub to make the same problem, that is very strange16:13
kaddi_dmatt: sudo update-grub seems to not change menu.lst at all, no motter what entries are showing16:14
shadeslayertkoorn: yeah i had this problem in KDE 4.4 RC1 but disappeared in RC@16:14
shadeslayerBiosftw: whats the error?16:15
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
tkoornshadeslayer: ah I am using a regular kubuntu 9.10, any ideas how to restore the default config for plasma?16:16
Biosftw"Unable to open new session.:16:16
Biosftw"Probably a problem with the medium"16:16
Biosftw... and also blanking an dvdrw is not working16:16
BiosftwI tried k3b and brasero16:16
shadeslayertkoorn: hmm so you have KDE 4.3?16:16
Biosftwsame errors16:16
shadeslayer!burn | Biosftw16:16
ubottuBiosftw: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto16:16
shadeslayerBiosftw: try the command line ones..16:17
shadeslayerBiosftw: yep16:17
tkoornshadeslayer: guess so16:17
shadeslayertkoorn: try installing the bug fix release16:18
shadeslayertkoorn: 4.3.5 is the latest release... checkout the topic16:18
dmattkaddi_: bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub/+bug/202009 (update-grub does not update menu.lst)16:19
tkoornshadeslayer: will do, thanks16:19
shadeslayertkoorn: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.3.516:19
=== jesus__ is now known as jebus7
Biosftwshadeslayer:  http://pastebin.com/m6c69990416:21
shadeslayerBiosftw: um i think you forgot some options there16:22
shadeslayerBiosftw: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CdDvd/Burning16:23
dmattkaddi_: can you check if grub-pc is installed?16:23
kaddi_dmatt: it isn't. I was thinking of backing up menu.lst and see what grub-update creates next. that should show if grub-udpate produces the same wrong list as the kernel updates I hope16:24
=== jesus__ is now known as jebus7
dmattkaddi_: try it... did you have different partitions when you installed grub? maybe it tries to return to some old disk partitioning16:28
kaddi_dmatt: running update-grub after removing the old menu.lst recreates a new menu.lst which identifies the partitions by uuid rather than by partition. it has lost the windows partitions though16:29
Biosftwwhen I try to blank one dvd i get this error> but my drive should have no problem http://pastebin.com/m5c64379f sha16:29
dmattkaddi_: try sudo grub-mkconfig (it works in my grub2)16:29
kaddi_dmatt: I don't think so, I reinstalled grub after installing windows7 and haven't changed the partitions since. the menu.lst and settings may have survived from before though16:30
dmattkaddi_: and install os-prober16:30
kaddi_dmatt: os-prober is already installed. ran grub-mkconfig, but that did not recreate my ms partitions into menu-lst16:32
=== lukefeil_ is now known as lukefeil
mudassarhello people, I want to build some c++ files (*.h and *.cpp). there is one main.cpp that uses the functions from other *.h and *.cpp files ... how to build it by linking everything togather ??16:36
dmattkaddi_: I would try to reinstall grub then... after deleting its settings... otherwise report bug16:36
buckfastHow come I get 'Package libdvdcss2 is not available, but is referred to by another package.' when installing libdvdcss216:37
kaddi_dmatt: just realised that grub-mkconfig did not touch menu.lst, it seems to be grub2 specific.16:37
BluesKaj!ibdvdcss2 | buckfast16:38
BluesKaj!libdvdcss2 | buckfast16:38
ubottubuckfast: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:38
Biosftwhi i need help. I cant burn anything with my laptop  ... : /16:40
hari_thank you shadeslayer it worked16:40
=== hakan is now known as Amenophes
unoalguien que sepa hablar español?16:52
unoy sepa programar?16:52
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
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=== user is now known as Guest21222
tkoornI am having trouble with my plasma desktop, it won't start on boot because plasma-netbook deleted the autostart file17:05
tkoorncan someone tell me the contents of their plasma.desktop file in Autostart?17:06
Tm_Ttkoorn: you should not need any file for plasma in Autostart folder17:06
tkoornTm_T: oh, I thought that was the way to go, I read some threads that said I did17:07
Tm_Ttkoorn: doublecheck you have no plasma related files in ~/.config/autostart/ folder17:07
tkoornTm_T: how do I re-enable plasma-desktop?17:07
Tm_Ttkoorn: see what I said above (:17:08
tkoornTm_T: there are no plasma files in autostart17:09
Tm_Ttkoorn: ok, that's good, hmmmm17:09
Tm_Ttkoorn: you have which KDE version?17:09
Biosftwhi i need help. I cant burn anything with my laptop  ... : / (No permission error )17:10
tkoornTm_T: KDE 4.3.517:11
Tm_Ttkoorn: hmm, roger, I'm not sure if that has switch for the plasma in this way: http://www.tm-travolta.net/shots/uusi_plasmavalinta.png17:12
tkoornTmT: no it hasn't17:13
Tm_Ttkoorn: hmm, and you have kubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-default-settings packages installed?17:14
mudassarhello people, can somebody tell me how can I build stl library (*.h and *.cpp files) and make one lib file so that I can include it easily ?17:15
tkoornTm_T: yes17:15
tkoornkubuntu-desktop is already the newest version.17:16
tkoornkubuntu-default-settings is already the newest version.17:16
Tm_Ttkoorn: hrrr, see what you have in ~/.kde/Autostart17:16
tkoornTm_T: nothing17:17
Tm_Ttkoorn: ok, like to do dirty fix? as I don't remember what was the right way17:17
tkoornyes please :)17:18
tkoornTm_T: let me have it17:19
Tm_Ttkoorn: you have /usr/share/autostart/plasma-desktop.desktop ?17:20
Bigfishubuntu español???17:22
tkoornTm_T: and also  /usr/share/autostart/plasma-desktop17:22
Tm_Ttkoorn: in konsole, do: ln -s /usr/share/autostart/plasma-desktop.desktop ~/.kde/Autostart/plasma-desktop.desktop17:23
Tm_T!es | Bigfish17:23
ubottuBigfish: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:23
tkoornTm_T: oh that's a folder17:23
Biosftwdvd burnung problem: wodim: OPC failed.17:24
Tm_Ttkoorn: if that doesn't do it, silly thing to do: reinstall kdebase-workspace-bin17:24
tkoornTm_T: i'll give it a try, thanks for the help17:24
Tm_Ttkoorn: if that doesn't do it, then I have some other little things to try :-P17:25
tkoornTm_T: that worked :), only did get the following error: Error launching /home/tick/.kde/Autostart/plasma-desktop.desktop. Either KLauncher is not running anymore, or it failed to start the application.17:27
tkoornTm_T: but plasma is running17:28
Tm_Ttkoorn: that's weird, does it still work if you remove that file now? (:)17:28
tkoornTm_T: will give it a try17:30
tkoornTm_T: no, no plasma17:33
Tm_Tthat is weird17:33
tkoornTm_T: yes very weird, I think plasma-netbook left behind some other things too17:35
tkoornTm_T: starting up I get a very nice fade out from the login screen that I didn't have before :)17:35
Tm_Ttkoorn: apparently, yes, shame I don't remember what it was with that version17:35
Bigfishobottu ...17:36
tkoornTm_T: so reinstall  kdebase-workspace-bin?17:37
Tm_Ttkoorn: try17:38
MHz128hello world17:43
MHz128how do I use qt-gtk to apply themes? the settings manager doesn't have any config for it17:44
mudassarhow can I built stl library in kubuntu 9.04 ?17:45
mudassarbuild *17:45
oxymoronHello, I wondering has somebody figured out how to use a DV-cam with skype without have to make dv4lstart command in terminal to launch?17:47
tkoornTm_T: no that didn't help17:47
tkoornTm_T: I do get some errors when starting plasma-desktop manually:17:49
tkoornQDBusObjectPath: invalid path ""17:49
tkoornQLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to QWidget "", which already has a layout17:49
tkoornQGraphicsGridLayout::itemAt: invalid index 017:49
tkoornQGraphicsGridLayout::itemAt: invalid index 217:49
tkoornQGraphicsGridLayout::itemAt: invalid index 617:49
FloodBotK3tkoorn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:49
tkoornObject::connect: No such signal SystemTray::Manager::jobStateChanged(SystemTray::Job*)17:49
mudassarhello all, please let me know how to build standard template library in ubuntu 9.0417:50
tkoornTm_T: http://paste.ubuntu.com/370376/17:51
Tm_Ttkoorn: shame I have no idea17:51
tkoornTm_T: maybe it is running17:52
tkoornTm_T: but blacked out17:52
FlakeparadigmI installed some updates in Kubuntu lucid and now when I start up my computer I get the error "Cannot open the theme file /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/ethais" with an okay button after that. I click okay and x server terminates. How can I fix this?17:52
Tm_Ttkoorn: possibly, "ps aux | grep -i plasma" will tell all running plasma apps17:53
tkoornTm_T: plasma and plasma-desktop17:54
Tm_Ttkoorn: hm, I don't know, I just don't know ):17:54
tkoornTm_T: thanks for the help, I think I am onto something now :)17:56
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Biosftwdvd burnung problem: wodim: OPC failed.18:04
Benkinoobyhi everybody. my screensaver is turning on all 5 minutes or so and i dont know why. i checked the screen saver tab in the system settings and also the power managent. it disturbs a lot. amy ideas?18:07
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buckfastwhere can I see what version of fglrx am I using18:21
buckfastshould I use the open source video drivers instead then18:22
=== Oxymoron^away is now known as oxymoron
crimsunradeonhd? perhaps. Can't vouch for it, though.18:23
buckfastraden hd 387018:24
buckfastwhere do i see fglrx driver version though18:24
crimsunin /var/log/Xorg.0.log if it was attempted, or you can check apt-cache policy or dpkg -l18:25
maurihow can I update may kubuntu karmic to the lucid using terminal consolle?18:31
mudassarsomebody please please help me compiling my c++ code18:32
=== oxymoron is now known as Oxymoron^away
crimsunmauri: sudo do-release-upgrade -d18:34
Benkinoobymudassar: to compile start the konsole, change to the directory where your *.cpp file is18:36
mudassarBenkinooby: I am getting problem linking the stl library with g++18:36
Benkinoobymudassar: and type g++ yourfile the output file will be called a.out or something like this18:36
Benkinoobymudassar: is it a small program? if so, past it to paste bin18:37
soeecan u tell me if this page works for u: http://www.4front-tech.com/download.cgi  ?18:37
mauricrimsun: thank you18:37
mudassarBenkinooby: my problem contains multiple files so I have made a make file ... I am pasting the error in paste.ubuntu.com18:37
eurescuhi all!18:38
mudassarBenkinooby: http://paste.ubuntu.com/370409/18:38
Benkinoobymudassar: did you include the header files correctly?18:39
mudassarBenkinooby: let me paste my makefile in the paste bin18:39
eurescukan somebody help me with a tvtuner problem?pelase!18:40
Benkinoobymudassar: ok.what i understand from these lines, is that you are using a funktion which is not defined....18:40
Benkinoobymudassar: could also be a spelling mistake18:40
mudassarBenkinooby: it works in windows18:40
eurescuahave a avertv super 007 ananlog tv tuner,and i kan't  see any channels18:40
mudassarBenkinooby: here is the makefile ===> http://paste.ubuntu.com/370412/18:41
Benkinoobymudassar: you dont use headfiles at all?18:42
mudassarBenkinooby: most of the cpp files have their corresponding *.h files as well18:43
mudassarshould I write the *.h file with each *.cpp file as well ?18:43
mudassaractually I am new in makefile18:43
Benkinoobymudassar: hmm.. to be honest i am not sure... but give it a try18:43
mudassarBenkinooby: hmmm. ok18:44
darthanubisKDE Printer Configuration applet is broken18:44
Benkinoobymudassar: i am not very familiar with make files... my experience is not enough for this... what i advised you was my first impression... but if it works under windows, i have not idea18:44
Benkinoobymudassar: check this out http://cplusplus.syntaxerrors.info/index.php?title=No_matching_function_for_call_to_%E2%80%98Foo::Foo%28%29%E2%80%9918:46
mudassarstill no solution :(18:50
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dragonmindThis may seem like a very stupid question to you, but what are this Kubuntu channel used for?19:01
crimsunthe topic addresses that question.19:02
crimsune.g., community-based user support for the Kubuntu derivative19:02
dragonmindK, thanks19:03
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edgy360hi, is kubuntu for slower pc's?19:08
edgy360which one is19:09
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nowthxubuntu, maybe19:09
buckfastHow do I change fonts for GTK applications?19:12
crimsuntry the appropriate submenu in KDE System Settings19:13
buckfastsorry but can't find it19:14
crimsunI don't have System Settings installed, but try Appearance -> Fonts19:14
crimsunsomething along those lines19:14
nowthopen System Settings, go to Look and Feel, go to Appearance, go to GTK+ Appearance19:15
buckfastI see it is set to use KDE fonts in GTK apps, however firefox doesnt use my KDE font settings :S19:15
nowthfirefox does seem to use my KDE font19:21
bbigras2I installed kubuntu netbook remix and updated KDE to 4.4 RC2 and after login and the loading thing I got a black screen. plasma-desktop is not running and is not installed even if I have kdebase-workspace-bin. any idea?19:33
Peace-bbigras2: this appends when you try an UNSTABLE desktop19:35
bbigras2Peace-: I'm not sure a broken package is the same as a unstable desktop. I run trunk on my main computer19:38
Peace-bbigras2: you should not ask support for a unstable system like an 4.4 rc2 or rc319:38
kitsuneOkay I have a question, When I install Kubuntu or any other Linux Distro I have a problem with my Wireless card drivers, they are preinstalled but every time I connet to my wireless network and try to go to a website the connection drops out as soon as I try to surf the web, Is there anyway to fix this?19:38
Peace-bbigras2: normal user should use stable version that is 4.3.5 now19:38
bbigras2Peace-: I'm not a normal user, I'm a dev19:39
Peace-bbigras2: a dev that doesn't know here is a place to get support but only for stable??19:40
bbigras2Peace-: I'm a KDE dev, I don't need to know how kubuntu do their stuff. I just want good packages19:41
Peace-bbigras2: well then install a stable version. here is not a channel to support an unstable desktop like an RC of whatever19:42
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BluesKajbbigras2:  try #ubuntu+119:43
bbigras2BluesKaj: a useful comment, thanks! :)19:44
kitsuneIs there anyone that can help me with this problem?19:44
new2ubuntujust updated to 2.6.31-19 in ubuntu now grub2 will not boot it can anyone help??19:44
BluesKajbbigras2:  there'a kde support there as well , don't let the "ubuntu" name fool you.19:45
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kitsuneOkay I have a question, When I install Kubuntu or any other Linux Distro I have a problem with my Wireless card drivers, they are preinstalled but every time I connet to my wireless network and try to go to a website the connection drops out as soon as I try to surf the web, Is there anyway to fix this?19:54
kitsuneAnd im using a Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter19:54
Peace-kitsune: lsmod | grep ath19:55
Peace-kitsune: the most of cases with atheros ath5k the "driver" sucks a lots19:55
kitsuneOkay =D Thank you19:55
Peace-kitsune: so you can try to change driver19:55
Peace-or with 20 bucks you can get a supported wifi usb card19:56
kitsuneDoes lsmod | grep ath change the drivers?19:56
Peace-kitsune: no19:56
Peace-i wanna know which driver you are using19:56
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Peace-so do that command please19:56
kitsuneath9k                 258744  019:57
kitsunemac80211              181236  1 ath9k19:57
kitsuneled_class               4096  1 ath9k19:57
kitsuneath                     8060  1 ath9k19:57
kitsunecfg80211               93052  3 ath9k,mac80211,ath19:57
FloodBotK3kitsune: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:57
Peace-kitsune: ok you have the new driver ath9k19:57
Peace-kitsune: so now lspci | grep -i Network19:58
kitsuneAtheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)19:59
Peace-kitsune: ok you can *try*  i mean .-... try to install madwifi driver20:00
Peace-why  did i say *try* ... because it's not sure it willl work for you20:00
kitsuneOkay I understand20:00
Peace-but i think you have a brain so you can understand this20:00
Peace-the wifi card is diifferent but it explain how to compile madwifi drivers20:01
BluesKajPeace-,  kitsune, I have the same driver , network manager crapped out after one update ..using wicd now , working well20:01
Peace-BluesKaj: mm well ath5k some time doesn't work ... i have to do a crazy thing20:02
BluesKajmadwifi prolly won't work20:02
Peace-like this20:02
Peace-BluesKaj: for my card only madwifi works20:02
Peace-for sure20:02
Peace-BluesKaj: read this :::  well turn off the computer … and disconnect the plug now press now press the computer’s button … that should consume the residual voltage. and now start the pc. this fucking atheros works again with ath5k20:02
Peace-sorry for f****20:03
Peace-i have copied xD20:03
kitsuneWell Thank you, I'll try this20:04
Peace-kitsune: wait20:04
Peace-kitsune: if you wanna try wicd first20:04
Peace-you should20:04
BluesKajPeace-:  no kidding , so you plug it back in after you boot up and are connected with network manager?20:04
Peace-i mean maybe it's the easier way20:04
Peace-BluesKaj: yea man ,... omg ... yes this is crazy but it is20:05
kitsuneOkay how do I go about switching to wicd? Sorry I'm a noob at this20:05
Peace-BluesKaj: have you the link i have not for the wiki in english i mean20:05
BluesKajwell, too late..I dumped network manager :) , never had much faith in it anyway..tooflaky20:05
Peace-BluesKaj: hahahaha you have not faith20:06
BluesKaj!wicd | kitsune20:06
BluesKaj!info wicd | kitsune20:06
ubottukitsune: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 415 kB, installed size 2464 kB20:06
Peace-BluesKaj: but you have ath9k?20:07
BluesKajPeace-:  yes20:08
Peace-BluesKaj: well i used ath5k20:08
Peace-and on that i get the crazy issue20:08
BluesKajwicd is working fine ..I used wicd on this laptop on jaunty as well20:09
kitsuneOkay I think im going to go with wicd20:10
Peace-BluesKaj: but my issue was the driver... becaise if i  reboot to much often the driver i dunno was freezing itself20:11
Peace-kitsune: try that yes20:11
BluesKajPeace-, network manager doesn't play nice with the dhclient it seems, and it forgets the settings , especially if you run wpa or wpa2 encryption20:14
Peace-BluesKaj: i mean if i reboot often , i get on iwlist wlan0 scan : an error i dont remember but it seems it was down ... like interface doesn't support scan ...20:15
Peace-BluesKaj: so i tried to do sudo ifconfig wlan up20:15
Peace-down and the up20:15
Peace-but the driver it was like freezed20:16
Peace-the only way... it was those strange absolute no sense steps20:16
BluesKajright , i dind that with my belkin usb wifi adapter for  the desktop pc , that I've ben trying to get to work since jaunty , but no luck so far20:17
BluesKajit's a ralink rt2870 driver , but even wicd doesn't work with it anymore20:18
Peace-BluesKaj: omg really ?20:18
Peace-i have a usb linksys 54gc and it 's working here on kubuntu 9.10 for now xD20:19
Peace-but maybe that doesn't work with that driver20:19
BluesKajyeah, waiting for a fi :(20:19
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kitsuneThank you so MUCH20:22
Peace-kitsune: working with wicd?20:23
kitsuneIt works just fine20:23
Peace-:) well done20:23
PumukyHallo. I use KU 9.04 installed with wubi. After a "apt-get dist-upgrade" I reboot my system and Kubuntu doesn't starts. Instead of kubuntu menu, starts grub. How can I repair it?20:24
kitsuneThat you for halping me =]20:24
BluesKajkitsune, cool :)20:24
kitsuneI have been fighting with this thing for days20:24
BluesKajgrub is supposed to help you decide which OS you want to boot into20:25
PumukyBut i'm not displayed the grub menu. What starts is "grub>"20:26
PumukyAnd I don't know how repair grub when using wubi.20:27
PumukyNow I'm in life CD. Is there any command for reparing grub when installed with wubi?20:28
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PumukyNobody can tell me how to repair a grub installation of wubi?20:34
Peace-mm i use kubuntu and stop20:34
Peace-never used wubi20:34
Peace-and 3 years  i don't use windows20:35
darthanubisPumuky: i could have told you if you was not using wubi20:36
darthanubisPumuky: I'd have to do a google and forum search for you to find out.20:37
darthanubisPumuky: your issue is so generic you'd be better able to get a reply form #ubuntu, just don't mention your using Kubuntu20:37
darthanubisit is all the same when it comes to wubi20:38
PumukyI've been using Kubuntu for 2 years. But I've bought a laptop and included Win7. I try to use only Linux, but have some problems with hardware... Till not solved, I can't use it20:38
darthanubisyou can dual-boot, you don't HAVE to use wubi20:38
darthanubisand i curious to what "issues" prevent you from using linux. but that is neither here nor there. You could always use windows in virtualbox20:39
darthanubisso many options to avoid wubi20:39
PumukyI know but I don't what to resize disks for warranty problems (I can give it back  in two week if it doesn't work fine...)20:40
darthanubisPumuky: I understand now20:40
darthanubisThat seems crazy they'd void a warrenty over partition resize?20:41
PumukyYes, I've to give it back as they gave it to me.20:41
PumukyIf I resize... I lose the possibility of returning...20:42
Peace-mmm well it's normal20:42
Peace-wait 2 weeks then :D20:42
Peace-then resize20:42
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titan_arkHello everyone =)21:17
apparletitan_ark: hi21:18
apparlehow to set the euilizer21:19
titan_arkapparle: sorry i am a noob myself21:19
apparletitan_ark: the question was for channel in general and not for you21:19
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titan_arkhey i wanted to know how i can set up ssh21:46
titan_arkneed to do that and tunnling etc to access my school unix system21:46
titan_arkon windows i used putty and tight vnc21:47
Duskaohey does anyone know a program similar to network magic for linux?21:48
BluesKajDuskao, what's network magic ?21:53
DuskaoBluesKaj: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LOF0Iv0QOo it's a network manager, easily set up file sharing and all that to other computers in the network,21:54
Duskaoall of it.21:54
BluesKajdoes that include live streaming etc for media ? ..i just use smbclient ... for live streaming i use a specialty app called pytivo that uses my TiVo as a server for media over our LAN21:58
_BS_Everytime I log in, I get the krdc desktop sharing window. How do I make it stop coming up at login?22:06
Jarcx-rTciao a tutti22:08
Jarcx-rTce qualche italiano ?¿22:08
Jarcx-rTI have problem with Login root ( Kubuntu 9.10 Kde 4 )22:09
Black_HorseXwhat problem ?22:09
Tm_T!root | Jarcx-rT22:10
ubottuJarcx-rT: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:10
Jarcx-rTUbuntu does not make me as a user will access it as root .... What can I do?22:11
Tm_TJarcx-rT: what you're trying to do?22:12
Jarcx-rTwhen I installed Kubuntu root password I did not have cause to22:13
Jarcx-rTonlu user22:13
_BS_konqueror as file manager is started via 'kfmclient filemanager'?22:13
Jarcx-rTbut I'm not even access from user22:14
vbgunzhave you changed your kdm screen? when you boot up did/do you see a flash of the default kdm screen before you get to your own? anybody know what I am talking about? is this a bug? is there a fix? I've been bitten by this since 9.10 on a random basis. im a little tired of it. anyone know what I am talking about?22:14
Jarcx-rTWhat can I do?22:15
vbgunzJarcx-rT: do you need sudo, kdesudo?22:16
Jarcx-rTExplain excuse .... are Italian22:17
Peace-Jarcx-rT: sei italiano?22:18
Peace-!it | Jarcx-rT22:18
ubottuJarcx-rT: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)22:18
vbgunzkubuntu shouldn't ask for a root password. you're in and out of root power using the first user and sudo or kdesudo to do root level stuff. not sure what you were asking22:18
vbgunzhow can I find out if my ext4 disk has barriers enabled or not?22:19
vbgunzI just ran dmesg | grep barrier and see it as enabled22:20
vbgunzbrb, need to check something22:23
_BS_konqueror as file manager is started via 'kfmclient filemanager'?22:27
ruudanybody able to help a kubuntu noob to get sound working?22:29
=== hellrider_ is now known as iBuben
ruud\name Bimmer_with_sound_problems22:32
kyubutsuhow to disable pop-up when mouse-over kickoff icon22:33
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Guest26888ce qualche italiano?22:42
=== Guest26888 is now known as Jhosnoe
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)22:44
kyubutsuhow to disable mouse-over pop-up message on kickoff icon22:45
sheytankyubutsu it's impossile ;)22:47
sheytankyubutsu maybe some day KDE developers will implement it ;)22:47
Tm_Tmouseover popup?22:47
_BS_konqueror as file manager is started via 'kfmclient filemanager'?22:48
sheytanTm_T he menat the tooltip i guess  ;)22:48
Tm_Twell, it has general plasma tooltip22:48
sheytanTm_T yep, but it's impossile to turn it off :)22:49
Tm_Taaah, I did read it as "enable"22:49
Tm_Tno, not easily atleast22:49
sheytanTm_T I'll report it at kde.bugs.org ;)  Thoes tooltips  are not always needed ;)22:51
Tm_Troger roger22:51
sheytanSomeone already tested ludic alpha2?22:56
sheytanDo plymouth work for you? :D22:56
crimsunthat depends on a number of factors: 1. whether one's graphics card is KMS-compatible; 2. whether one's graphics driver is KMS-compatible; 3. whether one uses encrypted lvm22:57
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kaddi_!hi | Guest273123:17
ubottuGuest2731: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!23:17
Guest2731Well i do have one question!23:17
Guest2731Do you know much about setting up a network connection in Linux23:18
BluesKajGuest16358, describe your hardware and what kind of connection23:24
vbgunzI have a framebuffer question. I have a nvidia gtx260 and monitors that natively support 1920x1080. I would like the framebuffer to take on this resolution in tty 1-6. running the command sudo hwinfo --framebuffer yields plenty of resolutions but none that are natively appropiate (1920x1080). do I have any recourses left to get that resolution?23:27
vbgunzif it helps, this is the output I get from hwinfo --framebuffer http://dpaste.com/155596/23:29
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THensonGuys, my /home disappeared. How can I recover it?23:32
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vbgunzgonna fail with my framebuffer, need to test with reboot23:32
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_BS_konqueror as file manager is started via 'kfmclient filemanager'? Confirm please?23:39
lnx4ver_BS_ doesn't work on my computer23:40
_BS_OK, back to basics ... how to start konqueror in file management profile?23:41
lnx4verdont know about options but if you provide a path like / or . or any other path it open in file manager mode23:43
_BS_path as in on address bar?23:44
lnx4verspeaking of konqueror23:44
lnx4verI mean from command line exemple: konqueror /23:44
lnx4vertry this23:44
_BS_COOL. Didn't know that one. Equivalent to Windows 'start .' in a cmd line.23:46
_BS_Next konqueror question ... how to get file manager file display to act like windows explorer. As in, list view (explorer). Columns (konq) makes me scroll - go wide (sideways) instead of down. Icon view is ... irritating.23:47
lnx4verkonqueror ~ , wlll open konqueror in your home folder23:47
lnx4verI dont use konqueror as a file manager I'd have to take a look23:49
_BS_In4ver - you use dolphin?23:49
lnx4veryes but more the mc program in konsole, it is much faster than any gui file manager23:50
Idhanhi, I have overclock my cpu from 2.0Ghz to 2.4Ghz but the cpu cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i Mhz shows only 2.0Ghz23:50
lnx4verI know you can create profile with konqueror then there must be some way to start in this profile automatically23:51
_BS_OK, got answer to starting konqueror (but I like your answer better) ... from menu editor / file manager - super user mode 'konqueror --profile filemanagement'. What a mouthfull. <sigh> BUT, non-windows explorer layout is truly annoying. Still would like to find that out. (Part of problem is defining good search terms for google.)23:53
_BS_Interesting ... typed 'kfmclient' at a command prompt. kfmclient isn't what it used to be, apparently, thus my confusion.23:56
lnx4veryeah I remember using this too23:57
kitsuneHello I got a question, How do I find the icon folder where the desktop icon packs are stored?23:59

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