ardchoilleI'd like to layoutmy Homepage Content area using html <br><a> and <ul>. How can I do that?01:42
wgrantardchoille: it is not possible at the moment.01:43
ardchoilleIs there any way to layout things in paragraphs? carriage returns don't seem to work01:44
wgrantardchoille: Works fine for me...01:45
ardchoillewgrant: Doesn't work here:  https://launchpad.net/~ardchoille4201:46
ardchoillecarriage returns there01:46
ardchoilleOh, I just added "About me:" and a link,and the link isn't parsed either.01:48
wgrantAh, it's probably because you have no karma.01:48
wgrantUsers without karma don't get formatted, due to spam concerns.01:49
ardchoilleThat's just plain silly, IMHO01:49
PengFile a bug about it. Then you'll have karma and it'll work! :D01:49
ardchoilleI had lots of karma, must have been taken away since I didn't have much input lately01:49
ardchoillePeng: hehe01:49
wgrantRight, it should probably instead detect whether you have any karma actions, not whether you have any karma.01:49
ardchoilleKArma decreases over time so that'd be a waste of time01:49
ardchoilleThanks folks.01:50
PengIs he going to file a bug?01:50
wgrantProbably not.01:50
wgrantIf I don't see one soon, I will file it.01:50
mrooneyis anyone else seeing staging.launchpad.net as down?05:08
wgrantmrooney: It should be back in about 25 minutes.05:09
wgrantIt's currently updating.05:09
mrooneyoh I see, is that normal and happens every time it syncs?05:09
mrooneynow that I've automated packaging and uploading to PPAs, I'm exciting to start LP API scripting and automating release process stuff as well!05:11
wgrantI don't know whether it's normal. But it has been the case for a few days now.05:12
mrooneyI was thinking of something that you give a milestone, and it will create a release, mark all fix committed as fixed released, upload tarballs/debs, and such, make LP announcement05:12
wgrantThat would be nice.05:12
mrooneythough I don't want to reinvent anything, is there similar public stuff out there?05:12
wgrant(although announcements aren't yet exposed in the API)05:12
mrooneyah, alas05:12
mrooneythough adding stuff to the API isn't that hard, right?05:13
mrooneymaybe if I get up to that point, I can find a mentor and add that05:13
wgrantI think somebody's already working on it.05:13
* wgrant looks.05:13
wgrantBug #40909005:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 409090 in launchpad-registry "Announcements not exposed in launchpadlib" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40909005:14
mrooneyoh I wonder if quickly is doing some LP release automation?05:15
wgrantthat appears to be the case.05:16
mrooneyI shall ask in the appropriate channel!05:16
mrooneythanks for the bug link :)05:16
mrooneyoh no, the instructions for launchpadlib on help.lp.net are quite broken in multiple ways05:28
mrooneyshould I file a bug somewhere?05:28
wgrantmrooney: Sure you're not just using an old version?05:30
mrooneywgrant: the first step of getting the latest launchpadlib is "bzr branch lp:oauth"05:35
mrooneyat least for me that's quite an error05:35
mrooneycan anyone else confirm or deny my sanity?05:37
wgrantAh, yes, it has no default branch.05:39
mrooneyyeah I looked at the branches and don't see an obvious "right" one05:39
mrooneyI'll grab malept's he's a good guy :)05:40
RAOFHow long does it take for Ubuntu uploads to get merged into the package branches?05:50
wgrantRAOF: That's probably more of an #ubuntu-devel question. It's not actually part of Launchpad.05:52
RAOFReally?  Launchpad isn't responsible for the package import service?05:52
wgrantit's run by james_w, using launchpadlib.05:53
RAOFColour me surprised.05:53
mrooneyokay staging is back, albeit a few weeks at least out of date, odd06:01
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thopiekarhi. got a question about packaging.. I have the package, called "foo", and want to create the same package with the unstable version, called "foo-testing".. but other packages are depending on "foo".. so what do I have to do?15:30
qensethopiekar: This channel is for Launchpad, which is a webapplication. I think you should ask your question in #ubuntu-motu.15:36
pakihi at all16:56
pakihow can i compile a project with py file for upload to launchpad ppa?16:57
kklimondais it possible to disable sending of the failed builds logs to all team members?17:34
jgopperthey, would be nice if we could use launchpad ppa for lenny packages, would be a nice way to give back to debian18:30
mok0branching an LP branch doesn't work from a hardy machine18:57
mok0It says:  ERROR: Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar Branch Format 7 (needs bzr 1.6)\n'18:57
idnarI don't think that has anything to do with Launchpad, per se18:58
jpdsbzr |    1.6.1-1 |      intrepid | source, amd64, i38618:59
idnarmok0: the branch format is determined by whoever put the branch there18:59
idnaror perhaps I should say, whoever created the branch19:00
mok0idnar: that was on a karmic system19:00
mok0idnar: but I need to branch onto servers that run hardy19:00
mok0idnar: and supposedly, hardy should still be supported19:00
idnaryou need to pick a format that's supported by the version in hardy19:01
mok0idnar: Can I convert the already existing branch or do I need to zap it19:02
idnarI'm not sure of the details; you might be better off asking in #bzr, though19:02
mok0idnar: ok, thanks, will do...19:02
mok0It is a bad idea to change the repo format to something that is not backward compatible19:03
mok0...forward I should say19:03
mok0Heh. Now I have converted the LP branch so it is compatible with hardy. However, now I can't push to the repo from my karmic workstation. Bah19:18
idnarmok0: the repo on your karmic workstation probably needs to be in the same format19:23
mok0idnar: it is. I branched it from LP but can't push to it19:24
mok0idnar: conclusion is that you can't work across distributions with LP19:24
mok0idnar: which is _really_ bad given that hardy is supported for another 2.5 years19:24
doctormoWhat's the quickest way to get from a bug object to a project object using launchpadlib?19:31
doctormoIs it task = bug.bug_tasks; task.target ?19:31
wgrantmok0: What goes wrong when you push it? All version of bzr >= 0.92 can push to pack-0.92 branches, which is the hardy default.21:38
mok0wgrant: I got an error message21:38
wgrantdoctormo: A bug can have multiple tasks, each on a different project, distribution or package. You would need to pick one of them.21:38
wgrantmok0: That's not terribly descriptive.21:38
doctormowgrant: Aye, I got it working. Thanks.21:39
mok0wgrant: I know, but I got very annoyed and upgraded my hardy server to bzr-2.0221:39
mok0wgrant: so I can't reproduce sorry21:39
mok0wgrant: I'm in work mode, which means I become impatient :-)21:39
mok0wgrant: and Ubuntu doesn't seem to care about older releases anyway21:40
wgrantmok0: s/Ubuntu/Bazaar/, and only sort of.21:40
mok0wgrant: AFAIAC, it is outrageous to introduce a bzr version on LP that is not backwards compatible with hardy *without* making sure that there's a new version of bzr in -updates21:45
mok0wgrant: I wasted a lot of time on this today, but at least I was able to fix it for myself.21:46
wgrantmok0: It's nothing to do with Launchpad. It doesn't choose the format.21:46
wgrantThe client chooses the format.21:46
mok0wgrant: then it shouldn't have been upgraded21:46
wgrantAnd I don't see how you got a 1.6 branch without explicitly upgrading to it, since IIRC the default was never 1.6.21:46
mok0wgrant: I have bzr on my mac to21:47
mok0wgrant: I don't know what version, I just made the repo and pushed it to LP.21:47
wgrantmok0: Anyway, this is entirely a #bzr problem.21:47
mok0wgrant: then I couldn't use that from hardy. Then I zapped the repo and made it from hardy, but that didn't work with the newer versions of bzr21:48
mok0wgrant: yeah I guess.21:48
wgrantmok0: It did work with newer versions of bzr.21:48
mok0wgrant: it didn't work the way  I described21:49
wgrantmok0: In the normal case, they interoperate fine.21:49
mok0wgrant: I don't know what the reason was. Creating a repo from hardy, pushing to LP, I couldn't branch that on karmic21:50
mok0wgrant: as I said, I was annoyed and not in debug-mode21:50
mok0wgrant: so I didn't make note of my steps21:51
mok0It was fortunate that bzr-2.0.2 builds fine as a hardy package21:52
mok0It should be pushed to backports ASAP21:52
wgrantThat is difficult, because of the default incompatible format change.21:53
mok0wgrant: that seems to be an integral problem of bzr. You'll just have to make a new repo21:54
wgrantmok0: See ppa:bzr21:58
mok0wgrant: I hope the bzr devs will take note NOT to change the format again22:07
wgrantmok0: They will again. But it seems that they're going to be less insane about it.22:08
mok0wgrant: well, perhaps we should take care to properly test the bzr package before it's introduced in Ubuntu22:09
wgrantmok0: Why?22:10
mok0wgrant: we really can't upgrade bzr as long as there are supported releases that don't support the newest format22:10
wgrantmok0: But then we can never introduce a new bzr, because we can never introduce a new format.22:11
wgrant(also, further testing is unnecessary. the format changes are well documented,)22:11
mok0wgrant: not true, the new format will be rolled out at a slower pace22:11
mok0wgrant: I.e. when hardy goes away, we can move to the next level, when intrepid dies, the next, etc.22:12
wgrantmok0: So you mean that the *default* format should not be changed?22:12
mok0wgrant: right22:12
wgrantmok0: That would be the right solution, but LTSes live just about forever.22:13
mok0wgrant: I don't see git or the other VCSes have the need to update their formats at the same insane pace22:13
mok0wgrant: In fact, I can still access svn repos I created years ago22:14
wgrantAccessing old branches is fine.22:14
mok0wgrant: It failed for me22:15
wgrantmok0: I suspect that you did something slightly wrong. It normally Just Works.22:15
mok0wgrant: I can't say22:16
mok0wgrant: As I said, I was impatient and annoyed...22:16
mok0wgrant: But changing the format so that old (but recent) versions don't work anymore, is criminal22:17
mok0I have the most recent bzr on my mac, and it is 1.1822:18
mok0most recent from fink, that is22:18
wgrantThen Fink is six months out of date.22:18
mok0wgrant: so you mean, if you have a version 6 months old, it's just tough luck that it suddenly can't read the repos?22:19
wgrantmok0: I strongly disagree with how the 2a migration was done (making it the default before support was in any Ubuntu release, and right in the middle of the LTS cycle -- it could hardly have been worse timing).22:19
mok0wgrant: I agree with that.22:20
wgrant2a is a very good thing.22:20
wgrantBut the migration path is suboptimal.22:20
mok0wgrant: I doubt most users care22:20
mok0wgrant: it may matter if you maintain an extremely large repo22:21
wgrantmok0: It's an awful lot faster and smaller. That was probably the main complaint about bzr.22:21
mok0wgrant: most users have < 100 files, I don't think you can notice any speed difference there22:22
mok0wgrant: If I needed a VCS for a large project, I would choose git22:22
wgrantmok0: Why?22:23
mok0wgrant: it's better22:23
wgrantApart from the bad release/format cycle, which is now history?22:23
mok0wgrant: faster22:23
mok0wgrant: I don't know why, but it is22:23
mok0wgrant: great design perhaps22:24
wgrantmok0: 2.0+ narrows the margin immensely.22:24
mok0wgrant: hm ok22:24
wgrantIt's a really, really big difference.22:24
mok0wgrant: I can try to upgrade my 0.92 repo now, and see if it makes a difference22:24
mok0wgrant: ah, I can't... I still need my mac to work22:26
wgrantmok0: I think 1.18 should support 2a.22:28
mok0wgrant: I wont risk it to try... I22:29
mok0wgrant: 0.92 is actually fast enough for me ;-)22:29
mok0wgrant: It works, which is #122:30
mok0wgrant: ... but it would work with LP22:30
mok0would not22:30
wgrantIt does.22:31
wgrantLots of branches are still 0.9222:31
wgrantI work with 0.92 branches from bzr 2.1 RCs.22:32
mok0ah ok. But I don't want this repo on LP anyway... it's just my personal documents22:32
mok0wgrant: so what's the problem with bzr 2 on hardy again?22:33
mok0wgrant: the package builds w/o problems22:34
wgrantmok0: Right, backporting is no problem. It's all in the bzr PPA. But 2.0 changes the default format!22:34
wgrantBackporting something which will then start making incompatible branches is probably a seriously bad idea.22:34
mok0wgrant: perhaps that could be fixed in the backport?22:35
wgrantI don't know. You should ask #bzr.22:35
mok0(Like it should have been in the first place)22:35
mok0wgrant: yeah I will look at it22:36
mok0wgrant, how many times have they changed the format?22:38
wgrantmok0: I don't know.22:41
mok0wgrant: there's a whole bunch of them, I just don't know how many of them have been default at some point22:42
wgrantmok0: pack-0.92 was the last default before 2a.22:43
mok0wgrant: and knit was the default in 0.822:43
wgrantmok0: dirstate-tags was the default until the end of 2007.22:45
wgrantSo it was the default for nearly two years.22:46
wgrantEr, 'it' being pack-0.92.22:46
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PengChanging the default format is like one line of code, not counting imports. In fact, a plugin already exists to use an older default format.23:42
PengIMO it would be confusing if Ubuntu had a 2.0 that used an older default format, though.23:42
PengBut probably still worth it.23:42
spreadsheetWhy do all translations in launchpad have to be bsd-licensed?23:47
mrooneyhey all, any API experts know if there is a faster alternative to: for bug in milestone.searchTasks(): bug.transitionToStatus(status="Fix Released") ?23:48
mrooneyI assumed I could do bug.status = "Fix Released" but no matter what object I call lp_save on it doesn't get persisted or ends up with an error23:48
wgrantmrooney: You need to call lp_save on every object.23:51
mrooneyoh, that results in an error, and probably wouldn't be faster anyway, right?23:52
mrooneyokay, I will stick with the transitionToStatus call then, thanks :)23:52

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