hyperstreamback later power peoples redoing power line to house ><00:23
Fallenoui tried installing ubuntu lucid amd64 desktop with the daily-live, and ubiquity does a big segfault :)00:44
Fallenouat the last summary window00:44
Fallenoui registered the syslog and messages log files, in which the segfault appears if someone is interested00:45
Fallenoueb  6 01:38:21 ubuntu kernel: [  500.847290] ubiquity[12571]: segfault at 7f64b29e3840 ip 00007f64c63d1d64 sp 00007fff67769140 error 4 in libglib-2.0.s     o.0.2302.0[7f64c6392000+c9000]00:48
faileasI'm trying to install lucid in a VM, to do a test-run of moving my home server to it in a few months. I'm consistantly getting a failure to install grub- i'm running lilo for now, but i'm wondering if its a known issue, and if i can install grub later01:41
ZykoticK9faileas, i didn't have any trouble installing in VirtualBox, what virt software are you using?01:42
faileasZykoticK9: vmware server.01:42
ZykoticK9faileas, well I'm guessing it's an issue in vmware then...  good luck man.01:42
faileasi've had it fail ~4 times, both with scsi and ide.01:42
faileaseh, its a test rig. Part of the point is i can muck about and not destroy a production system01:43
faileasi just found it odd that its broken01:44
histoAnyone else lose their keyboard repeat01:59
histoThis is annoying if I checkbox key presses repeat in keyboard settings. I get double letters but no key repeat02:01
RAOFhisto: Happened a couple of days back for me; try updating :)02:02
histoRAOF: yeah i'm updating now02:02
Spirits-SightI am getting this error when trying to start the gnome-shell any help would be great http://pastebin.com/d673f1a6303:36
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, seems like gnome-shell might require 3d acceleration to work, last message "KeyError: 'server glx extensions'" do you have an nvidia gfx card?03:39
Spirits-SightI have nvidia card don't know for sure which one, its about  a year ish old03:39
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, have you tried installing the nvidia driver?03:40
Spirits-SightZykoticK9: what do I do to fix this issue03:40
Spirits-Sightits installed as far as I know03:40
Spirits-Sight195.22 is verison03:41
Spirits-SightGeForce 7100 / nForce 630i (GPU 0)03:41
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, System / Admin / Hardware Driver - is it show as active?  In the list i see green dot on "nvidia_current" but if i highlight it i have a message at bottom "this driver is activated but not currently in use" < but it is???03:42
kklimondajockey doesn03:43
kklimondadoesn't really work right now afair03:43
kklimondacheck if you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf with nvidia entry03:43
ZykoticK9kklimonda, in Alpha2 release notes says jockey doesn't work -- but an update "sorta" fixed it03:43
kklimondaSpirits-Sight, ^03:43
Spirits-SightOK ZykoticK9 thats strange nothing shows up in the hardware driver list NOthing03:43
kklimondaZykoticK9, hmm - didn't work for me yesterday or maybe the day before03:44
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, i'd check the directions at http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/lucid/alpha2 in the Known Issues, near the bottom starting with "Jockey (Ubuntu's restricted..."03:45
* kklimonda is really waiting for 3d support in nouveau.. just enough so we can run compiz :/03:45
kklimondaright now all it support is basic composition and still I find it nicer than nvidia's blob..03:46
ZykoticK9kklimonda, i know that using the Alpha2 on the 2nd or 3rd it DID actually work for me (i might have been lucky, stars and updates aligned sorta thing)03:46
ZykoticK9kklimonda, what do you mean by "basic composition"?  i have compiz and 3d games both running smoothly.03:46
kklimondaZykoticK9, with nouveau? I don't really feel brave enough to install 3d part of the driver03:47
ZykoticK9kklimonda, NO not with nouveau with nvidia binary03:47
Spirits-SightZykoticK9: OK I just did that now what?03:48
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, reboot i'm affraid03:49
kklimondaSpirits-Sight, if by "that" you mean sudo nvidia-xconfig then reboot03:49
ZykoticK9kklimonda, good call ;)03:49
Spirits-SightZykoticK9: I just finished the sudo apt-get install nvidia-current now I am trying to understand that next step03:49
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, instructions say "sudo update-alternatives --config gl_conf && sudo ldconfig && sudo nvidia-xconfig"03:50
Spirits-SightZykoticK9: http://pastebin.com/d18e2c393 after I do the update-alternatives ... ?03:53
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, you 'might' want to install libvdpau1 then try running that update-alternatives again03:54
Spirits-SightZykoticK9: same issue / same report03:57
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, what if you try "sudo update-alternatives --config /usr/lib/nvidia-current/ld.so.conf" and difference?03:59
Spirits-SightZykoticK9: update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for /usr/lib/nvidia-current/ld.so.conf04:00
ZykoticK9Spirits-Sight, well, i'm really not sure -- but you might just want to try a reboot04:00
Spirits-Sightok be back04:00
semitonesheyo, will there be an option to dist upgrade from the previous LTS to the next LTS, which is lynx, right?05:36
semitonesjust curious05:36
RAOFsemitones: Yes.05:45
semitonesRAOF: AWESOME!05:46
ZykoticK9RAOF, are you involved with launchpad bugs?  i got a "branch linked" that starts off ~raof/ubuntu/lucid/gnome-desktop-sharp2/fix-lp-516920 is that the same raof?07:18
RAOFZykoticK9: Yes.07:46
ZykoticK9RAOF, and what is that link?07:46
RAOFA branch which fixes the bug.07:47
ZykoticK9RAOF, ahhh thanks, didn't really seem like a web address :)07:47
RAOF“bzr branch lp:~raof/ubuntu/lucid/gnome-desktop-sharp2/fix-lp-516920” would get you the branch.07:48
ZykoticK9RAOF, oh i'm not a programmer (IN ANY WAY) so the branch is of no use to me.  I was just curious what it was/meant.  Thanks for clarifying.07:49
ZykoticK9RAOF, and I'd like to thank you for working on fixing bugs -- Lucid is already AMAZING!07:50
RAOFWhich reminds me.  Time to merge gnome-do-plugins from testing.07:52
DamasceneHello, many function keys aren't working on my Asus Eee 1005HA. should I open one bug or what?08:28
as1965Damascene: yes, sounds like a good idea. Check it isn't logged already.09:04
benstehi, yesterday I could grep the iso from zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/lucid-alternate-amd64.iso.zsync09:09
benstebut it seems like today it's away - will it come back at this location ? - and whe will A3 be there ?09:09
benstesomeone here?09:15
as1965benste: looks like nothing's there today. Don't know why, sorry.09:20
bensteas1965: :-) thx - grabbed the one from yesterday now - do you know when A3 will be released ?09:20
benstein my calendar it's 4th. Feb - but it's not there yet09:21
as1965feb 25th? See : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule09:23
infectobenste: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-10-04lucid-lynx-release-schedule.html09:41
Damascenewhat is the problem with launchpad.net?09:41
CosmiChaoswell i got boot-logo on nvidia yesterday with plymouth... now its again lost due to update, any idea?09:41
bensteinfecto: that's the iste I used too, which is refering that A3 should have been released 2 days earlier - so where is it - was it postponed ?09:43
bensteinfecto: February 4th, 2010 – Alpha 3 release09:44
infectobenste: i`m newbe, so please ask some one elese ;)09:45
bensteas1965: got the wiki page now, this one differs from the info infecto had - which is first Google result, so it looks like it has been postponed09:45
as1965Looks like the ubuntugeek post is out of date. I'd always go to the official wiki page.09:56
Damasceneagainst which package should I report the function keys problem?09:58
DamasceneDoes any one here have Asus Eee Pc?11:26
=== cjohnston is now known as wikipirate
BUGabundothis is a F**** joke14:15
BUGabundo$ ubuntu-bug linux14:15
BUGabundoon Linux BluBUG 2.6.32-11-generic #15-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 19 20:38:41 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:15
BUGabundocan't bott -1214:15
BUGabundocause my system locks up everytime14:16
BUGabundo-11 is low resolution, dkms doesn't build it for nvidia14:16
kklimondaBUGabundo, have you tried to remove splash ?14:16
BUGabundochanged at grub14:16
BUGabundoafter login14:16
BUGabundoif I press enter, insert a pass, click a single menu14:16
kklimondaBUGabundo, i guess it's time to use nouveau then >:)14:16
BUGabundoX freezes14:16
BUGabundoREISUB does nothing14:16
BUGabundobut it gets logged14:16
kklimondathat bad? heh14:16
BUGabundoand I can't file a bug, cause apport doesn't like -11 kernel14:17
kklimondahow does ubuntu-bug linux fail with -11 ?14:17
BUGabundolet me try to file a manual bug14:17
kklimondait should use -12 data14:17
BUGabundoI just told you that14:17
BUGabundocan't use -1214:17
BUGabundosystem frezes14:17
* BUGabundo bookmarks https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect14:18
kklimondabut 10.04 is in a pretty bad shape recently14:19
kklimondaI'm actually afraid to reboot it right now because plymouth was updated and it doesn't have nouveau patches again :/14:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 518058 in linux "[lucid] system freezes after GDM with nvidia and 2.6.32-12and " [Undecided,New]14:20
BUGabundoadding logs NOW14:20
BUGabundoAs part of the bug reporting process, you'll be asked a series of questions to help provide a more descriptive bug report.  Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.  Afterwards, a browser will be opened to finish filing this as a bug in the Launchpad bug tracking system.14:21
BUGabundogonna fail again14:21
BUGabundostuppid apport14:21
BUGabundoheh? it workde?14:22
* BUGabundo pushed F514:22
BUGabundoServer error, please contact an administrator. OOPS ID:OOPS-1498EB39114:23
BUGabundonot my lucky day, is it ?14:23
* BUGabundo wishes for a day to be able to upload MORE THEN one log at a time to Launchpad14:24
kklimondayeah - apport-collect does it in a really ugly way14:25
BUGabundoapw: bug 51805814:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518058 in linux "[lucid] system freezes after GDM with nvidia and 2.6.32-12and " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51805814:26
BUGabundowb gnomefreak14:28
gnomefreakBUGabundo: thanks14:29
* BUGabundo hates bug work on weekends.... no dev to help out14:30
gnomefreakBUGabundo: do you know the command to change login info? i cant recall it14:30
BUGabundologin info???14:30
gnomefreakBUGabundo: to change log in prefferences14:30
BUGabundodon't know what you are refering to14:30
BUGabundois it the user details app?14:31
BUGabundo"about me"?14:31
gnomefreakBUGabundo: looking for a command to change System>Admin>login screen14:31
BUGabundo$ gnome-about-me  ?14:32
gnomefreakit doesnt work :( seb gave me a command at one time14:32
gnomefreakBUGabundo: no path above14:32
BUGabundothe new gdm tool14:32
gnomefreakBUGabundo: yes14:32
BUGabundoLogin Screen Settings14:32
* gnomefreak also have to find a theme that doesnt make everything so square14:33
gnomefreakBUGabundo: yes but that isnt the command ;)14:33
gnomefreakBUGabundo: ill try thanks14:33
BUGabundoyeah I know. but I have to open it, then pstree it to find the command :D14:34
gnomefreakand yet it brings up the screen that is broken :(14:34
BUGabundounlike everything else14:34
BUGabundoI'm on -11 kernel with low res vesa14:34
BUGabundobug 51805814:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518058 in linux "[lucid] system freezes after GDM with nvidia and 2.6.32-12" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51805814:34
BUGabundoneed SERIOUS help on that14:34
gnomefreakit freezes or is very slow?14:37
BUGabundototal freezes14:39
BUGabundonot even REISUB helps14:39
BUGabundobut it gets logged in syslog14:39
BUGabundothen only big change I did recently , was to install virtualbox14:39
BUGabundoand probs started soon after that14:39
BUGabundotime to purge the darn thing14:39
bensteusing ubuntu-bug no package is acpeted as a Ubuntu one - fresh daily install - how can I report bugs now ?14:43
BUGabundobenste: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect14:45
BUGabundobenste: https://bugs.launchpad.net/u114:46
bensteBUGabundo: thx - is this normal that no package is accpeted ?14:47
BUGabundono idea14:47
BUGabundoonly if removed from archive14:47
* BUGabundo checks14:47
BUGabundo$ apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client   Installed: 1.1.0-0ubuntu114:47
BUGabundonope, still there14:47
BUGabundo$ apport-cli ubuntuone-client14:48
BUGabundoseems to work14:48
bensteapport-cli ? I'm using "ubuntu-bug package"14:48
BUGabundoshould be the same14:49
BUGabundobut do try apport14:49
bensteapport works fine14:49
bensteguess I'll have to file a bug against ubuntu-bug :-)14:49
BUGabundosub me to it14:50
BUGabundocause I couldn't file one with kernel either14:50
benstek I'll do14:51
coz_hey guys...just did another fresh install...and as last time...nothing shows up under hardware drivers...and if I install manually  the system freezes...any good way to troubleshoot this?14:52
benstecoz_: I'm just about to report a bug that jockey-gtk doesn't detect my proprietary drivers :-)14:53
coz_benste,  ah ok then it's not just me  :)14:53
bensteBUGabundo: which package hosts ubuntu.bug ?14:53
coz_then I will just hold off until updates appear...14:53
benstecoz_: which hardware should it detect for you ?14:54
benstemay I subscribe you to the bug ?14:54
coz_benste,  n vidia   6600GT14:54
coz_on the lucid box anyway14:55
coz_I havent put lucid on this machine yet14:55
coz_so I havent tested if the older hardware is the issue14:55
BUGabundocoz_: that's my bug. bug 51805814:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518058 in linux "[lucid] system freezes after GDM with nvidia and 2.6.32-12" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51805814:55
coz_BUGabundo, ah ok14:55
benstecoz_: what's your LP username ?14:56
benstemail @ yahoo or gmail ? - there are multiple coz14:56
benstecosimo123@ ?14:57
BUGabundowhat are you guys talking about?14:57
BUGabundoI can't read the backlog at VESA :(14:57
bensteBUGabundo: subscribuing him to a jockey gtk bug14:57
coz_benste,  it should be cosimo32114:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 518067 in jockey "jockey-gtk doesn't detect a geforce7600go to isntall proprietary driver" [Undecided,New]14:58
bensteBUGabundo: which package is Ubuntu-bug in ?14:58
BUGabundobut that's secondary to have system freezes14:58
BUGabundobenste: apport14:58
bensteso I'm using apport to file a bug against apport :-) ROFL14:58
BUGabundo!info apport14:59
ubottuapport (source: apport): automatically generate crash reports for debugging. In component main, is optional. Version 1.12-0ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 50 kB, installed size 1984 kB14:59
BUGabundoyeah benste14:59
BUGabundodid that too14:59
BUGabundowell its not in apport14:59
BUGabundobut apport-gtk14:59
BUGabundobenste: ^^14:59
coz_I am just glad I am not the only one... i would had to do a thorough hardware test if so :)14:59
BUGabundocoz_: I'm glad too14:59
BUGabundoI was going mad14:59
BUGabundono one else confirming such a serious thing15:00
BUGabundocoz_: you read my bug? same steps ?15:00
coz_BUGabundo,  i brouight this up the other day  with no response other than to try to install the driver manually gut that just froze the system15:00
BUGabundoguess its time I lose 3D and go with novue15:00
BUGabundoso is it a nvidia bug ?15:01
BUGabundoif so, I must reasin my bug15:01
coz_BUGabundo,  well I am guessing so at least from this end it is15:01
bensteBUGabundo: subscribed you to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/51807015:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 518070 in apport "Ubuntu-bug handles every package as "not a ubuntu one" " [Undecided,New]15:01
BUGabundonot what I had in mind15:01
BUGabundomore like: apport-gtk fails to file bugs, while apport-cli works15:02
bensteBUGabundo: coz_ - do you participate in http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Hardware/X/ProprietaryDrivers#Installation ?15:02
BUGabundobenste: on VESA?15:02
benstek will change this15:02
BUGabundobenste: the bug is in apport-gtk not apport15:02
benstek ll change this15:02
coz_benste,  I dont think I have  participated  there let me read that hold on15:03
benstecoz_: the team started 2 days ago or so :-)15:03
bensteif you're interested there is a wiki description too15:04
coz_benste,  ah ok   i will bookmark this ..yes I think I am interested15:04
bensteBUGabundo: 'apport-gtk' is a binary package. This bug has been assigned to its source package 'apport' instead.15:04
benstecoz_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Testing/ProprietaryDrivers/WeeklyProgram15:05
coz_benste, thanks  :)15:05
benstecoz_: smart thing - my first test - FAILED - cause of jockey, as you'Re reporting other issues I'm sure I woun't go on installing the nv driver manually :-)15:06
coz_benste,  ok i will read through this15:06
nigel_nbpopey: this is perhaps a better place15:11
nigel_nbanyone on lucid please run lucid and tell me what you see beside library in the left frame15:11
nigel_nbit should be either +/- or a small triangle15:11
nigel_nbpopey: ok, can you tell the bug numeber here?15:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 518012 in rhythmbox "Inconsistent collapse/expand icon placement" [Undecided,New]15:13
popeygiven I'm using a fresh iso I fail to see how it will be a triangle for anyone running the exact same iso15:13
nigel_nbbeats me too!15:13
popeybesides which it's kinda irrelavent given the bug is about the position of the icon, not the icon itself15:13
popeynigel_nb: your iso is older than mine by a day15:13
popeyyou have yesterdays iso, mine was built at 08:09 this morning (7 hours ago)15:14
nigel_nbpopey: how do I get to know that?15:15
nigel_nbI mean.. where do I check?15:15
popeyls -l the iso image15:15
nigel_nbpopey: My iso is from 2010-01-13 and yours from 2010-02-0615:17
nigel_nbfinally, nice to have figured that one out15:17
popeyyou should use testdrive :)15:17
popeyit updates the iso before booting it :)15:17
nigel_nbI regret not using15:18
popeyok, thats easily fixed15:18
nigel_nbanyway, my point being15:18
nigel_nbnow that its not a +/- its consistent anyway15:18
* nigel_nb bangs head on wall15:18
nigel_nbI'll confirm it15:18
nigel_nbsorry... so now, it is inconsistent15:18
popeywhat's inconsistent?15:19
popeyoh, the icons .. i get you :)15:19
BUGabundocoz_: stupid question: do you have virtualbox installed?15:20
coz_BUGabundo,  no not on any of my systems   sorry15:21
coz_BUGabundo,  were you considering a connection with the bug?15:21
BUGabundoI added that, and after it my system went unstable15:22
BUGabundoit could have been the rout cause15:22
vishBUGabundo: if you dont mind me asking :)  ... i was reading your wiki and noticed that folks mentioned your karma.. was wondering how much was your karma ?15:24
BUGabundo5k I think15:24
BUGabundoit droped a lot after they changed LP ratigns15:24
vishah ... :)15:24
BUGabundoI used to have 27k15:24
BUGabundoeveryone dropped a lot15:24
knittlwhere is rhythmbox gone?15:25
vishBUGabundo: 27k... i was about to mutter something.. but realized Pici would jump on me ;p15:25
BUGabundotell me !15:25
BUGabundoyeah, back on the days...15:25
BUGabundowhere I would file 5 new bugs per day15:26
BUGabundoone ANY thing that was in LP15:26
BUGabundoLP inclusive :D15:26
BUGabundoI did a lot of triage too15:26
BUGabundoconsider applying to bug squad15:26
BUGabundobut never did15:26
BUGabundoI had more bugs in my head and firefox cache then the bot it self15:26
vishBUGabundo: you should there are a lot of bugs still unattended :(15:27
BUGabundoppl would come here, start typing about a bug, and I was pointing them to it before they hit Enter15:27
vishshould apply*15:27
nigel_nbpopey: confirmed15:32
popeythanks nigel_nb15:33
nigel_nbpopey: np! this is what happens when you dent about it ;)15:33
DSpairWell, here we go, gonna install Lucid today. Any suggestions?15:35
nigel_nbDSpair: if u have nvidia, Id say pray15:35
DSpairI've got a Radeon 320015:36
bjsnideroh, well that's much better. the ati drivers are bullet proof15:38
bjsniderthat's why people love ati so very, very, very much15:39
coz_eeewww   lol15:39
coz_that was a humorous dig about at  just incase no one got it :)15:40
DSpairbjsnider: I disagree. Under Karmic, I had to disable the Radeon proprietary drivers because they would cause intermittent crashes.15:40
bjsnideri'll not stand for this anti-ati talk!15:41
* bjsnider throws furniture and has a fit15:41
coz_out of curiosity..... who else got the big snow on the US east coast here?15:41
* BUGabundo strains bjsnider to a chair15:41
DSpairI wish that the desktop installer would allow for using LVM2 during install. :(15:42
DSpaircoz_: Well, I'm near Louisville, KY; and it wasn't "BIG" snow, but there's quite a lot of ice and snow.15:42
coz_DSpair,  oo I didnt think it was that far south15:42
coz_DSpair,  I am in Pennsylvania here15:43
DSpaircoz_: We got about 3 inches of snow on top of 1/2 inch of ice.15:43
BUGabundoDSpair: alternate cd?15:43
DSpairBUGabundo: I tried that and couldn't get GRUB to install.15:43
BUGabundofiled a bug»15:44
DSpairBUGabundo: I was using the Karmic alternate CD.15:44
DSpairBut I should still file a bug.15:45
bjsnideri'm not sure if it's going to hit here or not. it's sunny right now15:45
BUGabundoMUAUAUA firefox 3.7a2 came out and broke all my addons :(15:55
jorgenhi guys; would you consider it a bug for amarok to ignore directories or tracks with e.g. O umlaut in the name?16:18
xerox1jorgen, do you mean zero umlauts? don't get it...16:21
jorgeni have a directory: motorhead which has umlaut on the second 'o'... amarok doesnt see this directory in the collection, also it skips individual tracks with these kind of characters in it.16:23
jorgeni figured, if the filesystem can handle these things.. so should amarok / kde ?16:24
xerox1yeah, i think your right: that's a bug16:24
jorgenit's actually kind of funny, i created these OGG's with amarok :-)16:24
xerox1nice, add this to your report ;)16:25
jorgeni will16:25
xerox1no prob16:26
robin0800booting to the logon prompt appears to be broken any help16:33
xerox1robin0800, plz tell us a bit more...16:34
BluesKajrobin0800, did you try booting from the tty prompt ?16:35
jorgenok bug reported, now back to the real world :-)16:39
robin0800BluesKaj: yes if I do startx from there it works but its not a proper login and no shutdown etc available16:41
BluesKajrobin0800, yeah , I'lived with that problem for a while after installing kde4.4 RC16:42
robin0800BluesKaj: allso comblains of not finding theme on start up16:42
robin0800BluesKaj: thanks is there a way to shut down session started with startx16:43
BluesKajyes , robin0800 , same prob here , I installed gnome to rescue my setup ..managed to kde running again but I don't know what will happen when I reboot :P16:43
BluesKajyes robin0800 , sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop16:44
BluesKajat the tty prompt16:45
avbhey all16:45
avbguys, any sollutions available to fix the boot issue?16:45
avball the way cant boot lucid after dist-upgrade from karmic16:46
robin0800BluesKaj: do you have a bug number?16:46
avbboot stucks somewhere before spawning getty and gdm16:46
kklimondaavb, try booting without splash16:47
BluesKajrobin0800, no ..sorry16:47
robin0800avb: you can use tty prompt and startx16:48
robin0800BluesKaj: lets hope they fix it soo16:48
avbkklimonda: same problem16:49
BluesKajavb , there is a way to rescue it , but you have to install gnome first> the upgrade killed the kde login screen16:49
avbrobin0800: boot stucks somewhere before spawning getty and gdm16:49
avbso i cant login16:50
yofelrobin0800: I've got the same issue on my desktop, and the boot stops before ttys or network are up16:50
BluesKajguess I'm luck i can get a tty prompt16:50
avbBluesKaj: i dont have kde. so thats seems different issue16:50
avbyeh ^)16:51
avbupstart out to make logs ...16:51
robin0800avb: ctrl alt F1  then start x16:51
BluesKajhmmm, strange cuz my gnome install rescued my kde16:51
avbfirst time in 10 years i have no idea how to fix the problem16:51
avbthats kinda a windows behavoir16:51
avbrobin0800: boot stucks somewhere before spawning getty and gdm :) im telling you one more time16:52
avbthere is no nothing16:52
avbjust a blinking cursor16:52
avbno hotkeys except ctrl-alt-delete works16:52
BluesKajbbl ...gotta do some work on the tv room setup , my sat receiver needs attn16:52
kklimondaavb, have you tried running a daily livecd? it may be some sort of dist-upgrade issue16:54
avbkklimonda: im sure it is :) just need to away to figure out how to solve it :)16:55
avbhavent tried livecd yet16:55
yofelkklimonda: actually it's not, lucid worked at some time, then I installed a load of updates and it broke16:56
yofelI'll install updates from a chroot later and see if it helps...16:56
* avb doing this now16:56
avbgoing to reboot16:58
avblets see16:58
CosmiChaosError creating VDPAU device: 1 i have a Nvidia 8600 GTS :(17:04
CosmiChaosdriver is ubuntu nvidia-current 190.53 all 190.53 packeges from ubuntu incl the vdpau oones17:06
CosmiChaosstill the apps dont work and vdpauinfo just provides Error creating VDPAU device: 1 i but i thought nvidia 8xxx  should support it17:07
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, did you install "libvdpau1"?17:07
CosmiChaosis that wrong?17:08
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, NO it's required :)17:08
CosmiChaosnvidia-185-libvdpau Transitional package for nvidia-185-libvdpau i got that one too, it is versioned 190.53 (pretty freakin)17:09
CosmiChaosme-tv allows me to choose vdpau for video output but it just blackens17:09
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, i have vdpau working - but NO NOT have nvidia-*-libvdpau17:10
CosmiChaosdo you have nvii remove and try again17:11
CosmiChaossame thing... what?17:11
ZykoticK9what is nvii?17:12
CosmiChaosjust forget the first 4 words except of an i17:12
CosmiChaosdidnt help17:12
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, i know this doesn't make sence, but origionally i couldn't get mplayer to use vdpau, so i installed from the vdpau mplayer PPA - i was then told this wasn't required, so I removed PPA/mplayer from system and reinstall using only Repo versions - and it was still working (so i know it can be tricky)17:14
CosmiChaosi dont use mplaye17:14
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, what are you using?17:14
CosmiChaosme-tv and of course totem17:15
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, are you sure either of those support vdpau (seen anyone else with it working?)17:15
CosmiChaoshow to change totem video output module at all???17:15
CosmiChaosme-tv supports vdpau17:16
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, no idea don't use Totem17:16
CosmiChaosit is standard ubuntu video-player17:16
ZykoticK9CosmiChaos, i know, but i still don't use it ;)17:16
CosmiChaosdo you now how to set video module for ubuntu default media-apps either?17:17
CosmiChaosah well it was mediasystem but since vdpau is not working... its not listed i guess17:18
avbnothing new17:21
avbcrap, i really dont want to reinstall it from scratch17:24
avbthen i need to purge tons of the crap and install my apps again17:24
avbthats weird17:24
avbjust weird17:25
avbwhy quite and verbose mode acts the same17:25
avbwhile debug prints its stuff which gets cleared later17:26
DrHalandid the listview break/change for somebody else?17:30
ZykoticK9DrHalan, in Nautilus?  it's working for me.17:33
DrHalanZykoticK9: no in pidgin for example. instead of an arrow to unfold/hide i now have a rathr ugly button with +/-17:33
ZykoticK9DrHalan, are you using KDE? or some other WM/DE other then Gnome?17:34
zniavremurrine does that i guess17:34
zniavrenew one from git17:35
zniavretry to change the theme to another one without murrine engine17:35
ZykoticK9DrHalan, never mind figured it out - ya i got + & - in Pidgin as well17:36
DrHalanzniavre: i tried human and dust17:36
DrHalanZykoticK9: at the moment im using metaciy17:36
DrHalanyou wanna have a screenshot?17:36
zniavrehuman is murrine17:37
DrHalanoh okay17:37
DrHalanso its a normal behaviour now?17:37
zniavredust also + pixmap i guess17:37
bjsniderCosmiChaos, did you reboot after installing the nvidia-current stuff?17:45
DrHalanproblems with nivida-current? everythign fine here again :)17:45
=== jf is now known as Guest15639
CosmiChaosbjsnider, yep18:03
CosmiChaosbut ill ty again18:03
CosmiChaosbjsnider, still no function18:05
bjsniderok, here's whart you need for vdpau to work on lucid18:05
bjsniderthe nvidia driver should deposit this file: /usr/lib/libvdpau_nvidia.so.190.5318:06
bjsniderassuming you're using nvidia-current18:06
bjsniderthere will be symlinks to it as well: /usr/lib/libvdpau_nvidia.so18:06
bjsniderthen, you need the libvdpau1 package and an app such as mplayer that can use it.18:07
CosmiChaosrw-r--r--   1 root root  1418016 2009-10-26 11:16 libvdpau_nvidia.so.185.18.3618:07
bjsniderthat file should not be there on lucid18:08
bjsniderremove nvidia-185-libvdpau18:08
CosmiChaoshmm all of the files are 185 i did äls /usr/lib/ -la | grep vdpau18:08
ZykoticK9bjsnider, i agree with everything you mentioned, BUT i don't have /usr/lib/libvdpau_nvidia.so.190.53 and i'm using "nvidia_current" and have vdpau working.  just saying.18:08
bjsniderZykoticK9, what do you have instead?18:09
ZykoticK9bjsnider, libvdpau_nvidia.so  libvdpau.so.1       libvdpau.so.1.0.018:09
bjsniderok, that's fine18:09
bjsniderwhich one is a hard file?18:10
ZykoticK9bjsnider, oh it's working for me - i just wanted to point out that it's a "little" different from what you mentioned :)18:10
CosmiChaossynaptics says they are not installed :( bjsnider18:11
bjsniderZykoticK9, is libvdpau_nvidia.so a hard file or a symlink?18:11
CosmiChaosinstead i got this ones /usr/lib/nvidia-current/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.190.5318:11
bjsniderthat's fine18:12
bjsnidernow do you have the libvdpau1 package?18:12
CosmiChaosi cnnot remove any driver nvidia-185-vdpau or 190 because they are not installed18:12
ZykoticK9bjsnider, linked to /etc/alternatives/libvdpau_nvidia.so18:12
CosmiChaosyes i have that package installed18:13
bjsniderCosmiChaos, has vdpau ever worked for you?18:13
CosmiChaosi dont remember trying it out before18:13
CosmiChaosused xv and xshm lately opengl18:13
CosmiChaosbut i want to take advance of this feature since a 8600 should do it, dont it?18:14
bjsniderCosmiChaos, nvidia-185-libvdpau18:14
CosmiChaosis not isntalled18:14
CosmiChaosaccording to synaptic18:14
CosmiChaosshould i install it?18:16
CosmiChaosstill im very dissappointed that you cant install nvidia-binary-betas anymore in lucid18:16
CosmiChaosi guess them fixed a lot of vdpau bugs18:17
bjsniderno, you should not install it, but i can't see why that file is there18:18
penguin42ooh we seem to have gained a 'calibrate touchscreen'18:19
bjsnidernot everyone can use vdpau even if you supposedly have supported hardware18:19
bjsnidersometimes the chip is broken18:20
CosmiChaosi paid for it18:20
bjsniderbugabundo is in that situation, and also there's a thread about it in the nvforums18:20
CosmiChaoscan you give me that?18:21
* bjsnider slaps CosmiChaos upside the noggin with a large carp18:21
CosmiChaosok f it18:21
bjsniderZykoticK9, do you have that libvdpau 185 lib in /usr/lib too?18:23
penguin42hmm no wonder this is screwed, gnash got installed18:24
ZykoticK9bjsnider, nope only the 3 libvdpau files18:24
bjsniderCosmiChaos, try removing that file18:25
bjsnidermake sure your system has comparable files to ZykoticK918:25
CosmiChaoswhat file it is a bunch of files and symlink18:25
CosmiChaoswanna see the list?18:25
bjsniderZykoticK9, you pastebin a list too18:25
penguin42does anyone know how to disable a plugin in firefox without actually deleting the link/file?18:26
CosmiChaosisnt it curious that no package nvidia-185-* is isntalled or to be removed?18:26
bjsniderCosmiChaos, have you by any chance used nvidia's installers in the past?18:27
bjsniderwhat a shock18:27
bjsniderhaving heart palpitations i'm so shocked18:27
CosmiChaoswhy does it, i used --uninstall before remigrating to nvidia-current18:27
bjsniderthey left a whole bunch of cruft behind18:27
CosmiChaosit must be left from karmic dist18:28
CosmiChaossince i gained through upgrade18:28
CosmiChaoswell them drivers were always working well18:28
bjsniderremove every file on your list except the last one. reinstall nvidia-current18:29
CosmiChaos-rw-r--r--   1 root root     6152 2010-01-06 01:51 libvdpau.so.1.0.0 <--- that one too?18:29
bjsniderthe stink of it is, i have packaged those drivers for the past distros going back to hardy so these problems won't happen18:29
bjsniderit's ok to keep that one18:30
bjsniderCosmiChaos, also try searching /usr/lib for anything matching the "185.18" pattern. there could be more cruft18:31
CosmiChaosyou were right i removed all of them plus symblinks18:36
CosmiChaosright now im reinstalling,  im going to reboot then please hold the line :)18:36
bjsnidermake sure your vdpau matches ZykoticK918:37
bjsniderbefore you reboot18:37
CosmiChaoslrwxrwxrwx   1 root root       36 2010-02-06 19:36 libvdpau_nvidia.so -> /etc/alternatives/libvdpau_nvidia.so18:38
CosmiChaoslrwxrwxrwx   1 root root       17 2010-02-06 19:36 libvdpau.so.1 -> libvdpau.so.1.0.018:38
CosmiChaoslooks good18:38
CosmiChaospretty the same18:38
CosmiChaoshey vdpauinfo right WORKS18:38
CosmiChaosill check me-tv18:38
CosmiChaos2% cpu-usage :)18:39
bjsniderso what have we learned from this adventure?18:39
CosmiChaosnow i only need to make totem switch to vdpau then im done with it18:39
bjsnidertotem cannot use vdpau18:40
CosmiChaosbjsnider, dont consider it to be broken18:40
bjsniderdon't use nvidia's installer18:40
bjsniderit leaves crap behind18:40
CosmiChaoswhat should i use then in your opinion for videos using vdpau?18:40
bjsnidermplayer with smplayer or gnome-mplayer as the gui18:41
CosmiChaosbjsnider, hey just tell the motus to use latest nvidia-binary beta optionally, then I WOULD be all fine ;)18:41
bjsnideri already talked to alberto about that18:41
bjsniderhe said the SMU team would have him killed if he tried to push new nvidia drivers in after a release18:42
CosmiChaoshow the video is perfectly fast and no more vblank issues18:42
bjsnideror is it SRU18:42
bjsniderwel whatever18:42
bjsniderthere are lots of ppas that have updated blobs18:43
bjsnidermine and others18:43
bjsniderit's the team that does testing of new software18:43
crdlbstable release update, I think18:43
high-rezI'm not sure if this is the right place for kubuntu+1 feedback?  That channel is +i...18:43
yofel!sru | CosmiChaos18:45
ubottuCosmiChaos: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates18:45
bjsniderthe problem is nvidia releases new blobs very regularly. they can't test them fast enough to approve them18:46
bjsnider!info mplayer lucid18:47
ubottumplayer (source: mplayer): movie player for Unix-like systems. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 2:1.0~rc3+svn20090426-1ubuntu13 (lucid), package size 2226 kB, installed size 4920 kB18:47
bjsniderok, that's too old. for the time being use the one in my ppa18:48
bjsnideri'll be refreshing it as well soon18:48
=== seren is now known as seren__
seren__is strigi/nepomuk working on lucid ?18:50
seren__because I can index I have a nice soprano.db file18:50
seren__but I am unable to search anything18:50
seren__can anyone confirm that behaviour on kubuntu lucid ?18:50
rr72is there a work around/fix for gnome screensaver?18:59
CosmiChaosi cannot boot any of my two windows from grub2. it worked good before with grub2 i dont know what happened. update-grub detects both Oses but booting them stops the mashine showing "GRUB _", on xp x64 my speaker beeks like a maniac19:15
dinobiskHi. Somehow, all Macintosh layouts are identical to the normal ones, and even with "eliminate dead keys" I'm unable to "construct" letters with umlauts, accent marks etc. Does anyone have any idea?19:16
=== malnilion_ is now known as malnilion
coz_hey guys.... noticed in synaptic that all of sun-java is not listed.... same for you?19:19
crimsuncoz_: intentional. openjdk6 has replaced it.19:20
coz_crimsun,  oh mmm ok  thanks19:21
coz_crimsun,  can I assume there is also a openjdk  plugin for firefox?19:21
crimsun!info icedtea6-plugin19:22
ubottuicedtea6-plugin (source: openjdk-6): web browser plugin based on OpenJDK and IcedTea to execute Java applets. In component main, is extra. Version 6b17-1.7-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 76 kB, installed size 264 kB19:22
=== lenios_ is now known as lenios
crimsun^^ coz_19:23
coz_thanks guy :)19:23
coz_will test it19:24
coz_is sun java going to be made available on any repository?19:34
nekto0ni suppose lucid users are here?19:35
coz_yep :)19:36
coz_I would guess for the most part19:36
nekto0nit means i'm in the right place =)19:36
nekto0nanyone having troubles with xorg "drm_mode_getfb invalid framebuffer id "?19:37
nekto0nintel gpu19:37
nekto0nit happened just recently - don't know if it's normal or known issue19:38
nekto0ngoogle and launchpad search don't help either19:38
bmmHi. I just saw a new luanchpad-integration package, but the one and only bug #483610 has not been fixed.19:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 483610 in launchpad-integration "memory leaks in liblaunchpad-integration" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48361019:40
bmmWho can I subscribe to this bug to get it more attention?19:40
bmm(It is a simple, straight forward and obvious memory leak and the fix is simple)19:41
crimsunI'll look at it.19:41
bmmcirmsun: Thanks!19:41
bmmcrimsun: thanks!19:41
crimsunbmm: can you provide a unified diff and attach it to the bug report, please?19:42
bmmIs it ok if I add a function for the test? The same fault reappears at a few places and it needs a separate g_free somewhere.19:44
crimsunbmm: I think that would be acceptable19:45
bmmcrimsun: I'll post a patch. Do you think it would help to subscribe more people/teams?19:46
crimsunbmm: well, in the future, ubuntu-review LP team19:46
bmmcrimsun: ok, thanks!19:46
crimsunbmm: however, don't bother this time, as I'm already awaiting the patch19:46
crimsunbmm: thank /you/ for working on it :)19:47
coz_let me ask...if someone....meaning myself...really doesnt like any open source java ...is there going to be a sun java6  repository available?19:51
bbigras2I installed kubuntu netbook remix and updated KDE to 4.4 RC2 and after login and the loading thing I got a black screen. I have to run plasma-netbook to have a desktop. any idea?19:52
=== switchgirl is now known as kinkstart
=== kinkstart is now known as switchgirl
Tscheesybbigras2: default Startup is not done yet for KNE19:53
Tscheesybtw - may you wan't to join #kubuntu-netbook19:54
DanaGgrr, stupid Flash.19:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 281526 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox freezes with 100% CPU after resuming from suspend" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:54
bbigras2Tscheesy: thanks19:54
Tscheesycoz_: sure - in medibuntu-Repository19:56
BluesKajrobin0800, did nyour reboot to login succeed? i was away for a few hrs.19:56
coz_Tscheesy,  cool thanks19:56
BluesKajtoo late19:57
coz_Tscheesy,  I am not seeing and sun java packages in mediubuntu at all19:59
coz_Tscheesy,  I also dont recall it ever being in mdiubuntu ,,,certainly not in the past20:00
Tscheesycoz_: sry its 500 http://archive.ubuntu.com karmic/multiverse Packages for karmic20:02
coz_ah I see20:03
Tscheesystarting my netbook right now with Lucid..20:03
tkoornbbigras2: did you get your desktop back?20:04
tkoornbbigras2: because I just did the same and my plasma desktop didn't start after the upgrade20:05
bbigras2tkoorn: I was able to start plasma-netbook using Alt+f2, I also put it in a bash script in ~/.kde/Autostart but it's not perfect20:06
dinobiskIs it possible to "reinstall" the keyboard layouts? The ones I have are not like they should be. (Is is there another solution?)20:07
tkoornbbigras2: I had to delete my old plasma settings to get it to restart20:07
tkoornbbigras2: rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*20:08
tkoornbbigras2: after that I could start plasma-desktop from the terminal20:08
bbigras2tkoorn: I also deleted ~/.kde because I had icons overlapping each others20:09
Tscheesycoz_: not available yet on Lucid - but v6.13 from karmic works fine here20:10
coz_Tscheesy,  thanks20:10
tkoornbbigras2: i'll log out again see if it will start this time20:10
yofelTscheesy: actually sun-java6 was removed from lucid20:10
yofelit *was* there20:10
tkoornbbigras2: still no luck20:12
DSpairOK, I installed Lucid, but GRUB stalls and never boots. I can't seem to figure out why. Could anyone make a suggestion?20:13
bbigras2tkoorn: having plasma-netook in a bash script in ~/.kde/Autostart make it start but there's still the black screen20:15
charlie-tcaokay, my turn to ask, why do I not see any hardware drivers for my nvidia 6200 video card20:17
charlie-tcain lucid?20:17
tkoornbbigras2: i just switched to plasma-netbook using the system-settings > Desktop > Workspace tab20:17
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: <charlie-tca> okay, my turn to ask, why do I not see any hardware drivers for my nvidia 6200 video card20:17
tkoornbbigras2: I am hoping that that will update some settings and start is on login... here I go again :)20:17
BUGabundocharlie-tca: eeheh20:18
BUGabundoI'm on VESA20:18
BUGabundo640 FTW20:18
charlie-tcaWell, that wasn't what I wanted to hear today20:18
BUGabundospent the last hour, offline20:18
BUGabundotrying to fix it20:18
BUGabundonothing I did worked20:18
charlie-tcano, huh20:18
BUGabundocan't try Nouveau20:19
BUGabundocan use older kernel20:19
BUGabundoI need to change my bug20:19
charlie-tcaThe worst part is I get 1440x900 default20:19
BUGabundoits not kernel, its nvidia or X20:19
BUGabundoand that's *bad* how '20:19
charlie-tcaSupposed to test the nvidia driver20:19
BUGabundoI purged nvidia-current20:20
BUGabundoand still nothing20:20
BUGabundothis is bad20:20
charlie-tcaI thought I was using the proprietary driver, but when I looked, I don't even have any to pick from20:20
BUGabundoand of course it happens on weekends20:20
charlie-tcaKarmic gives all three20:20
BUGabundoyeah, it was some how dropped20:20
BUGabundoohh we now have nvidia-current20:21
BUGabundoits still there20:21
charlie-tcaOf course, I could be in your place, I guess. I hate those low-graphics modes20:21
BUGabundo  Installed: (none)20:21
BUGabundo  Candidate: 190.53-0ubuntu1420:21
charlie-tcaWhat good is that?20:21
BUGabundowhat driver do you have?20:21
charlie-tcajockey missed my card20:21
charlie-tcaI assume it is nv20:21
BUGabundoI can't pick that20:21
tkoornbbigras2: no luck, will have to do the autostart trick20:22
charlie-tcaThat should be the default for nvidia20:22
charlie-tcaI am installing karmic right now and will upgrade it with the drivers, again20:22
bbigras2tkoorn: It seems that puting the script in ~/.kde/env instead of ~/.kde/Autostart remove the black screen20:22
BUGabundocharlie-tca: what package name do you have?20:23
charlie-tcalet me go look20:23
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: apparently the corrupt one, I got stuck at grub20:24
BUGabundothere's an nvidia upgrade stuck20:24
BUGabundolet me force it20:24
charlie-tcadanger - danger - danger20:24
BUGabundocan't be worse20:25
BUGabundoif it fails booting, ill just purge it again20:25
* yofel thinks that his desktop pc that refuses to work falls under 'worse'...20:25
tkoornbbigras2: thanks will try that20:26
* charlie-tca thinks yofel might be right20:26
BluesKajyofel, are you using kdeor gnome ?20:26
yofelBluesKaj: I don't even get to kdm, the boot stops somewhere between mountall and starting getty and network20:26
yofelso I'm stuck without ssh and ttys -.-20:27
yofelright now I'm booting the live disk, let's see what can be done20:27
BluesKajyofel, bummer :(20:27
ZykoticK9charlie-tca, actually i think the nv driver in lucid has been replace by nouveau20:27
BluesKajyofel, try installing from the live cd , but just to / and use manual partitoning, it'll save your config files at least20:28
BluesKajitworked for me this morning, yofel20:29
ZykoticK9yofel, BluesKaj according to Alpha2 release notes manual partioning might be broken20:29
yofelBluesKaj: I'll first try to chroot and install updates20:29
tkoornbbigras2: no didn't work for me20:29
BluesKajZykoticK9, well, itwasn't for me , but i didn't partiton anything , i just set / to the existing one20:30
BUGabundoyofel: charlie-tca: am I right assuming we are in a terrible BREAKAGE state ?20:31
BUGabundoshould we bump the bug ?20:31
yofelseems like it20:31
bbigras2tkoorn: what happen? still the black screen?20:31
BUGabundoHIGH is high enough?20:31
charlie-tcacheck the jockey log, modprobe nvidia fails because it can't find nvidia20:31
BUGabundowhat log?? I can't even start my system!20:32
tkoornbbigras2: yes still black20:32
BUGabundomuch less install anything20:32
Viper1432lol.  as sad as 'broken' is, I'm at least glad that i"m not the only one.  I can work around the default boot by using the recovery option >> net root >> manually start gdm.  but yesterdays updates blew me up good.20:32
BUGabundoViper1432: doesn't work for me20:32
BUGabundogets stuck on GDM login20:32
BUGabundoanyone has my bug number in the backlog?20:33
Viper1432you have to select the "recovery" option from the grub menu.  then at the "continue" dialog, select root with networking.  worked here.20:33
BluesKajrobin0800, were you able to get to login ?20:33
BUGabundobug 51805820:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518058 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "[lucid] system freezes after GDM with nvidia and 2.6.32-12" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51805820:33
tkoornbbigras2: hmm weird the file isn't there anymore20:34
BUGabundoyofel: mind rasing it ?20:34
BUGabundoand charlie-tca mind confirming it ?20:34
robin0800BluesKaj: no only f1 etc20:34
BUGabundoanyone has TTYs working ?20:35
bbigras2tkoorn: just to be sure, I have http://pastebin.com/m20a0bc59 saved as ~/.kde/env/kne.sh20:35
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, working here20:35
robin0800BUGabundo: yes but no log on screen20:35
Viper1432BUGabundo,  if you want to get into the terminal,  last resort, picking the .10 kernel from grub works fine.20:35
BUGabundo-11 works somehow20:35
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: where the kkkk do I find the video module loading?20:35
BUGabundobut X11 is at VESA20:35
BUGabundocharlie-tca: don't ask me20:36
BUGabundoI'm still trying to get xorg.logs20:36
Tscheesytkoorn: ALT+F2 'kstart plasma-netbook' should work20:36
BUGabundobjsnider: want to build a new nvidia driver ?20:37
BluesKajViper1432, I went the long way around and kdm wouldn't start so I booted into gnome /gdm , then removed kubuntu-desktop , thinking I'd use gnome till the fix was in for kde , but kdm was available at the gnome login so i chose it and got kde desktop back ...strangw sruff20:37
charlie-tcain xorg.0.log : Driver "nv"20:37
BUGabundocharlie-tca: yofel: you guys up to try running x-edgers ppa for a day ?20:37
charlie-tcaand driver "vesa"20:37
Viper1432I'm just testing vanilla "ubuntu", so no kde on mine.20:37
robin0800BUGabundo: can't find any bugs for this problem and not really sure if its KDE or 10.420:37
tkoornTscheesy: yes it does, but neither plasma-netbook nor plasma-desktop starts on login20:37
BUGabundorobin0800: then yours is another20:37
yofelBUGabundo: not quite, as the only nvidia pc that I can afford to reboot doesn't boot right now...20:38
BluesKajI'm surprised all you guys on gnome got wacked too20:38
BUGabundoBluesKaj: LOL20:38
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: sure is nv; loadModule: "nv"20:38
BUGabundowell not funny20:38
BUGabundoBluesKaj: you got an workign sysmte?20:38
BluesKajis it strictly nvidia that's affected by this ?20:39
BUGabundono idea20:39
BUGabundothat's what I'm trying to figure out20:39
Viper1432I'm seeing the "fedora" plymouth slider on normal .12 kernel boot...I get to the gdm, and can even type password...where it hangs.  switching to tty gives screen full of colored numbers and letters and locks.20:39
BUGabundoso far I got 4 reports of it20:39
DSpairOK, I got my new Lucid machine to boot, but the LVM volumes are not showing up under /dev/mapper. Anyone have a suggestion?20:39
charlie-tcaI load "nv" and "vesa" both20:39
BluesKajBUGabundo, yeah after a whole morning of installing and updating in gnome first20:39
BUGabundoViper1432: that's exactly what I have20:39
BUGabundowell not exaclty20:40
Viper1432yeah BUGabundo , but that means KMS is going, and guess what nvidia cards do NOT like one little bit?20:40
robin0800BluesKaj: I've a laptop with ati graphics20:40
BUGabundoI can't change to TTYs20:40
BUGabundoI can't do ANYTHING20:40
Viper1432the .10 kernel doesn't do that and will at least boot.20:40
charlie-tcaWe do have a fix committed for nvidia drivers, bug 50661820:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506618 in jockey "Jockey failed to install nvidia current drivers" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50661820:40
BUGabundonot even REISUB works20:40
Tscheesytkoorn: the defaults are not done yet - you have to workaround like bbigras2 said20:40
BUGabundoViper1432: I don't have that20:40
BUGabundoonly -11 and -1220:40
yofelBUGabundo: that's the funny part here, I can switch F1-F9 fine, but as getty isn't started I have no terminal *-.-20:41
Viper1432BUGabundo,  seriously?  I installed from an alpha2 disc, and then upgraded it once it finished.  So that might be the difference.  I've got .10 and .1220:41
BluesKajBUGabundo, try reinstalling from a live cd , but only to / , using the expert/manaul partitoning option , your config files will still be there20:41
DSpairOK, I just had to restore the VG Backup20:42
DSpairWorks now.20:42
BUGabundoViper1432: I tend to remove older kernels20:42
Viper1432as .10 works swimmingly, I'd say that whatever changed in relation to the .12 kernel and plymouth is the issue as I can boot the .12 recovery and it works.20:42
Viper1432by doing that I'm bypassing the plymouth start up stuff to a root console.20:42
Viper1432then manually starting gdm and from there all is fine.20:42
BUGabundoViper1432: on .11 or .12?20:43
BUGabundoand with what driver?20:43
Viper1432select the "recovery" option in grub.  when the "what do you want to do" dialog comes up, select net root console.  It will get you to a terminal with networking, and you can go from there.20:44
BUGabundoI know all of that20:44
Viper1432default AND nvidia BUGabundo .  Tried it with both.  its the only way to get past the plymouth boot up process which is freaking the nvidia cards out.20:44
BUGabundothat's what Im using in -1120:44
BUGabundobut all I get is VESA20:44
Crashbitmm ... sometimes gdm doesn't start with nouveaufb (drm) and nouveau (ddx) ... I'm using NV50 (Geforce 8400GS)20:45
BUGabundo-12 won't even stay on X20:45
Viper1432you can at least get to the logs that way regardless of video drivers BUGabundo .  That was my point.  sorry.20:45
BUGabundoCrashbit: join the  bunch20:45
yofelViper1432: wish that were working... but even that's broken here (I have splash disabled anyway)20:45
BUGabundoViper1432: logs I get easily from recovery20:45
BUGabundono prob there20:45
BUGabundoand I 'm using -11 with VESA20:45
tkoornbbigras2: i did a .sh in env and it works like you said. I had the .dektop in there20:45
BUGabundohow do you think I got pidgin/irc working ?20:46
Viper1432yole, plymouth is happening before "splash", so disabling that wouldn't fix.20:46
Viper1432lol BUGabundo20:46
bbigras2tkoorn: nice20:46
bbigras2Am I the only one having poor performance with KDE 4.4 RC2 netbook remix?20:47
tkoornbbigras2: oops it just segfaulted .... hmmm20:47
bbigras2tkoorn: :(20:47
switchgirlany plas to build a version of ubuntu with haystack as default?20:47
tkoornbbigras2: anyway, it works a little bit now so that will have to do for now20:48
tkoornbbigras2: thanks for the tip20:48
bbigras2tkoorn: yw20:48
* BUGabundo feels like to change /topic20:49
BluesKajBUGabundo, that's why I reverted my laptop to karmic ...gonna stick with it til Lucid lunatic is official20:50
* BUGabundo /kick BluesKaj back to #ubuntu 20:51
robin0800BluesKaj: not sure it's lunatic?20:51
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, Lucid is ALPHA software - what do you expect?  (personally I have been VERY lucky with Lucid - almost everything working perfectly)20:51
Viper1432I just joined the QA proprietary driver testing....looks like my first report is going to just say :  fubar.   hee hee20:51
BUGabundoZykoticK9: me too20:51
BluesKajBUGabundo, I still run lucid on my desktop pc20:52
billybigriggerhaha, just finished downloading and burning alpha 2 for my laptop20:52
billybigriggerthen started to read this convo20:52
BUGabundobillybigrigger: DOONNTTT20:52
billybigrigger%15 done installing haha20:52
billybigriggerbetter than win7 that was on there20:52
Viper1432billybigrigger,  if you're don't have an nvidia card you probably will be okay.  My ati based lappie is running perfectly with alpha 2 and updates.20:52
BUGabundobillybigrigger: get dvd or daily from 3 days ago20:53
robin0800Viper1432: min isn't20:53
BUGabundothat's fine20:53
BUGabundoViper1432: reboot20:53
* BUGabundo laughs20:53
Viper1432of course my "ati" is old and probably using vesa/mesa, but its working.  heh heh.20:53
Viper1432I hadn't even bothered as compiz and effects are working fine on it.20:54
Viper1432its the main x2 dualcore nvidia gtx260oc that is borked.  :D20:54
BluesKajrobin0800, well i prefer lunatic to the lamenamegame canical plays :)20:54
BluesKajerr caonoical20:54
robin0800Viper1432: startx still works here20:54
Viper1432robin0800,  nods.20:55
Viper1432I was expecting things to go squishy with kms+plymouth for startup though, so I'm not sussed.  it'll get sorted.20:55
robin0800Can you disable plymouth?20:56
BUGabundorobin0800: lets PURGE it20:56
* BUGabundo lookg20:56
* yofel is just purging it...20:56
BluesKajViper1432, compiz , why bother with it , desktop effects is almost as much fun and alot lighter on the cpu20:56
BUGabundolets kill Lucid experience20:56
* BUGabundo stabs BluesKaj20:57
ZykoticK9BluesKaj, "desktop effects" = compiz20:57
BUGabundoI Love my 3D20:57
BluesKajlucid hears voices ...it's alunatic20:57
Viper1432BluesKaj,  I prefer the 'cube'...and so far, the difference in ram/cpu usage between "desktop effects" and compiz on lucid is very minimal.20:57
BUGabundoI need the Expose20:57
Viper1432and ZykoticK9  is correct.  I was actually referring to the full load using the CSSM app and the fusion-icon vs. the "appearance" settings.20:58
BUGabundoand I like the app flipping20:58
DSpairYay!!! Up and running on Lucid with LVM volumes!!20:58
BUGabundolucky you DSpair20:58
BUGabundonow time break X20:58
DSpairBUGabundo: Yeah, it was a PAIN!20:59
BluesKajViper1432, the cube works fine on my setup, no separate compiz installed ...maybe it's integrated into desktopeffects as you implied20:59
Viper1432oh frack. sigh.  I've got to fix grub for my Arch partition again. dammit.  Oh well.  alpha testing means just that.  lol.  BluesKaj ...compiz IS installed if you're using any desktop effects.21:00
BUGabundodefault compiz doesn't enable CUBE21:01
BUGabundoit use walls21:01
BluesKajViper1432, ok ,din't realize that  ;021:01
Viper1432:)  its all good.21:01
Viper1432But yeah, compiz in the default install uses the 'wall'.  you can install a basic effects chooser, or you can install the CSSM which gives access to all the bells/n/whistles.  (plus the fusion-icon which I love.)21:02
BUGabundodon't even get me start with Firefox 3.7b2 MUAUAUA21:02
switchgirlanyone know about haystack?21:03
BUGabundoswitchgirl: ?21:03
Viper1432switchgirl,  isn't that some big fat guy?  oh sorry....heh heh, was reading Stephen King's "IT" recently.  :D21:03
switchgirlBUGabundo: encryption21:03
BluesKajViper1432, it's cool that the effects work so well on this elcheapo acer extensa 4630Z lappy :)21:04
Viper1432BluesKaj,  I had Arch on my compaq x1000 as default as it worked very smoothly on this 7 year old laptop...but the new lucid is actually as fast.  I was shocked.21:04
* BUGabundo wonders if he can install older nvidia / xorg21:05
BluesKajright Viper1432 , lets hope this latest prob is fixed soon21:05
Viper1432I love ubuntu's community and ppa's and wide support, but I freaking love how fast arch is normally.  Lucid, even with alpha issues, is the first 'buntu that has shocked me with its speed.21:05
Viper1432BluesKaj,  oh it will get fixed.  Been here/done this in the testing stages of things since the warty days, and it always gets sussed out.21:06
BUGabundoViper1432: you know what sucks about this earlier testing:21:08
BUGabundocause it gonna happen again in on month21:08
BUGabundothe only reason I keep doing 6 months of devel release21:09
Viper1432yep, right up to the betas...and even then occasionally something will go splat.  But then again....you was warned compadre'.  heh heh21:09
BUGabundois so I can keep up with changes, help it be seen from a common user POV21:09
billybigriggerok here is a question..21:09
BUGabundohelp users of stable release, cause I know what doesn't work21:09
BUGabundoand one more very special reason:21:10
billybigriggeris there any ati tools like nvidia-settings??? this laptop is the first i've used from amd/ati in years21:10
BUGabundoawesome community21:10
virtualdbillybigrigger: amdcccle for the proprietary driver21:10
* BUGabundo feels ignored :\21:11
virtualdHi bugabundo! *group hug*21:11
* virtuald looks for the group21:11
BluesKajbillybigrigger, yes there is , forgotten what it's called now, radeonhd or something21:11
BUGabundobillybigrigger: if you get that working, do you mind filling a bug?21:11
BUGabundoon the .Desktop file failing to use gksudo21:12
billybigriggeri will most definitely do that21:12
Viper1432billybigrigger,  I don't know about the open source side, but the fglrx drivers have one.  what virtuald  said.  And with the open source side, I believe most of the settings would be handled under preferences/screen.  but guessing.21:12
BUGabundoI keep forgeting to do so, when I'm on an ATI system21:12
* BluesKaj avoids group hugs ...don' want to hurt anyone :)21:12
Viper1432off ta make coffee.  have fun with the bugs!  :D21:13
* BUGabundo pictures BluesKaj as a 120KGs guys21:13
BluesKajBUGabundo, you're close :)21:13
billybigriggeranything like vdpau for radeon's yet?21:14
* BUGabundo is afraid21:14
BUGabundobillybigrigger: nop21:14
BUGabundowell wrong21:14
BUGabundothey have it21:14
billybigriggerbut it sucks?21:14
BUGabundobut only only two series21:15
billybigriggerlike everything else ati? tehehe21:15
BUGabundodon't know which21:15
BUGabundomid range HD series21:15
billybigriggerm880g mobility radeon 420021:15
BUGabundoI do know Win driver does it on W721:15
BUGabundono idea what's the state of linux drivers21:16
BUGabundobeing AMD: sucks (?)21:16
penguin42opensource drivers for Radeon are working OK now21:16
* penguin42 is using them on an 435021:16
BUGabundoeven VESA is grumping ....21:17
virtualdstill no GL 2.0 :(21:17
* BUGabundo dumps X and goes to CLI mode21:18
BUGabundooh wait... we don't have a function >800px TTY21:18
virtualdsay what?21:19
virtualdi had a 1280x1024 or something framebuffer console on r5xx21:19
virtualdbut am on intel now21:19
BUGabundodon't have that since gutsy or so21:20
virtualdwith kms..21:20
* yofel had frambuffers until grub2 came...21:20
robin0800Fixed for me changed log in greeter to one that actually contains the files21:21
yofelthe intel driver has a frambuffer now though, thanks to kms21:21
virtualdhow do i check the framebuffer resolution?21:21
BUGabundoMy current Desktop: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/112892/X.png21:23
BUGabundogo, smile now21:23
robin0800BluesKaj: it would appear that the default new log in greeter that is called has no login files21:23
yofelBUGabundo: LOL21:23
BUGabundoyofel: would love to see your's non working haha21:24
yofelok... purged plymouth and now it boots again21:25
yofeland KDM is broken -.-21:25
robin0800yofel: fixed kdm see above21:26
yofeltells me something about "can't open theme file..."21:26
BUGabundoI purged plymouth21:26
BUGabundowill try to reboot NOW21:26
BUGabundowas waiting for later21:27
BUGabundobut I can't use this like that21:27
yofelat least I've got my ttys back21:27
BUGabundoso if I'm not back in 5 min, it was even worse21:27
robin0800yofel: change log in greeter files are missing in that default one21:27
BUGabundoWISH ME LUCK21:27
BUGabundopleanty of it21:27
charlie-tcagood luck!21:27
BluesKajrobin0800, yeah i still get the gnome login page , because I tried to rescue my setup by installing gnome desktop environment21:28
yofelrobin0800: how do I do that?21:29
yofelBluesKaj: well, change from gdm to kdm?21:29
BluesKajrobin0800, but I'm back on kde , I removed kubuntu-desktop , but have kdm after updating21:30
yofelah, found it21:30
robin0800yofel: get a tty prompt startx then settings logon you will find that theme willnot be listed becausre its not complete21:31
charlie-tcawell, BUGabundo21:31
BUGabundoexpression FAIL21:31
BluesKajmine is a strnage round about fix , migh not work for everyone :)21:31
BUGabundogot my X back21:31
BUGabundono idea what driver I'm using21:32
* BUGabundo checks xorg.o.log21:32
charlie-tcabut something might have worked?21:32
BUGabundocharlie-tca: yeah, removing plymouth21:32
* BUGabundo wonders if installing nvidia again is a good ideia21:32
BUGabundowell kmail/kontact is broken, *again*21:33
BluesKajod tho , I removed gnome and the ubuntu login page is still there :)21:33
charlie-tcait works, doesn't it21:33
yofelBluesKaj: you *do* have kdm in /etc/X11/default-display-manager ?21:34
BUGabundoBluesKaj: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm21:34
charlie-tcaI even upgraded my bios today in hopes of getting nvidia to work.21:34
BluesKajyofel, yes i do21:35
BUGabundocharlie-tca: eheeh21:35
yofelrobin0800: ok thx, kdm back working :)21:35
yofelBluesKaj: odd...21:35
BluesKajyofel, wait ..lemme check the desktop21:36
charlie-tcaThey had 17 upgrades since I bought the motherboard!21:36
BUGabundocharlie-tca: WOW21:37
BUGabundoI got ZERO21:37
BUGabundoand its buggy21:37
* BUGabundo hates OEM support, loves freedom of assembly21:37
charlie-tcait did not help, either21:37
=== patrick is now known as Guest22824
BUGabundo♺ @qense: @bugabundo How did you get those #IRC channel tabs in #Empathy?21:38
BUGabundo@qense easy $ sudo aptitude install pidgin pidgin-plugins21:38
* BUGabundo lauths21:39
BluesKajyofel, ihave kdm , also gdmsetup, but no gdm21:39
Guest22824anyone know anything about pureedge21:39
bjsnidernvidia-current works fine21:39
yofelok, my desktop seems to work fine again now... :D21:40
yofelBluesKaj: er, huh? if you don't have gdm you shouldn't get the gnome login page...21:41
BUGabundoyofel: with close driver?21:43
yofelBUGabundo: Installed: 190.53-0ubuntu14 --- GeForce 7300GT21:44
BluesKajyofel, i just checked /etc/X11/default-display-manager and it's gdm .. strange eh ? :)21:45
yofelBluesKaj: that's what I said :P21:45
BUGabundoyofel: without plymouth right?21:46
yofelBUGabundo: and it's kernel -12-generic, plymouth purged right21:46
BUGabundoso it's a plymouth bug21:46
BluesKajyeah, well I'm on my laptop right now -karmic , whereas my desktop is in the den which is the lucid machine21:47
BUGabundojockey can't find a sublti driver :(21:47
BluesKajyofel, I'm not getting out of my easy chair to check the destop / lucid again for a while. :)21:49
BUGabundoyofel: nvidia-current enough?21:52
yofelshould be21:53
BUGabundowe got SO MANY nvidia packages21:53
BUGabundoit confuses me21:53
yofelpulse auto-muting main output device is getting annoying...21:54
BUGabundo$ dpkg -l nvi* | wc -l > 3121:57
BUGabundoI find that a tiny bit too much21:57
BUGabundobut it could just be me21:57
yofelactually use nvid* (there is a package called nvi)22:00
kklimondaBUGabundo, dpkg -l "nvid*" |grep ^ii | wc -l makes more sense to me22:00
* yofel thought BUGabundo was talking about available nvidia packages, not installed ones...22:01
BUGabundoyofel: not in here $ dpkg -l nvi* | pastebinit  http://paste.ubuntu.com/370508/22:01
BUGabundoyofel: that's available22:01
kklimondaBUGabundo, we have so many packages just to support all the closed crap people are using out there ;)22:03
coz_you know guys I also tried installing nvidia's driver from their site but it froze the system    just thought I would mention that22:03
BUGabundocoz_: DON'T DO THAT22:03
yofeldoes the nvidia driver from the site actually work now that we use alternatives?22:03
BUGabundocoz_: I think we figured the bug is in plymouth22:04
BUGabundoI must update my bug :\22:04
kklimondayofel, it didn't when alpha2 was released22:04
BUGabundobug 51805822:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518058 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "[lucid] system freezes after GDM with nvidia and 2.6.32-12" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51805822:04
BluesKajBUGabundo, but kde doesn't use plymouth22:04
yofelBluesKaj: actually it does22:04
BUGabundoBluesKaj: your kde doesn't freeze like us22:04
coz_BUGabundo,  oh   mm ok22:04
BluesKajyofel, it does ?22:05
kklimondayofel, and does it really make sense to use upstream driver instead of the one provided by Ubuntu? we don't support some nvidia cards?22:05
yofelhm, then again, I'm not sure22:05
yofelkklimonda: I was just wondering, I know we don't support the driver from the site22:05
* kklimonda actually hopes that ubuntu devs are going to make it even harder to install nvidia/ati drivers from their site..22:06
yofelBluesKaj: is 'ubuntu-standard' installed on kubuntu? That's the package that recommends plymouth right now22:06
BUGabundokklimonda: its not.22:07
bjsnideryou cannot install the nvidia driver using nvidia's installer anymore without removing jockey and a bunch of other stuff22:07
kklimondait is hard enough to help people who use drivers tested by us.22:07
BUGabundoits been like that since I recall22:07
kklimondabjsnider, thank god22:07
yofelbjsnider: good :)22:07
bjsniderwe will have the drivers packaged ourselves to avoid all of the problems that happen with the nvidia installer22:08
BluesKajBUGabundo, no but I got a dialog box saying /usr/share/kdm/apps etc could not be found22:08
yofelBluesKaj: me too, see what robin0800 said a while ago22:09
kklimondabjsnider, and what are we going to do when nvidia release a new version and people start trying to install it to "fix" something? :/22:09
bjsniderit won't work. the installer will not run22:09
bjsniderit will be packaged by me or someone in a ppa22:09
bjsniderprobably multiple ppas22:09
kklimondabjsnider, you underestimate people22:10
BluesKajyofel, i think you're right , plymouth seems to be included in the latest kde4 series22:10
kklimondathey are going to create custom scripts, dozens incompatible PPAs and god knows what else :)22:10
bjsniderlook, if they want to wreck their systems, fine. i say let them. they'll have only themselves to blame22:10
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, i just restarted and on first attempt GDM did freeze but using alt+sysrq+k gdm restart and i was able to log in -- do you get the same thing?22:10
bjsniderwhat will happen is they'll pooch their systems to the point that they'll have to wipe & reload22:10
yofelBluesKaj: I know the kubuntu devs want to use plymouth for lucid, they just don't quite get the time to do something with it22:10
BluesKajyofel, well, what does is actually do , like a hidden boot manager or....?22:11
yofeldunno, I know it's used for the boot splash, but I never looked into it more22:12
yofelFedora uses it22:13
BluesKajbah fedora :)22:13
BUGabundoZykoticK9: I can't make sysreq+k to work here22:13
yofeldoesn't exist ^^22:14
BUGabundoyofel: that's our bug LOLOL22:14
BUGabundoits a gosth22:14
BluesKajyofel, , BUGabundo the !plymouth prompt doesn't work in any other ubuntu chats either22:16
yofelyep, ubottu simply doesn't know anything about plymouth22:16
* BUGabundo tries to start FF 3.6 with 3.7 profile until nitghtly tools upgrades22:17
BUGabundoSegmentation fault (core dumped)22:17
BUGabundodoesn't seem to work22:17
Viper1432bjsnider,  I'm going to have to disagree with your assessment about pooching systems.  I've been using the nvidia drivers and the BETA nvidia drivers for years.  I've never "pooched" my system.  For some of us, testing the latest nvidia drivers are as important as testing ubuntu for certain things.  Forcing us to wait for ppa's that may or may not be updated on time is not a solution.  Not griping, just another viewpoint.22:18
BUGabundoyofel: going terribly OT and NSFW I think this is the cause: http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/insight/ebp0umMBBZvJrZBVgxazDvce6Ip1fnJCraV3iCcdk4dItGdZgljEet9MlyMC/jamie.jpg22:18
* BUGabundo hides22:19
BluesKajgawd ...santa nude22:20
chrisccoulsonBUGabundo, i recognise that guy22:21
chrisccoulsoni think it's my dad22:21
BUGabundooh nasty22:22
BUGabundoget me in a show recording :o22:22
BluesKajhis face looks like our lead singer's....the rest i don't know :)22:23
ZykoticK9anyone happen to have a solution to Handbrake interface not working?  A forum post, involving the GTK developer is at http://forum.handbrake.fr/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=14879&p=71050&hilit=10.04#p7105022:26
BUGabundoBluesKaj: you got a band?22:26
BUGabundolet me guess: you are the drums guy22:26
BluesKajBUGabundo, yeah a jam rock/blues band , been around for about 15 yrs22:27
BUGabundosomething I can listen too?22:28
BUGabundomy FLOSS and Android classes are picking up. got over 15 students :D22:28
BluesKajwe just have fun , it's not real serious ...played some gigs22:28
BluesKajyeah, BUGabundo , I'm a drummer :022:31
=== David-T is now known as Guest79354
BUGabundoI knew it22:31
BluesKajBUGabundo, FLOSS?22:32
BUGabundo@linuxfoundation: Linus: "I broke down and bought a Nexus One last week." http://bit.ly/d6O7Tn22:32
BUGabundoBluesKaj: Free/Libre Open Source Soft22:33
BUGabundoif *you* don't know that, I'm doing something very wrong22:33
bjsniderViper1432, xorg was changed in lucid to use alternatives, which the nvidia installer doesn't. if you remove key parts of the system to use the nvidia-installer in lucid, you will pooch it.22:38
BluesKajBUGabundo, I'm not very "informed" about phones etc and other gadgets. I own a cell phone but it's just another phone to me , not a lifestyle statement ;)22:38
bjsnideri don't own a cell phone or any other handheld device22:39
Viper1432bjsnider, I didn't say that wasn't the case NOW, I'm talking about a longer term more reasonable solution.  PPA's are fine and dandy...IF they are maintained, but I've seen a lot of the "abandoned" in the ppa department, so that was me being skeptical.22:39
BUGabundobjsnider: you live in alasca or soemthing ?22:39
bjsniderBUGabundo, i don't want a damned electronic device telling me what to do22:40
BUGabundothen shutdown your PC, tv, washing machine22:40
bjsniderViper1432, my ppa and xorg-edgers will not be abandoned22:40
bjsnideri tel those devices what to do22:41
Viper1432bjsnider, My bet is that nvidia will adjust their installer to deal with ubuntu's changes.  I'm not trying to disparage "you", but the first letter in PPA = "personal", and that doesn't equal officially supported.22:42
bjsniderxorg-edgers is maintinaed by the xorg devs22:43
Viper1432doesn't matter.  ppa's are not "official".  They aren't designed to be.22:43
penguin42they're personal!22:44
bjsniderofficial driver updates have to get past the SRU team, which is why they don't usually end up getting into the distro archive. so they're put in ppas instead22:44
Viper1432Like I said, my bet is that nvidia will update their installer to deal with the lucid changes...they have already begun mentioning the changes to lucid  in the nvforums.  Not worried about it over here.  But its cool that there are alternatives such as the edgers ppa.22:45
Viper1432besides, worst WORST case scenario on my end is that its all buggered and not fixed....I switch to Arch as my primary distro and live happily ever.....er....well to the next "-Syu".  heh heh22:46
bjsnidereven if they change the installer it still won't work. it has been disabled in ubuntu.22:46
kklimondabjsnider, how can ubuntu prevent nvidia/ati from creating the installer that works with lucid?22:48
kklimondaubuntu devs*22:48
Viper1432funny.  the word "disabled" feels a bit like, oh...I don't know....a closed source application.  And I'm thinkiing that if you were right....then its time to start thinking about another distro.  But I don't think you're right.  It might be "disabled" now in alpha for testing bug fixing, but we shall see what happens down the road.22:48
BUGabundokklimonda: talking to them ?22:49
bjsniderthe nvidia installer has ubuntu extensions in it, as a result of a request. those extensions can be used by jockey to block the installer from being used22:49
kklimondaBUGabundo, I've never really had much luck with talking to nvidia ;)22:50
bjsniderthe nvidia installer is blocked as long as jockey is in there. jockey is a core ubuntu app22:50
bjsnidera clever user could circumvent the blockage, but it would result in a big fat "no x screens found" error, or the like22:51
bjsniderViper1432, http://paste.ubuntu.com/370402/22:53
bjsniderthose file were left behind even with the --uninstall option by the nvidia installer22:53
bjsnidermost of those files anyway22:53
Viper1432Look, I really don't know who you are bjsnider , or what your place in the ubuntu ecosystem is, but if ubuntu starts restricting folks from using what they WANT TO USE, especially gamers who sometimes NEED the latest/greatest drivers, then there will be screaming in the streets methinks.22:54
BUGabundoany DNS experts around ?22:55
bjsniderthere's no "if" about it22:55
Viper1432Oh and bjsnider , nvidia separated out the VDPAU stuff from the nvidia driver awhile back.  vdpau is considered a separate package, so its understandable that those files would remain after an uninstall.23:03
penguin42BUGabundo: I wouldn't go that far - but ask the question23:04
BUGabundopenguin42: pvt23:04
Viper1432bjsnider,  this thread has more info on the vdpau stuff.  page 3 for info on vdpau versioning. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=13888023:05
bjsniderno it isn't. they were installed by the nvidia installer, so that should remove them.23:05
Viper1432as I said, that thread has more info regarding the vdpau stuff.  I'm outta here for a bit.23:06
BluesKaj!ru | Volkodav23:12
ubottuVolkodav: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke23:12
=== jf_ is now known as jf
BUGabundoBluesKaj: one of this days we are going to offend someone with the wrong language :D23:12
BluesKajwell, it's probly already happened , BUGabundo23:13
kklimondagrr, kvm uses way too much cpu :/23:19
BookmanCan anyone else access the java application on the following page: http://members.cox.net/javacoco/23:32
yofelBookman: the site crashed ffx23:33
ZykoticK9Bookman, doesn't crash Chrome but it isn't working either23:34
Bookmanyofel, hmm, mine just has text, no crash or no application.  It used to work.23:34
void^_works for me, IcedTea6 1.7 (6b17-1.7-1ubuntu1) amd6423:34
Bookmanvoid^_, I will try that, thanks.23:35
BookmanThanks to those that also tried!23:35
ZykoticK9void^_, Bookman i have the same version of Icedtea and doesn't work for me in FF?23:36
BookmanZykoticK9, hmm, yes I'm using FF23:37
ZykoticK9Bookman, it does work!  reopened window and it was there!23:37
BookmanZykoticK9, promising!  I am just downloading icedtea23:38
BookmanWoohoo!  Glorious 8 bit green screen is alive!  Thanks everyone.23:40
bjsnider8 bit green screen23:41
BookmanFor the CoCo yes.23:42
BookmanHere is another site that would be great to be able to use: http://www.virtualapple.org/23:43
BUGabundoBookman: works in Chromium23:44
* charlie-tca thinking "how nice, green screen"? Real happy not to have a green screen no more.23:44
* penguin42 always preferred the amber crts23:44
Bookmancharlie-tca, nostalgia23:44
charlie-tcanot all of us had amber; always wanted one, though23:44
BookmanBUGabundo, did you actually try an application?23:45
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, that's surprising in Google Chrome I'm getting "Installation Procedure for Chrome 4 (Linux) / Unfortunately, it is not supported yet :=("23:45
BUGabundojust opened the site23:45
BookmanBUGabundo, yeah, I should have specified, sorry about that.23:46
BUGabundoZykoticK9: chromium dev v523:46
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, did you open a game?23:46
BUGabundoI tried23:47
BUGabundobut I'm confused/lost23:47
BUGabundobut audio is soooo lame23:49
BookmanBUGabundo, you got a game to load?23:49
BookmanWow, Chromium is fast.  I've never tried it before.23:49
BUGabundoloaded several23:50
ZykoticK9Bookman, i have been a fan of Firefox since it was called Firebird - but I have totally switched to Chrome now (and have much less browsing issues then with FF)23:50
BUGabundobut mouse is not the best tool for it23:50
BookmanZykoticK9, I'm going to give it a shot for awhile!23:51
BookmanBUGabundo, you are using Chromium to play the games?  What version?  What  version of Ubuntu?23:51
BUGabundoZykoticK9: change to chromium instead23:51
BUGabundo  Installed: 5.0.319.0~svn20100206r38290-0ubuntu1~ucd123:51
ZykoticK9BUGabundo, prior to Google releasing Chrome for linux that's what i used23:52
penguin42sometime in the last 2 weeks flash on chromium has got less stable than in firefox23:52
ZykoticK9penguin42, i'm not having issues with Chrome23:53
* penguin42 should try it23:53
BookmanAh, Chromium does not playback youtube videos though.  At least not on my install.23:53
ZykoticK9Bookman, probably after install(or reinstalling) flashplugin-installer it will23:54
BookmanZykoticK9, but they work under FF23:55
ZykoticK9Bookman, PLUS with Chromium you can use the YouTube HTML5 video beta (youtube.com/html5 for info)23:55
ZykoticK9Bookman, if you installed Chromium after flash perhaps it doesn't work - just guessing23:55
BUGabundoyoutube wfm Bookman23:55
penguin42ZykoticK9: Oh cool, didn't know how to do that23:56
ZykoticK9penguin42, no fullscreen :(23:56
penguin421/27/2010: Fullscreen support enabled (if supported by browser).23:56
penguin42hmm I'm just getting the spinny23:57
ZykoticK9penguin42, not all videos work!23:57
Bookmanhmmm, reinstall of flash did not work.  Video starts then just a white space remains.  I can hear the audio though.23:58
ZykoticK9penguin42, where do you see the Fullscreen supported message?  on yt/html5 it's still saying "Fullscreen is not supported"23:58
penguin42ZykoticK9: that was on yt/html523:58
BookmanBut it I click the pop out window it plays fine!23:59
ZykoticK9penguin42, i'm blind "Updates!" - gotcha23:59
penguin42and fullscreen does work! Interestingly again only in separate window23:59

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