ograrcn-ee, hey00:15
ograrcn-ee, i found out what your issue with rootstock was00:16
rcn-eehi ogra, what's up..00:16
rcn-eeafter my message last night, i was thinking just probally an upload bug.. ;)00:16
ograrcn-ee, run: sudo update-binfmts --package qemu-arm-static --remove arm /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static &&  sudo update-binfmts --import qemu-arm00:16
ograits breakage that occured after lool changed the package naming of qemu-arm-static00:17
rcn-eeahh, will give that a try... probally should have mentioned i'm running lucid.. ;)00:17
ograif you see errors about debootstrap/deboostrap not being found its usually an issue with the binfmt wrapper of qemu00:17
rcn-eethanks alot..  i had a guy email me about that debootstrap/debootstrap error the other day too, probally same issue..00:18
ograwell, the package change was uploaded 3 days ago00:18
ograso if it happened after that its very likely to be related00:18
rcn-eehis email was over last weekend.. probally something else then..00:19
ograthe change might require a reboot or restart of binfmt btw, not sure if it applies immediately00:19
rcn-eei'll give it a test run.. qemu-arm-static still remained.. (rebooted) but it looks like it runs 'qemu-arm' when called..00:23
ograqemu-arm-static is only an empty transitional package now00:30
ojnInteresting, so Google just dumped Ubuntu as base for ChromeOS? Bummer.00:33
rcn-eeogra, it looks good, although it looks like useradd tweaked their syntax... ;)00:50
ograare you running trunk atm ?00:52
ograi'm wildly fiddlin with the code there, might be that i broke something00:53
rcn-eeyeah, trunk.. revision 42...00:53
ograand what error do you see ?00:54
rcn-eeit didn't affect my daily test builder, that's running the version released with karmic...00:56
rcn-ee(with lucid tweak)00:56
ograhmm, havent seen that yet and i build rootfses the whole day00:56
ogramight be an issue with the code i added to use oem-config though, i havent created any users since yesterday00:57
ogra(you can run rootstock without options now and get a first run dialog to set up user, timezone and language)00:58
ograinstead of having to forcefuly create a user during build00:58
rcn-eesure i can do that....00:58
ogra--fqdn is still needed though, i'll start generating soemthing random with the next commits ...01:00
rcn-eelaughs... sometimes i need to stop tweaking my dev systems by running git trees... weired 'ctrl-c'=log out.. ;)01:01
ogracurrently i'm fixing the package caching for the offline mode though and tomorry i'll fly back to the EU01:01
ograso it might stay in a partially broken state over the weekend01:02
rcn-eethat'll be a nice setting for users, then they don't have to learn how to setup a apt-cacher/etc setup..01:02
rcn-eeit shouldn't be too bad, (i won't be around) but i've had a hard enough time to get beagle users off 9.04 and onto 9.10... ;) so it shouldn't affect to many people...01:04
ograah, i see whats wrong with useradd01:05
ograPW=$(perl -e 'print crypt($ARGV[0], "qemuonarm")', $PASSWD) ....01:06
ogramove that line above the place wheer USERADD_CMD is set01:06
ogra(around line 730)01:06
ograthat should fix it01:06
rcn-eeyou thinking, only when 'newuser' and 'passwd' is not set so i the if block?01:09
ograwell, the point is that PW is empty at that point01:09
ograso USERADD_CMD doesnt get the proper syntax01:10
rcn-eeahh true..01:10
ograi'll comit a fix before closing down today01:10
ograthe above should be the right fix01:10
rcn-eeawesome, it should work, i'll run a quick smoke test...01:14
* ogra pushes and needs to tear down the dev room ... 01:40
rcn-eehave good flight back ogra...01:45
ograthanks :)01:46
ograi'll be back on monday01:46
tomatoes7will karmic run on armv7? i wondering cause its made more specifically for the armv608:17
loolpersia: I think I know what the issue is now08:51
loolIt was actually a bug before the renaming, but the rename made it obvious08:51
kblintomatoes7: it should. it just won't work for armv5 and older08:58
loolpersia: Thanks for fixing the qemu-arm-static dep in ubuntu-dev-tools; I've also demoted it to Suggests since most people don't biuld for armel09:33
freestylei need a cross compile14:06
freestylefrom x86 to arm v414:07
freestylehelp me please!!14:07
xperia_hello to all. i have a question ? does a arm package repo exist like for the normal ubuntu releases and if yes what is the url for this repo ?18:05
=== xperia_ is now known as xperia
xperiahello anybody online here ?18:07
ojnxperia: yeah it does18:07
ojnone sec18:07
ojndeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports karmic main universe18:07
xperiawoow thanks ojn !18:07
xperiasee you all next time bye !18:14

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