seb128_chrisccoulson, sure no hurry00:01
seb128_it's weekend00:01
seb128_and other people are travelling this weekend00:01
chrisccoulsonheh, i can't believe how early some people go to bed00:01
chrisccoulsoni should just go and wake them up really00:01
rickspencer3didrocks, hey, bzr seems confused about your quidgets merge00:02
rickspencer3it doesn't seem to think there is anything new to pull or merge, any idea what I am doing wrong?00:02
jcastroitorrey_test: I'm looking forward to seeing what you've come up with!00:03
djsiegel1ok awesome itorrey00:04
itorreydjsiegel1: jcastro :  Ok I've attached the theme to the ticket00:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 392488 in hundredpapercuts "Empathy could use an Ubuntu-specific Adium theme" [Low,Triaged]00:09
didrocksrickspencer3: sorry got distracted by a nasty njpatel :p00:09
itorreyAnd am of course at the ready to make any and all fixes00:09
djsiegel1kenvandine: ^ can you land that?00:09
didrocksrickspencer3: oopsss, not right project, fixing it now00:09
kenvandinedjsiegel1, yup00:10
kenvandinedjsiegel1, but i need to fix empathy first00:10
kenvandinedjsiegel1, might be monday00:10
didrocksrickspencer3: yeah, it was one line click away, take last one now (https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~didrocks/bughugger/package/+merge/18732)00:10
rickspencer3didrocks, k00:10
* njpatel creates plan to kidnap didrocks to fix his builds00:10
* didrocks creates plan to fix upstream :)00:11
rickspencer3didrocks, njpatel is your #1 customer00:13
rickspencer3UNE ftw!00:14
njpateldidrocks, your going to wish rickspencer3 didn't say that <muhahaha>00:14
rickspencer3didrocks, if it comes down to saving the world from annihilation and fixing njpatel's builds,m would be a touch call00:14
rickspencer3fix the builds first, then save the world I suppose00:15
pittirickspencer3: We don't even have a tool in teh standard install to modify those settings00:15
didrocksrickspencer3: right, let's create some small steps :)00:15
pittirickspencer3: (sorry, got caught in a discussion)00:15
rickspencer3pitti ah, so it's just changing defaults00:15
rickspencer3but the golden rule is that if you have defaults, we give you new defaults00:16
rickspencer3so this only impacts folks who have downloaded that crazy compiz tweaker thingy00:16
pittirickspencer3: if an user explicitly changed the settings, then it would be quite rude to clobber them00:16
rickspencer3pitti right00:16
rickspencer3if you no long have defaults, we don't change to new defaults00:17
pittirickspencer3: not even mentioning the technical difficulties of changing /home settings during dist-upgrade, or breaking shared /home partitions, etc.00:17
pittior even networked /home00:17
rickspencer3pitti all this happens by tweaking compiz settings?00:17
pittiright, it's just new gconf keys, by and large00:17
rickspencer3pitti but all these technical difficulties you mention?00:17
rickspencer3that sounds rather dire considering the change00:18
rickspencer3meh, let's discuss at next team meeting maybe00:18
rickspencer3or on desktop list00:18
jcastroitorrey: that looks great!00:22
jcastrodjsiegel1: should I ping segphault about using that look for gwibber?00:23
ronocTheMuso will be able to test in a few minutes...00:24
TheMusoronoc: Ok thanks.00:24
djsiegel1jcastro: sure00:25
djsiegel1jcastro: that would be awesome00:25
jcastroon it00:25
seb128_mvo, hey00:30
seb128_mvo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneHundredPaperCuts/Spec/49564100:30
seb128_mvo, we forgot to do the "Scale Window Title Filter Enabled" bit...00:30
seb128_do you know where that option is?00:30
TheMusoronoc: And one other thing. Does the ideapad have an external microphone jack as well?00:34
ronocTheMuso so 0x1c details: jack-type: line-out00:39
ronocTheMuso, it exposes on the ui only three check boxes -> hp, out and in which have no effect on the output00:40
TheMusoronoc: Ok, looking at other code, I am pretty sure I also know what 0x1c is for as well. I dare say the same work is needed for the microphone jack as well, i.e autosensing. That will have to be tested as well however.00:40
TheMusoi.e tested to see whether a patch is needed to fix that.00:41
TheMusoronoc: thanks.00:41
ronocTheMuso: Nid 0x1a  as a jack-type: mic00:43
TheMusoronoc: Yeah I thouhgt so. Is there more than one mic nid?00:43
ronocone sec00:43
TheMusoFrom the code output, it appeasr there is. It seems I don't need HDA analyser for everything, if I have the codec output, which I do.00:44
TheMusoI am learning more about this all the time as well.00:44
ronocTheMuso: It also looks like 0x1b is a mic00:46
TheMusoronoc: Ok, to be safe, I'll code the mic patch switching as well.00:46
TheMusoI can always get that tested on the launchpad bug.00:47
ronocTheMuso 1a says its internal and 1b says its external00:47
TheMusoronoc: Right, thats all I need. Thanks again.00:47
ronocTheMuso cool good stuff00:47
ccheneybryceh: stat -C %u examples.desktop00:47
djsiegel1itorrey itorrey_test: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/2198/screenshot1vp.png01:17
itorreydjsiegel1: Sweet!01:18
TheMusoronoc: Thanks for your help once again. I have made a good start on the patch, but won't have time to finish it today. I'll get it finished ASAP and post to the bug once I have packages for people to test.01:20
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RAOFdidrocks: I think your last liblauncher upload was broken; you seem to have renamed liblauncher-0.3-dev -> liblauncher-dev, but not renamed the .install file, so the dev package is empty.  The package branch doesn't seem to have updated yet, though, so I'm not sure.05:55
crimsunyou can always pull the source from LP06:06
milanbvchrisccoulson: great work with the packages!10:16
chrisccoulsonhey there milanbv - no worries :)10:16
milanbvbut please note that you we don't actually need libauthen-pam-perl10:16
milanbvthat's a stupid line that should never have been committed10:17
chrisccoulsonso i can patch it out and it will still work?10:17
milanbvwhat happened is that I had tried this method before going back to chpasswd10:18
chrisccoulsonawesome, i'll do that now!10:18
milanbvOK, cool10:18
milanbvanyway I'll make a new release before Monday, for GNOME 2.29.9010:19
=== kermiac_ is now known as kermiac
chrisccoulsonmilanbv, uploaded now!10:41
milanbvdon't bother with the bugs, I have a list off-hand, I'm going to close them10:44
chrisccoulsonmilanbv - no worries about that. i tagged them all in the changelog last night10:45
chrisccoulsonso they should all close automatically10:45
milanbvoh, new nice feature10:46
milanbvI didn't realize that was working that way now10:47
milanbvhey, great news: a student contacted me to work on a master class project10:47
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's worked that way for as long as i've been involved with ubuntu10:47
milanbvhe will fix bugs in the gst until April10:47
milanbvthe sad thing is - I've fixed too much of them :-p10:48
chrisccoulsonheh, yeah, you've fixed quite a few bugs with this release ;)10:55
chrisccoulsonit took me a while to populate the changelog10:55
chrisccoulsonanyway, i'm going to disappear now :)10:55
chrisccoulsonhave a good weekend!10:55
milanbvyou too10:56
milanbvchrisccoulson: still working? :-p15:06
chrisccoulsonhey milanbv15:07
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm just doing a few things ;)15:07
milanbvwhat do you mean by "the presence of it here makes it impossible to apply the profiles"?15:07
milanbv(about the scanner group)15:07
chrisccoulsonmilanbv - you could only ever select "Custom"15:07
milanbvsounds like a bug to me15:08
milanbvdoes this group exist in Lucid?15:08
chrisccoulsonyeah, possibly. but we don't have that groujp anyway15:08
milanbvsure, I'm just willing to fix that properly too15:08
chrisccoulsonno, the group is not in lucid. i'm not sure when it got dropped15:08
chrisccoulsontbh, a lot of those groups aren't really used for anything anymore15:09
milanbvso that means a non-existent group can be a problem for profiles15:09
chrisccoulsonyeah, it seems to be the case15:09
milanbvshould fix that for other distribs too15:09
chrisccoulsoncool, a proper fix would be nice :)15:09
milanbvyeah, there are at least two bugs about those groups15:09
milanbvthe general idea is that if a group doesn't exist, we hide it and don't fail15:09
milanbvI'll give it a look15:10
chrisccoulsonyeah, that would be better behaviour15:10
chrisccoulsonthanks :)15:10
milanbvBTW, do you have re-enabled services-admin in the new packages?15:10
chrisccoulsoni haven't re-enabled it yet. i need to discuss that with the others on monday15:10
milanbvI'm wondering whether I should add support for upstart jobs15:11
chrisccoulsoni need to figure out how to strip the translations from user-profiles.conf now, so that the descriptions can be translated in rosetta15:11
milanbvit's not really useful, since we mostly want to disable services that start unconditionally on start15:11
milanbvmost services people want to disable are in /etc/init.d15:12
milanbvanyway, services-admin is now much more user-friendly, and shows services it doesn't know about too15:12
chrisccoulsoni'll do a build with it enabled in a bit and have a look15:13
milanbvgood luck with user-profiles.conf - I've had a hard time getting it translated with autotools :-)15:13
milanbvif you find services that should not be shown in the list, tell me - I'm now keeping a list of forbidden services15:13
pittididrocks: bonojur; breakfast in 20?15:41
kklimondapitti, any idea why libvirt-bin depends on hal?15:41
chrisccoulsonheh, everybody jump on pitti ;)15:41
kklimondahe's really popular guy :)15:42
pittijust got online quickly to check in and sync mail before leaving :)15:42
pittikklimonda: I haven't checked; would be nice if it would stop doing do, of course15:42
* pitti cd ~15:44
pittisee you on Monday!15:44
chrisccoulsonpitti - if you haven't gone already - want me to update gnome-menus?15:48
chrisccoulson(whilst i'm in update-frenzy mode)15:48
didrockspitti: hey, still around?15:58
NafaiA little annoyed I can't upgrade groundcontrol :(17:47
hggdhheh. I cannot even run it to begin with...19:52
Nafaithe last version was broken for me, and I'd like to upgrade to the new version which supposedly fixes my bugs19:53
Nafaibut there is a dependency issue currently in Lucid19:53
crimsunwhat dep issue?20:03
NafaiThe following packages have unmet dependencies:20:05
Nafai  groundcontrol: Depends: python-lazr-restfulclient which is a virtual package.20:05
Nafai                 Depends: python-lazr-uri which is a virtual package.20:05
chrisccoulsonjcastro - you seem to be quite familiar with app indicators, so i have a quick question for you20:56
chrisccoulsondo you know if there is any plan to support tooltips on the status icon?20:56
chrisccoulsonvish - after responding to your bug about screen blanking when it shouldn't do, i've just had my screen dim when not idle!20:58
chrisccoulsoni wonder if i can recreate that again :-/20:58
Nafaichrisccoulson: as I understand it, no.  The design idea is to move the information that would be in a tooltip elsewhere20:58
chrisccoulsonNafai - oh, ok. thanks!20:58
chrisccoulsoni was just wondering what to do about gpm20:58
Nafaihttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomStatusMenuDesignGuidelines#What about tooltips?20:58
NafaiFor example, with the gnome-typing-monitor, I moved the info that was in tooltip to a menu item20:59
chrisccoulsonhmmm. for the gpm status icon though, i would consider that to be a regression20:59
chrisccoulsoni can currently hover over the icon and see the remaining estimated battery life, without having to open a menu20:59
NafaiI would say mpt is the one to ask about it, he seems to be the one leading up design questions21:00
vishchrisccoulson: hehe , the crappy thing didnt blank[yet?] after i filed a bug ;)21:06
chrisccoulsonvish - is this on battery or ac?21:07
vishbattery disconnected21:07
chrisccoulsonvish - i don't suppose you have idle dimming enabled on AC do you?21:08
vishchrisccoulson: nope21:09
chrisccoulsonah well, never mind ;)21:09
chrisccoulsoni was going to ask if you noticed it dim before blanking21:09
vishi just have the put display to sleep when inactive for 5mins21:09
chrisccoulson5 minutes?21:10
chrisccoulsonthats not the default is it?21:10
vishwell , thats my setting ;)21:10
chrisccoulson5 minutes if the default session idle time, which activates the screensaver21:10
vishi have screensaver set for 4mins21:10
chrisccoulsonNafai - did you already start porting transmission to the app indicators?22:04
Nafainope, I stopped working on it when I started contracting because it wasn't on my immediate list22:06
NafaiI didn't get very far either :)22:06
chrisccoulsonah, that's ok then. someone else just assigned the bug report to themselves. i just wanted to make sure people weren't duplicating work ;)22:08
Nafaithanks for checking up :)22:08

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