lifelessor run a script or some such.00:00
lifelessStevenK: ^00:00
ojwblifeless: ah, ok.  i guess i'll keep an eye on it, and prod if it hasn't appeared in a few more days00:01
lifelesspitti: lp-project-upload should be in lptools or something like that - ubuntu-dev-tools is way opaque for non-ubuntu devs using lp00:03
mvolifeless: add-apt-repository> history mistake, apt-add-repository makes more sense00:09
cjwatsonojwb: yes, there's a bit of a lag, but it'll happen before feature freeze00:13
jbebelcjwatson: Is there a new preseed required to get grub to install automatically?  I'm getting the message that "You chose not to install GRUB to any devices."00:22
ari-tczewttx: ping00:22
jbebelBut if you tell it to continue without installing GRUB, it proceeds to install GRUB.00:22
ttxari-tczew: pong00:23
cjwatsonjbebel: fixed yesterday00:23
ari-tczewttx: could you review this, please? bug 51243000:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512430 in geronimo-jta-1.0.1b-spec "Fake sync geronimo-jta-1.0.1b-spec 1.1-1 (main) from Debian testing (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51243000:23
cjwatsonjbebel: (grub-installer 1.49ubuntu4)00:24
jbebelcjwatson: thanks.  I'll update our mirror and try again.00:24
ttxari-tczew: looking00:25
ttxari-tczew: will sponsor it... not today though00:25
lifelessmvo: perhaps a symlink and then removal ?00:29
tjaaltonlifeless: hey, about the klingon change.. you like maintaining libx11 from now on?-)00:33
mvolifeless: yeah00:33
lifelesstjaalton: actually I want to patch it to not need these noddy patches00:33
lifelessthere is no excuse for it.00:33
lifelessbut, I haven't had time yet.00:34
lifelesstjaalton: ^00:34
tjaaltonlifeless: another patch for libx11?00:34
tjaaltonlifeless: I was just concerned about patches that will (likely) never be accepted upstream.00:37
ojwbcjwatson: thanks00:37
slangasektjaalton: btw, one possible reason for a preauth failure is that kinit is racing the network :)00:38
lifelesstjaalton: well, things that aren't ISO codes I could understand ;)00:38
slangasek(gssd -> portmap only waits for localhost)00:38
tjaaltonslangasek: yeah it's probably doable, but didn't get to it yet :)00:38
tjaaltonlifeless: if klingon is supported by libc, then yeah :)00:39
tjaaltonlifeless: but la isn't, and we talked about that one before :)00:39
lifelesstjaalton: anyhow, many of the UTF8 locales are copy n paste - much better to just recognise them all00:39
lifelesstjaalton: it is supported by libc00:39
tjaaltonlifeless: ok, care to file a bug upstream about it?00:40
lifelesstjaalton: mmm, not really, if they didn't take latin they won't take klingon :)00:41
tjaaltonlifeless: but the reasoning against latin was that libc didn't have it, right?00:41
lifelesstjaalton: or do you mean about getting rid of all the duplicate data and understanding that UTF-8 is UTF-8 ?00:41
lifelesstjaalton: I don't remember.00:41
lifelesslocale -a00:42
lifelessbrb testing X again00:42
tjaaltonI don't know anymore.. :)00:42
persiaWhy tlh_GB.utf8 rather than tlh_AU.utf8 ?00:42
lifelesspitti: its for Keybuk00:43
lifelesspersia: ^00:43
pittiit should be tlk_KR00:43
pittitlh_KR, even00:43
persiaThat seems even more appropriate.00:43
StevenKBut I doubt it recognizes _KR00:44
ari-tczewpitti: ping for my merge :)00:45
KeybukITYM tlk_Qo00:45
Keybuk(the Klingon homeworld is called Qo'noS)00:45
StevenKtlk_Qo sounds good00:46
cjwatsonpitti: do you know why jockey has started popping up on live CD boot?00:54
cjwatsonto say nothing except "No proprietary drivers are in use on this system"00:55
pittiuh, that sounds wrong00:55
pittiI don't know off-hand, I'm afraid00:55
pittibut I think I get it on the mini (where it advertises broadcom)00:55
ograoh, its not an armel prob ?00:55
ogragood to know00:55
pitticjwatson: do you have a machine which reproduces this?00:55
pitticjwatson: can I come over to take a look?00:56
cjwatsonpitti: kvm.  certainly, I'm in the foundations room00:56
pittioh, in kvm?00:56
pittithat'd be sweet00:56
pitticjwatson: I get it, too00:59
pitticjwatson: it's not just the indicator, it's literally popping up the window01:00
pitticjwatson: I have a suspicion indeed01:00
pitticjwatson: recent app-indicator broke the D-Bus API by changing the bus name01:00
pittiI suspect it's stumbling over that01:00
pitticjwatson: now if only I could actually build jockey.. (it's FTBFSing due to python-kde4 being uninstallable)01:00
pitticjwatson: I'll get that fixed, thanks for pointing out01:01
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Caesarcjwatson: you around?02:19
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RAOFHow long does it generally take for Ubuntu uploads to get merged into the package branches?05:54
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peciskhi people, it is true that netbook edition will have Google Docs instead of OO.o?09:27
peciskmorning ;)09:28
pbnIt's perhaps not the right channel to ask that kind of think pecisk :) better ask on #ubuntu or on your local language ubuntu channel...09:28
peciskpbn, well, it is about Lucid, and it is about blueprint for Ubuntu Netbook edition09:29
peciskso I think it is appropriate to ask it here09:30
pbnah sorry pecisk , that I didn't know :)09:30
Chipzzpecisk: I don't think it is09:48
Chipzzyou can check the status of a blueprint09:48
peciskChipzz, I already confirmed that it is just a blueprint with better intentions than Slashdot submitter wrote09:48
peciskit is for ARM only09:48
peciskas OO.o for ARM is slow09:48
Chipzzand from that status you could derive the answer to your question09:49
peciskSlashdot is going down to the toilet09:49
Chipzzyou just have to take slashdot with the appropriate grains of salt09:50
peciskChipzz, I do, but lot of people don't - and thus false rumors are spread09:53
elpargohello, I was wondering if there is an automatic way of adding lines to /etc/apt/sources.list10:12
elpargoI assume I could do some shell-foo to append to it but perhaps there is a better way.10:12
elpargonice! thanks Chipzz10:16
elpargoah :( it's not smart enough to not add it if it's already there.10:19
elpargooh well, good enough. Thanks agan.10:19
qenseRidell: Should Kubuntu bugs also be accepted for hundredpapercuts?11:50
qenseahem, Riddell ^^11:50
nigel_nbqense, doesn't KDE have its own papercuts (there was a UDW session on it)11:50
qensenigel_nb: I wouldn't know, actually.11:51
jmlRAOF, sorry, I don't know.11:53
qenseRiddell: nevermind, nigel_nb gave me the answer11:57
jmlI've managed to screw up my system in a fascinating way12:04
jmlevery time I try to do something like apt-get upgrade, I get this:12:05
jml(Reading database ... 30%dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:12:05
jml files list file for package `com.d0lph1nk1ng.h.cowtasks' contains empty filename12:05
nigel_nbjml, lol, I did something to that extent some time back12:06
nigel_nbI had to reinstall OS12:06
BSD-CLIDo control files for package development have an extension?12:06
geserinteresting package name12:06
nigel_nbBSD-CLI, you mean debian/control ?12:06
nigel_nbgeser, hehe12:07
nigel_nbcowtasks, wonder who gave that name12:07
BSD-CLInigel_nb: Yes12:07
nigel_nbBSD-CLI, no extension12:07
BSD-CLIAlso, is it bad form to install a shortcut on the desktop?12:08
BSD-CLI(ln -s)12:08
geserjml: is this package name real? do you have files in /var/lib/dpkg/info matching that package name?12:08
geserBSD-CLI: whose desktop?12:08
nigel_nbBSD-CLI, I believe so.  I think its official rule, but I dont remember12:08
BSD-CLICould you find out if it's an official rule please?12:09
nigel_nbyou can look through debian maintainer guide12:09
jmlgeser, it's an palm webos package that I accidentally ran dpkg --unpack on12:10
Laneyyou can't write to users' home directories12:10
jmlgeser, I do have a file in /var/lib/dpkg/info matching that12:10
BSD-CLIThere's nothing akin to NSIS/MSI/InnoSetup's installer for Debian, is there?12:10
BSD-CLI(Next, Next, Checkbox to install shortcut etc.)12:10
geserjml: do you have also a file /var/lib/dpkg/info/com.d0lph1nk1ng.h.cowtasks.list? and does it perhaps contain empty lines?12:12
nigel_nbBSD-CLI, I doubt if Linux as such as anything like that12:13
jmlgeser, I have such a file, but it contains no empty lines that I can see.12:13
BSD-CLInigel_nb: Damn!12:13
nigel_nblinux desktops tend to have a clean desktop12:13
BSD-CLII like shortcuts12:13
nigel_nbput it in your menu.  when developing software you have to think about end-users and not everyone likes desktop shortcuts12:14
BSD-CLIWait, so are you telling me that not everyone thinks exactly as I do?12:14
geserjml: can you pastebin that .list file?12:18
jmlgeser, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/370204/12:19
geserjml: like I assumed after consulting the source: change line 1 from "/" to "/.". That should make dpkg happy again12:21
jmlgeser, thanks. I'll try that.12:21
BSD-CLInigel_nb: Awwww!12:21
nigel_nbgeser, its that simple?12:21
ChipzzBSD-CLI: no, there are no such installers, and I'm quite sure that they are not *wanted* either12:24
Chipzzwhy would you want such a thing when apt-get install foo saves you the trouble of finding software, downloading it and clicking through such an installer12:24
Chipzzand as Laney pointed out, you are not allowed to write to users homedirs12:25
Chipzzfor one because it is really bad form12:25
Chipzzbut also because there's the question which users' homedir you would write to12:25
Chipzzand what would happen if you did that (write to all users' homedirs) and afterwards a new user were created12:26
Chipzzthat being said, those questions are not appropriate here; pls continue this discussion on #ubuntu-motu12:26
Chipzzand please DO read the topic before asking questions12:26
* BSD-CLI just made his first unique .deb installer (created the 'hello-world' program once when following the official guide, now I've just got a custom control file).12:27
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jmlgeser, that worked. cheers.12:29
BSD-CLIDoes anyone have a control file I can look at, I think I need more content in mine, do we specify the files within the control file?12:39
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mr_pouitmeh, xulrunner-1.9 can't cleanly be removed by update-manager when upgrading from hardy to lucid, and apport refuses to report the bug because xulrunner-1.9 isn't in lucid…13:21
Adri2000who is at fosdem right now?15:52
ChipzzI am :P16:07
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jdongholy crap radeonhd works well these days!16:38
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jdongjust after I say that radeonhd gpu-locks while  the installer is going :)17:02
jdong*turns off Compiz*17:02
cjohnstonmbudde: when you have a few minutes I would like to run something by you22:28
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mbuddecjohnston: sure!22:37
cjohnstonIt's in reference to Lernid.. Do you want to do it in here or in PM22:38
mbuddewe can do it here22:38
cjohnstonThe fix you attached to bug #51153522:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 511535 in lernid "Limit the links Lernid opens automatically" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51153522:39
cjohnstonI posted a comment that pretty much says what I wanted to say about that...22:40
cjohnstonMy other thing was.. And I wanterd to talk to you before putting in a feature request...22:40
cjohnstonIf the -classroom channel is not +m, (which it isnt for many classes) allow users the ability to speak in -classroom... If it is +m, that ability may as well be removed, since saying something wont be said anyway22:41
Tm_Tcjohnston: hmm, irc channelsare (mostly) managed in -ops22:42
cjohnstonTm_T: I don't know what relevance that has to the discussion?22:43
mbuddeI see your point but do you have any suggestions? I'm not quite sure I like the idea about parsing the topic...22:43
cjohnstonmbudde: my opinion is +v/o can paste links/slides22:43
mbuddeBut how's that different from how it is now?22:44
cjohnstonanyone who is an ubuntu member has the ability to voice/op themselves.. and if they arent and teaching a class.. myself or another member of the classroom managemnt can do it.. or even another ubuntu member22:44
cjohnstonright now the room has to be +m if I understand your commit right..22:45
cjohnstonalot of instructors dont make the room +m22:45
cjohnstonso if they just +v themselves, the room remains -m, but they can paste links and run slides22:45
cjohnstonI agree with not parsing the topic22:45
mbuddeOh ok.. I thought everyone was +v when the channel wasn't moderated22:45
cjohnstonRight now when the classroom is not in use, its -m.. When someone puts on a class, they have the ability to make the room +m if they so desire..22:46
cjohnstonif not.. then they cant use the features of lernid, as it stands right now with your commit22:47
mbuddeThe problem is that can't seem to find a way to get the voice status of channel member with telepathy.. I'm not even sure it is possible :/22:47
cjohnstonwell.. that would provide an issue then22:47
cjohnstonif it is possile... would that be a reasonable fix for you?22:50
mbuddeYeah, that would be the optimal solution.22:50
cjohnstonWhat about my other request... about typing in -classroom when the channel is -m? is that something dooable that I could file a feature request for?22:51
mbuddeHmm.. what would the use case for that be? Isn't that what the classroom are for?22:52
cjohnstonUnless it has changed.. if you are running lernid you cant talk in #ubuntu-classroom22:53
cjohnstonfor the instructors who leave ubuntu-classroom -m, they want questions in -classroom and not in -classroom-chat22:53
cjohnstonso users running lernid need the ability to type into -classroom when the room is -m22:54
cjohnstonAnd then prolly a faq somewhere to say if you cant type in -classroom, its because -classroom is +m, please use -classroom-chat22:56
mbuddeYeah, that could be somewhat confusing.. What about a [QUESTIONS-IN-CLASSROOM] command instead?22:57
cjohnstonwhat would that do?22:57
cjohnstonI'm confused22:57
mbuddeThat would make it possible to send messages to the classroom22:58
cjohnstonthat would be fine too22:58
cjohnstonbut then, for instructors who arent familiar with lernid, they would have to run that22:58
cjohnstoni think +/-m would be better22:59
mbuddeYou have a point..22:59
cjohnstonmaking an instructor run a command to allow lernid users to speak seems like a bad idea.. but allow the default that a user can speak, and only cant speek if the channel is +m would be much better22:59
cjohnstonI am going to print this screen and show my wife23:00
cjohnstonshe never thinks i have a point23:00
mbuddeAre you going to file a bug?23:00
cjohnstonI just wanted to talk it out with you first so we were on the same page23:01
cjohnstonmbudde: bug 518222  --  I hope that is clear enough23:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518222 in lernid "Allow a user to type in #ubuntu-classroom when the room is unmoderated" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51822223:07
mbuddecjohnston: Yep, that's fine :)23:09
cjohnstonGreat.. Thanks!23:09
cjohnstonLet me know if I can be of help..23:09
cjohnstonAnd I'll keep thinking about some sort of fix for the other issue23:09
cjohnstonCould it parse from the ics or the config file somehow?23:10
cjohnstonThat wouldn't allow improptu classes that use lernid features.. but it may be a fix23:11
mbuddeI don't think getting that info from the ical is a good idea..23:13
cjohnstonWhat about the config file...? again still doesnt allow for improptu classes..23:14
cjohnstonI had another request too.. I spoke with sopmoene about it.. dont remember who23:14
cjohnstonIn this situation: I'm an instructor.. I'm teaching a class on bug triaging for example.. I may post 5 links in quick succession for reference.. I don't want those 5 links opening up..23:15
cjohnstonI just want the user to have them23:15
cjohnstonmaybe require a link be [http://mbudde.com] to load?23:16
mbuddeif you post the links in the same line only the first one will be loaded and the rest will just be added to the combo box23:17
cjohnstonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays/01232010/Introduction  <-- if you would.. scroll down a little more than half way to 12:2623:18
cjohnstonSomething to fix that23:18
cjohnstoncause listing them all on one line would not look good23:18
cjohnstonbut listing them that way made them all open23:18
cjohnstonwhich wasnt the intent23:18
cjohnstonor even [http://www.thislinkdoesntopen.com] but http://thislinkopens.com23:19
cjohnstona way to "turn a link on or off"23:19
mbuddeYeah, ok.. but then I'd rather make it opt-out instead of opt-in, so [http://foo.com] would make Lernid ignore the url23:19
cjohnstonthat would be fine by me23:19
cjohnstonAny other thoughts on that subject23:20
mbuddeShould they be completely ignored or just not loaded in the browser but added to the combo box?23:20
cjohnstoncombo box?23:20
mbuddein the browser23:21
cjohnstonyou mean the drop down?23:21
cjohnstonwith the addresses?23:21
mbuddeyeah, that's it23:21
cjohnstonI dont have an opinion23:21
cjohnstonhard to believe, i know23:22
cjohnstonbut.. its true23:22
cjohnstonhmm.. did you fix the issue where the channels werent visible at startup?23:22
cjohnstonor is that not fixed yet?23:22
mbuddeI'd guess adding it to the list would make most sense23:22
cjohnstonthats fine23:22
mbuddecjohnston: I disabled saving of the vertical panel position.. so the symptom is gone but I'd like to fix the underlying issue, if you know what I mean :)23:24
cjohnstoni just had it23:24
mbuddehmm.. are you running from source?23:25
cjohnstoni dont know if im on the most up to date code or not.. but its the most recient in the ppa im using23:25
cjohnstonhelp reports 0.523:26
cjohnstonmbudde: ill file a wishlist about turning off links too23:31
cjohnstonmbamford:  bug 51822923:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518229 in lernid "Add the ability for an instructor to "opt-out" links from being loaded by the Lernid browser" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51822923:34
cjohnstonsorry mbamford, mbudde23:34
mbuddecjohnston: did you answer my previous question? I got disconnected so I might have missed it...23:37
cjohnstoni dont know if im on the most up to date code or not.. but its the most recient in the ppa im using23:38
cjohnstonhelp reports 0.523:38
mbuddeoh, perhaps my message didn't go through23:38
mbuddeAre you using the release or daily ppa?23:39
cjohnstoni guess its releases23:40
cjohnstonill go get daily23:40

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