Fallenouubiquity does segfault on lucid amd64 desktop daily-live iso image , at the last summary window00:46
Fallenou Feb  6 01:38:21 ubuntu kernel: [  500.847290] ubiquity[12571]: segfault at 7f64b29e3840 ip 00007f64c63d1d64 sp 00007fff67769140 error 4 in libglib-2.0.s     o.0.2302.0[7f64c6392000+c9000]00:48
cjwatsonif ubiquity segfaults then it is a bug in some other piece of software00:51
cjwatsonubiquity is pure-python00:52
Fallenoui found the bug in launchpad00:54
Fallenoui'm subscribing to it and i'm posting my logs00:54
Fallenouit seems to only affect me and 2 other people00:54
Fallenouor maybe there are duplicates of this bug00:54
cjwatsondon't do that00:55
cjwatsondo not *ever* piggyback on somebody else's crash bug00:55
cjwatsonit's a bug that Launchpad semi-encourages you to do that00:55
Fallenouwhat do you mean by piggyback ?00:56
cjwatson00:54 <Fallenou> i'm subscribing to it and i'm posting my logs00:56
Fallenouwhat should i do ?00:56
cjwatsonthe result of people doing this is that developers give up on that bug because it is now composed of several people's unrelated problems00:57
cjwatsonfile a new bug00:57
Fallenouand i mark it as a duplicate ?00:57
cjwatsonno, why would you do that?00:57
cjwatsonthat is for a developer to determine00:57
Fallenoubecause it's the same bug00:57
cjwatsonit is not in general possible for a user to determine that00:57
cjwatsonyou have the same symptoms00:57
cjwatsonwhat steps have you taken to prove that it is the same cause?00:58
Fallenoui have exactly the same symptoms, same log message, and a segfault from glibc00:58
Fallenouand it's in the same software (ubiquity)00:58
cjwatsonin other words, you havenm't proven anything :)00:58
cjwatsona segfault can occur for all kinds of reasons00:58
cjwatsonand the log message says little more than that it's a segfault somewhere in a large library00:58
Fallenouyes sure but you must agree that here the probability that it's the same bug are really high00:59
cjwatsonno, I mustn't00:59
cjwatsonif you think it's the same bug, just don't file it00:59
cjwatsonthat's fine, I don't really mind.  but I do mind when people jump into an existing bug, because that does actually cause problems, even when they're well-intentioned00:59
Fallenouok sorry01:00
CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3725 plugins-conversion/ (9 files in 5 dirs): Initial plugin conversion work on partman and summary.01:00
Fallenoui posted my comment, i read you on irc too late, and i don't think i can remove my comment01:00
cjwatsonI'm not saying you're deliberately causing a problem here, but I have years of experience in disentangling bugs full of multiple people who think they have the same bug and turn out to be wrong, and I want to discourage people from doing this01:00
Fallenouyes i fully understand your concern01:00
Fallenoui'm sorry01:01
Fallenoui'm gonna fill a new bug01:01
Fallenouand if some developper thinks it's related, he's gonna mark it as duplicate01:01
cjwatsonone of these days I'll convince the Launchpad people to encourage this behaviour too. :)01:02
StevenKHaha, good luck01:03
CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3726 plugins-conversion/ubiquity/ (components/ubi-usersetup.py frontend/gtk_ui.py):01:13
CIA-6ubiquity: * Properly call hostname_error.01:13
CIA-6ubiquity: * Remove dead process_identification code from gtk_ui.01:13
Fallenoulaunchpad sucks so hard01:15
Fallenouit failed to register the new bug01:15
Fallenouok it failed again ...01:19
Fallenou(Error ID: OOPS-1498L141)01:19
Fallenougood night01:22
CIA-6ubiquity: evand * r3727 plugins-conversion/ubiquity/components/ubi-partman.py: Wrap partman gtk_ui initialization so it doesn't crash ubiquity on error.01:30
anthony71need some help11:26
anthony71is there some one to help11:26
CIA-6ubiquity: cjwatson * r3743 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity debian/changelog):17:32
CIA-6ubiquity: In cdebconf mode, initialise the templates database if necessary as a17:32
CIA-6ubiquity: workaround for cdebconf's packaging not doing this itself.17:32
SaygeI have been having an issue with the 64 bit install that I do not with the 32 bit staller, was wondering if this is the place to go to bounce around ideas of what the issue could be.20:21

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