ubot4CShadowRun called the ops in #ubuntu-uk (Paraselene__)00:20
MK-BBis any ops here.. who might be able to help me?00:32
rwwMK-BB: Which channel do you need help with?00:33
MK-BBwe want to remove the locobot.. which logs our room00:34
rwwMK-BB: Locobot's admin contact is admin@ubuntu-eu.org. If nobody in here can help, that's where I'd ask.00:35
jpdsMK-BB: Why do you want to remove it?00:37
MK-BBcuz.. we already have our own logging bot..00:37
MK-BBno point having 2 bots, right..?00:38
ubot4In #ubuntu-cym, ianto said: !windows7 is <reply> Windows 7 was not my idea00:57
lfaraoneHi, can you have ubottu join #ubuntu-us-dc?01:23
Tm_Thi, good morning08:25
Tm_Twho was ubot3 maintainer?09:38
Tm_Tor if it's not available anyway, some other bot to #ubuntu-fi please?09:39
jussio1Tm_T: its nalioth and probably just needs a restart09:57
Tm_Tnalioth: ^10:05
Tm_Thas anyone seen some mirc/invision spam lately? our loco channel just had one hit10:41
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Philip5popey: or anyone else who know. will the @ubuntu.com mailadress you get from being ubuntu member be made from my LP name or from my display name?17:43
jpdsPhilip5: LP name.17:43
jpdsPhilip5: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail17:43
MarkDudeAm I in the right place? I was just opped in # ubuntu-us-or19:20
MarkDude<MarkDude> I have a few questions on how to practice some op commands. I was told official channels are not the place to practice. Some commands are not doable in practice channels.19:20
m4vMarkDude: which commands? you can probably try registering a temporal channel and join a clone19:27
m4vbut remember to drop the channel after you're done19:28
MarkDudem4v ty that makes sense.19:28
MarkDudeI also was curious about muting. I know its a last resort. Is it ok as an op to PM a warning on an issue that could turn bad?19:29
m4vmuting last resort? I thought banning was the last resort19:30
MarkDudeI dont plan on needing anything heavier, in an emergency I would mute & seek an experienced OP19:30
MarkDudeIm new, I'll mute & then look for expert.19:31
MarkDudeI dont want to overstep bounds. What sources are there to learn more? My understanding is that some commands are changing.19:32
MarkDudeI am talking about a channel that has 4 users at the moment.19:33
MarkDudeAs a new OP am I supposed to even think about bans?19:34
MarkDudeI thought my tools were PM & mute. Eventually - I'll be more experienced, I just dont want to make a mistake19:35
m4vif you're dealing with an obvious troll, I don't see why not19:35
m4vbut for a small channel like that, talking thing through would probably more effective19:35
MarkDudeFair enough. Ty for that really good point :)19:36
m4v(small tight community)19:36
MarkDudeMy thought also. I feel more comfortable, the more I review the *overview*. I just added this channel to my defaults.19:37
MarkDudeOPs have more *wiggle room* (while acting as OP) on PMs for questionable statements - am I correct?19:39
DJonesMarkDude: It might be worth joining #ubuntu-irc-helpers its a new channel details are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/UbuntuIRCHelpers there's some good info linked from the Catalyse section under learning & co-ordination19:40
m4vMarkDude: check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorGuidelines19:41
DJonesMarkDude: Its a very new channel so still quite quiet, but if the plans for the channel work it should be quite helpful19:42
MarkDudeTy m4v  DJones I added channel to defaults & bookmarked links. I also like the idea of wearing the helper hat 1st, and not needing to wear the OP hat ;)19:43
m4vthe /silence part no longer works since ircd-seven switch, I think now is /mode +g for block private messages of abusive users19:44
* m4v tries it19:45
MarkDudeI forgot about that.19:45
m4vubottu: ubuntu > m4v19:45
ubottum4v, please see my private message19:45
MarkDudeTy both.19:48
m4vI updated the /silence part19:58
erUSUL!equiv is <reply>Do not ask if we know a program similar to window's foobar just tell us what you want to do and we can suggest a program to do it.21:53
m4verUSUL: you didn't add the spanish one :(22:52
erUSULm4v: ok ok... XD but as often happens the edit got lost ;)22:53
erUSULnobody added it yet22:53
erUSULand probably wont add it22:53
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