lifelessapw: you said 'nomodeset' right ?00:42
apwlifeless, ack, and rember to try VT switching00:43
lifelesstried that00:43
lifelessand commented in the bug ;)00:43
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BUGabundogood afternoon guys14:28
BUGabundosorry to bother on your Saturday,but can anyone take a peak at bug 51805814:28
BUGabundothanks in advance14:28
crimsunsome very unscientific, hand-waving comments on -12.17-generic vs. -12.17-preempt: with generic suspend and resume each takes 1s, with preempt each takes 2.5s; casual audio playback/capture (through PA) is largely unchanged between both [largely within a std dev]; battery life is decreased with preempt.18:55
crimsunagain, nothing extraordinary given what enabling CONFIG_PREEMPT=y does.18:55
crimsun(oh, and CONFIG_HZ=1000)18:56
crimsun(also, PA is already an RT task via RtKit, so I wouldn't have expected it to change)18:58
TheMusocrimsun: Interesting, and not surprising.19:04
arandHow would I tell which mainline version the -10 and -11 kernels for Lucid are based on?22:08
crimsunsee either gitweb or the package changelog22:14
crimsune.g., -12.1[67] are; -11.15 is; -10.14 is
arandcrimsun: cheers!22:33
arandI'm forwarding a kernel bug upstream, this seems ok for that purpose?: http://pastebin.com/m6ec8986822:44
crimsunarand: for references to daily, please check the associated build log and include the actual git-describe / changeset hash22:47
arandcrimsun: okays, otherwise seems ok?22:48
crimsunarand: I would clarify "built from" to "based on"22:49
arandcrimsun: ok, for the hash, is that the "commit 56dca4ceb7b39aa4173aa1cb822c860ced2be1ec" line from the build log? And would 22:53
arand... "long<v2.6.33-rc6-228-g56dca4c>" be of any use including as well?22:54
arandcrimsun: In the case of the log here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/current/BUILD.LOG22:54
crimsunyes, and yes.22:54
arandcrimsun: Okay :)22:55
crimsuneither would work, but I find git-describe more useful22:55
arandcrimsun: Ok, reported: http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15242 dunno if the acpica-core designation is correct...23:04

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