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nigel_nbpopey, around?14:00
popeynigel_nb: you didnt attach a screenshot14:27
nigel_nboh no! forgot14:28
nigel_nbpopey, done!14:31
nigel_nbpopey, could potentially be i386 vs amd6414:35
nigel_nbwell, we both checked on fresh vms, what could possibly be differnt14:39
popeywhats the history of your vm?14:39
popeymine isnt a vm, its the live cd14:40
nigel_nbI got the live cd today and installed to VM14:40
popeywell, is it karmic upgraded, an install of lucid upgraded...14:40
nigel_nbpopey, ^14:40
popeynigel_nb: boot off a live cd to test?14:42
nigel_nbpopey, without install?14:42
popeythats what I did14:43
nigel_nbwell, I thought its the live cd env that gets installed14:43
nigel_nbwould it change?14:43
popeywell it clearly has for you14:43
popeyi have installed from that live cd and I see the same icons14:44
nigel_nbpopey, I installed from live cd too!14:44
nigel_nbchecking now14:45
nigel_nbpopey: you're not gone I hope15:07
nigel_nbwell, the same on Live CD too15:08
popeyi have booted i386 live cd and I see [+] and [-]15:08
nigel_nbpopey: how old is your live CD?15:08
popey-rw-rw-r--  1 alan alan 680M 2010-02-06 08:09 lucid-desktop-i386.iso15:08
popey7 hours15:09
popeyi downloaded it about 5 mins ago15:09
nigel_nbbah.. I downloaded about 12 hours ago15:10
popeychanging status back to "New"15:12
pleia2if anyone else can think of things to add to it, please do23:38

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