dholbachhaha, nice REVU bug: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/zope.index will get the "index" removed from the URL00:02
StevenKgeser: Killed.00:24
ari-tczewcan we sync nonfree -> multiverse ?00:25
geserStevenK: thanks00:29
persiaari-tczew: Sometimes, and usually.00:32
persiaMore specifically, check the license against ubuntu-policy00:33
DabianThis is a user question, I guess, but maybe it will end up in a bug report.00:38
DabianI am sitting in my arm chair, ready to watch a DVD.  Turns out its encrypted.00:38
DabianI installed libdvdread4, and sudo'ed the script ...00:38
DabianBut it still doesn't work.00:38
DabianWhat is wrong?00:39
Dabian(I tried playing the dvd with xine, vlc and mythtv)00:40
Dabian(VLC might have the configuration messed up though)00:40
persiaDabian: You may find that you can get an answer in #ubuntu00:41
DabianWhat say you?  No idea, or its broken?00:41
Dabianpersia: I thought that would be the right place to ask.  Not sure why I asked here, sorry.00:41
persiaDabian: No worries.  It's just the sort of question that almost never gets answered here.00:42
Dabianpersia: Thanks for pointer.00:43
DabianSeems #Ubuntu is clueless too.00:45
DabianThe more skilled you get, the less help are you likely to get, I guess.00:46
DabianOK . now I am getting some response...00:48
DabianOK .. turns out that its a limitation00:56
DabianUbuntu doesn't work for certain DVD's.  You have to use windows or something else.00:56
DabianAs I don't have or intend to aquire windows, I will have to watch the DVD at my parents place or similar, I guess. :|00:57
Dabian(Not that they run windows on a dvd-capable machine, but they have a television and a dvd-player)00:57
DabianI guess thats it for GNU/Linux as "media-player".00:58
sladenDabian: urm, I doubt it's as simple as that00:58
Dabiansladen: Well, nobody knows how to make it work.00:59
sladenDabian: the unencryption is just a matter of software;  and hasn't changed for about 10 years00:59
Dabiansladen: I was told that some DVD's just doesn't work with ubuntu.00:59
sladenDabian: what error message are you seeing.  Have you googled it?00:59
sladenDabian: sounds like FUD00:59
marnoldDabian, you using libdvdcss201:00
DabianNot sure how I get an error message.01:00
Dabianmarnold: I am using libdvdread4, and I ran the script.01:00
DabianI guess I can fire up xine in the gnome-termial.01:00
Dabianlibdvdread: Error cracking CSS key for /VIDEO_TS/VTS_02_1.VOB (0x001ff86b)!!01:01
sladenDabian: run   vlc dvd://   or   mplayer dvd://    or   totem dvd://   or   xine dvd://   from a terminal and look at what it prints when you press play, and it doesn't01:01
DabianWill try google that.01:01
marnoldperhaps we should take this in to #ubuntu... Hold on  why are you runnin xine in gnome01:01
DabianWhy not?01:02
DabianI guess #ubuntu would be the apropiate forum.01:02
DabianI got some page from google that talks about "regionset"01:03
persiaThis really isn't the right forum :)01:03
Dabianpersia: Right.01:03
sladenDabian: from Googling on your behalf, it sounds like you probably have a region-locked DVD drive of some sort, and a DVD that doesn't match that region01:04
Dabianright ..01:04
DabianNot something I know a lot about .. but I guess most dvd's over here are region locked.01:04
DabianMaybe this dvd is a different region.01:05
DabianI dunno.01:05
Laneyplease, if you wish to provide support, take it to some more appropriate forum01:05
DabianI am in #ubuntu also, sorry Laney01:05
marnoldoh now i remember why i'm here01:06
sladenDabian: given that the DVD hardware (its firmware) is below the level of the software, then there's little the software can do about it (the DVD drive is not passing it the data).  You need to get a normal DVD drive that doesn't have unnecessary restrictions (this will apply equally in MS Windows as it does in Debian, Ubuntu, or other $distro of choice)01:07
Dabiansladen: Thanks.01:08
marnoldwe may have an outstanding security issue in ircd-hybrid http://www.debian.org/security/2010/dsa-1980 appears not to be fixed in lucid01:09
DabianEF-net irc?01:10
marnoldas last uploader of that package01:10
marnoldi wondering what i should do01:10
sladenmarnold: pull the packages from Debian when they're available01:11
marnoldDabian, most have switched to ratbox01:11
DabianI guess you should contact the security team right away.01:11
sladenmarnold: poke pitti or someone for help01:12
marnoldsladen, this one doesn't get much active maintenance01:12
persia#ubuntu-hardened tends to be a good place to ask about security stuff.  Asking in the next 10 minutes or so is likely to be best.01:12
mdeslaurmarnold: what's the issue?01:12
marnoldand I'm also wondering about the wisdom of including hybrid in lucid01:13
marnoldits hasn't seen much upstream development01:14
sladenmarnold: have a look at popcon01:14
lfaraonejdong: I fixed bug 479131 in a 0.2 upload, but because the error occurs on package removal or reinstallation (when the service is stopped), people who have already installed the package will continue to have problems. How should I go about fixing this? (or should I just tell people to "LANG=C apt-get upgrade" first?)01:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 479131 in autokey "Autokey crashes on post-install, "stop" action checks the return message rather than the return code." [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47913101:27
jdonglfaraone: ... is there no way to correct the problem without forcing people to use an oddball apt-get incantation?01:27
lfaraonejdong: well, it's a issue in the init script that has to do with internationalization.01:28
Dabiansladen: I fixed my problem with regionset!  THANK YOU! :))))01:28
jdonglfaraone: can you not call the init script from post(inst,rm) with LANG=C in that case?01:28
lfaraonejdong: the issue is not with the 0.2 version, but the broken original version in the archives.01:28
jdonglfaraone: understood, but IMO part of the responsibility of the SRU is to address that01:29
jdongor at leaset make it behave in a way that doesn't involve nasty postinst errors01:29
lfaraonejdong: okay. the package uses CDBS, so I'm not sure how I'd override what it does in the postinst/postrm.01:30
jdongsorry, I'm not currently at a machine where I can get you more specific advice01:31
jdongbut with SRU hat on, from a policy standpoint I'd like for the package to cleanly upgrade affected users through the update manager / apt-get upgrade as expected01:32
jdonghopefully a volunteer idling in this channel can provide more specific assistance :)01:32
ScottKIt's doable.  Let me look something up.01:40
ScottKlfaraone: See --error-handler= in man dh_installinit01:42
diwicI'm trying to debug a program crash but all I get in gdb is "Thread exited" and a SIGKILL. How can I trace down where the bug occurs?03:41
diwicIf I run the program under strace, the program does not crash.03:41
ScottKAh. A Heisnburg.  Those are tough.03:49
nigel_nbScottK, how do I look through the source for how a particular package is being installed/uninstalled?03:52
diwicScottK: any hints?03:54
ScottKdiwic: No.  Not really, just trying to share the pain.03:55
diwicperhaps if I can put a breakpoint on thread exit, is this possible?03:57
ScottKI'm very unlikely to have any additional useful information for you.  Sorry.03:57
ScottKOff the top of my head, I'd think you'd have to know what thread.03:57
kamalmostafadiwic: I would think that the "Thread exited" is the symptom, not the cause...  The SIGKILL bears investigation though.  That's an unusual signal for a program to get unless something is explicitly sending it (that's "kill -9").  Is it possible that the program is sending *itself* the SIGKILL "intentionally"?  Does the string "SIGKILL" appear anywhere in the source?03:58
kamalmostafadiwic: ... or for that matter, does the program call kill() or raise() internally anyplace?04:00
kamalmostafaIf the program were to call raise(9) for example, you'd get this effect I think.04:01
diwicSIGKILL is not present04:01
diwicraise is but not with sigkill as argument04:01
kamalmostafadiwic: what argument does it call raise() with?04:02
diwickill is present in quite a few places04:02
crimsun(inside gdb) info threads04:03
crimsun() thread foo04:03
crimsun() break linenum thread foo04:03
crimsunbusy ATM but will look in a bit04:04
diwiccrimsun, so do that on all calls to kill() and raise()?04:04
crimsun(I presume this is 517902?)04:04
diwiccrimsun, yes04:04
diwicbug #51790204:05
kamalmostafadiwic: You could just set a breakpoint on "kill" and another on "raise" I think -- you shouldn't need to set individual breakpoints on each call to them.04:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 517902 in pulseaudio "Pulseaudio crashes when starting pavucontrol" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51790204:05
diwiccrimsun, I suspect that the new alsa-lib wakeup thing might be involved04:06
diwicgot one kill breakpoint but that wasn't it, when I continued, the program didn't crash.04:10
kamalmostafaQuestion about version numbers:  Package 'gwp' currently shows version number (0.4.0-1.2build1) -- I want to make change to fix the FTBFS in ubuntu.  What should the next version number be?  Should it be "...build2" or "...ubuntu1" next?04:11
diwickamalmostafa, best thing I guess would be to upstream the FTBFS04:11
TakyojiSo I take it that the Basic PackagingGuide on the Ubuntu wiki is just a little dated; or?04:12
diwickamalmostafa, if that is not possible I'd suggest ubuntu104:12
TakyojiBecause the rules file displayed is quite different from the one generated04:12
Takyojiand it refers to debhelper 5 or 6; when I think the recent release is supposedly 704:13
ScottKkamalmostafa: ubuntu104:13
diwickamalmostafa, nope, now it quitted without any kill breakpoints04:14
Takyojiotherwise I'm referring to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic04:14
kamalmostafadiwic: your SIGKILL problem sounds like it could be a timing related thing (since you also said that running under strace also hides the problem).   If I were in your shoes, I'd examine each kill() call in the source visually -- figure out which one might possibly send a kill(9), if any.   But this is getting pretty involved -- perhaps a different channel would be a better place to ask about this?  (which one I don't know).04:15
kamalmostafaScottK: thank you.  Is the use of "build1" a normal thing to do (for "no change" rebuilds)?  I'd not seen that before.04:16
diwickamalmostafa, IRL calling, got to go, thanks anyway04:16
ScottKkamalmostafa: Yes.  A build1 build will got overwritten by autosync.04:16
kamalmostafadiwic: good luck!04:17
kamalmostafaScottk: Ah, okay, that makes perfect sense.  thanks.04:17
nigel_nbhggdh, will you be awake for some more time?05:04
hggdhnigel_nb: not for long, no05:23
nigel_nbhggdh, I wanted to make sense of debian/rules05:23
nigel_nb(which is why I'm pining here)05:24
hggdhnigel_nb: unfortunately this is pretty much it for me this night, sorry. But we can do it later05:24
jmarsdennigel_nb: Why would someone else's wakefulness (or otherwise) affect *your* ability to make sense of a debian/rules file?05:24
hggdhmeanwhile, this is indeed the best place05:24
hggdhheh. Good question, methinks05:25
nigel_nbjmarsden, well my mentor's awakefullness would05:25
nigel_nbhggdh, later then...05:25
jmarsdennigel_nb: There are plenty of useful people here when you need help :)  Ask the channel when you get stuck and see who helps.05:25
nigel_nbah well, here goes then05:25
nigel_nbI'm looking at the rules files and I wanted to know if all the files being created are being cleaned05:26
nigel_nbpackage is firestarter05:26
jmarsdennigel_nb: Well, you could test that by copying your pristine just-unpacked source tree, then running the build, then clean, then compare the cleaned copy with the copied one using diff, and see if any files got left around.  Would that help?05:27
nigel_nbjmarsden, that definitely would.  Let me try :) thanks05:28
jmarsdenYou're welcome.05:28
rhpot1991if anyone is available for a revu: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/hdhomerun-config-gui06:27
randomactionsuji11: you still have lintian errors/warnings07:53
suji11randomaction: ya, i'm checking that how to rectify the errors. But it is little bit tough for me, because this is my first package.07:55
randomactionyou can ask here if you don't know how to fix some items07:55
suji11 randomaction: ya, my first problem is how to add the copyright information in files to my copyright file. Actually i'm having 3 directories, src(Contains c programs and header files), share(contain the bitmap image of IOK), po(contain the translation files).07:58
suji11randomaction: In po directory there are around 30 files, each file has different copyright holders. should i add all those peoples name in copyright file, if yes how to?08:00
randomactionhmm, afaik that's not usually done08:08
randomactionsuji11: but yes, in your case in some of the files copyright is claimed08:18
randomactionby Red Hat, Fedora etc.08:18
randomactionfor this situation I would recommend using DEP5 format: http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/08:19
randomactionwhere the file says "Copyright (C) YEAR THE PACKAGE'S COPYRIGHT HOLDER", you can assume that the copyright holder is the same as the rest of the package08:20
suji11randomaction: ok, i will do that, how to create the man page for my package/08:34
suji11randomaction: http://pastebin.com/m67980505 this is the copyright information of two files, how to i add this in my copyright file?08:39
randomactionfor as.po: nothing to add08:40
randomactionfor ca.po: Copyright (C) 2009 Free Software Foundation08:40
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suji11randomaction: that is enough ah? shouldn't add the name Xavier Conde Rueda <xavi.conde@gmail.com>, 2009. ?08:43
randomactionas far as I can tell from the contents of the file, he doesn't claim copyright08:44
suji11randomaction: ok, i sent a mail to you about the copyright information,let me know what are the things should i add in my copyright file from that.08:46
randomactionsuji11: now format everything according to http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/08:48
randomactionand instead of sending me mails, just pastebin the text somewhere08:49
suji11randomaction: ok08:50
suji11randomaction: i will do the copyright file and will copy that in pastebin and send to you.08:50
suji11 randomaction: http://pastebin.com/m2ac2e7d0 for this what should i add in copyright?08:53
randomactionuse your judgement08:54
suji11randomaction: Copyright: 2009 iok , is this right?08:58
suji11randomaction: http://pastebin.com/m54ee125b this is the copyright file i created now, is this ok?09:19
randomactiongenerally OK. Use "License: GPL-2+". "Copyright:" and "License:" mustn't be preceded by spaces. Stanzas must be separated by blank lines. Last stanza must mention "/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2" and in examples in DEP5.09:22
randomactions/and in/as in/09:23
suji11randomaction: http://pastebin.com/m46fcd05a i changed the things, now ok?09:32
randomactionlooks ok to me09:33
suji11randomaction: i will update this to revu.ubuntuwire.com now.09:34
suji11randomaction: Thank you :)09:37
siretartsebner: master thesis, not a phd12:12
sebnersiretart: oh, I'm sorry. nearly the same though :P12:13
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riot_leanyone here who can help me with an pbuilder/debootstrap error?13:24
c_kornriot_le: just ask.13:28
riot_lei want to create the pbuilder environment on a new client and get an debootstrap-error by doing pbuilder --create: " Failure trying to run: chroot /var/cache/pbuilder/build/10088/. mount -t proc proc /proc"13:29
riot_lei've searched google and the Ubuntu Wiki but didn't find an answer to this issue13:30
riot_le i try it with sudo and as root-User but the Issue is the same13:31
alkisgI need my app to be ran with gksu, and I'm getting this lindian warning: http://lintian.debian.org/tags/su-wrapper-not-su-to-root.html13:54
alkisgHowever, su-to-root isn't install by default on Lucid. Should I depend on that? Should I just keep using gksu? (nope, no thoughts currently about switching to PK :))13:54
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kemmotarhi there! how i can contribute if i'm not programmer?14:10
nigel_nbkemmotar, yes.  Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/community14:10
kemmotarnigel_nb: all from here need programmer skill...14:12
nigel_nbkemmotar, artwork doesnt14:13
nigel_nbkemmotar, bug squad doesn't, and neither does docs14:13
kemmotarnigel_nb: "bug squad doesn't" ??? i think it based on programming...14:15
rmunnkemmotar, Fixing bugs does need programming skill. Reading bug reports and triaging them (can I reproduce it on my computer, or would I need more information to reproduce the bug?) doesn't necessarily take programming skill, just patience.14:20
kemmotarin last full circle motu said that to be motu no programmer skill are required...what he meant?14:20
rmunnkemmotar, And answering the "is this a duplicate of another bug?" question also doesn't take programming skill, just knowledge of how to do a search. :-)14:21
nigel_nbkemmotar, you *dont* need to code in MOTU14:22
nigel_nbkemmotar, you need to package, which is a bit differnt14:22
rmunnIf non-programmers spend their time sorting through bug reports and filtering out the duplicates and the ones that can't be reproduced, that frees up programmer time to spend actually *fixing* bugs.14:22
nigel_nbyou need enough skills to understand what a patch does and some other stuff though14:22
rmunnBasic requirements for packaging are not being intimidated by the command line. If that describes you, read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1001/GetStarted and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek1001/FixSmallBugs and try the exercises there. If you can do those, you have the skills to help out with packaging.14:24
kemmotarrmunn: so "bug squad" is something different to "bug fixing"?14:25
nigel_nbkemmotar, Bug Squad does not fix bugs14:25
rmunnkemmotar, "Bug Squad" is the team of people that work on bugs. There are many steps to working on bugs, and fixing it is only the last step.14:26
rmunnSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad for what the Ubuntu Bug Squad does in detail.14:26
nigel_nbkemmotar, we make sure the dev can start fixing rather than spending time deciding which is important14:26
rmunnFrom that page: "They assign bugs to packages, ensure that bug reports are complete, find duplicate bug reports, recreate bugs, and forward bugs to their upstream authors." None of that takes any programming skill.14:26
kemmotarand what are easier - Bug Squad or packaging ?14:30
rmunnkemmotar, You can see the complexity of packaging by looking at those two devweek1001 links I posted a few minutes ago. Bug Squad consists mostly of reading bug reports and deciding if they're duplicates, if they need more information, and so on.14:32
rmunnIn my opinion, Bug Squad is probably easier for a beginner to get started in. But I don't know how much knowledge you have, so it's possible that packaging might be easier for you. You'll know for sure if you read those meeting logs and try the exercises. :-)14:33
BlackZI get this error when I run: "sudo pbuilder build *.dsc": http://paste.ubuntu.com/370289/ how can I solve? it's a python package, this is the "rules" file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/370290/14:42
ahewould someone take a look at my package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/rubyripper please?14:42
kemmotarrmunn, nigel_nb: thanks guys!!!14:43
geserBlackZ: do you have python in Build-Depends for your python package?14:44
rmunnBlackZ, paste your debian/control file, I think it might be missing a dependency14:45
rmunnBlackZ, The "ImportError: No module named distutils.core" message suggests that python-dev is missing from the dependency list14:45
BlackZthis is the control file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/370293/14:47
rmunnWhy do you have a "python-dev (>= 3)" requirement? That won't ever get installed: starting with Python 3.0, the python-dev package is called python3-dev. Change that to "python-dev (>= 2)" and I think your problem should get fixed.14:50
randomactionBlackZ: rerun debuild, pbuilder didn't even try to install python14:51
aboganiHi All, What mean when in changelog "1:" precedece version number?14:54
BlackZrandomaction, http://paste.ubuntu.com/370297/14:54
rmunnabogani, That's called an "epoch", it makes that version number sort "after" anything without a "1:" in front. It's used for when a package's version numbering changes in a way that wouldn't normally sort correctly (like going from "20090425" to "1.0" for example).14:56
rmunnBlackZ, Line 54 of that paste: "pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: python-dev (>= 3) but it is not installable" -- change that version number to 2 instead of 3 and things will work.14:57
aboganirmunn: Thanks a lot! :-)14:57
BlackZrmunn, ok, I'm trying to do so14:57
rmunnThere is no python-dev >= 3, python-dev versions only go up to 2.NN.14:57
rmunnChange the python-dev version in the Build-Depends: line of your debian/control file, then it should work.14:58
rmunnOkay, we've gotten past the distutils.core problem, now we've got a different problem: "dh: Command not found".15:09
rmunnGot it. It's not "dh clean", it should be "dh_clean". The line in your debian/rules that says "dh $@" is wrong.15:10
rmunnI don't know debhelper very well yet (I've only created one package so far and I used CDBS for it), so someone correct me if I'm mistaken -- but I think changing that line to "dh_$@" will work.15:11
rmunn... no wait, the documentation talks about doing "dh $@". Now I'm confused.15:12
geserdebhelper 715:12
rmunnDo you have debhelper listed as a build dependency?15:12
rmunnSomeone else better take this, I'm past where my knowledge runs out.15:13
rmunnExcept that I don't see pbuilder installing debhelper anywhere, so I think you just have to add debhelper to your Build-Depends: line.15:13
randomactionI agree15:14
BlackZhmm, now I get that when I run: "debuild -S": http://paste.ubuntu.com/370309/ but I have added debhelper 7 in the dependences15:15
randomactionread the error message, you should start line 6 in debian/rules with a tab15:16
rmunndebian/rules is a Makefile, and Makefiles are picky about whitespace. You *must* use a Tab character, not spaces, for indentation in Makefiles. Annoying, but there you go. Make sure you used a tab on line 6.15:16
randomactionactually, always read error messages15:17
BlackZhmm, I've started it with a tab15:17
rmunnrandomaction is right -- 90% of my problem-solving technique is "read the error message, paste it into Google if I don't understand it, read the first four or five Google results." Works nearly every time. :-)15:18
randomactionsome editors replace tabs with spaces, check yours15:18
hakaishiHello everyone! Anyone up to advocate/review qt-shutdown-p? - It is a program to shutdown the system (using the session manager or HAL or 'sudo shutdown -P now') and display the remaining time. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/qt-shutdown-p15:19
BlackZrandomaction, I get the spaces with nano, pico and gedit - what do you use?15:25
randomactiongedit has a setting to replace/not replace tab with spaces15:26
randomactionchangeable in the right-hand side of the status bar15:26
randomactionanyway, try to replace these spaces with a tab and then save file15:27
rmunnMake sure you get the whole file... if it changed one tab it probably changed all of them, so you'll have to change them *all* back.15:28
BlackZok thanks all, I'll be back in few moments ;)15:29
ejathi .. who can help me with this http://bit.ly/alDSYa15:59
hakaishiejat: the problem is libtool, but I can't tell you anything else because I don't know your source code. Maybe it is just that you need a (>=2.2.6) in the debian/control file16:07
ejathakaishi: ok .. ill give a try .. thanks ..16:10
seglerhi, please help me with: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/rhythmbox-radio-browser16:13
ejathelp me with this plz ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/370346/16:31
rmunnI don't understand libtool, so I can't tell you how to do it, but lines 11 and 12 look like the thing to do: "You should recreate aclocal.m4 with macros from libtool 2.2.6a-4 and run autoconf again."16:32
ejatyeah line 11 n 12 .. but i dont know to do that :(16:34
kklimondaejat, you can try running autoreconf in the source directory16:38
kklimondaor aclocal alone16:38
jdongsuperm1: discovery of the day: Pairing the apple wireless keyboards tends to work 100% of the time *if* the profile is REMOVED from OS X first16:39
jdongsuperm1: I'm not sure if OS X puts something persistent in the bluetooth controller (likely) or keyboard (possible also).... but that glitches out the pairing process16:39
jdongno idea how to perform the "factory reset" equivalent if OS X is no longer around.16:39
ejatkklimonda: http://paste.ubuntu.com/370351/16:42
kklimondaejat, install libtool16:43
ejatok ..16:43
ejatkklimonda: then after that i need to re-tarball back all the codes right?16:58
kklimondaejat, if it worked you would have to create a diff between clean source and the one after autoreconf was launched and patch it at the build time.16:59
superm1jdong, well i never had OS X w/ mine and still always have a hard time pairing :)17:42
jdongsuperm1: hmm interesting :)17:43
jdongsuperm1: yeah when OS X still knew about the keyboard it was impossible to pair17:43
jdongthe keyboard would get ADHD and start trying to connect to the last bt it remembered which in turn rejects it, ...17:43
superm1jdong, i am suspecting the only way we're gonna get down to the bottom of this is to find someone who is knowledgable enough to sniff all the USB packets through a VM or something w/ OSX pairing17:45
seglerhi, please help me with: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/rhythmbox-radio-browser17:47
jgoppertis there any way to get debian lenny packages into the launchpad ppa?18:24
ScottKjgoppert: PPA questions are better asked on #launchpad18:25
jgoppertok thanks18:27
seglerhi, please help me with: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/rhythmbox-radio-browser18:28
jdongsuperm1: btw, what's the status with fglrx and lucid?18:31
jdongsuperm1: my attempt to install ot right now led to all sorts of pretty glitching and a corrupted root :)18:31
superm1jdong, amd hasn't published a build that works with the new X server18:31
jdongsuperm1: *nods* gotcha18:31
superm1most of the packaging should be ready though for the new style18:31
superm1)eg alternatives)18:32
quadrisprohello folks18:43
iulianHey quadrispro.18:53
quadrisproheya iulian18:54
rmunnAny MOTUs interested in reviewing or advocating for http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/python-nltk today? NLTK is a set of Python libraries for computational linguistics, and is apparently rather famous in that field (even has an O'Reilly book about it: http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596516499). I'd like to see it get into Lucid, so I'd like to get some reviews and/or advocates before Feature Freeze on Feb. 18th.18:59
ScottKrmunn: Did you see about getting into Debian?  It's particularly easy to get Python stuff in.  Visit #debian-python on OFTC.19:02
rmunnI figured the Debian process would take longer than the Ubuntu process, so I did the Ubuntu package first. I do plan on getting it into Debian as well, though.19:03
ScottKFor Python stuff, Debian is often faster.19:03
rmunnAnd if it gets accepted into sid before the Debian freeze this coming Thursday, it'd be automatic in Lucid. Right.19:04
ScottKIt's need to get into Testing before the Freeze, so no, but it's easy to ask for a sync once it's in Unstable19:08
rmunnScottK: Understood, thanks19:08
cyberixI'm trying to do "requestsync --lp -s -d unstable miredo", but this does not work because the package in debian is fresh19:15
cyberixhow long does it take for this to start working after the package is out?19:15
geserI don't know how long it takes to get the changelog updated19:17
crimsunhmm. I hadn't even noticed that --skip-minimize is now the default in piuparts(1).19:19
rmunnScottK: Thanks for the suggestion: it seems there's a Debian python-nltk package sitting abandoned... someone on #debian-python suggested I ping the maintainer and take over if he doesn't answer within, say, a week. But that'll be after the Debian import freeze for Lucid, so if I'm going to get this into Lucid I'll still need someone to review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/python-nltk20:03
rhpot1991got a question about the copyright file, since I'm updating an already existing package I just add my information and leave the previous authors info in tact correct?20:10
qenseI've added hooks to configure.ac, but they aren't picked up by Soyuz and debuild. How do I get those to regenerate configure and the Makefiles.in files?23:22
chrisccoulsonqense - is your question there regarding transmission?23:24
qenseI built it only to find it without the right flag enabled.23:25
chrisccoulsonqense - you can just run autoreconf in the build system23:25
chrisccoulsonbut we already have a patch in transmission which contains a refresh of the build system23:25
chrisccoulsonso you can just update that patch23:25
qensechrisccoulson: update that patch to do what?23:25
chrisccoulsonqense - you can make the changes to 99_autoreconf.patch23:27
chrisccoulsonif you just extract that patch for editting23:28
chrisccoulsonand then run "autoreconf" in the build system23:28
chrisccoulsonand make sure you delete autom4te.cache and config.h.in~ afterwards too23:28
chrisccoulsonthat will update configure and Makefile.in with the changes you made23:29
qensechrisccoulson: What changes should I made to the patch?23:29
qenseand with extracting you mean applying?23:29
qensewith cbds?23:29
chrisccoulsonqense - just run "autoreconf" with the patch extracted for editing23:29
chrisccoulsonqense - transmission uses quilt23:29
chrisccoulsonqense - you can automate it with this script: http://people.ubuntu.com/~chrisccoulson/scripts/quilt-autotools.sh23:30
chrisccoulsonby running "quilt-autotools.sh -p 99_autoreconf.patch -a dont_build_libevent.patch"23:31
chrisccoulsonthat will do it automatically, make sure any new files are included in the patch, and clean up afterwards too23:31
qensechrisccoulson: thanks!23:31

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