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mbanai don't know what to say about the state of firefox on linx02:37
mbanathe new jit doesn't work on 64bitm achines02:37
mbanacan't get the 32bit ver. working on 64bit machine02:38
mbanafonts are terrible02:38
mbanathe whole browsing experienced has deteriorated badly02:38
mbanawhat ver. of FF is going to be in the the LTS release?02:39
ccheneyanyone know if someone is working on getting chrome bookmark sync working with firefox (the same data)?05:44
crimsunmbana: the next LTS release is the current development one, 10.04, which will have 3.606:03
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Milos_SDI see there is alpha 2 of Firefox 3.712:41
Milos_SDand still it freezes with flash on a page... only workaroung is to set: dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to false12:41
mbanathere's no point in releasing 3.6 with the lts release12:53
mbanathe fonts are broken12:53
Tallkenhey, I have random crashes on Firefox 3.6; I'd blame it on an update which came out in the last one or two weeks before the official release but it's just one of those impressions a guy has but can't prove... suggestions? GDB or something until it hangs and then do something which I hope will be documented somewhere?15:02
TallkenBUGabundo, my Firefox 3.6 has no  ipc.something15:02
BUGabundostrange Tallken15:04
BUGabundowhat distro version ?15:05
BUGabundo$ firefox -g15:05
BUGabundowith gdb packags installed should get you a nice trace15:05
Tallkenit hangs, doesn't crash, how do I tell gdb it hanged?15:06
TallkenBUGabundo, mozilla PPA, package Firefox-3.5 which is actually Firefox-3.615:06
BUGabundoctr+c or ctr+z15:06
BUGabundoTallken: no, what ubuntu version ?15:07
mahfouz"firefox" is firefox-3.615:07
mahfouzbut firefox-3.5 is what it is15:07
TallkenNamoroka 3.6.2pre15:09
TallkenBUGabundo, 9.1015:11
BUGabundoTallken: so your prob is from PPA?15:13
BUGabundoif you use archive or stable ppa does it work fine ?15:13
Tallkenhum... disregard my first statement15:14
TallkenBUGabundo, at the moment I'm not sure15:15
TallkenI should have told "I'd blame it on an update which came out in the last one or two weeks before the official release but it's just one of those impressions a guy has but can't prove..." I should have used as a global time scale and not on a Firefox level15:16
Tallkencause around that time Namoroka started hanging more15:16
Tallkenand went to Firefox-3.5 and it hanged as well15:16
Tallkenbut had addons so thought it was related15:16
Tallkenso I confused myself15:16
Tallkenso, disregard my first statement15:17
Tallkenstill, any advice about GDB would be nice :)15:17
BUGabundoTallken: $ apt-cache policy firefox | pastebinit15:21
TallkenBUGabundo, http://pastebin.com/m32413f1315:23
BUGabundo        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status15:28
BUGabundoweirds Tallken15:28
BUGabundoyour package isn't in any place :\15:28
BUGabundo        500 http://ftp.dei.uc.pt karmic-updates/main Packages15:29
BUGabundoes tuga?15:29
Tallkenya :p15:29
BUGabundoMUAUAUA firefox 3.7a2 came out and broke all my addons :(15:55
crimsunmbana: is there a bug report open on that?16:05
crimsunmbana: also, "there's no point" is counterproductive. Why not help fix it?16:05
kbrosnananyone with broken extensions on the trunk, please remember http://www.oxymoronical.com/blog/2009/11/Changing-the-checkCompatibility-preference18:01

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