nikoplease, someone can pastebin me last hour of #kubuntu ?00:08
nhandlerniko: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/02/05/%23kubuntu.txt00:09
nikosuch logs miss a lot of information00:10
tsimpsonniko: http://paste.ubuntu.com/369877/01:05
tsimpsontimestamps are UTC01:05
nikotsimpson: you must be aware, there is segfault in konversation 23:47:04 on your log01:06
tsimpsonI did wonder what that was about01:07
nikoi explained that to a konversation dev, i hope a fix will appears soon01:09
tsimpsonyeah, I just read the scrollback in #konversation01:10
tsimpsonI just noticed something interesting, +e and -e mode changes are not sent to the channel01:25
tsimpsonnor +/-I01:28
nikotsimpson: umode or mode ?01:32
tsimpsonniko: mode01:33
tsimpson(channel mode)01:33
niko#konversation so :)01:33
tsimpsonno, I mean at all01:33
tsimpsonnot even in telnet ;)01:33
tsimpsonthe mode change is just not sent to the channel, it still applies01:34
tsimpsonit gets send if you set the mode(s), but not to anyone else in the channel01:35
gord!away > n4cht_zZzZ04:14
mnainesAnyone here?05:18
mnainesI would like to file a complaint against one of the ops05:19
Myrttithough Ii'm falling asleep again05:19
mnainesHe came into ##club-ubuntu on January 31 and just started harassing me05:19
Myrttimnaines: ok...05:19
mnainesHere's the pastebin of the logs...I basically limited it to the conversations between me and ikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/369982/05:20
Myrttiyou realise that people are generally allowed to join any other channel, unless they are banned?05:26
mnainesMyrtti: I am not questioning why he was there05:27
tsimpsonyou should take it up with the ops in that channel05:27
mnainestsimpson: Emma was the op in the channel at the time and actually was present during my argument with ikonia05:27
tsimpsonso why did she not do anything about it?05:28
mnainestsimpson: She is pretty much the only op in that room, and she was in damage control mode after the argument started...There wasn't much she could do except kick or ban05:29
MyrttiI can't see anything in those logs that I'd say is harassing. You are having an argument, it happens with people.05:29
mnainesPlus, there were a lot of other people trying to talk to her at the same time05:30
tsimpsonit is up to the ops of that channel to decide what is and what is not appropriate05:30
mnainesMyrtti: The thing that concerns me is the lack of self-discipline among the ops in here...Those logs are an example that some individuals need to learn when to keep quiet and just smile and nod05:30
Myrttiexcuse me? eh. right.05:31
tsimpsonjust because someone happens to be an op in an Ubuntu channel does not mean they are no longer entitled to have an opinion or express that opinion05:32
Myrtti:-) *shake head* zzZzZZ05:32
tsimpsonas to if it was correct or not to do so, in that channel and in that way, is up to those channel ops05:32
mnainestsimpson: I'm not disagreeing there.  I'm simply saying if I was an op in another channel, I would try to behave more like an ambassador05:32
mnainesLike, if emma gave me op privileges in ##c-u, and I went into #ubuntu, I'd basically have to be on my best behavior because I would be representing ##c-u05:33
mnainesIf I had a disagreement, I would take it to IM and voice it there05:34
tsimpsonI would expect you to follow the rules regardless of your access in another channel05:34
mnainestsimpson: And one of those rules is be polite05:34
mnainesOf course, then you also have to consider The Golden Rule05:34
tsimpsonthen it's an issue for channel-ops05:34
mnainestsimpson: Doesn't mean you guys can't talk to him and remind him of his conduct and the rules05:35
tsimpsonif you did break the rules in #ubuntu I would no join ##c-u expecting someone to do anything about it05:35
tsimpsonmnaines: I'm not familiar with the rules in ##club-ubuntu, so I can't remind him of them05:36
mnainestsimpson: If I was in your position and someone from ##c-u was causing trouble in #ubuntu, not only would I discipline them in #ubuntu, I would go over to ##c-u and explain the situation then see if they could talk to the guy and tell him to chill out05:36
tsimpsonfollowing that logic, I should then complain to network staff, because they also use freenode?05:37
tsimpsonjust because they are in a certain channel, does not mean it has anything to do with that channel05:38
tsimpsonif someones behaviour does not comply with the rules of a channel they are in, it should be dealt with in that channel05:38
mnainestsimpson: I am not disagreeing.  I am simply saying "hey.  We had a report you argued with someone in another channel.  I know there are cases where you might have a disagreement of opinion, but next time could you tone it down a bit or at least take it to IM so everyone else in that channel is not being distracted?" would be a good way to solve the issue05:39
tsimpsonnow, if the operators of a channel feel that members of the Ubuntu IRC operator team, specifically, are continually breaking rules05:39
tsimpsonthey are welcome to alert us and discuss it with us05:39
tsimpsonand we would then take appropriate action on that05:39
mnainesYou understand my point, though, right, tsimpson, that a little friendly reminder to tone it down or take it to IM would be enough of a solution?05:40
tsimpsonI don't really see how it is anything to do with us, at this time05:41
mnainestsimpson: You may be right.  If you guys don't think there was any harassment in those logs, then I shall leave05:41
Seeker`it is about as relevant as asking his ISP to ask him to tone things down, seeing as he is an ambassador for thier IP address05:41
tsimpsonI do see an argument between you and ikonia, but people often disagree05:41
mnainestsimpson: Yes, but I feel disagreements should be discussed in IM instead of crowding an entire channel like that05:42
Seeker`then tell ikonia that05:42
Myrttimnaines: why didn't you then?05:42
Myrttitwo people etc05:43
mnainesMyrtti: Because those logs didn't show the full story...It only showed what ikonia and I talked about.  I was actually talking to more than just ikonia about those subjects05:43
tsimpsonthat stopped you from saying, "do you mind if we continue this in /msg?"05:44
tsimpsonor simply ignoring him?05:44
mnainestsimpson: Or maybe it was just a brief lapse of judgment05:44
MyrttiI seem to fail in logic, moar sleep05:44
tsimpsonI'm not here to decide who was right and who was wrong, I'm just saying it doesn't involve "us"05:45
mnainestsimpson: Very well.  I shall go then.  Thanks for clarifying things for me.05:45
bazhangcall up British Telecom!05:47
mneptokbazhang: you don't "call up" BT, you "ring up" BT  ;)07:34
bazhangmneptok, urp :)07:34
bazhanghe was doing the same type of thing last weekend as well08:40
mneptokhey space lamp! want to live inside my earth house? THANKS!09:15
Tm_Tmneptok: red 309:16
mneptokUGLY FURNITURE!09:17
Garyhey mneptok09:17
mneptokGary: *wriggle*09:19
Garysome of that furniture was nice :p09:19
* Myrtti curses aloud09:19
mneptokthe teardrop filled with frog eggs?09:20
Gary(most of it was horrid, esp the busts and statue things)09:20
Tm_TMyrtti: because I just did hit my knee painfully?09:20
Garymneptok: that was the best, it needed lasers tho09:20
mneptokSORRY! sold out!09:20
MyrttiTm_T: I wont even begin to tell09:20
Tm_TMyrtti: I know the feeling09:21
ikoniaahhhh maines crying at the home truths he got....09:21
Myrttiright. Excuse me while I'll go wash my hair to prepare a visit to the hospital to see my father who has apparently broken his hip joint while being drunk. This is his second time doing that.09:47
* Tm_T huggles Myrtti09:48
topylibroken hip sounds like a long recovery09:51
Tm_Tit is09:51
topylia six month hangover :(09:51
Tm_Tmy mother has ... both? hipjoints replaced09:52
Tm_Tweird that even when I and Myrtti have different parents, we are twins (;)10:08
Tm_T!away > [BT]Brendan10:09
Mamaroktopyli: do you have a minute?11:13
topylii might! :)11:14
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:40
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:40
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:40
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:40
Tm_Tsomeone should look at that ^11:41
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:47
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:47
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:47
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:47
ikoniabanned user also trying to join12:09
ubottuCShadowRun called the ops in #ubuntu (limus14)13:52
ikoniahello heg14:12
ikoniaheg: how can we help you14:13
ikoniaheg: do you need anything from the ubuntu operator team/group ?14:22
Tm_Thi MK-BB16:37
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)17:01
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)17:01
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)17:01
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)17:01
Tm_Tok, if you see people who has "www.cyberscript.org" or anything similar in their realname, they are not up to any good, apparently17:03
Tm_TI will remove those on sight, slap me if that's not desired17:05
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from callum_)17:06
revolverthe removal of the ban of the nick 'mkanyicy' is long overdue, whats going on17:40
Tm_Touch, I cannot test if I'm vulnerable?17:47
Tm_Tnot fun ):17:49
ubottuardchoille called the ops in #ubuntu (Shadowww)18:02
ardchoilleI think Shadoww in #ubuntu needs an attitude adjustment18:04
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu (shad0www_)18:05
jpds!staff | shad0www being a pest and ban evading.18:09
ubottushad0www being a pest and ban evading.: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)18:09
Tm_Tis that broad enough?18:10
ubottuipatrol_ called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:10
Tm_T!away > Oxymoron^away18:17
jpdsWe should be able to ban complete ranges like /24s.18:20
MarkDudeAm I in the right place? I was just opped in # ubuntu-us-or19:07
MarkDudeI have a few questions on how to practice some op commands. I was told official channels are not the place to practice. Some commands are not doable in practice channels. in19:12
topyliloco channel ops should loiter in #ubuntu-irc :)19:18
MarkDudety topli. I will ask in there :)19:19
kaellunable to join #ubuntu, have changed port to 800120:04
kaell<FloodBot1> kaell: Try « /join #ubuntu » again (if that fails, see « /topic »). Please ensure that you keep using the correct connection settings.20:04
jussi01hi kaell, so what does it say when you try join?20:09
kaell* Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned).20:10
jussi01kaell: 1 moment please20:10
jussi01kaell: could you try again now please?20:11
kaellworks now, thanks20:11
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (devfda spamming dangerous rm commands)20:29
ubottuSeveas called the ops in #ubuntu (guest_89 is devfda, back to troll some more)20:34
Flannelyes Seveas, I know.20:34
Flanneltonyyarusso: You just did the unpossible!20:35
* tonyyarusso shall try jumping across large gaps between building next20:35
tonyyarussoBut I'm sure it's safe to assume we should watch for further evasion nonsense.20:36
ubottuIn #ubuntu-irc, erUSUL said: !equiv is <reply>Do not ask if we know a program similar to window's foobar just tell us what you want to do and we can suggest a program to do it.21:53
mneptokubottu: fr is Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois21:59
ubottuBut fr already means something else!21:59
mneptoktsimpson / jussi01: any thoughts?21:59
FlannelCan't even get info on it22:05
FlannelOh, there it is.  massive lag.22:08
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu\-fr\,\ ou\ \#ubuntu\-qc\ pour\ les\ Quebecois22:08
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc pour les Quebecois22:09
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