tbcI figured you were quietly reading. :)00:00
tbcerichammond: I'm reminded now of sar, too.00:02
erichammondtbc: I've used sar casually but I think it only reports at the same level as the rest of the tools (i.e., user, system, iowait, nice, steal, ...)00:12
tbcerichammond: that's what I read in the collectl docs just now. Thus collectl may help you more than other tools you've tried.00:12
erichammondBased on my speed reading so far, collectl seems to be similar, unless there is a plugin which does something more.00:12
tbcYou might at least write to the list of post on the forum to see what that crowd has to say.00:13
erichammondAs it turns out, we may have identified the cause through other means.  I just noticed that the fork rate increased at the same time on the munin charts.00:13
ja660kis there an x86 version of ubuntu server?00:16
erichammondtbc: We think we've tracked the cause down to the invocation of an external process to calculate MD5 signatures instead of using the CPAN MD5 package.  Testing the fix soon.00:27
tbcglad to hear that00:28
wweaselI have a frustrating problem with my Ubuntu server install. It periodically goes into some sort of suspend state, where it doesn't respond to ping/ssh, etc. and, more strangely, doesn't keep the system time advancing.  If I touch a keyboard key it immediately wakes. Could anyone help me figure it out?00:33
erichammondtbc: Thanks for your ideas.  We track average page generation time with munin graphs.  After our last release, that jumped up a bit (200ms) which we correlated with a jump in system CPU and then to a jump in forks.  Then, examining the deltas in the revision control we identified the culprit.00:36
erichammondI love web development with fast release cycles.00:37
tbcja660k: re. !x86 architectures. Yes. See https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/hardware-supported.html00:41
tbcPeople should hang around a little longer for answers. J00:41
tbcwweasel: Did you install only server packages, or is X also running?00:41
wweaseltbc, server packages only.00:42
tbcerichammond: yeah, no problem w/fast releases as long as troubleshooting velocity keeps up. IRC rocks IMO.00:42
wweaselIt's on a laptop, but obviously AC connected.00:42
tbcwweasel: sounds like some random laptop package is trying to save on power. But I haven't encountered that before. Sorry.00:43
wweaseltbc, Yeah :/ It would be nice if I could even know what exactly is happening. Would you know which log file I ought to look through? It's not clear to me.00:45
tbcwweasel: /var/log/messages00:46
* tbc is guessing now00:46
tbcwweasel: Send 'ps -fe' to http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/ and I'll have a look.00:47
tbcwweasel: make that 'ps aux'00:49
* tbc reads00:49
wweaselwait wait, that was ps -fe00:49
* tbc has old habits00:50
wweaselshall I pastebin ps aux as well, or no worries?00:50
tbcYes, let me see that, too.00:50
zorzarhi is there a way to exclude dependencies from packages? i run a hadles ubuntu server without X an a packege depends on X but i don't want to install it00:53
tbcwweasel: you're running some KDE processes. Those are desktop packages.00:54
* tbc didn't expect server edition to install KDE00:54
wweaselhrm. That's really odd, I don't think I've installed any KDE packages at all.00:54
tbcI've seen KDE get sucked in when I've installed an app that uses a GUI. zorzar: you're asking something similar. I'm new to the server edition and may be wrong, but I can say that if one is running a server one should be able to get along w/o X.00:57
tbcWe need a tool that shows all installed packages and what they depend on. I'm sure it exists, but I'm rusty.00:57
wweaselyeah, I mean no X applications00:57
wweaselI just pastebin'd my dpkg --get-selections00:57
wweaselthat's all my installed packages00:58
tbc*chuckle* wweasel - URL, please?00:58
wweaselLike, I'm not all that advanced a linux user, but I've also been using linux for a while. The closest thing I've installed to a desktop app is Deluge.01:03
wweaselbut I installed the backend and run a gtk client on my desktop01:03
tbcSounds reasonable.01:03
wweaseland even then, that wouldn't have any kde dependencies - it's gtk01:03
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wweaselI wish I could get you the list of installed packages on a clean install and just show the diff with my install.01:04
tbcWe can get that. Still thinking...01:05
* tbc thinks his KDE suspicion was wrongheaded01:06
wweaselI'm pretty sure there's no desktop components installed01:07
wweaselit's a recent install (1 month)01:07
wweaselso all the packages i've installed are in my recent memory :)01:07
tbcwweasel: sorry, I have to go soon, but have a look at this list: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d580449e001:08
tbcThose are the obviously-named kernel daemons01:08
tbcI think instead of a package you have some ACPI event putting your system in a less-than-fully-conscious state.01:09
tbcBut that's only a hypothesis. I could be wrong.01:09
wweaselwhat about them?01:09
wweaselIt's plausible01:10
wweaselThe last time I was troubleshooting, the guy I was working with suspected it might be ACPI-related01:10
wweaselAnd suggested I start the server with the kernel parameter acpi=off01:11
wweaselIn fact, that's how it's running right now, and no luck...it still suspends.01:11
tbcFor instance, why would kgameportd be running on a server? I don't think that daemon needs to run.01:11
wweaselNot sure. Do you have a server install? Check if it's running.01:12
* tbc only has a notebook running Linux atm01:16
wweaselWell, it's something power-saving related01:17
wweaselIt wouldn't seem to be suspend, because it wakes *instantly* on a keyboard press01:17
wweaselso it's more likely "standby" state.01:18
tbcYeah. Waiting for user IO.01:18
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tbcI've never seen anything so crude it shut off so much, though. That's what intrigues me.01:18
wweaselIt's an old eMachines laptop from 1994...01:19
wweaselsorry, 200401:19
wweaselnot 1994.01:19
wweaselbig difference :P01:20
wweaselit also has corrupted video ram, making odd distortions on the screen. but that's irrelevant as well.01:20
tbcI have an old Compaq with a broken display. Boots fine. Nice server admin'd via ssh. But I haven't turned it on in years.01:21
wweaselyeah, that's the idea with my eMachines. less power hungry than a tower, completely unusable as a desktop (even the VGA-out is corrupted by the video ram)01:23
wweaseli'm presently wondering if I should try booting with acpi=off, apm=off01:23
tbcThat sounds like something to try. After all, you can easily reproduce this problem, right? How long does it take?01:24
tbcFor it to go semi-conscious?01:24
wweaselI haven't timed it. I don't think it's consistent either.01:25
wweaselBut generally in about 15 min - an hour.01:25
wweaselso easily reproducible01:25
wweaselalthough it's very weird: "By default, hibernate/standby is disabled on the server edition", according to the internets01:25
tbcBut it's neither suspending nor hibernating.01:26
wweaselno, but it's standby-ing.01:26
wweaselI think01:26
tbcMy first guess was a screensaver. But that's too obvious.01:26
wweaselI had a ubuntu wiki page describing the difference between the three01:26
wweaselWell, it does know to turn off the laptop's screen after a certain period of IO inactivity.01:26
wweaseland does so even though I have acpi disabled01:27
tbcBut screen blank shouldn't be causing the other brain damage.01:27
tbcSo I'm intrigued.01:27
tbcCould be a bug.01:27
wweaselIndeed. Apparently it's not just a screen blank01:27
* tbc likes bugs01:27
tbcbugs are a chance to improve the system01:27
tbcfor everyone01:28
wweaselcould be. would probably have to be reproducible on another system though01:28
tbcFinding them, that is.01:28
tbcYeah. But if you can reproduce, it could enough to find & fix.01:28
wweaselAlright, well, I'm trying acpi=off apm=off.01:31
wweaselAnd going to go have dinner.01:31
wweaselMuch as it's kind of curious, it's also REALLY frustrating.01:31
tbcI can imagine. I'll be online for a while yet.01:32
wweaselAlright, I'll be back later! Thanks for all of your help01:33
tbcGlad to be here.01:33
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jolarenHello. I'm trying to install ubuntu server form usb.. but it keeps saying Could not find kernel image: Linux boot:02:02
jolarenWhat could be the error?02:02
stimble_do you get past the grub menu to select the image?02:09
jolarenNo it's just at the start02:10
jolarenSYSLINUX 3.63 Debia-2008....02:10
stimble_so you don't even see the grub menu?02:10
stimble_have you installed grub to the usb device?02:11
stimble_grub-install /dev/sdb02:11
stimble_or similar02:11
jolarenI'm using unetbootin02:11
jolarenI'm trying to boot of the usb device02:11
jolarenand install ubuntu server02:11
stimble_i dont know anything about unetbootin02:11
jolarensimple well used linux boot usb02:12
stimble_your machine does not support direct netowrk booting?02:12
stimble_that might be a better bet02:12
jolarenI'm burning a new usb now02:12
jolarenIs it easy to install a server with pxe btw?02:13
stimble_unetbootin looks pretty cool tho02:13
jolarenyer its great02:13
stimble_i'd never heard of it02:13
jolarenbeen usin it for years02:13
stimble_pxe works, yeah02:13
jolareni have no experience of it02:13
jolarenmy dell poweredge 750 searches for pxe at boot02:13
jolarenif set to it i.e02:13
jolarenI've tried hookin up a cd rom reader etc to it but dun work02:14
jolarenlast option is to move the hdd to a friends house02:14
jolarenand install it over there02:14
jolarenbut, how easy is it with pxe?02:14
stimble_its not too tough02:15
stimble_u just need a tftp server, and dhcp setup02:15
stimble_and grap the netbooot images02:15
stimble_confiugre tftp to server em up02:15
stimble_and dhcpd to tell the requester to request the netboot image02:15
jolarensettin that up on me netbook is gay02:15
stimble_not easy peasy, but doable02:15
jolarentried to hook up the s-ata disc to my ion02:16
jolarenion asrock 33002:16
jolarenbut apparently they have their own hyped s-ata cables02:16
jolarenkinda bugs me02:18
jolareni have to setup mythbackend on a crap computer now02:18
jolarencuz my srv wont boot02:18
bogeyd6what does 'wont boot' mean/02:19
jolarenit boots to a concurrent old installation of fedora02:19
jolarenbut I can't manage to insatll anythin to it02:19
jolarenhow can i put it02:20
jolarenI can't reinstall.. like wipe it all out02:20
bogeyd6this is ubuntu server channel02:22
jolarenyer I knw02:22
jolarenI want to install ubuntu server02:22
bogeyd6ok then when you boot the server cd, then it comes times to setup partitions go manual and set mount points and set format = no on them02:22
bogeyd6it will install over what is there with the things from the server cd02:22
bogeyd6anything else will be left alone02:23
jolarenyer but ya not followin bogeyd602:23
bogeyd6also, make sure you setup a different user02:23
jolarenthis old comp02:23
jolarenwill probarly boot just fine02:23
jolarenfrom ubuntu server from a usb02:23
jolarenbut my poweredge 75002:23
jolarenI just cant get it to boot02:23
jolarendno how ima solve it02:23
bogeyd6i dont know how to solve a fedora booting problem, try 3fedora02:23
bogeyd6hmm this is a new keyboard and the keys still dont work, yet a usb keyboard will02:24
jolarena fedora booting problem?02:25
jolarenan installation problem02:25
jolarenthat it currently concures fedora is just a side-note02:25
jolarennot installed by me02:25
jolarenI want to wipe it clean02:26
jolarenas i said earlier02:26
bogeyd6hmm, my control keys dont work either so no copying pasting02:26
jolarendat blows02:27
bogeyd6so you want to wipe the server clean02:27
jolareni've tried almost all versions there is of it02:27
jolarenbut i mean02:27
jolarennext step is either to bring the hdd to a friend02:27
jolarenor borrow and external cd reader02:27
bogeyd6dariks boot and nuke02:27
bogeyd6wipes the hdd completely clean of anything and you can start all over02:28
jolareni cant boot of anything02:28
jolarenive tried usb02:28
bogeyd6but im confused because the ubuntu server cd install will re-do the partitions02:28
bogeyd6ok, so its a hardware problem/02:28
jolarennot really a problem02:28
jolarenor not really a hardware problem02:28
jolarenmore lackthereof02:28
bogeyd6you are making absolutely no sense at all02:29
bogeyd6the server wont boot a cd, yet its not a cd probme02:29
bogeyd6did you check the bios to change the boot order to cd, usb, then hdd02:29
jolarenofcourse, but it's all fuzzy02:29
jolarenthe fudge02:30
bogeyd6ok, im done, good luck02:30
jolarenthis is like the fifth usb i've burnt02:30
jolarenthat says02:30
jolarencould not find kernel image: linux02:31
bogeyd6how do you burn a usb02:31
stimble_jolaren: can you boot another machine from the usb02:32
bogeyd6it is possible the server wont boot usb02:32
stimble_does it only fail on the poweredge02:32
bogeyd6lots of computers wont install from an external usb dvd drive02:32
stimble_yeah, lots of older hardware dont support usb boot02:33
jolarenwell now im not trying to boot the server02:33
jolareni'm trying to boot annother computer02:34
jolarena old one02:34
bogeyd6a brand new at the time dl 380 wouldnt install windows from external dvd drive either02:34
jolarenstimble_; Other machines boots good02:35
jolarenprobarbly bios settings02:35
stimble_well, then that machine just dont support usb boot02:36
stimble_so use cd or pxe02:36
jolarenisnt it strange02:38
jolarenthat I get up the loader?02:38
bogeyd6not strange at all02:39
jolarenSYSLINUX 3.63 Debian-2008...02:39
stimble_jolaren:  the answer is CD or PXE02:45
stimble_stop fighitng it i say02:45
stimble_or take the drive out and install to it from another computer02:46
=== erichammond1 is now known as erichammond
jolarenstimble_; well i guess ill have to get a cd tomorrow then03:01
jolarenbut then i might aswell try to run over to a friend03:01
stimble_or pxe03:01
jolarenjust wonder who has sata discs03:01
jolarenpxe seems complicated03:01
stimble_a chance to learn:-)03:02
stimble_its not that bad03:02
stimble_not cake, but not terrible03:02
jolarenwell but still lad03:04
jolarenreckon if i lay 3 hours of my time doin that03:04
jolarenand it wont work03:04
jolarenreckon my rage03:04
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
jolarentho stimble_03:08
jolarenwould an external cd drive work or should I just go hunt a friend03:08
stimble_no pain, no gain03:08
stimble_usb is your prob im thinking03:08
stimble_so would not count on usb cd03:09
stimble_i would at least try pxe03:09
stimble_there are lots of docs and howtos on it03:09
jolarenyer ive seen plenty03:09
jolarenbut their pretty intense03:09
jolarenand in some cases you need floppies?03:09
stimble_picka good one03:14
stimble_and u dont need floopies03:14
stimble_so dont pick one of those03:15
jolarenwill be easier to just hope some of my friends03:26
jolarenhas a computer with a s-ata drive03:26
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
Roxyhart0Hi there iam tring to install a new schema and i am getting this error : ldap_add: Server is unwilling to perform (53)04:09
Roxyhart0        additional info: no global superior knowledge04:09
Roxyhart0any idea?04:09
jMylesI'm trying to stream ffmpeg using ffserver, but when a client tries to connect, I get an error message: "Error writing output header."  Not much in the way of help from our or other forums.  Anybody seen this?04:45
tbcRoxyhart0: I googled and found this. Does it help? http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/1322.html04:52
Roxyhart0thanks tbc.i read that but still i can't see where is the problem in my cnfiguration as i follow the configuration guide exatly that it say05:00
bizkithow do i generate a text file of all the installed packages on my ubuntu server?05:01
jmarsdenbizkit:  dpkg --get-selections | cut -f105:01
jmarsdenah, wait...05:01
jmarsdendpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall$ |cut -f105:02
tbcRoxyhart0: you'll have better luck connecting with LDAP community. I'm not an LDAP expert.05:02
Roxyhart0if i declare dc=mydomain, cd=edu,dc=au. Ahould I declare also dc=edu adfter that?05:03
* tbc wonders if someone else on this channel can help Roxyhart005:07
jmarsdentbc: Without (more or less) doing all his LDAP schema creation work for him, probably not.  I think at this point Roxyhart0 needs to better understand LDAP and openldap, and then create a working ldif file to add the new schema.  See http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/guide.html and (for adding/extending schemas) especially Chapter 13 of that guide.05:15
* tbc didn't think Roxyhart0 had picked the best channel for his question05:16
jmarsdenThat's probably true too.  I spent some time yesterday (or the day before?) helping him get openldap installed and working, BTW.05:16
tbcjmarsden: on this channel?05:17
Roxyhart0who is him?05:17
Roxyhart0i am her05:18
tbcRoxyhart0: I'm sorry, Rosa. I should have checked your info.05:18
tbcThat was jmarsden's error. :)05:19
jmarsdentbc: Yes.  Roxyhart0: My bad.  Anyway, do read the guide and see if it helps you understand what is going on.05:19
Roxyhart0thanks :D05:20
tbcSo Roxyhart0 do you need help connecting with the OpenLDAP folks?05:22
tbcI've been meaning to look up a friend who's an LDAP expert. I'm wondering if he's active in the OpenLDAP community.05:22
Roxyhart0really? if he is still in the comunity could be great talk with him05:24
tbcRoxyhart0: start here: http://ostatic.org/openldap05:32
Roxyhart0do i need to configurate or add to the tree manually cn=schema?05:33
tbcRoxyhart0: I don't know. Your best course of action is to visit http://ostatic.org/openldap and join their community. It's late and I need to reboot. I'm https://launchpad.net/~tbc0 - I'll be online tomorrow if you still need help connecting with them.05:36
Roxyhart0thanks very much05:37
achew22Does anyone know if eucalyptus has support for amazon style elastic map reduce?06:42
astevensoops, sorry :)07:17
macrocosmanyone ever recovered data from a mdadm raid who's superblocks were screwed n chewed?  Ive read a gazillion things googling but nothing seems to work.  Im running xfs_repair /dev/md0 right now but nothing yet, it keeps saying "found candidate  secondary superblock ... unable to verify superblock, continuing"  Is there another way to replace the superblocks?07:25
macrocosmWhats the expected amount of time to let this run?  There is barely any data on the raid, just a couple hundred megs.07:25
macrocosmtrying TestDisk now... normally my obsessive backups would save my ass right now but they silently failed 6 important working days ago .. isnt that nice!07:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #516083 in eucalyptus (main) "Missing jar file when Walrus/S3 runs on different host than CLC" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51608307:42
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chilicuilwhat files does ubuntu change to share folders while setting them up in the X system?, coz I've shared some of them in that way and I don't see them in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file08:24
Roxyhart0somebody know a guide to instal postfix, ouried idmap with ldap?08:26
macrocosmstrange Testdisk found Ext2 superblocks in my XFS drive.  That doesnt seem proper ... and may be why xfs_repair wouldnt work.08:43
Roxyhart0somebody had a doc how to instal postfix with ldap support?08:45
jmarsdenmacrocosm: Sounds like maybe it was really ext2 or ext3?  In which case, go back to the images of the raw partitions from before you ran xfs_repair, and try again using e2fsck and friends?08:45
macrocosmim certain its an XFS drive though, strange08:47
macrocosmmaybe thats how ive screwed this up ... I must have done something that overwrote the superblocks as ext208:48
jmarsdenmacrocosm: Only the superblocks?  How would you do that?08:49
macrocosmI have no clue.. my apache stoped working and I restarted ... upon return md0 was no longer mounted .. when I tried to mount I got all these errors about the superblock08:50
jmarsdenI don't think I could write over all XFS superblocks in a filesystem with ext2 ones if I really really tried, except by hand with a sector editor and a LOT of time and patience... that just doesn't sound plausible.08:50
macrocosmI cant explain why testDisk would state that the superblocks were ext2, perhaps its confused08:51
jmarsdenHmmm... are you confusing RAID superblocks with filesystem superblocks?08:52
macrocosmwell .. It is a raid0 .. but the drives are formated XFS08:52
macrocosmand the testdisk im running is only on that raid .. which has no system files on it08:53
jmarsdenSo there should be RAID superblocks which tell the system that this is a RAID0, parameters of the RAID are X, Y Z.... *and* once you treat the thing as a RAID device, there will then be XFS superblocks on top of that.08:54
jmarsdenBut until you have a RAID device, you can't even begin to see or check for a filesystem... unless I'm VERY confused?08:54
macrocosmyea ... the drives are together in the raid... I just cant mount it because of the superblock error08:55
jmarsdenDoes cat /proc/mdstat show that the RAID device md0 is fine and happy?08:55
macrocosmPersonalities : [raid0]08:56
macrocosmmd0 : active raid0 sdf[0] sdi[3] sdh[2] sdg[1]08:56
macrocosm      314572544 blocks 64k chunks08:56
macrocosmunused devices: <none>08:56
jmarsdenOK.  So, what does    file /dev/md0      output?08:56
macrocosmhmm irc doesnt like the output .. do I need to put it inside some special brackets or someasmuch?08:57
macrocosmjust one line08:57
macrocosmdev/md0: block special08:57
macrocosmahh that worked08:57
Roxyhart0any experience with courier-idmap and ldap?08:57
macrocosmsorry roxyhart0 ive not used that08:58
jmarsdenRoxyhart0: You should probably try the courier folks of the ldap folks for that.08:58
Roxyhart0i did, but with ubuntu is a little bit different everything08:59
jmarsdenYes, but it you understand what courier and what ldap are doing, that knowledge should apply just fine to Ubuntu, even if the defaults are slightly different.09:00
jmarsdenIt's not like the courier config file format is different or anything like that.09:00
macrocosmjmarsden .. is /dev/md0: block special  ....  a normal output from cmd ...  file /dev/md0 ?09:02
as1965Roxyhart: Sorry - don't use Courier or LDAP. However, Howtoforge often has useful steps for install/setup of this sort of thing.09:02
as1965Try google : site:www.howtoforge.com +postfix +ldap +courier09:02
macrocosmyes howtoforge is awesome09:02
jmarsdenmacrocosm: Yes.   It's a valid block device.  That's fine.   I'm not familiar with XFS enough to know how to proceed in detail; I'd tend to try and find out how to identify an XFS filesystem at a low level (is there a signature in the first block of the disk, or whatever) and make sure the raw data on /dev/md0 "looks like" an XFS filesystem09:03
jmarsdenIf it does, you need to try to repair or rewrite that bad XFS superblock.09:04
macrocosmwell .. I have been using it for about a month with no problems .. however their was a bug with the latest ubuntu and XFS which caused it to not mount on reboot sometimes... apparently the last time was the last time lol.  Ill be good as long as I can get my data off of it... hopefully testdisk will help09:05
jmarsdenIf you know what you are doing with filesystems, see what xfs_db can do for you...09:05
jmarsdenBTW, next time, don't use RAID0 for data you care about :)09:06
jmarsdenRAID1 for important data would be a lot more robust.09:06
as1965macrocosm: there's an xfs_check as well I think. Plus an XFS mailing list - might be worth checking that.09:06
macrocosmwell .. I would normally not have done that but amazon EBS drives are fully redundant09:07
macrocosmand I have obsessive snapshots .. but they silently failed 6 days ago .. when all this transpired I was so happy to pop over and grab a snapshot to restore from but there were no recent ones lol09:07
macrocosmgotta love a perfect storm09:08
jmarsdenmacrocosm: So now you get to write a cron job that emails you if there are no snapshots less than 24 hours old... but that doesn't help with the data currently on this array.09:10
macrocosmTrue .. I really wish I had done that to begin with... would have saved me some headach.. but the upside is I have learned much more in the process so thats always good09:11
macrocosmI really appreciate your help and tips .. hopefully testdisk will help me get my files off ... ive backed up these dead turd drives so I may try banging them around some first though..09:12
jmarsdenYes.  One more idea... try dd if=/dev/md0 bs=1M count=10 >testmd0 ; file testmd0     # this should let file say what kind of fs it saw09:13
macrocosm10+0 records in09:13
macrocosm10+0 records out09:13
macrocosm10485760 bytes (10 MB) copied, 0.205319 s, 51.1 MB/s09:13
macrocosmtestmd0: x86 boot sector; partition 1: ID=0x83, active, starthead 0, startsector 256, 629143552 sectors09:13
jmarsdenAh, that was not a partition that was a "drive" complete with partition table.09:14
jmarsdenSo what does   fdisk -l /dev/md0     say?09:14
macrocosmDisk /dev/md0: 322.1 GB, 322122285056 bytes09:15
macrocosm2 heads, 4 sectors/track, 78643136 cylinders09:15
macrocosmUnits = cylinders of 8 * 512 = 4096 bytes09:15
macrocosmDisk identifier: 0x0000000009:15
macrocosm    Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System09:15
macrocosmdev/md0p1   *          33    78642976   314571776   83  Linux09:15
jmarsdenOK.  83 is the normal ext2/ext3 type byte... but I don't know whether XFS uses it too.09:16
jmarsdenHmmm, so what does   dd if=/dev/md0p1 bs=1M count=10 >testmd0p1 ; file testmd0p1     say (the last line is the interesting one)09:17
macrocosmyes its 8309:17
macrocosmdd: opening `/dev/md0p1': No such file or directory09:18
macrocosmtestmd0p1: empty09:18
jmarsdenOh, hm.  So that's not a real device name at all. OK, never mind.  It's too late at night for me to figure out the right way to do it... I need to sleep :)09:19
jmarsdenOh... maybe dd if=/dev/md0 bs=4K skip=32 count=100 >testmd0p1 ; file testmd0p109:20
macrocosm100+0 records in09:21
macrocosm100+0 records out09:21
macrocosm409600 bytes (410 kB) copied, 0.001396 s, 293 MB/s09:21
macrocosmtestmd0p1: SGI XFS filesystem data (blksz 4096, inosz 256, v2 dirs)09:21
macrocosmwhat is that? a test?09:21
jmarsdenOK!  Got it!09:21
jmarsdenYes, it means there really is an XFS filesystem out there at 33 cylinders into your md0 disk.09:22
jmarsdenSo some kind of XFS filesystem recovery tool has a decent chance of getting your data back.09:22
jmarsdenYou can delete the test* files now, by the way :)09:23
macrocosmI will look around .. from what Ive read so far testdisk ... seemed the most promising09:23
jmarsdenOK.  You might also be able to dd the entire filesystem out and into an image file and they try working with that, loopback mounting it etc.09:24
macrocosmhmm ... looking at the dd docs now .. didnt see that one in my searches09:24
macrocosmsweet .. I really appreciate your help!09:25
jmarsdenYou're welcome.  But now I need to sleep... goodnight, and I hope you get your data back!09:26
macrocosmI figured I should be able to get the stuff out .. looks like the data is still in place just the superblock is screwed n chewed09:26
macrocosmthanks man .. get some zzzz's have a nice one09:26
guest555can I upgrade my 7.xx server to 9.xx without a freash install?09:34
as1965 guest: I think LTS->LTS is supported directly, else one version to the next.09:34
as1965So, I would expect a fresh install to be best for you probably. Hopefully yur /home folder is on a separate partition, which helps with things09:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #413449 in apache2 "mod_proxy_http violates RFC and common sense" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41344909:56
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ZiderI have an issue with cryptdisks.. all the disks I unlock gets both foo and foo_unformatted in /dev/mapper13:04
Zideras I understand it, the _unformatted are temps or something, but shouldn't they go away then?13:05
Zideroh yeah, and the unlocking goes parallell with everything else so fstab tries to mount them before it's done..13:28
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stimble_anybody happen to know where upstart jobs are defined?18:08
jpdsstimble_: /etc/init/18:08
stimble_i've just started reading up on upstart, it looks pretty slick18:09
petsoundsgood evening. we plan to migrate all our campus server on monday from windows to ubuntu. can you guys give me link to a tutorial or maybe a book to learn more about migrating from windows server to ubuntu? thanks :)18:35
resnoare these the best insutrction for setting up raid1? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID?action=fullsearch&context=180&value=Convert+to+software+raid&titlesearch=Titles18:50
stimble__resno: do u need to boot from the raid drive, or just for data volume?19:22
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stimble__does anyone know a way to list all the registered upstart events?19:23
sherringhamstimble: man upstart -> see also -> man initctl - maybe of use19:42
stimble__i looked thru those19:42
stimble__and the website19:42
stimble__but not seeing a way to list the registered events19:43
stimble__myabe just missing it19:43
resnostimble__: i want to boot from the raid drive20:08
stimble__that howto is probably pretty good then20:09
resnook thanks stimble__20:12
wizzy_hello people20:18
wizzy_when i go to my website i am gettin only "index of..."20:18
wizzy_so noones is here20:24
wizzy_!apache2 virtual hosts20:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:30
wizzy_anyone is here?20:33
guntbertwizzy_: you could ask in #httpd too20:35
wizzy_i prefer here20:36
wizzy_thank you tho20:36
Callum__on my Ubuntu 9.10 Server, doing a kernel update results in update-grub SIGSEGVing out and stopping the update, anyone have any ideas what the problem might be? Its using an LVM set up spread across three hardware RAID 1 setups...20:39
Callum__here is the Pastebin of apt-get -f install: http://pastebin.com/m5268f3f520:40
guntbertCallum__: did you search for error 139 already?20:42
Callum__guntbert: its the error code for SIGSEGV... something is happening to make update-grub fail20:46
Callum__I think I know what the problem is, I had a similar problem while trying to install Ubuntu 9.10 Server onto an existing LVM2 made by an RPM installation20:47
guntbertCallum__: no real help from me: you could boot with a live CD and check your LVM from there though20:48
Callum__guntbert: it seems to have trouble with LVMs created or modified by an RPM system like Fedora...20:48
Callum__I caved in and nuked all my drives completely and let Ubuntu's installer create fresh LVM2 system, but I had to modify it later with a Fedora Live CD to get all of the drives used by the system20:48
guntbertCallum__: I use lvm but no raid beneath - try to test you lvm setup with some live CD20:51
Callum__guntbert: I'm removing grub2 and installing and configuring classic grub to see if that will help20:52
Callum__yeah, update is finished, fingers crossed20:53
guntbertCallum__: if you think that will help ...20:53
Callum__guntbert: yeah, had no kinds of problems like this with ordinary GRUB20:53
guntbertCallum__: good to know for the future...20:53
Callum__hmm, yeah, it boots fine...20:57
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wizzy_anyones here?22:11
wizzy_i need some help22:16
wizzy_when i use wget where is file downloaded?22:50
guntbertwizzy_: in the current directory22:50
wizzy_thank you22:52
wizzy_ok i unzipped file in same directory22:53
wizzy_cd /directory and it says no such file or directory22:53
guntbertwizzy_: omit the /22:54
wizzy_thank you22:54
wizzy_i am going to try install and setup email server22:55
wizzy_i tried 3 times in past and never couldn't do it22:55
guntbertwizzy_: please keep your mail server in a closed/secure environment - don't go "public" if you are not really knowing what you are doing22:56
wizzy_i never couldnt make it work anyways :(22:57
guntbertwizzy_: take my advice: play with one in a VM without external network access ....22:58
wizzy_ok i will22:58
wizzy_how do i test it in vm ?22:58
wizzy_i get always problems with receiving22:58
wizzy_i can send message out but never back22:59
guntbertwizzy_: no tutorial from me - but be very careful not to create an "open mail relay" - that could get you into real troubles23:00
wizzy_i am curious ., what troubles?23:00
guntbertwizzy_: google for "open mail relay" - your ISP might shut you off, ...23:01
wizzy_ouuu thank you for warning23:02
guntbertwizzy_: you're welcome :-) and be careful23:04
wizzy_anyone is using ispconfig3??23:41
wizzy_i am trying to install it with "php -q install.php" and i am getting error23:41
osmosiskirkland, i just finished reading through your kvm classroom talk. very good, learned a bunch.23:44
wizzy_where did you read it?23:47

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