daftykinsKrai: what are you trying to install?00:00
mlissnerterminhell: I do have a setting called "Init Display First" which can be set to either 'pci' or 'pci express card'. No idea what it means though.00:00
terminhellmlissner: sounds like a hardware prob for sure if its black from the moment you hit the power button00:00
koshariKrai actually thats a hidden file called .linux00:00
terminhellmlissner: thats what you need to do...00:00
daftykinsmlissner: that's a BIOS entry to choose a primary graphics card to be either PCI-Express or normal PCI00:00
crazyerichow do i find the desktop in the file system, i booted from the install disc and go the live session user and am trying to back some things up so i can do a fresh install00:00
terminhellmlissner: set it to pci express card00:00
Kraiyou can c file in that link00:00
daftykinscrazyeric: ~/Desktop00:00
crazyericfiound it...00:00
KraiESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop runs on the following distributions: Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu and other RPM and DEB package manager based installations. Both 32-bit and 64-bit (AMD64/EMT64) architectures are supported00:01
zvacetdoes anyone use lxde I need some halp with it00:01
Kraibut the file can be downloaded is .linux00:01
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Kraihave you any opinion about it ?00:01
terminhellzvacet: ive used it a little in the past00:01
terminhellKrai: a .linux file? sounds fishy00:02
daftykinsKrai: no .deb download or repo to add?00:02
zvacetdo you remember how to manage network and users & groups00:02
Kraino daftykins00:02
fixer_33hi everyone00:02
Kraiyou can see in that link wha i am talking about00:02
capronKardos,  Is thee no good open antivir too use ?00:02
daftykinsKrai: "chmod +x" it then "./file.linux"00:02
terminhellzvacet: its just a de. you still gotta load up on apps for that stuff. natively it doesnt ship with such apps00:03
overmachtKrai; ubuntu is safe forever, no need AV anymore.00:03
Kraiovermacht:  i know but i want to know how to install a .linux file00:03
goddardgeirha ok now I get operation not supported00:03
acovrigis there a cmd that lets me ssh as user1, and see what the title of the topmost window (on :0.0) of user2 is?00:03
Kraimain purpose of tryin to install for me just learn this00:03
zvacetI tried to set network with pppoeconf and it failed00:04
mlissnerterminhell: I put in that setting, then put in the card, but I still can't get anything to come up on the display.00:04
fixer_33i've got a really big problem with mdb2 library because when I use query method to make query to database i see that this method is undefined00:04
Kraidaftykins:  then like a bin file ?00:04
fixer_33i need help00:04
daftykinsKrai: might be ja00:04
terminhellKrai: ive never heard of a .linux file. im not sure how to install it.00:04
daftykinsKrai: or a script00:04
terminhellmlissner: your not putting the card in with the power on right?00:04
Kraii am trying bb00:04
mlissnerterminhell: Right-o00:04
geirhagoddard: That's a common warning when copying to windows filesystems. Windows filesystems doesn't support the linux-permission scheme, so you get operation not supported when trying to set permissions on the moved files.00:05
terminhellwas that a yes or no? lol00:05
mlissnerterminhell: that's a correct - I'm powering off before adding/removing any hardware.00:05
Kraidaftykins:  it works00:05
goddardgeirha so what do I do it doesn't appear to work00:05
Kraiit has a gui like a bin file00:06
daftykins:) cool00:06
geirhagoddard: The files aren't moved?00:06
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Kraithis commands started its installation gui00:06
goddardgeirha oh sorry they are00:06
Kraithen we learn a .linux file same with a bin file :))00:06
terminhellmlissner: does that card require power? newer cards actualy require power from the powersupply, plugged directly onto it00:06
overmachtKrai; has been reading manual? look http://download.eset.com/manuals/ESET_EAVLIN_4_UserGuide_ENU.pdf00:06
geirhagoddard: It's safe to ignore those warnings. mv is just trying to make the destination files have the same permissions as the source files.00:06
q0kDoes any member of this talking room have Ubuntu installed at a Fujitsu laptop? If so, please tell me, I have several questions about it.00:07
seanbrystoneusing 9.10 here, anyone know a good link to how i could possibly move all .mozilla files, like cache and whatnot to a encrypted file/disk using truecrypt00:07
acovrigis there a cmd that lets me ssh as user1, and see what the title of the topmost window (on :0.0) of user2 is?00:07
goddardgeirha I have one last problem maybe you could help me with if you would be so kind00:07
divXjunkyHi all. I am on ubuntu 9.10, and when I tried to update with the update manager, I got an dpkg error when it was reading the database. I tried "dpkg --configure -a" to fix it, however, a second update attempt also failed. Anybody around who knows what this problem might be? thanx!!00:08
goddardgeirha what if I want to automate this process and have apache run this how would I set it up00:08
acovrigis there a cmd that lets me ssh as user1, and see what the title of the topmost window (on :0.0) of user2 is?00:08
Kraiovermacht:  no00:09
Kraii wil read. is there anything need to know ?00:09
geirhagoddard: You want apache to move files to your windows machine? Also mount the windows share?00:09
caprondivXjunky,  Do you get the same problem using apt-get ?00:09
pinosudo su00:09
Kraiwe found installation commands with the help of daftykins00:09
goddardgeirha the share is already mounted00:09
divXjunkycapron, Yes I had the same results with apt-get00:10
goddardgeirha I just have it run a command and change the file permissions for the source folder to www-data00:10
mlissnerterminhell: interesting theory...you had me worried for a second, but no, no power needed.00:10
q0kDoes any member of this talking room have Ubuntu installed at a Fujitsu laptop? If so, please tell me, I have several questions about it.00:10
B3rz3rk3r!ask | q0k00:10
ubottuq0k: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:10
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q0kDoes any member of this talking room have Ubuntu installed at a Fujitsu laptop?00:11
caprondivXjunky,  Have you tried apt-get autoclean00:11
geirhagoddard: By apache though, you mean a php-script? and you trigger the move from a web page?00:11
goddardgeirha yes00:11
terminhellmlissner: silly question, but you do have the monitor securly plugged in to the card, not the onboard00:12
B3rz3rk3rq0k, you dont seem to understand, ask a question to do with the problem that you are having.. not a general one. That way if anytone knows the answer to your problem they will reply.. understand?00:12
goddardgeirha normally this works great, but for some reason it is giving me trouble with the windows pc00:12
mlissnerterminhell: yep.00:13
kuna236anyone know how to update a Matshita disk drives firmware within Linux?00:13
q0kDoes any member of this talking room have Ubuntu installed at a Fujitsu laptop? I want to know how did the installation go. Did you have any problems with some hardware? Can you give links to the additional drivers which you had to find to do a successful install?00:13
geirhagoddard: Perhaps you're not quoting right?00:13
mlissnerterminhell: tried both though...neither works when the nvidia card is plugged in.00:13
goddardgeirha maybe i will check again00:13
mlissnerq0k: You might just try the live CD. That'll give you a good idea of what works and what doesn't on your laptop.00:14
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terminhellmlissner: wow, hmm, ive got no idea. you may have to go to another forum, nvidia forums or something. Could be faulty hardware. or a simple bios setting ive long forgotten00:14
divXjunkycapron, same result after apt-get autoclean, again the update fails at reading the database.00:15
zmanningcan someone tell me how to see the version a repository app?00:15
q0k" mlissner>q0k: You might just try the live CD. That'll give you a good idea of what works and what doesn't on your laptop. " - I thank you for this suggestion. This will most likely be the first thing to do for me. But previous experience of some people could let me have more drivers and be more ready to what happens...00:16
kuna236zmanning: apt-cache showpkg packageName00:16
n4cvxDell mini inspiron now working 100% with ubuntu 9.10 after ordering from Dell with Ubuntu and then replacing the Dell version of Ubuntu which didn't seem to be too handy.00:16
mlissnerterminhell: Oh well, thanks anyway. Good to have a second opinion.00:17
zmanningkuna236, awesome! thanks!00:17
kuna236zmanning: no prob00:17
terminhellmlissner: no prob. good luck!00:17
mlissnerq0k: Gotcha. Well, good luck.00:17
caprondivXjunky, strange problem ,  too bad it did not work,  I am totaly cluess now when your database is corrupt ,  I guess the apt-get check also did not help.00:18
ViridianFireOk can anyone help me to get my heaphone jack to work?00:18
terminhellhow clever00:19
n4cvxviridian i can try to help with your headphone00:19
MrSandmanthank you very macho00:19
crazyericso i got to the dashboard without the flickering but now it says xbmc needs hardware accelerated opengl; do i uninstall X server and reinstall or what?00:19
kuna236ViridianFire: one of my headphone jacks is always muted by default when I install a new distro... maybe check your alsa settings00:19
ViridianFireI did check alsa mixer00:19
warhow do you change permissions to a hard drive so you can read and write00:19
ViridianFireit shows up but it does not have a volume bar00:19
kuna236war: what part of your hard drive?00:20
nico__chmod 755 /path00:20
kuna236war: nm00:20
divXjunkycapron, Thanx for your help, I'll keep looking for a fix, but I think it's far more likely that my old laptop harddrive  is going to fail one of these days... Could be that the dpkg db is being read from a corrupted sector.00:20
terminhell!ask | macman_00:21
ubottumacman_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:21
macman_yes yes00:21
macman_sorry i forze lmao00:21
macman_i have a file i just built from source .. i want ot add it to my environemnent00:22
macman_how would i do this00:22
crazyerichow do i uninstal nvidia xserver00:22
jribmacman_: depends on what you mean?  Do you mean your PATH?00:22
hodanloI'm using ubuntu 9.10 from a usb. I have sound. My sound control icon disappeared. When i try to access "sound" from System>Preferences>Sound... I get a window that says "waiting for sound system to respond" How do i repair it?00:22
macman_jrib: prefix00:22
[BT]BrendanI have a DVD that won't play at all and I don't know what I need to install.00:23
macman_frustrateduser: i compled something and want to put it in /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin etc ..00:23
jribmacman_: what do you mean by "prefix"?  What exactly do you want to do...?00:23
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hyperstreamback later power peoples redoing power line to house ><00:23
q0kWhich Ubuntu version should I choose - 9.10 or 8.4?00:24
ViridianFireBrendan: Try searching DVD in the Software Center00:24
warstill wont let me read and write to the drive?00:24
arun__i am not able to see the mouse pointer and also i am not able to see any movie graphics pls help me00:24
PhosisNothing wrong with 9.10...I have a lot less probs than with 8.400:24
chelzq0k: what will you be using it for?00:25
enthdegreeHolla, for some reason Gimp won't start.00:25
[BT]BrendanViridianFire, 59 results00:25
Kraii installed eset 32 linux edition :00:25
crazyericvivridianfire: I upgraded to karmic and got the flickering login screen and somehow got to dashboard and it says i dont have hardware accelerated opengl rendering so i was going to try reinstalling it00:25
Kraiit works fine00:25
jribenthdegree: try from a terminal00:25
ViridianFireBrendan: where do you live?00:25
[BT]BrendanAustralia. Why does it matter?00:26
enthdegreeIt gives me this: http://pastebin.com/m4b993c8800:26
terminhellenthdegree: how did you install it?00:26
Nighthawk82hey guys can anyone help me with installing an asus my cinema U3100 mini usb tv tuner card please and which app would be fine to work in NZ for the TV cannels is this possible in Ubuntu?00:26
ViridianFireBecause some plugins are copy righted00:26
ViridianFireBrendan: and if your country has copy right laws you could break them00:27
enthdegreesudo apt-get install gimp00:27
[BT]BrendanI just want to play a DVD that I own.00:27
chelzq0k: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS00:27
hodanlohow do i access my sound control?00:27
ViridianFireBrendan: still there could be issues, but there shouldnt be00:27
terminhellenthdegree: execute gimp from terminal, see what the output says00:27
[BT]BrendanI installed the dvdread4 ones that there is a .sh file to install at /usr/share/doc/libdvdread400:28
enthdegreeYes. I did. It gives me this http://pastebin.com/m4b993c8800:28
terminhelli cant view links right now00:28
jrib[BT]Brendan: just install dvdcss from medibuntu, it's easier00:28
capron[BT]Brendan,  Have you installed the packets at mediaubuntu.00:28
jrib!dvd > [BT]Brendan00:28
ubottu[BT]Brendan, please see my private message00:28
terminhellenthdegree: pm me the pastebin info if possible00:29
[BT]BrendanI alraedy have dvdcss00:29
Nighthawk82<-- new to linux-- how to install a USB DVB Tuner under ubuntu and then what app would i use to get NZ channels? any idea? please help00:29
crazyericanyone an xbmc wiz?00:29
kuna236brendan: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras && sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh00:29
[BT]BrendanI've already installed that.00:30
kuna236brendan: have you run the install script, too?00:30
mred#join 21300:30
grendal_primeneed some help guys im running an 804 box i would like to keep it at 804 untell the new lts is released but i do need openssh-server 2.9 or higher.  is there a backport for this ( i cant find one) or..if i do need to do a dist upgrade..what is the least drastic attack i can do to get this version of ssh?00:30
kuna236mred: it's /join00:30
[BT]BrendanYes. allow me to double check00:30
chelz!ask | crazyeric00:30
ubottucrazyeric: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:30
jrib[BT]Brendan: pastebin: apt-cache policy libdvdcss200:30
[BT]Brendansudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras is installing some more things00:31
arun__please guys help me solve my graphics problem00:31
[BT]Brendan40 minutes to download it all ;/00:31
chelzNighthawk82: mythtv and mythbuntu would be good for tv tuners00:31
kuna236brendan: it'll also install flashplugin-nonfree, which is sh**... you might want to uninstall it00:31
chelzNighthawk82: /join #ubuntu-mythtv00:32
Nighthawk82ok chelz can i install the myth part as an extra as i already have ubuntu installed00:32
chelz!ask arun__00:32
chelzNighthawk82: yes00:32
chelz!ask | arun__00:32
ubottuarun__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:32
Nighthawk82chelz thanks for that will go forth and ask in the mythtv part thanks again00:33
crazyeric'XBMC needs hardware accelerated OpenGL rendering. Install an appropriate graphics driver' Anyone know how to fix this, i had nVidia Xserver running fine before i upgraded to karmic now it gives me this error, do i need to uninstall and reinstall nvidia drivers or wipe the drive and start over with Jaunty?00:33
jrib!nvidia | crazyeric00:33
ubottucrazyeric: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:33
jribcrazyeric: install the nvidia drivers00:33
kuna236brendan: welcome back, any luck?00:34
arun__i am not able to see the mouse pointer and also not ablr to see any movies play i am getting screen full of coloered pixels only00:34
goddardstill cant get it working00:34
goddardit is some kind of permission problem i think00:34
gFredAnyone know how to get iPhone support in Songbird 1.4.3?00:34
philipwnzCan someone help me to add a custom line in grub.cfg that will start my existing ubuntu install?00:35
grendal_primewhere can i find what version of a program is in what distrobution?00:35
jribgrendal_prime: packages.ubuntu.com00:35
terminhellw00t its raining00:36
philipwnzCan someone help me to add a custom line in grub.cfg that will start my existing ubuntu install? I'm using debian now but I have Ubuntu 9.10 installed which I want to start with grub200:36
VCooliophilipwnz: can't help, but in any case you should not edit grub.cfg but /etc/default/grub00:36
CyberaX2195surely running update-grub , should find it00:36
jribphilipwnz: grub2 automatically scans for other distros when you run update-grub00:36
wweaselI have a frustrating problem with my Ubuntu server install. It periodically goes into some sort of suspend state, where it doesn't respond to ping/ssh, etc. and, more strangely, doesn't keep the system time advancing.  If I touch a keyboard key it immediately wakes. Any advice? (even a log file to look at to try to figure out what's up)00:36
VCooliogrendal_prime: if by 'distribution' you mean different linux distros check distrowatch.com00:37
Out_Coldwweasel, is it a a desktop install or server?00:37
terminhellwweasel: id turn off all power saving modes00:38
wweaselOut_Cold, server install (I've tried #ubuntu-server, but it's pretty low activity)00:38
philipwnzUbuntu 9.10 is on a separate partition and update-grub didn't found it00:38
Out_Coldterminhell, i don't think there is power save modes on them. i never had to change00:38
wweaselterminhell, where would I look to see if any are enabled? I don't think there is any enabled, at least to my knowledge.00:38
terminhelli remember, theres a kind of hidden power option in the ubuntu server00:39
suprsonicmy son managed to get Xwindows to dsplay 1/4 of my screen00:39
terminhelli forget the location of it, but its fixable00:39
terminhellyou may want to start in the xorg.conf00:40
suprsonichow do i get it to reset to full screen?00:40
Out_Coldwweasel, which release?00:40
wweaselterminhell, Out_Cold: If it helps any, this is on a laptop. But it's obviously connected to AC. So it's possible Ubuntu is trying to do something power-saving.00:41
wweaselOut_Cold, 9.1000:41
Out_Coldwweasel, if it's a laptop yes it may have laptop power settings00:41
terminhellwweasel: it could be bios related00:41
wweaselterminhell, Checked, nothing there. Also thought it might be fault ACPI related, so I tried booting with acpi=off, no improvement00:42
philipwnzCan someone help me to add a custom line in grub.cfg that will start my existing ubuntu install? I'm using debian now but I have Ubuntu 9.10 installed which I want to start with grub2. I TRIED as suggested to run update-grub but it didn't found the ubuntu install which is on separate partition. Please help me as I don't have much time00:42
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.00:42
raden_worki have installed ubuntu server 2 times and it never asks me to set a password for root ? am i missing something00:42
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:42
terminhellphilipwnz: do you have 2 different grub versions installed in seperate places???00:42
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DabianEncrypted DVD wont play, even though I installed libdvdread4 and ran the script.  Ubuntu 9.10, I think.00:43
Out_Coldraden_work, you 'shouldn't' run as root but if you need to set, sudo -i, then passwd00:44
philipwnzterminhell: yes, both are grub2, one in my debian partition which i'm running right now and the other in the ubuntu partition00:44
terminhellphilipwnz: >.< you dont need more than 1 grub install00:44
philipwnzTerminator: well the second one came with debian so...00:45
LetsGo67I am tired of using Windows 7, but I am tired on my fan *not* turning on in Ubuntu!  When will this be fixed?  Acer Aspire 5315 which worked in 9.04.00:45
Out_ColdLetsGo67, is there a bug for it?00:45
grendal_primeVCoolio: na basicaly i need to upgrade to 8.10 to get what i need00:46
terminhellphilipwnz: only thing i can think of is delete one of them and then update the one left00:46
grendal_primethanks guys00:46
DabianIs UBUNTU unable to show encrypted DVD's?00:46
LetsGo67No clue. Out_Cold.  I assume yes.  Regardless, it doth frustrateth me.00:46
Dabian~? dvd00:46
Out_ColdDabian, some dvds just dont work00:46
philipwnzcan I just make only the ubuntu grub bootable, so when i boot the pc it will run the grub installed in ubuntu which will let me chose to start ubuntu00:46
Out_ColdLetsGo67, search for the bug, report your system and add your input00:47
TrekDabian, you'll need some packages in the Medibuntu repos00:47
aam_Anyone using Lucid Lynx?00:47
DabianTrek: I got libdvdread4, but I guess thats not enough?00:47
goddardgeirha i have tried everything i am out of ideas00:47
terminhellphilipwnz: yes. remove the one from the othe os00:47
Out_Coldaam_, i tried it on my netbook and it failed for X00:47
kuna236Dabian: run sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh00:48
goddardgeirha will the www-data group be able to access a network if I mount it as user BOB00:48
goddardwill the www-data group be able to access a network if I mount it as user BOB00:48
Dabiankuna236: That was in the guide, so I already did that.00:48
kuna236Dabian: oh, sorry00:48
LetsGo67OH AND what should I do to stop hackers on a server?00:48
Dabiankuna236: No, thanks for the idea. :)00:49
capronphilipwnz, yes you can but grub2 used is not that easy too config  if it dont work right from start00:49
Dabiankuna236: I bet it would have fixed the problem in more than 80% of the cases. :)00:49
crazyericis this SMART Dats 'Disk Failure is Imminent" something i should be taking seriously?00:49
raden_workOut_Cold, so i cannot log in as root at all ?00:50
TrekOut_Cold, we won't explain how to access root00:50
goddardwill the www-data group be able to access a network if I mount it as user BOB00:50
Treksorry, raden_work00:50
DabianOut_Cold: Are you saying that Ubuntu is unable to play certain DVD's, so I have to go to my parents place or somewhere else to watch it?00:50
Out_Coldraden_work, i showed you how to.. but enabling root log in is 'not recommended'00:50
kuna236Dabian: blashphemy!00:50
Trekraden_work, we won't help you access root.  most things that root can do can be done under "sudo"00:51
raden_workTrek, wow thanks for the help00:51
Dabianraden_work: Its for your own good.00:51
Out_ColdDabian, i have experienced it with some encrypted ones.... maybe there is a fix?00:51
raden_workuhuh sure... stupid !!!00:51
Trekraden_work, at least we won't help you here, I think its against the CoC...  at least it is for ubuntuforums.org00:51
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goddardwill the www-data group be able to access a network if I mount it as user BOB00:52
Dabianraden_work: Why do you want root access anyhow?  Thats usually the receipt on how to screw up your system?00:52
Trek!attitude | raden_work00:52
ubotturaden_work: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:52
koshariDabian have you tried vlc to play your dvd?00:52
Dabiankoshari: There is something broken with VLC00:53
raden_workDabian, cause I have alot of thing I need to install etc  and i dont need to be typing sudo ever 2 min so anyway found out how00:53
trismphilipwnz: according to the grub2 article on the gentoo wiki, you should just be able to add an entry in the debian grub2 to /boot/grub/core.img of ubuntu's grub, and it will load ubuntu's grub when you select it00:53
Trekraden_work, you can install multiple packages at once in one command...00:53
trismphilipwnz: http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Grub2#Chainloading_GRUB2_from_GRUB00:53
Trekraden_work, like this:00:53
Out_Coldraden_work, sudo apt-get install file1 file2 file300:53
Trekraden_work: sudo apt-get install packageOne packageTwo packageThree00:54
jribraden_work: or if you want some sort of root shell, read the link ubottu is about to send you about « sudo -i »00:54
Out_ColdTrek, :p00:54
Trekraden_work: and so on and so forth00:54
jrib!sudo > raden_work00:54
ubotturaden_work, please see my private message00:54
TrekOut_Cold: :P back at you00:54
DabianI think raden_work prefers to work with a root shell, nothing we can do. :))00:54
Treki mean, sure I have a root login on my comp, but thats because I needed it to install the server software through the GUI (I don't really like CLI :P)00:55
narendrabazhang: hi sorry to disturb you, I have just made a script to download .deb files and package that into a single installable unit - have a look http://lug-iitd.posterous.com/project-deb-bundle-input-needed-zeroth-versio00:55
DabianOut_Cold: I guess I'll have to accept that my DVD-night is ruined, lol.00:55
jribTrek: you can, but it's not really necessary at all00:55
narendraAnybody here to reveiw this article on zipping .deb files for custom installation http://lug-iitd.posterous.com/project-deb-bundle-input-needed-zeroth-versio00:56
Trekjrib: I made a statement, I know its not really necessary.  But the server is my desktop box, so... yeah, I need to be able to use it :P00:56
Out_Coldi always just sudo -i00:56
FlashliteI'm gonna have dual boot soon00:56
terminhelli forget ubuntu makes root login pretty hard to do00:57
FlashliteI had no Computer for 7 months  erg00:57
jribTrek: you don't *need* a root password set00:57
Out_Coldterminhell, it because it's so easy for noobs to use root to break their sys00:57
Out_Coldand ubuntu is noob #1 choice of OS00:58
teddymillswhat are some common uses for a Ubuntu cloud?00:58
Trekjrib: i know that, PLEASE cease telling me this... i know theres no need for root, but oh well I have it00:58
FlashliteI like it b/c its stable thank yu very much00:58
terminhellOut_Cold: true, im using Archlinux myself, but after feeling tied down by too many restrictions of buntu i moved on. but i like to help anyways =D00:58
Out_Coldteddymills, multiple computers working as one00:58
DabianThanks for the help ... depressing result, but thanks anyhow.00:58
Out_Coldteddymills, would probably be good for CUDA00:59
teddymillsWhat are some common uses for a Ubuntu Cloud?00:59
Flashlitea cloud is what they used to find really large prime number isn't it?00:59
Out_ColdCUDA is used to do huge calcs00:59
coollinuxdudehello there ubuntu people01:00
Flashlitehello cool dude01:00
`mOOse`I am an ubuntu mOOse!01:00
goddardwill the www-data group be able to access a network if I mount it as user BOB01:00
Flashlitelets make a gigantic ubuntu cloud and do nothing with it01:00
terminhellgoddard: depends on existing permissions01:00
Out_ColdFlashlite, http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_home.html#01:00
teddymillsWe have 25 Dual Xeons 1U servers. Finding primes I dont think is a good use. Besides the have much better clouds working on that..What are somre common uses fro a Ubuntu Cloud that Joe Average ISP would use it for?01:00
coollinuxdudedoes anyone here have gnome shell and if so did you have a serious problem where it tells you in the terminal that there is a bug01:01
goddardterminhel what does that mean01:01
Goliathi want to update my laptops bios01:01
coollinuxdudemy bad01:01
blakkheimteddymills: that sounds nice01:01
jribgoddard: try and see. By default everyone should have read permissions, so yes...01:01
Treknot here, Goliath01:01
Trek!ot | Goliath01:01
ubottuGoliath: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:01
andreassomeone who speaks german01:01
Flashlitefind primes and youll get rich!01:01
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.01:01
goddardjrib i have tried a lot of different methods and it isn't working01:01
n16h7f0xwhen will firefox 3.6 will get in ubuntu repos?01:02
jribgoddard: well what are the permissions on the share?01:02
coollinuxdudeubotu was that directed at me?01:02
terminhell3.6 is fexy01:02
goddardjrib i mounted it in gnome by going to network then opening the shares then right click mount01:02
`mOOse`yea forget 3.6 if you don't want probs01:02
`mOOse`wait  for 3.701:02
n16h7f0xi see01:03
terminhellnew ver of ff is decent01:03
terminhelldidnt notice much diff01:03
FlashliteI wonder if my GPU is CUDA enabled brb01:03
goddardjrib i looked at permissions in terminal and it says it is owned by user BOB and is in group BOB01:03
waris there anyway to get data off a drive that was formatted for mac?01:03
crazyericwhen i upgrade from jaunty to karmic do i have to reinstall alsa as well?01:03
goddardjrib but i right click the file and it says it cant read the permissions because it is a windows share01:04
marnoldDabian, please run sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep dvd01:04
jribgoddard: what does ls -ld /path/to/mount return?01:04
marnoldpastebin output01:04
goddardjrib i looked at permissions in terminal and it says it is owned by user BOB and is in group BOB01:04
jribgoddard: that's not the answer to my question :/01:04
jribgoddard: then that's why.  Only your user can read, write, and execute01:05
goddardjrib how can I add a group?01:05
terminhelli smell a chmod01:05
jribgoddard: what kind of mount is this exactly?01:05
goddardsmb:// to xp01:05
jribgoddard: ask the samba channel how to change permissions on mounts01:06
Out_Coldteddymills, i think that it's just used for huge amounts of processing that can be split with workloads... if you don't have a use, offer it for research.01:06
waris there anyway to get data off a drive that was formatted for mac?01:06
goddardjrib you dont know?01:06
terminhellwhat if he chown'd it to his www-data user01:06
jribgoddard: no01:06
jribgoddard: I imagine there is a proper samba-specific way01:06
DabianOK .. my problem with the DVD might be related to region locking.01:06
pheonixhow do i get a girl to love me01:07
goddardjrib i will give it a go but no one is even there really01:07
narendrahi all, may you look at my article01:07
crazyerichow do i reinstall alsamixer?01:07
terminhellpheonix: tell her about your 16th level paladin01:07
crazyerici dont seem to have it01:07
DabianIs there a way to tell my DVD-drive to discard region restrictions?01:08
terminhellcrazyeric: hit up synaptic01:08
jribgoddard: the howto documentation linked from their official site has several sections with "permission" in the title that are probably worth reading01:08
terminhellcrazyeric: and search for it. or maybe as easy as sudo apt-get install alsamixer01:08
dsundarCant get my bluetooth running on ubuntu 9.10 . cant detect it01:09
crazyericremind me never to upgrade ever again01:09
=== max-p is now known as Max-P
goddardjrib i will give it a go01:10
dsundaralready got kbluetooth01:10
r0b0tchickenI just updated my kernel today to 2.6.31-19 (karmic), and my previous lm-sensors output has been lost.    it87 loaded in modprobe , hardware is it8705f,  p4vgm m/b.  Any thoughts?   I realize that it has changed from sensors.conf to sensors3.conf, but I had no trouble until this kernel update, and I do not know enough to know exactly what changed, that I can fix.  Any help appreciated01:10
Max-PHi, I have an USB sound card with volume control that doesn't work. It jumps from mute to extra loud at 8%. Any idea? Thanks01:10
renegaidno matter what I do I ant get ubuntu to look good. the menus look like windows 3.1 but I would like it to look as crisp as windows 7. is that possible?01:11
terminhellrenegaid: look at gnome-look.org for themes01:11
SuperDefenderXregen: Sounds like a Metacity issue.01:11
tkingHi, I just upgraded my machine to 2.6.31-19 through the update manager, but when going to install the drivers for my graphics chipset(GMA500/Poulsbo) via the recommended method on the wiki, it says I should hold my kernel version at 2.6.31-14. I'm not sure what is a safe way to do this through synaptic + having it boot up to -14 in grub by default...01:12
renegaidI tried a bunch of themes. I find the window borders lack definition01:12
terminhellkarmic is still using 2.6.31 kernel?01:12
tkingterminhell: yes01:12
r0b0tchickenterminhell, yes, 2.6.31-19 as of today.01:12
gormophi, can anyone try to access www.openstreetmap.org and tell me if they see the map or only a grey "paypal donation" page? folks at #openstreetmap are asleep, apparently...01:13
terminhelli forget it was always slow to adapt kernel updates01:13
ayam_jagohello how can i installing  82801 PCI vga driver?01:13
deeverhow can i get rid of a md device (raid1) not configured anymore (since more than one reboot)?01:13
tkinggormop: I see the map. Google Chrome here on Karmic.01:13
crazyerichow do i get to the ubuntu gui from the command prompt?01:14
gormoptking, ok, thanks. must be a dns error, then. wiki.open... and forums.open... work ok, though01:14
terminhellcrazyeric: startx01:14
arandcrazyeric: "service gdm start"01:14
kosharihow come if i search in google the word transformers in firefox, firefox looses its window decoration01:14
waris there anyway to get data off a mac drive?01:14
deevernulling the involved backend devices doesn't work01:14
terminhellok, food time. later all.01:15
pheonixterminhell: he is actually lvl 1801:16
r0b0tchickenwar, it is definitely possible01:16
ayam_jagohello.. need help to install 82801 PCI Card Onboard VGa on Karmic01:16
mohraibatmy laptop screen is dead but i have an external monitor pulgged in. When i try to install ubuntu 9.10 the screen on my ex monitor is all blurry. it cant be my monitor cause windows runs fine but i dnt like using win and want to put ubuntu01:16
mohraibatis this a graphichs driver issue01:16
=== studyurnm3 is now known as misnix2
gormopwar: http://jclark.org/weblog/2005/05/24/ubuntumount/ could be a starting point01:16
crazyerichow come i all the sudden have no sound devices?01:16
=== misnix2 is now known as misnix
warok thanks guys01:17
gdizhey everyone what is the command that starts the vnc server on ubuntu01:18
deevergdiz: have you installed one at all?01:18
gdizoh yeah, I just mean what command do I need to give to run the vino server01:19
gdizbecause vino-server wasn't working for me01:19
melow01Hi, I just purchased a new HP Voodoo DNA and I need to pickup a USB Wifi... is there one that specifically works well with Ubuntu?01:19
gormopgdiz, maybe "sudo /etc/init.d/vino-server start"01:20
gdizlet me try that01:20
DabianOK .. my DVD region is set to "NONE"  which region should I choose?01:20
gormopits just a guess, though01:20
DabianIs there a way to tell it to read all regions?01:20
gdizgormop, nope that didn't do it for me.01:21
gdizall right I'll go looking around01:21
gdizthanks for the try though01:21
gormopgdiz, /usr/lib/vino/vino-server01:21
r0b0tchickenDabian, depends on where you live, just pick your local region, i dont remember the # offhand01:21
gormopsays the german ubuntuusers wiki01:22
Dabianr0b0tchicken: I am in Denmark.01:22
r0b0tchickenDabian, hold I'll help you01:22
keith-hey for how much longer is 9.04 supported?01:22
=== zenergi is now known as zenergi_
Dabianr0b0tchicken: 2?01:22
r0b0tchickenDabian, http://www.dvdcity.com/dvdplayerfaq/regionmap.html   region02 yes is your home region.01:23
Dabianr0b0tchicken: Thanks a lot :))01:23
deeverhow can i get rid of a md device (raid1) not configured anymore (since more than one reboot)?01:23
deevernulling the involved backend devices doesn't work01:23
r0b0tchickenno problem :)01:23
ayam_jagohow can i install My Onboard VGA intel PCI 82801 ??01:23
deeverhow to kill this md_d1 crap?01:24
aiwahow do i execute a file through the terminal?01:24
wgoobayam_jago menu System - drivers01:24
ayam_jagoaiwa : sudo sh file??01:25
deeveraiwa: specify the filename?01:25
deeverayam_jago: no01:25
ayam_jagowgoob : karmic koala, but no any driver available there01:25
=== wolfjb is now known as Jebow
wgoobayam_jago hummm... u have a problem01:26
ayam_jagowgoob : @ hardware drivers no available driver for my onboard intel PCI 82801 vga01:26
=== brenden_ is now known as brenden_-
DabianI fixed my problem with regionset!01:27
=== ldlework is now known as Guest68780
=== sirius_ is now known as sirius-_-
DabianTrek: I fixed the problem with "regionset" !01:28
ayam_jagowgoob : can u help me?01:29
wgoobayam_jago sorry... but i'm busy now... what your e-mail ?01:30
deeverhow can i get rid of a md device (raid1) not configured anymore (since more than one reboot)?01:30
deevernulling the involved backend devices doesn't work01:30
deeverhow to kill this md_d1 crap?01:30
astrocubi am attempting to install a program and i'm told image.c:28:5: error: #error "No imaging library"01:30
astrocubany suggestions?01:30
deeverastrocub: what program01:31
astrocubdeever: poncha01:31
astrocubi grabbed it from svn01:31
gdizgormop, do you know how to specify a display with the command01:31
deeverastrocub: dunno, i can't find the program, but you obviously miss a dependency01:32
gormopgdiz, no, sorry. configuration seems to be possible from the Gnome menues01:33
astrocubi needed libimlib-dev01:34
q0kHi. I've been using Windows XP for several months. I've already bought it, together with MS Office 2002... Why  should I choose Ubuntu?01:35
astrocubq0k: do you do gaming?01:35
astrocubq0k: are you into anything artistic?01:35
astrocubcreating of art that is01:35
astrocubthen security01:36
renegaid 01:36
q0kI sometimes listen to music, sometimes watch videos, do some software development - that is my creative activity01:36
astrocubq0k: p://pctechmojo.com/20-reason-why-i-switched-to-linux/01:37
crazyericq0k why not use both01:37
tmortoni'm trying to compile some code that uses the kernel headers, but the file it's trying to include isn't in /usr/include/linux (but it is in /usr/src/linux/inlcude/linux)01:38
kevin__is there a program for ubuntu that can mount iso images and use them like a virtual drive?01:38
=== yy is now known as Guest77482
tmortonyet when I try to compile with -I/usr/include/linux/include, it gives me an error about "expected specifier-qualifier-list before ‘__u32’"01:38
tmortonhow am i supposed to force GCC to use the up to date kernel headers?01:38
ZykoticK9kevin__, if your talking about an actual ISO file then check out loop mounting -- it's built in :)01:39
capronq0k stay using XP01:39
tmortonkevin__, mount -o loop disk1.iso /mnt/disk01:39
tmortonwhere /mnt/disk is where you want to mount it01:39
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:39
deeverhow can i get rid of a md device (raid1) not configured anymore (since more than one reboot)?01:40
deevernulling the involved backend devices doesn't work01:40
deeverhow to kill this md_d1 crap?01:41
kevin__sorry, I just switched to ubuntu today, how do i open the console?01:41
=== nighthawk is now known as Guest24558
deeverkevin__: Alt-F2 xterm01:41
astrocubq0k: http://www.tuxmagazine.com/node/100011701:41
gormopkevin__, or from the application menu01:42
astrocubq0k: those are some general reasons why you would want to switch01:42
gormopits named "terminal" in the german translation01:42
=== Guest24558 is now known as Nighthawk82
EDinNYI just replaced the internal vid card with an Nvidea card.  It seems to have the wrong driver.  Where can I find the menu to install the restricted drivers in 9.10?01:42
astrocubq0k: you don't have to completely switch, you can use both if you want: http://wubi-installer.org/01:42
jargalmy shell console not working: error(* could not access PID file for nmbd)01:43
astrocubq0k: that will install ubuntu alongside your windows system01:43
q0k why should i tryUbuntu?01:43
jargalhelp me my shell console not working: error(* could not access PID file for nmbd)01:44
q0kmention my name when answering, why should i try Ubuntu?01:44
nightrid3rq0k: why not ?01:45
gormopq0k, because you want to? ;)01:45
faileasq0k: well, why do you want to try something other than what you're running now?01:45
milktashI have a panel which used to have a button to show my available wireless connection I mistakenly removed it. I cant find it to add it back or any app in my system that allows me to view available connections01:45
ZykoticK9q0k, this is offtopic for this channel, perhaps ask the same question in #ubuntu-offtopic01:45
jargalhelp me my shell console not working: error(* could not access PID file for nmbd)01:45
q0ki don't want to try all linuxes i'm serious01:45
milktashi presume it is network-manager01:45
milktashbut cant find the damn thing01:46
deeverq0k: try it or let it be...it's a bit a futile question...;)01:46
milktashhow do i open it in terminal01:46
gormopmilktash, i like "wicd" waaay better than the network-manager01:46
faileasmilktash: try starting 'nm-applet' from the run menu or terminal (iirc)01:46
hyperstream!repeat jargal01:46
* faileas uses wpa-supplicant ;p01:46
hyperstream!repeat | jargal01:46
ubottujargal: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:46
jargalmy shell console not working: error(* could not access PID file for nmbd)01:46
hyperstreamjargal, STOP REPEATING. wait for someone to help you, if no answer- no one knows. be more descriptive.01:47
CAPcapi have removed kde by the instructions under !puregnome but I still have a Kubuntu loading screen on start up and it takes forever. how do get rid of it?01:47
benny_puppyDoes anyoone here use gnumeric?01:47
cfeddenot so often any more.01:48
milktashcool but if i remove the ubuntu network-manager will it not affect anything? or can I install wicd while network is still installed?01:48
hyperstreamjargal, what command are you running? or are you trying to open a terminal ?01:49
=== sebi_` is now known as sebi`
ZykoticK9milktash, MANY people prefer wicd over Network Manager, but understand that this channel supports Network Manager...01:49
=== [BT]Brendan is now known as [BNC]Brendan
gormopmilktash, it *should* not destroy anything to remove network-manager and then install wicd, at least it didnt for me, but i had a LAN cable attached at the time01:50
benny_puppyI have a cell with a formula in it and it shows a #DIV/0! (divide by zero) error message because I have not filled out the other cells. How do I get rid of the error message so I do not see it?01:50
hyperstreamjargal, ?01:51
* gormop dons protective goggles for supporting wicd ;(01:51
* gormop erm... ;)01:51
gormopwell, good night everybody01:52
renegaidcan I run a windows vm in ubuntu?01:52
sebsebsebrenegaid: yes01:52
renegaidwhat program?01:52
sebsebsebrenegaid: as long as you got enough RAM and such01:52
ZykoticK9renegaid, VirtualBox is popular01:53
renegaidI have too much ram01:53
daftykinsrenegaid: virtualbox / vmware / etc01:53
sebsebsebrenegaid: Virtualbox is good, get it from website/webserver if want USB support, otherwise the open source version in repo is fine01:53
renegaidvmware is free for linux?01:53
milktashso if I remove network-manager to install wicd will I maintain my current connection?01:53
sebsebsebrenegaid: Virtualbox has two versions both are free as in price01:53
sebsebseb!virtualbox | renegaid01:53
ubotturenegaid: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox01:53
sebsebsebrenegaid: VMware player and server are free as in price, the other versions are paid for01:54
Nighthawk82now using mythbuntu is tehre anyway to have it run smoother with the channels using Notebook for it01:54
sebsebsebrenegaid: that factoid should get changed a bit really,  and by non-free they mean as in software freedom01:54
sebsebseb!freedom | renegaid01:54
ubotturenegaid: freedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing01:54
milktashI got this after entering  nm-applet : ** (nm-applet:3787): WARNING **: <WARN>  applet_dbus_manager_start_service(): Could not acquire the NetworkManagerUserSettings service as it is already taken.  Return: 301:55
scap_Has anyone heard of a problem where fdisk and cfdisk say I have a partition on a disk (i.e. /dev/sda1 should be there) but /dev/sda1 doesn't exist01:55
milktashwhat does that mean?01:55
bigtom21485if anyone knows how to overclock a linux-based desktop running ubuntu 9.10, that'd be great01:55
scap_milktash: who?01:56
faileasoverclocking is a hardware thing i think01:56
Darkbenoverclocking is a hardware thing01:56
faileasmilktash: it means that nm-applet is already running01:56
kevin__when i try to run a .exe file, i right click it, and then select "open with wine windows program loader" ubuntu seems to ]01:57
bigtom21485lol ive seen it done mildly with software in windows, but linux im not sure about.  and yes if i really wanna fast i gotta up my hardware but i was just curious01:57
kevin__start the program, but then it quits01:57
milktashok so how do i make it open the app for me to see? seeing how i lost it from my panel?01:57
sebsebsebrenegaid: Virtualbox is rather straight forward, but  here's a tip when it comes to  creating the virtual hard disk, use the default dynamically expanding and put like 40GB as the size,  that's just size the vm thinks it has01:57
histobigtom21485: what type of hardware?01:57
bigtom21485athalon x64 2 ghz01:58
bigtom21485dell e531...cheat computer but prolly has some potential01:58
histobigtom21485: http://www.econowics.com/linux/298/tutorial-overclocking-ubuntu-linux/01:59
boss_mckevin: try running the program from the command line as 'wine /path/to/program/program-name'01:59
crazyericdoes anyone know how to reroute the sound from the phono plug to HDMI, it works in xbmc but all other apps the sound comes out of the phono jack01:59
=== Rupp_ is now known as rosco
boss_mckevin__: ^01:59
jolarenHello. I'm trying to install ubuntu server form usb.. but it keeps saying Could not find kernel image: Linux boot:02:00
sebsebsebkevin__: which program?02:00
sebsebseb!server | jolaren02:00
ubottujolaren: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 8.04. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/index.html - Use the #ubuntu-server channel for support02:00
Nighthawk82how can i make mythtv run the tv channels smoothly without crashing when running on a notebook?02:00
milktashHow do I open an already running app from the terminal?02:00
j0hndoequestion about docks for ubuntu. im lookin for one that works w/o a composite manager like compiz. i have to disable compiz so i can remote into 9.10 (known bug). so i have to disable it fairly often. i know docky requies this. i think awn does as well. so there are the 2 major/good docks. anyone recommend anything else?02:00
bullgard'~$ sudo mount -o loop -t squashfs /home/detlef/Naturwissenschaften/Mathematik/sage-4.3.1.sqfs  /usr/local/sage-4.3.1/ ; mount: /dev/loop0: can't read superblock'. What did I do wrongly?02:00
jolarensebi`; I know of this... I'm trying to install the server.. the iso.. I've installed a dousin of servers before this02:01
sebsebsebjolaren: ok, but #ubuntu-server is where you should probably be asking really02:01
melow01Are there any Wifi brands that are more linux-friendly? Linksys, Netgear, D-Link?02:02
sebsebsebmelow01: good question02:02
crazyericdoes anyone know how to reroute the sound from the phono plug to HDMI, it works in xbmc but all other apps the sound comes out of the phono jack02:02
histomelow01: it depends more on chipset02:02
j0hndoecrazyeric: give it a rest02:02
histomelow01: than brand02:02
melow01sebsebseb, histo oh ok02:03
histomelow01: intel based chipsets are mostly built right in to kernel. Broadcomm chipsets are a pita because you need the firmware but its easy to install with restricted drivers manager.02:03
sebsebsebmelow01: so you want to buy something that is supported?02:03
nightrid3rmelow01: i use a cheap sweex that works out of the box02:04
melow01sebsebseb, histo I see.  That helps02:04
faileasj0hndoe: hmm, cairodock sorta works (it gets a black background when you do) without a composite manager - i use it with xcompmgr mostly though02:04
histomelow01: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported02:04
beejeebusis there a ppa for mono 2.6 for ubuntu 9.10 ?02:04
melow01sebsebseb, histo, I'm looking at the Ubuntu Help page and trying to make a decision:02:04
melow01sebsebseb, histo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported02:04
sebsebsebbeejeebus: maybe02:05
melow01sebsebseb, histo, I'll check out the Intel chipset and see where it gets me... thanks!02:05
sebsebsebbeejeebus: why you want it?02:05
histomelow01: you're going to want somethign that says yes for works out of the box.02:05
milktashDoes anyone know what I need to type into the terminal to open a running applet?02:05
r0b0tchickenupgraded kernel to 2.6.31-19  lmsensors will not work with my it8705F, used to show fan1/2 speeds, and temp 1/2/3,  (p4vgm motherboard), worked fine up until kernel update, now will not work.  Any ideas?02:05
beejeebussebsebseb: monodevelop 2.202:05
histomelow01: that is for hassle free. The others will work with some user interaction02:05
kevin__when i try to run a exe under wine, i get a module not found error02:06
blakkheimkevin__: /join #winehq02:06
CAPcapi have removed kde by the instructions under !puregnome but I still have a Kubuntu loading screen on start up and it takes forever. how do get rid of it?02:06
melow01histo, I've got a couple machines running Ubuntu and my netbook was having issues detecting the Wifi so I figured for my desktop computer... I may as well research the subject before buying something off the shelf02:06
blakkheimCAPcap: look through your installed packages for kde stuff and get rid of them02:07
drhe|skthello all. i just tried to format a new hard drive. i tried to format to ext3.02:07
melow01histo, my netbook (HP Mini 311) came with a Broadcom Wifi and I still have yet to configure it02:07
CAPcapblakkheim like in synaptic? k thanks02:07
Dr_WillisCAPcap:  thats just a usplash graphics i imagine.   its possible some usplash files dident get removed properly02:07
r0b0tchickenmelow01, have you tried the netbook remix on your netbook?  acer aspire one, picked up the wifi right off the bat02:07
drhe|sktthis is the output after i type "df"02:07
drhe|skt/dev/sda1            1442145212 1339318048  29570364  98% /media/alpha02:07
drhe|skt/dev/sdb             1442147796    202364 1368688504   1% /media/bravo02:07
blakkheimCAPcap: you can use that but i was going to use something better like dpkg+aptitude02:07
melow01r0b0tchicken, I tried netbook remix and it wouldn't boot via USB02:07
drhe|sktso the /dev/sdb   <-- i notice it has no 1 behind it. like sdb1. is that okay?02:07
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork02:08
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melow01r0b0tchicken, I kept getting a blinking cursor when trying to boot02:08
histomelow01: yeah do you have a network jack?02:08
melow01r0b0tchicken, Ironically though, Jolicloud worked on my netbook02:08
r0b0tchickenmelow01, :(  dang, i had great luck with it, also put it on a dell inspiron that wouldnt boot with regular ubuntu.    also , 9.04 nbr i like a LOT more than 9.10 nbr02:08
ZykoticK9drhe|skt, /dev/sdb did you format the drive without creating a partition?  it is possible to do it actually, NOT a good idea I'd imagine.02:08
melow01histo, yes, I have NICs on all my machines02:08
histomelow01: you can get it working with a thumb drive if you don't have internet access with a wired connection02:08
sebsebsebbeejeebus: uhmm  not sure why want to make Mono apps,  some people really don't like Mono,  and their are other ways to make software :)  oh and I thinik #mono might exist02:09
histomelow01: the broadcomm just needs the firmware installed. There are howtos on the forums for how to get it going if you have no way of getting online with the pc.02:09
drhe|sktZykoticK9, i think. i can tell you the command i used. also, that drive is brand new. just installed it today. let me get that command i used. hold a min02:09
melow01r0b0tchicken, Its been a while since I troubleshot it, but I just remembered why Netbook Remix wouldn't boot.  It was because of the Broadcom Wifi card somehow interferring02:09
beejeebussebsebseb: $dayjob. thanks, i'll try #mono02:09
drhe|sktsudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb02:09
sebsebsebbeejeebus: maybe better to use something else though to make software :)02:10
sebsebsebbeejeebus: I mean probably better to02:10
r0b0tchickenmelow01, that is odd, i thought they had all the wifi card drivers in the nbr... :(  dang.  what do you run on it now? still having wifi issues?02:10
histo!broadcom | melow0102:10
melow01histo, thanks, I've been using Jolicloud now for a couple months and everything works ok for now02:10
ubottumelow01: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:10
histomelow01: right in there is how to do it without internet access.02:10
agent47hello can anyone help me to install network manager applet in my ubuntu genome 9.1002:10
beejeebussebsebseb: sure, once i find something else to pay my mortgage02:10
sebsebsebbeejeebus: oh you got a paid job making Mono apps?02:11
ZykoticK9drhe|skt, you are suppose to create a partition first, either with fdisk from cli or using gparted GUI app.  -- you should probably create the partition and reformat02:11
melow01histo, yeah, I remember  finding that link a month or so ago and doing some troubleshooting but still couldn't get UNR running from USB02:11
melow01histo, one solution was to physically remove the Wifi card from the machine and then UNR would boot02:12
sebsebsebmelow01: histo uhmm  broadcom is not good according to this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays/01232010/ChoosingHardwareThatWorks02:12
melow01histo, I may need to spend some more time with it02:12
drhe|sktZykoticK9, well i am connected through terminal. this is like a minimal install. so gparted gui i can do with a live iso. but i want the experience of doing it from the command prompt.02:12
bullgard'~$ sudo mount -o loop -t squashfs /home/detlef/Naturwissenschaften/Mathematik/sage-4.3.1.sqfs  /usr/local/sage-4.3.1/ ; mount: /dev/loop0: can't read superblock'. What is wrong in this command?02:12
Ashfire908Hi, I'm wondering, what are the two games on here? http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/910features    Under Play games, the one on the left and the one bottom center.02:12
hodanlowhere's the sound contol for unbuntu 9.10?02:12
Dr_Willisdrhe|skt:  the 'fdisk' command lets you do it then. :)02:12
ZykoticK9drhe|skt, "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb"02:12
hodanloWhere's the sound controller for unbuntu 9.10?02:13
Ashfire908hodanlo: Right click the speaker in the notification area anD click Sound Preferences?02:14
drhe|skthrmmm. you have a tut for that? fdisk02:14
hodanloAshfire908, That disappeared.02:15
drhe|sktim googliing now02:15
klappidrhe|skt: man fdisk shows the tutorial02:15
histodrhe|skt: cfdisk is a pretty straight forward partitioner02:15
Ashfire908hodanlo: System -> Preferences -> Sound02:15
edbianI'm trying to set up vsftpd.  How can I make it so that when my local user uploads files that they are 0666 file permissions?02:15
pheonixhow do i make a source code?02:15
renegaidis there anything for ubuntu to convrt video02:15
historenegaid: there are tons of apps02:15
historenegaid: ffmpeg is fast02:15
pheonixhow do i make a source code?02:16
hodanloAshfire908, I'm using ubuntu 9.10 from a usb. I have sound. My sound control icon disappeared. When i try to access "sound" from System>Preferences>Sound... I get a window that says "waiting for sound system to respond" How do i repair it?02:16
Ashfire908pheonix: usally ./configure  then  make02:16
histohodanlo: open a terminal02:16
pheonixashfire908: and do i do this through terminal?02:16
ZykoticK9renegaid, avidemux is a popular GUI video converter02:16
Ashfire908pheonix: Uh, yeah.02:16
histohodanlo: sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart02:17
pheonixwhat do i type to make a source code just anything?02:17
hodanlohisto, i got it open02:17
Ashfire908pheonix: Wait, define "make source code"?02:17
histopheonix: what are you trying to do exactly?02:17
hodanlohisto, it says "PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions"02:18
klappirenegaid: what do you want to do exactly?02:18
Ashfire908histo: you have to walk him through killing pluseaudio and then running it.02:18
pheonixprint "Hello World.\n";02:19
ubuntuserhow do i get ihe compiz icon in my system tools?02:19
CAPcapis it possible to view only installed packages in synaptic, or do i have to use another method to easily see what all i have?02:19
pheonixtype this in to geedit02:19
pheonixand save as hello.pl02:19
ZykoticK9hodanlo, if you want to restart pulse try "killall -9 pulseaudio && pulse-session"02:19
blakkheimCAPcap: dpkg --get-selections02:19
pheonixgo tto terminal type perl hello.pl02:19
pheonixhow do i make that actually make sound02:19
pheonixcause you have to edit the source code to make it do what you want02:19
Dr_WillisCAPcap:  synaptic has a feature to show installed packages02:19
CAPcapblakkheim, thanks02:19
CAPcapDr_Willis, what is it?02:20
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Dr_WillisCAPcap:  thers a button in synaptic to show installed packages.. explore the tool02:20
sebsebsebhisto: he has gone, good link I gave,  what I put isn't a quote of what it says02:20
histohodanlo: try sudo killall pulseaudio02:20
histohodanlo: then sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart02:20
Guest15593saludos desde ecuador02:20
Ashfire908pheonix: Sorry but #ubuntu isn't for teaching people to program... And I don't know how to do anything sound related in perl.02:20
blakkheimpheonix: /join #perl02:21
goddardgeirha got it finally!!!! jrib02:21
CAPcapDr_Willis, i dont see it. but thanks anyways02:22
histohodanlo: actually scratch that killall pulseaudio then you can start it with hitting alt+F2 and typing pulseaudio02:22
drhe|sktguys. guys. what if i do this instead.02:23
drhe|sktsudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb102:23
slycoim looking for a book on c socket programming wats a good one02:23
brandon_oma_692hi everyone02:23
drhe|sktjust add that 1 at the end.02:23
Peterpan12kevin:application>accessories>terminal; it's a bad translation i think because i'm french.02:23
Peterpan12lol:i'm tired,sorry02:24
Ashfire908Peterpan12: "applications" translation's fine.02:24
Dr_Willisdrhe|skt:  you need to partion the disk first so there is a  sdb102:24
brandon_oma_692Im new to ubuntu. I have my ipod working and am getting the basics but my supertux does not work properly. any help?02:24
drhe|sktokay. i think i found  A good tutorial.02:25
hodanlohisto, sudo killall pulseaudio        pulseaudio: no process found   sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart   * PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions02:25
chelzbrandon_oma_692: please provide more information02:28
brandon_oma_692thanks chelz what info do you need and how do i get it?02:28
chelzbrandon_oma_692: "does not work properly" is very vague02:28
hodanlohisto, hit alt F2, typed pulseaudio. nothing happened02:29
brandon_oma_692chelz screen goes dark gray with a pointer then dissapears with a beep sound02:30
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bullgard'~$ sudo mount -o loop -t squashfs /home/detlef/Naturwissenschaften/Mathematik/sage-4.3.1.sqfs  /usr/local/sage-4.3.1/ ; mount: /dev/loop0: can't read superblock'. What is wrong in this command?02:30
chelzbrandon_oma_692: have you tried other similar games? do they have a similar problem?02:31
brandon_oma_692pacman works02:31
brandon_oma_692chelz if i go to the drop downs the icon for supertux shows as a ? mark02:32
hodanloI'm using ubuntu 9.10 from a usb. I have sound. My sound control icon disappeared. When i try to access "sound" from System>Preferences>Sound... I get a window that says "waiting for sound system to respond" How do i repair it?02:33
Gneabullgard: you might need to use losetup02:33
Gneabullgard: or try without the -t squashfs option02:34
chelzbrandon_oma_692: did you install from the 9.10 repos?02:34
zetherooI just had to ask about this ... if there is a patch for the kernel which enables some critical function which the generic kernel does not, why would this patch be incorporated into the actual kernel so that the fix is available without the need for a third party source and additional updates etc !?02:34
zetheroosorry .. I mean to say "why would this patch NOT be incorporated...."02:35
brandon_oma_692in terminal sudo apt-get install supertux i think is how i got it not really sure02:35
chelzzetheroo: reasons for patches not getting included and getting cluded into the linux kernel are handled totally on a case-by-case basis02:35
zetheroochelz: that is informative but not really helpful02:36
bullgardGnea: I am not familiar with 'losetup'. Do you mean this: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Loopback-Encrypted-Filesystem-HOWTO.html?02:36
brandon_oma_692Chelz it sits up next to firefox and help as a red do not enter type sign02:36
r0b0tchickenDoes anyone have any experience with ITE IT8705F Super IO Sensors an lmsensors with 9.10?  upgraded kernel today and it will not pick up my sensors. submitted a bug, everything was good2go before the kernel update...02:36
chelzzetheroo: you might have better luck referring to a specific instance of patches not getting accepted. the kernelnewbies website has a ton of info around all of this02:37
zetheroochelz: what must one do to get the patch incorporated into the kernel?02:37
bullgardGnea: Trying without the '-t squashfs' option obtains the same result.02:37
hodanloI want to use my sound control? how do it access the control?02:38
zetheroochelz: I am actually referring to one in particular .. but I am sure there are many more which are lingering on launchpad02:38
chelzzetheroo: http://kernelnewbies.org/UpstreamMerge02:38
Gneabullgard: kind of, but without the encryption part02:38
zetheroochelz: so there is nothing "automatic" about the process?02:39
darkholeHi guys, my first time on this channel, always on regional channels of Ubuntu.02:39
darkholeI need some help...02:39
bullgardGnea: Thank you for commenting. I think I will need more snooping.02:39
chelzbrandon_oma_692: run "supertux" from the commandline and please pastebin the output02:39
chelzzetheroo: no, software development is usually all quite manual. especially when changing really established projects.02:40
zetheroochelz: I had been thinking that launchpad was somehow a breeding ground for bug fixes and such which were then sorted though and submitted to the kernel devs02:40
keith-so i have sun-java6-jdk and it seems eclipse just installed openjdk do those two not conflict at all?02:40
zetheroochelz: or if not to the kernel devs then to which ever developers were in charge of that area02:40
Dr_WillisLaunchpad = launchpad for new ideas :)02:40
darkholeChallenge!!: I need to install Ubuntu on a Laptop, without CD drive, no USB boot (no external CD usb-drive), just floppy and internet (I don't have switchs, so, just internet), by the way, this PC have PXE boot02:41
CAPcapi need an assist. i am trying to create shortcuts (hotkeys) but i cant get the commands right02:41
faileasdarkhole: pxeboot ;p02:41
faileasgot another box?02:41
chelzzetheroo: yes that's quite true. things ideally get merged all the way upstream from launchpad.02:41
Sargun_ScreenHow do I disable a script on startup?02:41
Sargun_Screen(i.e. networkmanager)02:42
chelzbullgard: did you download the correct copy of it? http://sage.math.washington.edu/sage/linux/index.html02:42
Talon_how do you disable authentication for every little thing, wireless wants my password to unlock the keyring, mounting a drive from the places menu wants my password, installing apps with ubuntu software center or synaptic package manager wants my password, this is very annoying like vista's UAC02:42
brandon_oma_692chelz thanks i guess i need a joystick??? how do i paste the info from terimanal?02:42
crazyericdoes anyone know how to get all sound routed to HDMI instead of the usual phono, it works fine in XBMC thru hdmi but everything else (youtube, etc) plays from the phono02:42
chelz!pastebin | brandon_oma_69202:42
ubottubrandon_oma_692: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:42
urbancommandohttp://img361.i-imageshack.us/img361/4220/obamatheme.jpg anyone know how i can get this theme to work properly? im on ubuntu 9.10 on a netbook02:43
kraitoscan anyone help me install ubuntu on ps3?02:43
CAPcapi need an assist. i am trying to create shortcuts (hotkeys) but i cant get the commands right. im trying to hotkey pidgin and system monitor.02:43
darkholeI don't have a PXE server...02:43
histokraitos: /j #ubuntu-ps302:43
quicksilver_lapphere goes :)02:44
darkholeI cant make a PXE server, but I can't connect both PC's (my modem just have one port)02:44
quicksilver_lappWhoops, wrong screen02:44
faileasdarkhole: you could possibly use a floppy based bootloader to bootstrap usb or cd.02:44
hodanloI'm using ubuntu 9.10 from a usb. I have sound. My sound control icon disappeared from panel. When i try to access "sound" from System>Preferences>Sound... I get a window that says "waiting for sound system to respond" How do i repair it?02:44
darkholeAny suggestion of documentation ?02:44
bullgardchelz: I obtaianed the file from an ubuntero in the local Ubuntu computer club. I am not yet certain that my file is correct.02:45
resnowhats the best app to run windows games on linux?02:45
darkholeNo no, I don't have a USB, and no CD drive (external or internal)02:45
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turtle_why does my terminal do nothing when i type "sync" how come i don't get my prompt back?02:45
chelzbullgard: download it from the official site02:45
chelzdarkhole: http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialRecoveryAndBootDisk.html02:46
darkholeAny kind of way of boot using floppy disk and install from an external PXE server?02:46
chelzoh one sec02:46
drekiresno wine is free cedega is not, neither will play everything...02:46
quicksilver_lappThere we go. reinstalling/installing ati / radeon packages02:47
hexmareevening all02:47
resnodreki: im looking at playonlinux, but it doesnt support the games iwant to play02:47
chelzdarkhole: http://boot.kernel.org/ - use this02:47
quicksilver_lappDamnit, wrong screen again. lol02:47
darkholeI know how to make a Grub disk (some little trouble because I'm using grub 2 on Lucid) but grub can boot PXE ?02:47
iflemadarkhole https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/WithFloppies02:47
chelzturtle_: type "reset" or open a new one02:47
darkholeI saw that iflema02:47
kosharidarkhole opo the hdd, install linux and place it back in the host02:47
iflemadarkhole scary02:47
fannagogannahi, I am running kubuntu 9.10. Whenever I try to login with KDE session, I get a blank screen. Any help? #kubuntu channels seems dead...02:47
bullgardchelz: There is a normal Ubuntu Karmic package »sagemath« provided. Is this deprecated in favour of a download from the official site?02:48
brandon_oma_692chelz downloading pastebinit02:48
resnodreki: it is best to assume, i need to dual boot to run games?02:48
chelzdarkhole: http://boot.kernel.org/index.html#howtouse02:48
darkholeMmm, wait, I know!! Grub then PXE then reinstall grub..02:48
PFAhi, is there any way to view your entire search history from the search plugin in firefox?02:48
chelzbullgard: yes. they official site states that the sage in the debian and ubuntu repos is quite old02:48
m_fulderhello, my ubuntu comp has been working great.. I just updated the system with the auto-updates and reboot my comp. now it won't start properly and I get the error "Ubuntu is running in low-graphics mode" how do I solve this?? :(:(02:49
bullgardchelz: Ah! Thank you for your information.02:49
chelzbrandon_oma_692: you can just go to pastebin.com and select text, go to Edit at the top, then paste it on pastebin.com02:49
chelzbullgard: no prob. good luck.02:49
darkholeI got a problem, I can choose an external server for PXE boot?02:49
abumaiadoes anyone know why I cannot seem to get an open port for Deluge, when the ports are forwarded through my router, and my router's dmz is set up, and the firewall on my computer is turned off?02:49
chelzdarkhole: http://boot.kernel.org/index.html#howtouse02:49
kosharidarkhole i still think removing the hard drive and installing the os froma nother machine is easiest02:49
darkholeI don't have another PC.02:50
darkholeAnd is a Laptop02:50
AstroBoiIts lame how i have to restart Rythmbox every time i put in a new cd02:50
chelzdarkhole: read the page i am linking you to. install # Ubuntu : 9.04 with it02:50
Talon_If I remove policykit-1 will that stop the annoying nags?02:50
chelzdarkhole: http://boot.kernel.org/index.html#howtouse - go here02:50
chelzdarkhole: go here: http://boot.kernel.org/index.html#howtouse02:50
CAPcapi need an assist. i am trying to create shortcuts (hotkeys) but i cant get the commands right. im trying to hotkey pidgin and system monitor.02:50
darkholeThanks chelz, I'm reading02:51
chelzCAPcap: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/assign-a-hotkey-to-open-a-terminal-window-in-ubuntu/02:51
agent47please help me with to setup network manager applet in ubuntu 9.1002:51
abumaiaiptables are purged, ports are forwarded through the router, computer is in router's dmz... but ports are still not "open"02:52
darkholehey chelz, I hear about this project some time ago, but I didn't remember it. Thanks02:52
chelzdarkhole: np. gl02:52
brandon_oma_692chelz    1.02:52
brandon_oma_692      brandon@ubuntu:~$ supertux02:52
brandon_oma_692   2.02:52
brandon_oma_692      Datadir: /usr/share/games/supertux02:52
brandon_oma_692   3.02:52
FloodBot1brandon_oma_692: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
brandon_oma_692      Warning: Unable to open the file "/home/brandon/.supertux/config" for read!!!02:52
iflemadarkhole have you looked into a bios update for this old piece off.... new update may boot usb.... worth a look02:52
darkholeNop, last BIOS is on02:53
chelzbrandon_oma_692: paste it on http://ubuntu.pastebin.com02:53
chelzbrandon_oma_692: go to the site http://ubuntu.pastebin.com02:53
CAPcapchelz, that doesnt help me. i know how to change/add a key combo. i know how to add a new shortcut. my issue is finding the right command to put in02:53
darkholeFYI Toshiba Satellite 1400-S151, I'm going to install Lubuntu, but, start with minimal/alternate installation02:54
chelzCAPcap: provide more details about what you want to do02:54
iflemadarkhole http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html02:54
phong_hi ifl02:54
phong_how are you doing today?02:54
CAPcapi already did. i want to shortcut pidgin internet messenger and the system monitor02:54
faultygroundAny hints what I am doing wrong with ssh?  I have a 9.10 ubuntu box, and a laptop on a knoppix livecd.  going either way, I get connection refused.02:54
CAPcapchelz i already did. i want to shortcut pidgin internet messenger and the system monitor02:54
darkholeBut, like I say before, I don't have a USB02:54
chelzCAPcap: you want to execute/start them?02:55
CAPcapchelz yes02:55
chelzdarkhole: yeah, use the floppy image02:55
darkholeYes, I'm just saying, I got your info and using it...02:56
PFAhi, is there any way to view your entire search history from the search plugin in firefox?02:56
chelzCAPcap: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40367802:56
iflemahttp://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html ist say can boot from usb without bios support... never used but will be trying it02:56
darkholeFun, I must to connect my floppy drive.... See you guys and thanks!02:56
chelzTalon_: http://my.opera.com/Viperstryker/blog/how-to-disable-sudo-password-prompts-on-ubuntu02:57
keith-why can i not find how to disable ubuntu sounds? i tried disabling the sound notifications.02:57
brandon_oma_692chelz is this correct? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d2de6745f02:57
CAPcapchelz again not what im really looking for. also thats antiquated.02:57
chelzSargun_Screen: maybe System -> Preferences -> Sessions02:58
chelzCAPcap: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-create-a-custom-keyboard-shortcut-in-ubuntu.html02:58
hodanloI don't have a sound icon in the panel. how do i get one02:59
chelzbrandon_oma_692: yes. what's the output of "uname -a" (without the quotes)02:59
chelzhodanlo: right click on the panel, click "Add to Panel..." and type in       volume control03:00
subspiderhi plz i can see movies they have color like blue plz help03:00
hodanlochelz, i tried that.03:00
Travis-42how fast does ubuntu run when you run it off of a usb flash drive?03:00
brandon_oma_692chelz Linux ubuntu 2.6.31-17-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 10 16:20:31 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux03:01
chelzTravis-42: faster than running off of a CD but slower than running off of a hard drive03:01
faultygroundIm having trouble using ssh.  Two linux boxes on a LAN, but I cannot ssh from one to the other.  "Connection refused"03:01
subspiderplz some help me03:01
subspideri can't see movies03:01
chelzfaultyground: could be a firewall issue03:01
Travis-42chelz: much slower than a hard drive, or might it actually be an acceptable speed?03:01
chelzsubspider: all of your movies are tinted blue?03:02
chelzTravis-42: try installing ubuntu to a usb drive with Unetbootin and try it out.03:02
Talon_chelz, thats just for using sudo in a console, I think i managed to achieve what I wanted, I went to /usr/share/polkit-1/actions and replaced every occurance of "auth_admin_keep" with "yes" in every .policy file and now i have no nags :)03:02
faultygroundchelz: I dont believe there is a firewall running on either box, and my router shouldnt be filtering local traffic03:02
chelzTalon_: alright. but for the record that's very dangerous.03:02
subspideryes chelz03:02
soreausubspider: Which graphics card do you have?03:02
Travis-42alright, thanks chelz03:02
subspidernvidia 880003:03
abumaiaif my iptables are purged, and my computer is in the router's dmz, is there anything else in ubuntu that will block certain ports from being opened?03:03
hodanlobest way to do it i assume is to delete ubuntu 9.10. format the drive and reinstall it for the 4th time03:03
hodanloseems like 9.10 is unstable03:03
Talon_chelz: how so?03:03
keith-so i have the ubuntu drum sound everytime i open a tab in google-chrome. how do i turn that off?03:04
brandon_oma_692chelz does this work? http://pastebin.com/f597fa8a303:04
MidasManchuHey mates, is it possible to setup Ubuntu One on Ubuntu Server?03:04
chelzTalon_: everyday use shouldn't require typing in an administrator password. a lot of times you can check a box that says "remember password" but disabling the prompts entirely can lead to breaking ubuntu.03:04
chelzbrandon_oma_692: thanks. got it03:05
Talon_chelz: whats the difference? either way i always entered my password, so if it was something malicious meant to harm my system, i would have entered my password reguardless.. its just a wasted step in my opinion.03:06
chelzbrandon_oma_692: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=135931803:06
chelzbrandon_oma_692: pastebin:         cat ~/.supertux/config03:06
subspiderchelz is somesthing like these http://www.wiredrevolution.com/ubuntu/fix-blue-tinted-video-in-ubuntu03:07
chelzbrandon_oma_692: from the terminal try:   supertux --opengl03:08
Talon_now is there a way to autostart eth0 after wlan0 starts? I used network manager to have eth0 shared so anyone plugged into my hub can access the internet, but it fails on boot because eth0 starts first.. i haveto disconnect/reconnect it and its fine03:08
chelzsubspider: did you try what that recommends?03:08
brandon_oma_692chelz cat: /home/brandon/.supertux/config: No such file or directory03:09
chelzbrandon_oma_692: from the terminal try:   supertux --opengl03:09
subspideri'm trying wait chelz03:09
chelzMidasManchu: System -> Preferences -> Sound03:09
subspiderchelz it's working yea03:10
subspiderthat works fine not just for totem03:10
rd1381i have this problem: when i i type "sudo su" it first ask for my password then it ask for another pasword(root)that i dont have (i have disabled root03:10
subspideri'm using onather and worked03:10
chelzrd1381: do "sudo bash" or "sudo sh" or "sudo dash"03:11
chelzrd1381: if you can do  sudo bash -c "command1 && command2"03:11
rd1381it works but it doesnt work for |dpkg command03:12
Shazamwhat's the protocol when kill -9 PID won't kill a process?03:12
brandon_oma_692chelz A+++++ thanks is that what i need to use to run it always?03:12
chelzTalon_: there might be some trigger script somewhere googling around might do that03:12
chelzbrandon_oma_692: no, we'll add that to the main file one sec03:12
Talon_chelz: will removing polkit-1 be as effective as modifying all the .policy files?03:13
rd1381when i enter sudo bash i get a a another account bash  that that account doesnt work on dpkg03:13
rd1381i mean when i type "dpkg -i "in the given bash it says "dpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege"03:14
r0b0tchickenShazam do you know the name of the program you are trying to kill?   will      killall nameofprogram     not work?03:14
chelzTalon_: probably not a good idea to remove core system parts03:15
rd1381but with same bash i can use it with apt-get03:15
Talon_chelz: ok, well i'm happy with the current solution then, so far nothing's asked me for a password03:15
=== matthew is now known as matthew12
Shazamr0b0tchicken: its firefox, and i'll have to try that next time it hangs03:17
matthew12Exaile refuses to run. In Terminal I get "ImportError: No module named gst" I'm pretty positive that I have everything related to gstreamer installed.03:17
chelzbrandon_oma_692: sudo bash -c 'sed s/"Exec=supertux"/"Exec=supertux --opengl"/ /usr/share/applications/supertux.desktop > /usr/share/applications/supertux.desktop'03:17
r0b0tchickenshazam, it will work.   for educational purpose, open firefox, then open a terminal and type    killall firefox          it will die :)03:17
rd1381nobody khows how to fix this?03:17
SpaceGhostC2CI missed you.03:18
brandon_oma_692chelz with the 'abc123' symbols?03:18
trismrd1381: don't do sudo bash, you use sudo -i if you want a root shell03:18
chelzbrandon_oma_692: yep03:18
CAPcapchelz, i thought i'd let you know i figured it out. turns out i was doing it right to begin with, it just didnt like the shortcut id chosen (shift+ctrl+mod4+!)03:19
chelzCAPcap: good to hear03:19
chelz!hi | mscassa03:19
ubottumscassa: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:19
rd1381<trism>: that my problem: i somehow messed up root ,so now when i type sudo -i , it first ask for my pass then for rooot pass03:19
mscassado u care 4 haiti?????????????03:19
CAPcapchelz i chose a simpler one (Mod4+I) and its working great. Thanks for trying to help me out. :)03:19
rd1381and i dont have a root pass(i dosabled it)03:20
CAPcapmscassa, no03:20
r0b0tchickenrd1381 what do you  mean "disabled it"?03:20
chelzrd1381: paste what you are trying to run03:20
chelz!offtopic | mscassa03:20
ubottumscassa: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:20
mscassawhy dont u care for haiti ??03:20
CAPcapmscassa, because thats off topic and therefore i dont care03:20
xanguamscassa: don't do offtopic, this is an #ubuntu suport channel03:20
rd1381i mean i once gave it a password but later disabled it with "passwd -p "!' root" or something like that03:21
Faithfulmy xorg did not configure my screen properly & gdm won't start... how do I fix the koala?03:21
mscassaso u don't care about millions of them dying and killing?03:21
xanguamscassa: please stop with the offtopic03:21
chelzrd1381: paste what you are trying to run03:21
igieanyone know how to fix this sharing issue?? 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. The connection was refused. Maybe smbd is not running.03:21
matthew12has anyone had this error in Rhythmbox: "Unable to activate plugin Cover art"03:21
rd1381<chelz> i am trying to run a sipmple dpkg install03:21
mscassaoff topic"03:21
CAPcapmscassa go to #ubuntu-offtopic then i'll talk to you03:21
brandon_oma_692chelz thanks seems to work diddnt play it yet03:22
chelzrd1381: do "sudo dpkg -i file.deb"03:22
rd1381<chelz>  doesnt work03:22
chelzbrandon_oma_692: try to run supertux from the menu03:22
mscassahow old rr u guys??????03:22
JULinuxUserHello. I just updated rhythmbox in Ubuntu 9.10 and now it won't work at all. I want to downgrade but I don't know what package to downgrade to.03:22
chelz!offtopic | mscassa03:22
rd1381<chelz> it ask first for my pass then for root pass03:22
rd1381dpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege03:22
r0b0tchickenrd1381 try sudo passwd   to set new root password03:22
chelzrd1381: did you ever mess with sudoers?03:22
igiesudo /etc/init.d/samba status03:23
igie * nmbd is running03:23
igie * smbd is running03:23
rd1381sudo passwd changes my pass not root pass03:23
JULinuxUserAnyone got any ideas?03:23
chelzrd1381: do this:  sudo passwd -l root03:23
igieso clearly smbd is running03:23
rd1381passwd: Permission denied.03:24
rd1381the funy thin gis i can install apps with synaptic and do anythin g else03:24
chelzrd1381: pastebin /etc/sudoers03:24
chelzJULinuxUser: go to synaptic, search for rhythmbox, and at the top do Package -> Force Version03:25
anon__woohoo...i finally managed to edit the grub.cfg file from the live cd and get back in03:25
anon__AND i fixed and exhaust leak on my 86 monte carlo03:25
JULinuxUserYa chelz I tried that.03:25
JULinuxUserchelz it only gave me 2 options but it's still the same version.03:25
anon__thanks parsnip for helping me...i cant remember his whole name03:25
JULinuxUserchelz and it does not work.03:25
brandon_oma_692chelz its gone from the menu. thats fine though i am trying to learn how to type commands03:26
chelzJULinuxUser: what doesn't work specifically?03:26
chelzbrandon_oma_692: it went away from the menu?03:26
JULinuxUserWhen you double click or start the app. It loads for a while and crashes03:26
JULinuxUserWant a pastebin of terminal output?03:26
chelzJULinuxUser: yes03:26
skxplI had a crash while starting some game on Ubuntu and now I cannot log in through gdm. It accepts my password and then kicks me back to login screen. I fscked my partitions. The .xsession-errors says: /usr/bin/ssh-agent: error while loading shared libraries: libkrb5support.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory -- WTF?03:26
chelzrd1381: what did you change in it?03:27
rd1381it not sudoers fault03:27
rd1381it was woking before03:27
rd1381i hate ubuntu way of manageing root access03:28
MindSparkhi, let's say I want to play movies through ssh03:28
MindSparkand the screensaver is running03:28
chelzrd1381: do:  sudo -i03:28
rd1381i said before03:28
Gabriel_MHi there i am trying to crate a in xchat a channer and i keep getting this message " ChanServ does NOT exist on this net"03:28
MindSparkhow do I make the screensaver "go away" using from the terminal ?03:28
rd1381it ask for my pass then root pass03:28
brandon_oma_692chelz yeppers03:28
rd1381no just my pass03:29
JULinuxUserchelz http://pastebin.com/m50c23f1b03:29
r0b0tchickencan't rd1381 just boot to the grub recovery terminal, and set new root password?03:29
rd1381but stiill no access to dpkg03:29
rd1381r0b0tchicken> i installed a new ubunut to fix these account managment  issues of stupid ubuntu03:29
crazyericdoes anyone know how to get all sound routed to HDMI instead of the usual phono, it works fine in XBMC thru hdmi but everything else (youtube, etc) plays from the phono03:29
rd1381r0b0tchicken> honestly i can afford to do another boot :)03:30
chelzJULinuxUser: sudo apt-get remove frei0r-plugins03:30
j0hndoequestion about docks for ubuntu. im lookin for one that works w/o a composite manager like compiz. i have to disable compiz so i can remote into 9.10 (known bug). so i have to disable it fairly often. i know docky requies this. i think awn does as well. so there are the 2 major/good docks. anyone recommend anything else?03:30
aurilI'm in the ubuntu recovery shell, and I accidentally exited the 'gui' program (it has options to 'fix x server', 'run dpkg' etc) - how do I get back to the gui screen?03:30
r0b0tchickenrd1381...lol    if you are comfy with it, you can go to the GRUB menu (i take it you are on 9.10)  and get into the recovery terminal...and set the passwords for root there just like you forgot the password. I have a link here close that will give you the steps if you'd like....03:30
chelzrd1381: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword03:31
chelzr0b0tchicken: i think that's what you're talking about03:31
r0b0tchickenchelz link will work, yes :) you type faster chelz :)03:31
chelzj0hndoe: you might like Gnome Do03:31
j0hndoegnome do isnt a dock tho?03:31
aurilnm ^ that fixed me up03:31
j0hndoedocky is awesome. just cant use it w/o compiz :(03:31
soreauj0hndoe: look into AWN03:32
xanguaj0hndoe: then activate metacity composite03:32
aurilgnome do is quite nice03:32
soreau!info avant-window-navigator03:32
ubottuavant-window-navigator (source: avant-window-navigator): A MacOS X like panel for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 104 kB, installed size 328 kB03:32
chelzj0hndoe: http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+docks - top 5 results03:32
j0hndoeim aware but most require a composite manager03:32
rd1381rd1381: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword this is for a regular user nto root03:32
j0hndoei cant remove w/ that enabled03:32
rd1381and i tried that  and it asked for root pass03:32
bastid_raZorrd1381: root should not have a password to begin with.03:33
r0b0tchickenrd1381, if that doesn't work from grub, something else is srsly wrong.....03:33
j0hndoeoh well, was hoping some would know of one off the top of their head. i'll try awn w/ metacity composite manger, maybe it'll work *shrug*03:33
j0hndoethx guys03:33
chelzrd1381: in that terminal do       passwd -l root03:33
Gabriel_Mi am trying to create a chat channel using X-chat.  I used: /msg chanserv register #Dream_Act_2010 nysylc National_Network and i get this message "ChanServ does NOT exist on this net!"03:33
rd1381<bastid_raZor> i know but i changed that and it became hell after that03:33
j0hndoeGabriel_M: /join #chan03:33
rd1381<chelz> passwd: Permission denied.03:34
woobyhello, does anyone know where i might download a 9.10 amd64 .img?03:34
woobythanks in advance03:34
chelzrd1381: you are doing this from recovery mode?03:34
ShazamI just found a bunch of data I thought I lost, important to me. I realize that I'm running with effectively *no* backups of about 100 GB of critical data03:34
chelzrd1381: did you backup your sudoers file?03:34
chelzrd1381: do it from recovery mode03:34
chelzrd1381: do it from recovery mode03:34
Shazamwhat's an effective backup mechanism?03:34
rd1381<chelz> how many times i should say this03:34
chelzShazam: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem03:35
rd1381<chelz> it NOT sudoers fault03:35
chelzrd1381: ok. reboot into recovery mode.03:35
rd1381<chelz> it was working before and it not changed03:35
koshariShazam i like to use rsync03:35
rd1381i am just asking why ubuntu askes for root pas?03:35
klappikoshari: i like rsnapshot (uses rsync)03:36
Shazamkoshari: reading previous comment, and looking into rsync as well.03:36
chelzwooby: http://www.ubuntu.com/GetUbuntu/download - make sure you click on " 64-bit version"03:36
Shazamklappi: appreciate the thought03:36
woobychelz: thank you, however i am looking for a .img and not a .iso i believe... i'm trying to write the installer image to a USB stick, not a CD03:36
chelzrd1381: because the account has been enabled somehow. to disable it running "sudo passwd -l root" from the recovery mode will fix it03:37
aurilwooby, that can be done with a .iso03:37
chelzwooby: download Unetbootin03:37
aurilwooby, ^03:37
rd1381<chelz> ok i try that and report back03:37
PrivoxyAfternoon good gents03:37
r0b0tchickenwooby there is a command/prog to go from iso to img, also  but yes unetbootin very handy03:37
fastautoswhre do you go in ubuntu to find out what your processor, memory and everything else is?03:37
bastid_raZorfastautos: sudo lshw03:38
Mike_lifeguardWhat command line program can I use to play .ogg/.oga files?03:38
r0b0tchickenfastautos type     cat /proc/cpuinfo   for your cpu    and   free    for your RAM03:38
woobyr0b0tchicken: thank you, is there something like unetbootin for macs? i downloaded the amd64 iso on os X03:38
aurilMike_lifeguard, vlc ?03:38
chelzfastautos: open System Monitor. it's on the main tab03:38
Mike_lifeguardauril: that's not a command line program O__o03:38
r0b0tchickenwooby very well might be...let me check for you see if i can help you out03:38
aurilMike_lifeguard, yes it is ;)03:38
PrivoxyI come to you with a nub question, I have installed ubuntu 9.10 into my second harddrive, (My first is made up of two drives in raid0) so guess you could call it my first, I reboot my system after the install and I end up back in W7... after having a little play around in easyBCD im still unable to get into linux... would love a little help pointing me in the right way03:39
woobyr0b0tchicken: thanks again, really looking forward to getting this working03:39
klappiMike_lifeguard: mp3blaster?03:39
chelzwooby: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#Computer%20used%20to%20make%20USB%20disk - "Mac OS X"03:39
=== auril is now known as aurilliance
chelzwooby: it's a lot easier from an ubuntu or windows install03:39
=== cycrosism_ is now known as cycrosism
woobychelz: totally awesome! thank you so much03:40
blankthemuffinHey I'm wondering if anybody knows a good app to create a video out of a image slideshow. It only has to be simple but I've tried Imagination and Videoporama and neither work. (The former crops all my images and the latter does not export, preview, anything)03:40
=== atomiku is now known as atomiku|out
chelzPrivoxy: when you installed ubuntu, did it see the windows install?03:40
Privoxyno chelz,03:41
Privoxyas my windows install is on a software raid, I seem to have always had issues with getting linux to see it03:41
r0b0tchickenwooby look at this link and scroll down to option 4.  it does say you need an img file   http://www.webupd8.org/2009/04/4-ways-to-create-bootable-live-usb.html03:41
chelzPrivoxy: did grub get installed?03:41
woobyr0b0tchicken: thanks, it turns out the mac program hdiutil will convert to an .img from an .iso03:41
valenzyou can make with the comand disk part03:41
woobyso i'm all set :) thanks again03:41
chelzPrivoxy: what boots first, grub or this easybcd?03:41
Privoxyinto its defeat directory (HD,0)03:41
valenzyou format you usb03:41
r0b0tchickenno problem :)03:42
Privoxyat the moment, nothing, just windows03:42
Privoxyim still unable to get into grub03:42
valenzthen you do a Xcopy03:42
aurilliance^ lol@ecopunk's nick :P03:42
mobius2greetings,  i have been reading about setting up a spanned desktop by adding an LCD monitor to my laptop. The laptop is an older Gateway M-275 tablet pc.  Is spanning a desktop across 2 monitors  with the primary  display being the integrated laptop screen?03:42
chelzPrivoxy: how did you get to easybcd?03:42
mobius2is it possible?03:42
U-b-u-n-t-usudo chown -R administrator:users  I tried this command on a folder and it returned chown: invalid user: `administrator:users' what did I do wrong?03:42
Privoxywithin the windows environment?03:42
chelzmobius2: yes but is either easier or harder depending on your graphics card03:43
macman_guys i have no sound .. i just removed pusleaudio03:43
woobychelz, r0b0tchicken tahnks again for your help, have a great evening03:43
r0b0tchickenmobious2, did it with my geforce 6200, spanned it across to my television (s-video out), complicated, but yes, possible03:43
bastid_raZorU-b-u-n-t-u: do you have a user named adminsrator ?03:43
brandon_oma_692what is some cool stuf to do while learning to use the command line?03:43
cycrosismHow do I get the size ofa folder? When I do df or df -h it lists my whote system03:43
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor,  no03:44
mobius2i noticed that the video driver i'm using is able to see the added  lcd monitor,  however when  I uncheck the "mirror screens" tickbox,  the screens go blank and all i can do is wait for the automatic reversion03:44
PhosisI second Brandons question...trying to comprehend shell a bit more03:44
blakkheimcycrosism: du -sh /directory/03:44
rd1381didnt work03:44
greezmunkeydu -sh /home03:44
chelzPrivoxy: in your BIOS set it to boot the harddrive that ubuntu is on. once you're in ubuntu you can setup grub to see your windows03:44
GryllidaHi. I have been using Windows 200 with MS Office 2000 for several years. It means the costs... I write math docs, develop software, watch many videos, listen to music, etc. What can you say about me and Ubuntu? Should I have a look at it using live CD? Or is it of no sense?03:44
cycrosismblakkheim: Ty03:44
rd1381it didnt work03:44
Privoxythanks chelz il do it now03:44
aurillianceI tried to update to 8.10, but now every time I start I get a shell, and when I try startx it says it cannot find a screen :( ???03:45
bastid_raZorU-b-u-n-t-u: administrator needs to be an actual user before you can give permissions to it.03:45
chelzbrandon_oma_692: http://www.brighthub.com/computing/linux/articles/7116.aspx03:45
chelzbrandon_oma_692: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=50421803:45
chelzrd1381: what happened?03:45
mobius2does the fact that I can at least SEE the odded  monitor mean I am close to  having this doe? perhaps a simple xorg edit or what-not.   I am wondering if this is even possible with this M-275 tablet computer03:45
rd1381<chelz>: nothing03:45
rd1381<chelz> same as before03:45
chelzrd1381: somehow root got messed up really badly03:45
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor, I am trying to set up a mount on a slave drive and I followed this once before and there was no issue http://tombott.com/Automatically_Mount_Additional_HD_in_Ubuntu_8.10_and_Ubuntu_9.04   ....... but now when I get to the command I showed you it wont allow me to add users and admins to the folder03:46
rd1381<chelz> i did what you aid but nothing changed here03:46
rd1381<chelz> i know that03:46
rd1381<chelz> thats why i say ubunut is stupid03:46
chelz!hate | rd138103:46
ubotturd1381: hate is a thing we don't encourage - why waste your energy03:46
r0b0tchickenmobius2, close is a relative word...like as in...we are "close" to the moon, or close to a hand grenade... :P  but yes, seeing the monitor is a good start, im reviewing some things...would you mind posting your type of laptop, and video adapter?03:46
rd1381<chelz> by disabling root it added a shit load of other problems03:46
bastid_raZor!fstab | U-b-u-n-t-u follow this guide.03:46
ubottuU-b-u-n-t-u follow this guide.: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions03:46
rd1381it not hate03:47
rd1381its hatred03:47
macman_guys question .. im on ubuntu and my audio isn't working .. i just removed pulse audio and alasmixer is fine .. should i reboot ?03:47
rd1381i long for opensuse but it didnt have the repos of ubuntu but now i think i switch back03:47
bastid_raZorrd1381: you created the problem by enabling root.03:48
rd1381the funny thing is i can install apps with apt-ht and synaptic but dpkg says i must be superuser03:48
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor, I dont need to know any of that I need to know how to add users and administrators to a folder so when I right click I can set permissions on that folder03:48
GryllidaI don't think it would be good to post my question again, but did anybody just see it?03:48
bastid_raZorrd1381: then use sudo for root permissions03:49
bastid_raZor!sudo | rd138103:49
ubotturd1381: sudo is a command to run command-line ( see !cli ) programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)03:49
rd1381<bastid_raZor> wont work on dpkg03:49
jack5463after i install ubuntu 9.1 should i update it?03:49
r0b0tchickenbastid_raZor, please explain your reasoning behind that?   the FIRST thing i did with ubuntu was set a root password, so at least there was one there...  are you just saying "for him" that is a bad idea, or for everyone?03:49
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:49
r0b0tchickenjack5463, at least change it to security updates and get those...03:49
chelzrd1381: try to do something with sudo and pastebin all of your terminal after you do it03:49
rd1381what you need?03:49
mobius2robotchicken I think he simply meant that it's best to leave the default hash  password intact for the root account, as it's more secure....03:50
rd1381\is ls enough?03:50
bastid_raZorsetting a root password is not supported by #ubuntu and by doing so you negate support here.03:50
roboboyAnyone have a guide, or some suggestions for how to increase resolution or enable 3D acceleration for an Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 900?03:50
chelzrd1381: do   sudo passwd -l root03:50
roboboyright now ubuntu is limiting me to 800x60003:50
jack5463r0b0tchicken, what are the security problems with ubuntu?03:50
Dr_Willisroboboy:  thers some forum threads and wiki pages on Intel video chipsets.03:50
rd1381sudo passwd -l root03:50
rd1381[sudo] password for rd-admin:03:50
rd1381passwd: Permission denied.03:50
bastid_raZorU-b-u-n-t-u: chown is the correct way, but you need a valid user:group03:50
macman_what is that website that has all the compatble computers ?03:51
macman_it hink its a wiki03:51
bastid_raZorrd1381: sudo will ask for your password.. the admin user03:51
chelz!supportroot | r0b0tchicken03:51
ubottur0b0tchicken: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.03:51
r0b0tchickenjack5463, not so  much "sec problems" ,but every now and again they will find a "Possible vulnerability", and my advice is at the very least, enable "security updates only", and install them03:51
rd1381<bastid_raZo yes03:51
chelzrd1381: please pastebin next time03:51
bastid_raZor!hardware | macman_ ?03:51
ubottumacman_ ?: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection03:51
chelzrd1381: copy and paste your entire terminal into a pastebin, usernames included03:51
rd1381user name is reza03:51
chelzrd1381: please pastebin03:52
Privoxychelz: after changing the drives boot order im still just ending up back into windows03:52
rd1381reza@rd-admin-desktop:~$  sudo passwd -l root03:52
chelz!pastebin | rd138103:52
ubotturd1381: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:52
chelzrd1381: pastebin this:   groups reza03:52
U-b-u-n-t-uwhats the url to the paste page for ubuntu03:52
nyaa_howdy, was wondering if going to a low latency kernel required a new install (say ubuntu studio) or if I could go back and forth with one install of ubuntu03:52
rd1381reza : reza adm dialout fax cdrom tape audio dip video plugdev fuse admin03:52
chelzPrivoxy: do you see grub or anything at all?03:52
stevenfgsdfgMust one be using the Gnome desktop to use Ubuntu one?03:52
r0b0tchickenbastid_raZor, my apologies, did not know that was the policy....03:53
macman_somone mind helping me with sound ? ... according to the wiki sound works but speakers just stay on03:53
stevenfgsdfgCan Ubuntu One work on the Xfce desktop?03:53
=== TT is now known as Guest54104
stevenfgsdfgOr only Gnome?03:54
xanguaactually ubuntu one just integrates with nautilus03:54
brandon_oma_692how do i find programs to download in the command line03:54
U-b-u-n-t-uroboboy, http://paste.ubuntu.com/369951/  I had to add this to my xconfig03:54
stevenfgsdfgSo I can use it for any derivative of Ubuntu?03:54
Dr_Willis!apt | brandon_oma_69203:54
ubottubrandon_oma_692: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)03:54
jack5463is ubuntu 9.04 more stabe than 9.10? i seem like i'm spending alot of time here trying to fix problems with my 9.1003:54
U-b-u-n-t-uroboboy, I had the same issue03:54
Dr_Willisbrandon_oma_692:  apt-cache search patterntolookfor03:54
xanguastevenfgsdfg: did ubuntu one comes installated with xubuntu¿¿03:54
stevenfgsdfgIt does not03:54
chelzrd1381: what's the purpose of the rd-admin user?03:54
stevenfgsdfgDoes not come installed with Xubuntu from what I can tell :(03:54
rd1381<chelz> for fun03:54
xanguastevenfgsdfg: no, ubuntu-one for ubuntu at the moment, i don't know if ohter derivates like mint already have it03:55
rd1381<chelz> you just assume i am rdadmin03:55
rd1381it doesnt matter what user i am03:55
stevenfgsdfgAnyone here recommend ossec?03:55
bastid_raZorrd1381: yes it does.03:55
rd1381i cant never run dpkg command03:55
xanguastevenfgsdfg: but dropbox works with any linux distro03:55
rd1381<bastid_raZor> plzz dont say what u dont know03:55
rd1381i use sudo03:56
blankthemuffinHey I'm wondering if anybody knows a good app to create a video out of a image slideshow. It only has to be simple but I've tried Imagination and Videoporama and neither work. (The former crops all my images and the latter does not export, preview, anything)03:56
rd1381but still no luck03:56
chelzrd1381: just for fun, try changing "runas_default=rd-admin" to "runas_default=root" or remove it03:56
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor, any time I right click any folder I can set admin and users privileges so why would I need to add user administrator and users?03:56
bastid_raZorrd1381: using sudo you would need to be the user with admin in their group.03:56
rd1381<bastid_raZor both re admin dude03:56
chelzrd1381: then try that   "sudo passwd -l root"03:56
roboboyU-b-u-n-t-u: thanks :)03:56
rd1381<chelz>  sure03:56
jack5463is Ubuntu 9.04 more stable than 9.10? I'm spending a lot of time here trying to fix problems with my 9.1003:56
Freeaqingmejack5463, I had the same feeling indeed03:57
Dr_Willisjack5463:  ive had very few problems with 9.1003:57
U-b-u-n-t-uroboboy, np03:57
_Tristanjust installed 9.10 and wireless networks don't show up03:57
chelz_Tristan: i know those as "upgrading pains". just things to be fixed and forgotten.03:57
bastid_raZorU-b-u-n-t-u: right clicking and using chown are not the exact same. using chown you need an actual user or group that exists03:57
speedxxxcoreI need an app that sees disk I/O in realtime? any ideas?03:58
U-b-u-n-t-uroboboy, many people were trying to tell me it was a driver and its just a xconf setting03:58
_Tristanchelz: I didn't upgrade, it was a clean install03:58
jack5463Dr_Willis, 9.04 has more problems than 9.10?03:58
chelz_Tristan: metaphorical update then ;)03:58
InpettoHi all, how can I flush all at localhost on port 11211 if Im connected via ssh?03:58
Dr_Willisjack5463:  cant say i noticed many issues in 9,.04 either03:58
_Tristanchelz: I suppose. Any idea how to fx it?03:58
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor, the point of me saying that I can right click on other folders and see users and admins wasnt to say that was equal to chown but to say I should be able to add admins and users to a folder then set permissions03:58
rd1381it gets worse by second03:59
rd1381visudo says visudo: /etc/sudoers: Permission denied03:59
chelz_Tristan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide03:59
jack5463Dr_Willis, is ubuntu 9.04 more stabe than 9.10? i seem like i'm spending alot of time here trying to fix problems with my 9.1003:59
chelz_Tristan: then a similar thing http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-troubleshoot-wireless-network-connection-in-ubuntu.html03:59
chelzrd1381: edit it from recovery mode03:59
chelzrd1381: and don't use "sudo" while in recovery mode04:00
rd1381never mind04:00
bastid_raZorU-b-u-n-t-u: understood. using chown requires using an actual user .. if user fred does not exist then you can not chown fred file ..04:00
jack5463Dr_Willis, I'm using ubuntu 9.10 from a usb. I have sound. My sound control icon disappeared from panel. When i try to access "sound" from System>Preferences>Sound... I get a window that says "waiting for sound system to respond" How do i repair it?04:00
Dr_Willisjack5463:  i found them both stable. I dont recall any issues i had with either one..   The UNR for 9.10 does work better on my AAO howeverf04:00
rd1381thanks for help04:00
rd1381i guess i go back to dear suse04:00
chelzrd1381: don't break your system next time :P04:00
Dr_Willisjack5463:  sounds liek pulse audio died perhaps.. restart pulse audio. Ive never had souind issues04:00
rd1381<chelz> ubuntu is fagile not me04:00
bastid_raZorrd1381: doing unsupported things is the issue. don't be a rebel04:01
rd1381<chelz> what is a linux if u cant play with it04:01
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor, I am not trying to add a user but the option administrator and users so I can set the permissions04:01
chelzrd1381: part of playing with something is dealing with it when it breaks. like now. you don't seem to be up for what it takes to fix it though04:01
rd1381i played suse ragged but always could get back to step one04:01
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor, http://tombott.com/Automatically_Mount_Additional_HD_in_Ubuntu_8.10_and_Ubuntu_9.04   <<< I am using this guild which worked on ubuntu 9.04 without adding anything04:02
rd1381<chel tell me what is my problem and how to fix it and i will.as you saw i tried everything(booting and whatever04:02
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor,  I assume the command line is the same in 9.1004:02
sahalwhy does gnome take 40 minutes to start?04:02
jack5463Dr_Willis, I tried sudo killall pulseaudio, sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart. it didn't do anything04:02
sebsebsebsahal: logging into Ubuntu you mean?04:03
d6chungHi, I'm trying to get wired Ethernet to go up with RTL-8139 but am having difficulty. Anyone have suggestions?04:03
sahalsebsebseb: yeah04:03
sebsebsebsahal: Which version 9.10?04:03
chelzU-b-u-n-t-u: is only one user on the system?04:03
sahalsebsebseb: no 8.0404:03
sebsebsebsahal: oh04:03
U-b-u-n-t-uchelz, yes04:03
sebsebsebsahal: new install of 8.04 or?04:03
chelzU-b-u-n-t-u: why not use your own username and group then?04:03
chelzsahal: you might try xubuntu if you find ubuntu to be too slow04:04
sahalsebsebseb: gdm loads fine, i can access the ttys. this is a few month old install of 8.0404:04
sebsebsebsahal: how much RAM?04:04
ubuntu_alguien habla español04:04
rd1381ubuntu is still an unreliable and unstable system04:04
sebsebseb!es  |  ubuntu_04:04
ubottuubuntu_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:04
sahalchelz: the thing is that it was working fine until last week04:04
sahalwhen i updated04:04
Dr_Willisrd1381:  demand a refund?04:04
bastid_raZorU-b-u-n-t-u: that guide tells you on the first few lines .. User = Administrator ... if your computer does not have a user by the name of administrator then following this guide to the T will not work.. substitute administrator with your user.04:04
chelz!offtopic | rd138104:04
ubotturd1381: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:04
ubuntu_sabes como puedo colocar04:04
ubuntu_el flash player04:04
jack5463ya get what you pay for?04:04
rd1381<Dr_Willis> no . just going back to suse. if it had more apps i would never have come to ubunut04:05
ubuntu_no puedo ver nada04:05
chelz!es | ubuntu_04:05
ubottuubuntu_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:05
sahalsebsebseb: 256mb04:05
Dr_Willisrd1381:  problem solved then.. goodby04:05
rd1381sure thanks04:05
ubuntu_flash player for ubuntu :?04:05
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:05
chelzU-b-u-n-t-u: in that guide, what step are you having trouble with04:05
sebsebsebsahal: How much SWAP space?04:05
xanguaubuntu_: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras , it installs adobe flash player, fonts, codecs, etc04:05
chelzsahal: did you install updates or update ubuntu from say 9.04 to 9.10?04:06
sahalsebsebseb: ~1gb04:06
roboboy2does X11 in 9.10 not respond to ctrl-alt-backspace?04:06
sebsebsebsahal: Also it used to work ok I assume, but it started to be slow to log in after updates?04:06
sahalchelz: install updates04:06
lanzellothhi guys04:06
sahali mean i'm using it now04:06
chelzroboboy2: correct. it can be re-enabled.04:06
sahalits working fine04:06
lanzelloththe nm-applet is being retarded04:06
sahalit just took a long while to login04:06
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap04:06
roboboy2ubottu: thanks04:06
sahallike 40 minutes04:06
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:06
sebsebsebsahal: not sure why it's so slow to log in04:06
U-b-u-n-t-ubastid_raZor, and chelz  thank you ......... I should have read line 1 lol04:06
nytek_im having trouble with sound playing a mp4 file in mplayer04:06
lanzellothit won't connect to a wireless network given correct password, ecnryption type04:06
bastid_raZorU-b-u-n-t-u: best of luck :)04:07
nytek_anybody have any ideas?04:07
U-b-u-n-t-uits me:users not administrator:users <<< my bad!04:07
U-b-u-n-t-uthanks bastid_raZor04:07
bastid_raZorU-b-u-n-t-u: all  part of the learning process. :)04:07
U-b-u-n-t-uhehe yeah! reading is fundamental04:07
sahalsebsebseb: i was looking in .xsession-errors it says something about default.ms04:07
sebsebsebsahal: failing hard disk maybe04:07
sebsebsebsahal: not sure what that is, how old is the computer?04:08
sahalsebsebseb: the thing is everything else works fine04:08
sahali just installed a new hd a few months ago04:08
sahalthe old one did fail04:08
sebsebsebsahal: why are you on 8.04?04:08
sahali dunno, its LTS.04:08
xanguasebsebseb: because it has long term support04:08
sahali'm waiting for 10.0404:09
sebsebsebsahal: ah ha you want to directly upgrade I see04:09
sahalthe next lts to upgrade04:09
lanzellothhow do I connect to a wireless network that has changed its encryption type??04:09
jack5463how do i get my sound control icon back that disappeared on panel?04:09
PrivoxyI am now able to boot into grub, where im greeted with the error 15 /boot/grub.conf not found...04:09
lanzelloththe nm-applet kept kept failing, asking for password and it just kept trying with the old settings04:10
zurdo12quien habla español04:10
nytek_does anybody know why sound wouldnt play in either mplayer or vlc with a mp4 file?04:10
xangua!es | zurdo1204:10
ubottuzurdo12: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:10
sahalsebsebseb: so what should i do to make it start faster? or even troubleshoot what the problem is?04:10
sebsebsebsahal: maybe another log in screen will help,  or an upgrade to at least 8.10.  Of course if you upgrade to at least 8.10 you can't then directly upgrade to 10.04.  However people who directly upgrade from 8.04   probably won't get Grub 2 on upgrade and Ext4 is unlikely to get on upgrade.  Those aren't really needed those.04:11
sebsebsebsahal: though04:11
zurdo12xangua pero lo busco en los server y no aparece nada con .es04:11
sahalsebsebseb: another login screen?04:11
sebsebsebsahal: yeah04:11
xanguazurdo12: /j #ubuntu-es04:11
sahalsebsebseb: i tried to create a new user and they logged in fine.  but that was only the first login04:12
sahalsebsebseb: after a second login i had the same problem with a new user04:12
sahalsebsebseb: i created a new user with useradd in a tty04:12
jack5463what programming language do i need to learn to use and repair ubuntu?04:12
sebsebsebsahal: there's  KDM and XDM as well,  KDM being the KDE one, which means it will want to put on quite a lot more KDE stuff, if you haven't already got KDE stuff on there04:12
sebsebsebsahal: you could try re installing gdm also04:12
sahalsebsebseb: the thing is gdm starts fine... its only after i try to login does the computer really lag04:13
sahalis that still a gdm problem?04:13
sebsebsebsahal: maybe04:13
sebsebsebsahal: ,but it's probably something else actsaulley04:13
nytek_jack5463: what are you talking about? repair?04:13
d6chungDoes "Modules linked in" in dmesg list the drivers that are loaded?04:13
sebsebsebsahal: however I suppouse try another log in screen, and if get with that as well, there's your answer04:13
lanzellothhow can I configure wireless network connections manually?04:14
nytek_lanzelloth: with iwconfig04:14
sebsebsebsahal: have you got data backed up and such?   you could try  upgrading to 8.10, then just clean install when 10.04 comes out?04:14
lanzellothdoes the nm-applet use the same settings or whatever is set by iwconfig?04:15
bastid_raZorlanzelloth: right click the nm-applet in the toolbar and edit connections .. or left click and connecdt to hidden network .. that will allow you to set each setting required04:15
lanzellothbastid_raZor i tried that04:16
lanzellothbastid_raZor the result is multiple connection profiles to the same network04:17
InpettoIf a php extension shows up in my phpinfo (and is therefore running?) how can I find out information about it such as what port its running on etc?04:17
lanzellothdeleted all of them retried again04:17
DerluenrudyThuhttp://lm.loldongs.eu/~h/rofl.jpg <=== ROFL04:18
DerluenrudyThuhttp://lm.loldongs.eu/~h/rofl.jpg <=== ROFL04:18
DerluenrudyThuhttp://lm.loldongs.eu/~h/rofl.jpg <=== ROFL04:18
FloodBot1DerluenrudyThu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:18
bastid_raZorlanzelloth: i've changed my wireless encryption recently and had no issues.. unsure why it wouldn't work for you. i deleted the previous setting for mine and did a connect to hidden network .. since i had hid the SSID and change from wep to wpa/tsk04:19
lanzellothbastid_raZor i'd rather learn about the foolproof way with the command line04:20
lanzellothbastid_raZor i'm reading a bunch of tutorials online about it and they all want me to run a bunch of commands without explaining them04:21
bastid_raZorlanzelloth: iwconfig is the way although i do not have much experience.. good luck04:21
unixalotlanzelloth: whatcha doin with iwconfig??04:21
lanzellothunixalot trying to set up a wireless connection "profile"04:23
lanzelloththe nm-applet does use the same setting files/whatever as the iwconfig right? it's just a "nicer" gui alternative of dealing with iwconfig from the terminal04:23
unixalotlanzelloth: thats a fact04:24
lanzellothunixalot so if I configured it properly then the nm-applet will just autoconnect the next time I log in right?04:24
unixalotNo you have to set the nm-applet to the settings then it will save to your keyring i think04:25
lanzellothi don't know what the gnome keyring is04:25
thechrisI need help getting dual-boot to work.04:25
lanzellothIt's a gnome thing, yes?04:25
unixalotIt saves all these settings that are required by root04:26
thechrisHas anyone gotten a dual boot system to work with the current version of ubuntu?04:27
sahali'm using dual boot with 8.0404:27
sahalbut i don't see why it wouldn't work with other versions of ubuntu04:27
sahali installed windows first04:28
thechrissahal: how did you get it to boot into windows?04:28
lanzellothunixalot hmm ok04:28
sahalubuntu detected it and put it in my menu.lst04:28
sahali'm sure you can do the same manually04:28
bastid_raZor!fixgrub | thechris  you might need this.04:28
ubottuthechris  you might need this.: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.04:28
thechrissahal: no, its there, but just hangs04:28
unixalotlanzelloth: what kind of security are you trying to connect to04:29
lanzellothsahal what're you trying to do?04:29
nyaa_grub was replaced with something else in 9.1004:29
pixelfairyso id like to ask that kvm be compiled with vde support, where / how do you do make a request like this?04:29
nyaa_which makes it a bit more troublesome!04:29
sahallanzelloth: about?04:29
lanzellothunixalot it's a wep :( (it's my parents' house)04:29
blakkheimlanzelloth: don't let your parents use wep04:29
lanzellothsahal oh, I thought you were having problem with something04:30
sahallanzelloth: well i am but its not related to grub04:30
unixalotlanzelloth: so you cannot connect to this network or what?04:30
sahallanzelloth: gnome takes like 40 minutes to load04:30
sahalafter i login using gdm04:30
lanzellothblakkheim my dad needs wep so his phone can connect or some sh*t like that04:30
=== Sememmon_ is now known as Sememmon
thechrislanzelloth: no, I'm having issues with the current bootloader not being able to boot winxp.04:30
=== kbuel_ is now known as kbuel
lanzellothunixalot the problem is they just changed it (it was wpa2) to wep and the nm-applet is not recognizing the change and kept trying the old settings even though I keep telling it to04:31
lanzelloththechris oh ok04:31
unixalotlanzelloth: did you restart your comp04:31
lanzellothsahal oh ok04:31
lanzellothunixalot yeah and booted into windows and went here lol04:32
unixalotlanzelloth: I've had this same problem04:32
unixalotlanzelloth: so when you go back to linux, cant you go to nm-app and make a new profile04:32
lanzellothunixalot I think i'll try again now, and i'm gonna remove that thing and install wicd04:32
unixalotlanzelloth: dontedit the one you have04:32
unixalotlanzelloth: wicd suuucks04:32
lanzellothunixalot lol why?04:33
korokosHow do i install pptp vpn on karmic?04:33
unixalotlanzelloth: delete the profile for your the wan, then create a new one, then restart04:33
lanzellothunixalot i'm pretty pissed with the applet right now04:33
charles__is there a way to launch an application from the terminal and have the terminal return to a prompt?04:34
neexcan anyone help me discover why my machine is generating endless dns traffic04:34
unixalotlanzelloth: yeah it works tho, I've had this same problem, wicd is even crappier in my opinion04:34
neexto the tune of > 100 requests/sec04:34
unixalotcharles__: yeah add disown command04:34
lanzellothunixalot I don't understand why they could spend development time on "the awesome" gnomeshell when their network manager is like this04:34
unixalotcharles__: -a04:34
charles__oh, nice04:34
bastid_raZorcharles__: application & disown04:34
unixalotcharles__: disown -a04:34
charles__thank you :)04:34
pixelfairycharles__: or just add & after the command04:34
charles__myapplication -a04:35
pixelfairycharles__: myapplication &04:35
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
DSpairDoes anyone here have a link for installing Karmic Desktop on LVM2?04:35
unixalotcharles__: myapplication & disown -a04:35
charles__okay, thank you again04:35
brandon_oma_692dr_willis  apt-cache search???04:35
klappiDSpair: i used the alternate install cd to do that04:35
lanzellotho well gonna try again, see you guys04:35
unixalotlanzelloth: yeah, it has to do with the default keyring04:35
DSpairklappi: That is all that I need?04:35
_Tristanmy wireless is almost working. I can see the networks, but when I go to connect to one it spins for about a minute before saying disconnected.04:35
unixalot_Tristan: Sounds like it doesnt have the rite key04:36
DSpairklappi: Thanks for the tip! I'm getting so sick of moving things around just because Karmic desktop doesn't do LVM be default.04:36
_Tristanunixalot: unprotected network04:36
resnohow complicated is it to install windows next to a linux install?04:36
unixalotresno: not very04:37
DSpairYou'd think with 2TB of disk space you wouldn't have to worry about moving things around much, but LVM would certainly be nice and user-friendly.... Click to add storage. Click to mirror storage... etc...04:37
unixalotresno: dual booting? is the question??04:37
=== Random832_ is now known as Random832
klappiDSpair: apt-get install ubuntu-desktop should give you the gnome and stuff04:37
resnounixalot: yes, i plan on dual booting.04:37
thechrisCan anyone help me dual boot?04:37
unixalotresno: if you do install windows before lilnux, if you install it vice versa windows will rape your master boot record04:37
resnothechris: which os is installed04:37
thechrisI need winxp to actually boot, and not just hang04:37
zurdo12how is xubuntu?04:38
DSpairthechris: Sorry, I use virtual machines exclusively.04:38
unixalotresno: then you'll have to use live cd and fix your grub04:38
resnounixalot: yea, thats what i am afraid of04:38
opticonwhat can i use to make backups of ubuntu that are image based04:38
unixalotresno: grub is the gnome boot loader04:38
unixalotresno: **Linux04:38
resnounixalot: how complicated is fixing grub going to be?04:38
resnounixalot: should i use gparted to open the hd space u?04:38
nyaa_resno try installing a backport and installing grub over whatever 9.10 has04:39
thechrisresno: winxp currently hangs before booting.  ubuntu works.04:39
unixalotresno: I dont undersand?04:39
unixalotresno: fixing grub is just mounting your boot partition from a live cd and running a few terminal commands04:39
charles__hmmm.... " & disown -a" doesn't seem to work. it takes me back to a prompt, but then i start getting messages04:40
resnounixalot: currently linux has the full disk, do i need to force linux into a small partition first?04:40
unixalotYou need to set your partiton table to allow enough room for your windows install04:40
resnounixalot: and gparted is what i should use?04:40
unixalotYou might have to use gparted and resize your ext304:40
unixalotgparted from a live cd04:41
unixalotor the gparted live cd04:41
thechrisBasically, windows won't boot after installing ubuntu04:41
thechrisand I'd like to fix that04:41
unixalotthechris: you have to fix your grub04:41
thechrisunixalot: how?04:41
Dr_Williswith 9.10 and grub2 - the 'update-grub' command should see/add a windows entry to the grub menus04:42
unixalotthechris: private message04:42
_TristanI can see wireless networks but when I go to connect to them it only spins for a minute before saying "disconnected"04:43
roboboyokay so I have intel chipset 915g installed, I created my own xorg.conf file to tell it to use the mode "1920x1080" restarted X and it used 800x600 and th elog file says that hsync and vrefresh are both out of range, now I'm trying to see if I can use a 915resolution solution, but apparently the current package repositories don't include 915resolution, is this a deprecated way to solve the problem? anyone have some hints?04:45
gtrhow do make Xchat only accessible on the Admin account?04:45
aurillianceI tried to update to 8.10, but now every time I start I get a shell, and when I try startx it says it cannot find a screen :( ???04:45
DSpairroboboy: 915resolution is definitely deprecated. Should not be needed any more.04:45
r0b0tchickenroboboy did you backup your original xorg.conf?   possibly might be a backup copy you can fall back to04:46
Ecan burning at a very slow speed on an old computer affect how the disc is read by newer/modern computers???04:46
=== E is now known as Guest1023
roboboyits ubuntu 9.10, xorg was booting without a config file04:46
Dr_WillisE:  normally one wants to burn at slow speeds to be 'safest'04:46
roboboyI had to shut it down and run xorg -configure to make one to play with04:46
DSpairgtr: From a command prompt, "sudo chmod 744 /usr/bin/xchat && sudo chown root.admin /usr/bin/xchat"04:46
gtrthank you sir.04:46
segalocosorry, sorry, just installed xchat04:46
segalocobe out in a bit04:46
roboboyso effectively, even though my monitor can easily handle 1920x1080, intel IGP can handle it, and the driver is supposed to support it, Xorg will not recognize that as a valid mode04:47
DSpairgtr: NP04:47
roboboyand 800x600 is beyond painful haha04:47
aurilliancein upgrading to 8.10, my xserver broke. How can i "roll back" ????04:47
blankthemuffinHey I'm wondering if anybody knows a good app to create a video out of a image slideshow. It only has to be simple but I've tried Imagination and Videoporama and neither work. (The former crops all my images and the latter does not export, preview, anything)04:48
coz_blankthemuffin,  mm maybe  "Imagination: ?04:48
Dr_Willisblankthemuffin:  ive seen a few in the repos.. but never tried them. ffmpeg/mencoder also i thinkc an do it.. but that will take a little more work04:49
coz_blankthemuffin,  that is actually name of the application :)04:49
blankthemuffinI've tried Imagination and Videoporama and neither work. (The former crops all my images and the latter does not export, preview, anything) ( from my initial message coz_ :P )04:49
=== sean is now known as Guest36703
coz_BlackBinary,  oh!!  mmm04:49
coz_BlackBinary,  sorry guy04:49
Dr_Willisdvd-slideshow - tools to create dvd slideshow with menus04:50
coz_blankthemuffin,  oh mm04:50
ChogyDanGuest1023: I think in general, slow burning speeds tend to be more compatible04:50
Dr_Willisscale the images beforhand perhaps.04:50
aurilliancein upgrading to 8.10, my xserver broke. How can i "roll back" ????04:50
blankthemuffinyeah that's a good idea Dr_Willis, I'll try dvd slideshow then that. Thanks.04:51
greezmunkeyWhat can I do to test / verify the serial port on this PC? (single serial port mounted to motherboard, I believe it is "seen" as ttyS0, buy unsure...) TIA04:51
axisysanyone knows what config should I pick here http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_1.png .. this is for my laptop that is on different network at different time04:51
semitonesHello -- does this channel provide support for Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop? I need to know how to add "nm-applet" to the list of startup applications04:52
Dr_Willissemitones:  I think lxde uses openbox or fluxbox for its window manager. check the docs for the wuindow manager it uses   theres also a #lununtu channel04:53
RiverthiefSup guys04:53
RiverthiefWhat's the command to automatically start a wireless network from terminal?04:53
Riverthief(For Openbox)04:53
Dr_Willisoops #lubuntu :)04:53
xanguasemitones: doesn't lxde uses #wicd¿04:53
Dr_Willis Lubuntu - uses wicd - last i tried Lubuntu.04:54
RiverthiefI tried wicd04:54
unixalotLxde is so ugly04:54
semitonesDr_Willis: xangua: I think lxde uses openbox04:54
RiverthiefBut it screwed up haha04:54
faultygroundI'm having some trouble figuring out ssh.  Ive got 2 boxes on a LAN, but they both refuse connection in either direction.  Advice?04:54
RiverthiefOnly just got my internet back 5 mins ago04:54
semitonesDr_Willis: trying #lubuntu04:54
Dr_Willisfaultyground:  check firewall rules.04:54
xanguasemitones: we are talking about the network manager, not the window's04:54
Dr_Willisfaultyground:  see if they can 'ssh localhost' also04:54
semitonesunixalot: it really is, but it's slightly faster04:54
unixalotfaultyground: make sure the ports are forwarrd on your router04:55
RiverthiefWhat's the WLAN equivilant of ifconfig eth0 up & dhclient eth0?04:55
semitonesxangua: ah, k, so you're saying I need to configure wicd?04:55
greezmunkeyRiverthief, what about iwconfig? the ifup / ifdown ??04:55
faultygroundunixalot:  shouldnt be blocking local traffic should it?  theyre both connected to the same router04:55
unixalotfaultyground: you have to have the port on the router forwared for ssh04:55
faultygroundDr_Willis: localhost also refused o.O04:55
RiverthiefWill that allow me to start a connection to a particular pass-protected WLAN from terminal?04:55
unixalotfaultyground: last time i was messing with a ssh it had to do with ports blocked on my router04:56
Dr_Willisfaultyground:  You sure you got the ssh services installed then? Or you got some odd secuirity settings going on04:56
unixalotsemitones: so ugly.. '04:56
unixalotfaultyground: its only like one command to set a ssh server up04:56
semitonesunixalot: the only really "ugly" part I'm finding is their logo, but what did you think?04:56
semitonesunixalot: that, and all the config screens are awkward as hell04:57
unixalotsemitones: i dont like the gradient of the menu bar04:57
faultygroundDr_Willis: I assume so, but I've just started trying to learn how to use ssh, so I wouldnt know for sure.  Tried on buth Ubuntu 9.10, and Knoppix04:57
edbianfaultyground, sudo apt-get install openssh-server04:57
Dr_Willisfaultyground:  ssh server is NOT installed by default on ubuntu04:57
scottjIs there a way to right click in an image and set as desktop like windows w/o it opening the file in an image viewer or even opening the desktop settings window? (nothign should open, the wallpaper should just change)04:57
edbianfaultyground, And then you have an ssh server04:57
unixalotfaultyground:  you need ssh server04:57
roboboySomeone cleverly suggested updating the BIOS for my computer, but the Dell only provides a windows executable, would it be monumentally stupid to try to use WINE to run the executable?04:57
semitonesunixalot: good point -- there's also the way the open window tabs are shadowed, and spaced04:57
Dr_Willisroboboy:  yes it would be04:57
Cann0nwhats the keys to make a process hide. then fg brings it back?04:57
semitonesunixalot: it looks like it could use a few more revisions04:57
edbianroboboy, yeah probably04:57
unixalotsemitones: Yeah, so effin ugly they should spruce it up a tad04:57
unixalotsemitones: it is super fast tho, like on a craptop04:58
Dr_WillisCann0n:  ctrl-z, bg, fg04:58
roboboythere a DOS cdrom? or is that also stupid? any workaround short of installed windows?04:58
semitonesunixalot: which is what I'm using :)04:58
edbianroboboy, The thing about flashing the bios is that if you mess it up.  It ruins the motherboard.  (Unless you can solder on a new one)04:58
Dr_WillisCann0n:  see 'bash job controll' docs for more info04:58
faultygroundDr_Willis, edbian, unixalot: AHA!  That explains much.  None of the howtos I read over mentioned that...  >.<04:58
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, sshd is the server (or daemon) of SSH. For setting up the SSH server, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Advanced SSH uses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced . For SSH client information, see !ssh . Related: !scp (Secure CoPy)04:58
DSpairklappi: Looks like this is going to work great with the Alternate install ISO. Thanks for the help!04:58
thechrisis there any way to run FIXMBR from linux?04:59
Dr_Willisroboboy:  if the bios updater is a DOS executable. the 'freedos' live cd may work04:59
edbianthechris, FIXMBR is a dos command installed in MS windows.04:59
tbrockhey guys I'm trying to set a samba share up, and I can access it from the network04:59
DSpairthechris: That would break Linux. You should use GRUB04:59
roboboyDr_Willis, thank you!04:59
edbianthechris, Short answer: not that I know of04:59
tbrockI cannot go into the folders within the share04:59
thechrisDSpair: grub doesn't work.04:59
thechrisDSpair: my plan is to get winxp bootable, and then try putting grub back on05:00
edbianthechris, fixing the mbr will put the windows boot loader there. The windows boot loader will not boot linux for you05:00
DSpairthechris: GRUB does work, it's just a matter of configuring it properly.05:00
thechrisedbian: and grub won't allow winxp to boot _at all_ right not.05:00
Dr_Willisthechris:  theres some  boot/rescue live cd's that might have tools to do that (repair the windows bootloader) but i alsays use a windows cd.05:00
Dr_Willisthechris:  so no os's are working with grub.05:01
thechrisDr_Willis: after moving to grub, winxp is listed but no longer boots.  it hangs before the splash screen05:01
DSpairthechris: Linux boots, right?05:01
thechrisDSpair: yes05:01
wrapsterhow can i know the transfer rate from the usb device? using the terminal?05:01
DSpairthechris: OK then, you can reconfigure GRUB from Linux and get it to allow booting into Windows XP. Here's a good link:http://devhood.com/Tutorials/tutorial_details.aspx?tutorial_id=40505:02
thechrisDSpair: and grub attempts to allow winxp to boot.  but I get a black screen before the normal winxp splash05:02
nick125Anyone here know of a PPA that has a newer version of Pulseaudio that doesn't conflict with the ubuntu-desktop package?05:02
tbrockdo the permissions for samba gues shares need to be set to samba05:02
aurilliancecall me out of date, but I have ubuntu 6 running on a machine. Is it possible to jump all the in-between revisions, and simply upgrade straight to 9 ?05:02
unixalotthechris: you have to fix your grub05:03
tbrockerr the group rather05:03
kinja-sheepnick125: ubuntu-desktop package can be removed.05:03
nick125aurilliance: Likely not, no.05:03
thechrisunixalot: how?!05:03
edbianaurilliance, Using the CD but it is difficult to keep your files (unless you have a seperate home partition!)05:03
unixalotthechris: are you using karmic like grub205:03
aurilliancethanks both05:03
thechrisunixalot: yep05:03
nick125kinja-sheep: Well, the package in the ubuntu-audio PPA wants to remove a few other packages as well...I'm not sure if it's because those packages are superseded or what.05:03
unixalotthechris: gotta run update-grub from terminal05:03
unixalotthechris: it should probe for other os05:03
thechrisunixalot: that's not my problem -- windows is listed05:04
thechrisunixalot: windows just doesn't boot05:04
kinja-sheepnick125: What few other packages?05:04
archboxmanhold on a min unixalot  thechris are you still able to boot windows xp from gurb???05:04
nick125kinja-sheep: I forgot, but let me check.05:04
DSpairthechris: update-grub will change some options about how the GRUB bootloader kickstarts Windows.05:04
kosharianyone know why ekee segfaults on karmic05:04
kinja-sheepnick125: I don't have ubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-standard installed. :D05:04
unixalotarchboxman: hangs b4 splash his xp does05:05
thechrisarchboxman: not quite, grub lists winxp.  but it hangs05:05
archboxmanthechris: hangs for how long????05:05
thechrisarchboxman: until i reboot05:05
lanzellothwicd > network-manager05:05
nick125kinja-sheep: libcanberra-pulse, padevchooser, paprefs, pulseaudio-dbg, pulseaudio-esound-compat, puloseaudio-esound-compat-dbg, pulseaudio-module-bluebooth...ubuntu-desktop05:05
archboxmanthechris: edit grub... something is not right05:06
thechrisDSpair: so what is the difference between update-grub, and update-grub205:06
tbrockyou guys have any ideas05:06
unixalotthechris: probably have to edit your grub.cfg05:06
tbrocki think it's a permissions issue05:06
unixalotthechris: the entrie for your windows05:06
tbrocki'm trying to setup a folder as a guest ok share using samba05:06
tbrocki can see the sahre05:06
thechrisunixalot: what do I change it to?05:07
tbrockand browse some of the folders05:07
=== blocket is now known as blocky
unixalotthechris: paste me your entrie in pastie05:07
tbrockbut for some reason can't go as deep as I want due to an error05:07
kinja-sheepnick125: Hmm. Those are PulseAudio-related packages. If you were to use a different package, you could install those said packages again and see if that works.05:07
unixalotthechris: pastie.org05:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:07
xiambaxtbrock, is the user your logging into via samba have root access?05:07
thechrisunixalot: http://pastie.org/81210705:08
nick125kinja-sheep: Hm. Apparently, Synaptic is a bit...odd. It turns out that the PPA provides those packages, but it doesn't want to use them.05:08
thechrismaybe I should try using my previous grub05:09
catzzHello! How to set from gnomelook.org? :)05:09
catzzsrr :D05:09
catzzHello! How to set a theme from gnomelook.org? :)05:10
Nyx1I have a question about a wireless card05:10
Dr_Willis!changethemes | catzz05:10
ubottucatzz: To change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes05:10
unixalotthechris: run a sudo fstab -a05:10
catzz!changethemes | catzz05:10
ubottucatzz, please see my private message05:10
nick125kinja-sheep: This is strange. Let me try aptitude instead05:10
kinja-sheepnick125: I'm not a big fan of Synaptic -- Try the terminal. Sometimes PPA have more than just one package.05:10
unixalotthechris: wait05:10
Dr_Williscatzz:  thers several themes and theme parts in the repos. and the tool 'gnome-art' and 'gnome-artng' also make it easy to install dozens of themes and theme parts05:10
unixalotwhats the command to display partition table05:11
catzzDr_Willis: i found emerald theme05:11
thechrisfdisk -l05:11
catzzhow to set it?05:11
unixalotpastie me that05:11
Dr_Williscatzz:  emerals id basically dead.. i would not bother using Emerald05:11
Nyx1nyx@Cassandra:~$ sudo ifconfig wlan0 up05:11
Nyx1SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 13205:11
[BT]BrendanThe Mic line in on laptop doesn't work on Ubuntu. How can I go about troubleshooting this?05:11
unixalotcatzz: you gotta do it threw emerald05:11
catzzwell which should i use?05:11
Nyx1I've been getting this error whenever I try to use my wifi card05:12
thechrisunixalot: http://pastie.org/81211105:12
Nyx1er, wireless card05:12
Dr_Williscatzz:  use the normal gnome themes. and the tools i mentioned05:12
* unixalot is using emerald05:12
catzzwell how? :D05:12
Dr_Willis!changethemes | catzz05:12
ubottucatzz: To change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes05:12
catzzsrr but i am total novice05:12
Dr_Williscatzz:  so go read the url the bot gave you just now?05:13
catzzwell can i use Compiz?05:13
Nyx1anyone feel up to helping me fix a wireless card problem?05:13
unixalotthechris: needs help fixing his menuentry for xp with grub2 anyone got any ideas05:13
catzzif emerald is dead :D05:14
mobius2ubuntu update manager put a very nice video driver on my computer,  and now I've broken it. I can't seem to figure out how to put things back how they were. Would it be possible to reinstall the correct driver if I had it on a different hard drive?05:14
unixalotcatzz: emerald not dead05:14
Dr_Williscatzz:  you most likely are using compiz allready.. and compiz will use the normal gnome themes05:14
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.05:14
thechrisunixalot: it might be that the fbsd install messed up something.05:14
catzzo ok05:14
thechrisin the past I think I was able to get win32 to boot with fdisk /mbr05:14
ubottuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz05:15
archboxmanthechris: were is the grub file????05:15
unixalotthechris: yeah mang like, i've never seen the drivemap -s (hd0) ${root} command in a menuentry05:15
Xpistosis anyone else haveing trouble with chromium closing after it launches? Started right after an update.05:15
archboxmanthechris: want to see it nothing else05:16
Xpistoschrome is fine, but chromium - not so much05:16
archboxmanthechris: I don't want df want menu.lst file nothing else05:16
thechrisunixalot: that's the default.  trying an old "root (hd0,1); chainloader +1; boot" from the grub cli doesn't work either05:16
unixalotarchboxman: he has grub2 he has no menu.lst05:16
thechrisand rootnoverify is gone05:16
Nyx1Xpistos: I haven't been having that issue, 32 or 64 bit?05:17
thechrisarchboxman: menu.lst no longer exists in grub205:17
archboxmanunixalot: let me look around be back in a quick second05:17
kosharianyone know why ekee segfaults, on ubuntu karmic with pastebin.com/m70fabd3f  ?05:17
XpistosNyx1: 3205:17
XpistosI just did an update and reboot and now chromium is acting up05:17
unixalotarchboxman: http://pastie.org/81210705:17
scuniziunixalot: archboxman even with grub2 he *does* have a menu.lst but it's dynamically written after each reboot..05:17
rap424Can anyone help me with vsftpd giving me a broken pipe error? It only gives this when I am trying to upload files over TLS, but with regular FTP I can download and upload. I have checked my configuration files and nothing has changed05:17
ekimIf I want to add a data drive to my linux box, do I need to format it as ext3?  Also, when I plugged it in will it get recognized before format?05:17
rap424It used to work fine a couple days ago05:17
unixalotscunizi: http://pastie.org/81211105:17
unixalotscunizi: http://pastie.org/81210705:17
Nyx1Xpistos: Strange, I can't say I've been having that problem05:18
Xpistosekim: I like your nick05:18
ekimXpistos, thanks!05:18
Dr_Willisekim:  it will get 'seen/recognized' so you can then partion/format it as needed.05:18
Xpistosekim: It is almost my last name.05:18
Xpistosjust at ogloy on the end05:18
Dr_Willisekim:  then you will want to add a proper entry to the /etc/fstab05:18
XpistosNyx1: It just started, it is kind of like what f-spot has been doing if you have the wrong theme engine05:19
ekimXpistos, well if it is almost, then at least I cant get sued. ;D05:19
unixalotthechris: SHould you hd be (hd0,0)05:19
unixalotor (hd1,0)05:19
unixalotinstead of w.e it is05:19
Xpistosekim: Just don't try and trademark it and we'll be alright. ha!05:19
thechrisunixalot: not in grub2, they changed partitions to 1 indexed05:20
Nyx1Xpistos: Hm, that is weird. Did you do a system update, or update chromium, or both?05:20
Dr_Willisyea grub2 changed how partions start. (i recall) i never can rember the details..05:20
unixalotthechris: lmao wow, see im still using jaunty cause i hate grub2 cus you cant just edit menu.lst and fix it05:20
thechrisunixalot: I had tried (hd0,0) from the grub cli and was informed of this.05:20
ekimDr_Willis, not sure what you mean by proper or /etc/fstab....kinda new at this.05:20
XpistosWell i got a system update notification and nothing looked strange so i did it and then it asked for a reboot05:20
unixalotthechris: yes makes sense they improved something05:20
Xpistosthen bam05:20
ekimXpistos, LOL05:20
Dr_Willis!fstab  | ekim05:20
ubottuekim: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:20
scuniziunixalot: I just came in so I'm not aware of what the problem is.. look like you might have some partitioning issues with the fdisk -l listing.. Your boot partition appears to be sda2 which would be (hd 0,1)05:20
unixalotNo he is trying to get his xp to boot05:21
Dr_Williswith grub2  sda2 = hd0,2 I thought,05:21
unixalotscunizi: his xp wont boot its on sda105:21
Nyx1Xpistos: I can't say I know what's wrong. sorry05:21
scuniziDr_Willis: grub always starts counting at 005:21
XpistosNyx1:  the only reason I know is becuse I am configuring a server and a vnc05:21
Dr_Willisscunizi:  grub2 changes the # of the partions starting.05:21
unixalotscunizi: even grub2??05:21
XpistosNyx1: No big just seeing if anyone knew anything. thanks for responding btw05:22
ekimDr_Willis, thanks for the link.  Will I have to use Putty or something like that to access it from a windows pc?05:22
thechrisi'm pretty sure its easier to find a way to run dos's fdisk /mbr, and then fix grub afterwards.05:22
Nyx1Xpistos: No problem, i have found it difficult sometimes to get people to respond05:22
scuniziunixalot: Dr_Willis grub2 is still a little bit of a mystery to me.. grub 1 started counting at 0.. not sure what grub2 starts counting at..05:22
Dr_Willisekim:  to access what?  fstab is a config file you edit however you want.05:22
Dr_Willisscunizi:  thats one BIG change in grub2 that confuses people. thats why i mentioned it. :)05:22
unixalotthechris: grub2 starts counting at whatever the partition is or something05:22
archboxmanthechris: did you do update-grub2 in the command line05:22
thechrisscunizi: for whatever reason, partitions are 1 indexed while devices are still 0 indexed)05:23
scuniziDr_Willis: ah.. :)05:23
thechrisarchboxman: yes05:23
unixalotarchboxman: yea i told him to, does he have to sudo that command??05:23
ekimDr_Willis, to access the h/d once I put my data on it.  I will need to access files from a windows pc also.05:23
scunizithechris:  nothing like a little confusion between releases.05:23
thechrisunixalot: i would assume.05:23
unixalotthechris: you did sudo it lol eh?05:23
Dr_Willisekim:  then you will want to make a samba share, or use winscp  to access it05:23
iizHello. I have a question about sata drives. I have 5 drives plugged into my motherboard sata ports. 4 of them show up as /dev/sd* the 5th drive shows up as /dev/hdd. I also have 1 old pata drive for boot. Is it a bad thing that one sata drive is showing up as an hd*?05:24
thechrisunixalot: I assumed i would have to05:24
Dr_Willisiiz:  sounds like a quirk in the bios.05:24
archboxmanthechris: run this command? apt-get install os-prober auto update for grub205:25
iizDr_willis thanks will check the settings.05:25
unixalotthechris: I know the boot flag on sda2 shouldnt matter to grub05:25
unixalotarchboxman: hows archbox treatin yeah?05:25
Dr_Willisiiz:  i doubt if it hurts anything.05:25
Nyx1I have this wireless card: 00:0b.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03) that has been giving me trouble. When I try to pull it up with ifconfig, I get this error : SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132 . I have tried reinstalling the driver, compiling the driver, and using the ndiswrapper driver. Any suggestions or bright ideas? I would really like to get the wireless to work. It randomly worked 05:26
ekimDr_Willis, okay, I will check that out too.  Thx.05:26
archboxmanunixalot: work great lot of confige files... some software not quite uptodate and others ahead of the curve ... just waiting for archlinux to make google-gadgets available...05:26
unixalotarchboxman: yeah im still using 9.04, am tempted to install debain but some guys just realeased alpha drivers for osx so i might try that out05:27
unixalotarchboxman: for my wireless card05:27
unixalotarchboxman: osx was installed but what good is it without wirelss lol.. so i might try again with this new driver, only supports unencrypted networks atm05:28
chelzNyx1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide05:28
archboxmanunixalot: it seems like archlinux keeps abreast of all cutting edge software... didn't even know firefox had a new release..05:28
Nyx1chelz: thanks05:28
chelziiz: not at all, that's fine05:29
unixalotarchboxman: i only use firefox for the downthemall plugin cus i got rapidshare premmy05:29
semitonesadventures in lubuntu -- I've accidentally removed the logoff icon from the panel -- and there appears to be no option to put it back! argh05:29
chelzunixalot: check out JDownloader05:29
unixalotchelz: downthemall is about ten time better05:29
Dr_Willissemitones:  see #lubuntu :)05:29
unixalotchelz: imo05:29
chelzsemitones: right click "add to panel"?05:29
Dr_Willislubuntu uses the lxpanel i think05:30
chelzunixalot: ah, loading up firefox is quite a lot compared to jD, for me at least05:30
archboxmanunixalot: still waiting to see what becomes of apt-fast in ubuntu or debian??05:30
semitonesDr_Willis: i'm already there :) thought there might be insight to gain by coming here too05:30
unixalotchelz: I dont like how its java.. and the ease of use of downthemall built into firefox is a convenience for me05:30
chelzoh lubuntu is a thing, i thought people were just calling ubuntu lubuntu05:30
chelzunixalot: ah that's fine. as long as you've tried it. i personally really like it05:30
greezmunkeyDr_Willis, I'm not up on the latest hardware, so forgive me... If I want to build a PC for Ubuntu that incorporates a SATA RAID controller, should that be an issue on install?05:30
unixalotchelz: my experience with it was constant freezingall the time05:31
unixalotchelz: besides the fact its ugly05:31
chelzarchboxman: ubuntuzilla is what i use to keep current with firefox on ubuntu05:31
semitoneschelz: that's what I'm trying, but "logoff button" doesn't seem to be an option unfortunately05:31
scuniziarchboxman: there's also a daily PPA for FF..05:31
chelzscunizi: that's a dev thing though, not really stable releases05:31
xanguascunizi: better try 'firefox-stable ppa'05:32
unixalotI dont dig daily builds, too many bugs05:32
scunizichelz: true.. but it works for me.. :).. I haven't had any issues with it.05:32
unixalotscunizi: i'd rather use a nightly build than a daily lol05:32
ekimDr_Willis, sorry for another dumb question but what do I call that data drive?05:33
catzzHello i have driver for scaner Canon Pixma mp 270 on disc! But it is for windows can i some how install it on ubuntu?05:33
GryllidaI know Ubuntu 10.4 will come on April 29th. It is going to be Long-Term-Support. Should I wait for it? Or should I install 9.10 Short-Term-Support and than update to 10.4 L-T-S later? When updating, will I have to install my favorite applications (LyX, for example) from scratch?05:33
xanguaGryllida: if you use hardy, better wait05:34
chelzcatzz: ubuntu and other linux distros only really use windows wireless drivers, otherwise all drivers are specific to linux05:34
catzzso i can just install from CD?05:34
iizchelz thanks i wasn't sure it cought me off guard when i saw it :)05:34
chelzGryllida: LTS to LTS is probably better05:34
archboxmanchelz: not really looking to keep track of software updates... I do trends analysis not software analysis... I track CES 2010 and xbox, ps3, electronics, 3d lcd, usb 3.0 and other data....05:35
Dr_Willisekim:  Mount it whever you want under whatever name you want.. ie:  /media/VacationPics05:35
unixalotw00t ps305:35
ekimDr_Willis, okay...I think I got it.05:35
_schism_evening all05:35
chelzarchboxman: then just use what ubuntu provides :)05:35
catzzso i can just install from CD?05:35
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.05:36
Dr_Williscatzz:  the drives may allready be in the repos05:36
chelzcatzz: no, ubuntu will probably already have the drivers. try plugging in the device and using a photo manager application with it.05:36
archboxmanchelz: forget ubuntu its to bloated I use archlinux :)05:36
chelzarchboxman: you're in the wrong channel then, and that's offtopic :P05:36
_schism_anyone know of a way to get 7 to read a ubuntu 9.10 partition?  Google has had me install more stuff that has screwd up 7 and makes me happier than ever I dont have to use it much but.....05:36
unixalotFunny cause i use emerald and like it, a lot more then the compiz window decorator05:36
catzzthere are only PIXMA MP220 i have PIXMA MP 27005:36
Dr_Willis I wonder if emerald is even in the next release repos.05:37
unixalotLol, probly not..05:37
chelz_schism_: there is an ext2 driver for windows but support for non-ubuntu stuff is not provided here. try #windows05:37
archboxmanchelz: software usually just gets the idea of pimp my software and add-on crazy... look at googles chormium...05:37
macman_how do you change the filename / label of an iso ?05:37
semitones_schism_: best bet would be fsdriver.org, but I don't know if they've added win7 support yet05:37
chelz!offtopic | archboxman05:37
ubottuarchboxman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:37
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unixalotDr_Willis: i recently found this site, you select your ubuntu version, then select all the app's you want and ti creates customized sources.list05:37
_schism_chelz thank you sir just trying to get back over to ubuntu as fast as possible and need a file off my ~05:38
Gryllida" <xangua>Gryllida: if you use hardy, better wait" I 'm not using Linux yet, I'm going to install it - just I don't know whether now or in May and what version05:38
Dr_Willisunixalot:  the ubuntu-tweak tool does a similer thing05:38
scunizimacman_: right mouse click and "rename"05:38
_schism_semitones thank you sir I will look at it and see what happens05:38
unixalotunixalot: im using jaunty, my ubuntu tweak is not pro like in karmic05:38
semitones_schism_: that driver will help you if you have an ext ubuntu partition05:38
Gryllida"xangua: Gryllida: if you use hardy, better wait LTS to LTS is probably better" I 'm not using Linux yet, I'm going to install it - just I don't know whether now or in May and what version. What suggestions do you have?05:39
chelzGryllida: you could look into the differences between LTS and non-LTS releases and decide based on that. for most people, normal releases are fine though.05:39
_schism_semitones: yep it is on the same hard drive just a different partition05:39
Gryllida"  differences between LTS and non-LTS releases " - where can I find them05:39
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)05:39
xanguaGryllida: if you like it then install karmic koala, there are still 3 more months left to lucid lynx05:39
chelzGryllida: at least you could setup a dual-boot and if it doesn't work then wait for the next LTS05:40
chelzGryllida: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS05:40
scuniziGryllida: you got the link for LTS.. the releases in between can be great or problemmatic..05:40
catzzWhat should i do if ubuntu has only PIXMA MP 220 driver when i have printer PIXMA MP27005:40
GryllidaGreat or problematic? These are antonyms.05:41
scuniziGryllida: yep... just depends.. in-between LTS releases you can expect to experience the growing pains of new features, technologies, etc..05:42
r0b0tchickenOn a P4 2.66ghz, with 1gb of ram, (karmic), I am currently running pidgin with a yahoo accnt and irc , listening to an mp3  off a usb hd in totem, and i have a conky script monitoring things.   I have 65mb of ram free.   Is that normal?  top ram usage is pidgin at 5.87% which is about 58mb.05:42
catzzWhat should i do if ubuntu has only PIXMA MP 220 driver when i have printer PIXMA MP270?05:42
chelzr0b0tchicken: do you have a functioning swap partition?05:42
scottjwhat's the diff between aptitude and apt-get? is aptitude just a combination of apt-get and soem features from dpkg?05:42
blakkheimr0b0tchicken: free -m | grep buffers05:43
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide05:43
Gryllidacatzz: http://software.canon-europe.com/products/0010753.asp05:43
Dr_Williscatzz:  theck the cups.org and guttenprint sites to see what drivers the thing needs/uses.. I for one am never going to buy canon again they dont support linux very well05:43
xanguar0b0tchicken: that's not normal indeed :S05:43
r0b0tchickenblakkheim, used 324 free 67705:43
blakkheimyou have 677mb of free ram then05:43
ouyesr0b0tchicken, i suggest you turn to xubuntu, it is faster tham gnome,05:44
blakkheimouyes: barely05:44
chelzcatzz: scanning drivers are supposedly included with scanning software scangearmp05:44
Gryllidacatzz: here it is: MP270_debian_driver_pack.tar   http://software.canon-europe.com/software/0037268.asp?model=05:44
r0b0tchickenblakkheim, thank you for the education, i was relying too much on a conky script... :P05:44
ouyesr0b0tchicken, you have a p4 506 cpu right?05:44
r0b0tchickenouyes what do  you mean 506?05:44
catzzNiiiice!!!! Thanks a lot guys!05:44
ouyesblakkheim, what you mean barely?05:44
semitonesouyes: I was just disillusioned recently -- they're very similar in terms of performance. lxde, on the other hand, is faster, albeit not as pretty05:44
Gryllidacatzz, thanks to me or to whom?05:44
blakkheimouyes: xubuntu is also very bloated05:45
timboyis there a channel for intel macs running ubuntu?05:45
unixalotsemitones: lxde is so ug, stick with gnome05:45
catzzfor you specialy!05:45
ouyesr0b0tchicken, your cpu type is p4 506, 2.66GHz05:45
catzzreally helped! :)05:45
r0b0tchickenouyes , correct05:45
semitonesouyes: blakkheim: it didn't always use to be this way. xubuntu was once lightweight05:45
r0b0tchickenbut when i ran free/m   it said free 56mb, thats what freaked me out05:46
semitonesunixalot: but gnome makes firefox go sooo sloooow05:46
_schism_lxde is real light and runs very well05:46
unixalotsemitones: use chrome05:46
xanguasemitones: xubuntu is light, yo ujsut have to desactivate gnome and kde services ;)05:46
semitonesunixalot: I use chrome. same problem05:46
r0b0tchickeni have experienced hard locks  in 9.04 and 9.10, when i was doing hardly anything at all, just a few things open.  i guess i should mention i have a geforce 6200 as well05:46
chelzGryllida: when 10.04 gets released, upgrading from 8.04 will be similar to this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades#Upgrade%20from%206.06%20LTS%20to%208.04%20LTS05:47
ouyessemitones, blakkheim r0b0tchicken i have been using gnome xfce, i feel xfce is faster than gnome,but gnome is more beautiful05:47
semitonesxangua: thanks for the tip :) services such as what?05:47
blakkheimxangua: "light" is subjective, i believe xubuntu is not light at all05:47
mermagnome > xfce05:47
scuniziouyes: check out kde 4.3 / 4.305:47
unixalotgnome is as light as i'll go05:47
mermagnome > kde05:47
unixalotI dont care if its 'slow'05:47
joe75gnome ftw05:47
chelzr0b0tchicken: do you have a functioning swap partition?05:47
unixalotITs fast enuff for me05:47
semitonesouyes: I also use xfce, and it defintely is faster, just not xubuntu in general is faster than ubuntu05:47
xanguasemitones: don't remember, but there was an option to desactivate them and #wow, my used ram turned half05:47
unixalotand 10x better than kde05:47
r0b0tchickenchelz i have a swap of ~600mb, but i have it monitored in a conky script and usage always = 005:48
ouyesscunizi, why, gnome is slow to me, why try kde?05:48
semitonesxangua: awesome! If you could find where it is I'd really like to do that05:48
mermaim considering switching to a tiling wm05:48
mermaor integrating a tiling wm in gnome05:48
xanguasemitones: a long time i don't use xfce :S05:48
edomedahey guys, can someone please help me out with compiz setting.  I'm trying to set it where I can rotate the desktop cube (viewports) by using the scroll wheel on a empty desktop space ONLY.  I can get it to rotate all the time (even on open windows) via rotate cube bindings, but I want only when scroll wheel is used on empty desktop... any help?05:48
scuniziouyes: if gnome is slow then kde will be close.. crunchbang will be faster by far. better then xubuntu xfce05:48
psycho_oreossemitones, you can get xubuntu or xubuntu-desktop05:48
ouyessemitones, yes the case is not in general, but in 9.10 it is05:48
timboyhave a macbook pro 5,5 and brightness won't go down... :(05:48
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels05:48
titan_arkunixalot: why do you feel they are better than kde?05:49
mermagnome can do the same job without the bloat05:49
mermaand i hate the kde peanut05:49
unixalotkde is ugly05:49
unixalotgnome is so slick imo05:49
unixalotso simple..05:49
chelzedomeda: if that isn't supported by compiz natively, it would be hard to do05:49
Dr_WillisC64 Geos was Slicker then05:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:49
unixalotwhat more could anyone want05:49
chelzedomeda: you could try asking the compiz people05:49
semitonesunixalot: you seem to have a very specific criteria for beauty :P05:49
unixalotwhy change a good thing like xfce, i know why people use it for speed reasons05:50
edomedachelz, um, yeah, I've done it in previous releases.  Something in 9.10 changed05:50
titan_arkunixalot: i seem to like the kde interface, but i have to admit the gnome and xfce interfaces are easier to use. and this is the opinion of a n00b05:50
mermakde has a nice theme ...... but their UI layout is horrible05:50
semitonesunixalot: but I agree, kde doesn't look very pretty imo05:50
chelzedomeda: are you using the compiz settings tool?05:50
unixalottitan_ark: I just like the looks / simplicity of gnome in general05:50
edomedachelz, yes (not the simple one though)05:50
unixalotsemitones: and gnome-do, not that you cant run it in kde05:50
archboxmanedomeda: what are you talking about do in compiz that has changed???05:50
mermaand kde is fille with warning messages everywhere05:50
xanguago to the offtopic channel people05:51
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:51
edomedaarchboxman, not sure what you said05:51
ouyesscunizi, i have never tried kde but iwill one day when i get a faster cpu, now my cpu is p7370 2.0GHz, it is slow to running mutil tasks in one time in ubuntu(gnome)05:51
r0b0tchickenblakkheim, so why does free /m show only ~50mb of ram free, but the command you gave me show 624?05:51
archboxmanedomeda: what has changed in your compiz????05:51
blakkheimr0b0tchicken: dunno05:51
titan_arkunixalot:  :)05:51
titan_arkxangua: i apologize05:52
unixalotouyes: turn off compiz?05:52
edomedaarchboxman, the ability to rotate the cube (viewports) by using the scroll wheel on mouse up/down on the empty desktop05:52
unixalot*me only uses compiz for wobbly windowzzz05:52
* unixalot epic fail05:52
chelzedomeda: it could be a change due to a newer version of compiz05:52
scuniziouyes: you like what you like and trying the one's that interest you is the only way to find what pleases you best.. it's all about what *you* like05:52
ouyesunimatrix,  i do not know if i have turned on compiz, but i have set the visual effect to medium05:53
mermaim so excited to see how people in ubuntu will react to the gnome shell05:53
archboxmanedomeda: you didn't set up compiz cube right was do you have turned on??05:53
unixalotouyes: if you have a crappy processor turn it rite off05:53
=== brianherman_ is now known as brianherman
unixalotouyes: like visual effects to none05:53
r0b0tchickenfor example, right now i only have conky and pigin opened, and free shows  1026484 total, 950100 used, 76384 free, 0 shared, 255052 buffers, and 382576 cached,   and swap shows 610428 total, 0 used, 610428 free.   im just wondering if there is something i can ~fix?05:54
timboyis there a channel for intel macs running ubuntu?05:54
unixalottimboy: teh hardware is the same?05:54
semitonestimboy: that would probably be here05:54
=== unionizer is now known as Ubee
edomedaarchboxman, yes, and I can rotate with ctl-alt-mouse1 as before.  Also ctl-alt-left_arrow and right_arrow works.  Just the mouse rotate on desktop stopped working in 9.1005:54
timboycan't get my brighness to adjust unixalot semitones05:54
unixalotdoes anyone have any leet scripts they'd like to share with me05:55
Josh90I think this may be weird but I still learning. I made another user on my account log in to it and tried using sudo nautilus of course it would let me. But it said that someone will be notified just wondering how do I get notified05:55
archboxmanedomeda: hold on05:55
scunizir0b0tchicken: linux manages memory differently.. just because it looks like it's eating your ram don't worry about it.05:55
chelztimboy: what hardware?05:55
UbeeGood evening everyone.05:55
xanguatimboy: are you using karmic¿05:55
semitonestimboy: using the function keys for brightness?05:55
timboyusing karmic macbook pro 5,505:55
edomedaarchboxman, I'm sure it's a plugin setting, but I cannot find it for the life of me.05:55
unixalotxangua: do your function keys work ??05:55
timboysemitones, tried function keys and the brightness applet05:55
unixalottimboy: do your function keys work??05:55
r0b0tchickenscunizi, you have me pegged i was thinking "geez whats wrong here??", but i am trying to troubleshoot random hard-locks also.05:56
timboyunixalot, yes05:56
semitonesunixalot: I just asked him that :)05:56
xanguaunixalot: mime yes, but i don't use a macbook05:56
UbeeDoes anyone know how I can download google repositories?05:56
nick125What the heck. Any ideas why aptitude is trying to pull in a bunch of old kernels?05:56
semitoneshmm, does anybody else know if macbook pros have a problem with brightness on ubuntu?05:56
timboyall function keys work even KB backlight dims fine05:56
maconick125: you could ask it05:56
maconick125: aptitude why <package name>05:56
unixalottimboy: so the fn key for turning display brightness up fails?05:56
archboxmanedomeda: go into ccsm go to cub look at the tab for bindings and rotote cub...05:56
nick125maco: I'm in the (n)curses UI05:57
scunizir0b0tchicken: that's an entirely different issue.. you might have to check your logs to figure that one out.. /var/logs for the list of different one.. which one to look at ? there I'd be lost05:57
timboyunixalot, the gui meter changes VERY SLOWLY but brightness never increases or decreases05:57
archboxmanedomeda: ccsm > rotatoe cube > tab bindings > rotate cube05:57
r0b0tchickenscunizi, thank you for the pointers, all help appreciated05:57
unixalottimboy: and you tried your power management options?05:57
timboyunixalot, no05:57
neexcan anyone help me discover why my linux machine is doing dozens of dns requests a second?05:58
maconick125: ok05:58
maconick125: umm....05:58
scunizir0b0tchicken: you running gnome?  what kind of video card?05:58
chelztimboy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-3/Karmic#Keyboard05:58
unixalottimboy: system >> prefrences >> power management05:58
r0b0tchickenscunizi yes, geforce 6200 agp05:58
chelztimboy: or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro6-1/Karmic#Keyboard05:58
edomedaarchboxman, tried that one, it always rotates the cube (even if an app is in the foreground)  Before, it only would rotate when you used it on the desktop.  Just like window maker and many other WMs do.05:58
nick125Ugh. This is going badly. If I try to remove that particular version of linux-image, it tries to remove the headers, which tries to remove libc and coreutils05:59
scunizir0b0tchicken: and did you activate the driver in System>admin>hardware drivers?05:59
r0b0tchickenscunzi, yes05:59
maconick125: i dont think you can use "why" in the tui05:59
ouyesunixalot, you chose gnome because you want its beauty, then for a better performance you disable something beautiful, then why not turn to xfce, it is another kind of beauty but a good performance, sometimes we just can not simply comprimise05:59
r0b0tchickenand i have compiz set to "none"05:59
chelztimboy: kind of outdated but might work: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Jaunty#Keyboard05:59
scunizir0b0tchicken: the 173's or 185 driver05:59
Dr_Willisi find xfce lacking in features i want/need05:59
timboychelz, been there nothing says anything about screen brightness adjustment not working...05:59
r0b0tchicken185 but i will double-check05:59
archboxmanedomeda: intiate shoud show ctrl+alt+button1 for mouse yes no ???05:59
timboyunixalot, what do I do in power management gui?06:00
unixalotouyes: my comp runs fine with visual effects cranked full.. my laptop, im suggesting for you who has trouble multi tasking to turn visual effects off06:00
r0b0tchickenyes scunizi 18506:00
unixalottimboy: there is probably a settings for backlit06:00
chelztimboy: the section i linked you to on all pages is " Keyboard functions (Brightness,volume,...) ". those steps need to be done to make brightness work.06:00
scunizir0b0tchicken: try switching to the other one and see what happens..06:00
timboychelz, fn keys work fine06:00
echosystmanyone know how i can get 3 monitors in linux?06:00
edomedaarchboxman, yes, it is.  That is a different rotate as well.  That is for using the cube with ctl-alt-button1 and drag left/right.  This was a simple scroll wheel to empty desktop that caused the same effect as ctl-alt-left arrow or ctl-alt-right arrow06:01
unixalotechosystm: plug them in and go to the display panel06:01
echosystmits not that easy06:01
r0b0tchickenok. it was locking up for seemingly no reason, at random times, i just disabled compiz yesterday, didn't even know i had it on, only had the wobbly windows enabled, but it has not locked up since then, next time it locks i will downgrade the driver, i couldn't even play 3d chess without hard-lock06:01
Dr_Willisechosystm:  with a nvidia card that has 3 conections it is...06:01
timboyunixalot, think it's video driver issue? should I try different video driver?06:01
scottbotEdit your Xorg.conf06:01
unixalotechosystm: my question to you is, do you really need 3 diplays?06:01
echosystmwhat nvidia card has 3 connections?06:01
unixalottimboy: What is your gfx card integrated??06:02
catzzHello! Where to get emerald theme editor?06:02
r0b0tchickenmy 6200 has 3, two monitor outs and a component/svideo out06:02
catzzwhat command?06:02
catzzsudo -apt get..06:02
timboyechosystm, ati cards have up to 4 outputs06:02
r0b0tchickenalso, if you have an onboard vid out that one would work as well06:02
Dr_WillisTheres also usb vga out adaptors06:02
joe75echosystm: every nv card :P06:02
echosystmsvideo isnt going to be very useful for a monitor06:02
catzzHello! Where to get emerald theme editor?06:02
timboyunixalot, geforce 9600 i believe06:02
Dr_Willismy NV card onluy does 2 monitors  OR 1 monitor + tv out.06:02
nyaa_does brasero have a problem with burning iso's to regular cd's? it was fine doing a dvd image but the regular cd just hangs06:02
r0b0tchickenechosystm works well for a 52' tv tho :)06:02
Dr_Williscatzz:  its built into the emerald theme selection tool.06:03
r0b0tchickenBIG X desktop :P06:03
catzz? :)06:03
joe75z0mg, dont waste that tv on svid plz06:03
chelztimboy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=135420506:03
catzzwell where is it?06:03
echosystmlow res and useles06:03
catzzhow to install it?06:03
unixalotnyaa_: depends how big the iso is really??06:03
Dr_Williscatzz:  where you select themes for emerald..  in the icons/menus somewhere.06:03
catzzi have no!06:03
r0b0tchickenjoe75 hehe, i use component out actually, but didnt wanna get into all that lol06:03
chelznyaa_: it should work if the iso is good06:03
catzzmaybe some command in terminal?06:03
nyaa_unixalot it's 600 megs or so, it just hangs at "preparing to write"06:03
Dr_Williscatzz:  check package manager or icons again.06:03
chelz!emerald | catzz06:04
ubottucatzz: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.06:04
Dr_Williscatzz:  install/use Fusion-icon tool also. it makes things easier06:04
bazhangcatzz, emerald is no longer supported nor developed06:04
catzzcan i download it?06:04
Dr_Willisthe same tool you use to install emerald themes - is the tool you can use to make new themes06:04
unixalotnyaa_: you said brasero rite?06:04
hookworm24just downloaded an application, when i open it i get an error message saying there is no application installed for executable files. what program do i need to make this work?06:04
archboxmanedomeda: figured out how to put it back06:04
nyaa_unixalot yup06:04
catzzok how to install Fusion?06:04
Dr_Williscatzz:  learn to use teh package manager.. search for 'fusion-icon' install it06:05
drhe|skthow do you change the universal time zone in ubuntu in command prompt?06:05
nyaa_unixalot I don't know how else to do an image to install ubuntu on the other pc06:05
Dr_Williscatzz:  then run it06:05
unixalotnyaa_: it shouldnt have a problem burning iso's to a disc06:05
archboxmanedomeda: easy solution06:05
edomedaarchboxman, you did?  I've been searching for hours now. :)06:05
unixalotnyaa_: make sure the burn speed is set low?06:05
archboxmanedomeda: I don't search I play :)06:05
unixalotnyaa_: hopefully its a clean disc06:05
echosystmxrandr only supports single gpu, ati dont have eyefinity for linux yet, and im pretty sure there arent any nivida cards with 2xDVI + 1xHDMI06:05
drhe|sktoh never mind. im sure you are not supposed to change universal time zone time.06:06
DrManhattanI wish I could run all 3 video sources at one on nvidia06:06
timboyechosystm, what is eyefinity?06:06
DrManhattanthats a real bummer06:06
archboxmanedomeda: first off you want to use the scroll well and ctl+alt correct to rotate the screen around left and right?? yes/no06:06
echosystmgoogle it timboy06:06
echosystmso, basically is it correct to say that if you want 3 monitors on linux, you have to use xinerama?06:07
edomedaarchboxman, I just want the old method of switch viewports, using the scroll wheel on any empty desktop space.  Rotate cube works but I don't want it to rotate the cube if I'm trying scroll a webpage in firefox for example.06:07
timboyechosystm, have to wait another 3 minutes until flash is installed before my gay browser will start working again...06:07
chelzdrhe|skt: man date06:07
archboxmanedomeda: ok got u06:07
Dr_Willisechosystm:  or twinview if you want a wide desktoo06:08
roscoi need help getting DSL on an old laptop.  i booted DSL form a bootfloppy and redirected to a usb flash drive ... it is asking for KNopppix.  but i have xp.  aaand, i'll have to put knoppix in c:/.  goal:  XP off machine and xubuntu running next week06:08
BravewolfI've put some new latex packages in ~/texmf. The problem is that the latex compiler doesn't see them. What have I to do? thanks06:08
echosystmDr_Willis, read my last comment - i cant find any nvidia cards that have 3 outputs06:08
chelztimboy: interesting slur choice for a mac user06:08
unixalotnyaa_: how long has it been doing this like, everytime, possibly is the iso?? have check the hash06:08
Dr_Willisechosystm:  check the hardware/catalogs.. several peole in here said they had them.06:09
timboynot a mac user. per say.. I use linux on an apple laptop06:09
Josh901I made another user on my account log in to it and tried using sudo nautilus of course it would let me. But it said that someone will be notified just wondering how do I get notified06:09
nyaa_unixalot every time I try, even if the iso is somehow downloaded wrong, it should still try to burn it to the disk right?06:09
timboynot my fault if no pc manufacturer has hardware this nice...06:09
unixalotnyaa_: yeah it should burn anything that is formated as .iso06:09
echosystmDr_Willis: several people had no idea what they were talking about :P06:09
=== coop3r` is now known as coop3r
neexcan anyone help me discover why my linux machine is doing 50-100 dns requests a second?06:09
archboxmanedomeda: ccsm > rotate cube> bindings > rotate cube ... Now select Rotate left with window and click Disable select ctrl+alt+ press the scroll wheel set it and give it a try worked for me....06:09
courpseGetting: 'Error re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal' errors when running some applications.06:09
courpseAny idea on how to fix this?06:10
nyaa_unixalot then it's some issue with my burner or brasero or something, heh.06:10
echosystmtimboy, using linux on a macbook is a bad idea06:10
timboylol ok echosystm06:10
scunizicourpse: you must be on windows.. there.s no "registry" in linux perse06:10
proxy332619hack bank site06:11
courpsescunizi, I'm well aware on on ubuntu thanks...06:11
unixalotnyaa_: yeah it could have problems with your burner,, kinda weird tho06:11
timboyechosystm, sucks for me because I don't own mac os nor will I ever06:11
unixalotdoes it recognize a disc when you put it in nyaa_06:11
echosystmwell, just for your information, running linux on a macbook can kill it06:11
unixalotwho buys a macbook?06:11
joe75how so?06:11
nyaa_unixalot yeah it recognizes that it's a blank disc06:11
chelzneex: monitor netstat and see what's doing it06:11
chelzscunizi: there is the gnome registry thing06:12
archboxmanedomeda: I personelly dont like that it gets my window stuck... not a good feature for me... :(06:12
proxy332619can any one help me to hack bank site06:12
joe75same as any other laptop, echosystm06:12
Flannelproxy332619: No06:12
unixalotnyaa_: I would recomend synaptic and installing k3b, its for kde but see if it burns at least06:12
echosystmno its not joe7506:12
gtrHello . How do i give all users access to xchat ?06:12
courpsechelz, So you think reinstalling gnome might be a go?06:12
joe75sure it is06:12
echosystmif you know anything about macs, you would know theyre not06:12
scunizichelz: sort of.. it's not a registry in the windows sense.06:12
zetheroounixalot: who buys a macbook? what kinda Q is that?06:12
echosystmthey dont even have smbus06:12
Dr_WillisPNY Quadro NVS 450 512MB DDR3 4Head PCI-Express Video Card06:12
nyaa_unixalot ok, thanks =)06:12
gtrfrom shell06:12
chelzcourpse: no wait06:12
timboyechosystm, linux can kill any system. Had a t61 that it killed wireless broadcom card on...06:12
echosystmits not standard pc hardware, go ask in #apple06:12
chelzcourpse: sudo apt-get remove frei0r-plugins06:12
unixalotzetheroo: who spends 2 grand for a laptop with shitty hardware06:12
joe75im on osx right now06:13
edomedaarchboxman, not it.  That still rotates the cube even if I'm not on an empty desktop space.  So if you try that inside firefox, it'd rotate your cube.06:13
chelzcourpse: that might fix it06:13
Flannelproxy332619: Because that's offtopic, stupid, *and* illegal.  Go away.06:13
sivamHi, I changed my layout from UK to US. now it is getting back to UK often06:13
joe75i know macs06:13
zetheroounixalot: ouch ... go easy on the lingo06:13
unixalotzetheroo: hardware that costs nowhere near 2 grand06:13
roscoanyone:  i need help getting DSL on an old laptop.  i booted DSL form a bootfloppy and it is in some way running off a usb flash drive w/ DSL files ... it is asking for KNopppix and says without it i'm stuck with really small kernel.  ONe -i have xp.  aaand, i'll have to put knoppix in c:/.  i want M$  off machine06:13
philienHi I want to translate ubuntu's flayers but where can I download the PDF format ?06:13
echosystmjoe75 obviously you dont, or you would have known this06:13
courpsechelz, Not installed apprently.06:13
sivami, I changed my layout from UK to US. now it is getting back to UK often06:13
m3phist0have you tried using hackintosh06:13
chelzrosco: if you want DSL then go to their IRC channel. this channel if for ubuntu06:14
proxy332619where from,u?06:14
Dr_WillisRockj:  try the DSL forums/homepage/channel?06:14
unixalotm3phist0: I have,06:14
archboxmanedomeda: I know had to go to the menu bar and press the key combanation to work06:14
echosystmlinux has no support for SMC joe7506:14
zetheroounixalot: agreed ... Apple over-charge ... but their hardware is not "sh*ty" ... and the OS is no where near as bad as Winowz06:14
edomedaarchboxman, example: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=6315206:14
philienHi I want to translate ubuntu's flayers but where can I download the PDF format ?06:14
zetheroounixalot: when was the last time you had a Macbook?06:14
unixalotLol.. zetheroo the hardware is by far not 'good'06:14
Dr_Willisubuntu flayers ?06:14
roscochelz: there is no channel for dsl.  knoppix guys are very inactive.  waiting & waiting for response06:14
yumtei'm so frustated.....06:14
proxy332619any one using backtrack06:14
chelzcourpse: sudo apt-get remove libvisual-0.4-plugins06:14
roscome tto06:14
Dr_WillisDSl does have a homepage/forum last i checked ates ago06:14
zetheroounixalot: your generalising and that is of no use to anyone06:14
unixalotzetheroo: I would never buy a macbook.. maybe when the new ones come out06:15
scunizirosco: try in #kde06:15
Dr_Willis!backtrack | proxy33261906:15
ubottuproxy332619: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)06:15
PhosisI don't mean to intrude, but everytime I have had a Mac, it has run into enormous difficulties which were all but unfixable.06:15
vivekrp__Hello People!06:15
zetheroounixalot: "new ones"?06:15
roscoscunizi: thanks. will right now!06:15
echosystmzetheroo, OSX actually has far worse security than windows, its just that no one uses it so no one bothers to write viruses for it06:15
rick_i used to be able to play avi files flawlessly on my laptop but once i installed and uninstall openshot for some reason the audio is choppy now.  any ideas anyone?06:15
Flannelphilien: Which flyers?06:15
unixalotzetheroo: why would you buy a mac when you can buy a laptop with a 260m in it for less06:15
ouyesunixalot, why never, it is good but not well supported by ubuntu06:15
zetherooechosystm: where did you get that information from?06:15
chelzrosco: you could try (x)ubuntu. or puppy linux.06:15
joe75you are carzy, echosystm06:15
courpsechelz, Aight, it removed, but my problem still stays.06:15
chelzrick_: have you tried reinstalling openshot?06:16
echosystmgoogle the hack2pwn competitions zetheroo, osx is consistently the first to get hacked06:16
proxy332619im using bt4 its amzg06:16
archboxmanedomeda: take of the crt+alt and just leave the mouse botton #206:16
m3phist0unixalot: how did it work, i want to install it on a separete partiton but i'm not sure it will dualboot with ubuntu06:16
zetheroounixalot: that is not really the point... you are generalising about their hardware being crap ...06:16
unixalotouyes: I'd rather buy a sweet acer notebook or a sager if you ask me, 10x better hardware and just as expensive06:16
echosystmmost mac users dont know these things though, because they are blind fanboys06:16
Josh901I made another user on my account log in to it and tried using sudo nautilus of course it would let me. But it said that someone will be notified just wondering how do I get notified06:16
* iWolf is AFK, Sleeping, sorry for announcing in big help channels. I know the rule, no annoying PMs please. —I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n—06:16
chelzcourpse: do you have songbird?06:16
Flannelechosystm, zetheroo: please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.06:16
unixalotzetheroo: Go look at the specs of a macbook pro and tell me its actually worth 2g06:16
Dr_WillisJosh901:  the root user gets email,.06:16
unixalotzetheroo: its not..06:16
Dr_WillisJosh901:  just a feature taht may or may not actually be enabled06:16
zetherooechosystm: the MacOS was based off of FreeBSD so it cannot be terrible security06:16
gtrfrom the shell how may i give all users access to xchat ?06:17
zetherooFlannel: sure06:17
rick_chelz i don't want openshot, it's actually a video editor and it never ran correctly anyways.  somehow it messed up my ability to playback avi files audio in vlc06:17
proxy332619any idea about dth hacking06:17
Dr_Willisgtr:  they should allready be able to run  the xchat program if its installed by default06:17
zetheroounixalot: join me in off-topic06:17
edomedaarchboxman, ah, I just found it.  It's under Viewport Switcher > Desktop-based Viewport Switch (Move Next / Move Prev)06:17
Flannelproxy332619: No.  Stop now.06:17
ouyesunixalot, acer's lap is hot,but have a good support for running ubuntu06:17
Josh901Dr_Willis: Is there a way i can enable it.06:17
edomedaarchboxman, I didn't notice the dang ">" arrow next to the tabs in ccsm06:17
=== rkruse is now known as Ace
echosystmzetheroo, if you want to continue this discussion, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic06:17
scuniziFlannel: howdy :) hope things are good.06:17
AceHigh all06:17
zetherooproxy332619: huh? whats that?06:17
Flannelscunizi: Howdy Howdy06:17
Dr_WillisJosh901:  no idea.  check the sudo docs/guides perhaps.06:18
proxy332619tell me any thing intresting06:18
unixalotouyes: I dont understand06:18
Dr_WillisJosh901:  or try 'sudo mail' and see if root has any mail06:18
Josh901Dr_Willis: Thanks06:18
zetherooechosystm: please stay up to date on the conversation before repeating what others have said06:18
chelzcourpse: "use the Synaptic Package Manager to remove frei0r-plugins and reinstall libcv1, libhighgui1 and libcvaux1."06:18
unixalotouyes: come offtopic06:18
ouyesunixalot, i mean the energy exhaust06:18
proxy332619dth direct to  home06:18
gtrdr willis , i learned how to only  give the admin account access , but i would like to reverse it and give them both  access.06:18
Dr_WillisAce:  that will remove some not needed files.. depends on what your 'trash' is.06:18
FlannelAce: No, autoremove isn't how to clean the trash.06:18
unixalotouyes: ??06:18
Flannel!trash | Ace06:18
ubottuAce: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash06:18
chelzJosh901: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/this-incident-will-be-reported-683421/?s=1ba2fecb7e0d8da6c0ff0f3e76bd0eda06:19
unixalotIf you get a mobile gfx card like a 260m your comp wont get that hot06:19
Dr_Willisgtr:  No idea what you did.. or why you would bother.06:19
archboxmanedomeda: still dont work when you get over a maximezed window useless function if you ask me :(06:19
proxy332619any girls?06:19
philienDr-Willis: It's not flyers but brochures06:19
Josh901chelz:  cheers will have a look.06:19
edomedaarchboxman, nah, you can use it in combo with the other rotate cube.06:19
ouyesunixalot, we are offtopic, heat yield mate......06:19
Dr_Willisgtr:  You could remove/purge/reinstall xchat i guess as a quick way to get it back to the defaults06:19
edomedaarchboxman, anyway, got it working.  =)  I use it a lot06:20
mystica555hello, i just moved my hard drive from one laptop to another.. the first had nvidia, this other has intel gma 4500. ubuntu boots up, ive got the intel drivers loading, but I can't get glx.. is there some way to switch between the 2 without uninstalling and reinstalling every time I need to do this?06:20
unixalotouyes: join in offtopic06:20
philienDr_Willis: It's not flyers but brochures06:20
mystica555*uninstalling and reinstalling the video drivers that is06:20
zetheroounixalot: where are you?06:20
Acethank you for all your input... Well i use to have old repositories that now got rid of... what is the command for autoremove06:21
archboxmanedomeda: they also just use buttons 4, buttons 5 and buttons 2 cause that effect06:21
chelzmystica555: that's a very uncommon usecase06:21
gtrdr willis : its just a learning process for me .06:21
chelz!hi | root_06:21
ubotturoot_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:21
=== root_ is now known as Guest1436
courpsechelz, No difference.06:21
Guest1436u flannel bitch06:21
Flannelphilien: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing#Leaflets might be what you're looking for06:21
FlannelGuest1436: Please stay on topic and watch your language, thanks.06:21
mystica555chelz, is there some sort of quick way or is it literally apt-get uninstall the nvidia ones, and install the mesa ones?  gentoo (my primary linux on my desktop) has eselect opengl...06:21
archboxmanedomeda: I going to turn off that feature sorry like tab windows better06:21
Guest1436who r u to say that?06:22
chelzmystica555: you could try that on ubuntu06:22
philienFlannel: Thanks it's this06:22
chelz!offtopic Guest143606:22
mystica555try what particularly?06:22
chelzmystica555: the thing you do on gentoo06:22
mystica555eselect is a gentoo script that changes a number of different systems06:22
mystica555ubuntu doesn't have it :\06:23
chelzcourpse: i've seen that same issue earlier today but the person never responded after i told them about the libvisual-0.4-plugins thing06:23
* unixalot will brb06:23
bazhangmystica555, use the package manager synaptic or apt-get / aptitude06:23
obiwan_guys i'm trying to do something like this to remove the first two words of a list of files with those words in their name. mv $(ls -1) $(ls -1 | sed 's/\(The\ Words\)\(.*\)/\2/') but it doesn't work. I want to do my own script exactly with thiose kind of commands, could anybody help me out? thanks :)06:23
mystica555bazhang, but is it literally uninstall the packages and install the others?06:24
mystica555or can they both exist at the same point, but somehow the symlinks be managed by a utility?06:24
bazhangmystica555, certainly is06:24
mystica555(to the opengl module)06:24
macoobiwan_: have you heard about the "rename" command?06:24
chelzcourpse: try purging gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad06:24
unixalotobiwan_: i got a easy solution for you06:25
mystica555i was under the impression that ubuntu was "automagic" to the point where it would notice that the video drivers changed, and then have the opengl modules change too..06:25
obiwan_yeah maco, but i said i want to use my own script06:25
courpsechelz, Cant find package.06:25
macoobiwan_: you could make it a very short script ;)06:25
mystica555or at least, install the new intel driver, and it would realize that the mesa-glx needed to be switched to vs the nvidia-glx06:25
unixalotobiwan_: synaptic, look up a program called bulk rename, uses search and replace, its a gui06:25
obiwan_so using a program/command is not in my plans :P06:25
bazhangmystica555, some human interaction is needed via the package manager06:26
archboxmancourpse: apt-cache search file name06:26
chelzcourpse: search for "gstreamer bad" in synaptic06:26
obiwan_but unixalot i want to use the commands i'm currently using06:26
obiwan_just add some changes to make it work, and possibly another commands like xargs and stuff06:26
unixalotobiwan_: up to you mang, bulk rename is amazing.. works wonders06:26
obiwan_actually i got a renaming program installed right now, mass renamer06:27
courpseNo *-bad package.06:27
obiwan_but i just want to do a simple script by myself :)06:27
chelzJosh90: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudo#Design06:27
mystica555bazhang, seems to be a limitation in my opinion06:27
chelzobiwan_: #bash06:27
archboxmancourpse: search partial name not the full name06:27
edomedasounds like obiwan_ is doing a homework assignment06:27
obiwan_haha thankz chelz i dunno why but i always end up there xDDD ok seeya later thanks u and thanks unixalot and thanks maco06:28
archboxmancourpse: what program uses this packages wasn't reading along06:28
courpsei searched 'gstreamer bad', and there was n *-bad packages selected/installed.06:28
courpseUm, sorry?06:28
archboxmancourpse: hold on06:28
chelzcourpse: ah alright06:28
nat2610_what package should I install to have the man pages for development ... (like man malloc)06:29
fornixanyone uses ipod nano 5g with gtkpod? nothing shows on my ipod after adding files!06:29
chelzcourpse: you sure frei0r-plugins is gone?06:29
courpseYep, its no longer installed.06:30
courpseWas never installed according to apt.06:30
scunizibye bye Ace06:30
chelzcourpse: run a program that crashes in the terminal and pastebin the output plz06:30
chelz!pastebin | courpse06:30
ubottucourpse: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:30
thechrisDoes anyone know how to get fdisk /mbr to work from linux?06:30
chelz!hi | Baloo106:30
ubottuBaloo1: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:30
chelzthechris: linux does things differently. try "fdisk -l"06:31
tucemiuxthechris, fdisk is only for windows partitions, what is the real question/problem06:31
courpsechelz,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/370010/06:31
archboxmancourpse: this is all the packages I find on gstreamer... http://pastebin.com/m3e37186a06:31
thechristucemiux: windows itself won't boot.06:31
tucemiuxthechris, that one didnt sound all correctly LoL06:31
Baloo1does anyone have ps3 ubuntu experience06:32
archboxmancourpse: your not root06:32
tucemiuxthechris, ok so what is the problem06:32
courpseI know im not root...06:32
thechristucemiux: the solution listed for windows is to run fdisk /mbr to fix this issue06:32
courpseWhy would i run a audio program as root?06:32
tucemiuxthechris, ok and?06:32
thechristucemiux: windows does not boot, but hangs before the splash screen06:32
chelzcourpse: sudo rm /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstfrei0r.so06:32
chelzthechris: what happened before windows started not being able to boot?06:33
courpsechelz, No such file or directory.06:33
tucemiuxthechris, what does this have to do with ubuntu?06:33
archboxmancourpse: editing your file system a user can't do that...06:33
thechristucemiux: chelz i installed linux06:33
fornixthechris, i think u want to fix the boot sector. if you run fdisk /mbr from recovery console, grub would be overwritten @ mbr.06:33
archboxmancourpse: su or sudo06:33
courpsearchboxman, To do what? run audio app?06:33
chelzthechris: so you select windows from grub, then what happens?06:34
Baloo1im having a problem with my windows06:34
archboxmanreinstall the audio app06:34
tucemiuxthechris, so basically you have a dual boot set up then?06:34
booksbuggycan someone give me a list of what files are suppose to be in etc/modprobe.d?06:34
chelzcourpse: eh, well try installing frei0r-plugins then removing it completely / purging it06:34
thechrisfornix: its easier to get grub to work than windows's bootloader06:34
thechristucemiux: well, almost a dual boot.  linux or hang at the moment...06:34
archboxmancourpse: what file are you trying to use???06:34
chelzbooksbuggy: you can boot a livecd and get a list that way06:34
ian_hello all.  so...i've searched quite a bit but can find no solution for why flash (games in particular) runs so slowly on ubuntu.06:35
fornixthechris, how did u mess up windows partition boot sector? or are u sure ur windows partition boot sector is corrupted?06:35
booksbuggyokey dokey then nevermind :CP06:35
Baloo1they are to big and wont scale down to a manageable size06:35
thechrischelz: the screen displays a blinking _.  it does not boot06:35
chelzarchboxman: he's getting a "Error re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal" error. which i've tracked to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencv/+bug/45994006:35
archboxmanpurge and reinstall06:35
booksbuggyi think my accidental upgrade to ubuntu 9.10 caused the files in modprobe.d to be distributed to different places :CP06:35
thechrisfornix: this is from googling "windows won't boot" or something similar06:35
tucemiuxthechris, can you just describe what your installations please, not suppositions here06:35
chelzian_: flash has issues sometimes06:35
ekimIs it possible to use a zune with Ubuntu?  If so, what app do I use?06:36
booksbuggynow sound doesn't work06:36
chelzbooksbuggy: make sure you have the latest updates installed. ubuntu should be able to fix itself06:36
fornixthechris, u probably only need to make some changes in grub config06:36
tucemiuxekim, a zune is like an ipod?06:36
Josh901adding a user to the /ect/sudoers06:36
booksbuggychelz, i tried updating everything06:36
Killa1Quick question: Will moving my Windows partition (Moving within the same disk - Just so I can combine empty space) cause it to be unbootable or otherwise damaged?06:36
ekimto sync/add/remove songs.06:36
thechristucemiux: i have a working 9.10 ubuntu install.  there is a freebsd partition that isn't used or listed.  winxp is listed, but will not boot06:36
ian_chelz, seems to be the case.  flash works fine on my windows partition (dual boot).  but gets very laggy on ubuntu.  turning off hardware accel helps a little but only for a moment06:36
chelzekim: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49281606:36
ekimtucemiux, yes, but it is a Microsoft thing.06:36
booksbuggychelz, except autoremoving the files they are telling me to delete06:36
nyaa_omg omg I figured it out06:36
tucemiuxekim, try amarok06:37
thechrisfornix: i've already tried the update-grub/206:37
nyaa_it had the old dvd that I burned before that also mounted, I had to unmount that so it could burn the cd06:37
archboxmanthechris: you still working with that grub2 editor???06:37
* fornix never understood grub2, and still uses old grub :P06:37
chelzthechris: you're sure the windows is listed properly in grub.cfg?06:37
thechrisarchboxman: well, i tried to find a winxp mbr, and that didn't work.  the ubuntu cd takes a very long time to boot...06:37
tucemiuxthechris, ok here goes the same question again, this time from me, apparently grub boots up fine, then you select windows, what happens after you select windows?06:38
ekimchelz, thanks for the link.06:38
booksbuggythechris, sometimes the thing might be just one character difference06:38
ekimtucemiux, I will check amarok out...thanks,06:38
thechristucemiux: essentially nothing.  the screen goes black except for the "_"06:38
Baloo1do ne 1 know wat im talking about06:38
nat2610_what package should I install to have the man pages for development ... (like man malloc)06:38
Josh901adding a user to the /ect/sudoers06:38
tucemiuxthechris, did you configuration work at some point?06:38
FlannelJosh901: Easier to just add them to the 'admin' group06:38
thechrischelz: grub.cfg is autogenerated but update-grub/206:38
Baloo1or not......06:39
thechristucemiux: previously, win32 worked.  eventually I installed other OS's.06:39
archboxmanthechris: curious to now if that bsd is conflicting with grub2... seems weird it wont recongize the partition06:39
thechrisarchboxman: well, I'm just not sure if grub2 knows what to do with it.06:40
tucemiuxthechris, if you need help please stop withhold information, my question is if your configuration worked at some point, meaning if what you have right now used to work at some point06:40
thechristucemiux: windows worked at some point06:40
tucemiuxthechris, better yet---describe what you used to have when your configuration worked06:41
thechristucemiux: after installing ubuntu, it didn't boot06:41
Josh901Flannel:  In the permisson's06:41
thechristucemiux: i think it worked with gentoo.  gentoo no longer exists though06:41
chelzthechris: verify the grub.cfg yourself, or you could pastebin it06:41
FlannelJosh901: Users and groups, yeah.  Or you can just do this: `sudo adduser username admin` (where username is the user you want to give sudo access to)06:41
ekimchelz, that link didnt say if anyone got it working, only others have the same issue.06:42
tucemiuxthechris,  did it work with bsd?06:42
thechrischelz: it seems pretty basic.  it does the root - map - chainload.06:42
Josh901Flannel:   Thanks heaps.06:42
Killa1Anyone here familiar with Gparted or similar? More in relation to working with (working) Windows partitions?06:42
thechristucemiux: nothing works with bsd06:42
tucemiuxtroll alert06:42
chelzekim: people seem to be using virtualbox to work with zunes06:42
archboxmanthechris: read this on grub2 and bsd http://forums.pcbsd.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=14668&start=006:43
thechristucemiux: i essentially used BSD for all of 5 minutes because it didn't have networking support06:43
chelz!ask | Killa106:43
ubottuKilla1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:43
tucemiuxekim, amarok didnt work?  try rhythmbox06:43
thechrisarchboxman: i guess thanks.  but until freebsd supports my NIC, i really don't ever use it.06:43
Killa1Alright - I'm curious as to if trying to move my working Windows partition will damage it in some way (Moving within the same disk)06:44
PhosisDoes anyone know of any good HTTP video streams for music videos that I can use with Mplayer, or is most of this web based now?06:44
chelzthechris: pastebin "fdisk -l" output and your grub.cfg06:44
tucemiuxKilla1, dont move your windows partition06:44
helpmeim running an nvidia geforce 210, and 2 seperate LCDs are flashing black for several seconds on occasion in both the VGA and DVI port, while my CRT does not flash at all in either port, can someone help me get rid of the flashing on the LCDs???06:44
dax2112rushHi, I need to fsck a raid (root)partition. May I just boot with a live cd and fsck one of the 2 partitions, or will that mess everything up?06:44
courpsechelz, No change.06:44
Killa1Alright, thanks.06:44
tucemiuxKilla1, what are you trying to do??06:45
chelzcourpse: do you have that issue with other programs besides rhythmbox?06:45
MHz128what is the gui app for mounting iso's with kde? or gnome...06:45
PhosisDoes anyone use HTTP video streams through Mplayer, or is it all web based now?06:45
tucemiux!hello| MHz12806:45
ubottuMHz128: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:45
chelzhelpme: do you have drivers installed?06:45
courpseyeah. movie player too.06:45
archboxmanthechris: there go ran into the same problem, it took some fiddling with the new grub configuration files (in /etc/grub.d/ now instead of menu.lst). I have PCBSD installed in a second drive in my system. Following the pointers in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2, I created the file 50_pcbsd in the directory /etc/grub.d/ and ran update-grub. The contents of the file are:06:45
chelzcourpse: does the output of it on the terminal say anything more?06:45
courpsechelz, Newp :/06:46
helpmechelz: yes i do. ive treid many different drivers, actually.06:46
thechrischelz: http://pastie.org/81214506:46
courpseohh, vlc says 'Bus error'.06:46
chelzhelpme: sounds like a driver issue. try the nvidia linux forums: http://www.google.com/search?q=nvidia+linux+forums06:46
PhosisIs video streaming all browser based, or can you still get HTTP streams through Mplayer?06:46
thechrisarchboxman: This seems to be in relation to the FBSD not being listed.  I most likely will never use that FBSD install ever again.  Right now, i'm trying to get windows to boot06:47
helpmechelz: even though the CRT works in both ports perfectly?06:47
sddserHi since i upgraded to ubuntu 9.10 my sansa disk not recognize  i removed rhythmbox lsusb output: Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0781:7432 SanDisk Corp. Sansa Clip (mtp)  - (not recognize in /media)06:47
sahali figured out the problem06:47
Killa1Tucemiux: I'm trying to combine free space that was made when I partitioned my disks incorrectly06:47
sahalscim is making gnome start slow06:47
chelzhelpme: you could try searching the ubuntu wiki for nvidia troubleshooting info06:48
helpmechelz: ive actually been searching everywhere and asking in multiple irc chats since january 30th, but i can find no help :(06:48
tucemiuxKilla1, yes, you can combine space, just back up your data just in case however remember that space needs to be next to each other in order06:49
=== raven_ is now known as _raven_feelsalon
tucemiuxin order for you to combine it06:49
sddserok problem solved moved to MSC mode, thanks06:49
=== _raven_feelsalon is now known as _ravenfeelsalone
chelzhelpme: could try posting on the nvidia forums06:49
helpmechelz: ok06:50
stevenfgsdfgWhat is best? Iptables, ufw or firestarter?06:50
Killa1tucemiux: Yea, that's the problem: the space isn't continuous - There's a 60gig Windows partition in there I was hoping to move to the right or left, but last time I attempted to do something to a Windows partition06:50
chelzcourpse: try installing songbird and seeing if it works. if it doesn't work, try pastebinning the output06:50
Killa1It went 'spode on me :[06:50
macostevenfgsdfg: ufw and firestarter are just frontends to iptables06:50
macostevenfgsdfg: firestarter is unmaintained, though06:50
chelzstevenfgsdfg: if all you need is IPv4, firestarter worked pretty well06:50
stevenfgsdfgI have ipv6 blacklisted06:50
michaeldouglas30ipcop running on a second box06:50
macostevenfgsdfg: ufw is a command line wrapper for iptables. gufw is a gui one being recommended to replace firestarter due to aforementioned unmaintained status06:51
Josh901Is there a program where i can back up my whole os.06:51
=== _ravenfeelsalone is now known as _raven
courpsechelz, is song bird in the repos?06:51
titan_arkanything i can do to make my fonts look better and smoother in openoffice and okular?06:51
chelzMHz128: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-and-unmount-isomdfnrg-images-using-acetoneiso-gui-tool.html06:51
stevenfgsdfgIt irritates me that I will sudo ufw default deny, sudo ufw enable, and then when I run firestarter and type sudo ufw status it will say inactive.06:51
MHz128chelz, wicked! thank you06:52
tucemiuxJosh901, you want to create an image of your hard drive, similar to window's ghost application, for ubuntu you can use partimage06:52
chelztitan_ark: System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts06:52
tucemiuxKilla1, you know how to use paste bin?06:52
stevenfgsdfgWhy does firestarter turn off my iptables?  ufw says inactive after I start it06:52
thechrisso, this comes back to my original question -- is there a way to do a dos-style fdisk /mbr in linux?06:53
Killa1tucemiux: I used it a while ago, but it's been ages06:53
titan_arkchelz: okay i am there. what should i change/06:53
Josh901tucemiux: Thanks06:53
macostevenfgsdfg: firestarter probably resets it to its default blacklist mode06:53
tucemiux!paste > Killa106:53
ubottuKilla1, please see my private message06:53
macostevenfgsdfg: you shouldnt mix firestarter and ufw though06:53
macostevenfgsdfg: theyll be saving conflicting configs to different files and you wont know which will go into effect06:53
tucemiuxKilla1, use paste bin to output the result of this command: "sudo fdisk -l"06:54
macostevenfgsdfg: if you want a gui and command line way, ufw and gufw should work fine together06:54
chelztitan_ark: http://www.killertechtips.com/2008/04/10/how-to-turn-on-cleartype-in-ubuntu-linux/06:54
Killa1tucemiux: http://paste.ubuntu.com/370018/06:55
titan_arkchelz: cool thx a bunch. shall do that06:55
chelzthechris: fdisk mbr installs the NT bootloader, we use grub so06:55
stevenfgsdfgDo I have to do anything special to get it to save the configuration like iptables update or iptables restore or anything like that?06:56
thechrischelz: either grub doesn't work, or grub does work and the NT bootloader doesn't work.06:56
ekimI have rhythmbox opened but cant get zune music to load in the program.  what am I missing?06:56
thechrischelz: grub isn't hard to install from linux06:56
chelzthechris: you could try uninstalling grub 2 and installing the older grub06:57
chelzthechris: you could boot a windows install disc and do a 'repair install', then reinstall grub206:57
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chelzthechris: i'm pretty sure grub is wrong is that it has hd(0,1) while windows is on hd(0,0)06:58
thechrischelz: grub2 changed partitions to 1 indexed.06:59
tucemiuxKilla1, you have windows 98?06:59
thechrischelz: I just don't want to have to search my house for my winxp cd.06:59
courpsechelz, Sorry, back.06:59
Killa1tucemiux: I have an old install disk around here somewhere, but it's not on the machine. It's a pre-SP1 disk install of Windows06:59
courpseInstalling songbird now.06:59
Killa1XP that's on the machine now07:00
chelzstevenfgsdfg: i've been using vuurmuur07:00
stevenfgsdfgWhat is that?07:00
chelzstevenfgsdfg: it's easy. also i hear apf-firewall is good07:00
chelzstevenfgsdfg: learning iptables itself is a good thing though07:00
chelzthechris: well could try older grub then07:01
stevenfgsdfgYeah, my friend just told me a real man uses iptables07:01
stevenfgsdfgI'm just going to go with ufw as a kind of bandaid I think until I learn iptables07:02
courpseIm getting this alot too, http://pastebin.com/m5abaceab when trying to apt-get install something.07:02
tucemiuxKilla1, so you have an extended partition at the beginning of your hard drive that is not being used???07:03
amigojapanin this:sudo useradd hhhhhh -m --skel /var/www/basicframework/nonphpstuff/vncuserskel     howcome it doesnt change the ownership of the new directories made from the new skeleton to the new user hhhhhh?07:04
chelzcourpse: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencv/+bug/45994007:04
Killa1tucemiux: Not that I know of. I have an extended partition that has an old Ubuntu partition I screwed up, then the Windows, then a 10gig (personal) share), then ~20gigs of free space I want to combine with my old Ubuntu parition.07:04
archboxmanthechris: why did you use a custom example for the bootloader????07:04
thechrisarchboxman: i didn't.  thats what grub2 chooses07:05
ekimRythmbox doesnt seem to like zune's wma music files.  How can i get them to play?07:05
tucemiuxKilla1, install gparted so you can see what you have graphically, "sudo apt-get install gparted"07:05
roscoi need general guidance.  eventually, i will have xubuntu installed.  issues in doing that though.  do i want to initally dual boot, make sure linux is up and running.  then delete XP partition.  do i partition drive before installing linux?07:05
chelzcourpse: settings > repositories > authentication > restore desault keys07:05
Killa1tucemiux: I already have it installed, would you like a screenshot? I even have it already up.07:05
chelzcourpse: then sudo apt-get clean07:05
tucemiuxKilla1, yes please07:06
archboxmanthechris: found a article similar to your idea.... https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+question/9258607:06
chelz!wma | ekim07:06
ubottuekim: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:06
archboxmanthechris: this is a spot match for the way your grub.cfg file appears instead of just the makeactive??? why is this???07:07
Killa1tucemiux: http://imagebin.org/8359907:07
thechrisarchboxman: i've found ms-sys which used to be a ubuntu package.  seems it has some bugs07:08
chelzKilla1: are you using wubi?07:08
archboxmanthechris: why is it every article I have read calls for makeactive and this setup and yours call for remove all of 30 os probe and goes into deleting files... also by deleting the os probe it now can't detect the drive...07:08
Killa1Chelz: No, I'm on a livecd atm.07:09
Killa1Chelz: 9.10, to be exact07:09
chelzKilla1: oh. just use gparted to move stuff around then07:09
courpsechelz, Ta.07:09
chelzcourpse: ?07:09
thechrisarchboxman: i haven't seen the "makeactive" listed.07:09
Killa1Chelz: That won't screw up the Windows partition?07:09
courpseThanks for the repo fix,.07:09
chelzKilla1: i know it won't if you're using grub, not sure about default windows. might need to do a fixmbr thing07:10
courpseI get syntax error when compiling the songbird from the offical site, i get cant fetch file from rep from getdeb insall.07:10
chelzcourpse: make sure you install the latest updates and fix any issues apt is reporting07:10
Killa1Chelz: Ah, yes, I'm using grub. Thanks a lot for your help.07:10
Killa1tucemiux: Thanks for your help too.07:11
chelzcourpse: http://www.getdeb.net/app/Songbird - what happens when you try form here?07:11
archboxmanthechris: going on further I read in a linux mint article by editing you grub2 file which is not recommended for because you have a OS probe tool attached to grub2 which does a autosearch...07:11
stevenfgsdfgHow do I run vuurmuur from command line? lol07:11
tucemiuxKilla1, do you have a windows CD?  your installation is a cluster mess up, I would just reinstall, since you have more thane enough space, just create a backup of your windows partition if you dont have the windows CD07:11
thechrisarchboxman: i haven't edited my grub.cfg07:11
thechrisarchboxman: any other sequences i've tried were on the grub cli07:12
chelzstevenfgsdfg: http://www.vuurmuur.org/trac/wiki/Manual#Gettingstarted rftm07:12
courpsechelz, http://pastebin.com/m4e3072dc07:12
archboxmanare you sure this os probe is install???? there is no reason for drivemap unless you  have deleted os probe....07:13
chelzcourpse: settings > repositories > authentication > restore default keys07:13
courpseI did that.07:13
courpseand sudo apt-get clean07:13
chelzcourpse: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-75813.html07:14
thechrisarchboxman: os-prober is already the newest version.07:14
archboxmanthechris: futher more that edited grub2 comes from a 40_custom install????07:14
thechrisarchboxman: there are no uncommented lines in that section.07:15
archboxmanthechris: this is odd??? remove the line for drive map and makeactive07:15
thechrisarchboxman: right now i'm going to try to get windows to boot from its own bootloader.  I have a feeling it will fix itself and then I can put grub back on.07:18
courpsewhere are the repos stores?07:18
archboxmanthechris: This might have to do with that bsd version on the system07:18
amigojapansorry to ask again, but noone answered, in this:sudo useradd hhhhhh -m --skel /var/www/basicframework/nonphpstuff/vncuserskel     howcome it doesnt change the ownership of the new directories made from the new skeleton to the new user hhhhhh, howcome the ownership is still root?07:18
chelzcourpse: /etc/apt/sources.list07:19
=== atomiku|out is now known as atomiku
zmanningthere wouldnt happen to be a fix for the issue where flash doesnt respond to clicks?07:19
archboxmanthechris: I would suggest over written that data if not in use...07:19
thechrisarchboxman: possibly.  i don't know what BSD does for dual-booting, but it might have affected things07:19
ZykoticK9zmanning, 64bit?07:19
zmanningZykoticK9, bah. yes.07:19
thechrisarchboxman: right now i'm making an off-drive backup of the mbr.07:20
ZykoticK9zmanning, fix http://paste.ubuntu.com/370027/07:20
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=== brad_ is now known as some_dude
chelzthechris: if your cpu supports it you could just access windows through virt-manager and never boot to it07:21
archboxmanthechris: goodluck seems that bsd is calling os-probe to drivemap a system weird ... need to find out the status of grub2 it said in most articles I read that grub2 was expermental07:21
chelzthechris: optionally, the latest vmware supports up to dx9 for any effects07:21
thechrisarchboxman: well, ubuntu is pretty big on needless breaking things.07:22
archboxmanthechris: GRUB 2 is the next generation of GNU GRUB. GRUB 2 is a complete rewrite and is at a developmental phase07:23
reshey how do i install antivirus for firefoxs07:23
some_dudecan someone help me understand how tinyproxy catches my outgoing web requests ?07:23
thechrisarchboxman: no argument here -- I'm not the one who made it the default for 9.1007:24
archboxmanthechris: why did your ubuntu pick grub207:24
thechrisarchboxman: its the default for new installs of 9.10, while updates do not switch at this time.07:24
tucemiuxarchboxman, thechris is trolling07:25
archboxmanthechris: would go to 9.04 and upgrade to 9.10.... ubuntu is introducing a lot of new packages to include upstart and udev07:25
chelzthechris: switching to older grub is trivial. seriously. chill brah.07:25
resi want to secure firefoxs with a nod32 or norton, how do i do this or maybe linux anti virus07:25
chelzres: clam-av is the antivirus for linux07:25
Yggdrasilhow can i make the password not required when my system sleeps ?07:25
tucemiuxres, did you just say "norton"?!? for linux?07:26
reschelz: ok but how do i tell aptitude to scan packages for antivirus for example07:26
chelzYggdrasil: that's a screensaver thing07:26
zmanningZykoticK9, you sir, are a gentleman, and a scholar.  thanks for the snippet!07:26
Yggdrasilmhmm thanks.07:26
thechristucemiux: no, its just something that always annoys me with ubuntu.  every new version has to change as many things as possible.  it makes any old documentation unreliable.07:26
zmanningZykoticK9, looks like its working fine now07:26
reschelz: with clamav or norton in whine07:26
tVfReAkShi, i'm on vista and would like to make my usb bootable or enable boot flags. is there an app for windows to do this?07:26
ZykoticK9zmanning, glad to help :)07:26
chelzres: custom script for clam-av of somekind07:26
archboxmantucemiux: I'm not bashing ubunut I understand its point, but I don't understand why they couldn't wait other release??? I love ubuntu ,but this makes it hard on all users :(07:26
Yggdrasilalso if i set sleep on screen close and works but i cant get it to just sleep when on battery after 15 minutes idle07:26
chelztVfReAkS: unetbootin07:27
Yggdrasilanyway thanks07:27
tucemiuxres, the antivirus is for windows files, not linux packages07:27
chelzarchboxman: it works for most users. we're still not sure the problem here is grub207:27
tVfReAkSi tried it. i think i need to make the usb stick bootable or enable boot flags. i used gparted before. but have no way of doing this07:27
tVfReAkSthanks chelz07:27
tucemiuxarchboxman, i meant to say that thechris is trolling, not you07:28
restucemiux: i run whine and i rather not run risks07:28
tVfReAkSi need to enable the boot flags or put a checkmark in it07:28
restucemiux: so i want to check every file even if it claims to be linux.exe07:28
theshadowToday when I booted my laptop my wireless wasn't enabled I can't figure out why, the Broadcom STA driver is enabled and active, it detects the card but I can't figure out why I can't enable my wireless. Please, can anyone help?07:28
archboxmanchelz: I agree ,but why no option at boot time to ask for grub or grub2 or to state upstart  or hal or udev07:28
tucemiuxres, if you dont want to run risks then dont use wine and dont use windows, only ubuntu07:28
restucemiux: i cant make norton do this in ubuntu 9.10, it doesnt do it when aptitude installs07:28
restucemiux: i cant because of my job, i must use windows programs07:29
roboboyokay how can I permanently kill the X server so it doesn't restart so I can run Xorg -configure?07:29
chelzres: there's a linux version of avg. it's proprietary though07:29
archboxmanroboboy: what I could edit it in terminal??? lol07:29
chelzroboboy: ctrl+alt+f1 a few times then login and do "sudo killall xorg"07:30
roboboyits not there :p07:30
roboboykk thanks07:30
tucemiuxres, youre not getting the point here, the antivirus is for windows, anything that runs on windows and that is meant for windows07:30
ZykoticK9roboboy, from a console (ctrl-alt-F1) "sudo services gdm stop"07:30
chelzthat sounds better07:30
restucemiux: which is why i run in on whine07:30
cvdubuntu dont delete old kernels? now i have 3 different kernels updates, how can i remove the old kernel?07:30
ZykoticK9roboboy, sorry it's "service" not "services"07:30
chelz!wine | res07:31
ubottures: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:31
reswhats wrong with running norton on whine07:31
tucemiuxres, this means that you dont have to worry on linux,  it's very difficult for linux to get infected by a virus meant for linux, it will be almost impossible for linux to be affected by a virus meant for windows07:31
archboxmanchelz: lol wine???07:31
chelzcvd: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=115227007:31
tucemiuxcvd, use janitor if youre using karmic07:31
roboboyZykoticK9, ahh yes thats gonna work, thanks07:31
k0d3g3arcan anyone recommend a good scheduled disk image backup system for Ubuntu?07:32
stevenfgsdfgWine is an EVIL program.  Back away slowly...07:32
restucemiux: im sorry but i dont trust what youre saying is right, linux is just as insecure: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123982607:32
cvdtucemiux,  thanks07:32
k0d3g3arstevenfgsdfg:  yep, I'd have to agree.  I've had the week from hell with WINE issues07:32
chelztucemiux: good tip07:32
chelzcvd: http://beginlinux.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/ubuntu-9-04-cleanup-with-computer-janitor/07:32
restucemiux: thanks for your help though07:32
cvdrunnig 9.1007:33
archboxmanres: that is why people use virtualbox it is a sandbox means you can't get the virus out onto your regular hard drive a way test a website for viruses...07:33
stevenfgsdfgCan't hack a computer through Vbox??07:33
k0d3g3arres:  Linux is far less a target.  I have about 40 servers I manage.  Never been infected on Linux.  But I have 2 Windows servers, and they are being attacked about 10 times a week07:33
ventzif i do apt-get dist-upgrade on ubuntu server, will it upgrade me from 8.04 to 8.10? (i don't want that, but there are packages which have been kept back)07:34
chelzcvd: computer-janitor07:34
chelzcvd: sudo apt-get install computer-janitor07:34
archboxmanstevenfgsdfg: that is just like honeypost stops stupid hackers and records there actions :)07:34
chelzventz: what do you want to upgrade to?07:34
bazhangventz, no the dist-upgrade won't switch version07:35
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper release upgrade methods.07:35
tucemiuxres, no system is 100%, you want a system to be perfect, that is not realistic, anything that connects to the internet is vulnerable07:35
roscobazhang: yo07:35
cvdchelz,  nice07:35
ventzbazhang: what is hte difference between upgrade and dist-upgrade, and why do like 30% of the sites online claim that dist-upgrade will upgrade the actual OS version #?07:36
ventz(or is it, that on server this does not apply)07:36
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)07:36
archboxmanman apt-get in terminal07:37
bazhangventz, did you see the ubottu comment directly below my first one?07:37
archboxmanventz: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman_Rosetta here you go read the section on apt-get...07:38
blankthemuffinres, anti-virus is not really required at all on linux.07:38
courpsechelz, Im thinking this might be worth reinstalling ubuntu, a few things are f00bar3d, :/07:38
resblankthemuffin: but if anti virus checked for kernel stuff then it wouldnt happen...07:38
resblankthemuffin: thats what im trying to do with norton 2004 trial version07:38
ventzarchboxman: so it says that it can do distribution upgrades...07:39
archboxmanventz: yes, just good over all chart for you to read..07:39
ventzbut how can you prevent it from running a distribution upgrade?07:39
ventzi just want to get the new kernel and the new dns binary07:40
blankthemuffinUh res that's not going to work at all.07:40
archboxmanventz: if your think of updating to 9.10 I would wait there are becoming issues07:40
k0d3g3arres:  what makes you think that the anti-virus programs are any good anyway?  I mean a good virus will have a day or so to go rogue before it is noticed by AV companies07:40
ventzarchboxman: i am trying to avoid upgrading away from 8.0407:41
resk0d3g3ar: wait but that applies to anything, if theres an obscure exploit in the kernel then it takes time to identify and patch07:41
resk0d3g3ar: sometimes even 8 years07:41
ticosome one know a programs such as radmin(RDM) to connect ubuntu and windows???07:41
ventzsince a lot of the custom software I have is not officially supported under anything other than the LTS (8.04) server, and if i call support they will not support it07:41
k0d3g3arres:  exactly.  My point is you don't want to use an OS that is a likely target for this stuff07:41
blankthemuffinres, this is because security is tighter through both technical and social means. Technical in that things are run as your user, reducing effect on the system, social in that typically one does not download third party software from un-trusted sources, it generally comes from the system packages which are secure. As for norton, it, and all windows anti-virus software is going to be completely worthless in linux.07:42
sprungHi, I am trying to get ahead of the curve at work, I am looking for something to study SPECIFICALLY regarding crash analysis07:42
k0d3g3arres:  and also you want an OS that was designed to protect the kernel by decent user level security accounts as standard07:42
k0d3g3arres:  90% of all viruses are introduced by users - not by some random net exploit07:43
archboxmanventz: really like 8.10 and 9.04 support is a good thing , but how far your going with programing is what you need to ask yourself???07:43
sprungk0d3g3ar, that statistic is totally made up but sounds right07:43
k0d3g3arspung:  and your point is?07:43
tico some one know a programs such as radmin(RDM) to connect ubuntu and windows???07:43
sprungk0d3g3ar, 74.6% of statistics used on IRC are made up07:43
k0d3g3arsprung:  I'd 100% agree with that07:44
k0d3g3arsprung:  lol07:44
perscitusAnyone know a way around Firefox bug that opens "Launch Application" window when selecting Open containing folder07:44
sprungnow does anybody have any pointing in the right direction for me to study linux server crash analysis scenarios07:44
archboxmansprung: I would say that statistic is about 90% right just the user making this virus lives in india, pakastain and remote places :)07:44
sprungi need to get better at this. i take too long figuring out what made the servers crash07:45
k0d3g3ararchboxman:  or russian mafia funded07:45
sprungthere's some coworker competition07:45
xTheGoat121xIs there a way to start Firefox from the terminal, and have it spit error messages? I'm trying to debug a crash07:45
Dr_WillisxTheGoat121x:  firefox or, firefox --help07:46
archboxmank0d3g3ar: crash or systems and watch how we can't use paper an pencil... take the head off and the body goes nuts07:46
marianHello, is this the proper channel to ask for technical help?07:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:46
bazhangmarian, yes07:46
sprungmarian, ask away07:47
marianI'm having a problem with GnomeBaker...07:47
xTheGoat121xDr_Willis, well, when I just type firefox, it starts then immediately gives me another spot for entering another command. I'll try --help07:47
k0d3g3ararchboxman:  what amazes me is that the same AV companies in Russia (ie. Kaspersky) live in the same town where all the botnets are coming from.  Hmmmm......07:47
perscitusAnyone know a way around Firefox bug that opens "Launch Application" window when selecting Open containing folder07:47
sprungmarian, try to keep it in as few lines as possible07:47
FaithfulWhat is the "right" way to install nvidia drivers in Koala?07:47
bazhangk0d3g3ar, archboxman please continue this in #ubuntu-offtopic07:47
sprungmarian, the whole pressing enter at every "breath" makes it hard to read what you are saying so keep it as compact as possible07:47
chelz!ot | k0d3g3ar07:47
ubottuk0d3g3ar: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:47
k0d3g3arok ok07:47
k0d3g3arso anyone have a recommendation for a good, schedulable disk image backup system for Ubuntu?07:48
marianIt keeps telling me that it can't access my cd burner because it can't communicate with it exclusively. I have the log but it is pretty large. I can't unmount or eject the cdrom either.07:48
bazhangrsync or sbackup k0d3g3ar07:48
perscitusAnyone know a way around Firefox bug that opens "Launch Application" window when selecting Open containing folder07:48
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:49
k0d3g3arbazhang:  but rsync doesn't do disk image level backups does it?07:49
sprungmarian, use pastebin as shown above to show us the logs07:49
marianWill do07:49
Dr_WillisxTheGoat121x:  any errors would get printed to the terminal normally,07:50
sprungmarian, ok, i'm looking.07:50
xTheGoat121xDr_Willis, I got it figured out -- I already had an instance of Fx running, so I closed it and restarted from the terminal07:51
blankthemuffinalso note res, that particular exploit never affected Ubuntu 8.04+ and still relies on the attacker getting the code to your system, which is where the security of using distro packages comes in.07:52
chelzk0d3g3ar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem07:52
Liquid-Silencehi all07:53
sprungmarian, Try sudo service hal stop07:53
sprungmarian, then try it07:53
gmendozasup Liquid-Silence07:53
k0d3g3archelz:  gracias07:53
Liquid-Silencewhat happend to the nautilussvn package?07:53
chelzmarian: do you have any other applications open that work with the drive?07:53
sprungchelz, yes, she probably does that's what this is going to prove07:54
ventzI am still confused about this. Everything claims that dist-upgrade actually *upgrades* distributions...07:54
ventzcan someone please clear this up for me07:54
sprungventz, nah, dist-upgrade does kernel updates07:54
chelzLiquid-Silence: http://code.google.com/p/nautilussvn/wiki/Installation07:54
sprungventz, and other updates closely related to the kernel version07:55
ventzsprung: and if i do want to upgrade the distribution (not that i do), how do i go about that?07:55
macoventz: apt-get dist-upgrade differs from apt-get upgrade in that it will remove obsolete packages and add new dependencies, while apt-get update will not. this is necessary when upgrading from one distro release to another, but it is not the *only* time it is necessary. thus, in aptitude, dist-upgrade has been renamed to full-upgrade07:55
sprungventz, that's a whole other can of worms07:55
chelzk0d3g3ar: there are also things like rsnapshot07:55
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading07:55
sprungventz, everything you need should be there07:55
macoventz: apt-get dist-upgrade will only change you from one release to another if you've modified /etc/apt/sources.list to point to a newer release, but this method of upgrading is not recommended07:55
macoventz: the recommended way to change distro releases is "sudo do-release-upgrade"07:56
macoventz: that clear things up?07:56
ventzmaco: yes! perfect. thank you07:56
sprungmaco: see i wouldn't have told him that option so he doesn't even try it07:56
ventzi am coming from the openbsd world, and this is very different :)07:56
mariansprung: ok, did that. should i try Gnomebaker again to burn a cd?07:56
sprungmarian, Yes.07:56
ventzsprung: thanks for urls too07:56
macosprung: well if ventz wants to know why "dist-upgrade" is used to refer to changing releases, i think its necessary to explain that itll *only* act in that manor if other steps are followed first07:56
mariansprung: didn't work07:57
sprungmarian, ok hold on a sec07:57
marianchelz: that's what I'm trying to figure out07:57
sprungmarian, if you do a ps ax|grep kio_audiocd does it find anything besides grep kio_audiocd07:58
TLULIs it normal for Ubuntu to keep old versions of the kernel in the boot list after an upgrade through the update manager?07:58
TLUL(Though still adding the new kernel)07:58
chelzmarian: pastebin the out put of: lsof /dev/scd107:58
sprungthat too07:59
=== ersoy is now known as hersoy
MyrttiTLUL: yes. handy if the nnew one doesn't work07:59
mariansprung: did ps ax|grep kio audiocd and got no such file or directory07:59
sprungmarian, chelz is on the right track08:00
sprungchelz, i didn't know you could do that with devices08:00
TLULMyrtti: Indeed it is. Karmic's latest kernel only boots up right about 50% of the time.08:00
TLULMyrtti: And this behaviour persisted through a reformat/reinstall.08:00
chelzsprung: you might not be able to08:00
chelzi'm not sure08:00
MyrttiTLUL: you need to specifically remove the old after you've deccided the new wks sufficiently08:01
marianI typed lsof /dev/scd1 and there was no output08:01
=== Raliuga_ is now known as Raliuga
Myrttiworks, even08:01
sprungmarian, do a ps ax and pastebin it08:01
TLULMyrtti: I'd rather not remove it, since I never know when I might need to boot up quickly.08:01
theadminwhat is an .uni file and how can that be opened?08:02
TLULAny idea why the new kernel sometimes fails a second or two into booting?08:02
Liquid-Silencehas anyone gotten nautilus to open files in a terminal with vim?08:02
theadminLiquid-Silence: Just make it open the file with "gnome-terminal vim"08:02
sprungmarian, on an unrelated note you probably don't need to be running avahi-daemon08:03
theadminLiquid-Silence: Hm. That doesn't seem to work.08:04
mariansprung: Windevice?08:04
Liquid-Silenceall good bro08:04
Liquid-Silencenot just to make my fonts nice08:04
ZykoticK9Liquid-Silence, i think it's "gnome-terminal -e vim"08:04
sprungmarian, we're going to start eliminating some possibilities here08:05
ZykoticK9Liquid-Silence, ahhh, but it doesn't bring the file in -- i see the problem now08:05
sprungmarian, kill -9 304508:05
mariansprung: did you notice winedevice? i'm pretty sure that is the second cd in my computer08:05
sprungmarian, we'll try that next08:05
mariansprung: ok, killed it. try GnomeBaker again?08:06
sprungmarian, i see what the problem is08:06
sprung 3703 ?        Ssl    0:00 E:\Setup.exe08:06
sprungyou're running something with Wine using your cdrom08:07
sprungclose everything that is using wine please08:07
sprungthere's a setup program of some sort running right now and it's monopolizing your cdrom drive no wonder you can't burn08:07
mariansprung: right, but i want to keep that program open because the cd i am burning is for taht wine program. close it anyway? won't put me back more than 5 or ten minutes08:08
Josh90Locking an account via the command line08:09
sprungmarian, I am not understanding you. The CD you are burning is for "that wine program". okay, why are you running it right now? Just burn it and run it when you're done08:09
TLULmarian: If you wan't to burn a disc, you'll need to stop all other programs from accessing the drive.08:09
marianok, killing everything with wine08:09
=== mowetteKEKETTE`B is now known as Mowee
petersebwhich is good - wine or virtual box08:10
sprungmarian, you will find that although Wine has made wonderful leaps and bounds, and much pats on the back to them, it's still buggy as hell08:10
sprungif something's wrong always kill wine first08:10
TLUL"Make me a sandwich."    "What? Make it yourself!"    "sudo make me a sandwich."    "Okay."08:10
ZykoticK9peterseb, those are two totally different thing!  apples & oranges08:10
theadminpeterseb: Let's see. Box lets you run Windows inside Linux, eating a lot of memory. WINE runs apps directly from Linux, BUT is buggy08:11
TLULpeterseb: It depends what you want to use the programs for.08:11
sprungmarian, and you almost certainly don't need avahi-daemon running, and it's a potential security vulnerability.08:11
sprungi tell everybody that though08:11
ZykoticK9Josh90, to lock an account (disable it) "sudo passwd $USERNAME -l" use "-u" to unlock08:12
titan_arkmy fonts have gone from bad to worse08:12
sprungmarian, how's it coming08:12
TLULsprung: What does avahi-daemon do?08:12
=== choonming_ is now known as choonming
sprungit's the open source version of the Bonjour service for windows08:13
marianOk, that was it. I was in the middle of install something from a different cdrom, and the program is burning fine now. Thank you.08:13
Josh90ZykoticK9: Thanks08:13
TLULsprung: Isn't support through that provided by Pidgin?08:13
sprungit's an Apple network auto-config service08:13
sprungzeroconfig shit08:13
Talon_how do I clean my grub list? everytime I get a kernel update, i get a new addition to my grub for the new kernel, i got like 6 choices for ubuntu now in grub08:13
mariansprung: how do i prevent that program from loading?08:13
TLULTalon_: You will have to edit the list manually (I was just asking about this).08:14
chelzJosh90: actually passwd -l #username08:14
chelzTLUL: sudo apt-get install computer-janitor08:14
chelzTalon_: sudo apt-get install computer-janitor08:14
theadminchelz: What does it have to do with janitors?08:14
TLULTalon_: Though sometimes an old kernel listing is useful in case the current one is buggy. I've been having problems with version... um... 17, is it?08:14
chelzTLUL: when you remove the kernel packages, with a tool like computer-janitor, it will remove it from the grub list08:14
MyrttiTLUL, Talon_ just uninstall the unused kernel images with synaptic08:14
chelzthe: when you remove the kernel packages, with a tool like computer-janitor, it will remove it from the grub list08:14
ZykoticK9Josh90, chelz is correct08:14
chelztheadmin: when you remove the kernel packages, with a tool like computer-janitor, it will remove it from the grub list08:15
sprungsudo update-rc.d -f avahi-daeomn remove should do it08:15
TLULchelz: I don't wan't to remove them.08:15
theadminchelz: When I remove the kernel packages, it reconfigures GRUB automatically. Don't know about GRUB2 though08:15
chelzTLUL: so you do but you don't? make up your mind :P08:15
sprungsudo update-rc.d -f avahi-daemon remove should do it08:15
Josh90chelz , ZykoticK9 Thanks08:15
TLULchelz: I never said I wanted to remove them.08:15
sprungi misspelled08:15
fawazI'm installing cuda and i keep getting the following errors http://pastebin.com/d506d0952      Please help :)08:15
chilicuilhi, in ubuntu there is an option super useful to share whole folders by clicking with the secundary boton -> properties -> share and I wonder what could be the translation in the console?, I've looked at /etc/samba/smb.conf but there are no changes08:15
theadminTLUL, so you want to remove them only from menu?08:15
TLULtheadmin: No, I don't want to remove anything. Talon wanted to remove them.08:16
chelzTLUL: if they're out of your grub list you're not using them. but anyway, if you *really* want to keep them but not have them in your grub list, then i take it that user would be okay editing stuff manually. but for a normal user that's not necessary08:16
sprungchilicuil, what is your native language?08:16
Liquid-Silencewhat happend to the ms core font package?08:16
nomnexxchat: how to I hide messages x has joined #channel / x has left #channel?08:16
TLULchelz: I *want* them installed, and I *want* them in my GRUB list.08:16
chilicuilspanish, sprung08:16
fawazI'm installing cuda and i keep getting the following errors http://pastebin.com/d506d0952      Please help :)08:17
chelzchilicuil: http://tolearnfree.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-share-files-using-samba-via.html08:17
sprungwhat is it08:17
chelz!es | chilicuil08:17
ubottuchilicuil: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:17
Talon_computer janitor was already installed in my version of ubuntu, guess i have to do it thru synaptic08:17
chilicuilsure, sprung08:17
Talon_it says theres nothing to clean up lol08:17
sprungchilicuil, de nada08:17
chilicuilit happens that in ubuntu-es everyone is sleeping, thx for the help chelz08:18
chelzTalon_: search for "linux-image" in synaptic and remove the kernels you're *sure* you're not using08:18
nomnexxchat: Hide/join part messages. got it now!08:18
chelzchilicuil: that link should work08:18
sprungchilicuil, oh okay well i thought it might help08:18
Liquid-Silencehmmm code fonts are gone :(08:19
ouyeschelz, after update, i have an old kernel,  how to remove it?08:19
chelzLiquid-Silence: it's now ttf-mscorefonts-installer08:19
Talon_ok well i just updated n restarted to 2.6.31-19-generic so anything lower than that i can remove eh? should i keep at least one for a backup?08:19
rosco?  i'm partitioning HD of old laptop 32GB, but registers only 27GB.  windoze will only be on it until i can fully install xubuntu next friday (need more ram).  instead of recommended 20GB to M$ and 10GB to unused FAT for linux and eventually xubuntu, can i go 15/15?08:19
chelzouyes: search for it in synaptic. it'll be called "linux-image" something08:19
sprungby the way, ext4 ate my %$#%^$ desktop08:19
sprungi am never using ext4 again08:19
sprungi am so mad08:19
chelzTalon_: keeping one sounds good yeah08:19
chelzsprung: what happened?08:19
roscothat question is on top08:20
roscoon topic08:20
sprungext4 has a glitch that hates 0 kb files08:20
chelzsprung: is there a bug reported for it?08:20
sprungit's "supposedly" fixed08:20
sprungbut in the meantime linux ate my desktop.08:20
chelzrosco: yes, at least 8GB is necessary08:20
roscousing gparted, can i go 15/15 GB to M$ and linux???08:20
sprungit's using encryptfs08:20
swebi ahve a problem ... mynumkeys work as a mouse arrow control ...08:20
rosco8G for what, chelz08:20
chelzsprung: you should backup generally, but yeah eating your desktop is bad times08:21
sprungso file recovery is basically a lost cause08:21
chelzrosco: for ubuntu08:21
chelzrosco: 8GB or more08:21
DVS01rosco: yes08:21
sprungchelz, just don't.08:21
sprungchelz, don't.08:21
buckfastDoes ubuntu use ntfs-3g by default for ntfs partitions?08:21
sprungchelz, because you saying that makes me feel homicidal.08:21
chelzbuckfast: yes08:21
DVS01you can actually give the entire drive to windows and then have ubuntu boot up from a disk image thats stored on your windows filesystem08:21
swebmy numkeys work as a mouse arrow control ... help me ...08:21
chilicuilchelz, yes it explains how to add directories but my question was, what files does ubuntu change to share folders while setting them up in the X system?, coz I've shared some of them in that way and I don't see them in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file08:21
chelzsprung: eh.. if you don't then it'll happen again. just a matter of time. unless you want it to happen again.08:21
roscooh, i saw ten.   my question is taht i only have 27GB to work with.  the website says minimum 20GB for M$  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoResizeWindowsPartitions08:22
DVS01thats actually pretty convenient for people who already have their partitions set up for windows08:22
sprungchelz, didn't i just suggest you not do what you are doing right now?08:22
chelz!hate | sprung08:22
ubottusprung: hate is a thing we don't encourage - why waste your energy08:22
buckfastchelz: I'd like to have a partition that I can make changes to in both, linux and windows, is it safe to write to ntfs partitions under linux?08:22
roscochelz: adn DVS01 i'd like to give M$ say, 15GB instead of 20GB.08:22
chelzrosco: what version of windows?08:22
chelzbuckfast: yes08:22
sprung"you know, if you had paid your car insurance on time, you wouldn't be owing the guy with the BMW 10 grand"08:22
theadminsweb: I believe you can fix it in System - Preferences - Mouse08:22
Talon_ok now what if i want to remove some of those other entries from grub, like memtest08:23
sprungreal helpful after the fact.08:23
sprungjust rub it in a little more08:23
roscochelz: ^08:23
chelzsprung: not trying to be helpful about what happened in the past, trying to be helpful about what might happen in the future08:23
theadminsweb: Oops. System - Preferences - Keyboard - Mouse keys08:23
swebtheadmin: my keyboard numkeys work as a mouse controller ... where is config ?08:23
chelzTalon_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Configuring%20GRUB%20208:24
chelzrosco: yeah 15 is more than enough08:24
iflemasweb hold shift and press num lock08:24
geekyogimy sys grub.conf file is not found.. so its in grub rescue mode.. when I try to live boot it says bootloader -> /caspeb/initrd.lz n its unable to boot08:24
chelzrosco: install windows then install ubuntu08:24
swebiflema: thank it's work :*08:24
[BT]BrendanThe Mic line in on laptop doesn't work in Ubuntu. How can I go about troubleshooting this?08:24
sprungchelz, or skip the first part08:24
swebviva ubuntu08:25
chelzheh yeah optionally08:25
sprungi find it very disturbing that ext4 was included in the ubuntu distro08:25
geekyogiplease help me to repair my ubuntu install08:25
sprungbecause of what happened08:25
geekyogimy sys grub.conf file is not found.. so its in grub rescue mode.. when I try to live boot it says bootloader -> /caspeb/initrd.lz n its unable to boot08:25
chelz[BT]Brendan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting#Getting%20Line%20Input%20to%20work%20%28Microphone,%20etc%2908:25
roscochelz: windoze is installed.  i'm defragmenting and partitioning in preparation.08:26
chelzsprung: sounds like an LTS is more your style08:26
sprungi'm fortunate that I just use my desktop for my shows i download from usenet08:26
chelzrosco: let the ubuntu installer do the partitioning08:26
sprungif i had something more important on there i would be tracking down ext4 developers and assassinating them08:26
roscoDoes anyone know, say, DVS01 if i can give win XP only 15GB instead of recommended 20GB.  office is gone08:26
[BT]BrendanThanks chelz, I'll have a read and see how I go.08:26
TLULbuckfast: yes, linux can understand ntfs partitions. My Windows install can't seem to understand any Linux filesystems though.08:26
Josh90can root change the password on an account if you can remember password08:26
roscochelz: sorry, i just saw you answered that08:27
sprungi store my more important stuff on a drive that i do back up, and it's ext308:27
roscosorry, chelz08:27
TLULMy window didn't scroll... that message was old.08:27
bazhangsprung, that type of commentary is both offtopic and unacceptable. Please stop now.08:27
chelzgeekyogi: follow the directions after "2).Using Ubuntu 9.10 livecd" here: http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-restore-grub-2-after-reinstalling-windows-xpvistawin708:27
theadminJosh90: Sure thing, you can do this.08:27
sprungbazhang, the assassination part was a joke, but seriously why is ext4 included in ubuntu if it is fatally buggy like that08:27
geekyogilive cd's not workin08:28
bazhangsprung, continue with the offtopic chat elsewhere08:28
chelz!ot | sprung08:28
ubottusprung: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:28
buckfastTLUL: Great, that's what I needed to hear. :)08:28
theadminJosh90: sudo usermod -p newpassword username08:28
chelzbuckfast: i think of it as a defense mechanism. if windows can't get to linux then viruses can't destroy linux data08:29
chelz!hi | fale08:29
ubottufale: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:29
roscoi'm going to ubuntu-offtopic. THX!08:29
mneptoksprung: what version of Ubuntu were you using?08:29
chelzgeekyogi: booting to it doesn't work? sounds like you might have a bad disc. try burning another or use unetbootin to put ubuntu on a usb flashdrive08:30
sprungmneptok, most current, very fresh install actually i reinstalled not a month ago08:30
Josh90theadmin: I not sure how too.08:30
buckfastchelz: lol, that's true08:30
geekyogiclelz I've tried 3 distros.. fedora, redhat, ubuntu..08:30
sprungmneptok, i do a lot of usenet downloading and that can often involve files with 0 byte value when they are assembling.08:31
sprungmneptok, there's some sort of but with ext4 that flips out with 0 byte files08:31
chelzgeekyogi: do you get the same or similar messages when you try to boot them?08:31
sprungand suddenly POOF no more desktop files08:31
geekyogichelz : never.. I had these kinda messages08:32
sprungand even better, i'm using encryptfs on my home dir so they're not only missing but totally unrecoverable08:32
chelzgeekyogi: to fix grub you need to get into a live environment of some kind. ideally ubuntu karmic08:32
sprungbut hey this is offtopic i have to stop mneptok you really shouldn't have asked me that question because i got started again08:32
theadminJosh90: Open a terminal, enter this: "sudo usermod -p newpassword username"08:32
geekyogiany other method to fix grub..??? without live cd08:33
theadmingeekyogi: Well, LiveUSB maybe08:33
mneptoksprung: your current discussion is not, as it relates to support and information about the issue you are having. discussing assassinations is not on-topic.08:33
geekyogiwill try tat..08:33
sprungmneptok, well that's because some people have no sense of obviously i'm kidding08:33
spekkogeekyogi, whats your problem exactly?08:34
mneptoksprung: the only 0-byte file issue i know of with ext4 is the filesystem replacing files with 0-byte version after a crash. and that was patched by Ted Ts'o last spring.08:34
mneptoksprung: kidding or not, it has not relation to Ubuntu support.08:34
sprungmneptok, that's almost what happened08:34
sprungmneptok, i think what happened is it affected my entire /home/sprung/Desktop directory at once08:35
geekyogiLive cds not workin. grub.conf file not found.. unable to boot anything.. I get the grub recovery prompt..08:35
chelzgeekyogi: unetbootin creates liveusbs08:35
ZencydeSome process is uploading at 30KiB/s and I don't recall turning something on to upload. Is there a way to check which processes are using bandwidth?08:35
sprungeverything POOF gone08:35
chelz!ot | mneptok08:35
ubottumneptok: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:35
theadminZencyde: Sure08:35
chelz!ot | sprung08:35
ubottusprung: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:35
mneptoksprung: that bug was fixed upstream in the kernel well before Karmic shipped.08:35
theadminZencyde: netstat -p | more08:35
sprungmneptok, see what i mean08:35
geekyogichelz k08:35
mneptokchelz: we are discussing a support issue.08:36
sprungmneptok, they don't want us doing this in this channel08:36
* iflema :)08:36
ZencydeThanks, theadmin.08:36
sprungmneptok, arguing will just get you banned08:36
mneptoksprung: no it won't.08:36
sprungmneptok, they're huge bureaucrats08:36
sprungwatch it happen.08:36
mneptoksprung: this bit is off-topic. please let's get back to the issue.08:37
DVS01eh.. what happened?08:37
chelzgeekyogi: http://linuxers.org/howto/how-recover-grub2-ubuntu-910-karmic-koala08:37
sprungmneptok, so all my files vanished off the face of the earth during a processing of a usenet download08:37
sprungon the Desktop anyway08:37
mneptoksprung: FWIW, i use ext4 extensively in production and i have yet to see an issue like this (knock wood). so i would not rule out the possibility of hardware failure. it may your drive is actually heading south.08:38
sprungi use hellanzb, which watches the Desktop folder for .nzb files i download and grabs them and processes them, then outputs them back to the desktop08:38
TLULsprung: I have had no issues with ext4.08:38
sprungwell, what i do is pretty intensive08:38
Dr_WillisTheres been some people with ext4 issues..  so its been known tohappen.08:38
sprungi get all kinds of corrupt files to process from usenet08:39
Dr_WillisUse ext3 if you perfer I guess.08:39
Dr_Willissprung:  ive not heard of that issue.08:39
geekyogi1chelz , could this be any hardware problem.??08:39
sprungwell usenet downloads will definitely put any filesystem through the ringer as far as whether it's stable or not08:39
DVS01sprung: could it be the downloaded files themselves?08:39
sprungyou get corrupt downloads that must be repaired with .par files08:39
DVS01sprung: do your downloads come with PAR volumes?08:39
chelzgeekyogi1: are you sure when you boot an ubuntu livecd you select "try ubuntu"?08:39
sprungDVS01, oh absolutely08:39
DVS01ok good08:40
DVS01i love par08:40
sprungDVS01, usenet is a dirty dirty file corruption hellhole08:40
sprungthat is a known thing08:40
geekyogi1chelz I tried both 'try' and install08:40
geekyogi1chelz same error08:40
sprungDVS01, it is so bad that there is a system with each download of including .par files to repair corrupted files08:40
chelzgeekyogi1: is there a way for you to take a picture of the error and upload the picture?08:40
mneptoksprung: have you spent time on Launchpad looking for other people with the same symptom you experienced? using Karmic? with current kernels?08:40
geekyogi1chelz I'll do tat08:41
sprungmneptok, all my stuff was current at the time08:41
sprungmneptok, i update immediately, and this OS was a fresh install not a month ago.08:41
sprungwith Karmic.08:41
=== golddragon24_ is now known as golddragon24
sprungand yes, i have seen some similar problems08:41
mneptoksprung: right, so before you blame the filesystem itself, do you have any evidence other than your anecdotal experience, that this issue is actually a filesystem issue?08:41
sprungand i also see in the kernel changelog there's a LOT of bugfixes with cryptfs on ext408:42
mneptoksprung: dm-crypt / LVM?08:42
sprungmneptok, huh, good question how do i check08:43
sprungi though this was encrypt-FS08:43
twotwenty /join #ubuntu-x08:43
sprungthe standard one for ubuntu for your home folder08:43
Ragelorhi, is there someone who can help me to get pulseaudio working???08:44
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions08:44
=== raven is now known as _raven
TLULSo what exactly is sprung's issue with his filesystem?08:44
mneptoksprung: yes, the home encryption uses ecryptfs. i use dm-crypt to encrypt entire partitions instead. which has worked very well with ext4.08:44
sprungTLUL, oh nothing, just everything on my desktop vanished without a trace for no reason at all and no logs08:44
chelzRagelor: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting08:45
geekyogi1chelz : gimme 5 min.. where should I upload?08:45
sprungTLUL, no big deal or anything i mean heck, who needs files on their desktops08:45
chelz!pastebin | geekyogi108:45
ubottugeekyogi1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:45
mneptoksprung: you are wandering back off-topic.08:45
theadminI never keep anything on desktop :D But I did have random file dissapearing back in Jaunty08:45
sprungmneptok, right so i'm using encryptfs08:45
sprungthe problem may actually be fixed now08:46
sprungi just updated the kernel08:46
sprungbut it doesn't fix the files, which thanks guys for rubbing in "you know, if you had backed up you would still have your files"08:46
Ragelorchelz: the article is about alsa ... alsa is working - but i cant start pulseaudio ...08:46
mneptoksprung: the kernel release in the past 24h was for a CVE, not ext4 issues, AFAIK.08:46
sprungactually there were quite a few encryptfs issues on the changelog, i just read it08:47
mneptoksprung: right you are if you say so.08:47
[BT]Brendanchelz, I went through the instructions with no success.08:47
sprungso basically where you are stuck on mneptok is whether i should blame ext4 or encryptfs.08:47
mneptoksprung: and the "rubbing it in" part is off-topic. please stay on-topic and only relay that information that will help you get support. ranting does not.08:48
archboxmanRagelor: do you have pluggings installed???08:48
RedBandIn Baobab, it shows "Total filesystem capacity. 362.6 GB (used: 338.6 GB available: 24.0 GB). Yet for my home folder, it says 100% Usage. In both nautilus and Thunar, it says I have 3.7 GB free. Any ideas on why both file managers aren't recognizing my freespace? Also, I just fixed a problem where I couldn't log in because of the free space.08:48
mneptoksprung: or the app you were using. or faulty hardware.08:48
sprungmneptok, you're kind of leading me with a carrot with this conversation quite frankly08:48
mneptoksprung: how so?08:49
Ragelorarchboxman: i installed nearly everything with pulse, except the debugging-packages08:49
mneptoksprung: if anything, i'm trying to lead you to accepting that immediately balming the filesystem may be premature.08:49
sprungmneptok, well, you want to know what happened yet you are challenging me08:49
Ragelorat least ps -A|grep pulse doesnt show me pulse to be working ...08:49
theadminRedBand: Sounds like some fs problem to me08:49
archboxmanRagelor: system > preference > volume control no luck on getting audio settings???08:50
sprungmneptok, you judging me is offtopic please discontinue offtopic discussions immediately are you aware of ##ubuntu-offtopic did you know that that is where you go to discuss offtopic things08:50
quick_lappyHey, how do I switch my screen color from 32 bit to 16 bit in ubuntu 9.10?08:50
dahoHow can I find delited files??????08:50
mneptoksprung: i am not challenging the fact you say files disappeared. i'm challenging that you *know* it was a bug in ext4 that caused it.08:50
Dr_Willis!undelete | daho08:50
ubottudaho: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel08:50
mneptoksprung: please lose the attitude. i am trying to help you.08:51
swiftarrowHi, I have a big problem.  COmpiz used to work in 8.04, but now after upgrading to 9.10 it doesnt.  When I run compiz-check, everything's A-OK, but running compiz --replace causes X to restart, and no compiz.  Help please... thanks in advance!08:51
RedBandtheadmin, does that have to do with fstab or kernel updates?08:51
Ragelorarchboxman: can use audio through alsa - but i need 2 soundcards next weekend - so i want to use pulse ...08:51
theadminRedBand: Neh neither don't seem the problem. Hard shutdowns/reboots may be08:52
soreauswiftarrow: Can you pastebin the output of 'compiz &' from your terminal to pastebin.com?08:52
chelzdaho: turning off the affected computer as quickly as possible is generally a good idea08:52
swiftarrowsoreau, just a minute08:52
quick_lappyAnybody able to answer my question above? How do I switch my screen color from 32 bit to 16 bit in ubuntu 9.10?08:52
sprungmneptok, i don't think i have the right 'attitude' to be helped at the moment.08:52
mneptoksprung: then you should /part the channel08:53
archboxmanRagelor: may want to search and see what sound cards work with pulsaudio...08:53
geekyogi1chelz http://imagebin.org/83606 error screen shot08:53
twotwentyI've installed a ppa repo with a different version of xserver but I dont know howto force its install?08:53
RedBandoh, you meant file system theadmin? okay. Is there any way of fixing it, besides reinstalling?08:53
swiftarrowsoreau, I have to do compiz >> log, otherwise I dont' get it (X is restarted).  coming right up.08:53
Ragelorarchboxman: my soundcards are mentioned to work with pulse (onboard & alesis IO2) - ...08:53
sprungmneptok, that's an insult and a discussion for ##ubuntu-offtopic are you aware of ##ubuntu-offtopic did you know that that is where you go to discuss offtopic things08:54
chelzgeekyogi1: try "check disk for defects"08:54
Ragelorarchboxman: but the deamon doesnt start08:54
RedBandAnd ubuntu did tell me it can't mount my home (i think) when I boot up. But everything is now mounted.08:54
theadminRedBand: run fsck /dev/whatever from a LiveCD (replace whatever with root filesystem's device identifier, usually sda1)08:54
spekkocan someone please tell me the command to update grub2 please?08:54
mneptoksprung: last warning. lose the attitude and stay on-topic.08:54
soreauswiftarrow: In that case, something is wrong with your graphics drivers. Which card do you have as reported by 'lspic|grep VGA'?08:54
Ragelorarchboxman: if i want to start it by hand, i did not get any errors but it is not running ...08:54
Dr_Willisspekko:  sudo update-grub08:54
geekyogi1chelz tried many ubuntu dvd, cds.. same error08:54
archboxmanRagelor: what verson of ubuntu are you using08:54
chelzgeekyogi1: try "check disk for defects"08:54
spekkoDr_Willis, thanx alot :)08:54
theadminspekko: sudo update-grub2?08:54
RedBandtheadmin, is fsck the same thing that runs when Ubuntu boots up?08:54
RedBandlike every 20 or 30 reboots?08:54
Ragelorarchboxman: xubuntu intrepid ...08:55
chelzRedBand: yes08:55
theadminRedBand: Well, it doesn't always run but yeah it is.08:55
swiftarrowsoreau, http://pastebin.com/d1bb259af08:55
GryllidaHi. Suppose I've installed a STS version of Ubuntu and did some things (for example, installed LyX and changed wallpaper). Then on some date I found that a newer LTS version of Ubuntu is available. Would an update require me to re-install LyX and to change wallpaper again? Or just a reboot, and everything fine?08:55
RedBandyea, it's running for me. I'll reboot and let it run (i've been cancelling it out all day).08:55
mneptokGryllida: an upgrade will preserve apps and settings.08:56
geekyogi1chelz same error..08:56
RedBandThanks theadmin, chelz.08:56
Gryllidamneptok: Where is it mentioned in documentation at ubuntu.com?08:56
spekkocan someone help me please? yesterday i could boot to windows 7 with grub. after i updated ubuntu i cant. and when i run "sudo update-grub" or "sudo update-grub2" im getting errors like this "grub-probe: error: Cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdb1.  Check your device.map."08:56
soreauswiftarrow: I have heard of people having the same problem with that intel gpu. Something is wrong with the drivers in karmic and it is blacklisted, probably for this reason08:56
Dr_WillisGryllida:   Updates shouldent be affecting the users settings08:56
quick_lappyAnybody able to answer my question above? How do I switch my screen color from 32 bit mode to 16 bit in ubuntu 9.10?08:57
[BT]BrendanThe mic line in doesn't work on my laptop. I've tried the instructions on the help.ubuntu site but it hasn't worked for me.08:57
GryllidaDr_Willis, " Updates shouldent be affecting the users settings" - Where is it mentioned in documentation at ubuntu.com?08:57
mneptokGryllida: i'm sure Google can tell you. i know from experience.08:57
soreauswiftarrow: I recommend you try with Lucid or Jaunty and file a bug report if the problem persists08:57
archboxmanRagelor: you followed these steps to get pulseaudio to work in xubuntu???08:57
chelzgeekyogi1: have you tried with a liveusb?08:57
swiftarrowsoreau, is it a driver problem, or is it a compiz problem.  I'm using the 2.4 intel driver to get rid of X freezing.08:58
Dr_WillisGryllida:  i dont recall ever seeing a apt package ive instgalled that ever messed with the users /home/user/WHATEVER files.08:58
Dr_WillisGryllida:    thats part of how the apt system works.08:58
soreauswiftarrow: It is a problem with the intel driver. Compiz is fine.08:58
swiftarrowsoreau, It's my mom's laptop, she'll scream if I re-install the os one.more.time.  :)08:58
ManuLauhello all08:58
Dr_WillisGryllida:  when doing updates/upgrades ive often (in the past) had to reset users settings due to changes in the new packages.08:59
soreauswiftarrow: You don't have to reinstall, you can upgrade to lucid after it's released in April08:59
swiftarrowsoreau, is it possible to use the 8.04 intel driver in 9.10?08:59
igiehi, i just restarted 9.10 and now i cannot mount my internal HD, anyone know why? or how to fix?08:59
soreauswiftarrow: Because of the changes in the kernel and user space driver components, I would say not08:59
chelz!upgrading | Gryllida08:59
ubottuGryllida: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading08:59
DexterLBI can't remove/install/do any dpkg operations with package mpd because of the following error: /etc/mpd.conf must have pid_file set; cannot stop daemon.08:59
DexterLBI want to purge mpd. what should I do?08:59
DexterLB(I have accidently removed mpd.conf )09:00
Ragelorarchman: i used the german ubuntu-wiki but i try your link!09:00
ManuLaui have a comp. with 4gb ram dual core 2 cpu and Nvidia 8600M GT comp... would it be best to install karmic 64 bit or 32 bit on this laptop?09:00
swiftarrowsoreau, ok, thanks for your help.  If you can think of anything more, there's a thread going on about this over here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1309667&page=209:00
soreauswiftarrow: The other thing you can try is upgrading to the latest intel driver user space components, to see if it helps. Maybe you can look into the xorg-edgers repo, though I don't know if it offers intel components09:00
bazhangManuLau, up to you; if karmic and you wish 32 bit then install linux-generic-pae to access all of the 4GB09:01
chelzDexterLB: try "sudo touch /etc/mpd.conf"09:01
swiftarrowsoreau, I was looking at that, but am a little apprehensive.  I'll give it a shot though...09:01
chelzDexterLB: also "sudo killall mpd"09:01
swiftarrowsoreau, any idea why X just restarts instead of freezing or something?  is it some new failsafe?09:01
chelzManuLau: depends on what you plan to be doing. most users run fine with 32bit.09:01
soreauswiftarrow: It probably wont do any more harm than good.. if you do try latest user space components, it might be a good idea to couple it with a latest kernel possibly from ppa repo09:02
ManuLaubazhang, kk i stick to 32 bit09:02
DexterLBchelz: don't work09:02
DexterLBbut I created a mpd.conf with mpd on another PC and copied it to that09:02
DexterLBand it worked09:02
DexterLBmpd purged09:02
FloodBot1DexterLB: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:02
chelzah alright09:02
swiftarrowsoreau, I've been looking at this, but it doesn't mention my chipset anywhere...  do you think it's good? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582&highlight=Intel+Corporation+Chipset09:02
chelzigie: is it another hdd?09:03
igiechelz: yes, two of them actually09:03
swiftarrowsoreau, also, since the functionality has dissapeared with the upgrade to 9.10, would it come back? wouldn't my hardware, once abandoned, be left forever?09:03
chelzigie: http://tombott.com/Automatically_Mount_Additional_HD_in_Ubuntu_8.10_and_Ubuntu_9.04 - read carefully09:03
igieChelz: and a bunch of other usb drives, when I go to "places" nothing, just the cd-rom09:04
ManuLauThen i have another issue i want to be able to use my UPEK touchdriver but all time i cant get it to work... i been messing with Thinkfinger cause most of the compal barebones use same components as Lenovo.09:04
igieChelz: ok, i'll give it a shot09:04
soreauswiftarrow: I cannot say. You could ask in #intel-gfx for more info. That guide looks decent, but it is designed for 9.0409:05
Ragelorarchboxman: thx, the deamon seems to be running ... may i restart my session to give amarok a new try ;-)09:05
archboxmangood luck09:05
swiftarrowsoreau, ok, thanks@09:05
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chelz[BT]Brendan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=139291509:07
long2015How to open .img file?09:07
stefaansallo all09:08
DVS01long2015: that depends on the format of the file. do you know what the format is?09:08
DVS01you can try finding out by using the file app09:08
DVS01file filename.img09:08
Ragelorarchboxman, it seems to work ...09:08
spekkodamn. im stuck again with my booting :((. when i select ubuntu nothing happens. i just get a black screen. when i select windows7 it says invalid signature. i booted to linux from super grub live cd now.09:09
chelzswiftarrow: this might also help: http://www.ivankristianto.com/2009/06/howto-fix-ubuntu-jaunty-904-intel-graphics-problem/09:09
chelzlong2015: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-and-unmount-isomdfnrg-images-using-acetoneiso-gui-tool.html09:09
stefaansanyone here know how to get ati card working on karmic in excellarated mode?09:10
chelzspekko: http://linuxers.org/howto/how-recover-grub2-ubuntu-910-karmic-koala09:10
chelz!ati | stefaans09:10
ubottustefaans: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:10
chelzfull combo!09:11
stefaansthanx dude09:11
long2015I want to use kdenlive,and I download a live-usb-20090704.x32.img (kdenlive.org), I do not know how to use it?09:11
swiftarrowchelz, thanks, looking at it.09:11
chelzlong2015: are you on ubuntu?09:12
swiftarrowone question: my graphics chipset is 82845G, is this i8xx?09:12
long2015on ubuntu 9.1009:13
chelzlong2015: http://kdenlive.org/user-manual/downloading-and-installing-kdenlive/pre-compiled-packages/ubuntu-packages09:13
chelzlong2015: follow directions 1-3 and after under "Ubuntu Karmic 9.10"09:13
[BT]Brendanchelz, nothing on that thread helped.09:14
shawnboysomeone up for easy ssh question?09:14
chelz!anyone | shawnboy09:15
ubottushawnboy: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:15
long2015chelz: thanks09:15
shawnboyCan someone help me understand if I'm doing something wrong trying to login via ssh using rsa key?09:16
chelz[BT]Brendan: http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/12/05/fixing-the-errant-microphone/09:16
[BT]Brendan*crosses fingers*09:16
chelzswiftarrow: i think newer kernel fix most of the intel issues09:17
Dr_Willisshawnboy:  btween 2 linux  boxs?09:17
GryllidaWas there any negative experience / file damage when you updated to a newer version of Ubuntu? Or is updating Ubuntu as simple as updating Mozilla Firefox?09:17
chelzshawnboy: as long as you put your pubkey in the authorized files, it should work09:17
shawnboyclient is karmic. server is freenas box downstairs.09:17
Dr_WillisGryllida:  there shouldent be any negative issues09:17
Dr_WillisGryllida:  in theory,09:17
swiftarrowchelz, ok, I'll trust that.  does 845G qualify as an i85xx chipset?09:17
bjornIs it possible to have the keyring unlocked by default?09:18
shawnboyI put id_rsa.pub in authorized_keys list on freenas box. I ssh from karmic and it still prompts for password.09:18
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long2015chelz: thank for your help,  where are you from ? I am newer,09:18
chelzshawnboy: http://sial.org/howto/openssh/publickey-auth/09:18
shawnboyI've had it working before when I used Putty on Windows XP as client logging into FreeNAS with key.09:19
chelz!hi | long201509:19
ubottulong2015: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:19
chelz!ot | long201509:19
ubottulong2015: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:19
chelzshawnboy: read that guide thing09:19
igiechelz: Thank you very much, it worked... however USB drive still aren't being detected upon plug in09:20
chelzbjorn: http://maketecheasier.com/auto-unlock-keyring-manager-in-ubuntu-intrepid/2009/03/1409:20
jeeezhi, i just did the automatic update thing. i think it screwed the my nvidia drivers and my system wont boot into GUI. using finch, so kinda SOS! any help?09:21
shawnboyI just gave it a quick glance. It looks a lot like info in other tutorials I've gone through. If I used a passphrase to protect my rsa key, does that mean I'll be prompted for THAT when I ssh into server?09:21
KerioIm trying to set a system which i intend to use as a server, 400w PSU, ati 3870 intel dual core and a p45 gigabyte chipset. Everything spins in the box but i dont get a picture. Totally black screen. I have tried the 3870 gfx in another box - and it is working. Is it that the 3870 cant start with 400w psu or is the motherboard broken? any ideas?09:21
spekkochelz, ty :) solved it. i had this problem "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1264151&highlight=grub+invalid+signature&page=2"09:21
archboxmanRagelor: did it fix your system09:21
geekyogi1chelz : usb had same error09:21
Ragelorarchboxman, i think its running - ... at least amarok plays through pulse to my onboard card09:22
Ragelorarchboxman, i am just looking, where my usb-device is :/09:22
chelzigie: ah. that could be due to all kinds of issues. have you tried restarting?09:22
jeeezanyone? :(09:22
chelzigie: or checking the usb drives?09:23
archboxmanRagelor: no one tells you that xubuntu is not as full featured of a desktop as gnome or kde are...09:23
igiechelz: yes i've tried restarting after i followed the instructions on the page you gave me I restarted09:23
Dr_WillisHmm lighter  normally means 'less features' to me09:23
geekyogi1chelz : windows install also failed09:23
chelzjeeez: try reinstalling the nvidia drivers09:23
archboxmanRagelor: no one tells you that xubuntu is not as full featured of a desktop as gnome or kde are...09:23
Ragelorarchboxman, just read the german wiki ... and there stands, that pulse works out of the box with all desktops (kde,xfce, gnome) since hardy ...09:24
jeeezchelz: i'm not able to access the drives that have the drivers. it says access denied, even when i tried sudo cd09:24
chelzgeekyogi1: have you ever gotten an OS to work on the thing?09:24
igiechelz: Its weird, It was working fine, i restarted and then nothing was working anymore... No clue why.... at least the hard drive show up now.. But when I plug in a USB.. nothing happens09:24
chelzjeeez: boot into recovery mode and try stuff09:24
jeeezchelz: oh yeah! never struck me. :| thanks!09:24
chelzigie: could try restarting again09:25
archboxmanRagelor: I've used it still needs some tweeks to work :) ubuntu hypes up to much stuff even with this release of ubuntu 9.10 to much hype09:25
igiechelz: i guess it can't hurt... brb09:25
geekyogi1chelz : lol. yeah..  it has been working well for 3 yrs since today.! :P I never touched the grub files..  so I think its not able to read the hard. disks..09:26
chelzshawnboy: you don't have to put in a passphrase09:26
KerioIm trying to set a system which i intend to use as a server, 400w PSU, ati 3870 intel dual core and a p45 gigabyte chipset. Everything spins in the box but i dont get a picture. Totally black screen. I have tried the 3870 gfx in another box - and it is working. Is it that the 3870 cant start with 400w psu or is the motherboard broken? any ideas?09:26
chelzgeekyogi1: booting to a livecd should have nothing to do with the status of hard disks09:26
Ragelorarchboxman, thx :) ... i will give my usb-card a try ... bye09:26
geekyogi1chelz : ah.. den der is something else wrong.. perhaps RAM..??09:27
chelzKerio: should talk to your motherboard people09:27
chelzgeekyogi1: well things boot but i have never seen that error before09:27
shawnboyhmmm. ok. I just tried something from that page: ssh -o PreferredAuthentications=publickey and got "Permission Denied (publickey,password)"09:27
geekyogi1chelz : Hmm..now its time for Dell support. :P09:27
chelzgeekyogi1: it always says "/caspeb/initrd.lz"? even with the usb?09:27
geekyogi1chelz : yeah09:28
shawnboyguess I have something not so simple wrong. Guess I'll have to keep poking around at it. maybe I need a chmod.09:28
chelzgeekyogi1: google has absolutely no results for that. have you tried verifying the md5sums of the disc images you have?09:28
archboxmanKerio: you sure the ram is setted correctly and har drive is put in the right connection there are lost of variables to consider when building your own system...That is why I double check all my steps...09:29
chelzgeekyogi1: you could also try pointing a torrent at the isos you have to check them and repair them if necessary09:29
faultygroundHey, is there by chance a termincal command o check cpu temp?09:29
geekyogi1chelz : I've tried more than 7 linux distros..09:29
chelzshawnboy: try to connect like you do with putty only have ssh with "-vvv" and pastebin it09:29
chelzgeekyogi1: verified the sums of all of them?09:29
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
archboxmanKerio: you sure the video card is setted correctly09:30
archboxmanKerio: this is why I double check every thing before through the power on....09:30
Kerioonly one harddrive connected, sata as well as power, have tried switching around the ram slots. But the bios should still start dont you think?09:30
geekyogi1 chelz: all ubuntu machine show the same error.. other distros don't show a thing.. dey just reboot..  yeah all are verified..09:30
chelzKerio: does it beep at all?09:30
Kerioeven if a ram would be faulty09:30
shawnboychelz: I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what u mean about -vvv and pastebin. Also, putty is on XP, I'm in karmic now (no Putty).09:30
Kerioi havent connected any speaker09:30
Kerio(dont have on)09:31
chelzshawnboy: do "ssh -vvv" and whatever else you do, and pastebin its output09:31
chelzKerio: mobos beep using the pcspeaker if stuff is wrong09:31
chelzie you don't need speakers09:31
archboxmanKerio: the cmos should have ran up and you should be able to press f1 , f2 or f10 to enter your bios???09:31
Kerioi got a theory that pherhaps because it is a big fat gfx (ati 3870) and only i 400w psu, but it should still be able to show a picture right?09:32
buckfastFor some reason I can't access the apcupsd CGI interface. page not found. What could be the problem09:33
Kerioi have veryfied that the gfx is working in another machine09:33
chelzgeekyogi1: what distros have you tried with unetbootin?09:33
roscobazhang: would asking questions as how to get lubuntu onto the laptop be on-topic?09:33
shawnboychelz: oh my gosh! ok. but before I do that... an easy question that I wondered may be cause of this.. if my username on karmic is diff than username I'm loggin into SSH server with, does that matter when it comes to using the key?09:33
igiechelz: restarted to no avail... still not recognizing usb drives, any more nifty links? ;)09:33
chelzshawnboy: yes. you need to do "ssh -l username"09:33
shawnboy(oh my gosh because the huge output. guess -vvv means super verbose)09:33
[BT]Brendanchelz,  sorry to keep bugging the instructions were basically the same as the other ones and don't seem to work at all for me.09:34
geekyogi1chelz:  ubuntu 9.1009:34
shawnboyyep, was always doing that. just wanted to make sure.09:34
swiftarrowHi, how do I create an xorg.conf file in ubuntu 9.10?09:34
archboxmanKerio: not even close the 3870 only requires a 400 watt psu09:35
chelzgeekyogi1: and you got the exact same message?09:36
chelzigie: do you get any dmesg output when you plug in a usb device?09:36
Kerio"450 Watt or greater power supply with 75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express® power connector"09:36
geekyogi1chelz: yup09:36
chelz[BT]Brendan: np. i haven't had that issue so my best guess would be to poke around the ubuntu sound troubleshooting article09:36
Keriobut it shouldn't fail getting bios on screen cause of 50w?09:36
Kerioor what do you think?09:37
chelzgeekyogi1: try this: http://boot.kernel.org and try ubuntu09:37
igiechelz: i'm not sure what a dmesg is, but nothing happens when i plug them in. (tried more than one, more than once)09:37
geekyogi1chelz: k.09:37
igiechelz: nothing shows up in places either09:37
archboxmanKerio: got that 450 watts is what they say if you use a lot of usbs or have a lot of pci cards... :)09:37
Kerioallright, så prolly broken motherboard then? :)09:38
chelzigie: in a terminal do "tail -f /var/log/syslog" then plug in a usb device and see if any new messages pop up. if they do, pastebin it09:38
shawnboychelz: output is at... http://pastebin.com/d4fac27f009:38
archboxmanKerio: unplug cd rom or dvd player and run up the system will cause less drain on computer power09:38
chelzKerio: try another gfx card09:38
iflemaswiftarrow look at the Xorg ma page ' man Xorg ' the -configure option is the one......09:38
Keriodont have any other :(09:39
swiftarrowiflema, good point.09:39
meowbuntuhi is a usb live install good to use for my main os09:39
archboxmanKerio: unplug the cd rom and dvd rom it will cause less of a drain on power and then test the system09:39
chelzshawnboy: then it quits?09:40
Keriobut im gonna try without cdrom and hdd09:40
swiftarrowrunning Xorg -configure gives fatal error: server is already running09:40
shawnboythen it prompts me for password09:40
chelzswiftarrow: from a console (ctrl-alt-F1) "sudo services gdm stop"09:40
archboxmanKerio: NO leave that hard drive alone09:40
shawnboychelz: this is output from doing $ssh -l shawnboy 192...09:40
iflemaswiftarrow ctrl+alt+F2 or stop gdm09:41
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »09:41
chelzshawnboy: did you add your generated pubkey to authorized_keys ?09:41
igiechelz: here's what comes up --> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/370114/09:41
swiftarrowiflema, hmm..09:41
shawnboyyep. scp'd it to freenas, then did cat id_rsa.pub >> /path/to/authorized_keys09:41
iflemaswiftarrow do some googling09:42
swiftarrowiflema, that hotkey caused me to lose the screen :(09:42
shawnboychelz: then I did cat authorized_keys and it was there.09:42
Kerioarchboxman: why? worst case scenario? :)09:42
iflemaswiftarrow hold ALT and press the left arrow a few times09:42
shawnboychelz: ya think rsa is confusing it? I think dsa is default in freenas.09:42
chelzshawnboy: sure, gen a dsa09:43
archboxmanKerio: don't play with it I never remove a hard drive and rebuilt over 1000 systems no need... were not after this much power....09:43
chelzigie: so what happened before this started happening?09:43
swiftarrowiflema, I finally got tty5...  what does the alt+left arrow do?09:44
chelzshawnboy: did you take the .pub out of your ~/.ssh also?09:44
shawnboychelz: but, i remember when i used to do it from Putty on XP it did work with RSA. Hmmm. I may reboot into XP and try just to test that THAT still works, then come back here.09:44
shawnboychelz: uh... no i don't think i removed the .pub09:44
igiechelz: I was playing around adding users and changing preferences of users and trying out chown commands, but not sure what I did wrong... I tried to undo everything i did, but nothing gets it back to how it was.09:44
iflemaif you pressed alt+ctrl+F2..... then holding alt + left arrow 3 times will get screen back09:45
chelzshawnboy: move it somwhere besides ~/.ssh and try again09:45
chelzswiftarrow: press ctrl+alt+f709:45
shawnboychelz: k09:45
TyiuoHello guys, ubuntu noob here, can someone how to do a *safe* upgrade to php 5.3.1 using apt, if Im currently running PHP Version 5.2.4-2ubuntu5.10 ?09:46
chelzigie: did you change any prefs of /media or anything inside it?09:46
Tyiuoon ubuntu hardy(09:46
chelzigie: also what's the output of "groups youruser"09:46
igiechelz: yes, i changed tons in /media09:46
archboxmanKerio: what the outcome????09:46
shawnboychelz: U DUH GURU. that worked. possible to tell me short answer as to why that fixed it? and THANKS. I never would've figured that out in a million.09:47
swiftarrowchelz, cntr+alt+f7 doesn't work properly.  It's ok, i'm goign to hard power cycle.  It finally generated the xorg after stopping gdm09:47
chelzTyiuo: are you sure you need php 5.3.x?09:47
swiftarrownow running startx give blank screen.09:47
chelzswiftarrow: f7 is your desktop, if gdm is running09:47
igiechelz: how do i determine "what's the output of "groups youruser"" ? sorry i'm still very green and learning along the way09:47
shawnboychelz: poop. got me one step closer.09:47
swiftarrowchelz, yes, thanks09:47
Tyiuochelz, yes unfortunately this bug http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=46578 is ruining me and is only fixed in 5.3.x09:47
swiftarrowiflema, thanks09:48
chelzshawnboy: oh i just remember that from some guides. strange that the guide i linked didn't mention that, it should have09:48
chelzshawnboy: eh09:48
shawnboychelz: prompts me for PASSPHRASE now, which makes sense (not password) but then for some reason doesn't work. i'll look at it more closely to see if I can get a clue.09:48
chelzTyiuo: one way to install later packages is to do apt-pinning, only it does get pretty risky.09:48
iflemaswiftarrow is that sarcasm? xorg.conf.new should be in ya home directory....09:49
chelzshawnboy: passphrase sounds like the key you made has a passphrase09:49
Tyiuochelz thanks, as I said Im a noob at all of this, but its not common for people to upgrade to latest versions of php? What is the normal recourse?09:49
swiftarrowiflema, no, not sarcasm.  Yes, it finally generated, and it's in my home dir.  thanks, sincerely09:49
Tyiuo(ie if its risky, its probably something I shouldnt do)09:49
esicamHow to join two partitions?09:50
chelzTyiuo: people normally just take the version their OS is offering. then wait for a later version in a later release of the distro. but sometimes people do need later versions of packages and apt-pinning is one way to get them. here: http://jaqque.sbih.org/kplug/apt-pinning.html09:50
igiechelz: I changed my "user privileges to include "FUSE" and VirtualBox. But I undid all of those changes after i messed things up.09:50
BeeStoneHave you guys tested Radeon HD3xxx -series GPUs with that non-opensource (i'm not sure what it is in english..) GPU driver in Ubuntu 9.10?09:51
shawnboychelz: I searched that page for all ".pub" references and it doesn't mention removing the id_rsa.pub from the orig dir. that would be helpful in docs. thanks again. I'll see if I can't figure out what's holding me up now.09:51
chelzesicam: no way. you can grow/shrink them and copy the contents of one into another then delete the smaller one09:51
Dr_Willisesicam:  one way.. shrink one.. enlarge other.. copy stuff over... repeate as needed.09:51
Dr_Willisesicam:  i dident say it was a good way. :)09:51
Dantonicanyone know anything about aotuv whether or not it's better than regular vorbis codecs? and how to install it on ubuntu 9.10?  Thank you09:51
redVLC subtitles delay is not working properly (at all). I can see the new delay when changing it on the fly with default keybindings f and g, but it has no actual impact on the subtitle sync - anyone know what might be the problem? (works in windows environment fine)09:51
Tyiuochelz oh I see that makes sense, so ubuntu hardy is not offering php 5.3 yet, do things normally take a long time? Thanks for the pinning link Ill look into it :)09:52
geekyogi1chelz : ubuntu 9.04 usb install says : uncompression errortrd.lz ................ system halted..  tryin tat kernel thing now...09:52
archboxmanKerio: what the outcome????09:52
BeeStoneShould I use that non-open-source GPU driver with my HD365?09:52
jack5463What does this mean? "Adding client to server's list failed, CORBA error: IDL:omg.org/CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.009:52
freeride1guys, please advice how to add win7 to grub2?09:53
daemonvscan i use itunes in ubuntu?09:54
shawnboyfreeride1: it's not added automatically?09:54
Dr_Willissudo update-grub should see/add win709:54
chelzigie: what's the output of "groups youruser"09:55
freeride1first ubuntu was installed, then i installed win7 but grub2 still launches and i cannot boot win709:55
chelzigie: make sure it has "plugdev" in it09:55
freeride1Dr_Willis thanks09:55
BeeStoneplease guyyyys help!09:55
chelz!ati | BeeStone09:55
ubottuBeeStone: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:55
igiechelz: iguana : iguana adm cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare09:55
BeeStonethanks :)09:56
freeride1Dr_Willis work great thanks!09:56
zvacetfreeride1:  I you can boot in ubuntu09:56
daemonvscan i use itunes in ubuntu?09:56
BeeStonedaemonvs with wine i think yes09:56
BeeStonebut rythmbox should do the trick09:56
shawnboychelz: Oops, actually that page does list "rm id_rsa.pub" after uploading it to server,but it doesn't explain why and I figre I may need to use it on another server, so I kept it where it was.09:56
chelzigie: you can try looking through your ~/.bash_history to see if you didn't anything that you didn't revert09:56
ubottuitunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee09:56
Dr_Willisi dont think itunes works with wine09:56
chelzigie: make sure the prefs on /media are sane also09:56
BeeStoneaa, k09:56
Dantonicdaemonvs, check out songbird09:57
daemonvsahh ok09:57
chelzshawnboy: ah. well did making a new key work?09:57
geekyogi1chelz :  tat kernel thing says..  "Loading boot sector.. booting.. could not locate active partition09:57
chelzgeekyogi1: what did you use?09:57
shawnboychelz: well, I entered passPHRASE and then output from -vvv shows it is only looking for dsa.. so it fails.09:58
=== rainofkayos is now known as SolarisBoy
chelzshawnboy: did you generate a dsa?09:58
shawnboychelz: not sure how to make it accept rsa. maybe I have to add a line to the sshd_config on freenas box09:58
chelzshawnboy: or just use dsa09:58
shawnboyno. i only gen'd rsa09:58
chelzyour call09:58
geekyogi1chelz : unetbootin.. created the bootable usb of the kernel thing tat you gave me..09:58
geekyogi1chelz : http://boot.kernel.org09:59
BeeStonewhat packet should i install to get the best flash support for firefox09:59
Keriostill no success, gotta get another MB :/09:59
shawnboychelz: true. seems like i remember reading somewhere that sometimes an option must go into sshd_config to allow rsa keys. i may look around for that since I already have rsa keys.09:59
Dr_Willis!flash | BeeStone09:59
ubottuBeeStone: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash09:59
igiechelz: how do I "prefs on /media are sane" ??09:59
chelzgeekyogi1: i think there might be something wrong with your hardware. at least one of these should work10:00
chelzigie: pastebin "ls -la /media/"10:00
geekyogi1chelz : hmm.. k..10:00
chelzgeekyogi1: if you have a local Linux Users Group you could try bringing it to one of their meetings10:00
jack5463What is this telling me on start up? Adding client to server's list failed, CORBA error: IDL:omg.org/CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.010:01
bloodskimy resolution is fishy, i want 1920x1080, but i get 1280x720 or something, i have to move the mouse to see the full desktop, what can i do?10:01
igiechelz: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/370125/10:01
geekyogi1chelz : yeah.. I'd surely do tat..! :) Thanks a lot for your help... we tried our best..10:02
chelzgeekyogi1: yeah i'm sorry. just if nothing boots, and really nothing, then there's gotta be a hardware issue. it's definitely not your cdrom drive or anything10:03
shawnboychelz: man says RSAAuthentication is option for sshd_config but says default is "yes." :(  Well, maybe I'll try adding it explicitly anyway to try it.10:03
chelzigie: hmm i'm not sure. if going through ~/.bash_history doesn't work then you might have to backup+reinstall. although i admit i'm not good at these kinds of issues10:04
chelzshawnboy: do you use dsa with putty?10:04
igiechelz: I think i screwed up when I did "sudo chown root /media"10:04
geekyogi1chelz : k.  will go n kick the dell guys.! :P10:05
=== [BT]Brendan is now known as [BNC]Brendan
shawnboychelz: no. rsa with putty. I'm going to boot into Xp and see if rsa works from Putty just for sake of curiosity. If I don't see you again (it's late),thanks a lot for your help. I'm grateful.10:05
chelzigie: actually all the stuff in my /media is owned by root, so that's normal10:05
igiechelz: all I was trying to do was get a folder shared, but I kept getting this error: "'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. The connection was refused. Maybe smbd is not running."10:05
cWe_cRiah bTe eUnkz10:06
cWe_cRiaiNk bTUh k bGOh10:06
chelzigie: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101450910:07
igiechelz: thank you thank you for helping me get the HD mounted again.. Much obliged :)10:07
chelzigie: ah yeah, sorry i don't know how to troubleshoot usb issues really10:07
igiechelz: thanks for the link, i've been through that thread and 100 others like it to no avail :(10:08
igiechelz: thanks for trying :)10:08
=== [BNC]Brendan is now known as [BT]Brendan
OwnerI have created an exception in PAM, so a single user can log-in without entering a pwd. If the user now logs out, or the session dies (and gets restarted), the "login screen" (DisplayManager) shows. All the user then needs to do, is click his name (the only one in the list) and his session authenticates correctly. Can I skip the "login screen" completely, instead?10:09
ezrafreecan anyone tell me (or point me to an article online that tells me) how to get rid of the older kernels i'm given the option to boot into in grub?10:09
[BT]BrendanI just tried installing OSS and completely destroyed my audio. How can I get the original audio drivers back to how they were?10:10
chelzezrafree: sudo apt-get install computer-janitor10:10
ezrafreechelz: thank you kindly10:10
roscoin UNetbootin, "lubuntu" would be considered which distro?  ubuntu, xubuntu,10:10
chelzrosco: ubuntu with lxde10:10
roscochelz: not an option10:11
obiwan_lol guys, can  u believe it? i washed my robes with my earbuds in, ahahhah and out of the washing machine they work, and yet they look brand new now hahaha10:11
chelz!ot | obiwan_10:11
ubottuobiwan_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:11
obiwan_oops sry10:11
ezrafreeoh, it looks like i already have computer-janitor... now to find it :)10:11
chelzrosco: lubuntu is lxde10:11
obiwan_i ghouthg tthis was ubuntu-offtopic10:11
obiwan_wrong channel sry excuse me :(10:11
chelzigie: i'd bet money there's a way to get that working10:11
roscoi understand, i think.  two choices.  ubuntu or xubuntu.  this is to make live iso onUSB10:12
ezrafreeanyone know where the icon for computer-janitor is?10:12
chelzigie: about your usb issues i'd try a livecd on the box and a possible reinstall. about samba, it just takes the right kind of tweaking10:12
miriamola hay ente del juan xxiii del zaidin10:12
archboxmannext week 8600 gts clock speed 710 great :::::::)))))10:12
chelzezrafree: http://images.tothetech.com/2009/07/ubuntu-menu-computer-janitor.jpg10:13
igiechelz: I'm sure there is... but its 5am here and i'm going to give up for tonight, will try again tomorrow... Thanks for your help :)10:13
igiechelz: can I re-install without loosing all my personalization formatting ?10:13
ezrafreechelz: thanks again10:13
chelzigie: if you backup your ~/ dir including all dotfiles10:14
* archboxman bed time have fun :)10:14
rosco2nd question in making this live iso for usb flash.  i've an older version of ubutnu, i think, that i'd like erased in the process10:14
chelzrosco: older on the usb or on your harddrive?10:15
ezrafreei don't see anything in computer-janitor that appears to be my old kernel versions i'm seeing offered to me at boot time... any ideas?10:15
roscoon usb.  chelz .  i'd like to write over it10:15
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.10:15
roscowrite over the old one, chelz10:15
alabdHello , hw to make linux-debian base/ubuntu not to ask password after waking up ?10:15
chelzezrafree: if it doesn't pick them up then removing older linux-image s in synaptic will do it10:16
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP310:16
igiechelz: thanks :) i'll try it tomorrow, thanks again.10:16
chelzalabd: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29894410:16
roscoah, it is xubuntu 8.  i'll leave it there and use it.  thanks anyway, chelz10:16
chelzigie: cya. have a test system to play around on is a good idea10:17
chelzrosco: i think unetbootin will write over it10:17
[BT]BrendanNothing happens when the volume control is double clicked...10:17
chelz[BT]Brendan: righ click -> open volume control10:17
roscoi've iso for xubuntu 9.1 and for lubuntu 9.1.  hrmm10:17
ezrafreeshould i mark the old kernel versions for removal or for "complete removal"10:18
[BT]BrendanThre is only right click > sound preferences10:18
[BT]Brendanand in  it there is no file menu10:18
chelzezrafree: your choice. complete frees up more hdd space. it's also generally a good idea to leave one or two besides the latest for recovery purposes. also only make sure to remove ones you're sure are old10:18
chelz!hi | gatinho10:18
ubottugatinho: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:18
pingfloydyou generally should always leave the second most recent10:19
gatinhoho may god10:19
pingfloydin case you run into a problem and need to revert10:19
chelz[BT]Brendan: restoring sound stuff can be done through the sound troubleshooting document10:19
gatinhomim brazil10:19
ezrafreechelz: makes sense, thanks for all your help10:19
bazhang!br | gatinho10:19
ubottugatinho: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.10:19
jack5463from where do i delete ~/.gconfd/saved_state10:20
chelzjack5463: you can do it from a terminal10:20
mawstOk so I guess what I'm looking for is that little "Desktop Effects" menu item fedora had to enable screen wobble etc.10:21
bloodskimy resolution is fishy, i want 1920x1080, but i get 1280x720 or something, i have to move the mouse to see the full desktop, what can i do?10:22
bloodski(running ubuntu 9.04 on nvidia ion platform)10:22
chelz!compiz | mawst10:22
ubottumawst: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz10:22
q0_0pis it possible to downgrade bios firmware with flashrom?10:22
bazhangmawst, you mean ubuntu certainly10:22
q0_0por is that not possible10:22
bazhangmawst, in ubuntu it is compizconfig-settings-manager10:22
alabdthanks che10:23
chelz!x | bloodski10:23
ubottubloodski: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution10:23
alabdchelz: thanks10:23
albechq0_0p, it should be possible10:23
jack5463chelz, what command do i write to delete ~/.gconfd/saved_state10:23
chelzjack5463: "rm  ~/.gconfd/saved_state" (without the quotes)10:23
meowbuntuwill this skype version work on ubuntu 9.10 http://www.skype.com/intl/en/download/skype/linux/choose/10:23
q0_0palbech, thx10:24
albechmeowbuntu, yes10:24
chelzmeowbuntu: according to the skype people it will. if you trust them. :P10:24
chelz!hi | blockcold10:24
ubottublockcold: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:24
albechmeowbuntu, you can also get it from the reps10:24
hyperstreammeowbuntu, im using the one via the link10:24
meowbuntualbech,  which is best10:25
albechmeowbuntu, try 'sudo apt-cache search skype'10:25
meowbuntuhyperstream, what link the repo or the linux skype10:25
hyperstreammeowbuntu, the one from the url is a .deb package, everything works10:25
hyperstreammeowbuntu, thee link10:26
albechmeowbuntu, its an advantage to use the reps cause future updates will be pushed to you through the update manager10:26
Tek-5-8-6Are there any easy to follow tutorials about how to set up a RAID with ubuntu 9.10 ?10:26
chelz!raid | Tek-5-8-610:26
ubottuTek-5-8-6: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto10:26
mawstNot logging in as root is strange...10:26
Tek-5-8-6sweet , Much appreciated10:26
meowbuntualthere are 2 skype applications but none are actyally skype that i can tell10:27
albechmawst, you just have to get used to it.. i felt the same for quite a while ;)10:27
meowbuntupython-skype - Skype API wrapper for Python     skysentials - extra functionalities for Linux Skype client10:28
meowbuntubut not skype10:28
mawstIs there anything like rss (really slick screeensavers) package for ubuntu?10:28
chelzmeowbuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype10:28
albechmeowbuntu, if you add mediabuntu to your rep they will be there10:28
chelzmeowbuntu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeEthics10:28
meowbuntualbech, mediabuntu how10:29
albechmeowbuntu, http://blog.dipinkrishna.info/2009/10/how-to-install-skype-on-ubuntu-910.html10:29
chelzmawst: there's electric sheep10:29
meowbuntublockcold, please dont start that10:29
bazhangblockcold, did you have an ubuntu support question10:29
blockcoldlol u are so sweet kitty10:30
boss_mc!ot | blockcold10:30
ubottublockcold: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:30
bazhangblockcold, please stay on topic10:30
chelzmawst: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=screensaver&searchon=all&suite=karmic&section=all10:30
blockcoldi need a good ascii art program for ubuntu!10:31
chelz!medibuntu | meowbuntu10:31
ubottumeowbuntu: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:31
freeridei installed win7 but grub2 after upddate-grub doesn't launch it. what to do?10:31
chelzblockcold: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56497410:31
meowbuntufree_loader, this is not #windows10:32
charles__hey folks, how do i go about starting a program from the terminal and have it return me directly to a prompt? maybe with the ability to close that terminal with the program still running?10:32
bazhangmeowbuntu, he is dual booting10:32
meowbuntu!ot | freeride10:32
ubottufreeride: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:32
chelzfreeride: this might be your problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1264151&highlight=grub+invalid+signature&page=210:33
rwwcharles__: put an & after the program name. e.g.: "firefox &"10:33
hyperstreammeowbuntu, its grub2 related.10:33
Dr_Willischarles__:  see bash job controll docs..   -->   command  & ,   to launch to background   then use exit command to close the terminal ifyou want10:33
freeridefree_loader i use ubuntu and this is a question according grub2 in ubuntu, so what should i do?10:33
meowbuntuoops sorry freeride ask your qwuestion10:33
mihanany idea how to use xvidtune or something to change size/position of desktop, it says "Unable to query monitor info " .. also http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/3694/10:33
chelzcharles__: if you close the terminal &, it will close the program. to keep it running you need to use something like gnu screen or dtach. you might try pressing alt+f2 and running stuff that way10:33
mihasome user on local ubuntu forum asks how to have same position in windows and ubuntu10:33
chelz!x | miha10:34
ubottumiha: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution10:34
freeridemeowbuntu i installed win7 but grub2 doesn't launch it, i know how to fix it in grub but grub2 installed10:34
charles__i see10:34
mawstso what is it then apt-get search <blah>?10:34
meowbuntufreeride, windoes needs to be firs before ubuntu10:34
chelzmawst: add the repos then you can use synaptic10:34
meowbuntufirs = first10:34
chelzfreeride: you could try pastebinning your grub.conf and "fdisk -l" output10:35
charles__thanks for the help so far, guys10:35
hyperstream!grub2 | free_loader10:35
ubottufree_loader: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub210:35
StrongOrderHey there! Anyone can recommend a pdf viewer, which can display and make annotations? Evince just doesn't cut it... :(10:35
hyperstreamfree_loader, that may help.10:35
freeridechelz a minute10:35
meowbuntufreeride, keepasking here but also google "how to install ubuntu 9.10 and windows 7"10:36
chelzcharles__: Dr_Willis is correct about "exit". closing the terminal will kill any background programs though10:36
meowbuntu^ or similar10:36
Dantonichow do I stop sound juicer from starting when I insert a CD? Ubuntu 9.1010:36
abhijithow to download windows games?10:36
soreauabhijit: That has nothing to do with ubuntu10:37
mawstSeems I already have synaptic installed.10:37
hyperstreamabhijit, go to the game website and download it. its off topic10:37
abhijitsoreau & hyperstream because whn i clik on download they say this game is not available for this os10:37
charles__that's fine, mainly i just don't like having a dozen terminals open while i'm doing stuff sith root privledges, so at least beign able to run several things from one terminal window will help10:37
abhijitbut i am using ubuntu10:37
hyperstream!wine | abhijit10:37
ubottuabhijit: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu10:37
mihachelz wiki link looked promising, but there's no example for xrandr --pos  (which seems to be what that user needs.. move desktop around)10:37
abhijitand i want to run those games on wine10:37
hyperstreamabhijit, read the post above ^^10:37
kyon-MTfrHello, alsaconf can't find my SB Audigy SE card that lspci can. Could someone help me please?10:38
mihachelz although factoid here claims there's answer to that10:38
freeridechelz grub.cfg http://pastebin.com/m5e87882010:39
meowbuntuis it a good idea to install " deb http://packages.medibuntu.org/ karmic free non-free" to ubuntu10:39
hyperstreammeowbuntu, .... it was recommended to you wasnt it ?10:40
freeridechelz i think there's a problem with hd0 and hd1 but i don't know how to change it10:40
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:40
meowbuntufreeride, did you try my google suyuggestion too10:40
hyperstreammeowbuntu, read above^10:40
freeridemeowbuntu not yet10:40
meowbuntuok when ready you can10:40
chelzmiha: http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2003/06/msg02104.html10:40
freeridemeowbuntu i nedd to configure grub2 but i don't know how10:40
chelzmiha: http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2003/06/msg01393.html10:40
BlueEaglestrongorder: Did you try `pdfedit`?10:41
StrongOrderBlueEagle, nope10:41
chelzfreeride: also "fdisk -l" and "/etc/default/grub"10:41
StrongOrderBlueEagle, worth it?10:41
Dantonichow do I stop an application from launching when I insert a music CD?  I originally selected the option to "always perform this action"  when inserting a CD, but I'd like to undo that.  Ubuntu 9.1010:41
freeridefdisk -l gives nothing10:41
chelzfreeride: sudo fdisk -l10:42
BlueEaglestrongorder: I have no idea, but I do see that it does have a tool for selecting annotations atleast.10:42
hyperstreamDaniel_G, system->pref->prefered applications10:42
chelzDantonic: system -> preferences -> removable drives and media10:42
StrongOrderBlueEagle, you see, even xpdf can display annotations, not Evince :(10:42
chelzor that10:42
hyperstreamDantonic, , system->pref->prefered applications10:43
Dantonicchelz, I dont have "removable drives and media"10:43
Dantonicoh ok10:43
hyperstreamsorry Daniel_G, wrong nick :)10:43
=== sisu_math is now known as moomlyn
freeridechelz http://pastebin.com/m7dc1e14d10:44
Dantonichyperstream, I don't see an option for what I'm looking for10:44
Dantonichyperstream, to stop sound juicer from opening when I insert a CD10:44
iceroothow to set a proxy for wifi-connection using nm-applet? just seeing the possibility of adding a gateway10:44
hyperstreamPreferred Applications10:44
mihachelz http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/app/grandr/ this would almost be, but doesnt have gui for moving desktop around :D10:45
Dantonichyperstream, ya I'm in there10:45
mihachelz there's email of author i should ask nicely? :D10:45
hyperstreamDantonic, its not the multimedia setting ?10:45
Dantonichyperstream, no it has Rythmbox set for that10:45
hyperstreamone sec10:45
chelzfreeride: do you have windows 7 on sda (hd0) or sdb (hd1)?10:46
freeridechelz sda in fact but there's always a problem with it10:46
mihachelz google says xvditune and xrandr don't mix :D10:47
mihaso grandr would be welcome, right? :D10:47
hyperstreamDantonic, just googling around on the topic, I had a similar situation here; try right-clicking on a text file in Nautilus and choose "Properties" and changing the default preferred program there. That's what finally worked in my case. (different application, perhaps same process?)10:47
Dantonichyperstream, ok let me try thanks10:48
chelzfreeride: do these: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Dual-booting10:48
charles__should i use "gksudo gedit" or will just "sudo gedit" suffice?10:48
eviltoasterhi, i added an nfs share to my fstab but it does not mount at bootup.. if i do mount -a everything works :S10:49
rwwubottu: gksudo | charles__10:49
ubottucharles__: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)10:49
chelzmiha: worth a shot10:49
fornixcharles__, both work. thats what i observed10:49
rwwcharles__: in other words, use gksudo :)10:49
fornixgksudo just gives u a graphical password menu. sudo will giv u a prompt command. i think thats the only difference. i may be wrong10:49
rwwfornix: there's a link in the ubottu factoid above with more information.10:50
charles__fair enough, it's a habit i had been in, i was just wondering if i was indulging in overkill or not :D10:50
chelzfornix: there's a bit more to it than that10:50
chelzcharles__: better safe than sorry10:50
chelz!hi | Isy10:50
ubottuIsy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:50
fornixrww, yes.. looking at it. i myself never used gksudo :P10:50
Dantonichyperstream, I tried, but there's no setting in there for sound juicer.  I hit the reset button nevertheless for the open with setting... it still opens with sound juicer...10:51
chelzeviltoaster: http://tombott.com/Automatically_Mount_Additional_HD_in_Ubuntu_8.10_and_Ubuntu_9.04 - read carefully10:51
hyperstreamDantonic, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1218026.html10:51
rwwDantonic: Open a file browser (nautilus), then do edit -> preferences -> media, see if it's on there.10:52
hyperstreamDantonic, teaches you how to set it as a preferred default app,10:52
eviltoasterchelz, thanks10:52
hyperstreamDantonic, err hold on10:52
hyperstreamDantonic, second post.10:53
Dantonicok thanks  a lot hyperstream yes there's the setting I see it!!10:53
zetheroowhy is it that even when i share a folder on the network I cannot see it on other computers?10:53
alabdhello , is there any driver for this dail up modem > Creative Modem Blaster V.90 PCI DI565510:53
hyperstreamDantonic, nps, thank google :D10:53
boss_mczetheroo: are all the computers in the same workgroup?10:53
zetheroousing Ubuntu for over 4 years and still cannot get this sharing thing working properly10:53
zetheroo boss_mc: how would I check that?10:53
Dantonichyperstream, just out of curiosity, what did you type in google to find that? cause I searched as well10:54
Dantonicrww, also thanks10:54
Dr_Williszetheroo:  try entering the ip of the server instead of the host/machine name.. also try entering the full path to the share.10:54
chelz!smb | zetheroo10:54
ubottuzetheroo: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsS