emmahey there00:33
emmaAny of you guys make your own music like electronica using open source apps?01:02
BolachaJohni'm about trying to, emma ;)01:04
emmaId like to do that also.01:05
BolachaJohncool! and what keeps you from doing it? ;)01:06
emmado you think there are any open source apps that could let a person (who had the creativity) to make the kind of music I hear here --- http://somafm.com/play/tags01:07
emmaThis is awesome music if you want to listen to it^01:09
BolachaJohnwell actually i'm quite sure you can! if you're into synth programming and/or know where to get good samples there's pretty much anything you can do01:11
BolachaJohndo you have any experience in this field?01:12
tucemiuxemma, im just learning01:19
tucemiuxemma, if you have creativity and say you know how to program the utilities you have everything you need in ubuntu studio01:20
tucemiuxemma, can you sing? :-)01:21
GeertJohanHey :)13:12
GeertJohanDoes anyone in here have experience with adding ubuntustudio to a existing Kubuntu installation?13:12
GeertJohanactually, the ubuntustudio-audio metapackage..13:13
GeertJohanI mean, can I just add a repository and add that metapackage?13:13
GeertJohanor will that give all kinds of conflicts between the different repositories?13:13
doddoHello!! I just installed ubuntustudio and no i cannot install vim bcz it does not have installation candidate how do I fix that?15:12
ravendo you know any tool that writes midi-data from microphone input?17:06
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ravenor "converts" monophonic recordings?17:14

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