Keybukthe patch is wrong00:01
sadmacmaybe. The important thing is that I submitted it though.00:02
KeybukI name thee Casey "Android" Dahlin00:11
Keybukstrictly speaking, you could do this in Fedora's config.site00:13
Keybuksomething like00:13
Keybuktest $pkgconfigdir = '${prefix}/lib' && pkgconfigdir='${prefix}/lib64'00:13
avbhey all16:53
avbguys, any ways do debug startup process?16:53
avbcouple days ago i upgraded my karmic desktop to lucid, now boot process stucking somewhere16:54
avband i have no idea what is the error is16:54
avbscreen is just blank16:54
avband there is a blanking cursor on it16:54
avbno ttys is activated16:54
avbno gdm16:54
sadmacmy screwy recursion scheme works!18:26

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