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Balsaqgood morning resident coders of xubuntu.05:31
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bazhangBalsaq, hi05:48
Balsaqyellow bazhang!06:17
Balsaqyour name is not highlighted yet you can speak?06:18
bazhangyou mean marked away?06:20
Balsaqyes, and it is light color as though you are not present06:23
bazhangwell it keeps people guessing whether I am here or not :)06:24
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bazhangBalsaq, if you get back on the linux ubuntu box you might try chanserv.py with xchat07:23
bazhangBalsaq, ie for your own channel07:24
Balsaqhmmm why is that07:24
Balsaqactually xubuntu had one built right in07:24
Balsaqnice one07:25
bazhangah okay07:25
bazhangchanserv.py is written by Seveas, one of the Ubuntu IRC early mavens07:25
Balsaqmaybe it is the one you mentioned..i installed it thru the terminal i think07:25
bazhanglets you use lots of simple commands to set topic, and other things you need to do with far fewer commands/typing etc07:26
Balsaqi will read about that one...sounds different actually07:26
bazhangfirst hit on google07:26
Balsaqgot it up on my laptop next to me07:28
bazhangjust copy that to ~/.xchat2 folder07:29
Sysi-morning Balsaq07:32
BalsaqSysi- !!!  Supreme Master Xubuntu Techician Dude!07:33
Sysi-or not :p07:34
Sysi-or maybe i just know too 1337 debian hackers07:35
Balsaqmy problem is....my xubuntu 904 computer never breaks! so i never learn how to fix xubuntu!07:37
Sysi-following irc and forums is pretty good way07:38
Balsaqi wish i could write code07:41
Balsaqwould love to write code for xubuntu07:41
Balsaqnow it seems like they are trying to best xubuntu with lubuntu or stuff like that07:43
syn-ackGood morning people... Could someone please tell me exactly how much XFCE4 in Xubuntu differs from the mainline distribution? The Documentation at xfce's site doesn't seem to match up with what's in this at all08:57
syn-ackNevermind. I see what it is. this is version 4.6... I'll shut up and eat crow. :/09:00
balvonassyn-ack: not much differs09:08
syn-ackyeah, I figured out why the XFCE docs wern't working. ;)09:15
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valentinexall here are xubuntu users?13:20
valentinexi have installed a new PCI sound card, how to activate in my xubuntu?13:21
valentinexbuzz | all13:21
knome!patience | valentinex13:25
ubottuvalentinex: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.13:25
valentinexhow to check these13:33
valentinexDoes the device /dev/dsp exist?13:33
valentinexAre you a member of the group "audio"? (check /etc/group)13:33
valentinexCan you send something directly to the sound device, like13:33
valentinex$ cat /var/log/kern.log > /dev/dsp813:33
knome1. does 'ls /dev/dsp' give you any output in terminal?13:34
knome2. is your username in 'cat /etc/group | grep audio' output in terminal?13:35
knome3. does the command issued give error messages?13:35
valentinexoh its working fine now, actually the PCI card is of so low quality giving low sound ... card problem :(13:37
valentinexhow to choose my PCI card as default system sound device in xubuntu?13:38
Psilocybin_ElfMaybe go into your sound settings I think?13:56
LetsGo67My LAN-hosted HTTP server is slow! How do I speed it up, please?14:13
TheSheepLetsGo67: be more specific14:16
LetsGo67TheSheep: tu parles fran├žais?14:16
knome!fr | LetsGo6714:16
LetsGo6730 seconds within the LAN, 5 seconds via proxy; to load a HTML document with lots of graphics.14:16
LetsGo67Ne fonctionne pas.14:16
TheSheepLetsGo67: static content?14:16
LetsGo67TheSheep define "static content".  It's not DHTML.14:17
TheSheepLetsGo67: is it generated on the server side, or just kept in files?14:17
LetsGo67Kept in files.14:23
TheSheepLetsGo67: I'd use top to see what's making the server so busy14:27
TheSheepLetsGo67: it should serve static files really fast14:27
LetsGo67TheSheep: "top" on the server itself, or on remote PC?14:28
TheSheepLetsGo67: on the server14:31
LetsGo67TheSheep top doesn't work on my server.14:44
TheSheephow so?14:45
LetsGo67Command not found.  Anyway.  I can ping from the client to the sever.14:46
LetsGo67But I cannot ping from the server to the client.14:46
TheSheepjust install it14:47
LetsGo67I don't know how.14:47
TheSheepI thought that top is installed by default on xubuntu14:47
TheSheepsudo apt-get install top14:47
LetsGo67This is an old computer.  It can't handle much.  It's not Xubuntu but I asked here just in case.14:47
TheSheepwhat is it then?14:48
LetsGo67A lightweight distro of some sort.14:48
knomeasking a wrong channel "just in case" isn't particularly wise.14:48
knomedoesn't help you much and we can't really help you14:48
LetsGo67It's all I can do.14:48
LetsGo67Is 104ms any good?14:49
* TheSheep gets bored and goes away14:49
LetsGo67It's all I can get.14:49
* knome too14:49
knomei'm sorry, but this is not the right place.14:50
knomeask ##linux14:50
knomeor sth14:50
LetsGo67Doesn't anyone own a server?14:50
knomethat's a completely different thing.14:50
LetsGo67Why is it slow on the LAN but fast on the web?14:51
LetsGo67Could it be Wi-Fi?14:55
LetsGo67Thanks a lot.15:25
Balsaqgood morning xubuntu developers, coders, engineers and casual observers!16:52
likemindead(Mostly lurkers.)16:54
Balsaqone thing i added to my xubuntu computer was bleachbit. when i am done using the computer i run bleachbit. it is supposed to help keep the computer in a "fresh instal'' state. Seems to be working.17:03
rascal999how do i enable bluetoth?17:04
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup17:06
nwadawghi all17:15
likemindeadWhat're the current favorite emulators for NES, SNES, & Genesis?17:19
Hammercathhay i have got a problem17:51
Hammercatat a site where i want multi upload : it asks for a plugin but the plugin finder cant find them17:52
likemindeadIn Firefox? What is it?17:54
Hammercatwhen i use : firefox17:55
Hammercatat a site17:55
Hammercat and i will do a multi upload he ask for a plugin but the finder cant find the plug in but last time he did normal (the firefox17:55
syn-ackGot a weird issue going on with Xubuntu... Seems that when cold booting, when it gets to the point of loading the Window Manager, that I get weird "writing" of chars to VT 7, thus forcing me to have to log into the system via VT1 and restarting gdm afterwhich it loads everything just fine.19:25
syn-ackI haven't been able to trace it back to anything particular and admittedly, I have not checked the forums yet, I thought I'd try here and see if anyone else has had this issue, and if not, I'll file a bug report on it19:26
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redheya! i migrated from ubuntu to xubuntu and have a little problem with fstab and not getting my stuff mounted automatically19:57
redthis workden in ubuntu: /dev/sda3       /media/Red              ntfs-3g uid=1000,gid=1000       0        019:58
redhowever, once I rebooted, nothing appeared in xubuntu19:58
redwrong syntax or missing some package?19:59
Sysiwe talked about this at #ubuntu-fi?19:59
Sysifstab-level should work still..20:00
redI went for a fresh install after I figured out tearing problems and worked fine in xubuntu desktop20:00
redbut wanted a fresh install :)20:00
redeverything else runs fine20:00
Sysido those folders where you have selected to mount exist?20:01
redSysi: was there something else to it that I forgot then mhh?20:01
redill create the folders and try a remount, could be it since it was required in netbook remix of ubuntu aswell20:02
redand that was it, ty for making me remember it as a side effect :>20:03
redusing blueman to pair up a bluetooth device (phone) but it won't send nor receive the call for pairing with a number21:37
titan_arkhello =)21:42
titan_arki wanted to know how i can set up ssh. need to do that and tunnling etc to access my school unix system. on windows i used putty and tight vnc21:48
TheSheeptitan_ark: open a terminal and type 'ssh username@adres'21:50
TheSheeptitan_ark: that's all21:50
titan_arkTheSheep: okay thank you. shall try21:51
titan_arkTheSheep: what about the need to tunnel, etc for security?21:58
TheSheeptitan_ark: there are some good howtos on ssh port forwarding22:03
TheSheeptitan_ark: google for it22:03
titan_arkTheSheep: okay. will do22:03
titan_arkthx a bunch22:03
titan_arkTheSheep: why is it that i cant connect to my school server through any other port but 22? and i see that 22 is supposed to be insecure22:26
gnubiecannot find where I can change the default DVD movie player to vlc23:04
charlie-tcatitan_ark: it is because that is the way the school set it up23:05
charlie-tcaYou can not change the port from your end23:05
titan_arkcharlie-tca: ah okay.23:23
titan_arkcharlie-tca: i cant seem to do anything else besides installing putty and xvnc4vewer, but i cant resize the window. its too small23:24
charlie-tcaDon't know much about that. I don't use any of it except ssh myself23:25
charlie-tcaI know you are always the client, in the documentation. The school is the server, and you won't be able to make any changes to the server, most likely.23:26
knomehello charlie :)23:27
charlie-tcaHello, knome :-)23:30
charlie-tcaHow are you today?23:30
knomefine! starting to get over the busiest times23:30
charlie-tcaGreat! Always good to be busy, before the calm23:31
knomeyeah, i suppose so. i can see more busy stuff coming in the next week again, though..23:31
knomei think this is what you get when you study and run a business parallely23:32
charlie-tcathere is always more, just ahead, isn't there?23:32
knomeyeah, that's painfully true :P23:32
charlie-tcaIt is not easy to try to study and run a business at the same time.23:32
charlie-tcathey are both full-time things23:32
knomeyeah. or at least almost ;)23:33
knomeyou can skip some classes23:33
charlie-tcaHey, did we have a xubuntu usplash theme in karmic?23:34
knomeyeah. the one with the white mice.23:34
charlie-tcaoh, yeah. okay.23:35
knomewell, a white mouse actually.23:35
titan_arkcharlie-tca: okay =) thank you23:37
charlie-tcanp, wish I could help more23:37
Sachse_Siechtum I dont have sound in enemy territory23:37
knomeSachse_Siechtum, that's good, since you have to remain silent when sneak attacking.23:38
titan_arkcharlie-tca: yes i have another request then :P i am presently using a kde version. i wanted to get the xfce or gnome interface too because i seem to find this too cluttered.23:38
knometitan_ark, sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop23:38
Sachse_Siechtumno really once I had sound... when I used these commands: sudo killall esd23:39
Sachse_Siechtumsudo -i23:39
Sachse_Siechtumecho "et.x86 0 0 direct" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss23:39
titan_arkknome: but wont it install all xubuntu apps also? it would be huge!23:39
Sachse_Siechtumbut it doesnt work anymore23:39
charlie-tcatitan_ark: yes, it will. But it would let you use xfce then23:39
ron_otitan_ark, not that huge, and with Synaptic before you download it will tell how big everything is..23:39
ron_oprobably under 100MB.23:40
titan_arkcharlie-tca, ron_o: okay. shall give it a try.23:40
titan_arkand how difficult would it be to remove everything later if i want to23:40
ron_oshould be as easy as downloading it.23:41
titan_arkron_o: whoa it says 690 MB of space will be used for install!23:41
ron_o titan_ark it won't.23:41
ron_obut if it does then don't install it is all.23:42
ron_orather, if it's too big for you then don't. That's what linux is about; choice.23:42
titan_arkwell thats what it says and is asking for confirmation [Y/N]23:42
ron_o690 MB?23:42
titan_arkhow can i check how much free space i have?23:43
titan_arkron_o: yes 691 to be precise23:43
ron_othat sounds ridiculous..23:43
titan_ark0 upgraded, 333 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.23:43
titan_arkNeed to get 152MB of archives23:43
titan_arkthats what it says23:43
ron_owell, 152MB? And then what?23:43
titan_arkAfter this operation, 691MB of additional disk space will be used.23:43
Sachse_Siechtumstarting ET I get this in the terminal: ------- sound initialization -------23:43
Sachse_Siechtum/dev/dsp: Device or resource busy23:43
Sachse_SiechtumCould not open /dev/dsp23:43
ron_owow.,, I find that hard to believe. But it says what it says. So don't d/l it.23:44
titan_arkron_o: :D okay. is there a terminal way to check whats the size of the partition i have kubuntu installed and how much is free?23:44
knomeron_o, the mileage from kde to xfce is probably way bigger then from gnome to xfce23:45
ron_otitan_ark, $ df -H23:45
ron_oknome, yah... no doubt.23:45
titan_arkron_o: whoa a basic install of kubuntu has taken 7.3 gigs :O23:46
titan_arkand i hardly have much data on this boot!23:47
ron_oyah, K--anything is a monster.23:47
ron_oI think on xubuntu it took around 100MB just to install K3b..23:48
knomelike knome23:48
* charlie-tca thinks 7gb for kubuntu sounds about right. Xubuntu takes a good 1.5GB now23:48
titan_arki was hearing alot about kde and so thought i would give it a try23:48
titan_arklol knome23:48
ron_otitan_ark, you can try xubuntu in a virtual OS to give it a try and see if you like it.23:48
titan_arkcharlie-tca: hmmm as bloated as windows :S23:49
charlie-tcalet's hope not, titan_ark23:49
titan_arkron_o: i have tried it before and liked it on my age old box. since i have a new notebook i thought i had the resources to spare23:49
charlie-tcaHell, windows is going to fix a 17-year old bug next week! Yay microsoft!23:49
titan_arkcharlie-tca: :D23:49
charlie-tcaAnd they say they are slow23:50
knomecharlie-tca, which one?23:50
knomecharlie-tca, maybe removing windows from the market?23:50
charlie-tcaIE; believe the one google reported23:50
titan_arkhow difficult is it to recompile the kernel with a patch for a noob?23:51
knometitan_ark, probably something you don't want to do.23:51
Sachse_Siechtumwhat kinda bug?23:51
titan_arkknome: i am facing trouble with my power management. the bug fix is available but needs a recompile :P23:52
titan_arkknome: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/45396323:52
knometitan_ark, well, there *are* debs in http://turtle.wastelands.net/dragon/stuff/23:54
titan_arkknome: yes i see, but they are external links23:56
knometitan_ark, true. but either you install those, recompile your kernel and kill your brain or wait23:56
titan_arkand i am also not sure, if i do this will i get kernel updates and would i have to patch them also23:56
titan_arkknome: :D yeah23:56
knomewell, new kernels from the ubuntu repositories should have that patch as well23:57
knomestarting from a release i don't know, so it might be a few releases before it gets included23:57
titan_arkwell the latest 31-19 doesnt23:58
titan_arki just updated 2 days back and i still face the problem23:58
knomeyeah - as i said, you can wait23:59
knomei don't think it will take too much time, but if you need it NOW...23:59
titan_arkhmmm true23:59
titan_arki guess il be patient :)23:59

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