lnx4ver_BS_ set konqueror the way you want then save your profile after this you can load it with --profile nameofyourprofile00:00
_BS_Inx4ver - yeah, picked up on that. Coming back to linux after being away - konqueror has 2 'uses' for me - file browser (hate dolphin) and web browser (leaner than firefox, etc.). Makes both uses in one profile ... interesting. )-: (-:00:01
lnx4verit may be .kde/share/icons00:01
kitsuneThank you lnx4ver00:02
lnx4veris it there I'm not sure kitsune ?00:02
kitsuneYes I think its it00:04
kitsuneThank you =]00:04
lnx4veryour welcome00:04
lnx4ver_BS_ yeah konqueror is still a nice application hope is will be developped and progress for a long tiime00:07
_BS_lnx4ver - I'm looking in konqueror settings ... view modes ... I notice on icon view there's grid at the bottom ... including arrangement by rows. Now if column view had the same option, to list by rows (scroll across) instead of columns (scroll down) ... I'm thinking 'windows explorer' 'list view' would be mostly there.00:10
vbgunztoo many reboots trying to mess with the framebuffer. I would like to change my framebuffer to a resolution in which x and my monitors natively support. 1920x1080. but no matter what I do I can never get my framebuffer to take on this resolution. what can I do? do I need a firmware update for my card or something? is there something a bit more modern I can do?00:10
_BS_vbgunz - Video card type? Nvidia?00:11
vbgunznvidia gtx26000:11
_BS_vbgunz - nvidia control panel no help?00:11
vbgunzfor the framebuffer, I never seen the option. is it there?00:11
_BS_vbgunz - sorry, I was speaking to resolution at that point, not framebuffer.00:12
vbgunzmy res in x and on monitors is supported no problem *but* whoa, framebuffer is kind of either ancient technology or I am a bafoon00:13
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Guest96940I need some help please00:14
_BS_vbgunz - neither, likely, but it is a PITA. I don't think, conceptually, linguistically, linux / framebuffer has kept up with hardware technology. i.e. When trying to do TV/video in linux, etc., the word 'framebuffer' is not exactly intuitive, nor the first word I would search on when problems arise.00:15
lnx4ver_BS_ not sure if it is possible00:15
nico283I need help please00:15
nico283i need to run my windows programs from my second hard drive in my linux00:16
nico283i don't want to have to reboot my system everytime i want to play conquer00:16
_BS_lnx4ver ... well ... if it were easy to figure out ... I wouldn't be here in irc! (-:00:17
Wolfcastlenico283: try wine or cedega00:17
Wolfcastleis it possible to install kde 4.4 apart from 4.3?00:18
vbgunzman, I am gonna attempt to mess with fbset and that requires I believe I kill x00:18
_BS_Wolfcastle ... wine will run out of unmounted disk? (Surely he's not mounting his windows disk {ntfs?} from within linux. Not that you can't / shouldn't, just, normally, ... why would you want to.)00:19
nico283wine and cedega are pieces for junk. i am fed up with both of them. i wanted to run my game in one of those to start off and it didn't work. that is why i put my windows hard drive into the computer, but i do not want to reboot when i want to play and then reboot to check e-mails00:20
Wolfcastlewell then you've pretty much run out of options sorry00:20
Wolfcastleyou could try a virtual machine if you have a good computer cs might run alright00:21
nico283that bs cause i've seen it done before i just am unsure of how to do it00:21
nico283yes but what kind of virtual machine00:21
nico283i tried virtualbox and it didn't work know of anything else?00:21
Wolfcastleem I use virtual box works very well, vmware is supposed to be good haven't used it though00:22
_BS_nico283 - you're looking for running a different operating system's files in another, and pretty hardware intensive ones at that. Perhaps you should stay in windows and run linux in a vm? [Right now, I'm in windows, vm'ed to Linux, using the raw / physical disk. Changes will persist when I reboot into Linux. There are some weirdnesses, but not too many. Less if you run in one way or the...00:22
Wolfcastle_BS_: yes he would have to reinstall cs with wine or cedega obviously00:22
_BS_...other most of the time.]00:22
nico283i'm not reinstalling a whole system. this is an external hard drive that has my windows on it. my computer is completely linux.00:23
Wolfcastleor you could try some linux compatible game that resembles cs00:23
Wolfcastlehave you tried Urban Terror?00:23
_BS_Wolfcastle ... for the question being asked, evidently what's obvious ... isn't always? [What did he think it was made of?]00:24
Wolfcastletrue ;-)00:24
nico283i have been playing conquer online for almost 2 years and don't want to not be able to play anymore so i need the hard drive to be run through my linux system00:25
_BS_nico283 - from what you've said, and what you're willing to do, you cannot do what you're looking to do. You can, however, probably do it the reverse, if you are not using graphically intense applications. Run linux from within windows.00:28
vbgunzfbset cannot find /dev/fb0 or anything else automatically. I figured I try /dev/tty* and they all return the same error of ioctl FBIOGET_VSCREENINFO: Invalid argument00:28
vbgunzgonna google that00:28
_BS_nico283 - actually, there is another option ... two computers, with a KVM.00:29
Wolfcastlewhat is KVM?00:29
nico283so what your saying is that there is no way to run the windows hard drive through the virtual box?00:30
_BS_nico283 - no, what I'm saying is that you will be unhappy with the performance. (I'm assuming if wine won't run it satisfactorily due to performance / complexity issues, it's not likely virtualbox will either.) But if you run windows, and virtualbox linux, you may well get where you're trying to go. The suggestion of linux alternative games is quite a good one.00:32
nico283wine won't run it because it keeps saying there is a promblem with my direct3d when all my stuff says it is up to date00:33
_BS_Wolfcastle - KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse switcher). Two computers, one set of KVM. For me, Ctrl-Ctrl-Enter, switches between the two. You can, for example, not put the video through the kvm, and keep both monitors up. Or something. Gotchas - bear in mind not all KVM's do sound, some have usb only keyboards instead of PS2 - you have to watch for what makes sense for your environment / computers. Some00:34
_BS_ kVM's will do multiple monitors, or multiple computers.00:34
nico283i am discussing the wine not playing the game not the hard drive. that is why i am trying to get the hard drive to run00:35
_BS_nico283 - of course. You're trying to run graphically intense windows programs within linux which does graphics in just a whole 'nother way. If you were doing non-graphics like word processors, spreadsheets, web browsing, 2d, you'd be fine. But you're not. You have three reasonable courses of actions (1) Stop doing this unreasonable thing you're trying to do. Run the OS for which the program...00:37
_BS_...you're trying to run was built for. (2) Use two computers, perhaps with a KVM. (3) Run windows, and vmbox linux. What you want to do CANNOT REASONABLY BE DONE FOR A REASONABLE COST. GET OVER IT. <sorry>00:37
nico283i just want to run 2 hard drives without trying to reboot the system. that's all. and if you want to talk about unreasonable costs, my power bill going from $75 to over $100 is unreasonable from running 2 computers with a kvm.00:40
nico283so one computer 2 hard drivers is much more reasonable for my single mother child support paying budget00:40
vbgunzwhere are my framebuffer devices or what not? I do not have anything near /dev/fb* . anybody know this?00:41
Wolfcastlemaybe you should have a second install of windows with virtualbox on your external hard drive00:41
Wolfcastleand see how it works00:41
Wolfcastleyou could access your current data from the other partition00:41
Wolfcastledo you use your external hard drive in some other context?00:42
nico283no most of my work is on linux. i only have it for my game and some documents that i stored from an old computer00:43
_BS_Wolfcastle/nico283 - for that matter, get vmware converter for free. It will convert your physical windows machine to a virtual one. Perhaps you can accomplish this and get a chance to just see if performance is sufficient, if it performs at all. vbox will use vmware settings files.00:43
Wolfcastlenice that's a good option00:43
Wolfcastleisn't virtualbox faster than vmware? I Remember trying vmware once but it ran a lot slower than VB00:43
seemanknock knock.00:44
cordeliahttp://pastebin.com/m48141bb1how do I get hd1 to boot without hd0?00:45
_BS_nico283 - I'm sorry. I've laid out your options. I am not a great linux expert, so you can believe me or not, but you're not seeing anyone challenge what I've said. If you have any questions about what I've said, fine. Otherwise, perhaps others will have more patience. Good luck with your quest.00:45
Wolfcastlecordelia: 404 not found00:45
seemanoye, how do I get chrome to 'use' flashlib.so00:47
cordeliaWolfcastle: sorry a more recent http://pastebin.com/d4ccd3ca200:47
_BS_Wolfcastle ... I suspect ... in the end ... YMMV. Particular circumstances, particular OS' (which way you're going), physical vs virtual disk ... in the end ... whatever float's your boat.00:47
WolfcastleI think it uses the mozilla plugin, do you have it installed seeman?00:49
seemanI just have it sitting around, never used FF.00:49
seemanI have the .so file though on in Documents.00:50
WolfcastleAt least my chrome seems to be using my firefox plugins00:50
Wolfcastletry adding the plugin file to home/.mozilla/plugins00:51
seemanI don't have FF.00:51
seemanso I don't think I have a mozzilla folder.00:51
_BS_help my poor brain for a moment ... bash ... for $1 in a b c d; do echo $1;fi ... I'm mixing things here ... what should it be. Sorry ... tired.00:51
nico283so would i need to download the vmconverter onto the hard drive i am converting or onto another hard drive?00:52
Wolfcastleseeman: try creating the folder and restart chrome00:53
_BS_never mind ... for a in a b c d; do echo $a; done. <sigh>00:53
Verminatorbeen having issue playing streaming videos.  I have followed parts 1 & 2 of this tutorial http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=766683, other parts seemed not to apply.  I had downloaded the latest flash, which helped some, but still problems, any help would be appreciated00:55
Verminatorno one has any issues with flash videos?01:04
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IzinucsWhat's the latest version of Java runtime environment available in the repo's?01:34
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Wolfcastleany idea what this is?01:41
IzinucsWolfcastle: you trying to install Vbox?01:46
Wolfcastlebut I don't think the package is the issue01:46
Wolfcastlesome package that needs updating but which one?01:46
IzinucsWolfcastle: did you install the compiler packages?  sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms  ... then just double click the .deb to install.. or you could list their repos in kpackagekit and install from there..01:47
Wolfcastlethat's not it...it works from terminal so the issue is not the package itself01:48
zushello everyone01:49
zusany one around that can help me?01:50
zusim new here and was wondering do i need to set up kubuuntu like ubuntu? with restricted extras?/01:51
IzinucsWolfcastle: it mentions sip module.... is that relevant to "session internet protocol"?  that is ... the same? if so what does vbox care about Sip?01:51
Wolfcastlehas anyone tried kubuntu lucid? what is the default user when booting in live mode?01:52
zusid like to see  kubunu lucid , where can i get that one01:52
WolfcastleI just google kubuntu lucid download and voila01:54
IzinucsWolfcastle: root is the default user01:54
Wolfcastleno, its ubuntu whith a blank password01:54
Wolfcastlejust found it online01:54
Izinucsor that .. kinda like root.. just named ubuntu01:54
Wolfcastlehehe ok thanx anyways01:55
zusi used ubuntu for a few months i likeit alot, this is my first time in kubuntu, its way diffeeeerrrent.01:55
zuswell thannks guys illl read more on kubuntu before i commit. later01:57
_BS_What package do I need to fill out the contents of khelp center?01:59
_BS_What package do I need to fill out the debian menu entries, a la debian / live?01:59
vbgunzI can no longer dual boot in 9.10 *after* updating to the latest 2.6.31-19 kernel. I am getting error 28 in grub. what could have happened?02:00
vbgunzdamn, I believe the new kernel update borked my ability to get in windows from grub on a reboot :/02:06
vbgunzwell, I'll try something02:08
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Wolfcastleany idea what this is?03:15
vbgunzanybody know how to enable asus_atk0110 in the kernel?03:17
vbgunzI am getting bit by an acpi conflict that can be fixed by this kernel driver03:17
vbgunzhow do I enable it? I am going nuts :/03:18
scuniziHow do I disable "Auto eth0".. there's no line entry for it in the network manager and /etc/interfaces doesn't have it03:21
vbgunzI see I have this /lib/modules/2.6.31-14-generic/kernel/drivers/hwmon/asus_atk0110.ko ... does this mean I have the asus driver I need? if so, how do I **enable** it?03:22
crimsunload it03:23
vbgunzcrimsun: forgive me, you telling me to load it?03:24
crimsunif it isn't loaded, and you want to enable it, yes.03:25
vbgunzwow. how hard could it be to load a driver as just a user that needs to load a driver?03:28
vbgunzcrimsun: thanks for the load keyword but I am coming up confused with it on google03:29
vbgunzadd it to /etc/modules, I'll try that03:30
crimsunvbgunz: if you need it to claim resources, you probably want it in the initramfs (and thus in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules instead of /etc/modules)03:31
crimsunvbgunz: you'll need to regenerate the initramfs afterward; sudo update-initramfs -u03:32
vbgunzcrimsun: wow just about to reboot and test it. I'll undo that and try out what you said. thanks a million if it works!03:33
chuckfcrimsun: and beware if the advice you give is wrong...03:35
vbgunzcross fingers, I hope it works!03:35
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい03:41
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:41
vbgunzwell, I don't think adding the asus driver to /etc/initramfs...etc was the solution.03:41
svolswhat u say03:42
vbgunz"Make sure you have the asus_atk0110 driver enabled in your kernel configuration" ... who are they referring too? I don't think I am stupid but I feel like an idiot. it's as if I am just supposed to know this. I need help :(03:48
vbgunzmaybe I did enable the driver, how can I make sure?03:49
Wolfcastlehave you tried modprobe vbgunz?03:50
Wolfcastlesudo modprobe module03:50
vbgunzI just ran lsmod and see it at the bottom with a 003:51
vbgunzso seems like nothing is using it? I can try that modprobe03:51
vbgunzWolfcastle: hmm. although I see it in lsmod I do not see it in sudo modprobe03:52
vbgunzsudo modprobe -a module should add it?03:54
vbgunzhmm, I ran it, not sure though if anything happened or will stay permanent03:55
vbgunzwell, will see then03:57
vbgunzsudo modprobe -a asus_atk0110 did not load any modules into the kernel. at least sudo modprobe asus_atk0110 returns nothing :/04:01
vbgunzI am beginning to think I am chasing the wrong problem down here :/04:02
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vbgunzI am gonna try just one more thing to really confirm my situation04:03
Kovert? installed gallery2 using kubuntu depository, copyed the apcahe2.conf to \etc\apache2\enabled-site but no go why can't i see it at localhost\gallery204:03
Kovertslow night any one at there?04:07
vbgunzit turns out I need to load the asus_atk0110 driver into the kernel *but* nothing I am trying is working out. really, what do I do? I tried the locate asus_atk0110 and I see 4 of these on different kernels /lib/modules/2.6.31-17-generic/kernel/drivers/hwmon/asus_atk0110.ko04:08
vbgunzI think by doing what I wasn't supposed to I did what needed to be done. I am gonna mark my situation as solved.04:10
vbgunzto confirm what I did starts here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/440780 ... I simply set acpi_enforce_resources=lax in grub, updated it, and it not only got rid of the errors at boot up but sensors actually work. I don't think the kernel option is safe but goddamn that was easy. I'll explode from that decision later I suppose04:12
crimsunvbgunz: have you confirmed that your hardware is definitely supported by that kernel module?04:17
Kovert? installed gallery2 using kubuntu depository, copyed the apcahe2.conf to \etc\apache2\enabled-site but no go why can't i see it at localhost\gallery204:18
vbgunzcrimsun: the bug report fits my problem. I built my own rig and have an asus m3n-ht motherboard. I wanted to load the module correctly which I believe I failed to do no matter what but the acpi_enforce_resources=lax appears to load it, makes the boot up errors go away and sensors work in the end04:22
vbgunznow I am trying to get rid of what appears to be one last thing in the bootup screen. something about ureadahead exiting status 4. some are saying this is normal some are saying its not. other than that my boot appears good so far04:23
gavin__You guyssss. I need SO much help. I installed kde-minimal after doing an ubuntu-minimal install, and now I need to know what core applications to install.04:25
Kovert? apt-get kde?04:26
gavin__am i stupid for not even thinking of that? yes.04:26
gavin__Package kde is not available, but is referred to by another package.04:27
gavin__This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or04:27
gavin__is only available from another source04:27
gavin__E: Package kde has no installation candidate04:27
FloodBotK1gavin__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:27
Kovertgavin__ do you have kpACKAGE INSTALLED04:28
gavin__Kovert: no is says kpackage is not available.04:29
gavin__it probably isn't in my repos, as i did a minimum install.04:29
Kovertgavin__ sudo apt-get synaptic04:30
gavin__i have synaptic04:30
gavin__hi sam_04:33
sam_Hi, umm i have a question, this is my first time on the IRC..04:34
sam_My computer will not connect with my wireless network...04:34
Kovertso with synaptic search for the kde files04:35
gavin__thanks Kovert. I feel like a noob again.04:35
gavin__I've just been having many brain farts.04:35
sam_i had to install ndiswrapper, and it worked for a bit..., but now it can see the netwrok, but whenever i try to join it it asks for the pass, which i enter, and it will not connect, it asks for it again and i enter it, its like a never ending cycle04:36
gavin__sam_ i think it's a bug.04:39
gavin__it happens to me ALL the time.04:39
sam_how do i fix it,i cannot join it, i have restarted so many times..04:40
sam_i cannot stay on a wired connection04:40
gavin__I haven't been able to find a fix either. I'm on a wired connection also.04:40
gavin__What luck we two have. (:04:41
sam_... i guess so...04:41
sam_is this a kubuntu specific issue?04:41
gavin__I think it's KDE specific.04:41
gavin__I don't like Kubuntu though.04:41
gavin__not kubuntu-desktop04:42
gavin__at least,04:42
sam_your kidding me right? i like kubuntu, i like the KDE environment...04:42
gavin__I do an ubuntu-minimal install and install kde.04:42
gavin__no... I LOVE KDE.04:42
sam_how do you do that?04:42
sam_i would LOVE to find out how... though i am a complete noob to linux...04:42
sam_i wouldn't mind ubuntu, with the KDE envoronment04:42
gavin__I'm still somewhat of a noob.04:43
gavin__It's a somewhat straightfoward installation.04:43
gavin__but you have to know how to use a terminal.04:43
sam_... well i know somewhat04:43
gavin__or just copy stuff down off a screen. xD04:43
sam_is there a tutorial online or something/04:43
gavin__Not really.04:43
gavin__it's not hard though.04:43
gavin__'you download the ubuntu minimal cd04:44
gavin__it's only 12mb04:44
gavin__then the rest install via your wired network connection.04:44
gavin__then all you get is like, cli, a big terminal.04:44
gavin__and all you have to do after that is sudo apt-get install xorg kde-minimal...04:44
sam_kk, and you have to do like the apt-get stuff and everything04:44
gavin__that's pretty much it.04:44
gavin__but after you install that. you don't even have a network manager.04:45
gavin__you are literally left with core KDE.04:45
sam_really, huh i shall try it then, but its a KDE problem about this network manager?04:45
sam_with this bug04:45
gavin__I actually don't know for sure.04:45
gavin__I am about to install network manager right now.04:45
sam_core kde? so you start of with nothing?04:45
gavin__so if you stay on..04:45
sam_sure i am gonna be here for a bit...04:46
gavin__but im downloading it along with other files.04:46
titan_arkjust a suggestion, i was having trouble with wireless too, installed wicd and works like a charm04:46
titan_arkknetworkmanager is a pain04:46
gavin__hmm wicd? never heard of it.04:46
gavin__i shall try that.04:46
Kovertwicd is very nicde04:46
titan_arkgavin__: google it and ul find many ppl prefer that04:46
gavin__why am i talking like this.04:46
sam_... command to install it?04:47
titan_arksudo apt-get install wicd04:47
gavin__when i type, i always try to talk proper.04:47
gavin__yeah sam_!04:47
gavin__follow what he said.04:47
gavin__it will help us out. (:04:47
titan_arkfirst remove network-manager-kde04:47
gavin__I love facking with my computer. (:04:47
sam_can you take me on baby steps, i am new to this...04:48
titan_arkfirst "sudo apt-get remove network-manager-kde"04:48
titan_arksam_: i am quite a noob too :)04:48
sam_lol, thanks, thanks a lot! i am happy04:48
gavin__were all noobs.04:48
titan_arknp :) hehe i often need baby steps too04:48
gavin__well. i've been using since ubuntu 7.0404:48
gavin__on and off.04:49
Kovert? installed gallery2 using kubuntu depository, copyed the apcahe2.conf to \etc\apache2\enabled-site but no go why can't i see it at localhost\gallery204:49
titan_arkgavin__: me from 8.1004:49
titan_arkKovert: sorry no clue ul have to wait for the pros04:49
gavin__I think it takes a while until you aren't a noob anymore.04:49
gavin__I'm VERY young though.04:49
titan_arkgavin__: you need to play around a lot :P04:49
titan_arksam_: did the remove work?04:50
gavin__playing around in linux is funnn.04:50
titan_arkwhat was the error?04:50
sam_its not installed it says04:50
titan_arkthen just install wicd :)04:50
gavin__it has a different package name.04:50
gavin__than you said.04:50
titan_arkgavin__: is it? lemme check04:50
gavin__so it is still installed.04:50
gavin__yeah. cuz i just installed it via synaptic.04:51
sam_... yeah, i have a network manager here....04:51
gavin__and it was something else.04:51
sam_dunno if its THE network manager we are talking about, but it manages networks lol04:51
gavin__i think it is just sudo apt-get remove network-manager04:51
titan_arksam_: sorry, but are u kubuntu04:52
gavin__try that sam_04:52
titan_arki mean are you on kubuntu?04:52
titan_arkthe package name is network-manager-kde04:52
gavin__*claps for titan_ark*04:52
sam_yeah i am kubuntu04:53
gavin__sam_ is like... brain fart.04:53
titan_arklol what was that for :P04:53
sam_... srry04:53
gavin__why is there always so many people logged in. and idle.04:53
vbgunzin the login manager I changed the shut down manager to grub. grub offers me options to boot into another kernel or OS *but* choosing anyone other than the default, upon reboot and stopping at the menu, the default and now what I pick is highlighted. is this a bug or does this only work without the menu?04:53
gavin__one's name is bipolar. xD I have bipolar disorder. Yay!04:53
sam_no, i just needed to type sudo apt-get remove network-manager04:54
sam_are you there?04:54
gavin__in yo gace titan_ark!04:54
titan_arksam_: okay that worked?04:54
titan_arkgavin__: :)04:54
Kovertvb your grup config is buggered04:54
gavin__How old is everybody? I for some reason, assume we are all pretty young.04:55
vbgunzkovert, how so?04:55
titan_arksam_: try installing wicd then04:55
gavin__no specific age is required for the answer. O.O04:55
Kovertwell grub controol how the system starts04:55
gavin__doh! i just installed knetworkmanager. xD04:55
Kovert<young at heart04:55
sam_16, brb...04:55
sam_kk i am installing it now04:56
titan_arkgavin__: i dont like knetworkmanager. its painful04:56
gavin__I'm turning 16 this year sam_04:56
gavin__told yall i was young.04:56
gavin__oh well. (sigh) age is just a number.04:56
sam_technically i am not 16, still 15, but on tuesday i will be04:57
titan_ark16 and started linux from 7.04? interesting04:57
gavin__I started using linux at around 12.04:57
sam_started using since 7.04 too04:57
gavin__i think.04:57
sam_on an off04:57
Surlent777so um, I seem to find myself in a bad situation: I log in to a black screen with no taskbar/background/right-click menu, and yet kwin is still noticably active and so is krunner. Plasma appears to not want to start. All of this apparently happend after I changed my style from qtcurve to gtk+ and back, and then logged out, or maybe it was because of playing around with the cube plugins? I have no idea, but does anyone have any idea how I might go about 04:58
gavin__hmm. sam_ you should add me on facebook/myspace, since no-one i know uses linux.04:58
gavin__except... well, my cousin.04:58
sam_hold on04:58
gavin__sam_: I was serious. O.O04:58
sam_i know04:59
sam_how do i use wicd?04:59
gavin__hmm. you seem too serious sam.04:59
gavin__loosen up!04:59
sam_everyone tells me that...04:59
gavin__girl or boy? you.04:59
titan_arksam_: whta wrong with wicd?04:59
sam_nothing i guess05:00
gavin__so am i. :O05:00
sam_it seems fine, but where do i find it?05:00
sam_found it05:00
titan_arkjust type wocd in konsole05:00
gavin__don't worry, I get pretty dam serious too.05:00
titan_arkset it up and see if it works05:01
gavin__is uninstalling knetworkmanager and switching to wicd.05:01
Surlent777is wondering why Plasma doesn't want to start05:02
gavin__is wondering why Surlent77705:02
gavin__'s plasma won't start05:02
vbgunzwell gonna try something05:02
sam_kk brb05:03
sam_... it is still connecting.. brb maybe its my encryption05:03
titan_arksam_: still?05:06
gavin__sorry guys05:09
gavin__i got wicd working fine though.05:10
titan_arkgavin__: good for you05:11
gavin__did sam_ leave?05:11
Surlent777err, wrong button05:13
Surlent777still no luck with plasma though05:13
Surlent777the command I'm trying to use to manually launch it is plasma-desktop, and it gives me an incredibly long error message05:14
sam_that took forever05:14
gavin__what happened sam_05:14
FloodBotK1sam_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:15
gavin__mine worked fine right after install.05:15
gavin__my dog hates me now.05:15
sam_nope... it cannot find an ip for me..05:15
sam_i am here05:15
sam_don't worry05:15
gavin__no, im gonna worry.05:15
sam_no i am telling myself that05:15
gavin__and probably jump out my window because im worrying so much.05:16
sam_lol, anyways, i have to find this problem..05:16
Surlent777in contrast, I am about to throw something/one out of a window due to frustration =/05:16
titan_arksam_: what happened?05:16
titan_arksam_: not working?05:16
sam_i don't know05:16
sam_its not working,it cannot get an IP address05:17
Surlent777it gives me QGraphicsGridLayout::itemAt: invalid index 2 or index 1 over 100 times...05:17
titan_arkthats bad05:17
titan_arktried resetting your router?05:17
gavin__i feel for sam_05:17
titan_arki mean just turn it on and off05:17
gavin__if my wireless wasn't working...05:17
gavin__mm mm mm.05:17
sam_.. i should try that, brb, i will dissappear for a sec05:17
gavin__KY INTENSE.05:18
gavin__i have like 4378643789 things running and only 20% of physical memory use?05:20
sam_kk weird05:29
sam_ok restared router and system...05:29
sam_now it cant detect ANY wireless networks...05:29
sam_how do i find my wireless interface?05:30
gavin__problem alert,05:33
sam_i don't know now... i just do not know05:34
gavin__that sucks sam_05:36
titan_arksam_: wats wrong?05:37
gavin__hey, does anyone know how to get that application that was just called Hardware Drivers?05:37
sam_i don't know05:38
sam_hold on05:38
FloodBotK1sam_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:38
sam_i restarted router and system... and now it cant find any wireless05:39
FloodBotK1gavin__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:40
gavin__shutup FloodBotK105:40
FloodBotK1gavin__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:41
sam_what is?05:41
sam_why are there so many people here but noone talks...05:42
titan_arksam_: why dont you try the wicd channel05:43
titan_arkthey should be able to help you05:43
sam_.. alright i will take a look05:43
gavin__darn you overheating laptop!05:45
sam_could it be a problem with ndiswrapper05:47
gavin__could be..05:47
gavin__i need to install my ati card.05:47
simbalelion89hi people!06:47
vbgunzI can hibernate my box in just 40 seconds. from click to shutdown. not bad really. starting up though is almost 2x longer than going to sleep. Is there any way to speed that up?06:54
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jacquesdupontdhey guys is there anybody ?07:18
jacquesdupontdi got a simple question that i never tought to ask but its kinda boring in fact07:18
jacquesdupontdim using firefox in Kubuntu and i can't launch anything from it from the download list i mean07:18
jacquesdupontdall the apt: links are surely not working also07:19
jacquesdupontdi can't even open folder from the download list i think07:19
jacquesdupontdThe question is : How can i make Kubuntu use Firefox as THE webbrowser ?07:19
jacquesdupontd(and if you're telling me to go in settings  > personnal > default application > web browser > i already added firefox07:20
teagei have installed nvidia drivers and now my audio does not work. anyone have any sugestions?07:27
naftilos76hi everyone, is there an automated way for Kubuntu 9.10, KDE 4.3.4 to keep no more than 1 or 2  kernels installed?07:39
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gavin__does anyone how to get a beautiful kde setup?08:34
Tm_Tgavin__: yes, make your own with time (:08:35
gavin__aghh Tm_T08:35
gavin__I get on the forums and see these beautiful setups...08:35
gavin__and here I am with 4.4 default oxygen.08:36
dex6erwhat's up09:12
ahsanneed help my computer is not doing usual upgrade09:18
ahsannor any software cud b installed09:18
ahsani tried to change the software resource from us to main then bk to us server agin but all in vain09:19
ahsanE: Invalid archive signature09:20
ahsanE: Prior errors apply to /var/cache/apt/archives/samba-common_2%3a3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4_all.deb09:20
ahsandebconf: apt-extracttemplates failed: Bad file descriptor09:20
ahsandpkg-deb: `/var/cache/apt/archives/samba-common_2%3a3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4_all.deb' is not a debian format archive09:20
ahsandpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/samba-common_2%3a3.4.0-3ubuntu5.4_all.deb (--unpack):09:20
FloodBotK1ahsan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:20
ahsan subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 209:20
ahsannone to help :(09:21
Tm_Tahsan: could you pastebin your repositories?09:22
=== mattia is now known as obsession
ahsanhow i ca paste09:34
Tm_T!pastebin | ahsan09:36
ubottuahsan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:36
ahsani hav pasted dere now wt i do09:44
ahsani hav pasted my rep dere09:47
Tm_Tahsan: ah, I meant pastebin the contents of file /etc/apt/sources.list09:48
ahsani tried to search the file n nothing is found09:53
Speedy2Hey all.  I installed Kubuntu 9.10 (remix, w/KDE 3.5).  How do I disable services like "modem-manager" or "avahi-daemon" ?  I've tried to do it the 'normal' way using update.rc-d but the services still start.10:00
salvohi all, how can i enable System Preferences -> Advanced -> Audio CD -> mp3 options ?  i have lame installed but it doesn't show10:03
salvoi need to rip mp3 with k3b. also here i have not mp310:04
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:08
aftertafhey :)10:09
aftertafso, no qt 4.6.1 released yet :/10:15
aftertafcant play with amarok until ...10:15
Tm_Taftertaf: perhaps that's waiting for KDE release10:15
darthanubisu think?10:15
aftertaf4.4 final?10:16
darthanubisuh yeah10:16
Tm_Tdarthanubis: I don't know about "u" but I think so yes10:16
aftertafshame: amarok is the only mplayer that doesnt crash on random play of 120 gb of mp3s10:17
aftertafbut now it crashes before, like after 2 seconds :)10:17
aftertafin the meantime VH1 is ok, but sometimes drives me mad10:17
darthanubison your macine10:18
aftertafvh1 no, amarok, yes (on my machine)10:18
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=== Oxymoron^away is now known as oxymoron
terran4000Hey everyone. Is it worth upgrading to KDE 4.3.5?10:31
Peace-i am on kde 4.3.510:31
terran4000Peace-: I know it's in backports and all that jazz, but it is stable?10:32
darthanubisterran4000:  of course!10:32
Peace-terran4000: no issue here but make sure to rename $HOME/.kde if you get some crash at start10:32
darthanubismost are about to move to 4.4 on Tues10:32
terran4000Aha, sweet. Thanks :)10:33
darthanubisI'm using 4.4 NOW10:33
darthanubiscan't wait til Tues10:34
pinohow can i manage user groups and permition by graphical interface in lucid? it seems that there is no a dedicated utility in the system setting panel10:34
darthanubislol ofc ourse there is10:34
Peace-pino: kuser10:34
darthanubisthe same utility in karmic10:34
darthanubispino: #ubuntu+110:34
darthanubisThat is Lucid support10:34
Peace-pino: here is not for unstable system please go on ok darthanubis said for me10:34
terran4000darthanubis: to 4.4 on tuesday? Hm, I'm not too privvy about 4.4. Last time I tried 4.4 (3 days ago) I had to reinstall kubuntu because 4.4 just had too many bugs and crashed all the time10:34
Peace-terran4000: leave 4.4. to brave for now10:35
* terran4000 nods10:35
Peace-terran4000: keep system stable first!10:35
darthanubisterran4000: well yeah it is buggy, but on realease in 72 it wonn't be10:35
darthanubismost users are scare types anyway so I don't really mind that10:35
darthanubisall this stuff is betaware anyway10:36
* Tm_T loves his KDE 4.5 series10:36
terran4000Which one is the backports repo: Prerelease or unsupported?10:37
darthanubisthis is all on the kubuntu page10:37
darthanubissee topic10:37
* terran4000 thanks everyone for their help10:39
pinowhich is the channel for the italina chat10:42
pinowhich is the channel for the italian chat10:43
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)10:44
terran4000Has the bug been fixed wherein, if I have my iphone plugged in and my camera Digikam will not be able to download the pictures from the Camera?10:52
terran4000This also happens to be a problem where KDE is not able to differ the phone and the cam.10:52
Machtinwhich tool would i want to use to watch hd-movies? vlc seems to be unable to play some movies smoothly10:56
oxymoronTm_T: 4.5? :O11:00
oxymoronDoes somebody know if there is going to be a ported version of Photoshop to GNU/Linux in the future? (Without Wine I mean ;))11:01
terran4000oxymoron: nope11:02
terran4000not enough business for Adobe to do it, and it would be an extremely difficult task, not worth their time at all11:03
terran4000Machtin: try mplayer11:03
oxymoronterran4000: Sure? :P Hehe, I tried to google for it but I guess somebody has some inside information :P11:03
terran4000I'm not 100% sure, but looking at it from the outside ... I see no reason why Adobe would even bother11:03
oxymoronterran4000: Why would that be som difficult? :P They have been porting a faaking mobile version pf Photoshop to iPhone and Android, why not Linux? :S11:03
terran4000iPhone/Android == not too hard to make a small version and they are both VERY popular FOR PROFIT platforms11:04
* terran4000 wishes there was a bold button for text11:04
oxymoronterran4000: I dont demand an Adobes porting to Linux but it would be really nice. Wine + Google support does not work smoothly and Wine is really slow. The only thing that works quite normal with Wine is Spotify :P11:04
oxymoron%bbold? :P11:04
terran4000? o.o11:05
terran4000I don't use irc all too much so I wouldn't know :-P11:05
terran4000Anyway... Adobe has no financial reason to do it.11:05
oxymoronterran4000: On another channel there is possible to write %b bold :P11:05
Machtinterran4000: i can't get mplayer to play that.. it's a folder.. i think untouched blu-ray.11:05
terran4000*nix is a platform filled with free (as in beer) programs with users who are used to free11:06
oxymoronterran4000: They have no financial effort to do it mobile either? :P11:06
terran4000No, there is a big financial reason to go into Mobile11:06
oxymoronterran4000: Why so?11:06
Machtinterran4000: pardon, just retried playing a stream-file directly.. that works.11:06
Machtintoo bad i can't open the folder.. any idea?11:06
terran4000Machtin: mplayer just doesn't do 'folders'. Sadly >_>11:07
terran4000oxymoron: Look at the app store11:07
Machtinmh, i see :/11:07
terran4000it's filled with thousands and thousands of apps11:07
oxymoronterran4000: What about app store?11:07
terran4000Most things in there are paid for products, n11:08
terran4000*now, the PS app isn't11:08
terran4000I know that11:08
oxymoronterran4000: Yeah, why would Adobe even bother port it to a store with an already filled market? :P11:08
Tm_Toxymoron: terran4000: see the channel topic11:08
terran4000Tm_T: T.T yes boss.11:08
oxymoronTm_T: You could tell me the Kopete plans for Webcam and MSNP16 protocol implementation?11:08
oxymoronTm_T: Or if Kmess is going to be default with version 2.1 with support for that :P11:09
Tm_Toxymoron: no idea11:10
terran4000speaking of support, would be nice to see UI skinning/styling support for Quassel and Kopete11:10
Tm_Tterran4000: except for chat and contactlist styles, not gonna happen I think11:11
oxymoronTm_T: I have been waiting around two years for proper webcam support ... I know Linux and everything is free and could not expect it from the developers but I think everyone needs and want it :P For instance nobody cares about all new student stuff they release for KDE or the games :D11:11
terran4000in Kopete I know you can style the chat ... Sadly when on earth will we get Contast List style support?11:11
oxymoronterran4000: Yeah, that would be nice :)11:12
terran4000I'm tired and bored of having a big fat window for a contact list11:12
Tm_Toxymoron: hmm, when I last time used webcam, it did work, unfortunately these closed protocols are not fun to work with11:12
terran4000Something like Adium chat list style (the transparent one) would be very nice!11:12
oxymoronterran4000: I am tired of the UI and especially the ugly status icons :D11:12
terran4000Just my .02c.11:12
terran4000o.O I thought those were changable?11:13
oxymoronTm_T: Does not work with my DV-cam anyway and Dv4L protocol does not work flawless with raw1394, not many apps support it either, for instance SKype even if it does not a *buntu business, but still.11:13
Tm_Toxymoron: feel free to support the Kopete developers somehow (;11:14
oxymoronTm_T: And yeah, Logitech and them could *sorry language* screw themselves with their closed protcols :P But should it not be possible just to retrieve the signal and get en output/input, or do you have to reconcider signal flow and everything else? :P11:14
oxymoronTm_T: I dont know how to programmring system apps? :P My area is to support the web developing. But would love to contribute with design anyhow :)11:15
Tm_Toxymoron: #kopete then (;11:15
oxymoronTm_T: And yes I am quite lazy xD I am waiting on most devlopers to contribute the real important things. I think the priority is very wrong for all apps, protocols, rendering and everything :P For instance still the sound does not work flawless, the audio streamers and Phonon does not recognize perfectly when to use what and PulseAudio mess around. Sometimes when a new update comes, the sound does not work at all sometimes and that11:18
oxymoronis for me unaccaptable. No patch/bug update unless the sound is not going to work afterwards, properly testing first :P11:18
Tm_Toxymoron: perhaps all that works well for developers11:19
oxymoronTm_T: Good things are though KDM, the new core, QT 4.5, nice KDE GUI and Oxygen/Air-themes and icons, Amarok even if it is developed sideways, Dragon mediaplayer, K3B and so on :)11:19
oxymoronTm_T: Yeah probably, but I think some testing on popular hardware like Intel should been reconsidered to be tested and not oldschool ones like most developers use :P11:20
mauriim not able to find a utility to change user groups and permitions under karmic kubuntu11:21
Tm_Toxymoron: it's all about the money... and we are offtopic, #kubuntu-offtopic from now on (:11:21
Tm_Tmauri: kuser?11:21
oxymoronTm_T: But not misunderstand me, KDE is really lovely, I love it more and more each day I use it :)11:21
mauriTm_T: tnk11:22
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J3b47_g1l4hi all12:21
J3b47_g1l4new user of kubuntu here12:22
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roland_hallo zusammen, kann mir jemand bei der Hilfe der Installation Jav helfen13:17
Tm_T!de | roland_13:18
ubotturoland_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.13:18
roland_anyone that can give help to the java installation13:18
roland_thnak you13:19
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository13:19
roland_thank you for the help13:20
binarylooksDid anybody get the now rocking plasmoid installed from kde-look? I am on karmic kde sc 4.4 rc3 and have the python not found error13:21
Tm_Tbinarylooks: you have pykde installed?13:22
soeebinarylooks: you compiledrc3 by yourself/13:23
binarylooksTm_T: do u remember the correct name for the package?13:23
binarylookssoee: installed from the kubuntu-ppa13:23
soeebinarylooks: 4.4 rc3>13:24
binarylookspython-kde4 is installed, but only a 4.3.5 version13:24
binarylookssoee: yep13:24
soeeTm_T: rc3 is avi in kubuntu ppa?13:25
binarylookssoee: wait a sec, i have lucid on a laptop, maybe i am mixing up stuff13:26
binarylookssoee: still at rc213:26
soeebinarylooks: ok13:26
binarylooksanyway, the python bindings still are not working in rc213:26
Tm_Tsoee: binarylooks: well, final release will be out in any day now13:26
binarylooksTm_T: hmm, i'll probably wait, i remeber jonathan thomas saying soomething about bindings only working in rc3, I'll check the plasmoid in luid13:27
Tm_Tbinarylooks: indeed13:28
buckfastWhat keys do you use for fast desktop switching? The default ctrl+fX is such a fuss13:28
Tm_Tbuckfast: Super+F[1..9]13:28
Tm_TSuper being prolly Win-key13:29
buckfastThat's what I'm using too atm13:29
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buckfastCan I somehow make SMPlayer (Mplayer) pause when I switch to another desktop?13:44
BluesKajHey folks13:45
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teageisnt there a way to download multiple things at once? I want to download all debs on the repo to one file. so as to make a cd repo.13:54
teagea cd repo of the online repo13:54
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BluesKaj!repositories |  teage14:01
ubottuteage: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories14:01
teageBlueKaj: yes, the repos (repoitories) If i can make a txt file and run the command : for i in $(cat WHAT EVER .txt); do sudo aptitude -y install $i; done : to install that list then you would think i could run the same command to just download to directory.14:05
teageI think14:05
teagesame command edited a little bit14:06
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teageI wonder if a download manager could do it?14:09
fmis there any warmheart person like to solvle a problem for me about ubuntu in vmware 7.0.1?14:22
BluesKajteage, I don't quite undestand what you are trying to do , maybe this >  http://techie-buzz.com/linux-tips/generate-a-sources-list-with-the-ubuntu-sources-list-generator.html14:24
teageBluesKaj: Im trying to dowload all the debs in the repo.14:25
fmthe problem for me is that i cant access internet with ubuntu in vmare. i tried nat which is the easiest way to access internet .14:25
teageBlueKaj: i think i might have found something just for this . call app mirror. checking it out right now14:26
BluesKajby debs, do you mean pkges or the repository URLs , teage ?14:30
teageBluesKaj: packages - like .deb files14:31
BluesKajok , well that's a large undertaking ..good luck :)14:32
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jtheuerhi, do you know a log viewer that can aggregate different (remote, ssh) logifles and maybe warn based in certain regex?15:01
spekkohi all, when i increased my resolution my start bar at the bottom shrank (does not fill the whole screen) what can i do to fix this?15:03
spekkonevermind im sorted ^_^.15:05
barzayhi i'm new in ubuntu15:17
emi__How can I search via apt for packages being orphaned?15:17
emi__I want to get rid of packages that are not on current servers.15:17
emi__(Background:) I installed kde 4.3.5 via ppa and now I want back to official packages.15:18
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erinaceus_Hi guys15:55
erinaceus_I was wondering if there is a way to format the output of the "cut" cmd so it would be in a string not a table15:55
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aggeloshello everyone can someone helping with compiling tarballs on kubuntu16:09
aggelosi have try many tips but i haven't install any yet16:10
aggelosany program yet16:10
aggelosno one can help me?16:12
tkoornaggelos: what seems to be the problem?16:15
tkoornhmm patient fellow16:16
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EgOrI just downloadded kubuntu 10.04 using torrent Hash info "81114FD9 266FA8E5 1A6565A1 319A3B87 087A8FBB " when i try the the live session user name and password is asked.........how do i login.......i downloaded the torrent from cdimages.ubuntu.com16:23
EgOrguys tell me if there a way to start the GUI if I am able to login in the console login16:34
Ilysguys tell me if there a way to start the GUI if I am able to login in the console login16:34
svenbllys try startx16:36
Tm_Tsvenb: you meant EgOr16:36
svenbi got double message16:37
Tm_Tyes, because of repeater16:37
svenbbut both are gone now16:38
svenbbut perhaps can someone help me with my wireless driver16:41
svenbi have a broadcom device but its pci id is not listed in the supported devices16:41
buckfastWhere can I change how the time format is displayed? like from AM/PM to 24hours16:43
Tm_Tbuckfast: systemsettings -> regional and language16:44
svenbbuckfast it depends on your locale16:44
Tm_Tsvenb: it's configurable16:44
svenbTm_T yes, did not know the path instantly16:45
buckfastsorry but KDE menus aren't built very logically16:46
Tm_Tbuckfast: they are, in its own logic16:47
buckfastTm_T: Ok, but they are not built with simplicity in mind16:48
svenbhmm have to go - my gf wants to go swimming16:48
Tm_Tbuckfast: indeed, but all help on improving is welcome16:51
CartoonCatdoes the 9.10 live cd have a partition manager that can resize partitions?16:58
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Guest5885ineed help getting my virtual box to mount my usb drive rather than my linux mounting it17:06
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox17:06
Guest5885also i went through their stupid stuff in the manuel to no help and i can not find any help on any other website that gets anything done. i have been working on this problem for 3 and a half hours now17:07
Peace-Guest5885: read..... next time better https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/USB17:08
Guest5885well since i didn't have this website maybe i can get it to work bu there is no need to be rude17:10
Guest5885also this doesn't help since it is not telling me if i put this in my linux ir my windows17:11
Guest5885i have only been working with linux for maybe 3 months so cut me a little slack here17:11
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Peace-their stupid stuff in who is the rude?17:13
Peace-[18:07] <Guest5885> also i went through their stupid stuff in17:14
Guest5885well it is stupid when they give you one line of usb support in 15 pages of information and that doesn't even tell you how to fix it not reading it. so yes it is stupid17:16
Guest5885none of this is making any since and i really need more speciffic help. i am about ready to just give up17:19
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domatyHello. It is possible to create a hotkey, that launch an application if it's not started yet, and activate it in other way? kubuntu 9.1017:38
Peace-domaty: systemsettings----input actions17:39
Peace-or something like that17:39
domatyi know how to create a hotkey, but it launch an application twice if i press it twice ;) i need to focus application if it already started ;[17:41
Peace-domaty: create a script17:41
Peace-and launch that with hotkey17:41
domatyok, what cmd activate a window?17:42
buckfastWhy aren't any of the mouse gestures working for me?17:43
fmhow to recover default desktop in kubuntu ?17:44
Peace-domaty: vlcisrunning=$(pgrep vlc)  ; if [[ $? == 1 ]]; then  vlc   & kdialog --passivepopup "Vlc is starting , ..please wait  " 1 ;else echo vlc is running.. ; fi17:44
domatythx, i'll try it now.17:45
Peace-domaty: copy and paste in the terminal should work17:46
Peace-if you have vlc...17:46
Peace-good night17:48
domatyok, its works. but i need to focus vlc if its already running (17:48
Peace-domaty: try with vlc opened17:49
Peace-it doesn't lauch agian vlc17:49
domatyyes, it's good. ) example: vlc launched at desktop 1. now i'm working at desktop 2. i press hotkey and it should switch to desktop1 if vlc is running at desktop1.17:51
domatya want something like this ^17:51
domatyso i need a script, which defines a location of vlc and switchs to desktop where it is. ;[17:55
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ujjainHow do I create a symlink in the OS I am using?18:11
llutzln -s file link18:12
ujjainSo, no shift + moving?18:12
ujjainWithout the termianl.18:12
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voicuhi, is anyone else having problems saving shortcut settings in konqueror? i'm on karmic with latest updates18:24
ThatGuy-_-_Noob question18:32
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ThatGuy-_-Having an issue finding the wallpaper i downloaded to set it to slideshow.18:37
ThatGuy-_-I've read it's something like ~/.kde4/share/wallpapers/  Anyone know where exactly that is?18:38
WaltzingAlongThatGuy-_-: exactly as you pointed out. open dolphin, enter that in the location bar18:42
WaltzingAlongThatGuy-_-: if you do not know, the tilda refers to your home directory. ie /home/thatguy;18:45
robin0800ThatGuy-_-: user/share/wallpapers18:46
ujjainI dont like the ctrl+shift thing18:47
ujjaininstead of just control.18:47
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ookurogullari_aranızda qt bilen varmı?19:35
ookurogullari_Are there someones who know qt?19:38
planetary1what does *ubuntu do when you select esase disk and install on entire disk. does it set swap and ohter parts ok?19:39
Wolfcastleany way of installing kde 3.5.10 in kubuntu? alongside kde 4.3 that is19:40
avihay_Wolfcastle: yes, there is19:41
Wolfcastlemind telling me what it is?19:41
Wolfcastleola shaker19:41
avihay_ya, https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Karmic19:42
Wolfcastlethanx :-)19:42
avihay_Wolfcastle: look for section 6, there is a link to how to add on an existing installation19:45
ScuniziWhen synaptic or kpackagekit says you have sun-java6-jre 6-15-1 installed is that actaully version 6.0_15.1??19:46
Wolfcastleavihay_: yes saw it nice, and it's an improved version of 3.5 cool19:48
Wolfcastlei remember a program that let's you run a new session in a window...any idea what it's called?19:48
Wolfcastlethe idea is to run a kde 3.5 session in a window19:49
Duskaohey guys, I lost my "file, options, help" ect from konqueror, any thoughts? How can I get them back?19:54
olskolircI'm having a problem getting kommander-kde4 installed even with synaptic and apt-get where is it located or what is it called?  It says its installed.19:56
WolfcastleDuskao: try pressing Ctrl + m19:56
Duskaoummm, nope, nothing.19:56
Wolfcastleolskolirc: try sudo dpkg -L kommander-kde4 and see what it installed in usr/bin19:56
Wolfcastleweird that works for me19:57
Wolfcastlemaybe it's a bug19:57
DuskaoWolfcastle: could be, I'm running 4.419:58
Wolfcastleah there you go19:58
WolfcastleI tried it this week but I couln't even log on19:58
DuskaoWolfcastle: crappy, seems to be working fine for me, what was wrong that you couldn't log on?19:59
Wolfcastleplasma crashed and i just got a black screen19:59
Wolfcastleit's a know bug though19:59
Wolfcastleso I expect it will be fixed soon19:59
olskolircits in /usr/bin/kommander Wolfcastle and when I run it, I get an error box that reads: Error: no dialog given. Use --stdin option to read dialog from standard input.19:59
Duskaowhat widgets are you running?19:59
ThatGuy-_-@planetary1, yes.  It will automatically set a swap file, and the remainder of the disk as ext4.20:00
DuskaoWolfcastle: sorry, that was meant for you, what widgets are you running? smooth tasks by chance?20:00
Wolfcastlenothing now, just desktop view...but had more then...not smooth tasks though20:00
DuskaoWolfcastle: you aren't running any widgets???? thats practically impossible with kde.20:01
Wolfcastlea ram info widget20:01
Wolfcastleah of course the ones in the taskbar, device widget, battery monitor etc20:02
DuskaoWolfcastle: plus all your stuff on your panel. Anyway, I know that 4.4 doesn't like some widgets. Mine didn't like smooth tasks, would crash about 4 seconds after plasma desktop started.20:02
Wolfcastleyes could have been a widget, but i removed .kde...shouldn't that remove all added widgets?20:03
DuskaoWolfcastle: not that you are even using 4.4, but if you do try it again, be sure to have the basic widgets to start, then add more after.20:03
Wolfcastleok but I think I'll await the offical release thanx ;-)20:04
Duskaowould be nice if kubuntu beta would put 4.4rc3 in though.20:04
Wolfcastleah yes I downloaded lucid and it worked even worse..I suspected it was an older version of kde20:04
Wolfcastlewhich is it using?20:04
Duskaonot sure, probably the same as in the beta I would assume, but it might be a step or two farther along. It's probably more of the beta packages that go into lucid that make the experience worse for now.20:06
DuskaoWolfcastle: I haven't looked into it for a bit20:06
DuskaoI clicked the blue K on the side of konqueror (right hand side) and now file, options, edit, view, help are all gone, the whole bar is, can anyone help? ctrl + m isn't working.20:16
DuskaoI clicked the blue K on the side of konqueror (right hand side) and now file, options, edit, view, help are all gone, the whole bar is, can anyone help? ctrl + m isn't working.20:25
zooleenHi. Why Kubuntu don't see my SonyEricsson Z530i? In ubuntu it worked fine20:29
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GSPSuperNoob question, where are the best places to find easy tuts for learning ubuntu or kubuntu? And which would be easier to learn to use? Also how would I find what hardware is compatible and where do I get the necessary drivers? Ive tried both but not for long, I got to confused. XP User here, thanks20:44
DuskaoGSPSuper: Well, you were doing the best thing, trying out different desktop environments.20:47
DuskaoThere are loads of them, the most used are Gnome (Ubuntu) KDE (Kubuntu), XFCE (Xubuntu)20:48
GSPSuperIs it better to learn about linux distros while using them and getting help when problems arise?20:48
GSPSuperinstead of trying to learn everything from a windows os?20:48
DuskaoWell, it depends how you learn. If that is the kind of person you are, then do it that way. If you learn from reading then you can get the dummies guide to ubuntu or whatever.20:49
DuskaoGSPSuper: how are you using them right now? Through Wubi? a virtual machine?20:50
Duskaoor seperate partition?20:50
Wolfcastleanyone knows how to use wildcars with aptitude?20:50
GSPSuperI currently am only running XP sp3 on my box as of now20:50
GSPSuperso a fresh install would be in order20:51
DuskaoGenerally, KDE is more point and click (more windows-ish) Gnome is more command line based, but you can do whatever with both, they both have the same capabilities.20:51
DuskaoGSPSuper: not necessarly, you can just repartion your drive, shrink your partition. Make sure you back up your windows stuff though, it is possible to loose stuff.20:52
DuskaoGSPSuper: Sorry man, I gotta run, hopefully someone else can give you some more advice or info, or you can google it, but I gotta run. Best of luck.20:52
GSPSuperThanks again20:53
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teageman you guys are unsociable lately. Im afraid to even ask.21:19
crimsunaka "have lives"?21:19
teageic - and thats why you are just sittin there at yer screen huh. whatta life21:20
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Ev0luti0n_anyone here?21:23
Tm_Talways someone21:24
Ev0luti0n_i have a question, don't know if you can help me out21:24
Ev0luti0n_so, are you able to install new icon packs?21:24
Ev0luti0n_i can't21:24
Ev0luti0n_i go to system settings -> appearence -> icons -> get new themes21:24
Ev0luti0n_it lists out stuff from kde-look.org the way it should, and then i click install and nothing happens21:25
Ev0luti0n_the funny thing is that this submenu is the only place where it happens21:25
Ev0luti0n_don't know why21:25
Ev0luti0n_i only have three options available21:25
Ev0luti0n_crystal svg21:25
FloodBotK1Ev0luti0n_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:25
christonapushbikI need help wid kubuntu.21:32
christonapushbiki need help pls!!21:33
geopolKDE 4.3.2 KUBUNTU  How to stop intro music on boot,,,have looked all through system settings any idea???21:36
christonapushbiki installed kubuntu now how do i update it? and how do i install drivers?21:37
geopolin terminal type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade21:38
Fanfarechristonapushbik: dont forget restricted-extras package and medibuntu repository21:39
CartoonCatI have a atheros wireless card, 9.10 installed today, "wlan0: disassociating by local choice (reason=3)".  Ideas?21:39
christonapushbiksir im new to ubuntu pls tell me how to do it? thanx21:39
Fanfarechristonapushbik: installing packages, -> kpackagekit21:40
Fanfare!medibuntu | christonapushbik21:41
ubottuchristonapushbik: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org21:41
geopolChris,,, if you don't have aptitude kpackagekit will not give you privs so do this goto kickstart menu and >system>terminal and type what i said21:42
christonapushbik@geopol sir i've run the first command u told me21:43
christonapushbikand new lines began to appear21:43
geopolthats good if you entered jus the first part then when all the update is finished type "sudo apt-get install upgrade21:44
geopolfirst part of command gets avail upgrade the second installs them21:45
christonapushbiksir it is running and showing me 1 hour time the first command21:47
christonapushbiki have dsl 4MB21:47
geopolYes many updates from original release of distro hang in ther it will work...21:47
geopolya get wht you pay for21:48
christonapushbikok i will call my dsl provider in the meantime update is running, sir i''ll tell u once it finish installing21:49
geopolubuntu..Hello whats up21:59
Tophi am running KDE 4 with a radeon HD 2400 XT graphics card.. the desktop looks good but all the fonts on my applications (file, edit, etc) are faint and poor. Any ideas?22:08
darthanubisToph: yeah, turn on anti-alias22:10
Tophdarthanubis: where do i find that?22:11
macman_hi all question .. im on kubuntu right .. my display is 1440x900 im alright with this .. i want everything to be smaller .. ie icons / terminal everything .. how would i do this22:21
Tm_Tmacman_: go to systemsettings -> appearance22:21
Tm_Tmacman_: there you can control fonts and sizes, icons and their sizes and rest22:22
macman_this is regular font correct .. how about icons / title windows etc ..22:23
darthanubisif you'd go there now you'd see all you need to22:24
Tm_Tin icons section you can control default icon sizes22:24
harjotanyone know where i can get an older package of skype?22:26
darthanubisfrom the web of course22:27
darthanubisyou have to search google for it22:27
darthanubismight even find it on IDK SKYPE?22:28
macman_nothing in gconf-editor i can look at ?22:29
darthanubisfor what?22:30
darthanubiseverything is in systemsettings22:30
macman_ok let me refrease .. when i open a gnome-terminal it gets real big by default .. or anyt other app22:31
macman_how do i reduce these apps so they all run at a certin lenght/widtih everytime i  open them .. they are way to big for my screen22:32
darthanubisfor thegnoem fix this is the kde channel for ubuntu, and I found that fix by searching the web, which you will hav to do as well22:34
darthanubisfor all kde apps, you resize them once they open22:34
macman_how about for gnome22:34
darthanubisnext time you open them, they should be the size you left them22:34
darthanubisthis aint the gnome channel dude22:35
macman_ok coo thanks22:35
Rayzzzhi i have question: will kubuntu netbook edition work on my Acer Aspire One 751H?22:37
darthanubisRayzzz: boot the livecd and tell us22:40
darthanubisthat why they make livecds22:41
Rayzzzthe reason i asked is that i had some trouble with the poulsbo video driver and UNR 9.10. Th is trick http://gadgetmix.com/index/new-gma-500-poulsbo-drivers-for-the-ubuntu-9-10-karmic-koala/ got i working for me with UNR. But will it work with kunbuntu or is it totally diffrent from ubuntu?22:43
christonapushbikmy konqueror show me messaage u need to install multimedia funtionality paackages how can i install thee?22:44
darthanubischristonapushbik: click the icon that tells you to do so22:47
kaddi__ubuntu are you looking for the spanish channel of kubuntu?23:04
ubuntudonde encuentro soporte en kubuntu espa;ol_23:05
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.23:05
ubuntuI want suport spanish kubuntu23:05
kaddi__de nada :)23:06
nabianhi, idk how to open jdownloader. I just installed it23:13
nabianhi, i dont know how to open jdownloader. I just installed it23:14
ujjainKubuntu is with KDE right? What is it with Gnome? Gubuntu?23:16
ujjainKonversation is an IRC-client that starts with a K because of KDE? Right?23:17
ujjainTherefore that is the reason why it auto-connects to #kubuntu?23:18
Tm_Tpropably yes23:18
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Speedy2Hey all.  Is it possible to get a newer Xorg than what ships with Kubuntu 9.10?  I need a newer version of the ATI driver (open-source).23:36
kaddi__where can i find te error console in konqueror?23:36
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ikoniaSpeedy2: pull the module down on it's own23:37
ikoniaSpeedy2: you don't need the full x-server fot that23:37
Speedy2ikonia, From where?  Git source?  I'm having issues building because of dependencies.23:38
ikoniaSpeedy2: which ones are failing23:38
Speedy2ikonia: PKG_CHECK_MODULES(XORG, xorg-server >= 1.2 xproto fontsproto $REQUIRED_MODULES)23:38
ikoniaSpeedy2: what version fo you have ?23:38
Speedy2ikonia, Of?23:38
ikoniathe xserver is 1.2 so should be fine23:39
Speedy2X server is 1.6.4 , let me check on xproto23:39
ikoniais it usiong PKG_CHECK_MODULES as a varible like PKG_CONFIG_PATH23:40
Speedy2ikonia, : It looks like I missed the xorg-dev package, even though I thought I requested install, trying again.23:41
ikoniaahh, good spot23:41
Speedy2Ok, looks like it's compiling23:43
Speedy2I needed to get the glx headers as well23:43
Speedy2ikonia, When it's done compiling, do I use apt to un-install the existing xfree-ati and then do a make install for the ATI driver I just compiled?23:44
ikoniaSpeedy2: if it where me I'd uninstall it as you said, then I'd either packagte it locally myseld, OR do a make install into a temp dir, and manually move the .so into place23:44
Speedy2ikonia, What about: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa ?23:45
PickaxeHey, can anyone help me?23:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:46
ikoniaSpeedy2: a ppa, that could be very handy23:46
Pickaxeevery time I start Kubuntu I have to type my password to allow networkmanager to connect to WiFi, how can I make it connect automatically? (and yes, my above message was just a segue heh)23:47
ikoniaSpeedy2: I've not used that one myself so don't know how good it is, but that looks a solid possability23:47
Speedy2ikonia, Have you compile a driver yourself?  I need the "bleeding edge" ATI (radeon) driver, and it seems like the stable one I compiled is the same as what's packaged (6.12.99)23:51
MHz128How do I force apps to minimize to the system-tray, rather than the panel-dock ?23:54
PickaxeSo I guess it isn't possible?23:56

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