slytherinapw: FYI ... Latest karmic-security bump for ports-meta causes wrong image to be installed (linux-image-2.6.31-15-*) instead of latest from -security (linux-image-2.6.31-19-*).05:47
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wzssyqadoes lucid's initrd support btrfs as boot?09:46
wzssyqaand what about the grub?09:46
crimsunhmm, no JFo19:48
loolapw: Sorry, for some reason "make modules" seemed to work here, probably it ignores errors, but the kernel .deb build fails for versatile with my config updates; I'm working on it21:52
loolIt was two issues affecting a dozen of config options21:53
loolOk, I got qemu to actually crash when using kexec21:57
loolqemu: hardware error: pl011_write: Bad offset fcc21:57
loolFiled #51856722:01
loolLP #51856722:01
loolUps echan22:01
loolapw: I've sent the pull request for the fixes; it still breaks at the abi check step though22:19

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