Moebbehey guys06:07
Moebbewhats up?06:07
nhandlerTeam Reports are going out in this week's UWN13:13
johnc4510nhandler: sounds good13:45
johnc4510nhandler: whenever you get it done and posted, please let me know....i've got a superbowl party to go to but don't let that rush you...i can publish after i get back if necessary17:25
johnc4510thx bud :)17:25
nhandlerjohnc4510: I'll try and finish it up now. The script just finished running17:27
johnc4510cool, thx bud17:30
johnc4510i'm stepping away for about an hour so take your time17:30
nhandlerjohnc4510: Done17:45
johnc4510nhandler: thx bud :)17:50
johnc4510we appreciate it17:50
johnc4510nhandler: great job...i think this is the best one yet for the script...thx19:37
nhandlerjohnc4510: You are welcome. I found one issue with the script and how it handles links that don't specify any text (i.e. [[nhandler]] or [[http://google.com]]). I'll fix it this week. I'll also try and fix a few TODO items19:38
johnc4510great thx19:39
johnc4510The new issue of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #179 is now available19:53

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