kermiachas something changed on the qa tracker site? i can't log-in, almost like my account is gone06:31
kermiacnvm, just reset my password & all is good. bit strange, but problem solved :)06:35
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flax1hello, my ubuntu 10.4 freezes when i press the enter-key, is this a well-known-thing?21:32
persiaNot at all.21:32
persiaOr at least, I'd expect to hear more about it, and I haven't.21:32
persiaFile a bug :)21:32
charlie-tcaflax1: at what point does the freeze happen? Is that on the gdm login screen?21:34
flax1first i didnt have a login configured, then i got this dialog for keyring21:34
flax1when i pressed enter after the password it froze.... so i used the button21:35
flax1also, when i enterd in firefox a searchquery in the searchbox21:35
flax1so i waited for 2 weeks (2 weeks ago i did an update when it started)21:35
charlie-tcaOkay, that seems different from what I have seen21:36
charlie-tcafile a bug, please21:36
flax1but i dont know where it comes from, since everything stops workgin21:36
flax1should i do a complete reinstall first?21:37
flax1since, the upgrade process could also be the problem i guess21:38
persiaWorth filing the bug before doing the fresh install, as we're supposed to support upgrades as well.21:38
flax1well, i upgraded from an other version of 10.421:38
flax1and what should i give for background information?21:39
persiaAs much as you can :)  But the release installed, any previous upgrades, the precise place the error occurs, how easy it is to replicate, etc. is a good start.21:40
flax1any configuration files that are worth mentioning?21:40
flax1persia: i will do my best, but  believe me, when you cannot use the enterkey, its a pain in the ***21:40
persiaflax1: I bet.  Does ctrl-M work, or have the same behaviour?  If you're lucky, it's just an issue with keyboard mapping.21:41
flax1well, i tried ctrl-f1 to get a console and ctrl-backspace,... but none of them works21:42
persiaHrm.  Well, maybe just document everything somewhere (even on paper), and then try to get a working environment.21:42
persiaThe key bit is to be able to compare the working environment to the broken environment, as otherwise it's hard to track down the issue.21:43
persiaThe folks in #ubuntu-bug may have additional strategies to recommend.21:43
flax1hmmz,.. well i will try if i can do anything with the system remote,..,. then i can keep working on the system21:44
flax1(i hope)21:44
flax1thanks, and my report will come then around thuesday21:45

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