titan_arkthx for all the help00:00
Sachse_Siechtumso nobody has an idea?00:02
charlie-tcawe don't seem to be so good on sound, here.00:04
knomewell, somebody should play with sound things more.00:13
knomei'm only listening to music and it just works (tm)00:13
redyou guys know if I can set up two displays in twinview with different refresh rates via xorg.conf?00:19
Sachse_Siechtumalright rebooted xubuntu...now I have sound in E:T :-)00:27
charlie-tcaWell, that was easy, then.00:28
knomered, i can't see any reason why not.00:28
Sachse_SiechtumKinda, yeah.00:28
Sachse_Siechtumso now. The only trouble I've got are my webcam and my printer...00:29
DaveInTucsonI have a xfce4-terminal icon on my top toolbar.  But when I click on it (once!) it opens two windows.  Am running XUbuntu 8.10.  Any advice?00:59
DaveInTucsonI've also had it open two windows when invoked from command line00:59
DaveInTucsonbut not always00:59
Sachse_Siechtumright click on the icon and look at "properties" ...01:01
Sachse_Siechtummaybe you have something double in it..01:02
DaveInTucsonI don't see anything obvious.  'Command' is /usr/bin/xfce4-terminal.  'Run in terminal' is not checked...01:03
DaveInTucsonHmm... I had Name as 'New Item' and Description as 'Default Description'.  I entered my own values, and now it doesn't seem to be doing it any more :-?01:05
Sachse_Siechtumso now it starts one terminal?01:05
DaveInTucsonYeah.  I'm pretty sure this 'open two window' behavior didn't start right away.  Maybe there was something corrupted in the toolbar entry that got fixed when I changed the Name and Description?01:06
Sachse_Siechtumit might be. just try it again after the next reboot...if it stays that way, it might be fixed.01:07
DaveInTucsonok.  I haven't rebooted since the last kernel update, so I should do that soon anyway.  Thanks for your help.01:07
skiddexi am using pidgin on xubuntu 8,04 via vmware appliance by bagside. just trying out vmware player.01:52
nikolamskiddex, you can also try to use virtualbox, it is full program, not just player01:55
skiddexyes i knew there were lots of other options01:56
nikolamnot a lot exactly01:57
skiddexthis is a custom made appliance for stock trading01:57
nikolaminteresting is it is made only for vmware? I think virtualbox can run universally made appliances, also01:58
skiddexi like running linux on the windoz box so player is good for me01:58
nikolamits closed source01:58
skiddexnot really sure its about a year old01:59
nikolamOne can make its own appliances with full program, like virtualbox01:59
skiddexwhen i ran it it had to run file system cleanup01:59
skiddexfirst time02:00
skiddexsounds interesting will give virtualbox a look02:00
nikolamwell, I run windows inside one of vbox machines on Xubuntu as a host02:01
nikolamI would never use windows on bare metal02:01
skiddexthat's an idea kind of the reverse of what i am doing02:01
skiddexnikolam which version of windows are u running? xp 7??02:03
nikolamwell yes. but just inside vbox02:03
skiddexis it 7 or vista or xp?02:04
nikolamwell xp. hopefully will never touch those vista an 702:13
nikolamdrm remotely-controlled spying windows02:14
Sachse_SiechtumI'm using a XP installation but without drm02:34
Sachse_Siechtumwhich Xubuntu program is capable of burning .img files?02:40
charlie-tcabrasero should be able to02:40
charlie-tcaI don't know for sure, since I do very little other than iso burning02:41
Sachse_Siechtumsimulating with brasero now02:42
Sachse_Siechtumanybody home?03:12
semitonesif I wanted to compare performance between a gnome session and an xfce session on the same machine, how would I do it?07:50
semitonesnobody belives me that xubuntu is faster than ubuntu07:50
Sysihow much RAM do you have?07:51
Sysicurrent xubuntu isn't actually lot faster than gnome version, but you can find memory usage test results from internet07:52
semitonesI think I have 512 mb, with 128 used by the onboard gfx, but I'm not sure07:54
semitonesThe thing that sets it apart is, in gnome, my applications grey out occasionally, but that doesn't happen in xfce -- it's always responsive07:54
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becker_11Hi I have a problem with echoing sound I'm trying to watch the live coverage of the shuttle launch on spacevidcast.com any suggestions??09:44
becker_11btw it has happened before on avi's I've watch the solution was to switch video players09:45
cPt95is there a wizard for importing photos from a digital camera?14:37
`mOOse`someone was kind enough to show/tell me how to add a terminal icon to my app bar and I had to re-do my install and I forgot how :(15:04
`mOOse`also, is there a wiki that tells you this stuff?15:04
Sysiadd launcher, command for it is: xfce4-terminal15:20
`mOOse`thanks Sysi  - got it sorted15:21
`mOOse`just now like seconds ago :-)15:21
kromari have updated my xubuntu today and now my network is gone under windows, whats going on there?15:41
* Psilocybin_Elf shrugs.15:42
likemindeadSo... how do you change the GDM theme in Xubuntu 9.10?16:29
vinnllikemindead, hmm, painful... You can't16:29
vinnlWell, you could theoretically edit the theme of the user "gdm" to alter it a bit16:29
bazhangepidermis was suggested16:29
vinnlShould be more easy with 10.0416:29
bazhangthough not officially supported16:29
bazhangthere is however a PPA for it16:30
likemindeadCould install SLiM, I suppose.16:30
vinnlbazhang, how is epidermis different from a normal theme manager? Does it make editing GDM easier?16:30
vinnllikemindead, yes, or use the method described in Sysi's link, a little bit modified for Xubuntu16:32
mr_pouityeah, in 9.10, run xfce4-settings-manager instead of gnome-control-center16:33
vinnlNamely: replace "gnome-control-center" with "xfce4-appearance-settings"16:33
vinnlOr that :)16:33
mr_pouityeah, appearance-settings is better ^^16:34
vinnlYeah, then again, yours is more accurate as the article also could've used gnome-appearance-properties ;-)16:34
vinnlAh, it can also download themes16:35
vinnlBut, it's not *required* for changing the gdm's appearance, xfce4-appearance-settings will work as well16:36
likemindeadThanks, all.16:41
`mOOse`what happens if you accidentally install the ubuntu restricted extras instead of the xubuntu version? (like I'm doing right now - gulp)17:15
* `mOOse` trembles17:15
vinnlNot a big problem17:15
vinnlYou can remove it and then automaticalyl remove the additionally installed packages afterwards, you can leave it installed17:15
`mOOse`can you do that in one command? cause it's like installing about 58 files17:16
`mOOse`<--- n00b17:16
vinnlYou can first remove the package as usual, and then you need to run the following command (sorry, I don't know if/how to do this graphically): sudo apt-get autoremove17:17
`mOOse`ok so the package will show up in synaptic as restricted or something? I can uninstall that, then do the autotremove command in the cli?17:17
`mOOse`it's still installing btw - if I just hit cancel will that roll it back?17:18
`mOOse`or should I leave it be until it's done ya think?17:18
vinnlI think it will stop installing more packages17:18
vinnlNo you can press cancel, and then run the command above17:18
`mOOse`but not uninstall the ones it has already....yea that was my thought too17:18
`mOOse`ok then17:19
`mOOse`let's see what happens when I do this! (insert image of bomb blowing up here)17:19
`mOOse`sudo apt-get autoremove didn't remove anything17:20
vinnlNo it asks you whether you're sure, then you have to press Y or something17:20
vinnlWait, let me do it myself17:20
bazhangas its a meta package it wont do17:20
vinnlOh wait17:20
bazhangif it is done configuring then its tougher; was this still downloading stage?17:20
vinnlOh no, it should ask you if you're sure17:20
vinnlAh, yes, if it only downloaded then nothing is installed yet :)17:21
`mOOse`yes, it was still downloading bazhang17:21
bazhangthen not to worry (hopefully)17:21
`mOOse`that's right - so the files are sitting on the hd somewhere17:21
vinnlThe packages have just been downloaded to your PC, you could clear the cache to get rid of them if you really, really care about disk space17:21
`mOOse`when I run bleachbit I'll gettem!17:21
vinnlHaha, I believe they're in /var/cache/apt like every package you ever installed17:22
`mOOse`I'll get them ones too!17:22
bazhangdon't remove that directory though17:22
`mOOse`when I was runnin on the flashdrive as I was shopping for distros I discovered that dir, emptied it, and got almost a gig of space back17:23
`mOOse`on a 4 gig flashdrive that's significant17:23
vinnlYeah it can matter a lot after some time17:23
`mOOse`dell laptop17:24
bazhangor unetbootin17:24
`mOOse`no, did that too - I just pulled the hd out during the installs and toggled the flip bit on the usb drive and linux saw it as a hd and installed17:24
`mOOse`well, except for xubuntu - that gave me a headache but I got it eventually17:25
bazhangnicely done17:25
`mOOse`tried ubuntu, kubuntu, suse (the easiest install) and now xfce on it - definitely like this DE best17:25
`mOOse`I made the herculian mistake of leaving my hd in the machine when I tried to install xfce and grub happily wrote to my hd mbr despite my trying depserately not to let it17:26
`mOOse`messing with it more I eventually killed my xp/win7 dual boot17:27
`mOOse`learned that ubuntu has a bug when grub tries to install more than 2 os's17:27
`mOOse`er you know what I mean17:27
`mOOse`so...that's ok - I was gonna astroturf xp anyway17:28
`mOOse`just did it under duress is all lol17:28
`mOOse`oh and much hoof-wringing17:29
`mOOse`all good now17:29
bazhanggrub2 and win7?17:31
`mOOse`yea, and xp, and the ubs17:32
`mOOse`er usb17:32
`mOOse`3 total17:32
`mOOse`maybe you guys can help me figure out how to get it to recognise and automount my win7 partition now17:33
`mOOse`it was pretty straight forward in suse, but I can't seem to find the sweet entry in fstab that works17:33
bazhangwell win7 has this weird 100 mb partition it likes to install17:33
bazhangand the ubuntu installer has issues with it up to now17:33
`mOOse`I know nothing of a seperate partition for win717:34
`mOOse`never heard of it17:34
`mOOse`doesn't exist on my machine17:34
bazhanghad a heck of a time getting my win7/karmic dual boot working17:34
vinnlI gotta go, good luck with everything :)17:34
bazhangperhaps because all were fresh installs not upgrades17:35
bazhangvinnl, you too :)17:35
`mOOse`thanks again vinnl17:35
`mOOse`well, after wrestling with it I decided to just re-install win717:37
`mOOse`put it on the C partition and xubuntu on a 25 gig partition17:38
`mOOse`nuked xp17:38
`mOOse`works fine but now I just have to figure out the syntax that xubuntu uses in fstab17:38
bazhangsame as in all other flavors, I would imagine17:39
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:39
`mOOse`that was my suse fstab17:40
bazhangah right dev disk by id17:41
bazhangthought ubuntu was uuid17:41
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)17:41
`mOOse`I believe it is - which is why I'm a little shy about making the adjustment17:42
Sysiyou can use /dev/sdXX also17:42
`mOOse`back...got called for lunch sorry!17:52
`mOOse`so if I did sudo blkid I get the UUID and I could use that17:53
`mOOse`just basically replace the id with the uuid17:54
`mOOse`will I need to bind it to ntfs-3g too?17:57
`mOOse`so the line would look something like:17:59
`mOOse`http://pastebin.com/m2e88f647  that's the blkid18:00
`mOOse`this is what I added to the current fstab:18:00
`mOOse`I'ma gonna try it! LOL18:04
`mOOse`ok I got no errors when I sudo mount -a18:07
`mOOse`that's a goog thing :-)18:07
TheSheepyou might need some options for ownership and charset and such18:07
`mOOse`TheSheep, would that fall under "default" too?18:08
`mOOse`I think that's where it would be - but you're right18:08
`mOOse`I guess I need to reboot and see if it bitches18:09
`mOOse`or if it wants a passwd18:09
TheSheepI think it makes all files root.root by default18:09
`mOOse`that would be good18:09
`mOOse`(I think!)18:09
TheSheepah, ok18:09
`mOOse`I want full r/w on that partition18:09
TheSheepI'd rather make it me.me :)18:09
`mOOse`I suppose you're right18:10
TheSheepcharlie-tca: same to you18:11
charlie-tcatime to change again18:12
`mOOse`we won't tell promise!18:12
`mOOse`ok, I'ma reboot and see what happens18:12
TheSheepdetonation, most likely18:13
sweetunicornhi, i have try to install a new theme on xubuntu, but it don't works18:45
sweetunicorni have done this: open menu / settings / xfce4 settings manager / appearance select the gtk-trinity theme18:45
sweetunicornand then go to the window manager and select xfce4-trinity.18:45
Sysiand how it doesn't work?18:46
sweetunicorni don't know.  i can't find trinity in the list in the window manager18:47
Sysidoes the gtk-trinity work?18:47
sweetunicorni have extract the file  an creat a new folder.18:47
Sysiyou have extracted file and placed it to ~/.themes ?18:48
sweetunicornyes  i have18:49
Sysihave you checked what's inside folder?18:49
Sysisome themes have nasty double-compressing18:50
sweetunicornyes , but there no double- compressing18:53
Sysihumm, you can try to open theme-selector again18:54
Sysiso there are xfwm4 and gtk-something folders?18:54
sweetunicornin the window manager?18:55
Sysino, in theme's folder18:55
sweetunicornthere are two folders. xfwm4 and gtk18:57
Sysiso it should work18:58
sweetunicornwhen i open the window manager. there should be the trinity. but it isn't18:59
sweetunicornand it don't works18:59
knome!de | sweetunicorn19:00
ubottusweetunicorn: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.19:00
sweetunicornkk thanks19:00
Sysiohai knomey19:01
knomehello Sysi19:02
Sysiwhen you are here, do we have fancy new look for lucid?19:02
Sysii'll install it when i can19:02
syn-ackhi Folks19:23
charlie-tca`mOOse`: What application is that? Is there an entry for it in /usr/share/applications?19:49
`mOOse`yes charlie-tca ...you did it - it worked19:52
`mOOse`xfe file mgr19:52
`mOOse`it installed but didn't add an entry19:52
knomeSysi, ;]19:52
charlie-tcaThanks, `mOOse`19:53
knomeSysi, http://shimmerproject.org/projects/albatross/ - check the mercurial repository from the right19:53
knomeSysi, we've uploaded a new version with new murrine options (afaik the new murrine is not packaged in lucid yet, though)19:54
syn-ackUm, so I'm assuming that I did something "wrong" by using Compiz instead of xfwm?19:54
charlie-tcasyn-ack: why?19:55
syn-ackI was kinda going off of what was being said, well nm19:56
syn-ackI did notice that they made using any other wm in XFCE kinda of a PITA to get running, in 4.6 at least19:57
charlie-tcaDepends on what you want. In xubuntu, you should be able to use what ever is in the repositories19:57
syn-ackHey that leads to me to another question... I am running lucid so I'm sure this probably isnt the channel to discuss this in but upon boot I'm getting a "broken Pipe" error out of X upon init.. anyone know if this bug?19:59
syn-ackI havent been able to find it in LP19:59
charlie-tcanormal for lucid, see bug 50019820:01
charlie-tcaMaybe that is different. You are seeing it every startup?20:02
* charlie-tca kicks the bot20:02
syn-ackcharlie-tca: Yeah, but it's not just Casper this is happening in... This is happening in my installed system and I have to go to VT 1, log in, and restart gdm so yeah it looks like a similar bug may be not the absolute same bug... I don't know20:05
syn-ackand yeah I'm seeing this at every boot20:05
charlie-tcaInstead of restarting gdm that way, you can try Ctrl+Alt+SysRq+k20:08
charlie-tcaIs gdm garbled?20:09
syn-ackno, gdm never starts... I get that broken pipe error then a couple asci chars and thats about it20:09
syn-ackand the reason I don't use magic keys is because it's too much of a PITA on this notebook20:10
syn-ackotherwise I would have used the magic keys20:10
charlie-tcaI get 5 even spaces at the gdm screen, with very thin white lines separating them20:10
syn-ackhrm wow20:10
syn-ackyeah, I don't get even that, just a couple chars and thats it20:11
charlie-tcaResetting it gives the right screen20:11
charlie-tcaHey, I think I would take the characters. This looks like it just froze up20:11
charlie-tcabut it didn't, since I can reset gdm to login20:11
syn-ackalright kids, I have to get ready to go over to my parents place so. ta for now. Thanks again, charlie-tca20:12
semitonescan I change my sound settings so my sound isn't muted every time I reboot?20:38
Sysixubuntu lucid installing \o/21:01
fabioHello. I have a Dell Mini 9 and I am running xubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. My problem is that my SD Card is not recognized. it doesnt show up either on the desktop or in the file system. it did with regular Ubuntu. Any ideas?21:18
acalbazahow do i change my screen resolution for the command line?21:24
charlie-tcaacalbaza: this should get you started: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ConsoleFramebuffer21:31
dink2can anyone help with installing a wireless card? Xu doesnt show anything when i plug it in..21:32
dink2need help installing drivers for a wireless card21:39
`mOOse`try synaptic dink221:42
`mOOse`find "wire" and it'll pull up some tools21:42
dink2says its already installed (wire tools)21:44
dink2xu wont see the card, or i'm not smart enough to find the right method..21:45
dink2i have the drivers on cd but not sure how to install them21:45
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:45
`mOOse`why didn't they install during setup?21:45
dink2the cd has only the drivers, no installer21:46
subspiderhi guys21:47
subspideri need to know how to eject my cdrom21:47
subspideris there a comand21:47
`mOOse`terminal: type eject21:48
`mOOse`(I know that one!)21:48
`mOOse`(my eject button doesn't work lol)21:48
subspidernice thanks man21:48
`mOOse`glad to help!21:48
subspidermy eject button works but when i put cd it stay in side21:48
subspiderdon't eject21:49
subspidernice thanks21:49
dink2does xubuntu have a device manager?21:52
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:58
Planetary_how do  i change my graphics driver23:35
* Psilocybin_Elf shrugs...23:37

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