NafaiGood morning13:34
Nafaitedg: So you latest changes should be uploaded today?14:12
tedgNafai: That's my goal, I need to talk to everyone and make sure they made it back home safely first :)14:15
NafaiOk, I've got to run and get labs done14:42
NafaiBut I'm getting close to my "first pass" on brasero, just debugging a GObject issue14:42
Nafaibe back in no more than an hour14:43
NafaiI'm back15:20
NafaiGood morning jono15:43
jonohey Nafai15:44
jonohows things?15:45
NafaiPretty good15:45
NafaiLooking forward to testing g-c-c once tedg's changes from the weekend are uploaded and I'm making headway on brasero15:45
NafaiHopefully have both of those to kenvandine today15:45
kenvandinehey jono15:45
jonoNafai, so brasero complete today?15:46
NafaiThat's my hope :)15:46
jonoNafai, great15:48
jonoNafai, which one do you want to do next?15:48
Nafaignome-bluetooth, probably15:49
Nafaikenvandine: Is there a flag, in general, for gnome apps that I can pass to autogen/configure to enable debug builds?15:51
NafaiI'm getting a segfault and I kind of need the backtrace :)15:51
Nafai--debug or somesuch?15:51
kenvandinenot really15:51
kenvandinenot that i know of15:51
kenvandinebut if you build it locally and run from the build15:51
kenvandineyou should get something out of gdb15:51
jonoNafai, ok great, gnome-bluetooth sounds good15:52
Nafaikenvandine: saw my problem, the thing I was running was a wrapper shell script.  doesn't help to run gdb on that :)15:55
NafaiYay, basic app-indicator functionality working in brasero16:38
NafaiNow to add progress as an inactive menu item (what was tooltip before)16:38
NafaiAnd then figure out how not have have copy and pasted code :)16:38
jonoNafai, great work!17:10
tedgNafai: BTW, indicator-application 0.0.12 was passed onto the distro team, it should be entering the distro machinery...  it'll take a while to get through all that though.17:39
Nafaithanks for  the update!17:39
Nafai"a while" == should be in later this afternoon?17:39
Nafaitedg ^^17:40
tedgNafai: Hopefully.  It depends if there was an Open Office upload recently ;)17:40
NafaiQuestion: I want to add an inactive menu item to replace the tooltip for brasero.  It uses UIManager to build the menu.  Is the best way to add the item get the menu object from the UIManager and then create my own GtkMenuItem and add that?17:54
jcastroNafai: smithj: jpetersen: around? 19:25
jpetersenjcastro, hi yes19:26
jcastroI'm not working today but thought I'd check in to see if you guys need anything?19:26
jcastroHow's things?19:26
NafaiGoing well for me, I'm almost done with brasero, sans having ken review it and tell me how to take care of the copy and pasted code :)19:27
smithjjcastro: hey19:28
NafaiAnd I'm waiting for tedg's latest changes to be uploaded to the lucid repos so I can test and see if I'm done with g-c-c19:28
smithjjcastro: i don't need anything, but i'll be sure to let you know when/if that changes19:28
jcastroNafai: what are you snagging after brasero?19:28
NafaiLooks straight-forward from the few minutes I've glanced at the code19:29
jcastroNafai: send me a mail when you do brasero, I'll link you into a conversation I've been having with luis (the upstream)19:31
jpetersenjcastro, i started working on gnome-power-manager it is half done19:31
Nafaimy big problem with brasero is figuring out how to make this code acceptable to upstream (and myself)....since I had to copy and paste code19:31
jcastroNafai: don't get discouraged, we put the complicated ones with animations and stuff first so we could work through any problems19:32
NafaiI'm not :)19:32
NafaiYay, I think I have brasero done21:51
jonoNafai, nice!22:01
jonoso what is next from the list for you?22:01
Nafaignome-bluetooth and testing tedg's patch once it's in Lucid22:08
Nafaijono: did you see the little video I pasted the link for in #ubuntu-desktop?22:08
jonoNafai, no?22:14
jonolet me check22:14
jonoNafai, sweet!22:15
jonostart with gnome-bluetooth today22:15
Nafaiso...need to figure out what to do with the bug on launchpad22:15
jonoand let me know how far you get in your daily report22:15
jonowhich bug?22:15
seb128if you need review subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors22:16
NafaiIn general, I guess I just choose "add attachment or patch", choose the patch, and then change the state as outlined on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators/ContractorWorkflow?22:16
seb128or canonical-desktop-team 22:16
seb128we will get those reviewed22:17
Nafaiseb128: subscribe to the bug, correct?22:17
seb128add the patch or the bzr url the bug22:17
seb128and subscribe one of those teams22:17
seb128confirm maybe with jono which one22:17
seb128I would said canonical-desktop-team for now22:18
Nafaijono: canonical-desktop-team for reviews?  Or just let kenvandine handle it per the above wiki page?22:45
Nafaijono: I would prefer a good review on this since it is my first submitted patch22:46
jonoNafai, ask kenvandine to see what he thinks22:46
Nafaikenvandine: around? :)22:46
NafaiOk, general question23:51
Nafainever mind23:52

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