mhall119anyone know if OpenOffice 4 Kids is being packaged for Lucid?00:28
Ahmuck-Jropenoffice 4 kids ?!00:41
mhall119yeah, the're making a more kid friendly version00:41
mhall119it's in 0.8 (beta) right now00:41
mhall119someone was asking me if we were going to use it for Qimo 2.000:42
Ahmuck-Jrlooks kewl00:46
Ahmuck-Jrjoerg_: new project?00:47
joerg_Ahmuck-Jr, www.myserv-project.org00:48
joerg_absolutely non commercial and open source00:48
sbalneavmhall119: if it isn't in the repos at this point, I'd say no.02:31
sbalneavjoerg_: Let me know when you'd like me to look at an ldap module.02:59
joerg_sbalneav, hey...thanks, that is nice :)03:04
joerg_sbalneav, I have played with a lot of stuff recently and even set up a slapd :)03:05
joerg_sbalneav, trying to implement the basic ideas to give fellow developers some starting point.03:06
joerg_sbalneav, give me a shout if you know some web designer who'd like to give the whole thing a comm look and feel :)03:06
joerg_sbalneav, do you want to have a look at it?03:08
sbalneavNo, I'm not much for web stuff :(  I'm more a plumbing guy.03:09
sbalneavHedgeMage may be interested.03:09
joerg_sbalneav, no, I mean at the status of the whole thing03:10
joerg_sbalneav, then I'd give u a demo account03:10
joerg_sbalneav, have u got ten minutes right now?03:14
sbalneavNot at the moment, I'm madly trying to fix another bug :(03:19
sbalneavMorning all14:36
sbalneavhighvoltage: have a look at my ldap page?15:12
highvoltagesbalneav: I did indeed.15:13
highvoltagesbalneav: I don't know enough about ldap to give constructive feedback, but just reading through it it seems easy to follow and well layed out15:14
highvoltagesbalneav: I'll try it out some time15:14
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sbalneavHmmm, I need to figure out the magic needed for asking debconf questions.16:07
sbalneavThat way, we could get the edubuntu-ldap meta packages started.16:08
ograsbalneav, phew, have fun ...16:08
highvoltagesbalneav: steal it from other packages :)16:08
sbalneavYeah, there's always that :)16:08
highvoltagesbalneav: I think it's much easier than reading the actual debconf docs16:08
sbalneavtake a look at the source for the slapd package.16:08
sbalneavWith 1 question, all that stuff on the wiki page could be turned into a package.16:09
sbalneavWe just need to ask the password.16:09
alkisgsbalneav: you need (1) a template with the question, (2) . /usr/share/debconf/confmodule, (3) db_get your_question, (4) db_stop16:12
sbalneavalkisg: thanks!  I'll look into that.16:17
alkisgsbalneav: I've recently used that for sch-scripts, so if you need any help, ping me :)16:18
sbalneavThat wiki page will end up becoming the core of Edubuntu's post-lucid "ldap everywhere" strategy.16:18
alkisg(btw, what did you think of the project?)16:18
alkisg(apart from it being immature :D)16:18
sbalneavalkisg: I've set aside some time this week to take a look at it16:23
alkisgsbalneav: thank you - be sure to `bzr pull` before you look at it, as much new code is added every day.16:23
sbalneavshouldn't be too hard to externalize the code into generic objects.16:26
* alkisg is able to use sch-scripts currently to build a fat client chroot with no console involved at all... but that's only the begining16:26
alkisg!info dnsmasq-base hardy16:47
ubottudnsmasq-base (source: dnsmasq): A small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server. In component main, is optional. Version 2.41-2ubuntu2.2 (hardy), package size 197 kB, installed size 600 kB16:47
alkisgogra ^^16:47
ograalkisg, yeah, i see -base in main too16:47
ograalkisg, if you can safely convert people on upgrades without breaking their setups, why not move to it ...16:48
alkisgogra, schools here use dnsmasq in proxydhcp mode, because they use routers as dhcp server. And it's OK to tell them "wipe your disk and reinstall the new LTS version" every two years :)16:49
alkisgSo I'm not really concerned about compatibility or upgrades - I'm only concerned about bugs etc...16:50
ograalkisg, i thought you talked about the default in ubuntu16:50
alkisgNah... I'm too young to Ubuntu and too old in life to try that :D16:50
XuzhouJimCan't seem to send to channel on ltsp.23:38
alkisgYou need to register your nickname first23:40
crimsunalkisg: any updates on edubuntu/ltsp audio [lucid]?23:42
crimsunalkisg: i.e., anything I should have on my radar23:42
alkisghey crimsun - I don't think so, everything seems fine so far23:42
crimsunalkisg: good to read, thanks23:43
alkisgI'll give it a look tomorrow, it's too late here, and I'll ping you if I see something, but really, I think everything's fine. Thanks! :)23:43
XuzhouJimI'm having an audio problem. Just got my server up and booting thin clients but getting bad feedback. Mic's being routed through speakers.23:43
alkisgXuzhouJim: try MIC_VOLUME=10 and VOLUME=50 in lts.conf23:44
XuzhouJimTried setting MIC_VOLUME and FRONT_MIC_VOLUME to zero but no effect.23:44
XuzhouJimWhere can I register my nickname?23:46
alkisgIn your client settings.23:49
alkisgToo late here, good night all.23:49

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