MHz128How do I trigger the Dashboard, keyboard or otherwise00:03
Pickaxewell I "fixed" the problem by setting a blank password for the wallet00:06
Pickaxeoh well, not that I need a wallet password anyhow.00:07
bobbythis linux OS even has IRC00:07
bobbyI like this00:07
bobbyscrew windows00:07
bobbythank youuu00:08
bobbysooo is the UK in the house tonight?00:08
bobbyhow about Australia?00:09
ikoniabobby: yes00:09
ikoniawhy ?00:09
macowell im sure there are quite a lot of houses in both the uk and australia00:09
bobbyhaha english people are funny00:09
bobbyyou're airport security thought i was a terrorist00:10
bobbybecause I have red hair and I was wearing camoflage00:10
ikoniabobby: you're aware this is #kubuntu - a suppord discussion channel for kubuntu ?00:10
Tm_Tbobby: please read channel topic (:00:10
bobbywell i wish i knew that before00:10
bobbyhad to figure everything out myself00:10
bobbywell im out00:11
rc1Is it possible to send files with Quassel IRC? I guess not, or maybe I don't see it...00:56
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tomdavidson I am having a bear of a time finding (or figuring out) a solution. I have many tar arcives in a directory. I want to extract all of them with one command... something like "tar -xvf *" but this is not prober usage.  Any ideas?02:10
Tm_Ttomdavidson: for file in *.tar.bz2 ; do tar -xcf $file ; done02:17
Tm_Ttomdavidson: might do it, might not do it02:17
tomdavidsonthanks Tm_T.  apparently tar deos not take the wildcards the way i wanted. ill look to the scripting. thank you for the direction and fast reply!02:20
tomdavidsonfor i in *.tar.gz; do tar xzf $i; done did the job02:22
Tm_Ttomdavidson: great (:02:23
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BluesKajhey emma03:10
WolfcastleI'm having problems removing kde 3.5.1003:11
WolfcastleI'm using 4.303:11
Wolfcastlespecifically ksmserver-kde3 can't be removed03:11
albertolempirahey guys i'm trying to have sound on multiples apps at the same time with alsa on kubuntu karmic, can anybody help me with this? thanks in advance04:37
CartoonCatAnyone used xnee? the package installs with no errors, but, always recives bad data from the plugin04:49
heberhi, does anyone has an acer notebook and has the IR port working?05:02
heberIm under kubuntu 9.1005:03
apersonhow do I empty the trash on all drives?05:10
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Rav3nSw0rdwhat a good addressbook utility for kubuntu besides kontact?05:48
Rav3nSw0rd*what is05:50
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dan____Can someone help me enable the geforce GT 330m on 9.10 64 bit06:22
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petsoundsdan____, run  jockey-kde  in terminal?06:29
dan____petsounds: tried that, lists a driver, can't "activate" it.06:32
dan____When clicked nothing happens and its greyed out06:32
petsoundsdan____, ok. do you see the recommended driver?06:33
dan____Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version 185)06:34
petsoundsdan____, humm.. did you try envyng? but remember it's not supported method06:35
dan____petsounds: envying?06:36
dan____I'm not too fimiliar06:36
petsounds!envyng > dan____06:36
ubottudan____, please see my private message06:36
darthanubisenvy is garbage06:38
petsoundsthat's why i said it's not supported method ;)06:39
darthanubisthen why even mention that trash06:40
petsoundsi only help ppl based on my experience with having ubuntu problem and envyng once help me to install driver for my video card06:44
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, tsimpson, jpds, seth_k, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, trappist, crimsun, seth, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici, jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok, ryanakca or maco07:46
jussi01darthanubis: ?07:47
bazhangdarthanubis, ?? what's up07:47
darthanubisJust trying to see what is going on07:47
jussi01darthanubis: please only use !ops for emergengies07:47
darthanubisI can read07:47
darthanubisBut could not read it until it appeared thanks07:48
crimsunyou should be able to msg the bot, too07:49
darthanubissorry crimsun07:49
darthanubisI like you always have.07:49
darthanubisFunny to see you in the kde channel when you work on pulse and pulse does not come standrad in kubuntu07:49
crimsundarthanubis: I work on audio, which is DE-independent.07:50
darthanubisI had the roughest time getting audio to play from two sources at once in kubuntu07:51
jussi01darthanubis: have you a current issue that needs sorting?07:51
crimsunwithout pulse, I presume?07:51
darthanubisI added the alsa backports modules package, and the sdl package and I also upgraded alsa to .22 and now it works07:52
darthanubisbut I don't know what exaclt was the fix07:52
crimsunI don't think the fix was really involved there. Were you having problems with Adobe Flash (presuming that you use Flash)?07:52
darthanubisI could not repeat the process from a clean install. And I never can get help regarding the matter when it occurs07:52
darthanubisI use flash, but no, there were no issues with that07:53
darthanubisI use 64bit flash from Adobe07:53
crimsundarthanubis: when the issue next occurs, inspect the output from "sudo fuser -v /dev/dsp* /dev/snd/* /dev/seq*"07:53
darthanubisFlash would be playing, then amarok would start and stop flashes sound07:53
darthanubisI'll do that07:53
crimsundarthanubis: if you use a special asoundrc that reroutes pcm.default, that could cause problems.07:54
darthanubisI don't use a .asoundrc although I tried to do that but it did not help at all07:54
darthanubisOSSv4 worked ok, but there was no sound from my front panel and gtk-recordmydesktop would not use it07:55
darthanubisso I went back to alsa07:55
crimsunbarring my actually being online when you have that symptom, I can't really do much else07:56
crimsun(and since I'm not employed to work on Ubuntu, that can be problematic)07:56
darthanubisI wonder if ossv4 will ever beccome a viable option in ubuntu. Not default of course, I know we are married to PA, but at least a click or two choice away07:56
crimsunI suppose you could file a(nother) bug07:56
crimsundarthanubis: OSSv4 isn't related to PulseAudio07:57
darthanubisI'm aware of that07:57
crimsunso why mention them in the same breath?07:57
darthanubisI meant ubuntu is committed to PA07:57
crimsunalso, Ubuntu isn't going to carry OSSv4 while upstream Linux doesn't07:58
darthanubisUpstream maay change because of the nature of ossv4 licensing07:58
darthanubisand I mention many things in the same breathe. Hopefully the proper punctuation will alleviate any misunderstanding?07:59
Tm_TI hope you can stay on channel topic too (:07:59
darthanubiswe were talking sound, and oss and PA are both sound related,08:00
darthanubisTm_T: who are you talking to?08:00
Tm_Tdarthanubis: you this time08:00
darthanubisTm_T: 3am on a DEAD channel and you are topic police?08:00
darthanubisWhen I'm talking about kubuntu sound, totally topic related08:01
crimsundarthanubis: OSSv4 has had a compatible license for some time08:01
darthanubisand now it has been amened08:01
darthanubisI'm not talking about the past08:01
crimsundarthanubis: it really isn't the license that's at issue; it's 1. technical architecture; 2. maintenance resources08:01
darthanubisI'm talking present and future08:01
crimsundarthanubis: there's no need to argue with me about OSSv4; I'm well aware of its merits and drawbacks08:02
Tm_Tdarthanubis: crimsun: you can continue licence discussions in -offtopic (:08:02
darthanubisno one is "arguing" with you08:02
darthanubiswhere did that nonsene come from?08:02
crimsundarthanubis: hmm, you seem to be proposing that OSSv4 be put into Ubuntu08:03
darthanubisI thought it was a discussion08:03
darthanubisI have not proposed anything08:03
darthanubisyou've got to be kidding me08:03
crimsundarthanubis: I'm in #kubuntu-offtopic if you want to continue.08:03
darthanubisyou must be tired man08:03
KARMIC_PS3hello all ,,,,,,,,,, does anyone know if its possible to use or convert files or software that is for one arch and use it on another (powerpc)08:22
crimsunwell,that would be "porting" (which can be labor-intensive)08:22
KARMIC_PS3is there programs to help with that and would it be difficult for a mostly noob08:23
KARMIC_PS3the only thing i need is to get a version of virtual machine working on ppc08:24
KARMIC_PS3or rather virtual box*08:26
crimsunmight be some work.08:36
papulcan anyone please show me his desktop screenshot?08:42
KARMIC_PS3well i understand a great deal and im really good at following complex shell directions08:42
crimsunKARMIC_PS3: have at it, then :)08:44
KARMIC_PS3what progs would i use08:44
crimsunan editor, gcc08:45
papulcan anyone please show me his desktop screenshot?08:45
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Fox_1_people I have problem with xrandr. I'm doing this: xrandr --output LCD --mode 1366x768 --output CRT1 --mode 1680x1050 --right-of LCD and everything working except that that the main display becomes the CRT1 (I mean the panel goes to CRT1). How to do that the panels stay in LCD and CRT1 just be as extension?09:13
papulcan anyone please show me his desktop screenshot?09:13
Tm_Tpapul: http://www.tm-travolta.net/shots/current.png09:16
papulTm_T: thanks checking it out09:16
papulTm_T: your one is nice but i want to see the default kubuntu desktop09:19
noaXessgood morning..09:30
noaXesscan ark handel rar files?09:30
noaXessunrar is installed09:30
noaXesshm.. but ark won't open the rar archive files.. or if i right click in dolphin an select "Extract Archive here" nothing happends..09:35
noaXessand if i open one f the rar files in ark, it means: Loading archive...09:36
noaXessok.. it seams that the rar files are password protected.. grrr..09:39
jussi01noaXess: yeah, thats a bug09:40
jussi01noaXess: you can unrar file.rar09:40
noaXessjussi01: i see.. then a passwort promt comes up09:40
jussi01noaXess: I do believe so09:40
jussi01noaXess: give it a go, if it doesnt work then please let me know09:41
jussi01noaXess: which version of kubuntu are you using, it seems this bug was fixed some time ago09:45
noaXessjussi01: 9.1009:45
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Benkinoobyhow can i find out which folder in my homedirectory takes so much space?10:31
KoliaBenkinooby: filelight10:32
BenkinoobyKolia: thx10:32
Koliarun it with sudo I think10:32
BenkinoobyKolia: works like charm, no sudo needed, thank you :)10:47
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KARMIC_PS3okay kernel question i use synaptics to update the kernel to version ?.?.?.17 but should it be removing previous versions cause it still has ver  ?.?.?.16 - ?.?.?.13 .... is that right10:58
EagleScreenhi KARMIC_PS310:59
EagleScreensynaptic is not the same than synaptics10:59
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KARMIC_PS3its synaptic not +s my fault11:00
EagleScreensynaptics is a touchpad driver11:00
KARMIC_PS3yeah yeah11:00
EagleScreennot all old kernels are removed when updates11:01
KARMIC_PS3i think faster than i can type11:01
KARMIC_PS3okay so they should all still be listed as installed after the update than right11:02
EagleScreenin threory, remove of old kernel was a new feature in karmic11:03
EagleScreenbut not all of them, always is good to keep ono or two old kernels11:03
EagleScreeni am not usre if that feature was finally implemented11:03
KARMIC_PS3ok but will it effect my comp negatively to have more than one version will it confuse my sys11:04
EagleScreenno, the single problem may be the disk space wasted by old kernels11:05
KARMIC_PS3ok thats not the prob than so is there a program in linux for doing what defrag does in windows ..... see i got plenty of hdd space but my sys does not move as fast as when i installed it11:06
EagleScreenext3 or ext4 filesystems don't need defrag11:08
KARMIC_PS3ok ??? so what could cause the slow down11:09
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EagleScreengood question KARMIC_PS311:17
KARMIC_PS3---|_---I---I\I---|_|---><---   ................yeah i dont understand11:18
KARMIC_PS3|_---I---I\I---|_|---><      that should be my screen name11:19
Spacemanhow do you kill krandrtray, it always runs at boot?11:34
Spacemanusing kubuntu 9.10 with kde311:34
Guest41226now install "blue air final' kubuntu 9.1011:58
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17SAACSFJhy everybody12:36
nadhello guys12:36
nadhow do I  install tar.gz12:36
nadI just downloaded firefox12:37
Peace-nad: you don't need to download firefox12:37
Peace-nad: just install it with kpackagekit12:37
Peace-or in a terminal12:37
nadcan any one help me12:37
Peace-sudo apt-get install firefox12:38
Peace-that's all12:38
nadI downloaded firefox tar.gz212:38
Peace-nad: that is not firefox for noob that should be compiled ... kubuntu has already firefox in its repository12:38
Peace-nad: open a terminal12:39
nadnow how can I install with a short cut12:39
Peace-nad:  and type this12:39
Peace-nad: sudo apt-get install firefox12:39
nadlatest is 3.612:39
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Peace-nad: keep the repository version.12:39
nadternimal has 3.012:39
nadokey I am using it now12:40
nadbut I want it to be like a normal soft with a short cut12:40
Peace-what do you mean with shortcut12:41
Peace-firefox has already a shortcut12:41
nadits in a folder12:41
Peace-examplain better12:42
Peace-explain better12:42
nadtar.gz is like zip12:42
nadso I unziped it in a folder12:42
Peace-that firefox is not compiled12:43
nadand that is where its runing12:43
nadso what can I do12:43
nowthPeace: the firefox .tar.gz does contain a runnable firefox, no compilation needed12:43
Peace-nowth: oh a binary12:43
* Peace- doesn't use firefox..12:44
nadwhat do you mean12:44
Peace-nad: nevermind12:45
Peace-put that folder where you want and create a launcher12:45
Peace-that's all12:45
nowthnad: I'd do as Peace said and install the firefox package from the repositories, although you can also move the firefox folder to /opt, create a symlink to it in /usr/local/bin, and add it to the k-menu with kmenuedit...12:45
nowth(for example. you can move it anywhere you want, really.)12:45
tertittenon kubuntu 9.10 are there any easy way to update to firefox3.6 ? I found a few repos however have no idea wich one to use12:50
nadwhere does ubuntu stores all program files12:51
Vroomfondleusually /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin12:51
nowthsome in /bin, some in /sbin, most in /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin is more like stuff you added yourself12:52
delightnad:  you can check any installed package by "dpkg -L packagename"12:52
nadhow about etc12:52
Vroomfondletertitten: I use deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu karmic main12:53
delightetc is just for config12:53
ner0xIs the setting to change KDMs theme broken?12:53
tertittenVroomfondle: thanks a bunch :)12:53
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tertittenIn KDE4 RC 2 does anyone know how to fix the nepomuk error ? do I need som daemon or something install ?12:56
nowthtertitten, have you installed virtuoso yet12:57
tertittennowth: nope, don't think so..12:57
nowthinstall virtuoso-drivers and virtuoso-server12:57
nowthalthough... I still couldn't get a working Nepomuk search the one time I tried12:58
nowthbut at least it made it start up12:58
tertittenok, wierd12:58
bottigerdoes someone know if a "Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5405  @ 2.00GHz" is 32 or 64 bit?13:00
nadwhy cant I move folder13:02
nadaccess denied13:02
nadI want to move to /opt13:03
nadhow can I move folder13:08
petsoundsnad, kdesudo dolphin13:09
[-Haza-]genii: Ping13:54
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vadviktorbottiger: if u r still here, try the lshw command. It gives a wider range of hardware info.14:03
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lynx_rhi all, i can't mount usb hdd :( i have this messages in /var/log/messages reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 914:26
lynx_ri tried to unload module ehci_hcd but it doesn't exist14:27
JDahlhow do I access a network folder (in this case an 'ssh folder') from a terminal? in Gnome the virtual folders were mapped to ~/.gvfs, but I haven't found an alternative in KDE14:32
geniiJDahl: make sure sshfs package is installed, then syntax is like: sshfs remote-user@remote.server:/remote/directory /local/mountpoint14:44
JDahlgenii, thanks - great!14:45
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »14:50
tertittenkde4 rc2 is to unstable :)14:51
tertittenMalin_: kde 4.3.95 as in kde 4.414:53
Malin_aha :)14:53
tertitten4.3.98 runs a bit more stable on opensuse14:53
Tm_Ttertitten: most of that unstability is due to Qt14:53
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Malin_tertitten: hm.. you make me feel regret for chaning to gnome.... :p15:01
Malin_or whater the word for angre er :)15:01
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lauritzhi all15:10
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JonErikI'm trying to figure out how to disable network-manager in 9.10.  The procedures I've found by googling seem to be obsolete.  Can someone point me in the right direction?15:14
JonErikThere's nothing relevant in /etc/rc2.d, nothing in /etc/dbus-1/event/....  I'm puzzled15:15
nowthJonErik, tried /etc/init/network-manager.conf ?15:18
JonErikI guess I could rename that file, perhaps?15:20
Tm_TJonErik: you don't want to use networkmanager at all, right?15:21
JonErikbut I don't want to remove it, in case I need it later15:21
Tm_TJonErik: "sudo update-rc.d -f NetworkManager remove"15:22
Tm_TJonErik: will disable all runtime based initialisations15:22
JonErikTim_T: I've tried that, but there is no "NetworkManager" in init.d anymore15:23
JonErikTm_T: There is a network-manager, though15:23
Tm_TJonErik: that's it then15:24
JonErikIt's softlinked to /lib/init/upstart-job15:24
Tm_Toh, right, and I'm not familiar with upstart ):15:25
JonErikYeah, so /etc/init/* stuff is for upstart it seems15:28
Tm_TJonErik: then "sudo update-rc.d -f network-manager remove" should work?15:29
JonErikTm_T: I don't think so, upstart apparently starts tasks on its own based on system events.15:30
Tm_TJonErik: wont hurt trying?15:30
JonErikTm_T: The softlink there is so that you can still treat it as if it were still using the init.d system15:31
nowthnetwork-manager has been converted to an upstart job15:31
JonErikyeah, so how does one disable upstart jobs?15:31
nowthI'm still trying to find out myself, but I suppose it editing the file I mentioned would be one way...15:32
JonErikI've done "chmod 000 network-manager.conf", but I bet that's not the proper way15:32
JonErikMaybe I comment out the "start on" lines?15:33
JonErikThat would probably work, but again, I don't know if that's the right way15:33
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/15:33
Tm_TJonErik: I wonder if there ^ is some relevant information (:15:34
JonErikYeah, I've been digging through that site15:34
Tm_Tthat doesn't sound promising =)15:34
JonErikupstart seem snazzy, so they've got to have come up with a specific, snazzy way to disable services15:35
JonErikSome equivalent of chkconfig15:36
JonErikAll I'm finding is gritty details and how to create a new service...15:36
JonErikI'm gonig to comment the start lines out and see if that works.15:37
JonErikbrb while I try that15:38
JonErikYeah, that worked.15:42
JonErikDoubt it's the right way, but it's not horrible.15:42
JonErikSo, each service in upstart has it's own .conf file.  And the .conf files define the event that will cause the service to go up or down or whatever.15:43
JonErikSo by not defining any events for it to come up, it won't come up.15:43
JonErikThanks everyone15:43
nowththanks for finding out it worked.15:44
danangthx u ubuntu15:44
staar2who likes to help me with KDE error http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8794338#post879433815:58
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Guest59661sudo dpkg-reconfigure x11-common16:07
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Guest59661debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable16:07
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bobbob1016I am currently running Gnome, I wanted to install kde4.4rc3 then upgrade it to final tomorrow, I added the ppa beta with "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta" and it installed 4.3.95, that's rc3 right?16:10
Koliabobbob1016: i'd say it's RC216:14
Koliaafaik RC3 has not been announced into kubuntu beta16:15
bobbob1016Kolia, Which repo do I add to get 4.4 tomorrow?16:15
afiefWhere are the KDE themes saved16:19
Koliabobbob1016: i'm not sure that 4.4.0 will be available in any ppa tomorrow. And i don't know in which one it will end. Just check www.kubuntu.org in the coming days :)16:19
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BenPAhi all ... have a dell 2650 with 512 memory ... I am running kubuntu 9.04. I cannot get kernel 2.6.28-18 to boot only 2.6.27-16. what happens is that I get as far as the Boot from ... Start up screen and it locks ... should I modify with noapic and what is the correct format16:40
BenPAhi all ... have a dell 2650 with 512 memory ... I am running kubuntu 9.04. I cannot get kernel 2.6.28-18 to boot only 2.6.27-16. what happens is that I get as far as the Boot from ... Start up screen and it locks ... any suggestions?16:54
klappihm why dont app maximize properly anymore? http://imagebin.org/8390317:30
BluesKajklappi, FF is broken after updates on some systems17:32
BenPAhi all ... have a dell 2650 with 512 memory ... I am running kubuntu 9.04. I cannot get kernel 2.6.28-18 to boot only 2.6.27-16. what happens is that I get as far as the Boot from ... Start up screen and it locks ... any suggestions?17:33
klappiBluesKaj: ff is just an example all apps maximize like this now17:34
reesefrancisif I want to execute a command with crontab which requires a Y/N confirmation, how can I do it?17:34
BluesKajklappi, you may need to setup your monitor res and image position ,sacaling etc17:36
BluesKajer scaling17:36
buckfastKDE menus aren't logical, why can I change the monitor power management options in 2 places: first in system settings->power management and second in system settings->Display->power control17:40
buckfastthe settings arent connected I seem to have one settings on on and other settings on other17:41
buckfastwhich one does it work by??17:41
buckfastI'm sorry but this makes no sense whatsoever17:42
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shiro_Hello All17:57
BenPAhi all ... have a dell 2650 with 512 memory ... I am running kubuntu 9.04. I cannot get kernel 2.6.28-18 to boot only 2.6.27-16. what happens is that I get as far as the Boot from ... Start up screen and it locks ... any suggestions?17:58
shiro_I'm having a problem, When I install Banshee and try to play a song with it I always get a redX  to the left of the name of the song, I was told to install gstreamer to get it to work. It worked the first time around, but when I reboot I get redX's to the left of the songs name again, And it kinda works on and off, Is there anyway to fix this problem, Im using Kubuntu 9.1018:02
oxymoronWhats the most efficient way to reset all applications and core settings without changing my custom/regular apps? :P I dont wanna delete my home-directory, I mean reset everything for /etc, /usr and so on?18:08
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avihay_oxymoron: reinstalation from cd18:18
oxymoronavihay_: Hehe yeah thats kind of obvious, but If I would like without LiveCD? :P18:19
avihay_well, you can go for mass removal and re-installation of packages, but you can also make a live disk on key, if you have one with 1GB or more18:20
avihay_well, I must be off18:21
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »18:21
oxymoronavihay_: Do you know if there is some kind of application to do that for me? Live disk on key, what do you mean?18:22
oxymoronBluesKaj: Does any kind of package disappear that I do not wanna change, like for instance KMail, Amarok and apps like that?18:24
rethus1have install konq-kim, but no contextmenu in konqueror or dolphin appear to resize images18:26
oxymoronBluesKaj: I would like some kind of system settings resetter that reset to "factory settings" without removing application data and important settings that I want to keep.18:26
BenPAhi all ... have a dell 2650 with 512 memory ... I am running kubuntu 9.04. I cannot get kernel 2.6.28-18 to boot only 2.6.27-16. what happens is that I get as far as the Boot from ... Start up screen and it locks ... any suggestions?18:27
BenPAhi all ... have a dell 2650 with 512 memory ... I am running kubuntu 9.04. I cannot get kernel 2.6.28-18 to boot only 2.6.27-16. what happens is that I get as far as the Boot from ... Start up screen and it locks ... any suggestions?18:33
BluesKajoxymoron, not sure of  a global command that will do that.18:34
shiro_Hay there evey one I'm Back, And I have more questions. I was use multi-touch on my touchpad in Ubuntu, But I really wanted to use kde, So now Im using kde and I would like to use the multi-touch for my touchpad again. Is there anyway to get it working in Kubuntu?18:35
oxymoronBluesKaj: Would be nice to have one. Sometimes one package break another and would be nice with some kind of chain resetter. SOmetimes the developers break ALSA for instance and would be nice to rollback or in some way reset settings. Or sometimes you want to get default settings if you somehow mess upp with the settings yourself :P18:36
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crimsunoxymoron: do you have a specific example of the developers breaking ALSA?18:38
BenPAoxymoron: I agree18:38
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BluesKajoxymoron, I haven't seen alsa broken yet , there are other audio issues/apps that create problems18:39
oxymoroncrimsun: Uhm I dont remember exactly, but sometimes the sound goes completely of sync, noise or sometimes it does not even work at all together with PulseAudio and Gstreamer :P Not sure exactly why, but I really love music and get very sad when Linux developers break the sound :P18:39
oxymoronBenPA: :)18:40
crimsunoxymoron: that isn't an ALSA issue18:40
crimsunoxymoron: that's a PA issue, and yes, I know about it. Dear goodness do I know about it. Thankfully, it's nearly all resolved in Lucid.18:40
BluesKajnow comes the test , will my pc reboot into a pure kde environment after all the issues of the lasy few days :P18:41
BenPAgood luck18:41
oxymoroncrimsun, BluesKaj: Alright, maybe another kind of issue, but still :P WOuld be nice if all audio streamers work flawless and if someone does not work Phonon goes to the next one without breaking anything like it has been doing before. One solution before when Spotify on Wine did not work was to completely remove PulseAudio :P18:41
crimsunoxymoron: yes, that's a problem, and it will have to wait until 10.10 to be resolved.18:42
ionuthow can i login ?18:42
ionut!ionut msg18:43
ionut!ionut /msg18:43
oxymoroncrimsun: I am not in a rush, but why 10.10 and not 8.10 for instance? :P I dont demand to rush, the developers does a great job with everything but the sound should in mi opinion ALWAYS work out of the box no matter what :P I am dependent of the sound.18:43
BenPAcrimsun: any idea when the grub ext4 issues will clear up?18:44
ionuthow can i log into this irc with the account i've created ?18:44
crimsunoxymoron: fixing bugs takes a long time. It's exacerbated by crap hardware, crap drivers, poor integration, and so on.18:44
naftilos76hi guys, does anybody know an app for handling/editing partitions? like say Gparted?18:45
naftilos76for Kubuntu!18:45
BluesKajnaftilos76, gparted works on most OSes , including kubuntu , you name it windows, bsd , linux , solaris18:47
BenPAhi all ... have a dell 2650 with 512 memory ... I am running kubuntu 9.04. I cannot get kernel 2.6.28-18 to boot only 2.6.27-16. what happens is that I get as far as the Boot from ... Start up screen and it locks ... any suggestions?18:47
BluesKajnaftilos76, it's not ubuntu or any linux version specific18:47
oxymoroncrimsun: Haha alright, I could imagine :P Isnt it possible to make everything modular and independent then with hybrid protocols. I mean for graphic cards lets say, you make a wrapper which connect thrue ATI or nVIDdia drivers depndning on what card you have or what it support for kind of render, like OpenGL 3.0. WOuld be possible to make transparent protocols so the good hardware, drivers and so on works and if there is some crappy18:47
oxymoronones people can devlop the drivers themseves :P18:48
naftilos76BluesKaj - i know , i am just refering to an app for KDE18:48
BluesKajyeah, purekde here ...finally , rid my box of the cartoon characters called gnome18:48
naftilos76i think partionmanager is the one, right?18:48
BluesKajnaftilos76, rea it again , it's not desktop specific either18:49
oxymoroncrimsun: If I remember correctly the KDE 4 was completely written from scratch from KDE 3? Would it not be possible to make some kind of hybrid driver wrapper for everything? I still miss support for webcam for instance, even if it really is not an important issue, but still. More and more I feel I can migrate completely from Windows to Kubuntu, but I still miss some things :P18:49
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oxymoronGone to food, cya soon.18:51
aftertafhmmmm. just wonering, is there really a major gain in 64bit OS ?18:58
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Relanderhow do you disable to jumping icon next to your cursor when you start a program?19:04
Relanderi think it's messing my video on dragon player and vlc19:04
aftertaflaunch feedback19:04
aftertafin systemsettings19:04
aftertafSystemSettings > Desktop19:05
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RaGNORAKi need help19:12
RaGNORAKi tried installing kubuntu to my ext hdd19:12
linuxlov3rRaGNORAK whtat19:12
RaGNORAKwith windows in my main hdd19:12
RaGNORAKnow nothing will boot19:12
RaGNORAKwhat do i do >_<19:12
RaGNORAKif i select the ext hdd as the first boot device then nothing happens19:13
RaGNORAKif i select my main hdd as the first boot deviice then the grub loader says no such disk19:14
BenPAhi all19:31
BenPAcan anyone help me with a grub issue in kubuntu?19:32
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BluesKajgrub2 or old grub (legacy) ?19:36
BenPABlueKaj: I am not sure which is which but I think it is legacy19:36
BenPABluesKaj: I am not sure which is which but I think it is legacy ... sorry missed the s19:37
BluesKajwhich kubunu version BenPA ?19:37
BenPABluesKaj: 9.0419:37
BluesKajBenPA, alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /etc/grub/menu.lst19:41
BenPABluesKaj: do you want me to modify something or just look at it?19:42
vbgunzI just install kmformat through apt-get... where the hell is it?19:42
BluesKajpastebin it , BenPA19:42
BenPABluesKaj: it's on another computer lol19:43
BenPAhold a sec19:43
vbgunzholy cow. what am I supposed to launch after installing kmformat?19:44
BluesKajsry BenPA , i shoyld have asked you first19:44
BluesKajBenPA, I'm gonna switch to my laptop...bbiab19:45
BenPABluesKaj: there is nothing in that file ... it is in .... /boot/grub/menu.lst19:45
vbgunzseriously. I just installed kmformat through apt-get. it is not known as kmformat anywhere in the system. it installed successfully and has disappeard. how do I find this thing??19:48
vbgunzforget it, gparted does the trick, at least I can find it19:51
BluesKajok BenPA, i'm back.19:54
otswimhello, does someone know an app to retrieve a pdf from google books?19:55
BenPABluesKaj: there is nothing in that file ... it is in .... /boot/grub/menu.lst19:55
BluesKajright, haven't used that file for a while19:57
EagleScreenBenPA: using karmic?19:57
BluesKajBenPA, can you pastebin it ?19:57
BenPABluesKaj: which one is karmic19:58
Chr|sJust did a clean install of Kubuntu 9.10, went to go enable the propretary drivers to be installed for my ATI graphics card and it greys out? Any ideas? Nothing happens19:58
BluesKajyou have jaunty  9.0419:58
BenPABluesKaj: the pastebin is .... http://pastebin.com/m511a7c1c19:59
BenPABluesKaj: no I am using 9.04 ... the machine will not upgrade to 9.1019:59
Chr|sodd now its working o.020:00
Flutiju`Hi, is-there a nfs/mount expert here ? ^^20:00
BluesKajBenPA, first of all at line 23 put a# in front of hiddenmenu, that's why you aren't getting grub to come up20:01
BluesKajit's hiding the menu20:01
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BluesKajBenPA, and you might want toincrease your timeout on line 19, to 5 or 6 (secs)20:03
BenPABluesKaj: hold a sec I think I did something wrong20:03
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BluesKajBenPA, that will give you chance to choose a diff kernel in case of probs20:05
=== greatgib_3 is now known as greatgib
KDeskin karmic with the ppa for kde 4.4rc, when I logout, the network manager (I think the applet) crashes, some one has the same problem?20:06
EagleScreenKDesk: I had the same problem20:07
ToxinPoweit's a buh20:07
KDeskEagleScreen: you have that bug no more?20:07
BenPABluesKaj: hold a sec I think I did something wrong20:08
BluesKajKDesk, mn in karmic is rather flaky, that's why i switched to wicd20:08
EagleScreenKDesk: i uninstalled KDE 4.4 and reinstalled KDE 4.3, after that, wireless never worked again20:08
BluesKajBenPA, like ?20:08
BenPABluesKaj: there were 2 files one I think was a backup20:08
BluesKajBenPA, rename the old file to a .bak20:09
BenPABluesKaj: the new pastebin is .... http://pastebin.com/m63d88b9b20:09
BenPABluesKaj: one file had a tilde and the other did not20:10
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BenPABluesKaj: the new pastebin does not have it20:10
BluesKajBenPA, anyway do the same things that i suggested.20:12
BenPABluesKaj: done20:12
BluesKajline 23 starts with a #, and increase yor time out on line 19 to 620:12
BluesKajsave the file , and do update-grub in the terminal20:13
BenPABluesKaj: done20:13
KDeskBluesKaj: EagleScreen odd, lets see if tomorrow when KDE 4.4 is release this problems are gone20:14
EagleScreenKDesk: I have fear to install it again lol20:14
BluesKajyour grub menu list should show up when you reboot, BenPA20:14
BenPABluesKaj: rebooting now20:15
BluesKajok , going to check the post box down the street ...bbin 5mins20:16
BenPABluesKaj: ok the menu shows up but it still hangs20:16
KDeskEagleScreen: but the wireless can work again20:16
EagleScreenyes, in threory20:17
KDeskEagleScreen:  you can try to install network-manager-kde plasma-widget-networkmanagement knm-runtime version  0.9~svn1075616 from lucid repo20:21
EagleScreenKDesk: that was not the problem, wireless didn't work with karmic packages, neither with Gnome and Gnome network-manager applet, it was really stranger20:23
EagleScreeni never find where the problem was20:24
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oxymoronKDesk: Btw, do you know why version 4.4 RC 3 never was compiled to Kubuntu Karmic? :P20:25
BluesKajBenPA, did this prob arise after an update ?20:25
BenPABluesKaj: yes20:26
buckfastHow can I make the task bar transparent again? It turned into grey when i disabled and re-enabled desktop effects20:26
BluesKajwhat graphics card do you have BenPA?\20:26
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BenPABluesKaj: in fact the update before this one ... I could under the first update boot to 2.6.28-17 not only 28-1620:27
nadhello guys20:27
BenPABluesKaj: let me find it20:27
ToxinPoweoxymoron: never compiled? nice! I had been waiting for 1 week -.-20:27
nadcan anyone help me in through the process of tar.gz installation20:27
EagleScreenoxymoron: because is better to wait to 4.4.020:27
nadcan anyone help me in through the process of tar.gz installation20:28
nadcan anyone help me through the process of tar.gz installation20:28
BenPABluesKaj: I forget how to find it20:29
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yes, but would be nice because KDE released a RC 3 which possible would solve some of current problems with KDE 4.4. But yes of course the stable release is to prefer, but I think it is "fun" with unstable releases :P20:29
oxymoronToxinPowe: Waiting for RC3? :P20:29
Chr|s    vlc media player isn't in kpackagekit?20:29
nadcan anyone help me through the process of tar.gz installation20:30
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with ark - also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression20:31
EagleScreenoxymoron: 4.4.0 packages are in preparation, so be patient we will have them soon20:31
LynoureHello, I have a problem. Sounds work fine in Amarok, for example, and in Miro, but not in Dragon player20:32
ToxinPoweoxymoron: Yes, I'm stupid, I can see now -.-20:32
Lynoureand a DVD without a sound is a bit of a bore.20:32
LynoureWhat can I do?20:32
BluesKajLynoure, try VLC20:33
LynoureBluesKaj: hmm, is this a known bug in Dragon, then?20:33
BluesKajdunno, i don't use it20:33
oxymoronEagleScreen: I am not in a hurry though, my patience is greater then ever - Especially when HTC does not work enough fast to port Android 2.1 to their Sense GUI :D20:33
BenPABluesKaj: nVidia NV11 GeForce2 Go20:34
oxymoronToxinPowe: Hehe :P20:34
oxymoronEagleScreen: What time approximetly does the 4.4 stable goes in public? :P20:34
pidusadi have a capture/uncaputre entry in kmix for extmic. I think my mic used to work before I selected capture on that extmic, unfortunately clicking on it to uncapture doesn't work. does anybody know a work around for it?20:35
Flutiju`Hi, is-it possible to automount a nfs share at boot ?20:35
EagleScreenoxymoron: it could be tomorrow20:35
LynoureFlutiju`: yes, by putting it in /etc/fstab20:36
Flutiju`Yeah, but it doesn't work20:36
LynoureFlutiju`: then there is probably something wrong with how it's configured.20:36
Flutiju`Here's the line : /media/STORAGE nfs user,rw,auto 0 020:36
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yeah I expect it to release 9 february xD I mean, which time during the ninth? :P20:36
Flutiju`And if I do mount /media/STORAGE manually after startup, it works, so I guess yhe line is OK20:37
pidusadanother simpler question is...is what application should I use to check my mic, other than skype, which obviously is a lousy means of checking whether your mic is working or not.20:38
nadwhat is the best download manager for ubuntu20:39
BluesKajBenPA, are you sure ? run lspci | grep VGA in the terminal. There doesn't seem to be an available driver for the one you posted20:39
LynoureFlutiju`: the difference is probably in the user who does the mounting20:40
LynoureFlutiju`: you when you call it, root in auto.20:40
Flutiju`Hmmm good call, i'll try to remove 'user'20:40
oxymoronnad: Define download manager? :P20:41
BenPABluesKaj: that's what I show20:41
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oxymoronBtw, does anyone miss the old Adept Frontend like I do? :P I dont like the GUI that KPackageKit uses now, its not working smoothly or comfortable as before.20:42
nadsome thing that would enable me to pause20:43
BenPABluesKaj: could there be a setting or something I need to adjust under NVIDIA X server settings?20:43
naddownload vidoes20:43
nadbtw is there any one here who uses blender20:44
Flutiju`Lynoure : same problem :(20:45
BluesKajBenPA, let's try updating again , ctrl+alt+f1 or f2 , then login, sudo aptitude update20:46
nadmy windows is still the best after all20:46
oxymoronnad: Kget? :P Or Firefox? xD20:47
BenPABluesKaj: I note under Graphics Card info the setting are as follows: Graphics Processor-GeForce2 Go .. VBIOS Version- .. Memory-16 MB .. Bus Type-AGP 4X .. Bus ID-1:0:0 IRQ-10 X Screens Screen 0 .. Display Devices-Nvidia Default Flat Panel (DFP-0)20:47
BenPABluesKaj: ok one sec20:48
SeicherlBoBis there a way to "ping" a sambaserver? I'd like to check if it is available (from outside the network). I need a CLI program for that, because i'd like to make a script using that information. I tried telnet, but telnet hangs if i try to connect to a closed port and i can't set a timeout. Any ideas?20:48
LynoureFlutiju`: I mostly came here to get my own problem sorted, but if you are not yet familiar with https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo , take a look there. I personally dislike NFS...20:49
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BenPABluesKaj: ok done20:49
Flutiju`Mount at startup20:50
Flutiju`NFS mounts can either be automatically mounted when accessed using autofs or can be setup with static mounts using entries in /etc/fstab.20:50
Flutiju`Lynoure : Ok, so it's not possible using fstab… thank you20:51
BluesKajBenPA, maybe we could try to install a more recent driver ,first stop X , sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop, then,  sudo aptitude install nvidia-current20:51
LynoureFlutiju`: hmm, not possible?20:51
BenPABluesKaj: ok one sec20:52
Flutiju`Lynoure : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo#Mount at startup20:52
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LynoureFlutiju`: I've seen it done, so unless your setup is somehow exotic... " can be setup with static mounts using entries in /etc/fstab"20:52
Flutiju`Yes, i'll do a tiny script in Autostart I guess20:54
nadhas any one installed google chrome yet20:54
BenPABluesKaj: I stopped kdm but got no prompt20:54
LynoureFlutiju`: if that feels easier for you.20:54
BluesKajBenPA, looks like you have no driver installed, rebooting and installing the nvidi=-glx-185 driver might be in order20:58
SeicherlBoBok... found it: nmblookup -A | grep -c "No reply"20:58
BluesKajer nvidia-glx-18520:58
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BenPABluesKaj: ok I see 180 but not 18521:02
BluesKajBenPA, ok either one should work21:02
BluesKaj180 it is then21:03
BenPABluesKaj: ok one sec21:05
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BenPABluesKaj: once it's done is there anything else I need to do?21:09
BluesKajyes BenPA , do sudo nvidia-xconfig21:10
BluesKajthen reboot and pray :)21:11
BenPABluesKaj: lol I'm already having problems ... hold a sec21:11
BluesKajsudo reboot21:11
BenPABluesKaj: ok one sec21:12
BenPABluesKaj: wierd21:20
BluesKajBenPA, i don't like weird, what's happening?21:22
=== Rav3nSw0rd is now known as Nev3rM0re
BenPABluesKaj: it goes into a low graphics mode21:22
BenPABluesKaj: then ask how I want to reconfigure my display21:22
BenPABluesKaj: use default ... new config ... or use backup21:23
BenPABluesKaj: use default (generic)... new config ... or use backup21:23
BluesKajBenPA, new config , it might not work tho21:23
BluesKajI had the same problem, after reboot it was fine21:24
BenPABluesKaj: ok one sec21:24
KDesksomeone knows when Qt 4.6.1 will be available in the ppa for Karmic?21:25
BenPABluesKaj: it says running in low-graphics mode ... (EE) failed to load module type 1 (module does not exist, 0) 2. (EE) failed to load module "freetype" ... module does not exist 0 and 3. No devices detected21:28
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BluesKajBenPA, try the low graphics mode for now , we need to do some more research..I'll bb in a bit21:29
=== wuoten is now known as ponchik
miglodoes someone know where the kde wallpapers are located?21:29
BenPABluesKaj: I used the backup21:29
pangeranmiglo: $HOME/.kde/share/wallpapers21:30
BluesKajBenPA, let's hope the bsckup works21:31
miglopangeran: this 'wallpapers' directory is not existing in my case. I'm looking for the default wallpapers.21:31
tsimpsonhave a look in /usr/share/wallpapers/21:32
miglothanks :)21:34
BenPABluesKaj: It did before we tried the new config21:34
BluesKajBenPA, let's try this if you have the patience for another go-round at the tty prompt, i was advised that the nvidia-nouveau driver will work21:34
BenPABluesKaj: sure I do21:35
BluesKajBenPA, do you have a desktop , were you able to login?21:36
BenPABluesKaj: hold on a sec21:42
Chr|sfor some reason I can't browse to my external drive21:43
Chr|syou would think something like this would be working on a clean install, unfortunally it is not21:46
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=== Rav3nSw0rd is now known as Nev3rM0re
=== Nev3rM0re is now known as Rav3nSw0rd
BluesKajBenPA, the nouveau driver may not be available in the repos so I was told the nvidia-glx-96 driver is best suited for your graphics card21:51
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
BenPABluesKaj: that's what I am doing now21:52
BenPABluesKaj: hold on a sec21:53
BenPABluesKaj: can I get the nouveau some other way21:55
vi390hi, can someone maybe give a hint, why Firefox is completely black in the textboxes. I cant find a way to turn this into white21:55
BenPABluesKaj: wierd21:59
BluesKajBenPA, pls expain22:04
BenPABluesKaj: nothing ... so how do I get my graphics back22:05
KARMIC_PS3anyone know of a messenger able to do yahoo messaging22:05
BenPABluesKaj: it will not run in low graphics mode22:05
KARMIC_PS3what kinda sys you running22:06
BenPABluesKaj: wait22:08
KARMIC_PS3i have tried sim-im but it fails to connect to network22:08
BenPABluesKaj: I got desktop back22:09
BluesKajok BenPA open your package manager and check search with nvidia for the installed driver22:10
BluesKajwe need to knwo which one22:11
BluesKajit will probly look like nvidia-glx-180 or some such22:14
BenPABluesKaj: wait22:16
BluesKajBenPA, in the terminal, nvidia-settings22:27
BenPABluesKaj: ok 1 sec trying to get desktop back22:28
KARMIC_PS3is there a channel to ask questions about flashing xbox360 harddrives22:28
BenPABluesKaj: I cannot get to a terminal22:29
BluesKajBenPA, alt+ctrl+f222:29
KARMIC_PS3and also im having a wierd problem with my pc i cant connect to this one web site  game-tuts.com  from my pc but i can get there from my ps3 and my friends laptop just fine22:30
BenPABluesKaj: I cannot get to a terminal nor the desktop22:31
BenPABluesKaj: wait I got it back22:33
BenPABluesKaj: ok what do you want to know22:35
BluesKajopen a terminal , nvidia-settings22:36
BenPABluesKaj: I did22:36
BenPABluesKaj: It shows a very sparse settings screen with one configuration22:37
BenPABluesKaj: should I say "save current configuration"?22:39
BluesKajdo an update22:39
BenPABluesKaj: when I did that last time it started doing the 180 ... is that correct and should I use aptitude or can I use apt-get or smart?22:40
CrystuferSo I just installed kubuntu and it won't boot because there is no menu.lst22:41
BluesKajapt-get is fine , but if you see it installing the 180, after it finishes , sudo apt-get remove nvidia-glx-180, then sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-9622:43
BenPABluesKaj: ok one sec22:43
BenPABluesKaj: it says glx-96 is already installed22:46
BluesKajok, BenPA , so your update didn't install any nvidia ?  , if not a nvidi-xconfig in the terminal just tobe sure X is updated22:53
BluesKajerr nvidia-xconfig22:54
BluesKajI mean Xorg.conf is updated22:55
BenPABluesKaj: no it did not install anything and said that glx-96 was installed22:55
BluesKajok ,22:55
BenPABluesKaj: let me try sudo nvidia-xconfig22:56
BluesKajBenPA, right22:56
BenPABluesKaj: says backed up22:57
CrystuferYo. What's the default kernel that ships with kubuntu 9.1?22:59
CrystuferLike the file name.22:59
BluesKajBenPA, are your apps working ok ?23:00
CrystuferI need it to plug into http://paste.ubuntu.com/372095/23:00
=== christian is now known as WierdAAR
BenPABluesKaj: they were ... I just rebooted and it says "running in low-graphics mode" once again (sigh)23:01
WierdAARAnybody wiling to answer a couple of questions for a linux newcommer?23:01
CrystuferNever ask. Just post questions.23:02
BenPABluesKaj: error msgs include failed to load NVIDIA kernel module23:02
BenPABluesKaj: also no usable configuration23:02
WierdAARDoes Kubuntu require mantinense and if how?  It seems to me that my system has become slower after a couble of days of use (installing packeges but other than that mostly nothing)23:03
CrystuferWierdAAR: I'm afraid that's how OS's are. They like to slow down after a bit. Especially once you install more system hogging apps.23:05
CrystuferAs for what maintenance you can do, I got no clue. #ubuntu has more peeps on atm though.23:06
BluesKajBenPA, the only thing left to do IMO is to reinstall to your / partition using the manual partitoning option, without formatting. This method will save your data and app config files . sorry but this is my best suggestion23:07
WierdAARCrystufer: Well I figures as muched. I was wondering, I have installed a couble of programs through tarballs. Does that create temporary data that hoogs the system if you don't remove them?23:07
BenPABluesKaj: the funny part is that I had to install 8.10 then upgrade to 9.04 ... I could not directly update ... well, thanks for the help ... what do you think about modifying boot kernel to include noapic?23:08
BluesKajBenPA, I've heard ppl suggest noapic , but unfortunately i'm not familiar with it's results23:10
BenPABluesKaj: ok23:11
BluesKajBenPA, noapic might work, i just never had any experience with it23:13
BenPABluesKaj: ok23:13
BluesKajgotta go23:25
kaynahola a todos23:32

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