lfaraonedoctormo: hey, why does groundcontrol call update-menus?00:48
doctormolfaraone: It has a menu item that goes in System > Preferences00:48
lfaraonedoctormo: hm. lintian thinks it's not needed, see bug 51859900:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518599 in groundcontrol "postinst has useless call to update menus" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51859900:50
persiaI think it's not needed.  Should get caught by the general .desktop file trigger, plus, last I checked, update-menus was a debian menu thing, and we don7t display the debian menu by default.00:51
persiaI suppose someone might run ground control on Debian, but I suspect that's a less common use-case.00:51
lfaraonepersia: in which case CDBS would handle it properly.00:51
doctormolfaraone: I saw the bug, don't know what to tell you, perhaps lint is complaining because the desktop file is in the distro and not int he debianfiles00:52
lfaraonedoctormo: does your source tarball have a debian/ folder?00:53
doctormoI leve the choice up to you lfaraone00:53
doctormolfaraone: No, the tarball doesn't contain debian.00:53
persialfaraone: It's not a CDBS thing.  It's an everything thing.  Nothing special needs be done, regardless of how one does debian/rules.00:53
persia.desktop files should be upstream anyway.00:54
lfaraoneokay, looks like I can remove the stanza from rules then.00:56
persiaSince you've upstream handy, try using rules.tiny, and fixing anything that doesn't work upstream.00:57
persiaThat ought make for a more portable solution.00:57
lfaraonepersia: rules.tiny?00:57
lfaraonepersia: currently we don't override anything in our rules file (which uses CDBS) other than adding a get-orig-source rule. Is there a good reason to switch to dh7?00:59
persiaI suppose not.  I just tend to prefer it.00:59
lfaraonepersia: I've yet to see any reason to use it over cdbs for most cases, but I'd love to see a good comparison.00:59
persiaFor me, the biggest reason is that overrides are more transparent with dh(1).01:00
persiaWith CDBS, one doesn't actually override, but just adds additional functionality, which may have odd interactions.01:00
persia(mind you, if one knows make sufficiently well, it doesn't matter, but ...)01:01
persiaThe counter argument is that python-central doesn't work with dh(1), although python-support does, so unless you need to care, this may not matter.01:01
RAOFNo, I think it still does matter; chasing control through the web of cdbs classes is quite awful even if you know make well. :)01:02
persiaRAOF: "sufficiently well" in this case is roughly at guru level :)01:03
DBOI just pushed my branch to trunk by mistake, how to fix?01:22
persiaDBO: branch the last revision of trunk, and then push --overwrite to trunk.01:23
lfaraonedoctormo: turns out we need to touch /var/lib/update-notifier/dpkg-run-stamp to get the restart notice to trigger. No idea where firefox does that.01:25
persiaupdate-notifier really ought be patched to use dpkg-triggers and notice without that touch.01:26
lfaraonepersia: it's weird. I seriously don't see that call anywhere in Firefox's debian directory...01:27
persiaCheck in #ubuntu-mozillateam.  There's a number of oddities about the packaging for that stuff.01:28
lfaraonedoctormo: I uploaded what we have to REVU, you should see it at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=761601:42
lfaraonedoctormo: (ignore the "common error", it's a lintian bug)01:42
doctormolfaraone: Does that mean that the packagaing is good?02:10
lfaraonedoctormo: well, it means that persia is giving me a detailed review of it. My TODO list grew extensively.02:11
doctormolfaraone: Perhaps I don't know how to read that review page, couldn't see much in the way of errors and such.02:12
persiadoctormo: Nothing I mentioned showed up in the automated stuff.02:15
persiaAnd I spewed it in IRC, rather than leaving a comment.  Perhaps a bad habit of mine.02:15
doctormolfaraone: Please don't commit to trunk in groundcontrol, I'd already fixed that bug and now I have to reconcile merges. this is exactly why we use merge requests instead of stomping on people's work.04:13
nigel_nbLoggerhead seems to be broken04:14
mwhudsonspm: ^^04:20
spmnigel_nb: sorry for the delay; give it a whirl now?04:28
nigel_nbspm, will do :)04:33
nigel_nbspm, can you see this? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/lucid/libgweather/lucid/annotate/head%3A/data/Locations.xml.in04:34
spmmwhudson: did you see bug 517418 ? it's been marked as a dupe, but .. :-/04:34
nigel_nbits down for me04:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 517418 in loggerhead "lp loggerhead giving an interesting smash (dup-of: 420738)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51741804:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 420738 in loggerhead "LRUCache.cleanup raises KeyError" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42073804:34
mwhudsonspm: yeah it's known, i'm not really sure of a fix04:35
spmnigel_nb: yeah, it's gone again. one sec...04:36
lfaraonedoctormo: okay then, sorry.04:37
doctormolfaraone: No problem, i figure it's because your not comfortable with reconciling projects, but I don't know your background.04:38
doctormoAll fixed :-)04:38
mwhudsonnigel_nb: if you could avoid requesting that url for now :/05:26
mwhudsonit seems to make codebrowse very unhappy05:26
mwhudsonit's our problem05:27
spmheh. hardy your fault :-)05:27
nigel_nbclosed the page.  I branched the code anyway05:27
nigel_nbwell, I was being impatient ;)05:27
nigel_nbmwhudson, the component browsing code is called codebrowse? its not loggerhead?05:32
spmnigel_nb: they're somewhat one and the same05:33
nigel_nbspm, ah :)05:34
nigel_nbI'm still learning launchpad component names...05:34
spmloggerhead the product is used as a component in LP; known as codebrowse.05:34
spmheh, me too; and I've been a sysadmin for same for... ew. 19 months now :-D05:34
nigel_nbspm, I'm guessing aus/nz?05:34
spmAus, yup05:35
nigel_nbhm, figures how you're around this time :)05:35
spmhave you considered the option that I may have no life? curious... ;-)05:35
nigel_nbspm, not everyone are like me :p05:36
theadminHello. I have deactivated my account in past, now I re-registered with same email, and I have the same account. How can I reset it to empty state? Also, the ~username-deactivatedaccount in adress looks strange, can this be fixed?06:01
spmtheadmin: get your account renamed to something else; and create a brand new account; we don't set an "empty state".06:05
theadminspm: That's what I did, I deactivated it and created anew. Old stuff is all there06:05
theadminspm: How do I rename accounts?06:05
spmhmmm. you may need to zot the email address as well to achieve this. And that may be an admin only thing. not sure...06:07
spmtheadmin: you may be able to under ~<account>/+review ? The name field?06:09
spmif that's locked to you; create an LP answers request at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/ asking for the above. ie zot old/all emails; rename existing to something unused etc. and one of the admins will be delighted to fix that for you.06:10
theadminspm: I managed to do it already by creating an account with other email and merging it with deactivated one :/06:11
spmyeah, well merging will retain your history :-) that's kinda the point of why you'd do that.06:13
theadminspm: My point was to get rid of PPA. They really should allow removing those. I didn't know what it was when I created it... I didn't make any use of it after all06:15
spmtheadmin: if the PPA is empty, and has never been used, we can remove it; else we currently can't. known bug, and trust me we *do* hassle the relevant dev's on that point. :-D06:16
theadminOkay... Now I can use LP again :D Translating stuff now, that's mainly all I do there so far.06:18
theadminDoes LP extract translation-strings right from source code or something?06:18
spmpo files06:22
wgrantYou need to upload translation templates (POT files), or have them in your branch.06:23
wgrantIt can't yet extract them itself, but that's coming soon.06:23
theadminspm: Not really sure what those are although tried googling. Oh well, until I don't host my projects, this is not really important to me. Also, why can't I translate Launchpad itself?06:23
spmtheadmin: oh; bore yourself senseless - read up on gettext. urgness. By way of pointer: http://www.gnu.org/software/libc/manual/html_node/Using-gettextized-software.html06:26
spmThere are various usability issues, aiui, around translating LP itself; not technical.06:27
theadminspm: Hm. Well, I see. Thought so :D Well, it still would be better if it could be translated, usage would become wider... Anyway, you people totally leave Sourceforge out, LP is a lot better :D06:28
spmI'm biased. No Comment. :-)06:28
theadminWell, what features does SF have? AFAIK it has no bug tracking, no translations, no quickly-loading interface06:29
theadminI wonder just how on earth it knows what translations I can "help with"06:30
spmyou would have selected your language in your user whatsit06:32
spm ~<user>/+editlanguages06:33
theadminHm. I set it to English, Russian and German. Yet as I click "needs X strings translated", it always brings me to russian template06:34
d1bum im being told my membership in bugsquad team is about to expire ... um why is this ?07:03
d1blike i get send this email with no information about when it will expire or any other information07:03
d1bi have also been sent like 5 of these emails now07:03
d1bid call that approaching spam07:04
d1bi can't take any direct action via a link / url ... i have to contact some one so i am not really able to stop these emails.07:07
tsimpsonthere should be a link in the email (at least for bugsquad) to renew07:10
wgrantd1b: Can you paste the email?07:10
wgrantEr, pastebin, that is.07:10
d1bsoon sure.07:43
d1bwgrant: http://pastebin.com/m46a3c2c007:44
d1boh wait it did say when it expires07:44
d1bbut i have several of these emails07:44
AtomicSparkAnyone know where/how to put their ssh key for the bzr windows client? ;3 Getting error when trying to push my personal branch.08:01
tsimpsonAtomicSpark: this is the only help I can find: https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/CreatingAnSSHKeyPair#Windows%20%28PuTTY%2908:04
noodles775AtomicSpark: I'm not sure on windows, but does http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/Bzr_and_SSH#Windows help?08:04
AtomicSparkInteresting. I might just have to create that directory. I'll try that.08:05
wgrantd1b: How often are the emails coming?08:06
d1bwgrant: i got a few like 6 i think so far08:07
d1bthe only issue is that i can't say ok i got the email stop bothering me about it08:07
AtomicSparktsimpson, noodles775: that helped, thanks! all i had to do was move my id_rsa to .ssh in my windows home. the client must have an ssh client installed too. even asked for my passphrase. :)08:18
idnar~/sb end08:49
Laneycan I see a full build log for a build that's still in progress?10:35
apwi've only ever been able to see the last 'page'10:36
Laneyyeah, that's what I have10:36
Laneyoh well, will just stick it out10:37
persiaI usually wander off for a beverage, and check again later.10:37
Laney"Started 10 hours ago" :)10:37
wgrantYou can only see the last 2KiB.10:37
wgrantThat's all that's stored.10:37
Laneyhow are the build logs produced?10:38
persia10 hours!  That's a very long build.10:38
Laneyfor some reason ghc has a hard time building this library on armel10:39
wgrantDuring the build, the tail of the log is requested regularly. At the end of the build, the entire log file is retrieved.10:39
wgrantThis is because there's no practical way at the moment to store a large dynamic blob in Launchpad.10:39
LaneyI added a ticker to the build to get around the idle timeout, except now I can't see how far along in it we are10:39
persiaLaney: You might want to try an emulated build with pbuilder or sbuild, which lets you review the log in realtime.10:40
persiaStill takes just ask long, usually, but at least it's local.10:40
Laneywell I am reasonably confident that it will finish given enough time10:41
Laneybut that is an option indeed10:41
Laney(not that I know how to make an arm chroot)10:42
persiaDo you use pbuilder or sbuild?  Also, are you running lucid?10:42
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Laneypersia: pbuilder usually, and lucid yes. I think I saw some commits to u-d-t about this recently?10:49
persiaIndeed.  Running the latest pbuilder-dist on i386 or amd64 with --arch=armel should generate you an emulated armel chroot for test-builds.10:50
persiaI'm not sure powerpc will get sorted by Feature Freeze, but we ought have it for lucid+1.10:51
Laneyi'll give it a go10:51
persiaI don't think there's enough upstream support for sparc or ia64 for a while though :(10:51
LaneyIt appears to be building the chroot!10:54
persiaYep.  Thank geser for extensive testing of that :)  There's still scope for improvement in pbuilder-dist, but at least it works.10:55
LaneyHA! The ticker worked: [124 of 191] Compiling Agda.TypeChecking.Reduce ( src/full/Agda/TypeChecking/Reduce.hs, dist/build/Agda/TypeChecking/Reduce.p_o )10:57
Laney(it always hung at 123 before)10:57
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theadminHello. I can't set "affects me too" in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/111:39
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1)11:40
noodles775Hi theadmin, afaik there are currently some timeout issues with bugs.11:40
persiaThat bug is kinda special, because it's gotten so much attention.11:40
theadmin...damn. :/11:43
beunotheadmin, I'm sure we can safely assume it affects more people than any other bug  ;)11:43
directhexi think a PPA builder is being funny, is it possible to have a rebuild done on another builder to sanity-check?12:24
noodles775directhex: which builder (and is it constantly repeating the same build, or something else?)12:27
directhexnoodles775, plutonium. the same source was fine on an i386 builder, and fine on my amd64 pbuilder at home12:29
directhexthrows "Illegal Instruction" at the same place twice in a row12:29
noodles775directhex: moon 2.0 right? I'll see if our buildd admin can take a look at it.12:31
directhexit *might* be an issue with xen on amd64. there's possibly a patch in mono trunk i can backport for xen weirdness12:32
directhexmaybe. i'd like to be sure before mucking about with backporting icky c workarounds12:32
noodles775oh right. It might be worth applying the patch and seeing, as our admin contact might not be around for a while, and the error is very, well, unspecific :)12:35
noodles775But I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.12:35
directhexlet's see if it applies to the version i have12:40
directhexyeah, that fixed it. build is broken elsewhere, sadly14:12
Laneymmm moon14:15
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noodles775ok, thanks directhex - I'll let our buildd admin know.14:37
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CardinalFangHi all.  I'm trying to figure out why a new series isn't linked to the main project page, for 'desktopcouch'.  Did I make it incorrectly?14:56
CardinalFangNote on main page, no mention of 0.5.  There is a line in the graph, connected to trunk at the root, and I don't remember a way to link it otherwise.14:59
statikhi! anyone using bzr-pipeline? I'm trying to set up my first pipeline, and have gotten confused about how to submit the individual pipes (branches) to launchpad for review15:01
statikhello barry! funny you should have joined one minute ago15:02
statikare you still using pipelines?15:02
james_wstatik: it provides and lp-submit command which may be what you are looking for15:05
bacstatik: i'll bet abentley has plenty of experience with bzr-pipeline15:05
statikthanks! I tried using lp-submit last night and got some errors, i suspect i need to tweak my locations.conf or something15:06
* statik trys lp-submit one more time15:06
abentleystatik, bac, I have experience with bzr-pipeline, and I'm happy to help.  (I'm the author)15:07
statikabentley, this pipes thing is awesome15:07
abentleystatik, I'm glad you like it.15:07
statikabentley, I have 3 pipes configured, the first one is active, and I want to push it to launchpad for a review/landing15:08
statikwhen I try lp-submit, I get an error that I'm not sure how to fix. I'll pastebin my config in a moment15:08
statikbzr lp-submit --staging --verbose15:08
statikbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "~statik/ubuntuone-servers/ab-testing/.bzr/pipes/db-patch/": : Cannot create branch at '/~statik/ubuntuone-servers/ab-testing/.bzr/pipes/db-patch'15:08
abentleystatik, your push location is not the right setting.15:09
abentleystatik, see the extra .bzr/pipes in the target URL?15:10
statikabentley: i was wondering if that might be the case. here is the section of my locations.conf https://pastebin.canonical.com/27540/15:10
statikabentley, this config has been working ok for normal branches, i guess i need to configure something extra if i change one of these branches into pipes?15:11
statikI've got a handful of branches under /home/emurphy/canonical/ubuntuone/, and for any of those i can just cd into the branch and bzr push, it works ok15:11
abentleystatik, I don't recommend using reconfigure-pipeline if you're using that kind of config.15:12
abentleystatik, just put your pipes where you would put your branches.15:12
statikabentley: oh, that makes sense. that was simpler than I expected. thanks!15:16
abentleystatik, no problem.15:16
nigel_nbCan one of the LP admins look at this question please.  Question 10032715:43
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barrystatik: hi.  sorry, my irc client is not great about notifying me of pings it seems.  i am still using pipelines, though i notice a few oddities16:07
lfaraonedoctormo: re bug 518846, I can't reproduce it, but if you like we can switch back to CDBS. (I only changed on persia 's request to see if cdbs was the cause of a packaging problem, and there's no real reason currently to stay on it()16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518846 in groundcontrol "Displaying windows broken from revision 181" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51884616:10
doctormolfaraone: Can you confirm that the glade files are getting created in /usr/share/groundcontrol/glade/ ?16:14
lfaraonedoctormo: yes.16:20
lfaraonedoctormo: just did a test build. it might be a transiant issue, can we have nhandler rebuild?16:22
doctormolfaraone: Sure, ask if he's around.16:22
geserabentley: re your last comment on bug 512264: how do I downgrade a branch? (in case I might need it future)16:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512264 in bzr "bzr should inform me about changes to the format at branch time" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51226416:49
abentleygeser, "bzr upgrade --format $FOO"16:50
geseroh, I didn't expect to be able to downgrade with "bzr upgrade" :)16:51
thekornhey, does anyone know when staging will be back?16:51
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cjohnstonGood morning.... Is there anyone who can look into https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/100327 and block him before he causes any more harm than he already has?17:31
bcurtiswxHe's causing a major annoyance for us in Bug Control17:31
bcurtiswxthe longer it waits in purgatory here, the more "damage" Rhett can do.  I know time is of the essence.. but this needs a much higher priority17:34
cjohnstonand this one as well https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10025317:34
salgadombarnett, can you help cjohnston?17:36
mbarnettsale: cjohnston: do you know if anyone has spoken to the very-active new user at all?17:43
mbarnettwhere sale = salgado17:43
cjohnstonhggdh: 12.43.15 < mbarnett> sale: cjohnston: do you know if anyone has spoken to the very-active new user at all?17:44
hggdhmbarnett: I sent him and email, and asked him to discuss t via either email or IRC on late Friday, I think17:44
cbmuserhi folks, can anyone point me to a link which explains how to import my own project into Launchpad?17:47
cbmuserit lives in a git repo outside Ubuntu at the moment17:47
mbarnetthggdh: i am assuming you haven't received anything back yet17:47
cbmuserbut I'm thinking about moving to Lauchpad17:47
cjohnstontry: https://help.launchpad.net/Projects cbmuser17:48
hggdhmbarnett: indeed, no response17:48
cbmusercjohnston: do you know if I can just pull my git into bazar periodically for the time being?17:48
cbmuserso to have a copy in launchpad17:48
cbmuserand then finally switching to Launpad in near future17:48
cjohnstonThat's beyond my level of knowledge.. I'm sorry.. I just remember seeing that page before.17:48
Ursinhacbmuser: yes, you can :)17:49
hggdhmbarnett: the email was sent when I declined him for bugsquad membership17:49
Ursinhacbmuser: http://blog.launchpad.net/code/git-branch-imports-now-in-public-beta17:49
Ursinhacbmuser: that may be helpful17:49
cbmuserthanks a million!17:50
mbarnetthggdh: ok, i will suspend the account based on the previous actions pending an explanation of the questionable activities before more chaos ensues.17:59
hggdhmbarnett: can you please ask him to contact us (either bug-control or myself)17:59
mbarnetthggdh: sort of... there is nothign i can do except email the address listed on his account.18:00
Ursinhacbmuser: no problem :)18:01
hggdhoh, ok. Can you then ask him to go to #ubuntu-bugs to talk with anyone from bug-control?18:01
mrjazzcatDoes anyone know how to enable Blueprints for a new project?  I go to project "Overview" and select "Change details" but no options for BPs.  What up?18:17
mrjazzcatHmm, I guess I'm looking at the team.  I need to create a project first.18:18
jtvmrjazzcat: that may help  :-)18:20
mbarnetthggdh: sorry, got sucked away for a bit there.  I have disabled that account and asked the user to  go to #ubuntu-bugs to talk with anyone from bug-control if he feels it is just a misunderstanding.18:34
cjohnstonThank you mbarnett !!!18:45
cjohnstonnow we have the fun of cleaning up.. ;-)18:45
* mbarnett is glad his part was 3 clicks!18:45
cjohnstonwhy cant LP be like the wiki, where you can revert back18:46
* cjohnston goes to file a bug report on that... lol jk18:46
arandRegarding the whole Rhett Trappman circus, he's been spam-nominating a LOT, e.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/450569 (and possibly hundreds more) would it be possible to search launchpad by Nominated for * By X ?19:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 450569 in openoffice.org "package openoffice.org-emailmerge 1:3.0.1-9ubuntu3.1 failed to install/upgrade: " [Critical,Confirmed]19:00
cjohnstonarand: and whoever else.. I've been posting a comment when he nominates telling them to review the nomination19:03
cjohnstonBut if there is a better fix... that would be good19:03
PengNice. Sorry.19:22
hggdhfolks -- r12056 is back -- https://edge.launchpad.net/~12056-wikianswers thekorn says he already messed with one of his bugs19:44
cjohnstonmbarnett: ?19:44
thekornIs there a way to find out if he is using the API to generate this spam?19:45
bachggdh: what is the issue?19:46
cjohnstonbac: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10032719:47
marsbac, perhaps he means this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/45056919:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 450569 in openoffice.org "package openoffice.org-emailmerge 1:3.0.1-9ubuntu3.1 failed to install/upgrade: " [Critical,Confirmed]19:47
hggdhwe just had an user blocked from LP, after he messed up a series of bugs. He just registered back19:47
cjohnstonhe created a new account19:47
mbarnettcjohnston: hggdh: give me a few minutes to finish with a production CP, then i will disble the new account19:47
cjohnstonty mbarnett19:47
mbarnettwith a more aggressive "stop it" style email19:48
hggdhmbarnett: IOU. Thanks.19:48
* hggdh is afraid this is a battle we will lose, though19:48
* mars hopes that this isn't a spammer screwing up an automation script, as prelude to an all-out assault19:48
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bjsnideris anything wrong with the keyserver?20:08
bjsnidersome guy sent me an email today saying the key ain't on the server20:08
bjsniderblah blah blah20:08
bjsnideras if i can do anything about it20:09
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mbarnettcjohnston: hggdh: the new account has been suspended.  I emailed the user and asked them to not create any more accounts before speaking with someone.  no idea if it will do any good though  *crosses fingers*20:13
cjohnstonThanks mbarnett !20:16
hggdhmbarnett: thank you. I am guessing it will not help. But one can, at least, hope ;-)20:18
lfaraonedoctormo: uh, I didn't know there were additional dependencies of groundcontrol that are not submitted to Ubuntu.20:59
doctormolfaraone: Only one21:00
doctormolfaraone: A module, xdgapp, but that can be consumed if it's a problem.21:01
lfaraonedoctormo: python-xdgapp and  python-moxml-config21:01
doctormolfaraone: It doesn't depend on moxml any more (see this mornings commits)21:01
lfaraonedoctormo: okay. I'll push up a lp:~lfaraone/python-xdgapp/debian from the debian/ you're using in your PPA.21:02
lfaraonedoctormo: can you publish a release of xdgapp on launchpad? (preferably with a source tarball)21:03
doctormolfaraone: Aight: https://code.launchpad.net/~doctormo/python-xdgapp/trunk21:03
doctormoI'll do a tarball now21:03
lfaraonedoctormo: awesome, thanks.21:03
doctormolfaraone: Released v1.1 on launchpad as a tarball21:10
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lfaraonedoctormo: good. package branch is at lp:~lfaraone/python-xdgapp/ubuntu-revu-packaging , package uploaded to REVU as http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=762121:38
doctormoThanks lfaraone, your doing a great job21:39
lfaraonedoctormo: much appreciated.21:39
bachi mwhudson21:52
mwhudsonbac: hi21:52
bacmwhudson: i've had multiple, successive ec2 failures.  i wonder if you can glean anything from http://paste.ubuntu.com/372064/ that might be helpful21:52
mwhudsonbac: no, looks pretty mysterious to me :/21:54
bacmwhudson: darn, i was hoping you had the magic bullet21:54
mwhudsonbac: i guess you could run ec2 test -p and when that fails log in and try yourself21:55
mwhudsonbac: have all the failures been the same?21:55
bacyeah, i'll try21:55
bacmwhudson: actually, no.  i also got one of these21:56
bacbzrlib.errors.BzrError: xmlrpc protocol error connecting to https://xmlrpc.edge.21:56
baclaunchpad.net/bazaar/: 502 Bad Gateway21:56
bacthat came up after while getting sourcedeps, but after successfully downloading a few21:56
mwhudsonso perhaps generic network flakiness21:56
bacmwhudson: perhaps. maybe i'll get an early dinner and try later.  thanks.21:57
mwhudsonbac: sorry i couldn't be more use21:57
bacmwhudson: fwiw, i tried a few more times and finally the instance got launched and started22:33
mwhudsonbac: er, yay i guess22:33
bacyeah, not a warm&fuzzy outcome22:34
jelmerRelaying a question for a friend: is there a way to get the appropriate copyright statements when exporting translations ?22:39
doctormoThe use of super_teams is very expensive (take a long time)22:44
doctormoAny advice on getting permissions for branches effectivly?22:44
persiadoctormo: Are you seeking the set of people who have access, or a boolean to determine if the current user has access?22:45
cjohnstonIs it possible to subscribe users to a LP mailing list who aren't members of the LP team22:45
doctormopersia: I want to know if a user has the ability to push to a branch22:45
wgrantcjohnston: No.22:46
geserdoctormo: how long exactly? and do those user belong to many teams?22:46
doctormogeser: i was testing it with me, I'm a member of loco teams22:46
cjohnstonThanks wgrant22:46
wgrantdoctormo: Checking owner team membership is not sufficient for that.22:46
wgrantdoctormo: You shouldn't be doing the privilege calculation yourself -- you should instead ask for something like that to be exported through launchpadlib.22:47
doctormowgrant: I did, the advice I got was to use super_teams22:48
wgrantdoctormo: That's very odd, because it's woefully inefficient and not correct.22:48
geserwgrant: is there a better way currently?22:48
wgrantgeser: No.22:49
wgrantBut new stuff can be added to the API in a day or two!22:49
wgrantSo don't try to work around it.22:49
doctormowgrant: OK, so that's what I need, so should I wait for it or should I do a simple check for owning group membership as a simple check until it becomes available?22:50
geserwgrant: is it that easy to add LP API support to know if someone can upload to a branch?22:52
spivAlso, regardless of membership, you can't push to mirrored and imported brnches... definitely something there should be an API for, rather than trying to replicate the logic yourself.22:52
persiadoctormo: "until if becomes available" may be some time if you don't first add it to the API :)22:52
geserbecause not even the web ui knows correctly that I can upload to packaging branches (or are the special in this regards?)22:52
persiageser: I think those are special.22:53
doctormopersia: OK, I'll work with what I have.22:53
doctormoI'm not going to learn launchpad code base just to add this22:53
geserdoctormo: did you file a bug that it gets added to the LP API?22:53
persiaI thought there was some doc somewhere that described API extensions simply.  I could be mistaken.22:53
spivSo, even if you do make do with existing APIs to get something going, please file a bug to ask for the API you need.22:53
wgrantgeser: The fix for the UI issue is easy, and it's ~1 extra line to expose that fix to the API.22:53
geserinteresting, the comment for bug 504025 sounds like it takes some work to get it fixed22:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504025 in launchpad-code "LP doesn't show correct permissions for packaging branches for me" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50402522:56
wgrantgeser: Fixing the deeper bug is sufficient, but not required.22:58
bigonhi, I'm trying to revoke one of the "Authorized applications" but it says permission denied :/ any idea what's wrong?22:59
wgrantbigon: Known bug.22:59
geserbigon: bug 51156723:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 511567 in launchpad-foundations "Can't remove authorised oauth tokens" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51156723:00
bigonoh ok thx for the quick answer :)23:00
doctormobug 519060 for your troubles23:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 519060 in launchpadlib "Need a branch method to ask if a user can write to a given branch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51906023:02
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