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dashuazniavre, I must have something wrong here.  Fresh install of Lucid on my downstairs Desktop and still the same issue.03:42
dashuaNot fetching it.03:44
thorwilkwwii: back home?08:53
kwwii thorwil yepp09:03
kwwiierm, still learning to type09:03
kwwiithorwil: yes, indeed ;)09:03
kwwiithat was much better :P09:03
* vish wonders if kwwii is still hung over ;p [ https://twitter.com/njpatel/statuses/8734074239 ]09:29
kwwiishoot, I missed him10:08
kwwiivish: nope, much better now ;)10:08
kwwiilol, nice10:09
kwwiiI slept for almost 9 hours on the plane ;)10:09
kwwiiI was seriously knackered10:10
kwwiivish: I am already on top of the theme changes. We're reviewing them today10:10
vishkwwii: well , its pretty obvious you were , since you got a special mention ;)10:10
kwwiiso expect action on this soon10:10
vishkwwii: i just sent a merge request10:10
kwwiiyeah, I saw that. That's why I mentioned it10:11
vishah.. k.10:11
kwwiipsyke83 send me an email on the weekend10:11
kwwiiwhen I was so hung-over :P10:11
kwwiivish: did you see psyke83's changes?10:14
kwwiivish: you might want to look into that too10:14
vishkwwii: hm.. where?10:14
kwwiiand his merge request ;)10:14
* vish tests it10:15
vishkwwii: the netbook murrine too you are looking into it?10:16
vishi think that branch is controlled by the UNR team10:16
zniavrestill rgba   = FALSE , sadly10:18
* vish consoles zniavre :D10:18
kwwiizniavre: dude, we have a major rgba change in progress10:18
kwwiibut there is currently an X problem which makes totem and one or two other apps crash10:19
kwwiiand that is planned to go into upstream gtk10:19
zniavrejust one or two ?10:19
vishkwwii: shall i propose a merge for the old human-netbook theme or ... ?10:20
zniavredid you experienced something strange with webkit apps?10:20
kwwiivish: hrm, good question10:20
kwwiivish: one of the things we discussed in portland was that I'll take care of the art bits for UNR10:20
kwwiivish: give me a day on that one and I'll find out10:20
vishneat... :)10:21
kwwiimore work ;)10:21
vishkwwii: less booze ;p10:21
kwwiino doubt10:21
kwwiihey, it was the last night of the sprint10:22
zniavrehappy to learn dev are human being10:22
kwwiiI was celebrating with my colleagues10:22
kwwiiwhen got a *lot* of stuff done last week10:22
kwwiioh well, time for a break...bbl10:24
darkmatterrgba is a vile beast that needs to die a slow and horrible death10:25
thorwilwhy that, darkmatter?10:29
vishthorwil: darkmatter likes it "dark" i guess :D10:29
darkmatterthorwil: you mean besides the fact it's yet another gimmick we don't need? (and yes, it is a gimmick). well, primarily because it increases visual clutter10:30
vishrgba other than for the metacity is a bit overrated ;)  but not sure what kwwii has got brewing :)10:30
kwwiidarkmatter: oh, I think when you see what we have planned in action you'll think twice about that10:31
vishargh , pun not intended :s^10:31
kwwiiessentially, it is rgba on a per widget/class basis10:31
darkmattervish: window decorations are fine. but this 'zomg! I can see my lunch through my browser!" crap is rediculous10:31
kwwiiwhich opens up worlds of new ideas which are not crap ;)10:31
* vish envisions kwwii laughing like an evil genius o.010:32
darkmatterkwwii: alas, I will always be against rgba because "it's a gimmick that adds visual clutter" :P10:32
darkmatterthe only reason windows even did the aero thing was a matter of branding (aka a gimmick ;o)10:33
kwwiidarkmatter: well, I can understand your position but I hope you (eventually) view what we do with an open mind10:35
darkmatterI'm very open minded. and I understand what you're trying to do, but alas it goes against the most basic rules of good design *shrug*10:37
kwwiiooh, sweet: http://www.techcrunch.com/2010/02/01/google-tablet-photos/10:43
iainfarrellThere's a video too http://www.techcrunch.com/2010/02/01/chrome-os-tablet-video/10:44
iainfarrellalso, note the way that they sign post the survey for readers10:45
iainfarrellunobtrusive, I like it :)10:45
darkmatterdear lord. more useless crap. like the iPod XXXL wasn't bad enough10:45
kwwiihehe, nice10:45
kwwiidarkmatter: I wonder if I could think of anything to which you would say "hrm, I don't have an opinion on that" :D10:46
kwwiilol, sorry10:46
kwwiiiainfarrell: erm, they better make screens which clean themsleves. I have very sweaty hands10:47
kwwiigod, that makes me sound like a child molester or something10:48
iainfarrellI tend to find with my Android it's not finger prints that are the issue10:48
iainfarrellit's when you put the device to your face10:48
kwwiiI just bought a N900 and found that to be a problem10:48
iainfarrellbut I still think we're all barking up the wrong tree with touchy stuff10:48
kwwiilol, you have sweaty ears then ;)10:48
iainfarrellsee that there blog post10:49
iainfarrellI think I'd take that over hands ;)10:49
kwwiilol, right10:49
darkmatterkwwii: there's plenty I don't have opinions on. unfortunately wasting precious technological resources on crap and more crap doesn't fall into the 'don't have an opinion on' category ;p if I can replace chromeos with a real os instead of 'omg! all my social sites are fullscreen!" and if it actually has a webcam then it may be somewhat useful10:49
kwwiiiainfarrell: yeah, after the minority report it became clear that stuff like that is neat to look at but horrible, really10:50
iainfarrellhas to be bad for the neck all that looking down all the time10:50
kwwiidarkmatter: to be honest, I think chromeOS is still in a very niche market, we'll see how that pans out10:50
kwwiiI had a tablet from apple years ago (and loved it actually)10:51
darkmatterI like how googles video's always make their cramped little ui's/display devices look big enough for ten people to use simultaneously. <3 false advertising10:52
darkmatterwelp. I need to get the brain working. time to bundle and go for a walk to replenish my oxygen supply10:53
kwwiisounds like a good idea - kinda missed that break I mentioned :P10:54
psyke83kwwii: are you around?11:23
kwwiihi psyke8311:24
kwwiiwe were talking about you earlier11:24
kwwiivish updated the themes as well, I pointed him at your stuff11:24
kwwiiI'll have a discussion later today with some design team colleagues and get back to you on details11:24
kwwiipsyke83: how's things?11:24
psyke83I'm doing fine :)11:25
psyke83my laptop died, but I'm back up and running (using an old laptop from a usb drive)11:25
kwwiiI feel like I took a happy pill today11:25
kwwiiouch, I know the feeling11:25
psyke83kwwii: there's something else I want to show you, one sec11:27
psyke83what's a good site to host pics quickly?11:27
kwwiihrm, I use flickr but that's not what you eman11:27
psyke83ah imageshack11:27
kwwiiuse the ubuntu paste thingy11:27
kwwiiyeah, imageshack11:27
vishpsyke83: imagebin11:27
kwwiiI just put them on my server ;)11:28
psyke83I updated UbuntuStudio: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/8277/ubuntustudio.png11:28
kwwiiw00t w00t (is da sound a da police)11:28
kwwiinot sure about the vertical tabs, but I like the buttons11:28
kwwiiperhaps a bit less contrast would hep11:28
psyke83I was thinking that DarkRoom could be updated in a similar way. Here's a quick port (just colours changed, no tweaks yet): http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/6731/darkroomtest.png11:29
kwwiidarkRoom definitely needs updating11:29
psyke83sure, those things can be ironed out11:29
kwwiiI never really intended for darkRoom to go anywhere11:29
vishhmm , why does psyke83's gtkrc break the theme for me :(11:29
kwwiivish: you do not have the new engine11:29
psyke83vish: you need murrine git11:29
kwwiiI will put it in my ppa, once second11:29
vish bah..11:29
psyke83you can probably install lucid's version on karmic too11:29
kwwiipsyke83: indeed11:30
vishpsyke83: i'm on lucid11:30
kwwiibut I'll put it in my ppa just for good measure11:30
kwwiivish: the new engine for lucid is coming soon11:30
kwwiivish: let me get you the ppa for lucid, one second11:30
psyke83vish: the updated package came just a day or so ago, if your mirror is not up to date or you haven't updated, that's the problem11:30
kwwiivish: https://launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+archive/gnomex11:30
psyke83kwwii: it's in the main repo, don't worry11:30
kwwiipsyke83: cool, I only told them to put it there on friday ;)11:31
psyke83prompt service, heh11:31
vishhmm , ... breaks with gtk2-engines-murrine 0.90.3+git20091211-0ubuntu1 here11:31
psyke83vish: check for terminal output11:32
vishpsyke83: i'v tried with the twf too , it doesnt give any errors , but it breaks..11:32
vishlet me restart session..11:33
psyke83kwwii: so will I have a go at updating darkroom properly? And if so, will I put it into a separate branch from Human?11:34
kwwiipsyke83: sounds excellent!11:35
psyke83ok... what's wrong with the vertical tabs?11:36
psyke83vish: any luck?11:37
kwwiipsyke83: I think the gradient is way too pronounced on them11:37
vishnope :(11:37
kwwiithen again, vertical tabs are evil and therefor should look like shit11:37
kwwiisorry for the potty mouth11:37
psyke83kwwii: I can decrease the highlight_ratio on the tabs alone to make the gradient less noticeable... is the gradient on the rest of the widgets ok?11:38
kwwiipsyke83: it seems a little too pronounced on the buttons, everything else looks nice11:39
kwwiiquite a few people still use this theme, you could post and email asking for testing as well11:40
psyke83yes, maybe...11:41
psyke83I have an aversion to posting on the ML, Gmail always messes up the formatting on me ;)11:41
psyke83btw, do you know if Cory will be working on the US art for Lucid, or did he hand it over to someone else?11:42
vishpsyke83: nope , are you subscribed to the ML?11:42
vishpsyke83: he mentioned he would be busy11:42
psyke83vish: yes, I've posted on it before11:42
psyke83yes, but he only mentioned Breathe11:43
vishhmm , i think i busted my human theme :/11:43
* vish reinstalls11:43
psyke83that's weird, heh11:44
psyke83maybe I inserted a buffer overflow exploit in the gtkrc... muhahah11:50
psyke83vish, I pulled up two credit card numbers, a mastercard and visa. Which has the biggest overdraft?11:50
vishpsyke83: huh?11:51
psyke83just kidding ;)11:51
psyke83did you get it working?11:52
vishadding manually and checking what breaks11:52
zniavreFLOZz,  cover thumbnailer is working great on Lucid11:53
zniavrethank you11:54
kwwiipsyke83: lol, nice11:54
vishpsyke83: weird , when i add the line with your name it breaks o.011:56
psyke83vish: are you doing something weird like merging the gtkrc with another version?11:57
psyke83my name was already in the gtkrc, though11:57
vishpsyke83: just kidding ;)  earlier when i just overwrote with your gtkrc , something seems to have gone wrong , now it works :D11:57
vishpsyke83: hmm , the trough side details are the first thing that sticks out.. why is is convex instead of concave?12:02
vish{ 0.81, 1.02 }  < seems better12:03
psyke83vish: why does it stick out? The button gradient is lighter on top12:04
psyke83having the trough details inverted would make it look opposite to the other widgets12:04
psyke83well, maybe my LCD isn't conveying the necessary details for me to see the problem12:04
psyke83(it's an old-ish laptop)12:04
vishpsyke83: its weird by being convex12:04
vishand the progress is convex too..12:05
vishpsyke83: is there an option to change the expander?12:05
darkmatterand your head is concave... ;p12:06
psyke83vish: I don't think so12:06
vishdarkmatter: that way its better to fill up stuff ;)12:06
psyke83I documented all the options I found in the source12:06
psyke83vish: did you mean that the gradient on the progressbar should also be inverted? I can change the trough, but changing the progressbar would be strange and inconsistent12:08
vishpsyke83: where does cimi document these changes? i'm probably blind even when i look at the changelog :(12:08
psyke83vish: in the source ;)12:08
psyke83murrine_draw.h, I think12:08
psyke83he actually doesn't document them properly, I think I got the gist of some of them elsewhere, maybe from the arch packaging changelog12:09
vishpsyke83: progress bar doesnt need to change , the trough detail alone12:09
psyke83ok, I'll commit that change12:09
psyke83kwwii: should I document changes in debian/changelog as well?12:10
psyke83(with the UNRELEASED dist tag)12:10
psyke83I wasn't sure if that was necessary for merge proposals12:10
kwwiipsyke83: you should run dch and bump the version number for all your propsals12:12
kwwiiie. include a list of all the changes at one time12:12
psyke83kwwii: I'm getting errors when trying to invoke "dch" or "dch -i"12:15
kwwiihrm, give me a second12:16
psyke83I never edited this file, so it's nothing to do with my changes12:16
kwwiiit seems like it is vish's change which breaks it12:17
kwwiiparsechangelog/debian: warning:     debian/changelog(l6): badly formatted trailer line12:17
vishhuh , what did i do12:17
kwwiilet me see the changelog itself12:17
psyke83it may be the space after: "Tue ,"12:17
psyke83or rather, between12:17
psyke83yeah, it's fine when I remove the space12:18
* kwwii thinks about getting lunch soon12:18
kwwiiman, I am really helpful today :D12:18
darkmatterlies ;D12:23
psyke83kwwii: updated with changes documented in debian changelog ;)12:33
kwwiipsyke83: killer, thanks!12:33
kwwiimy inspiration today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH7JBQ5cVRA12:34
psyke83nice vid12:39
darkmatterkwwii: actually, I shouldn't say I'm against rgba. I'm against the general consensus of how it should be used (as well as current usages in various os's) rgba as part of native compositing could be useful (by native I mean losing compiz ;)) using it in a 'peek' manner to find a specific window or such I could agree with. it's just the whole 'omg! it's like glass!" junk that is wasteful and sinfully wrong12:41
darkmatterwe should create useful implementations, not magpie bait ;P12:42
psyke83ok folks, I'm heading out for a while... will be back soon12:48
kwwiidarkmatter: I agree completely with that statement ;)12:52
darkmatterkwwii: good. because if you disagreed I'd be forced to slap you :P13:08
kwwiidarkmatter: ĥehe, bring it on!13:13
darkmatterkwwii: I believe in gentleman's warfare. the issue of a challenge is accompanied by a slap on the face with a fine swede glove that has been secretly loaded with lead pellets ;D13:17
darkmatterit gives me the advantage of approximately 6 weeks preparation time while my opponent recovers in hospital13:18
elkysuede glove, you mean?. I'm not sure turnips or swedish folk are terribly gentlemenly things with which to slap someone, but they'd almost certainly remove the need for the lead pellets.13:23
darkmatterelky: eat typo and die! ;P13:24
darkmatterthough swedish folk would work too. it's not like they're useful for anything else ;o13:25
darkmatterI once had a turnip suitable for assault. I should find the pics of it. it was around 18cm in diameter13:27
vishheh , the sound of "suede" finally brought elky out of the woodwork ;)13:30
elkyNah, elky avoiding going to bed because that means work comes sooner brought elky out of the woodwork.13:31
elkyMind you I did commit a faux pas of my own in that i was referring to a rutabaga, but I don't know where uses which term for it and so turnip was simply easier :P13:36
elkyThough wikipedia does inform me that it is known as "yellow swede" sometimes.13:37
dashuaAnyone know a workaround for theming a dark bookmarks toolbar in FF?  I have almost everything else working without a .css file.16:28
zniavreworkaround > epiphany ...    :o)16:44
dashuazniavre, Ha.  Yeah.16:49
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dashuaAdded ttf-liberation to desktop-recommends.  Sans being replaced?16:50
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EvileikOdem those registering nickname16:52
EvileikOhi all16:52
dashuazniavre, http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/41580/screenshot_o40999.png16:54
dashuaEverything but the bookmarks toolbar is working :)16:54
zniavremenubar button s quite nice16:55
dashuaThx.  I'd like to figure this out.16:56
vishEvileikO: hi..16:59
EvileikOhello vish16:59
EvileikOyesterday i was going to order a cd ubuntu 9.1017:01
vishEvileikO: if you are interested in doing Ubuntu community artwork , check out  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork17:01
EvileikOand i somehow read about the ubuntu artwork..17:01
EvileikOso as a graphic designer.. here am i! voila!17:01
vishEvileikO: we just help the canonical folks with any Ubuntu artwork , the main artwork is done by the canonical design team..17:02
EvileikOi have to read more about it17:02
EvileikOi am messing with the virtual box17:02
EvileikObrb got to fix myself illustrator17:02
EvileikOcan u use photoshop and illustrator on ubuntu without virtual machine?17:09
zniavreif i got 1000€ for a soft im sure i can use a second computer with windows17:13
ryanpriorWe need a desktop app like this for Ubuntu: http://mugtug.com/sketchpad/20:52
ryanpriorSimple, practical, and beautiful. Everything The GIMP is not.20:53
kwwiiryanprior: we need a desktop theme/tech like that more than the app itself :P21:32
kwwiianyways, I am off to bed21:32
kwwiinight all21:32
troy_svish: How goes it?21:54
kwwiiw00t. just logged into my server with my N90023:16
kwwiisleep now.23:17

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