bcurtiswxthe empathy people mentioned <danni> bcurtiswx: really would be nice with some sort of network diagnostic...00:00
hggdhoh. hum. Look at the connections that pidgin opens, and look at the connections that empathy tries to open00:00
persiahggdh: I'm not sure it's a local issue.  My last US-headquartered client used IM extensively.00:00
micahgor rather, do we know that empathy works on those networks on a stock karmic install?00:00
bcurtiswxso, what to do next in that bug.. ya'll are confusing me00:01
hggdhbcurtiswx: OK. pidgin works, empathy no00:02
hggdhso, first question: are both targeting the same server/port?00:02
hggdh2nd: is there a local proxy that has to be used? In this case, it seems that pidgin is targeting this proxy, and perhaps empathy is not00:03
bcurtiswxhow would I go about finding this?00:04
BUGabundobcurtiswx: etherreal00:04
BUGabundonethogs, tcpdump, tcpwatch00:05
BUGabundopick your hammer00:05
bcurtiswxtcpdump > tcpdump.txt be good enough?00:05
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bcurtiswxneeds a device.. hmm..00:06
bcurtiswxeth0 not a device?00:07
bcurtiswxim testing it myself00:07
bcurtiswxnot getting very far :(00:08
hggdhsudo tcpdump -i <interface> -vv00:08
hggdhor, better, tcpdump -i <intface> -w raw.cap host <your host name>00:09
hggdhthen wireshark on the output00:09
hggdh(which would be called, in my example, raw.cap)00:10
hggdhotherwise you will be capturing *all* traffic hitting the NIC00:10
bcurtiswxthey have to perform the attempt to connect, then ctrl+c then wireshark the output?00:10
persiawireshark can also manage the tcpdump calls directly from the UI, if you like that sort of thing.00:10
hggdhyes. I assumed he is on a server, not a desktop. Sorry.00:11
hggdhbcurtiswx: yes.00:11
persiaI'm not sure running empathy on the server is well supported :)00:11
hggdhit would be simpler to have two different captures, one for pidgin and one for empathy (so you will not have to figure out which is which on the capture00:12
bcurtiswxhggdh: this all confuses me... mind taking control of this bug so I can watch and learn?00:12
hggdhbcurtiswx: took it00:17
bcurtiswxhggdh: much appreciated00:18
hggdhif they are using a proxy, I am not sure empathy supports it00:18
persiaIt ought, as oscar supports a proxy.00:18
bcurtiswxhggdh: so when triaging bugs we assume the user knows how to do these things then... i was guessing I had to explain how to do each..00:19
persiaAnd it's more likely to be an issue with telepathy than empathy, specifically the telepathy oscar client.00:19
hggdhit might, yes, but I cannot see where I could configure it00:19
persiaI'd guess it ought default to the proxy defined by GNOME or KDE generally.00:20
hggdhwhich would not be a very good idea, since not everything may be proxied00:20
persiaWell, telepathy ought, or else telepathy ought get the proxy from the UI (empathy) which ought use the default proxies from the DE.00:20
hggdhI have seen places where some protocols are proxied, but not all00:21
persiaI thought the DE proxy tools allowed one to have fairly fine-grained control over that sort of thing.00:23
persiaIf not, that is a separate bug, in my opinion.00:23
hggdhI just looked at Sys/Prefs/Net proxy on Lucid, and all you can do is select hosts to be ignored00:24
persiaI have a "Proxy Configuration" tab, that allows me to set it for about 4 protocols, or pass a URI for more advanced configuration.00:25
persia(also on lucid)00:25
bcurtiswxanyone else have their VBox not start lucid after fully upgrading ?00:26
* BUGabundo wonders what 'DE' is 00:26
hggdhyes, this is it. the usual protocols HTTP/HTTPS/FTP, or a generic socks00:26
jmarsdenBUGabundo: Desktop Environment00:26
BUGabundobcurtiswx: happens a lot to me in debian and latest kernel00:26
bcurtiswxBUGabundo: any way to workaround?00:26
BUGabundobcurtiswx: use older kernel00:27
BUGabundoI never manage to get VB to work in -1200:28
bcurtiswxi dont' even see the screen to switch to a different kernel00:28
BUGabundolet me try in lucid00:28
BUGabundobcurtiswx: left shift once grub loads00:28
BUGabundo*VERY* quicly00:28
BUGabundoits pretty hidden now00:28
bcurtiswxk lemme try00:28
BUGabundoand if you do it TOO SOON, it won't work either00:28
arandbcurtiswx: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/51057100:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 510571 in linux (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "-11 & later kernels won't boot with acpi, -10 works, Lucid (affects: 7)" [Medium,Confirmed]00:29
bcurtiswxarand: thx :D00:29
arandbcurtiswx: acpi=off added to kernel boot line.00:30
bcurtiswxarand: where's that stored again?00:31
BUGabundobcurtiswx: /etc/defaults/grub00:31
BUGabundoupdate-grub afterwards00:31
nigel_nbthis is a fun bug, bug 51857300:45
ubot4Launchpad bug 518573 in pidgin (Ubuntu) "I can activate my acount (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51857300:45
nigel_nbI guess that counts as spam00:45
ddecatornigel_nb, i saw that earlier...i assumed it was supposed to be "can't"00:46
BUGabundohey bot now says how many users affected00:46
nigel_nbwell, you can't have a pidgin account.. you use pidigin to connect to something else00:46
persiaddecator: If you see something like that again, please update the title so that others aren't confused.00:46
nigel_nbI'll do it00:47
persiaBut that bug should probably be converted to a question for now.00:47
ddecatorpersia, i would have but idk if that's the case, i didn't look at the bug so i wasn't sure if that was the problem or not00:47
persiaAlso, note the kernel version: there's a distinct possibility that the individual isn't running Ubuntu, but rather some derivative.00:47
persiaddecator: Fair enough :)00:47
ddecatorpersia, you're always there to give me advice and teach me new things =)00:48
ddecatorit sounds like he might not be good with english, so maybe he's having trouble getting an account with another service to work?00:49
persiaddecator: Well, I sleep sometimes, but that's what this channel is for: none of us are perfect, and we all have questions :)00:49
ddecatorpersia, fair enough haha00:50
micahgnigel_nb: it looks like apport was indeed used00:50
nigel_nbcan someone take a look at bug 51853300:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 518533 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Unable to mount location Not Authorized after nautilus upgrade (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51853300:50
nigel_nbmicahg, oh no! the gm scripts are making me lazy00:50
micahgnigel_nb: heh00:51
ddecatorwhoa, i need some advice on bug 485352...i think the other evince link is invalid, idk how liferea is a part of this, if it's any browser (epiphany and firefox marked) then idk if the browsers should be marked, and the person filed an upstream bug...it looks fairly thorough, but needs cleanup?00:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 485352 in liferea (Ubuntu) (and 6 other projects) ""window list applet" fails to use its settings (it changes from two rows to one row) (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48535200:58
ddecatorand the description could be cleaned up...00:58
ddecator...should i just work on it?01:08
persiaMay as well start.01:09
ddecatorsure thing01:09
kamalmostafaQuestion about the launchpad-greasemonkey stock replies (is this the right channel?)...01:27
kamalmostafaI've seen this one posted to many bugs, but I don't see it in my list of stock reply selections -- is it a standard one?01:27
kamalmostafa"... You reported this bug a while ago and there hasn't been any activity in it recently. We were wondering is this still an issue ... "01:27
persiaI think that's standard, although I don't like it.  We should really be trying to verify manually before posting those.01:29
micahgkamalmostafa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses#Old%20untouched%20bugs01:29
kamalmostafapersia: :-)  In fact, my plan was to just grab its wording, and add my notes about having been unable to reproduce the problem also.01:30
hggdhGeir is proposing a change to this one -- see the bugsquad mailing list01:31
persiaI knew there was something I liked about the way you worked :)01:31
kamalmostafamicahg: thanks, yes, that's the one -- but I do not see that one (or many of the others) listed in the list of clickable choices in the Firefox add-on.   Am I missing some?01:32
micahgkamalmostafa: they should all be on that responses page01:32
kamalmostafaMaybe I'm confused about the usual workflow....  I installed the gm-dev-launchpad PPA which hopped up my Firefox such that it now presents me with a bunch of stock reply choices like "[Collect it] [Vague] ..." etc.  But it appears to be just a subset of the ones listed on the Bugs/Responses wiki page there.01:36
yofelI think bdmurray was the owner of the bug responses list in the LPGM scripts, maybe we could change the generation of that01:37
yofelafaik it's some xml file lying around somewhere right now01:37
* ddecator wishes greasemonkey worked in FF 3.701:37
kamalmostafaOkay, I'll not lose any sleep over it -- I can just cut-n-paste as needed.  Just trying to make sure I'm using up-to-date tools.01:38
persiaLots of people don't use LPGM, although it can be useful when one does lots of stock replies.01:38
persiaFor me, it's not so useful, because I tend to do few bugs deeply (or just blather about them here whilst someone else is triaging), rather than lots of bugs shallowly (although both activities are useful).01:39
persiaI suggest spending more time to make sure the bugs are making progress, rather than worrying about the tools.01:39
yofelkamalmostafa: THIS ONE, to be precise: http://people.ubuntu.com/~brian/greasemonkey/bugsquad-replies.xml01:40
kamalmostafapersia: Actually, I really like the friendly tone of the stock replies, hence I wanted to try to cop their "thank you for taking the time" language at least.  :-)01:40
kamalmostafayofel: thanks for the pointer to that, and thanks all for the help.01:40
persiaYeah, they're pretty good.  Lots of people improving them over a long time.01:40
ddecatordoes launchpad offer any kind of "follow" feature like bugzilla so newer people can follow more veteran triagers and learn from their work?01:46
persiaNot really.  you can check the set of bugs that someone has commented, but that's not always the best guideline.01:47
micahgddecator: no, but hggdh created something in the gm-devscripts plugin01:47
hggdhoh yes. ddecator, click on the karma value of one commenter, and it will open a search page on gmane for all bugs this commenter acted on01:48
hggdhbut we have nothing like the follow in bugzilla01:49
ddecatori just clicked your karma, and the site came up, but it says it didn't find anything01:50
hggdhmay happen. gmane search by name sometimes fail. Let me check01:50
hggdhddecator: worked for me01:51
hggdhwhich bug was it?01:51
ddecatori just searched your name and clicked your karma haha01:51
hggdhheh. Try it in a bug01:52
ddecatoryah, that worked01:52
ddecatorso wait, if that works...how is the stock reply script supposed to work?01:52
ddecatorthe gm script that allows for easily using a stock reply on launchpad, how is it supposed to work? is a button supposed to show up?01:53
hggdhoh. Click on the down-arrow to the left of the package.01:53
ddecatorwhoa, it works, haha01:54
ddecatori've been having trouble with gm on FF 3.7 so i'm surprised that works01:54
micahgbug 41462701:55
hggdhyou are running 3.7? And using GM?01:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 414627 in malone "allow users to select another user to follow/watch (affects: 2)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41462701:55
nigel_nbmicahg, I could use your help with something (somewhat related to bug squad ;) )01:55
micahgnigel_nb: if it's quick...01:55
ddecatorhggdh, yes...greasemonkey scripts i add don't work, but the launchpad addon thing in the repos seems to have worked01:55
nigel_nbmicahg, I had sent a mail to the bug squad ML about triaging classes01:55
nigel_nbmicahg, at some point would be interested in sharing about dealing with FF bugs?01:56
micahgnigel_nb: yes!01:56
nigel_nbthe list grows longer :)01:56
micahgnigel_nb: probably after lucid release though01:57
nigel_nbmicahg, thanks a bunch.  Mostly one or 2 sessions a month.. I'm looking for something like our hug days01:57
nigel_nbmicahg, yeah... most sessions will be after lucid01:57
nigel_nbright now, we need to have some generic sessions for all the new people who've joined01:57
micahgnigel_nb: once I make the docs and the lecture, shouldn't be a problem to have a refresher once a month01:57
nigel_nbah, great :)01:57
nigel_nbI'm looking at something like 2 or 3 topics a month with 1 repeat for each to adjust TZ differences01:58
nigel_nbi.e. each topic will be repeated once more01:58
micahgI can do anything from UTC 1200 to UTC 060001:59
nigel_nbgreat :)01:59
hggdhmicahg: don't you sleep?01:59
nigel_nbhggdh, LOL02:00
micahghggdh: UTC 0600-UTC 1200 :)02:00
nigel_nb6 hours?02:00
ddecatormicahg, that's still late for central time, haha02:01
micahgaround that rance02:01
hggdhit would have been better the other way, where you would have 18 hours, nigel_nb02:01
nigel_nbhggdh, hahaha02:01
micahgnigel_nb: that's the range I'm flexible in, I don't always keep those hours :)02:01
nigel_nbI thought so, but I didn't want to pass up a chance to pull your leg ;)02:02
ddecatorbtw, idk if anyone will have any idea, but are my chances good of getting to talk to pedro if i get on tomorrow at 15:00 UTC?02:02
hggdhat 1500Z it will be good02:04
hggdh1500 UTC02:04
ddecatorperfect, we haven't had a chance to talk so i want to get on irc and actually get some advice and lessons, haha02:05
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ddecatorthanks hggdh02:06
nigel_nbhggdh, what is the procedure when we see a segfault bug?02:06
hggdhnigel_nb: it should have been opened by apport, right?02:06
nigel_nbI'm asking coz I generally skip them since I dont understand them02:07
hggdhso apport will try to get a good BT off it. If it succeeds, then we can try to (1) match to an existing bug here; (2) upstream; (3) open a new bug upstream02:07
hggdhbonus points for looking at the source and finding & fixing the issue (if needed)02:08
nigel_nboh, so thats how we do it02:08
nigel_nbI think I'll pass the bonus points02:08
nigel_nbupsteam = kernel?02:08
hggdhyes. You should leave it alone until apport finishes the retrace02:08
ddecatorso that's what those are...02:08
hggdhIDK. Is this a kernel bug?02:08
nigel_nbI'm asking generally.02:09
hggdhno, upstream is whereever the developers are02:09
nigel_nboh, whichever app seg faults, their upstream.  ah02:09
hggdhe.g., most Gnome bugs are in b.g.o02:09
micahgddecator: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+upstreamreport02:10
chrisccoulsonalthough, some crashes might be introduced by an ubuntu specific patch02:10
hggdhoh, yes, there is that.02:10
nigel_nblike, for example, what do I do in bug 51861702:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 518617 in cron (Ubuntu) "cron crashed with SIGSEGV in __pthread_initialize_minimal_internal() (affects: 2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51861702:10
nigel_nbhow can I make sense of the BT?02:10
hggdhwow. I did not know cron was still used02:10
persianigel_nb: I'd also be happy to walk you through understanding a segfault bug at just about any time.  There's transcripts of a couple sessions on the wiki, but often it's easier live.02:11
ddecatormicahg, first time i've seen this page, thanks02:11
nigel_nbpersia, will you agree to lead a session at some point in classroom? probably after lucid release?02:11
hggdhit failed retrace. And -- bad, bad -- it has been make public with a coredump still attached02:11
micahgtop 100 packages have almost half the bugs in Ubuntu02:12
hggdheeek, it was very early on the start02:12
micahghggdh: bug 50537002:13
ubot4Launchpad bug 505370 in malone "disable ability to make public if attachments should be private (affects: 1)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50537002:13
micahgah, nm, you're subscribed02:13
persianigel_nb: I just did one 10 days ago, so I'd prefer to wait a few months before I do another in -classroom :)02:13
micahgbut not marked as affected :)02:13
hggdhwill mark it so now02:13
nigel_nbpersia, a few months is fine :)02:13
persiaProbably for Open Week for lucid+2, with me offering on-demand walk-throughs for interested parties in the meantime.  About every 9 months is my preference for repeats (or I get dreadfully bored).02:14
micahghggdh: maybe we should make a page of all the bugs that bugcontrol is affected by and have everyone mark them?02:14
persianigel_nb: But since my last session is only 10 days old, it may contain relevant current information if you want to understand the process :)02:15
hggdhmicahg: I think it should be voluntary, but (that said) sounds good -- peer pressure, and all of that02:15
nigel_nbpersia, I'm looking through that one.  The one I'm asking now is a more long-term plan to have one or two sessions every month02:15
persiaAbout stacktraces?02:16
nigel_nbpersia, you get to pick a topic related to triaging02:16
persiaOh, it might be worth getting in touch with the team doing the development sessions.02:16
nigel_nbthats MOTU team02:16
persiaI believe they are striving for one class a week on various topics, and assembling a faculty.02:16
persiaUm, no.02:17
persiaUDW is a special event.02:17
nigel_nbClassroom team?02:17
persiaAnd MOTU/School was disbanded in favour of a more general development training organisation.02:17
* persia hunts the wiki02:17
persiaBut it could well move to be something more generic.02:18
persiaI think triaging is important for developers as well.02:18
persiaAnd development topics may be of interest to some triagers.02:18
* persia has a dislike of the "I am not a developer" and "I am not a triager" memes02:18
nigel_nbpersia, ah I know this one.  I think nhandler_ leads the Lp team on this02:19
persiaI think he's involved, yeah.02:19
nigel_nbpersia, we could eventually had over to them or merge with them or whatever02:19
persiaI prefer "cooperate" to "hand over" or "merge" :)02:19
ddecatorhow hard is it to learn packaging?02:19
hggdhit would be nice to work together02:20
nigel_nbwell merge and cooperate might be the same02:20
nigel_nb*and* I've already asked nhandler's help on this one :)02:20
persiaFor 90% of packages, packaging is trivial.  There are a few programs that even completely automate packaging.02:20
nigel_nbwe're both on the classroom team anyway02:20
persiaBut packaging itself isn't very interesting.  It's more interesting to focus on how to fix broken packages.02:20
ddecatorpersia, thanks, that's something i'd be interested in learning more about then =)02:21
ddecatorwell gotta start somewhere02:21
persiaAnd that can be terribly complex, depending on how the program is packaged :)02:21
ddecatori'm trying to learn basic python...02:21
persiaddecator: OK.  Ask me for the 10-step guide to packaging something in #ubuntu-motu sometime :)02:21
ddecatorpersia, great, thanks =)02:21
* micahg will take a copy too :)02:21
nigel_nbokay, so what can do with the stack retrace bug?02:24
hggdhask cjohnston how it happened. It was *very* early in the setup, and I am not even sure cron was already running02:30
persianigel_nb: Pick one, and let's look at it.02:30
nigel_nbpersia, bug 51861702:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 518617 in cron (Ubuntu) "cron crashed with SIGSEGV in __pthread_initialize_minimal_internal() (affects: 2)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51861702:30
hggdhcjohnston: bug 51861702:30
persiaUgh.  pthreads.02:31
cjohnstoni upgraded to 10.04... but i cant boot into the new kernel.. so im booting into the old kernel, and got the cron crash02:31
persianigel_nb: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POSIX_Threads02:32
persiaBut, more interestingly, there's not much we can do with that bug.  http://launchpadlibrarian.net/38871619/Stacktrace.txt contains almost no useful information.02:32
persiaTry to reproduce and get a backtrace with more symbols.02:32
cjohnstonpersia: are you talking to me?02:33
persiacjohnston: Is 518617 your bug?02:34
persiaThen I suppose I am :)02:35
cjohnstonjust checking02:35
cjohnstonlemme give it a try and see what i can do02:35
persiaheh :)  I'm glad you did, as I hadn't known I was addressing you :)02:35
cjohnstonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash needs work02:36
cjohnstontryin to figure out how to run a backtrace02:37
micahgcjohnston: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Backtrace02:37
vishcjohnston: your bug still has the coredump.gz , you might want to remove it02:37
nigel_nbpersia, so I have to find another stackstrace02:38
vishor keep it private :)02:38
persiacoredumps aren't inherently carriers of private infomation, they just have some chance of being so, and it's *really* hard to tell.02:39
cjohnstonmicahg: that link, #1 points right back to the debuggingprogramcrash page02:39
* vish didnt want to look and find out , if there was info ;)02:39
persiaFor example, for a test system with no useful cookies and a pointless password (test123!), it's usually safe to leave them.02:39
cjohnstonthanks vish02:40
vishcjohnston: np..02:40
cjohnstonwhat debug symbol package should i install02:40
persiaAt least cron, and preferably all the dependencies of cron.02:41
hggdhcjohnston: if you still have the crash report, run 'sudo apport-retrace -o trash /var/crash/<whatever>'02:43
hggdhcjohnston: this will load *all* dbgsyms needed02:43
hggdheasier than finding the dependencies.02:43
* vish ooooh , takes note of that^..... neat :)02:45
vishhmm ..02:47
vishhggdh: i get "sudo: apport-retrace: command not found"02:47
cjohnstonvish: it isnt installed by defaut i guess02:47
cjohnstoni had to install it02:47
* hggdh is surprised02:48
vishah right , /me installs02:49
cjohnstonhggdh: http://pastebin.be/2334902:49
hggdh?? what do you have in your sources.list?02:50
persiaThat explains why the stacktrace was so useless :)02:50
hggdhbut -- if I remember correctly, the pthreads symbols would be in the libc6 packages02:51
hggdhwhich was incompatible with your installed version02:51
* ddecator just ignored the end of the super bowl to pay attention to this...what is the ubuntu community doing to me? =p02:51
hggdhit starts this way...02:51
hggdhand then you are taken.02:52
persiaJust take care to protect your sleep.  Anything else is mostly fair game.02:52
ddecatornot to mention i'm waking up early tomorrow just to talk to pedro about bugs o.o02:52
cjohnstonand a couple ppa02:52
persiaThe ppas might be catching you.02:53
persiaOr partner02:53
persiaCheck to make sure you aren't installing something very low level from one of those.02:54
persiaAlternately, there's something wonky with the ddebs capture.02:54
cjohnstongetting beyond my knowledge levels02:54
hggdhwhat are the ppas for?02:54
persiaYou can look in /var/lib/apt/lists to see what is available from where.02:54
persiaapt-policy can also check for specific packages.02:55
cjohnstondropbox, cairo dock pidgin, wine vb02:55
hggdhthey should not matter02:57
hggdhcjohnston: are you running Lucid, or Karmic with Lucid packages?02:58
cjohnstoni tried upgrading to lucid02:58
cjohnstonfor some reason i cant boot into the newest kernel02:59
hggdhbut you are still booting Lucid?02:59
hggdhand what does 'uname -rv' say?03:04
cjohnston2.6.31-19-generic #56-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 28 02:39:34 UTC 201003:05
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
hggdhthis is not a recent Lucid kernel -- in fact, I think this is a Karmic one03:06
cjohnstonit is03:06
cjohnstoni cant get the new kernel to boot03:06
hggdhany of the new kernels?03:07
cjohnstoni only have one newer one installed03:07
hggdhyes, just figured why03:08
cjohnstonafter the ubuntu logo, it goes to a blank screen and when i press keys/buttons it puts random odd characters on the screen03:08
hggdhthis may be part of what is making apport-retrace confused03:08
ddecatorthis is unrelated, but how detailed do reports have to be in order to get classified as "Wishlist"?03:08
hggdhhum. Try to boot with 'acpi=off03:08
cjohnstonhggdh: how would i do that03:08
micahgddecator: detailed enough so the concept is understood for the feature03:09
micahgddecator: could be 1 line or 1003:09
persiaddecator: It's basically the same as any other bug: we need to understand it, and then we can set an importance.03:09
hggdhwhen you boot you are thrown into grub. Press 'e' to edit the line you boot from03:09
* persia notes that one may have to hold down shift to accomplish this03:10
* vish *sighs* 03:10
cjohnstonrebooting then..03:10
* hggdh has grub with a delay03:10
* nigel_nb too has delay03:10
nigel_nbanyone know how gnome weather report works?03:11
bcurtiswxi swear i go into #ubuntu all the time and never get an answer.... </facepalm>03:11
ddecatormicahg persia , bug 518344 seems simple enough but idk the guidelines for wishlist items (the wiki doesn't say much)03:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 518344 in f-spot (Ubuntu) "Allow export to iPod (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51834403:11
persiaddecator: I'd call that a borderline case.  I have no idea if this is easy or hard from the available info, nor how to do it.  That said, it might be trivial for someone with an iPod and knowledge of how it works.03:12
nigel_nband it may need to be reported upstream or linked to upstream wishlist if it exists03:13
persiaThat would definitely be a good step.03:13
vishbcurtiswx: its almost always certain ;)   try #ubuntu-beginners-help03:13
persiaIf the upstream bug is well described, we don't need more.03:13
ddecatordoes bugzilla handle feature requests?03:16
vishddecator: yup03:17
micahgddecator: yes, enhancement03:17
ddecatorlearning new things everyday03:18
ddecatoraha, there is request upstream, so link them? (idk how much this gets treated the same as a bug, and how much is treated slightly different...)03:22
persiaYes.  Link them and mark it triaged and wishlist :)03:24
persiaIt's precisely the same.  It is a bug.  Just not a very important one :)03:24
ddecatora. you'll mark it triaged (i can't -yet-), b. does it matter that the upstream request is from 2007?03:24
nigel_nbddecator, (b) does not matter as long as its still open03:25
hggdhthis is it for me. Godd night all y'all03:25
nigel_nbnight hggdh03:25
ddecatorcya hggdh03:25
nigel_nbddecator, upstream bug number?03:25
ddecatornigel_nb, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39480603:26
ubot4Gnome bug 394806 in General "iPod Photos" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]03:26
nigel_nbgnome 9480603:26
ubot4Gnome bug 94806 in general "crash with automatic closes" [Critical,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9480603:26
nigel_nbddecator, its still open.  You can add you that one03:26
ddecatorperfect, thanks all, just give me a sec...03:27
ddecatorsomeone wanna do the honors? =)03:32
ddecator...have the honors?...whatever the saying is03:33
* micahg will take care og it03:34
ddecatorthanks micahg03:34
arandIf nautilus errors during LTS->LTS-upgrade where does the bug go?03:35
micahgarand: nautilus if that's where the fixes go03:36
micahgarand: I think there's a hardy2lucid tag or if not there should be03:37
arandmicahg: So nautilus with that tag, or update-manager-core with that tag?03:38
micahgarand: if it's a nautilus bug, there03:41
arandProblem is I don't really know, it only appears when doing an lts release upgrade.03:43
nigel_nbmicahg, will you be around for some more time?03:48
micahgnigel_nb: probably another 2 hours03:48
ddecatormicahg, i just found you in a bug, haha03:48
nigel_nbI want some help patching libgweather03:48
micahgddecator: not surprising, which tracker?03:48
ddecatorbug 518336, you're mentioned by the OP in the description haha03:49
ubot4Launchpad bug 518336 in thunderbird (Ubuntu) "thunderbird-3.0: Please turn off global search by default (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51833603:49
micahgddecator: indeed03:49
* micahg doesn't recall being in too many bugs' texts03:50
nigel_nbmicahg, the process for submitting a patch is the same in gnome too?03:50
ddecatorwhat exactly did you want the person to do with the bug?03:50
nigel_nbmicahg, log a bug and provide a patch...03:50
micahgnigel_nb: in LP or upstream?03:50
nigel_nbmicahg, upstream first03:50
micahgidk, probably03:50
micahgnigel_nb: check for dupes upstream03:51
nigel_nbmicahg, ah yes03:51
micahgddecator: file a feature request and not clutter the other bug :)03:51
ddecatormicahg, haha, gotcha. so would it be a wishlist item for thunderbird then?03:51
micahgddecator: yes03:52
ddecatorfair enough, i'll do some checking around for possible dups or anything03:52
micahgddecator: the thing is, I think that is the default, but I can't be sure...03:52
micahgwell, actually, the user is confused03:52
micahgglobal search and downloading email are 2 separate things03:52
micahgddecator: I was going to check upstream for dupes03:53
ddecatorif you want to then by all means03:53
bcurtiswxmicahg: bugpatterns.. are we restraining these to bugs that have a lot of duplicates?03:53
micahgbcurtiswx: -control gets subscribed to bugs >10 dups03:54
micahg>=10 I think03:54
bcurtiswxmicahg: k thx03:54
micahgbcurtiswx: but if you think there should be one, I don't see a problem writing it :)03:54
micahgbut check with bdmurray in the morning :)03:55
bcurtiswxmicahg: i see a lot of empathy crashes, but im gonna wait to see one with lots of dupes before writing a bugpattern03:55
micahgbcurtiswx: is the retracer getting to them?03:55
bcurtiswxyeah it has03:55
bcurtiswxok im getting bad with the whole name before txt03:56
bcurtiswxmicahg: yeah it has03:56
micahgthe name can be anywhere bcurtiswx03:56
bcurtiswxi know, but all properness is at beginning03:56
ddecatorif the OP unsubscribes from a bug, will they still receive emails about comments since they reported it?03:58
vishddecator: nope , bug# ?03:59
ddecatorbug 518258, i added my comment but then went to subscribe and saw the OP isn't listed...s/he seemed really confused...04:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 518258 in software-center (Ubuntu) "I tried to report "bug" within the last hour. Now I'm not sure if this got to you? (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51825804:01
persia518258 should definitely be converted to a question.04:03
ddecatori couldn't tell what exactly was going on, if it was the problem with the top bar or what exactly they were getting at04:04
nigel_nbThere is a spell correction in libgweather upstream.  how do I make the changes and make a patch using git?04:04
persiaddecator: Right.  Especially with the follow-up comment, it looks like a support request.  I think there's at least one buried in there, but I think this user needs someone else to help them, and then deal with the bug filing once the issues are identified.04:05
micahgnigel_nb: more of a discussion for -motu04:05
vishpersia: but the OP has unsubscribed , should we re-subscribe them?04:05
nigel_nbgood point04:05
persiaNot even there really.  How to use upstream VCS is best asked on the relevant upstream channel.04:06
ddecatorpersia, alright, so whats the protocol for that?04:06
micahgpersia: true04:06
nigel_nbpersia, aw :(04:06
micahgnigel_nb: so I'll answer here...04:06
micahgnigel_nb: git clone repo04:07
micahgnigel_nb: modify the file04:07
nigel_nbgot the clone right now04:07
nigel_nbmodified already04:07
micahgnigel_nb: git diff /path/to/file > patch.diff04:07
nigel_nbah, thanks :)04:07
persiaddecator: I don't know the wiki page that describes it, but there's a "Convert to question" button.  I like to leave a comment saying soemthing like "I'm unsure precisely how to interpret this as a bug.  I've converted it to a support request, and would be glad to help you with your issue." or some such.  Just be sure to subscribe to the question.04:07
micahgnigel_nb: that's the simple version :)04:08
ddecatorpersia, perfect, i'll figure it out, thanks04:08
ddecatorpersia, wait, is it worth doing if the OP unsubscribed?04:09
nigel_nbddecator, you can subscribe the OP04:09
persiaddecator: I didn't know the reporter *could* unsubscribe.  I believe it's implicit.04:10
bcurtiswxmicahg: whats the bzr equivalent of svn update ?04:10
persiaSubscribing the reporter is the other option :)04:10
ddecatorgood point nigel_nb04:10
nigel_nbbcurtiswx, I know bzr but not svn04:10
ddecatorpersia, i didn't know either, but the name isn't there, haha. i'll read the wiki and take care of it04:10
jmarsdenbcurtiswx: bzr pull  # I think04:10
nigel_nbcan you tell me what you're trying to do.  I can give u the command :)04:10
bcurtiswxwhats the # for?04:10
vishbcurtiswx: $bzr pull04:10
jmarsdenbcurtiswx: So I can type a comment after the command04:10
bcurtiswxlol, ok.. thx04:11
micahgbcurtiswx: yeah, bzr pull04:14
bcurtiswxty ty :-D04:14
nigel_nbmicahg, lol, I guess rants are everywhere04:17
nigel_nbgnome 55684304:17
ubot4Gnome bug 556843 in locations "Location bugs." [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55684304:17
vishnigel_nb: iirc , klapper is the _top_ reporter to bgo ,[he works for intel or rehat]04:20
nigel_nbbut that bug reads like a newbie bug04:21
om26erwhat package is for 'brightness keys dont work' ?04:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 518613 in software-center (Ubuntu) "LED screen bright/ Brillo de pantalla LED (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]04:44
nigel_nbom26er, kernel most prbly04:45
greg-gor hal, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHal04:46
nigel_nbI thought we got rid of hal?04:46
nigel_nbom26er, ah, udev.. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Halsectomy04:47
greg-goh right :)04:52
bcurtiswxHalsectomy..... how appropriate.....04:56
om26ergreg-g, nigel_nb thanks04:56
kamalmostafabugcontrol please -- I have triaged bug 483925 (reported upstream to SF) and would rate its importance as "Medium".04:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 483925 in hamlib (Ubuntu) "rigctl/hamlib does not work with Icom PCR1000 (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48392504:58
micahgkamalmostafa: is the project registered on LP?05:02
kamalmostafamicahg: No, it isn't.  Should I register it?  (I'm never sure about SF projects).05:03
micahgkamalmostafa: yes, so we can set upstream bugs for it05:03
micahgkamalmostafa: just don't say it's using LP for anything05:03
kamalmostafamicahg: what do you mean "don't say"?05:04
micahgkamalmostafa: there are option for what you want the project to use LP for05:04
micahgdon't select anything05:04
micahgkamalmostafa: actually specify that bugs are tracked at sf05:05
kamalmostafamicahg: okay, got it.  I did register a similar project once before, but it seemed strange to be doing so on behalf of an upstream project without their "consent".  I'll have a poke at this one now.05:05
micahgkamalmostafa: well, maybe check in their IRC channel if they have one05:06
micahgkamalmostafa: but everything on the page should point to the authoritative source for the project05:06
kamalmostafamicahg: okay, i'll holler if I get stuck.  thanks for the assistance.05:07
Damascenewhere is the best place to suggest improvement to checkbox?05:13
nigel_nbDamascene, come again? feature request?05:20
nigel_nbbug number?05:25
DamasceneI want to request feature. should I open bug or something else? this is my question.05:27
nigel_nbDamascene, ah05:32
nigel_nbDamascene, open a bug against the package you are requesting the feature05:32
DamasceneOK. thanks05:34
kamalmostafamicahg: I have registered the project https://launchpad.net/hamlib and linked its SF project.  Can you assist me with the next step (linking the bug to that?)?05:38
micahgkamalmostafa: click also affects project05:39
micahgbrowse for the project name05:39
kamalmostafamicahg: okay, does this look good? bug 48392505:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 483925 in hamlib (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "rigctl/hamlib does not work with Icom PCR1000 (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48392505:40
micahgkamalmostafa: yes05:41
micahgkamalmostafa: what did you want me to set it to?05:42
kamalmostafamicahg: great, thank you.  [Triaged,Medium] please.05:42
micahgkamalmostafa: done05:43
kamalmostafamicahg: thank you very much for all your help!05:44
om26erI have seen two bug reports against empathy 1 was doesnot connect if using ppp and the other says cannot connect using evdo 3g. so they are actually empathy bugs or network-manager?05:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 517998 in empathy (Ubuntu) "empathy can't connect any account though my EVDO 3G network (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]05:46
om26erand https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/45787005:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 457870 in empathy (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "empathy does not recognize ppp connections (affects: 2)" [Low,Triaged]05:47
d1bhi um07:51
d1bhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sane-backends/+bug/469540 no action has been taken should i take this to ubuntu-dev  / some one who has access to fix this up ?07:51
ubot4Launchpad bug 469540 in sane-backends (Ubuntu) "Add more Samsung MFP scanners support (Xerox WorkCentre 3119, Samsung SCX-4220) (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]07:51
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=== luca__ is now known as invernizzi
ubot4Launchpad bug 518007 in udev (Ubuntu) "Asus Eee Function Keys (Hotkeys) are not working with Lucid 10.04 (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]12:51
Damascenehow to triage that?12:52
vishDamascene: have a look at this > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam/HotkeyResearch13:21
om26erwhat should I do for this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/51831913:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 518319 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Unable to initate a conversation from a pop-up (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]13:35
om26erits not empathy bug for sure. its a feature request for notify-osd but I am told that notify-osd is for notification *only* so wont fix against notify osd?13:35
Damascenevish. thanks for the link. I'll try to improve the report.13:37
persiaom26er: I'd wait for the upstream determination to set any of the tasks wontfix.13:45
om26erpersia, wislist for empathy and notify osd for now?13:46
persiaIf you're entirely sure that no changes in empathy would be required to enable it was such functionality added to notify-osd, the empathy task is invalid.13:46
persiaIf empathy might require work, wishlist is better.13:47
persiaI'm unsure if notify-osd should be wishlist or low.  It might be a usability issue, but it's definitely a feature.13:47
om26erpersia, its for sure something new that notify osd dont have and the specs dont show any plans for any feature13:48
cjohnstonhggdh: you around?13:49
persiaom26er: Like I said, it's definitely a feature request.  Where I don't have an opinion is whether it's a usability issue.  If it is a usability issue, that pushes from "wishlist" to "low".13:50
persiacjohnston: Always best to give context when poking folk: it lets them give better answers when they catch backscroll (which may be in seconds or hours), and maybe others can help.13:50
cjohnstonpersia / hggdh its in reference to our conversation last night re: cron crash / lappy not booting into lucid kernel13:51
persiaAnd now if you ask your question, perhaps someone will answer it :)13:52
om26ermarking wislist because there is another bug against empathy in the name 'open but do not raise' and it is milestone for lucid.13:53
cjohnstonHe was helping me troubleshoot.. so was hoping to pick up where we left off13:53
om26erthat was about chat window13:53
persiacjohnston: DId you manage to get a backtrace with real content?13:53
cjohnstonand he never did figure out why13:54
cjohnstonthat was one of the things we were still working on13:54
vishom26er: why are you setting milestones?13:54
cjohnstonhmm.. trying to boot into the newest lucid kernel this morning and my error is now: init: plymouth main process (341) killed by SEGV signal13:54
om26ervish, I never13:55
vishom26er: the devs set that when they decide to implement the feature13:55
vishom26er: hmm... k13:55
cjohnstonholy crapoly.. it booted!!!!13:59
cjohnstonuname -rv == 2.6.32-1214:00
hggdhhey cjohnston, sorry, was getting a coffee. I will have to get to the office now, and will be back in ~30 m14:04
cjohnstonno problem..14:05
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=== ikt|sleep is now known as ikt
persiacjohnston: Now that you've the latest kernel, try dist-upgrading again to make sure you have the latest everything else, replicate the crash, and see if apport-retrace gives you useful symbols.14:06
LimCorefirefox 1.5 fails epically on ubuntu 64bit14:09
persia1.5 ?!?!14:09
cjohnston1.5 should fail period imo14:10
LimCoreomg typo14:10
BUGabundoguud afternoon14:10
LimCorefirebug (firefox extension) shipped with ubuntu, in version firebug-1.5.0, fails epically (always, 100% crashes the browser when used).  Now users muts uninstall ubuntu-shipped firebug-1.5.0 and by hand install firebug-1.4.514:10
LimCoreafair only for 64bit systems14:11
LimCoreperhaps we should for now ship 1.4.5, as upstream's 1.5.0 is totally unusable14:11
persiaDowngrading is hard.14:11
persiaIs 1.5.0 unfixable?14:12
LimCorepersia: yes it is14:12
persiaHow so?  It's a rare bug that is truly unfixable.14:13
LimCoreit would appear to me, that imho, the ustreap developer has idiotic attitude "unsupported 64 bit builds", he means that he doesn't care too much as 64bit systems are "not supported" (wtf?). So I say, *** him and downgrade14:13
LimCorethat url above should provide information needed14:13
LimCore"64 bit systems are unsuported".... *headdesk*14:15
PiciThis sounds like something that should be brought to the attention of the mozillateam imo.14:15
ikoniaPici: it's not as big an audeince as is beig made out14:15
ikoniaeg: I'm running it on 64bit with no issues, but I'm aware of two problems for users in the last week14:15
LimCoreikonia: firebug is working for you on 64bit system?14:16
LimCoreclick F12 to open firebug, enable console tool14:16
ikoniaI can't at the moment, but it did work when I tested it for one of the other users the other day14:17
ikoniaI'm on an 8.10 laptop so the test would be false14:17
persiaAnd if it isn't working, how isn't it working?  If it just crashes, that's typically easy enough to fix.14:17
LimCoreit affects 9.10 with firebug 1.5.014:17
LimCorepersia: it crashes entire firefox14:17
ikoniaLimCore: I know, I tested it on a 91.0 laptop14:17
ikoniabut I appreciate that isn't the bug14:18
ikoniaI've just tested it on my 8.10 laptop and it works on that too14:18
persiaLimCore: So?  With a good stacktrace, we can still find the offending code.14:18
LimCoreIm rather sure it crashes EVERY 9.10 64bit box that ties to use firebug esp. in the console tool14:18
Pici1.5.0 is only in lucid right now.14:18
ikoniaLimCore: I'm rather sure it doesn't14:18
ikoniaLimCore: I'm using it on 9.1014:18
LimCoreikonia: with console?14:18
PiciIs this a firefox bug or a firebug bug?14:19
LimCorenot sure14:19
ikoniaI thought it was each other blaming each other14:19
cjohnstonpersia: I ran an update, and rebooted, and now it wont boot again.. :-(14:20
persiacjohnston: Hrm.  That's exceedingly frustrating.14:20
LimCoreoh, that bug is already traigged even14:24
LimCorebug #44974414:24
ubot4Launchpad bug 449744 in iceweasel (Debian) (and 5 other projects) "Firefox crashes when attempting to load Firebug 1.5 alphas (affects: 78) (dups: 5)" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44974414:24
persiaSays "Fix Released".  Was it?14:24
LimCorein 9.10 it still crashes for me, untill I by hand install older firebug14:25
ikoniathere 5.3.7 update was supposed to fix it but didn't for all people14:25
ikoniaughhh 3.5.714:25
persiaLimCore: I show that we ship 1.4.1 in 9.10.14:25
persia!info firebug karmic14:26
ubot4persia: firebug (source: firebug): web development plugin for Firefox. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.1-1ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 537 kB, installed size 3184 kB14:26
PiciLike I said, 1.5.0 is in only in lucid thus far14:26
LimCoreaah my bad.  The 1.5.0 was installed also by hand by me.14:26
ikoniaI did it by hand too14:26
persiaThis may be an issue, but it's not an issue in any shipping software, only in special user-modified configurations.14:26
LimCorecorrect then14:27
ikoniait's just a plugin so I coundn't be bothered with a deb package14:27
LimCoreperhaps I will give the shipped by ubuntu one a try instead14:27
LimCoreikonia: the ubuntu one could be batter, as it is signed14:27
LimCorealhough mozilla's is https anyway14:27
LimCoreanyway, on a related topic that comes to mind; there are nowdays trojans in firefox extensions, if you read the news. Not in the most popular ones though14:28
ikoniaLimCore: the downlaoded version works fine, so I won't change it personall14:30
cjohnstonpersia: fwiw, on 2.6.31-19, doing a dist-upgrade got no where14:38
cjohnstonany other thoughts on things to look at?14:40
persiaNot really.  Sorry.14:43
persiaI can read the stacktraces, but I'm not always good at getting them in the first place :)14:44
cjohnstonokie.. well im gonna go work on some stuff around the house then, and hopefully when i get back hggdh will be able to figure something out for me..14:44
hggdhcjohnston: I am back15:08
iktanything that a general user can test in lucid?15:15
BUGabundoikt a lot15:16
ikthelped get electricsheep working, tested the novaue thingo, tested the new gtk enhancements15:16
BUGabundolots of buts to file, and dupes to find15:16
persiaIf you've a nonessential system, please upgrade, and start filing bugs about the stuff you do most.15:16
persiaIf there aren't any bugs there, try other stuff :)15:16
iktah ok15:17
iktI'm finding alpha 2 very stable compared to 9.1015:17
BUGabundoA2 is very old15:17
BUGabundowell this weekend we broke nvidia15:17
BUGabundoso its not that good15:17
iktrunning latest updates ofc :p15:17
BUGabundoikt: feel free to join #ubuntu+115:18
hggdh:-) ATI (for me) has been broken since the start15:18
iktis that to do with the new novaue thingo?15:18
BUGabundodid it ever work with kernels above .11 ?15:18
BUGabundoikt: no. that's actually what fixed it for me : nouveau gallium15:19
BUGabundoinicial 3D support15:19
ddecatorhey nigel_nb , were you the one setting up the triaging classes for after the lucid launch?15:25
nigel_nbddecator, yes I am15:25
nigel_nbddecator, actually I'm hoping we'd have something this march.. but I need to talk to a few more people15:25
ddecatornigel_nb, can i safely assume that you will send out an email to the mailing list about any official dates?15:26
nigel_nbddecator, of course!15:26
persianigel_nb: Do remember about Ubuntu Open Week, which happens around the same time.15:26
ddecatornigel_nb, perfect =)15:26
nigel_nbpersia, open week is in may isn't it?15:27
persiaIt's usually a week or so after release.15:27
persiaDunno the precise schedule for the next one, but it falls into the same area as "after lucid launch".  If you're tracking it, ignore me :)15:28
micahgthat bug guy is still wreaking havoc15:28
nigel_nbmicahg, which one?15:28
nigel_nbpersia, I'm looking for a regular series every month15:29
nigel_nbmicahg, I thought he was blocked?15:29
ddecatormicahg, is that the guy that created the group?15:29
hggdh?? OK, time to open a question on answers.lp asking him to be blocked.15:29
hggdhI will need some case #s15:30
hggdhsorry, bug #s15:30
micahgbug 6993115:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 69931 in firefox-3.5 (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "MASTER firefox crash [@NP_Shutdown] [@Flash_EnforceLocalSecurity] -- libflashplayer.so (affects: 2) (dups: 46)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6993115:30
micahgbug 41905115:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 419051 in openobject-client "context in one2many field not get in fields_view_get (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41905115:31
micahgoops bug 41950115:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 419501 in libxcb (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "apport-kde assert failure: python: ../../src/xcb_io.c:242: process_responses: Assertion `(((long) (dpy->last_request_read) - (long) (dpy->request)) <= 0)' failed. (affects: 127) (dups: 59)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41950115:31
micahgbug 39232415:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 392324 in phpmyadmin (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 2 other projects) "CVE-2009-1285: Insufficient output sanitizing when generating configuration file (affects: 1)" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39232415:31
hggdhwow, enough, enough ;-)15:31
vishheh , seems micahg is pretty enraged :)15:32
hggdher, what did he do on bug 69931?15:32
* micahg doesn't like having to fix bugs15:32
ubot4Launchpad bug 69931 in firefox-3.5 (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "MASTER firefox crash [@NP_Shutdown] [@Flash_EnforceLocalSecurity] -- libflashplayer.so (affects: 2) (dups: 46)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6993115:32
hggdhsorry, bug 41905115:32
micahghggdh: nominate for upstream versions and assign to someone15:32
ubot4Launchpad bug 419051 in openobject-client "context in one2many field not get in fields_view_get (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41905115:32
micahghggdh: nothing, that was a goof15:33
hggdhoh, OK15:33
hggdhand bug 392324?15:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 392324 in phpmyadmin (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 2 other projects) "CVE-2009-1285: Insufficient output sanitizing when generating configuration file (affects: 1)" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39232415:33
micahghggdh: deleted teh CVEs15:34
hggdhoooh... GMLP does not show it...15:34
micahghggdh: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phpmyadmin/+bug/392324/+activity15:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 392324 in phpmyadmin (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 2 other projects) "CVE-2009-1285: Insufficient output sanitizing when generating configuration file (affects: 1)" [Medium,Invalid]15:35
nigel_nbmicahg, someone accepted that character inside bug squad?15:37
micahgnigel_nb: idk, but I'm not an admin of the team15:37
yofelnigel_nb: no, but he's part of desktop bugs which is a member of the bugsquad15:37
nigel_nbugh! makes it all the more confusing15:37
micahgyofel: that should be a restricted team now15:38
* yofel looks15:38
micahgseb128: ^^15:38
ddecatorit's a shame this kind of stuff has to happen and take up so much time15:38
yofelnope, the desktop bugs team is open15:39
micahgyofel: I know15:39
yofeland it's a member of the bugsquad, so he has an indirect membership15:39
micahgyofel: right, that's why it needs to be moderated now15:39
yofelok, then I confused your statement ;)15:40
nigel_nbi gess seb128 has to take a look at that one15:40
yofelas you're right15:40
nigel_nbI wonder, doesn't he have any fear of screwing things up?  I'm always scared when I enter a comment15:41
hggdhdone. https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10032715:41
ddecatornigel_nb, it's almost like he wants to15:41
nigel_nbddecator, hm, that too!15:42
hggdhnigel_nb: I declined him some 3 days ago15:42
nigel_nbhggdh, he found a round-about way15:42
hggdhhe is a member now?15:42
yofelhggdh: indirect membership over the desktop bugs team15:42
ddecatorhggdh, his page shows the bugsquad icon15:43
hggdhyes, if he is a member of desktop, he is a member of bugsquad15:43
hggdhfor the record, this is the other user I asked to block: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10025315:45
ddecatorhaha, any action on that yet?15:46
ddecatorat least he finally stopped15:46
micahgddecator: stopped what?15:47
hggdhyes, This is why I did not answer his last diabrite15:47
nigel_nbstopped editing the description15:47
ddecatormicahg, updating the description of the bug every 5 minutes and threatening hggdh15:47
hggdhnot only editing the description -- changing status and  assigned to15:47
micahgoh, that one15:47
ddecatorhggdh, did he?15:48
hggdhyes. Look at the full activity log15:48
thekorn_hi there!15:48
hggdh(and, if you have the LP GM scripts, it will be shown in the bug itself)15:48
hggdhhi thekorn_15:48
thekorn_does anyone know about this bug-elevation-team?15:49
hggdhyes. Forget it15:49
hggdhthekorn_: see https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10032715:49
ddecatorhggdh, haha, i never noticed that15:50
hggdh(although there *may* be something on such a team, but we would have to think on it carefully. And certainly not make it so all-inclusive)15:50
thekorn_hggdh: ok thanks15:51
thekorn_my first thought was it is part of the team reorganisation process, but then I realized that some *random* user created it15:52
hggdhthekorn_: this has been an interesting weekend...15:53
ddecatorhggdh, agreed15:53
ddecatorhggdh, it's almost like some 4chan users got bored (no offense to anyone who reads 4chan)15:54
BUGabundowhat is 4c?16:01
ddecatorBUGabundo, 4chan is an internet community with a reputation for messing with people...there is an article where they supposedly tell a kid to run a magnet over his hdd in order to recover his documents16:02
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
micahgBUGabundo: BTW, with mbpurple, you can reply now16:02
ddecatorBUGabundo, exactly16:03
BUGabundomicahg: always could16:04
BUGabundomicahg: enable the plugins twigin16:04
micahgBUGabundo: in context16:04
BUGabundoyou can???????16:04
BUGabundothat's new to me16:04
micahgBUGabundo: click on the user's name in the message16:04
BUGabundono, that doesn't put in context16:05
BUGabundoit either open _just_ a new notice (dent)16:06
BUGabundoor appends to the last one.... not always the correct context16:06
BUGabundoXMPP bot does send threadID16:06
BUGabundoand you can use "r ThreadID msg@16:06
BUGabundoand you can use "r ThreadID msg"16:06
BUGabundoand have that in proper context16:07
micahgBUGabundo: it seems to keep context16:09
nigel_nbwhat time does bdmurray come on?16:15
nigel_nbanyone has a clue?16:15
hggdhin about one hour16:16
nigel_nbaw :( I'll be at work then16:16
bdmurraynigel_nb: what's up16:17
nigel_nbah, well, thats nice :)16:17
nigel_nbbdmurray, wanted to talk more about those sessions... I have a very much positive feedback for a monthly session16:17
cjohnstonhowdy hggdh16:18
hggdhhi cjohnston16:19
bdmurraynigel_nb: okay, cool16:19
hggdhhow is ti going16:19
cjohnstonReady to take a bat to the lappy16:20
cjohnstonYou got some time to try to help me out?16:20
hggdh:-) put in some nails, also16:20
hggdha bit -- I will be on and off (still logged, but following the weekend's deployment at my customer)16:20
cjohnstonhggdh: I was able to get it to boot into the lucid kernel once this morning, but then on reboot it wouldnt again16:21
hggdhdid you set ACPI=off?16:24
cjohnstonhey qense16:25
cjohnstonunless im doing it wrong...16:25
hggdhI remember hearing of an issue with newer kernels that would not boot, and one way out was ACPI=off16:25
cjohnstonhggdh: ^  but I did 'e', and then made a new line at the bottom and added acpi=off16:25
hggdhyou 'e', then you will se a series of line16:26
hggdhthen you 'e' again on the line that is booting the kernel (it should also have some other parms, like 'quiet'. Add it to the end of the line16:26
hggdhthen boot16:26
cjohnstonrecordfail // insmod ext2 .....16:26
arandhggdh: This acpi issue was primarily on virtualbox systems though, afaik...16:27
hggdhoh. Then -- probably -- would not apply here. But it is worth a try.16:27
cjohnstonok.. so linux /boot/vmlinuz......... ro quiet splash acpi=off  ?16:28
arandcjohnston: might want ro remove the "quiet splash" as well, to see where it stops, if it does.16:29
hggdhcjohnston: yes. Try it, but per arand it is not quite the environment. At least try it16:29
hggdhyes indeed16:29
cjohnstonhggdh: adding just the acpi=off did not work.. removing quiet splash and adding acpi=off worked16:33
cjohnston2.6.32-12-generic #17-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 5 08:16:30 UTC 201016:34
hggdhcjohnston: try now with removing quite/splash *only*16:40
hggdhthis may be related to plymouth16:41
hggdhthere you go. Now, for this to be effective avery time, you need to update your grub2 config16:43
seb128nigel_nb, micahg: hey16:44
seb128what was the ping about?16:44
micahgseb128: about making the desktop bugs team moderated16:44
seb128I don't fancy reading the backlog16:44
nigel_nbseb128, can you close the desktop bugs team?16:44
micahgseb128: bugsquad is now moderated16:44
micahgdesktop bugs is a member16:44
seb128what is bugsquad?16:45
nigel_nbseb128, https://launchpad.net/~r12056/+karma this character has been causing some mess16:45
seb128does it give you any bug control?16:45
hggdhcjohnston: edit /etc/default/grrub, and change the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT as needed; then run 'sudo update-grub'16:45
seb128sorry but I'm always confusing bugsquad, bugcontrol, etc16:46
* micahg doesn't remember why the bugsquad team was closed16:46
hggdhcjohnston: /etc/default/grub  I wrote it with too many 'r's16:46
micahgseb128: no, jsut the title16:46
nigel_nbmicahg, well because half the members had not signed CoC16:46
seb128so why does it need to be moderated?16:46
cjohnstonsounds like its time to eat16:46
micahgbdmurray: ^^16:46
seb128to give a short reply16:47
seb128I don't want to spend time moderating a team which give no rights16:47
seb128ie being member of not should make no difference16:47
seb128it's just to show you triage some desktop bugs16:47
cjohnstonhggdh: any idea why quiet splash is cauing the problem?16:47
bdmurraymicahg: I'm indifferent about the desktop-bugs team being closed or not.  It made sense for the bug squad.16:48
hggdhcjohnston: I *suspect* it may be related to usplash/pymouth16:48
nigel_nbseb128, well, it gives us the wrong idea that a person might be a part of bug squad when he actually is not16:48
cjohnstonok.. should i do any sort of follow up with a bug report? (or commenting on someone elses if you know of one?)16:49
hggdhcjohnston: so, if you have time, you can try leaving 'quiet', and taking out usplash16:49
seb128nigel_nb, what is bugsquad? what sort of people are there? and why is that important to know they are there?16:49
seb128nigel_nb, I would expect knowing if people know what to do or not is important16:49
seb128bug it they know what to do they should be in bugcontrol no?16:49
hggdhcjohnston: I am not sure if this would be a dup, so please just comment your bug you what you did to be able to boot16:50
bdmurrayseb128: the criteria is documented at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad.  Sign the CoC and know where the documentation is.16:50
seb128does that bring any value?16:51
seb128ie is that information worth the moderation work?16:51
bdmurrayseb128: on more than one ocassion people have come to me asking about someone who was in the bug squad because they thought being the in the bug squad meant something which it didn't.16:52
bdmurraywe've divided the moderation up among multiple team members and have scripted adding members so it is not that much work.16:52
cjohnstonhggdh: im rebooting right now with only quiet to see if that works16:53
nigel_nbI'm off to work.  Later folks.16:54
seb128bdmurray, well I'm rather wondering if we need a bugsquad team at all16:55
BUGabundoseb128: quick question: is the no more alt+NUM shortcut to move between nautilus tabs a new feature or a bug?16:55
seb128bdmurray, well I'm rather wondering if we need a bugsquad team at all on launchpad16:55
seb128BUGabundo, no clue16:55
cjohnstonhggdh: it worked with only queit16:55
seb128BUGabundo, I don't use tabs16:55
cjohnstonspelled the correct way of course16:55
BUGabundocause having then at bottom is bad, having not keyboard shortcuts is even worse16:56
vishbdmurray: if desktop team being a member of bugsquad is the problem , why not just remove the desktop team as a member of bugsquad?16:57
vishdesktop bugs team*16:57
vishfolks can join each team separately ..16:58
chrisccoulsonbdmurray - i just noticed that people can openly join bugsquad (unmoderated, albeit indirectly) by joining desktop-bugs. (desktop-bugs is a member of bugsquad). is that intended?16:59
cjohnstonchrisccoulson: they are talking about that right now16:59
* vish just found that the new "moderation" , did not work .. the team approved an idler with no bug experience :(17:00
vishbug squad admins need to be a bit more careful :)17:00
* cjohnston almost things (which will get me kicked out) that you shouldnt be able to join bugsquad until you finish moderation17:00
cjohnstonwhatever word im trying to use17:01
hggdhI do not think we need to be that restrictive. For starters, anyone can work on a bug. The bugSquad is mostly to give people a bit more of official status17:02
* charlie-tca thought bugsquad was where you learn how to triage17:02
hggdhby closing bugSquad, we are trying to have a minimum -- for example, you *must* sign the CoC17:02
charlie-tcaBut not necessarily experience in bug work. It does let us tell you to read the wiki, though17:03
vishhggdh: i thought the point was the squad had "idlers" with 0 karma?17:03
vishand to filter them out17:03
hggdhboth points are correct. We really do not know who is a triager, and we are trying toget them to accept the CoC, read the wiki, etc17:04
hggdhso now we have 2k member, and I very much doubt 400 of them are active17:04
hggdhmentorship gives one a direct access to -control17:05
hggdh(if successful, of course)17:05
hggdhand now we are experience the Law of Unintended Consequences ;-)17:06
vishhggdh: karma can be misleading too , this member recently joined with _no_ bug experience https://launchpad.net/~drsganesh17:06
bdmurrayvish: no bug experience is required though17:06
vishbdmurray: we aernt even sure he has read the wiki's [i noticed him since he joined elementary team , I'v given him time to contact us and communicate directly with us]17:08
qensebdmurray: Did you have time to review my merge request for the apport-bugpatterns? I could have pushed directly, but I wanted to make sure I'd done nothing wrong and that you're OK with the small changes I made to the search-bugs script.17:08
* kklimonda wonders how did drsganesh get over 6k karma from specification tracking.. what is "specification tracking"17:08
bdmurrayqense: not yet, today17:08
vishkklimonda: its from just opening random blueprints..17:08
qensebdmurray: that's fine17:08
vishkklimonda: he has used the blueprints as a brainstorm site :(17:09
hggdhvish: that's fine. Any new member has a 3-months membership. If no bug work, s/he is out.17:09
qensecjohnston: I'm sorry I didn't respond to your ping earlier. I suffer from the Plymouth freezes, so when I pressed enter to answer my system froze. :S What did you want to say?17:09
cjohnstonI believe I just said hi qense.. maybe good morning17:09
qensecjohnston: ah! Well then, hi to you too. ;)17:09
vishhggdh: ah.. cool.. that should work... [i noticed this member since he applied for elementary team too ;)17:10
hggdhvish: what you need to join bugSquad is the *interest* to work on bugs (and sign the CoC, read the wiki, etc). *After* you join, you are expected to work on bugs17:10
hggdhso no previous experience17:10
vishgot it17:11
hggdhvish: so -- no bug work after 3 months of joining... no renewal17:11
duanedesignbdmurray: which file creates the <package>.data file for the bug graphs at ~brian/complete-graphs/17:12
hggdhvish: although I agree that DrG seems more interested in collecting team icons than anything else17:14
vish yeah... :(17:15
hggdhbut, still, there is the benefit of doubt. "seems to" is *not* "is"17:17
hggdh(the old issue about correlation and causation...)17:18
vishhggdh: yup.. I noticed his pattern , but he is a member of the brainstorm moderators.. hence approved him , but with a shorter leash than bug squad [since we have branches ;)]17:19
* vish is more worried of accidental deletions of branches :s17:19
hggdhfolks, please have a look at http://search.gmane.org/?query=&author=Rhett+Trappman&group=gmane.linux.ubuntu.bugs.general&sort=date&DEFAULTOP=and17:21
hggdhthis r12whatever has to be stopped. NOW17:22
vish*sigh* , why do people do stuff like that :(17:23
charlie-tcaSame character that created the new team saturday, isn't he17:23
bcurtiswxhggdh: what happened now?17:23
hggdhthe guy is assigning tasks to anybody, left and right17:23
hggdhsee the gmane link abote17:24
* vish googles rhett trapmman17:24
cjohnstonDo you all want me to go through them and unassign them?17:24
vishthat seems to be him^17:25
charlie-tcaIs he using a script to do that? Seems like they are multiplying real fast17:25
vishmight be17:25
bcurtiswxhggdh: i just got in, no link above17:26
hggdhno, I do not believe so.17:26
kklimondahe has also removed cve links from some bug..17:26
kklimondabcurtiswx, http://search.gmane.org/?query=&author=Rhett+Trappman&group=gmane.linux.ubuntu.bugs.general&sort=date&DEFAULTOP=and17:26
hggdhJoin the Bug-Squad. We guarantee you will not be bored ;-)17:27
bcurtiswxwhat is being done right now to notify people to stop him.. or stopping him?17:27
hggdhbcurtiswx: I opened a question on answers.lp.net/launchpad asking him to be blocked. We are now waiting for someone there to act on it17:27
cjohnstonmaybe see if anyone is active on the lp channels who could look into it?17:28
bcurtiswxhggdh: can we bug (no pun intended) someone to get this done faster17:28
charlie-tcahggdh: You opened one on him, too? he is not the same character that yelled back saturday17:28
bcurtiswxcjohnston: nice.. :D17:28
hggdhcharlie-tca: yes, I opened two different requests to block, one for each17:29
charlie-tcaThey sure seem slow about it17:29
hggdhcjohnston: you might try. When I asked it on #LP I was told to open a question (in fact, nobody answered me, I got the hint from w_grant here)17:29
* hggdh goes busy with work17:30
bcurtiswxhggdh: whats the link to it.. i'll start annoying LP17:30
hggdhbcurtiswx: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/100327 and https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/10025317:31
mrandI found a previous case where they closed an abusive account.  Looks on average to take 1 to 3 days.17:31
mrandWas a year ago.17:32
cjohnstonHow do we go about fixing the mess?17:34
LimCoreoh man Steve Langasek is sometimes a bit irritating ;)     security vulnerability: yes → no   huh.17:37
bcurtiswxSteve's cool tho.17:39
hggdhLimCore: Steve knows what he is talking about17:39
arandI don't really see how https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager-core/+bug/518665 is a dupe of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager-core/+bug/518658, or is this because dist-upgrade reports should be bulked?17:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 518665 in update-manager-core (Ubuntu) "Panel disorder after hardy2lucid upgrade (dup-of: 518658)" [Undecided,New]17:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 518658 in update-manager-core (Ubuntu) "nautilus error on hardy2lucid upgrade (affects: 1) (dups: 1)" [Undecided,New]17:40
LimCoreI'm nominating 474327 for SRU in karmic17:43
charlie-tcaI hate that new button, how do you find who did the duping?17:43
LimCorebug #47432717:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 474327 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "Overwrite/destroy not-empty partition due to lack of vol_id from udev (affects: 2)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47432717:43
hggdhcharlie-tca: should be in the activity log17:43
cjohnstonhggdh: can you please join #launchpad17:43
LimCorehggdh: I bet, it's just that I have wider scope of what I see as security vulnerability. Imho it is better to be safe then sorry17:43
mrandLimCore: Yes.  That may be a data corruption problem, but it doesn't look to me like a security problem.17:44
LimCoremrand: right; I hope it is enough for SRU, (masive) user data loss is a criteria fror SRU17:44
cjohnstonthanks hggdh17:44
* LimCore edits one more detail in description17:44
arandcharlie-tca: You find the dupe-meister through the full activity log.17:46
charlie-tcamrand: I don't see enough information on those to determine they are duplicates. I would suspect he missed the first words on the summary17:46
charlie-tcafound him, thanks hggdh and arand17:47
LimCorehow do I "Upload the fixed package to release-proposed" (for SRU)? I have the edited by me sources on disc and debpatch was generated/attached to bug17:48
charlie-tcaI think I can undo that17:48
arandcharlie-tca: Was that in reference to my two bugs? arand != mrand ;)17:48
mrandarand: I'm sure it was.17:49
hggdhjust a small permutation with loss17:50
kklimondaLimCore, you have to find someone with upload rights who will sponsor it17:51
LimCorewho can do that?17:53
kklimondaLimCore, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess17:54
charlie-tcayes, sorry about the name17:55
charlie-tcaI unduped17:55
arandcharlie-tca: cheers.17:55
LimCoreah bdmurray already subscribed sponsors.17:58
cjohnstontis atleast a start hggdh18:02
charlie-tcaNow to start undoing the damage, huh?18:02
cjohnstonis there an easy way to do that?18:02
cjohnstonor just go through his search and undo what he did do18:03
charlie-tcaNot that I know of. I think you could use search or the gmane list18:03
cjohnstonshould we go on and start doing that?18:04
cjohnstoni have some time... but id like someone to say yes first18:04
cjohnstonAnd should I comment that I'm reversing what was done incorrectly?18:04
charlie-tcaOkay, I can say yes, I think. Check them and if the change is wrong, coreect it and comment on it.18:04
cjohnstonall the subscriptions and stuff are safe to remove? and assignees?18:05
charlie-tcaEvery change will generate more email for everybody involved.18:05
cjohnstonIt's up to someone who knows more than I do.. I know itll generate a ton of email... so.... i dunno18:06
charlie-tcaCheck the activity logs to see what changes were made. If the abuser assigned/subscribed people, yes, it is safe to remove them18:06
hggdhyes, we will have to go throught the gmane search. Each email will tell us what he did, and we can undo it18:06
charlie-tcaChange assigned back to nobody, undup where needed, etc18:07
cjohnstonand of course he made stuff security so i cant get into some18:07
charlie-tcaLet us know which ones those are, we can try to fix them, too18:07
hggdhyou should, as long as we (the team) is ssubscribed18:07
hggdhoh. You are not -control yet...18:07
cjohnstoni guess i cant un-nominate either18:09
charlie-tcaoh-oh. So one of us in bugcontrol will need to go them, too18:09
qensecjohnston: nope, only the drivers can accept or reject that18:09
hggdhcjohnston: accepting/rejecting nominations can only be done by the package maintainers18:10
charlie-tcacjohnston: just make a comment that it may not be appropriate for the nomination, so they can read it18:10
qenseWhat are we going to do with the bug-elevation-team? Keep it? ;)18:11
cjohnstontake it and use it to take over the world18:11
charlie-tcaI thought it was killed already.18:11
charlie-tcaWhy hasn't it been deleted yet?18:12
qenseI think anyone of us can kill it, we're indirect members of Ubuntu Bugs18:12
charlie-tcaYes, I didn't want to kill it over the weekend, but if we now know it is bogus, it could be deleted.18:13
cjohnstonI can't access bug 26091818:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 260918 in xawtv (Fedora) (and 37 other projects) "needed: libv4l and associated application patches (or "gspca stopped working in 2.6.27") (affects: 68) (dups: 28)" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26091818:14
hggdhI think it can now. And I agree with charlie-tca -- we wanted to wait and get more views, just in case (I do not believe in witches, but that they exist they do, etc, etc. Or, better safe than sorry)18:14
qenseWho is going to delete it?18:14
hggdhwe accept proposals ;-)18:14
qensepick me!18:15
* bcurtiswx draws from a hat18:15
hggdhwhat was the team name?18:15
bcurtiswxand the winner is.....18:15
bcurtiswxqense!! congrats18:15
charlie-tcaqense +118:16
qenseyay! I won!18:16
LimCorepick my bug to be sponsored \o/18:16
qenseeverybody, kiss https://edge.launchpad.net/~bug-elevation-team goodbye!18:16
* bcurtiswx lights match18:16
hggdhbye bye, so long, farewell, etc, etc18:16
* hggdh *really* has to work now18:17
bcurtiswxhggdh: what is work?18:17
cjohnstonwork is over rated18:17
* LimCore steals hggdh's keyboard18:17
bcurtiswxLimcore you've only given him the BEST excuse NOT to reply to us.. thx18:17
LimCorehe can still use x keyboard18:17
charlie-tcaI am on 260918, will fix what I can18:18
hggdhbcurtiswx: work is what pays me. The rest is pleasure :-)18:19
bcurtiswxhggdh: who do you work for.. i can take a few servers down if you want18:19
hggdhoh, just noted LimCore stole my keyboard. Cannot answer anymore ;-)18:20
hggdhbcurtiswx: right now I want the up. Then I will be done here, and can return home...18:20
qensebug 422536 is quite annoying as well, btw. Loads and loads of useless changes.18:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 422536 in linux (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 5 other projects) "EDAC amd64: WARNING: ECC is NOT currently enabled by the BIOS. Module will NOT be loaded. (affects: 877) (dups: 111)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42253618:21
qenseIt was one of the bugs that inspired for the bugpatterns, so it has quite some dups.18:22
qense111, to be precise18:22
cjohnstonbug 496923 i am unable to make the changes18:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 496923 in postgresql-8.4 (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 20 other projects) "Security/bug fix release: 8.4.2, 8.3.9, 8.1.19 (affects: 1)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49692318:25
vishqense: havent yet deleted the elevetion team? [i can still see it]18:29
qensevish: I was waiting for the maillist to be deactivated.18:29
cjohnstonI thought about joining it just for giggles18:29
vishah cool18:29
arandhttp://www.google.co.uk/search?q=site:launchpad.net+rhett+trappman&hl=en&filter=0 Seems to catch a few which arent on the gmane list..18:33
qensewhat is the gmane list?18:33
arandqense: http://search.gmane.org/?query=&author=Rhett+Trappman&group=gmane.linux.ubuntu.bugs.general&sort=date&DEFAULTOP=and&xFILTERS=Glinux.ubuntu.bugs.general-Arhett-Atrappman---A18:34
qenseDoes he have his own news group?18:35
charlie-tcaGmane is just easy to search18:36
charlie-tcaIt maintains several of the mailing lists in Ubuntu18:36
charlie-tcaMuch easier to search than the mailing list archives18:37
charlie-tcabug 496923 done18:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 496923 in postgresql-8.4 (Ubuntu Karmic) (and 20 other projects) "Security/bug fix release: 8.4.2, 8.3.9, 8.1.19 (affects: 1)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49692318:41
arandcharlie-tca: Do a search in LP by bug importance, seems this fella has been on those systematically.18:42
cjohnstonqense: bug 431217 - is the LP link he did correct or should it be removed18:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 431217 in msttcorefonts (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "package ttf-mscorefonts-installer 2.6 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (affects: 642) (dups: 92)" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43121718:43
charlie-tcaI believe it. All we can do is try to fix it18:43
qensecjohnston: What LP link?18:45
cjohnstonthe branch lp:ubuntu/karmic/msttcorefonts18:46
qensecjohnston: I'm not sure if it makes any sense, I don't think they were related.18:48
cjohnstonokie.. will remove..18:48
cjohnstonI saw you were on that one.. so i figured id ask you ;-)18:48
qense:) I just fixed the status.18:48
qenseIt has been said over and over again, but maybe we should just lock bugs that have a certain number of duplicates or subscribers or at least one heat.18:49
cjohnstonbest i can tell guys, http://search.gmane.org/?query=&author=Rhett+Trappman&group=gmane.linux.ubuntu.bugs.general&sort=date&DEFAULTOP=and&xFILTERS=Glinux.ubuntu.bugs.general-Arhett-Atrappman---A   everything except for the two I mentioned, i have fixed18:50
cjohnstonI'm looking at that google page now...18:51
charlie-tcaGreat! Thanks for helping, cjohnston18:53
charlie-tcaI took care of the two you mentioned18:53
cjohnstonsometimes its nice only working two days a week18:53
cjohnstoncan take care of things quickly18:53
bcurtiswxbdmurray: can you use ubuntu-bugpatterns with Ground Control (if you've tried).. my search results come up empty every time18:54
bcurtiswxi've filed a bug, but i just want to make sure its not me18:54
bdmurrayI haven't played with ground control at all18:55
cjohnstonGC is fun...18:55
cjohnstonatleast for what i have learned how to use18:55
bcurtiswxit can't find the ~ubuntu-bugpattern branch.. so i requested that if we know the branch there should be a way to put it in without a search18:56
qensebcurtiswx: lp:~ubuntu-desktop/apport/ubuntu-bugpatterns iirc18:57
qenseWe should be able to commit to it, as members of Bug Control.18:58
bcurtiswxqense: yup i know.. its just that GC doesn't see it18:58
yofelwhat was groun control again?19:00
cjohnstona nautilus gui for bzr?19:01
cjohnstonits cool19:01
cjohnstonif only i could really use it.. lol19:02
yofelwell, I don't use gnome so I'll forget about it19:02
cjohnstonheres one for yall...19:04
cjohnstonRhett signed his bug report Nick19:04
cjohnstonbug 51863919:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 518639 in meta-kde (Ubuntu) "keyboard dosn't exsists under GNOME but not under KDE (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51863919:05
LimCoreit disintegrates under gnome =)19:07
cjohnstonhe also wants to join https://edge.launchpad.net/~registry19:07
qenseI have to agree that rhett trappmann doesn't sound like a real name.19:07
qenseI want to be part of registry as well!19:07
LimCoredoes it come with ladies that dig developers?19:07
thekornhas anybody saved the list of related bugreport for this user before asking to deactivating this account?19:07
qenseIf you pronounce rhett with a long e, which if you know a bit about german the 'h' already indicates, you could make it sound like the Dutch word 'reet', which means ass or crack. Trappmann could be interpreted as Kickman19:08
jpdscjohnston: He's been desactivated.19:08
charlie-tcaHe only had three bugs listede19:08
qensethekorn: already removed19:08
charlie-tcathekorn: he was subscribed to three bugs total19:08
cjohnstonok.. to all: I have also done the reports google has found... anyone got other suggestions?19:08
arandcjohnston: I think the cleaning might be a bigger project than expected, here's what a brief look through all "critical" ubuntu bugs yielded (only nomination it seems): http://pastebin.com/m4fab1440 This is by far not all (just continue down the list of ubuntu-bugs sorted by importance... Seems like we could use some heavier measures.19:09
LimCoreI should totally report most severe bugs as user Kcoc Yeknod19:09
jpdscjohnston: If you find any spammers or plain, obvious, annoying users report them at answers.launchpad.net/launchpad19:09
qenseCan't we search the activity logs with launchpadlib?19:10
thekornqense, no19:10
qensehi etali19:10
cjohnstonjpds: we did.. hggdh did actually19:10
jpdsI saw.19:10
cjohnstonarand: as of now though there isnt much we can do about nominations19:11
hggdhthey will, eventually, be dealt with19:11
thekornwhat the problem with nominations?19:11
etalihi qense19:11
qensethekorn: loads of them19:11
thekornok, he set alot of them ....19:11
hggdhhe went into a frenzy of nominations19:11
qensehe opened one for each release for each task19:11
qenseburrying the legitimate ones19:12
thekornmaybe someone with direct DB access can give us a list of all bugs he ever touched, or set nominations19:12
cjohnstonarand: how did you do that search?19:12
etaliqense: Sorry for the slow response to your mails - my PSU blew, took my mobo with it and trashed a hard drive too - right around the time my tax return was due.  Been a stressful few weeks :(  Will be looking out for the next bug day though.19:12
qenseetali: No need to apologise. I'm sorry for your computer, you can't do anything against that.19:13
hggdhwe already have this, from the LP extensions19:14
arandcjohnston: simply https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance19:14
hggdhthe gmane email list19:14
chrisccoulsonetali - not having much luck then? ;)19:15
etaliqense:  Thanks.19:15
etalichrisccoulson:  Well.... I got an upgrade out of it :)  However I also found out there were some folders not covered by my regular backup strategy.19:16
qenseetali: If you've got a question don't hesitate to ping me a IRC. If I'm not there, just send a mail.19:16
arandcjohnston: I expect he (or a script) has done the same and simply plowed through the bugs by importance... I have no idea how far he's gotten..19:16
kamalmostafabugcontrol please...  I have triaged bug 306268, and request its importance be set to "Low" (based on the submitter's implication that the bug was specific to one particular program feature and/or a particular input file).19:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 306268 in xnec2c (Ubuntu) "xnec2c crashes for horizontal polarization" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30626819:16
etaliqense: Thanks, will do.19:16
qenseetali: good ;)19:16
hggdharand: http://search.gmane.org/?query=&author=Rhett+Trappman&group=gmane.linux.ubuntu.bugs.general&sort=date&DEFAULTOP=and19:16
qensebtw, guys, I found that I lack the skills to properly dismantle a team. Mere mortals cannot purge maillist, you need to be a member of ~mailing-list-experts if you want that according to bug #23721019:17
ubot4Launchpad bug 237210 in launchpad-registry "should be a way to delete/disconnect a mailing list (dups: 3)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23721019:17
hggdhqense: in this case we will be a <sigh/> question opened against launchpad19:17
arandhggdh: That does not catch the hundreds(+/-??) of bugs where only nominations have been done.19:18
qenseyes inded19:18
qenseI'll do that19:18
hggdharand: a nomination does not generate an email?19:18
cjohnstonthe gmane only has 17 listings to19:18
cjohnstonthats how i finished so fast ;-)19:18
arandhggdh: They don't show up on the bug list it seems...19:18
qensehggdh: wait, I'll ask someone from the team. Jorge just appeared.19:18
* charlie-tca thinks that comes as no surprise that we can create but not delete teams19:19
hggdhOK. try going to the guy's LP page, ans search on all bugs related to him (every one he touched should be there)19:19
cjohnstonhggdh: good point19:19
arandhggdh: seems like that didn't work either, I tried before, (and now the profile is gone though...19:20
charlie-tcaHis bug page showed three total19:20
thekornthat's why I asked if anybody has saved his buglist ;)19:20
hggdhI will try a quick URL hack19:21
arandI don't think nominations alone show up in the buglist either, for some reason...19:21
qensebug-elevation-team is deleted!19:28
chrisccoulsonyay! \o/19:28
charlie-tcaThank you very much, qense19:29
qensecharlie-tca: Most of the hard work was done by jorge, he purged the mailing list. ;)19:29
charlie-tcaHe deserves a big thank you too, then19:30
hggdhsigh. LP is timing out for me19:32
thekornHE is back again :(19:41
qensethekorn: IP ban! IP ban!19:41
qenseCan we request a ban right away to prevent new damage?19:42
* hggdh runs around, throw ashes, rips part of his clothes19:42
ddecatori'm working on bug 517449, which i think is a 'wishlist' item, but i'm not sure if this would be a small change or require enough work that i should point the person to the brainstorm site19:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 517449 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Notify outstanding updates at logout/shutdown (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51744919:42
hggdhqense: I am against it right now. We have to give him a chance19:42
thekornand one of his first actions was to mess up one of my bugreports in one of my projects, n0000b19:42
hggdhoh, already?19:42
qenseI think that CVE and security bugs should at least be locked.19:43
thekornhttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/zeitgeist/+bug/406054  he even assigned me19:43
qenseHe shouldn't be able to disrupt such critical workflows.19:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 406054 in zeitgeist "Export extensions and dataproviders into a new package (affects: 1)" [High,Incomplete]19:43
thekornI'm wondering if he is using the API for nominations19:44
qensehe may be a clever little troll!19:45
hggdhwell. I stand corrected. I wanted to give him a chance. He blew it19:45
qensehggdh: You're a good person, you proved that for the least.19:46
kamalmostafabugcontrol please...   I request bug 306268 be set to [Low,Incomplete] since the problem is specific to one particular program feature.19:47
kamalmostafaAnd that bug 496347 be set to [Low,Triaged] since an easy work-around has been identified and the problem is reported upstream.19:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 306268 in xnec2c (Ubuntu) "xnec2c crashes for horizontal polarization" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30626819:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 496347 in xlog (Ubuntu) "xlog: qrz.com lookup fails - incorrect URL (affects: 2)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49634719:47
charlie-tcakamalmostafa: you asked question in bug 306268, but have not gotten a response back yet. Incomplete would be the correct status for that.19:52
ubot4Launchpad bug 306268 in xnec2c (Ubuntu) "xnec2c crashes for horizontal polarization" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30626819:52
charlie-tcaWe generally set importance when status can be confirmed19:53
ddecatoranyone here know much about update-manager?19:55
cjohnstonit manages my updates19:55
ddecatorwell i'm glad it's working for you cjohnston haha19:55
kamalmostafacharlie-tca: Yes, I understand that 306268 should remain Incomplete until I get a reply from the submitter, but based on his report I thought we'd set it as "Low" anyway.  Thanks for the clarification.19:56
cjohnstonI had to... sorry19:56
ddecatori'm still trying to decide if bug 517449 is 'wishlist' or if i should point the OP to the brainstorm page. idk how much work it would take to implement the idea into update-manager19:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 517449 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Notify outstanding updates at logout/shutdown (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51744919:56
charlie-tcakamalmostafa: no problem, the other one is confirmed by crimsun already. Thanks for helping19:57
charlie-tcaddecator: it was beat to death in ayatana mailing list last year.19:58
charlie-tcaI would expect wishlist at best19:58
kamalmostafacharlie-tca, crimsun: thanks folks.19:59
ddecatorcharlie-tca, so is there anything on lp that you know of that i can just link this too?19:59
charlie-tcaI dropped that group, but if ayatana is still active, they could be assigned/subscribed. The only bug I remember is the notify-osd bug, that had over 100 duplicates and hundreds of comments.20:00
charlie-tcaI got frustrated with the "disapproved" and quit following them20:00
ddecatorcharlie-tca, so you think it should be marked wishlist and then let the devs decide whether or not to reconsider it?20:01
charlie-tcaYup. I think the usability group will then disapprove it since they did during karmic20:02
ddecatorwell it doesn't hurt to at least have it triaged so it's taken care of...can someone please set bug 517449 to [wishlist,triaged]?20:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 517449 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Notify outstanding updates at logout/shutdown (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51744920:04
ddecatorthanks charlie-tca, i appreciate the help20:05
charlie-tcaKeep up the good work20:05
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kamalmostafabugcontrol please...   I request bug 316009 be set to [Low, Triaged] -- the submitter is correct: multimon should suggest sox.21:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 316009 in kino (Ubuntu) "Inaccurate Estimate of Export Time" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31600921:14
kamalmostafaoops wrong bug21:14
kamalmostafaI request bug 361009 be set to [Low, Triaged] -- the submitter is correct: multimon should suggest sox.21:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 361009 in multimon (Ubuntu) "Please add 'sox' to multimon Suggests: packages (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36100921:15
yofelkamalmostafa: can you submit that to debian too if it's not already filed there as the package is synced from there21:20
charlie-tcaThat is already done in lucid21:20
yofeloh indeed21:21
charlie-tcaLucid does install sox with multimon21:21
yofelit depends on sox21:21
charlie-tcaIt is listed as a depends21:21
kamalmostafaHow did I miss that?21:21
charlie-tcaProbably looked at karmic.21:21
kamalmostafaOh!  I actually grepped for "Suggests:" only!21:21
kamalmostafaWell... it's not actually right then -- it *should not* depend on 'sox', just Suggest it.21:22
yofelyes, in 1.0-5:   * depend upon sox. (Closes: #555391)21:22
yofeldebian 55539121:22
ubot4Debian bug 555391 in multimon "should depend on sox" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/55539121:22
charlie-tcareporter does not give any version.21:22
kamalmostafaWell, its certainly not a big deal at all -- but its not actually right.  :-)  multimon's main functionality doesn't need sox.21:23
charlie-tcabug is invalid, then?21:23
kamalmostafaWell, not "Invalid" but "Fix Released", right?21:24
kamalmostafaI mean -- the LP bug 361009 could be set to "Fix Released".  I do consider the Deb bug invalid, but that's a separate issue.21:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 361009 in multimon (Ubuntu) "Please add 'sox' to multimon Suggests: packages (affects: 1)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36100921:25
yofelwell, fix released would be ok here, but put the changelog in the comment too where it says it was fixed21:25
yofelthe debian changelog for 1.0-5 (like the launchpad janitor does)21:26
kamalmostafaYup, will do.  Okay, scratch my request for that one.21:26
kamalmostafathanks folks!21:26
yofelkamalmostafa: you might want to link the debian bug too so that we have a complete documentation21:27
kamalmostafayofel: sure will.21:27
hggdhbdmurray: is the busquad ML moderated?21:59
bdmurrayhggdh: yeah22:04
bdmurrayhggdh: good thing too since someone was assigning bugs to the team22:06
LimCorebdmurray: would you sponsor that bug where you set patch tag? bug #47432722:07
ubot4Launchpad bug 474327 in cryptsetup (Ubuntu) "Overwrite/destroy not-empty partition due to lack of vol_id from udev (affects: 2)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47432722:07
bdmurrayLimCore: no, because cryptsetup is in main22:08
LimCoreyou are not in main sponsors?22:08
bdmurrayLimCore: No, I am not22:08
LimCoresometimes I feel its like 5 hours talking to do 5 minute work, with some bug fixes ;)22:09
LimCoreperhaps more developer time of sponsors is needed22:11
hggdhbdmurray: yes, you missed the exciting weekend we had ;-)22:14
bdmurraybcurtiswx: I think the pattern for LP: #459366 should be a wee bit more specific22:53
bdmurraybcurtiswx: perhaps also adding emit_signal?22:53
bcurtiswxbdmurray: ok lemme go to that bug again one sec22:54
bcurtiswxbdmurray: ok, so that last section.  I'll make sure to add those in the future.. i'll go change that now22:55
bdmurraybcurtiswx: lots of things could cause TypeErrors so being specific as to what is best22:58
bcurtiswxbdmurray: not a prob.. i learn best as I go along.. get as much hands on as I can without risking breakage22:58
bcurtiswxbdmurray: changed :D thx for the heads up23:00
LimCoreif developers of say subversion suck at implementing loging and security23:42
LimCorelets say someone would provide a custom patch to fix given things. What are chances to get it quickly to Ubuntu perhaps even before upstream23:43
persiaMost significant feature growth is left to upstream except in the case where some specific Ubuntu developer is pushing really hard to get something done.23:43
persiaAnd in most of those cases, that Ubuntu Developer is working closely with upstream, and so the patches tend to land around the same time.23:44
LimCoreI really hare when I find our someone broke something apparently by share stupidity23:45
LimCoresvnserve uses config/authz for secuity access controll... but completly ignores it when it -t mode (when accessing via SSH tunel, a common use case)  wtf!?23:45
LimCoreI bet the fix is something like  + check_authz_access(this_request);  But it will take me hours or days to find WHERE to fix it ;)23:46
LimCoreoh, also you would thought there is a work-around with scripting hooks. But, there are like 10 hooks executed on various things.. and NONE of them is executed on READ access (only on write access)... jesus.23:47
LimCorepersia: I can make an PPA with the unnoobified version of svn and give that to people who need it, right?23:50
persiaI can't speak to your ability, but there's no theoretical limit to what can be in a third-party repository.23:51
kamalmostafaHi persia...  Thanks for pushing me to do a proper round of bug triaging -- it was a good experience.  I discovered the greasemonkey tools and re-discovered a neat package I had forgotten about.  I submitted my application to ~ubuntu-bugcontrol earlier today.23:55
LimCoreif tool by design is not very secure in some aspect, is this a security bug?23:56
persiakamalmostafa: Excellent.  Best of luck with your application.23:56
persiaLimCore: Not if the insecurity is documented clearly.23:57
LimCoreit is very not obvious, even to experienced svn users23:58
LimCoreyou may think that you can switch from https to svn+ssh access method,  but surprise surprise, if you do, then  authz (access restrictions file) is just ignored23:59

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