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pittiGood morning07:51
pittichrisccoulson_: good morning; I can update gnome-menus if you want me to (I patched it last), but otherwise I'm not particularly attached to it07:51
pittichrisccoulson_: however, I need to look into a bug fix, so perhaps I should just do it07:51
pitti(it breaks menu translations somehow)07:52
pittichrisccoulson_: 452208> yeah, seems the ajaxy stuff in LP is just too easy to hit accidentally or so07:53
didrocksgood morning07:58
pittibonjour didrocks; comment vas-tu?07:59
didrockspitti: good, a little bit sleepy, but well… and you, did you have a good unschedulded flight back?07:59
pittiit was okay; I managed to sleep for some 4 hours, which was good08:00
pittiI survived my middle seat :)08:00
pittiseems the trick with 16 hour fasting worked again08:00
pittigot tired and went to bed around 2300, and slept until 808:00
didrocksgood, and when did you arrive?08:01
pitti12:15 yesterday08:01
didrocksok, not too late so08:02
didrocksI saw a lot of snow in Salt Lake. Fortunately, no impact on flight traffic08:03
pittididrocks: same in Chicago08:07
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:04
pittihey chrisccoulson, good morning09:04
chrisccoulsonhey pitti, how are you? did you have a good week last week?09:04
pittithanks, I enjoyed it a lot indeed09:05
pittichrisccoulson: how are you?09:05
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i'm ok thanks. i had quite a productive weekend this weekend09:05
* pitti was just idling in planes and airports09:06
didrockshey chrisccoulson o/09:06
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks09:07
chrisccoulsonhow are you?09:07
didrocksvery well, thanks ;) and you?09:07
chrisccoulsonpitti - did you fix the mess on bug 452208 from the airport? ;)09:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 452208 in devicekit-disks "devkit-disks-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in dbus_g_method_return_error()" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45220809:08
pittichrisccoulson: yes; I keep doing that every other day :/09:08
chrisccoulsondidrocks - yeah, good thanks :)09:08
chrisccoulsonpitti - i've no idea whether users are changing things in that bug by accident09:09
pittiI suppose so09:09
pittididrocks: FYI: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/bootcharts/daniel-lucid-20100208-1.png :(09:14
pittinetbook-launcher is sloooow09:14
pitti(this is a fresh installation of current daily)09:15
pittiI wonder why all the indicator CPU is back09:15
didrockspitti: urgh, so much CPU :/09:15
pittiwaah, it's reading all the desktop files09:23
pittiwah, wah, gnome-menus!!09:23
didrocksoh, pitti will have a new app to patch so ;)09:25
chrisccoulsonwould anybody mind sponsoring the gsd update currently in bzr?09:27
pittichrisccoulson: will do09:28
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks :)09:28
pittididrocks: do you know whether netbook-launcher is in any bzr?09:35
pittihttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/netbook-launcher does not exist09:35
pittiand there's no Vcs-Bzr:09:35
pittiso perhaps we should just use lp:ubuntu/netbook-launcher09:36
didrockspitti: I guess so, let me check09:36
didrockspitti: there is https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~netbook-remix-team/netbook-remix-launcher/netbook-launcher-packaging but it's seems fairly old09:37
didrockshttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~netbook-remix-team/netbook-remix-launcher/packaging as well09:37
didrocksso, I'm fine with ubuntu/netbook-launcher09:37
RAOFAre you fixing the build against liblauncher?09:39
didrocksRAOF: it's on my schedule for today as well, yes09:39
pittididrocks: oh, then I'll wait for that then; if I can't build it, no use :)09:43
didrockspitti: sure, shouldn't take long (you'll have to new it as well)09:43
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm just looking at the work items for d-l-s-s. do you want me to do anything on the first 2 items there (relating to gconf, gnome-session and g-s-d)? i think they're pretty much obsolete now with the work you did to speed up gconf, unless you think there is anything else we can gain from that part of the session?09:44
pittichrisccoulson: ah, I was actually about to ask you about that, whether you still see any potential there09:45
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm not sure that there is that much left to gain. the only thing that might give us something is starting gconf earlier, but that didn't seem to gain anything before did it?09:46
pittichrisccoulson: correct09:46
* chrisccoulson wonders why09:46
pittithe "speed up xrandr" is still relevant, right?09:46
chrisccoulsoni could investigate why that is the case, as i would expect to gain a little from it09:46
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i'll have a look at what we can do in that plugin09:46
chrisccoulsonnow i've got intel hardware that actually supports this technology, it's much easier :)09:47
pittiwe still have a CPU drop when the session starts09:47
pittichrisccoulson: how does your laptop work now? happier without plymouth?09:47
pittichrisccoulson: is that ssd or hdd?09:47
chrisccoulsonpitti - the laptop has a hdd. i did think about getting a ssd, but i've already spent quite a lot with the monitor and docking station09:48
pittichrisccoulson: how does your bootchart look like?09:48
chrisccoulsonit works much better without plymouth now, but it still freezes when i close the lid09:48
chrisccoulsoni've not looked at the bootchart yet ;)09:49
pittichrisccoulson: I sometimes have that lid problem, too09:49
chrisccoulsonit does boot fairly fast though09:49
pittichrisccoulson: suspend with ctrl+alt+del or power button works fine, though09:49
chrisccoulsonpitti - bug 505271 is the issue i get when closing the lid09:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 505271 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[gm45] "*ERROR* Execbuf while wedged" when closing laptop lid with compiz running" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50527109:51
pittiget that, too09:51
pittididrocks: you know the dkpg recipe for moving a conffile? (for moving n-l .desktop to xdg-une/)09:59
didrockspitti: that one: http://wiki.debian.org/DpkgConffileHandling?10:00
mvoasac: just fiy - bug #51874710:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518747 in firefox "dapper->hardy->lucid upgrade file overwrite error" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51874710:17
mvoasac: it also appears that NM becomes unhappy during a (gui) upgrade and shows a "networkmanager applet can not find required resources" window10:18
mvoasac: plus network goes away10:18
* TheMuso waves quickly before heading to an early night in bed.10:26
TheMusoI hope all of you had an uneventful trip.10:26
mvoTheMuso: yeah, trip was fine. I hope yours too? have a good night10:27
didrocksTheMuso: for me, all was ok, thanks :) you?10:27
TheMusoUneventful also, managed to sleep on the long flight from San Francisco to Sydney.10:28
didrockssweet :) have a good night!10:28
mvoasac: sorry that I bug you with this stuff on jetlag day, filed as bug #51876010:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518760 in network-manager "stops during karmic->lucid upgrade, shows error message" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51876010:29
chrisccoulsonhey seb12810:33
seb128hello chrisccoulson10:34
chrisccoulsonseb128 - how are you?10:34
seb128good I think10:35
seb128just waking up10:35
seb128I did 2 nights in one ;-)10:35
didrockssalut seb128 :-)10:35
chrisccoulsonheh :) you probably need some coffee10:35
seb128lut didrocks10:35
seb128chrisccoulson: indeed10:36
pittibonjour seb12810:40
seb128hey pitti10:40
pittiseb128: heh, you should be twice as awake now, then? :-)10:40
seb128yeah, I'm good in fact10:40
seb128I just decided at 9am that I was still tired10:40
* pitti woke up at 8, not too bad10:40
seb128and went back to sleep ;-)10:41
seb128I didn't sleep much in the plane this time10:41
pittiseb128: how come? turbulence?10:41
seb128but did a 2pm to 5pm nap and a midnight to 11am night10:41
seb128pitti, no, I just didn't feel tired and I had a book to finish, I read most of the trip...10:42
pittiI just managed to finish my Oscar Wilde books ("The Soul of Men" and "An Ideal Husband")10:42
pittididn't get to any hacking this time10:42
seb128pitti, what about you? did the new flights work?10:42
pittiI slept for 4 hours, and listened to two music albums10:43
pittiseb128: yeah, they worked okay, just some short delays which didn't break the connections10:43
pittiChicago has lots of snow, too :)10:43
seb128I've seen snow images from washington on tv10:43
seb128quite impressive10:43
pittibe it actual biology or a placebo, I'm now finally convinced about the fasting trick10:44
seb128it it works for you -)10:45
* didrocks stoped to take coffee in the plane. Way way better to find some sleep :-)10:46
seb128I took coffee on the way in10:46
seb128I took some wine on the way back... :-)10:46
pittithat ought to work, too10:47
pittiKatie Melua sung me into sleep :)10:47
didrocksseb128: you're strange so ;-) It should have make you sleepy10:47
seb128I did sleep for some 2 hours10:47
didrockspitti: uninteresting movies work too!10:47
seb128which is not a lot for me ;-)10:48
pittithe United flight just had a very crappy display, like 100x50 pixels10:48
pittiI just kept it off10:48
seb128don't complain to me10:48
pittieven my phone has a better quality..10:48
seb128those delta planes have screen in the aisle10:48
seb128and I was one row before a screen again10:48
seb128ie couldn't see the one just there and the next one was quite far10:49
didrocksseb128: same for me :/10:49
chrisccoulsonhggdh - did you get a response in #launchpad in the end?11:05
seb128chrisccoulson: oh, you fixed the overshot ;-)11:07
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i got quite a lot done this weekend :)11:07
vishpitti / seb128: hi.. could you take a look at Bug 506642 , [not at the actual bug but more at the comments regarding pitivi and LTS support concerns] not sure you follow pitivi bugs ,so i just thought i'd mention it11:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506642 in hundredpapercuts ""Razor" , an odd name for the split tool" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50664211:15
seb128we didn't spend real efforts on pitivi no11:16
seb128and it's not decided it will stay for lucid yet11:16
vishyeah , I wanted to let you guys know bout the problems mentioned , there seem to be a few crashers and critical bugs which have yet to be addressed in the Ubuntu version [but fixed upstream]11:17
seb128we probably don't have spare ressources for it11:18
seb128ie if it's not ready we will probably not ship it by default this cycle11:20
seb128we do have the current gstreamer versions btw11:20
seb128we have the pre-versions right now and will do the update when new versions are there11:20
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i was going to port gpm to use appindicator this weekend, but then i wasn't sure of how to handle the status icon (it uses different icons for indicating charge level / charging etc)11:21
chrisccoulsondo you know if that has been discussed?11:21
seb128use the same icons for it?11:23
baptistemmhi there11:25
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i got the impression with the libappindicator API that i could only use 2 icons (a normal icon and an attention icon), but it seems i can specify different icons to indicate charge state with app_indicator_set_icon. i didn't see that before ;)11:31
chrisccoulsoni will probably work on that tonight then, if nobody else is doing already11:32
seb128ask ted when he's around maybe11:32
chrisccoulsontransmission has been ported to use appindicator as well11:32
chrisccoulsonit's even upstream :)11:32
seb128or davidbarth11:32
seb128hey davidbarth11:33
seb128chrisccoulson: 2 people are working on contracting jobs to port applications to the indicator11:33
seb128chrisccoulson: they started a week ago so we will probably see quite some porting going on11:33
chrisccoulsonseb128 - ah, ok. i think i know who one of them is, but i don't know the second person11:34
seb128Nafa is one I think11:34
seb128Nafai rather11:35
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's the person i thought was11:35
chrisccoulsoni'm quite impressed that charles has included the appindicator work for transmission upstream11:39
seb128upstream is not responsive usually?11:43
tjaaltonhrm, why does gdm try to poke the NFS shares, which are krb5 protected and this keeps filling the logs11:43
tjaaltonprobably so, but finding out what process does it would be a start :)11:46
tjaaltoncould be gvfs11:46
seb128I've no clue I use neither nfs nor krb11:48
davidbarthseb128: hi11:49
seb128hey davidbarth11:50
seb128davidbarth, had a good trip back?11:50
didrockssalut davidbarth11:50
tjaaltonseb128: doesn't gdm try to load the face image from the user $HOME?11:50
davidbarthseb128: yup, and you11:50
davidbarthdidrocks: salut didrocks11:50
seb128tjaalton, it has a cache in /var for those I think11:50
seb128"Now the user's dmrc and face image files are stored in /var/cache/gdm, so11:51
seb128  that the login process does not need to access the user's $HOME directory11:51
seb128  before authentication."11:51
seb128it's from the NEWS file for 2.28.011:51
tjaaltonseb128: ah, so it seems11:51
tjaaltonwell, I'll disable the face browser anyway11:52
pittiseb128, chrisccoulson: when I press power button or ctrl+alt+delete, I get a dialog for shutdown/suspend/etc; is that gnome-session?11:52
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah11:52
chrisccoulsonpitti - gpm catches the button press and opens the dialog11:53
seb128pitti, is that buggy?11:53
pittiseb128: -ish11:53
chrisccoulsonwhats wrong with it?11:53
pittibug 43259811:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 432598 in gnome-power-manager "Do not show suspend/hiberate related UI if suspend is disabled in polkit" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43259811:54
seb128ah right11:54
pittiwe need to make g-p-m, that dialog, and the indicator respect the policykit settings11:54
pittii. e. if you are disallowed suspend/hibernate, it shouldn't offer it11:54
davidbarthpitti: same for the session menu11:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - is that not indicated by the can-suspend and can-hibernate properties from the dk-power interface?11:55
seb128pitti, doesn't upower has a "can suspend" interface?11:55
pittichrisccoulson: oh, it's reading that then?11:55
pittiindeed, that seems to be broken11:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah11:56
chrisccoulsonpitti - i have a feeling it can't work though due to a dbus-glib limitation11:56
pittibut that wouldn't work11:56
pittithat's global11:56
chrisccoulsonie, you can't intercept reads on properties of objects exposed over dbus11:56
pittiand we need to check it per-user11:56
pittichrisccoulson: why would I need to do that?11:57
chrisccoulsonpitti - to check if the caller is privileged enough to perform the action11:58
pittichrisccoulson: in theory the check could just go into dkp_client_can_suspend()?11:58
pittiI can't check it on the server side anyway (per-user)11:58
seb128chrisccoulson: seems there is already some dxteam work for gpm indicator, so maybe better to let that one to those guys or check with ted when he's there later...11:59
chrisccoulsonpitti - how come it can't be checked server-side? do you not just check the priviliges for the current caller on that interface? (similar to how the CanStop method works with consolekit)12:02
chrisccoulsonseb128 - thanks. i'll leave that one for now then12:02
pittichrisccoulson: hm, true that; anwyay, what did you mean with "intercept reads on properties of objects exposed over dbus"?12:02
chrisccoulsonpitti - with consolekit, CanStop is a method on the org.Consolekit.Manager interface.Bbut with Dk-power, you're reading properties of that object exposed on the bus, rather than calling a method12:04
chrisccoulsoni don't know if you'll be able to determine who the sender is there12:04
pittichrisccoulson: depends; dkp_client_can_suspend() is a real function in dkp-client.h12:05
pittii. e. it depends on whether gnome-session and friends use the function or read the property directly12:05
chrisccoulsonpitti - gnome-session reads the property directly12:11
pittiah, indeed, if I fix it server-side, the indicator works12:12
asacmvo: i am not really here today ;)12:15
seb128didrocks, bug #518626 where should it be assigned?12:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518626 in gconf-editor "This Key Is Not Writable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51862612:20
didrocksseb128: this one should be fixed from this morning, but add a bug task to ubuntu-netbook-default-settings12:21
seb128didrocks, I don't add a task but reassign, thanks12:21
didrocksseb128: thanks12:21
pittiasac, didrocks: netbook-launcher-efl, should that be built against liblauncher 0.1 or 0.3? In other words, should I keep liblauncher in main, or demote it? (just accepted liblauncher-0.1 into main)12:23
didrockspitti: netbook-launcher builds only with liblauncher 0.1. I tested it last Friday12:24
pitti-efl, too?12:24
didrocksoh, efl12:24
didrocksit's the name for the 2D one, right?12:25
pittiwell, it deps on -0.1 so far, so I expect it'll have the same problem12:25
* pitti demotes12:25
pittiasac: you'll have to change the b-dep to liblauncher-0.1-dev12:26
asacwill forward it12:27
* asac not here really12:27
pittiasac: made it back in one piece?12:27
asacluckily i am still in one piece12:28
asacbut kinda in pain ;)12:28
asacdidnt survive yesterday so i have to fight jetlag today12:28
asacfunny was that i met marcel holtmann in the plane ;)12:29
asacfrom seattle12:29
asache was so nice to take me in the limosine on frankfurt airport :) ... so no busses for me this time, which helped a bit :)12:29
pittiheh, sweet12:32
asacthe driver said they are now building a new international arrival thing for terminal A ... so we will get rid of that terminal B crazyness at some point12:33
tjaaltonseb128: Feb  8 14:39:49 nexus6 gdm-simple-greeter[4737]: DEBUG(+): adding monitor for '/u/00/tjaalton/unix/.face'12:47
tjaaltonfail :)12:47
tjaaltonI'm not logged in, nor in the cached files12:48
tjaaltonso I don't know how gdm knows the uid12:50
seb128pitti, did you drop those g-s-d g-s gconf work items on purpose in the boot speed spec today?13:00
hggdhchrisccoulson: yes, I got a response: please ask a question on answers.lp.net13:06
chrisccoulsonhggdh - ah, ok13:06
tjaaltonseb128: filed bug 51881013:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518810 in gdm "gdm monitors for $HOME/.face even when IncludeAll is false" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51881013:09
seb128tjaalton, thanks13:09
seb128tjaalton, I doubt anybody will look at it there but let's see13:09
tjaaltonI can forward it upstream, though looking at the bug count I'm not holding my breath13:09
tjaaltonmight need to hack around it locally13:10
seb128it would already be better than having it opened dowstream only where nobody has a such setup or will look at it13:10
chrisccoulsonheh, another gsd update13:30
chrisccoulsonseb128 - want me to take this?13:31
seb128chrisccoulson: you are welcome to do so, thanks ;-)13:31
chrisccoulsoncool, will do :)13:31
seb128you can also do the g-c-c one if you want ;-)13:31
* seb128 still catching up on emails etc13:31
chrisccoulsonyeah, i can do that one too13:31
NafaiGood morning everyone13:33
chrisccoulsongood morning Nafai13:34
NafaiHave a good weekend?13:35
chrisccoulsonyes thank you. i managed to do more things than usual on saturday, and got quite a bit done13:36
chrisccoulsonhow are you?13:36
NafaiNot bad, hoping to make a lot of progress this week13:37
pittiseb128: yes, quickly discussed with chrisccoulson; we tested them some time ago, and they don't improve things13:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - are you referring to those 2 work items?13:56
pittichrisccoulson: seb128 | pitti, did you drop those g-s-d g-s gconf work items on purpose in the boot speed spec today?13:56
chrisccoulson(sorry, i went away for lunch)13:56
pittichrisccoulson: yes13:56
kenvandineseb128, pushed a new version of xchat-indicator lp:~ubuntu-desktop/xchat-indicator/ubuntu14:15
kenvandineseb128, can you sponsor?14:15
Nafaikenvandine: Does that work for xchat-gnome?14:17
Nafaikenvandine: I hope to have patches for 2 programs for you to review today :)14:17
kenvandineNafai: yup!14:17
kenvandineNafai: awesome!14:17
kenvandineNafai: it creates xchat-indicator and xchat-gnome-indicator14:18
Nafaikenvandine: sweet, I'll have to give it a try when its up14:18
kenvandineNafai: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/+archive/xchat-gnome14:20
kenvandineit's in my ppa14:20
kenvandinebut if you are up 2 date in lucid, wait for 0.3.2 to build14:21
Nafaiyeah, I'm up to date, so I'll wait14:23
pittididrocks: liblauncher-0.1 NEWed14:26
* didrocks hugs pitti14:27
pc_magasNo oper over here? strange!14:43
seb128kenvandine, ok14:43
seb128just spent half an hour on the phone with dell14:43
seb128they repair my mini for free14:43
pc_magassed128 what dell do u have?14:43
seb128but they want 35€ to let me keep the disk14:44
seb128pc_magas, doesn't start14:44
kenvandineseb128, great14:44
didrocksseb128: 35€ for keeping the disk? the return expense is on their side?14:44
pc_magasWhat model seb128 do u have?14:44
seb128it's under waranty14:44
seb128pc_magas, a mini10v14:44
pc_magasThe same as me14:44
seb128didrocks, it's all free if I send the box14:44
seb128if I send the box without the hdd it's 35€14:45
pc_magasOh thank good i realy need some help with poulsbo14:45
seb128or if you don't want the disk formatted14:45
kenvandineseb128, so i guess that means you get to keep the extra disk?14:45
seb128ie standard repair lead to disk format14:45
kenvandineoh... so not sending you a new one14:45
didrocksseb128: not surprising…14:45
seb128that's what they ask me to destroy the disk content14:45
seb128which I don't care about14:45
seb128but I've stuff on the disk I don't to send there14:46
kenvandinewipe it yourself i guess14:46
pc_magasCan;t u format by yourself its cheaper14:46
seb128I've to find a box with ssd but yeah14:46
didrocksseb128: bad, we should have thought about taking your disk, put on martin's one to reformat it :/14:47
kenvandinetedg, have you had a chance to looking into the dbusmenu/indicator problem?14:47
pittiseb128: you could temporarily put it into your normal laptop, and wipe it from a live sysstem?14:47
kenvandinethe dupes?14:47
seb128pitti, I'm not sure if my laptop can talk ssd?14:47
didrockspitti: ssd adapter?14:47
tedgkenvandine: ?14:47
seb128hey tedg14:47
pittiisn't it just a normal sata either way?14:47
pittiseb128: I don't think it's any different on a connector level14:47
tedgkenvandine: BTW, Would you be up for a indicator-application release today? :)14:47
kenvandinetedg, remember like evolution-indicator doesn't get removed when evo  shutsdown14:47
seb128kenvandine, tedg: seems there is quite some empathy crashes since update14:47
kenvandinetedg, that happens with everything14:47
pittiseb128: it's either SATA or the old ATAPI14:48
kenvandineseb128, i think those are all fixed14:48
kenvandinein my upload yesterday14:48
seb128kenvandine, I assigned you a bug could you look and close if needed?14:48
kenvandineall from the libindicate change14:48
seb128kenvandine, thanks14:48
seb128pitti, ah, good14:48
seb128pitti, I will try that now14:48
kenvandineseb128, i commented earlier14:48
tedgkenvandine: Hmm, I haven't seen that.  I'll look.14:48
seb128pitti, the dell guy made me get the disk out and the wifi card out14:48
kenvandinetedg, lifeless and i both showed you on friday :)14:49
kenvandinetedg, server_hide doesn't hide :)14:49
kenvandinetedg, so when an app shutsdown, it never gets removed14:49
kenvandinethen starting it again adds a new entry14:49
tedgkenvandine: Hmm.  Okay.  I still don't remember you showing that to me...  :-/  Must have been the coffee.14:50
kenvandinetedg, ok... and in some cases it duplicates everything in the menu, which is what lifeless saw14:51
kenvandinei think restarting something like indicator-messages-service14:51
tedgkenvandine: Oh, that was in the me menu.14:51
kenvandinedoesn't lead to crashes, but it is ugly and confusing14:51
kenvandineno... it was messaging menu14:51
tedglifeless' was in the Me Menu.14:52
kenvandineare you sure?14:52
kenvandinei think his menu's are in the wrong order :)14:52
kenvandinewell i have seen it in the messaging menu too14:52
tedgBecause I'm pretty sure I blamed dbarth for it ;)14:52
kenvandineoh right you did :)14:52
kenvandineok... well i saw the same thing in messaging menu :)14:52
tedgIt must be an issue in dbusmenu then.14:52
kenvandineso we can pass the buck back to you14:53
kenvandinei spent a bunch of time trying to figure out why empathy and xchat couldn't remove that... then decided it was your bug14:53
seb128it's always ted's fault anyway14:54
kenvandineseb128, i figured out the my problems getting pitivi to render my video on friday is actually a problem in recordmydesktop14:55
kenvandineit creates bad ogv files :/14:55
* didrocks blames ted too for rhythmbox icon not showing up, and so, have to launch it in a terminal too :)14:55
kenvandinetotem can play them... and pitivi can preview them14:55
kenvandinebut they can't be re-encoded14:55
kenvandinekdenlive can't play them at all14:55
tedgHmph, no love in #ubuntu-desktop today ;)14:56
kenvandineanyone have suggestions for an alternative to recordmydesktop?14:56
baptistemmbyzans ?14:57
didrockskenvandine: can't you use vlc to reencode it to something else?14:58
kenvandinei thought istanbul was dead, i'll try it14:58
kenvandinei didn't try vlc14:58
kenvandinemencoder couldn't14:58
kenvandinemencoder seg faults on it14:59
didrockskenvandine: I've use vlc to reencode it 3 months ago (the guy wanted .mov file and I had the same issue with mencoder)14:59
kenvandinecool... i'll try that then :)14:59
fagankenvandine: whats the problem?14:59
kenvandinethe ogv files created by recordmydesktop are buggy14:59
kenvandinepitivi can't render the clips into another video15:00
kenvandinemencoder segfaults on them15:00
kenvandinekdenlive can't read them at all15:00
kenvandineseems to be a common problem15:00
seb128didrocks, works there rhythmbox15:00
faganhmmm I thought recordmydesktop uses gstreamer to encode the videos15:00
kenvandinei think it does... but somehow it creates bad ones15:01
kenvandinenot quite sure how15:01
kenvandinebut seems to be a pretty well known problem15:01
faganit is15:01
davmor2kenvandine: can you not use istanbul to record?15:02
kenvandinei could try it15:02
kenvandinebut i will try to salvage the clips i have with vlc15:02
kenvandinewould hate to redo the whole thing :)15:02
pittichrisccoulson: ok, seems you were right with your suspicion; checking PK through properties just doesn't work out; we have to convert the programs to use the proper client side method15:05
kenvandinenopes... vlc can't handle it either!15:07
chrisccoulsonpitti - i think it would be better to add some proper CanSuspend and CanHibernate methods to DK-power, rather than just exposing properties15:07
kenvandineguess i need to start from scratch :)15:07
chrisccoulsonbut i suppose that would need some discussion with hughsie15:08
kenvandinehey rickspencer315:08
didrockskenvandine: strange, it was working for me (but I recored it in karmic, not lucid)15:08
kenvandinei'll just start over with istanbul15:10
pittichrisccoulson: gboolean         dkp_client_can_suspend                 (DkpClient              *client);15:10
pittichrisccoulson: it already has that15:10
pittichrisccoulson: right, after that gets fixed, the properties should be phased out15:10
chrisccoulsonpitti - dkp_client_can_suspend just returns the can-suspend property on the /org/freedesktop/DeviceKit/Power object though doesn't it? were you planning to change that to fetch the property from the daemon, and also check if the user is authorized using client-side code?15:14
pittichrisccoulson: yes, but that's the very method I'll change15:14
pittichrisccoulson: because in dkp-client.h I can15:14
pittiI don't have a connection to the client in the server where the properties are set15:14
chrisccoulsonmy idea was to create CanSuspend and CanHibernate methods on the dk-power daemon, and have dkp_client_can_suspend query that method rather than fetch the property15:14
chrisccoulsonand then do the authorizations checking in the daemon15:14
pittithat'd work, too15:15
pittichrisccoulson: helpfully, the property is also called "CanHibernate", so I'll name them HibernateAllowed()15:18
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, that might make sense15:19
pittichrisccoulson: can one sensibly map a gobject property to a D-Bus method call?15:19
chrisccoulsonpitti - i don't think so, and that's the limitation with the current implementation of exposing gobject properties15:20
chrisccoulsonbut you can create a new method to access the internal property15:21
james_wand signals so the UI can update presumably?15:22
pittimeh, this sounds like two day's work for a corner case15:23
chrisccoulsonpitti - the corner case being that the adminstrator disables suspend/hibernate?15:24
pittiwhich already fails, but the UI still exposes the buttons for suspend/hibernate15:24
chrisccoulsonif it's not too urgent, then this sounds like the sort of thing i could work on in my spare time ;)15:25
chrisccoulsonoops, i got disconnected there15:25
pittichrisccoulson: in either case it doesn't look SRUable, so we have until lucid beta or so15:25
chrisccoulsonbeta is not too far away is it?15:26
pittiMarch something15:26
chrisccoulsonoh, that's not too bad actually15:27
chrisccoulsoni keep thinking it's sooner than that, but i'm thinking about FF15:27
pittiideally alpha-3 == FF15:30
pittiI'll have a go at it15:31
chrisccoulsonpitti - thinking about it, you only need to make changes in dk-power to make it all work15:34
chrisccoulsoneven though gnome-session isn't calling dkp_client_can_suspend, it does query the properties of DkpClient15:34
chrisccoulsonwhich is only a cache of the daemon properties. that property just needs to be updated with the return value of HibernateAllowed() from the daemon, rather than the property from the daemon15:36
pittichrisccoulson: I could change the proeprty call to a method call in dkp_client_ensure_properties()15:36
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, that's what i was thinking15:36
pittichrisccoulson: but in dkp_client I can just query polkit myself, too?15:36
chrisccoulsonit should be minimal effort then, as the daemon already has functions for querying authorizations15:37
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, you could do, but i think that would be more work15:37
pittiyeah, perhaps15:37
chrisccoulsonas there is no polkit code in the client library15:37
pittiok, will do that15:38
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)15:39
chrisccoulsontedg - i'm wondering if we should proxy suspend / hibernate from the indicator-session through gnome-session (like we currently do with shutdown / restart)15:41
chrisccoulsonthe current implementation bypasses the suspend inhibits15:41
tedgchrisccoulson: Err, yeah.  Probably.  Seems kinda silly though.  Do you think we should just connect to gnome-session and pick up the inhibits?15:42
tedgchrisccoulson: That way we could grey out the items.15:42
tedgchrisccoulson: Or, even cooler, provide a dialog explaining what's happening.15:42
chrisccoulsontedg - yeah, that's possible too15:44
chrisccoulsonin fact, thats how gpm works (it checks for the existence of the inhibits)15:44
chrisccoulsonthe advantage of proxying through gnome-session though, is that it will present you with an inhibit dialog already15:44
tedgchrisccoulson, Oh, I didn't realize it had that already.  That makes sense to use then.15:45
tedgchrisccoulson, We probably need to watch though just to change to "Suspend..." though.15:46
chrisccoulsontedg - yeah, that's already possible with the current interface15:46
chrisccoulsoni'll expose some more methods for suspenging/hibernating this evening then15:46
didrockspitti: after discussing with rickspencer3, we add gnumeric and abiword to the une seed, can you please sponsor lp:~didrocks/ubuntu-seeds/netbook.lucid ? I'm rebuilding the meta-package too. I guess that there is no need to do a MIR to promote abiword into main as it was demoted just a week ago?16:02
* pitti congratulates the new abiword maintainer16:03
pittididrocks: you need to wait 2 hours for the metapackage rebuild16:03
pittididrocks: I just missed the publiser (:3)16:03
pittididrocks: seeds merged16:04
didrockspitti: I was sure I will get something related to "hourra, abiword maintainer" :)16:04
didrockspitti: thanks16:04
chrisccoulsonoh pitti - on the subject of promotions, you can disregard my comment on friday about needing libauthen-pam-perl16:04
pittiah, good16:04
chrisccoulsonit was just a superfluous include in one of the perl files in stb16:04
chrisccoulsonso i patched it out and uploaded16:04
didrockspitti: so, I just get the metapackage and send you a debdiff? (not related to publisher, right?)16:05
didrocks(after having runned germinate script)16:05
pittididrocks: I can rebuild it myself here16:05
pittididrocks: but as I said, only in two hours16:05
didrockspitti: I don't get it, germinate doesn't take the branch as a reference?16:06
didrocks(the seed branch)16:06
pittididrocks: I'm confused now16:06
pittididrocks: so, what I did was merge your netbook seed branch into the official one16:06
didrocksright :)16:06
pittididrocks: but I need to wait 2 hours until abiword gets actually promoted to main16:07
didrocksoh, ok16:07
pittiafter it is, I can rebuild the metapackage and upload16:07
didrocksthe check is done at that time16:07
didrocksok :)16:07
pittiif I'd do it right now, germinate would see "oh, abiword is in universe, ignore it"16:07
didrocksthanks for the explanation :)16:07
pittide rien16:07
NafaiWhat's the best method to record a quick video of my desktop?  recordmydesktop?16:46
kenvandineNafai, evidently not :)16:51
kenvandineistanbul maybe16:51
kenvandinerecordmydesktop created some bad ogg video files for me16:51
kenvandinetotem can play them, but nearly anything else i try to do with them segfaults16:51
seb128I hate mono16:55
seb128Laney, there?16:56
Laney...uh oh16:58
Laneyseb128: what's up?17:00
seb128Laney, do you know how .config work?17:01
tedgpitti: Riddell: Does guest session work with KDM?17:02
hyperairand .exe.config?17:02
pittitedg: no17:02
hyperairjust copy one of the existing ones imo17:02
tedgpitti: Okay, thanks.  So I'm checking for GDM to enable that menuitem.17:02
seb128hyperair, Laney: I added a .config to /usr/lib/cli/launchpad-integration-sharp-117:03
hyperairseb128: so the full path is /usr/lib/cli/launchpad-integration-sharp-1/launchpad-integration-sharp.dll.config?17:03
hyperairand you've got a .dll with the same name in the same directory there?17:03
hyperairpastebin it?17:03
tedgseb128: Can you see if this fixes the GSS messing up the bootchart after mdeslaur's addition of the service file?  https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/indicator-session/screensaver-proxy-on-request/+merge/1885317:04
seb128the .dll.config works17:04
seb128when copied to .mono...17:04
hyperairwhat's .mono?17:04
hyperairer if that's the case, are you sure you're using the right dll?17:04
seb128strace shows it open ".mono/assemblies/launchpad-integration-sharp/launchpad-integration-sharp.config"17:05
hyperairdoes it open the correct .dll?17:05
seb128runtime opens "/usr/lib/mono/gac/policy.1.0.launchpad-integration-sharp/"17:05
seb128so I've the feeling I'm missing something to have the .config there17:05
=== walters_ is now known as walters
seb128$ strace -f tomboy 2>&1 | grep launchpad | grep dll.config17:07
seb128[pid 14279] open("/usr/lib/mono/gac/launchpad-integration-sharp/", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)17:07
seb128it tries to open this one17:07
seb128not /usr/lib/cli/launchpad-integration-sharp-1/launchpad-integration-sharp.dll.config17:07
hyperairyou have to symlink it over.17:07
seb128the gac dir is dynamic no?17:07
hyperairer wait17:07
hyperairlemme go dig around. i'm sure i've had some gac'd dll.configs beore..17:08
pittichrisccoulson: \o/ got it17:08
chrisccoulsonpitti - it works now?17:10
pittiat least with devkit-power --dump17:10
pittichrisccoulson: I wrote it against upower, still need to port17:11
pittibut it's using the very same properties17:11
chrisccoulsoncool, how does that work?17:11
chrisccoulson(do you mean the same properties from the daemon, or the same client-side properties?)17:12
jonodidrocks, did you add the sessions with your name on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpportunisticDeveloperWeek ?17:12
jonoI just wanted to make sure someone else didnt volunteer you :-)17:12
hyperairseb128: how are you putting launchpad-integration-sharp.dll into gac?17:12
pittichrisccoulson: like you suggested; add two new d-bus methods (HibernateAllowed), add a helper function for checking a PK priv, calling those functions in the client17:12
pittichrisccoulson: client-side props17:12
chrisccoulsonpitti - excellent :)17:12
didrocksjono: no, I did it, but I would maybe make rick as a volunteer :-)17:12
jonodidrocks, so do you mind if I schedule it and if Rick can't do it for you to do it instead?17:13
didrocksjono: no pb. I'll do at least Quickly 0.4 as I know more than Rick what will be available :) I can do the first/basic one if Rick can't do it17:14
=== johanbr_ is now known as johanbr
jonodidrocks, you are a legend :-)17:14
jonoI will add them to the calendar now17:14
pittichrisccoulson: patches sent to https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26473 now17:15
ubottuFreedesktop bug 26473 in DeviceKit-power "Respect PolicyKit privileges in can_{suspend,hibernate}" [Normal,New]17:15
didrocksthanks jono :)17:15
seb128hyperair, there is a .installcligac with /usr/lib/cli/launchpad-integration-sharp-1/launchpad-integration-sharp.dll17:16
seb128/usr/share/cli-common/packages.d/liblaunchpad-integration1-cil.installcligac that is17:16
hyperairthen it should be working..17:16
hyperairseb128: where can i get this package?17:17
seb128hyperair, oh, it's working17:17
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks. right, i've got to disappear to travel home now17:17
seb128hyperair, it was not packaged, I was just adding the .config by hand for testing17:17
hyperairseb128: ah i see.17:17
seb128seems the packaging does the bit of magic required17:18
seb128hyperair, thanks17:18
hyperairseb128: np.17:18
hyperairLaney: you just sat around and watched while i fumbled around, didn't you?17:18
LaneyI let you take over, really17:19
Laneywas doing real work :)17:19
Laneyyou done good son17:20
hyperairright. that's a nice way of putting it17:20
* hyperair grumbles17:20
* pitti waves goodnight, still a bit tired from jetlag17:53
czajkowskihyperair: http://www.lczajkowski.com/2010/02/08/my-weekend-at-fosdem/17:53
* hyperair clicks17:54
* hyperair corrects gender records of irc nicks in brain17:56
hyperairhmm there's a thread about the debian-ubuntu thing17:58
kklimondahyperair, where?17:58
hyperairkklimonda: http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/az3tt/debians_conclusion_about_ubuntu_at_fosdem/17:58
hyperairkklimonda: got it from czajkowski's blog17:58
kklimondaach, this "thread"17:59
hyperairkklimonda: =p17:59
kklimondaI was hoping for something more.. substantial - slides from this presentation, video recording and some thoughts from people involved..17:59
hyperairah. hahah18:00
czajkowskikklimonda: if you put ubuntu and debian from fosdem into google you get a few of the slides.18:00
czajkowskikklimonda: talk should be out this week from being uploaded18:00
kklimondaczajkowski, yeah - I've seen a few slides already (with titles like "Debian is Better" and that's why I'm interested in this talk ;)18:02
hyperair"If Ubuntu were better than Debian, we'd be developing Ubuntu, rather than Debian"18:08
hyperairnow, why is it i'm developing Ubuntu again? =p18:08
NafaiWish I could read the last line on that slide18:13
czajkowskihas anyone seen lucas on line18:17
czajkowskihe seemed very nice18:17
kklimondaczajkowski, but I have nothing against him - exactly why I'd like to see the full presentation because slides may be misleading :)18:18
czajkowskikklimonda: perhaps he may put them somewhere online ?18:19
NafaiMorning rickspencer318:20
rickspencer3hi Nafai18:20
rickspencer3Nafai how is it going? do you have plenty of tasks for today?18:21
rickspencer3(note that I am a bit under the weather, so just popping in to check on a couple of things)18:21
Nafairickspencer3: Yes, plenty of tasks.  Waiting for TedG's latest changes to come into the lucid repo so I can test, and I'm pretty close with brasero too18:22
NafaiSO I'm close to passing the first two off to ken :)18:22
NafaiAnd then I'll tackle gnome-bluetooth18:22
rickspencer3how are the other guys doing?18:23
NafaiNot sure, haven't heard from smithj :)18:24
Nafai(me personally, that is, perhaps jono and/or jcastro have)18:24
kklimondaczajkowski, it wouldn't hurt to ask - maybe I'll send him an email later :)18:25
czajkowskikklimonda: oh good idea, I would, I just don't know him and I figure similar folks are asking18:27
smithjrickspencer3: hey. i had a bit of trouble getting started, but i think i'll have the first patch pretty soon18:28
Nafaismithj: Cool! :)18:28
rickspencer3smithj, great!18:28
kklimondaczajkowski, I don't know him either but I'm pretty sure he won't bite my head off :)18:28
rickspencer3smithj, Nafai ... this is great, I think Lucid will be lots nicer with all the sweet integration18:29
NafaiI hope so18:29
czajkowskikklimonda: well if you find out, gives a shout, please18:29
vishrickspencer3: hi.. could you have a look at the _comments_ on Bug 506642 ? its about the state of pitivi development [i already subscribed you to the report  , in case you didnt get all the comments]18:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 506642 in hundredpapercuts ""Razor" , an odd name for the split tool" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50664218:32
rickspencer3sure vish18:32
* rickspencer3 looks18:32
rickspencer3vish, do you think the Ubuntu community is doing enough to support the pitivi community?18:32
vishi dont think so18:33
rickspencer3vish, me either18:34
rickspencer3I'll check in tomorrow and see how we could help more18:34
vishrickspencer3: neat , thanks... the version in Ubuntu has a few crashers/critical bugs still around , which have only been recently fixed upstream. just wanted o bring it to your attention..18:35
rickspencer3thanks vish18:35
rickspencer3I'm asking Jono to help us connect with the pitivi community18:35
rickspencer3hi chrisccoulson!18:36
chrisccoulsonhey rickspencer3, how are you?18:36
rickspencer3jono, vish, so bilboed always says that pitivi will be released when it is ready ... I feel that we should support that, and not ship pitivi be default if he feels it is not ready18:37
rickspencer3meantime, we should see if we could be helping more18:37
jonorickspencer3, what could be cool is a two day hackfest starting with a few presentations from bilboed on the technology of pitivi and how to get involved and then targeted bug fixing18:38
rickspencer3jono, sure18:38
jonorickspencer3, I will follow up with thim and see if we can get something in the calendar18:38
NafaiI've got a GTK question, since #ayatana is dead :)18:39
rickspencer3but still, I feel that we put some pressure on them when we decided at UDS to ship pitivi by default (which they supported) but then we (and by "we" I mean "I") went a bit dark on them :/18:39
Nafai I want to add an insensitive menu item to replace the tooltip for brasero.  It uses UIManager to build the menu.  Is the best way to add the item get the menu object from the UIManager and then create my own GtkMenuItem and add that?18:39
vishrickspencer3: putting pressure , would be awesome , alteast wrt , bugs/features we want implemented for an LTS18:40
rickspencer3vish, well, I don't want to "put pressure" on the pitivi community, they are being awesome and generous18:40
rickspencer3I suppose the ubuntu-desktop community could benefit from some pressure to help them ;)18:40
NafaiIt would be nice to have a solid video editor in Lucid :)18:41
rickspencer3Nafai that's for sure, but we won't get it without working/contributing18:41
jonook, mailed Edward18:41
rickspencer3note that I consider this my falk18:41
rickspencer3fault even18:42
* Nafai nods18:42
jonoasked him to pick two days for a hackfest18:42
jonolets then run from there18:42
rickspencer3I just got too busy and stopped tracking it18:42
rickspencer3like I say, Edward and pitivi team have been awesome18:42
rickspencer3jono, if he doesn't feel it will be ready for Lucid, can we just call it "my bad" and reset for Lucid +1 ?18:43
chrisccoulsonseb128 - have you noticed that gnome-panel doesn't autorestart now in lucid?18:43
rickspencer3in other words, I don't want to be a jerk about it18:43
chrisccoulsondo you know if thats a deliberate change?18:43
* chrisccoulson wonders if that's a side effect of migrating to EggSMClient18:44
jonorickspencer3, agreed18:45
rickspencer3thanks jono18:45
jonothis is going to rock :)18:45
jonomore videos of dogs on skateboards on YouTube, made with Ubuntu18:45
jonobring it on!18:45
rickspencer3I am very happy with Lucid, atm18:45
rickspencer3next step: post A3 bug fixing and making upgrades totally solid!18:45
* rickspencer3 positions foot over feature development break18:46
* rickspencer3 position foot over bug fixing accelerator18:46
rickspencer3terrible anology :/18:46
rickspencer3any whooo18:46
rickspencer3see you all tomorrow18:46
rickspencer3thanks vish chrisccoulson jono Nafa smithj18:46
kklimondachrisccoulson, is eggsmclient the way to make application aware of shutdown? transmission is currently killed on shutdown and it reverify all torrents that are not finished on start.18:47
chrisccoulsonkklimonda - yes, that's the way to do it currently on GNOME18:47
chrisccoulsonbrb, session restart18:48
Nafaiso..any ideas on my gtk question? :)18:48
jonoNafai, what question?18:49
NafaiI want to add an insensitive menu item to replace the tooltip for brasero.  It uses UIManager to build the menu.  Is the best way to add the item get the menu object from the UIManager and then create my own GtkMenuItem and add that?18:51
jonoNafai, hmmm., this is a cody question18:52
jonobratsche, ^^18:52
jonojames_w, around?18:53
james_whi jono18:53
jonojames_w, just added a session from David on the Wed of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpportunisticDeveloperWeek - he recommended you do a follow up session in the next slot as an intro to packaging your new app from bzr and putting it in a PAA18:54
jonowould you be down for that? :-)18:54
james_wjono: wouldn't that be a quickly thing?18:55
jonojames_w, it could be useful to start your session explaining how to do it with Quickly and then follow up with more detail for those who want to know how to do it manually18:56
jonojames_w, it could possible show your new tool :)18:57
james_wjono: I'll have to think about it19:01
jonojames_w, np19:02
NafaiWhat's the new tool?19:02
jonojames_w has created an awesome tool for packaging19:04
chrisccoulsonvuntz - should we set "X-GNOME-AutoRestart=true" in the desktop file for gnome-panel?19:05
Nafaianything to help with packaging is awesome in my book19:05
chrisccoulsonthe eggsmclient migration has regressed, and it no longer sets the restart style to SmRestartImmediately19:05
chrisccoulsoni'm just wondering if that behaviour should be reintroduced again19:06
bratscheNafai: If you just define the menuitem in your UIManager xml (say, "/popup/Foobar") then you can just do: GtkWidget *widget = gtk_ui_manager_get_widget (uimanager, "/popup/Foobar"); gtk_widget_set_sensitive (widget, FALSE);19:11
didrockskenvandine: empathy crashing when you got a notification of someone adding you and try to click on the icon in the notification, known bug?19:12
kenvandinedidrocks, what version?19:13
Nafaibratsche: Okay, that sounds good.19:13
NafaiI'll try it out19:14
didrockskenvandine: 2.29.6-0ubuntu519:25
kenvandineok, that is the latest19:26
Nafaibratsche: What would I add to my GtkActionEntry array for this, I get errors when building the menu, like this:19:27
Nafai(lt-brasero:7333): Gtk-WARNING **: Progress: missing action (null)19:27
NafaiAnd the menu isn't displayed19:27
chrisccoulsonkenvandine - i just installed gwibber from your PPA19:29
bratscheNafai: Is there like a GtkActionEntry[] array somewhere that's associated with that uimanager?19:29
chrisccoulsonits nice, but it crashes when i try and reopen it from the indicator :(19:29
Nafaibratsche: Yeah, that's what I'm trying to add an entry to it for19:30
kenvandinechrisccoulson: oh?19:30
Nafai(ugh, that was an awkward sentence)19:30
=== sabdfl1 is now known as sabdfl
kenvandinecan you run from a console and get me a traceback?19:30
chrisccoulsonah, kenvandine, it's not actually crashing, but apport catches an error:19:35
chrisccoulsonTypeError: on_indicator_activate() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)19:35
chrisccoulsonthats from gwibber-service19:35
chrisccoulsoni think you already know what the issue is ;)19:35
kenvandinei do :)19:35
chrisccoulsonheh :)19:35
chrisccoulsonthank you too :)19:35
bratscheNafai: I can take a look at the code in a little while if you'd like.  I need to finish rebasing some patches first though.19:40
Nafaibratsche: no problem.  I'm about to take a lunch, so I might share it with you after if something I am trying right now doesn't work19:40
seb128chrisccoulson: dunno for gnome-session20:18
chrisccoulsonseb128 - do you mean gnome-panel?20:45
chrisccoulsoni can see what the issue is there20:45
chrisccoulsonthe eggsmclient migration broke autorestart20:45
seb128chrisccoulson: yes20:52
vuntzchrisccoulson: yeah, we should put it in the .desktop file, I think20:53
vuntzchrisccoulson: (I'm aware of another issue with the migration to eggsmclient -- except that I forgot what it was ;-))20:54
seb128hey vuntz20:54
seb128how was fosdem?20:54
chrisccoulsonvuntz - cool. mind if i just commit the change, or do you want to do it?20:54
vuntzchrisccoulson: make sure to test that gnome-panel --replace still works fine20:54
chrisccoulsonvuntz - yeah, will try that out now20:54
vuntzchrisccoulson: (you need to log out first, obviously ;-))20:55
chrisccoulsonheh, yeah, that's ok ;)20:55
vuntzseb128: it was great. Not enough time to do everything I wanted, though20:55
vuntzseb128: we missed you20:55
seb128thanks ;-)20:55
chrisccoulsonbrb, session restart20:56
chrisccoulsonvuntz - "gnome-panel --restart" works, but the new panel instance doesn't seem to set SmRestartImmediately21:00
chrisccoulsonalthough the panel instance that starts with the session sets that correctly (and it autorestarts now)21:00
chrisccoulsonnot sure what the difference is there though21:00
chrisccoulsonhmmm, indicator-messages-service crashes every time i open evolution now21:10
Nafaibratsche: I figured it out :)  I had name= instead of action= in my XML definition and so it didn't know how to match things21:15
bratschenafai: Ah, cool!21:32
NafaiYup, things are working nicely21:32
NafaiAbout to try to capture a small video showing what it looks like21:32
djsiegel1anyone know what software causes this: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/51903521:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 519035 in hundredpapercuts ""(as superuser)" is appended to titles of windows owned by root" [Undecided,New]21:38
chrisccoulsondjsiegel1, compiz21:38
djsiegel1thanks chrisccoulson21:38
NafaiCheck it out: http://www.travishartwell.net/brasero-indicator.ogv21:39
NafaiHopefully it's not too hard to see21:39
seb128chrisccoulson: I though compiz didn,'t do that?21:39
NafaiIgnore the little buglet at the end :)21:39
seb128djsiegel1, it's probably not compiz21:39
seb128djsiegel1, do you get the issue when using compiz?21:40
djsiegel1seb128: yeah I remember you said that..21:40
djsiegel1seb128: yeah21:40
seb128I just tried sudo gedit on lucid and I don't have that title21:40
seb128re chrisccoulson21:40
chrisccoulsonhey seb12821:40
chrisccoulsonhow are you?21:41
seb128a bit tired but good otherwise21:41
seb128still slightly jetlaged ;-)21:41
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm quite tired now. i might get an early night tonight ;)21:41
chrisccoulsonbut then, i always plan to do that and it never happens21:41
seb128I know what you mean ;-)21:42
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's sometimes difficult to go to bed early21:42
Nafaichrisccoulson: Know what you mean, been trying to adjust to early bedtimes as I've been getting up at 5:30 so I can start work by 721:43
chrisccoulsonstart work at 7?21:43
chrisccoulsonthat's early ;)21:43
chrisccoulsoni work more efficiently from about 830am ;)21:44
seb128chrisccoulson: you use compiz?21:44
chrisccoulsonseb128 - yeah, i use compiz21:44
seb128chrisccoulson: and you get those superuser titles?21:44
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i don't. but i've seen them before21:45
chrisccoulsonmaybe its metacity then21:45
seb128djsiegel1, ^21:45
chrisccoulsonactually, that would make sense, as i was using metacity in virtualbox21:45
seb128right, that's what I though too21:45
seb128the reply you gave before just confused me so I'm checking ;-)21:46
djsiegel1ok, maybe I was running in a vm or mutter :)21:46
djsiegel1I don;t get them running sudo nautilus21:46
djsiegel1but I have tweaked my compiz defaults to death21:46
seb128djsiegel1, it's not happening with compiz tweaked or not21:49
seb128robert_ancell, hey21:57
robert_ancellseb128, hey21:57
seb128how are you?21:58
robert_ancellseb128, good, how was the sprint?21:58
seb128quite productive ;-)21:58
seb128and nice to see everybody too21:58
robert_ancellportland a nice city?21:59
seb128robert_ancell, depends of what you call nice ;-) it was a pretty good location for a sprint22:00
seb128hotel was in the city, plenty of shops, food places, etc22:00
seb128nothing fancy to visit though22:01
robert_ancellI mean better than Dallas - no offence to any Dallasians :)22:01
seb128it was perfect for a sprint ;-)22:01
seb128robert_ancell, can you look to r141 and 142 for lpi?22:02
robert_ancellseb128, ok22:02
seb128robert_ancell, I tried to fix tomboy that seems to work but since I've no clue about c# I would appreciate a review22:02
robert_ancellseb128, oh, it was working for me!?22:03
seb128robert_ancell, it's working only if the .so is installed22:03
seb128robert_ancell, that you will have since you have the dev binary installed22:03
robert_ancelloh, did liblaunchpad1-cil not depend on liblaunchpad1?22:03
seb128robert_ancell, you need some .config doing the mapping to the library to use apparently in mono to have things to work22:04
seb128robert_ancell, no, the .so are in the dev binary since they are not used a runtime in C22:04
seb128robert_ancell, the .so.soname is used at runtime22:04
seb128ie liblaunchpad-integration.so.122:04
seb128not liblaunchpad-integration.so22:04
robert_ancellwhy are libraries always so confusing!! :)22:04
RAOFWould you like me to pick that up?  I filed the bug.22:04
chrisccoulsonrobert_ancell - it's mono which is confusing ;)22:05
RAOF(The package also doesn't conform to Debian CLI policy, incidentally ;))22:05
seb128RAOF, I would have appreciated a patch by then yes, but now I spent 2 hours on it and I think I got it working22:05
seb128RAOF, what doesn't complain to the policy?22:05
robert_ancellRAOF, if you know the correct way then please fit :)  I tried to follow the CLI policy but I was getting confused so I just followed enough policy to make it work :)22:05
robert_ancell(apparently not enough!)22:06
seb128RAOF, review of lp:launchpad-integration are welcome...22:06
RAOFI'll prepare a branch, then.22:06
RAOFI just filed that bug in passing when I noticed it and went back to trying to make dh_clideps fail when it should.22:07
robert_ancellI'm thinking of converting launchpad-integration into libupstream-gtk for Lucid+1 so it can be used by all upstreams.  By default it will point to the upstream bugtracker etc but the Ubuntu installed library can redirect to LP22:07
robert_ancellRAOF, thanks22:07
RAOFAs part of an upstream that uses mono & launchpad, we'd quite like that!22:08
robert_ancellit would reduce the delta to Debian quite a bit for Desktop packages which would be nice :)22:09
seb128robert_ancell, if upstream is interested in a such library22:10
seb128I would rather like to get that in gtk if possible22:10
seb128we try to lower the number of libs not to keep adding some ;-)22:10
djsiegel1robert_ancell: nice celeb doppelganger ;)22:10
robert_ancellseb128, I think they would - and any patches could be easily made to be conditionally compiled.  I'd agree it would be nice to go into GTK+, don't know their policy - they might prefer a working library first?22:11
robert_ancelldjsiegel1, heh :)22:11
seb128RAOF, I commited a changelog update in r143, you might want to update to that before starting your changes22:11
seb128robert_ancell, dunno either, I guess that require upstream discussion22:11
seb128yeah ;-)22:11
RAOFseb128: Thanks.  It'll take me another hour or two to finish off dh_clideps, I think.  After that, lp:launchpad-integration :)22:11
seb128RAOF, ok, I might upload before that though, I will be to bed soon and I want tomboy fixed today22:12
* robert_ancell looks innocent in the corner22:12
seb128robert_ancell, did you review the change? :-)22:13
robert_ancellseb128, i see what you changed.  That was the CLI policy stuff I didn't really get22:14
seb128robert_ancell, do you think what I changed is ok?22:15
robert_ancellyes, but I'm guessing RAOF will be able to confirm that22:15
seb128robert_ancell, I was not sure if the mono stuff should go in lib or there22:15
seb128the .pc in not in the lib dir but other things are22:15
seb128it's a bit of a mess22:15
seb128but I'm not sure lpi is worth spending time just cleaning22:15
RAOFseb128: Ok.  I'll do launchpad-integration now then.22:16
seb128RAOF, thanks22:17
RAOFseb128: Is it lp:launchpad-integration or lp:ubuntu/launchpad-integration?  The former failed to branch for me.22:21
seb128which should be similar to lp:~ubuntu-desktop/launchpad-integration/ubuntu22:22
RAOFYay!  Finally managed to branch it.22:30
seb128kenvandine, bug #518735 seems to still be an issue22:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518735 in empathy "empathy crashed with SIGSEGV in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51873522:36
seb128recent duplicates are from 0ubuntu522:36
desrtseb128: hi.22:48
seb128desrt, hey22:48
desrtseb128: fyi: chance of gvariant merge occuring before next glib release is currently approximately 100%22:48
seb128desrt, nice ;-)22:49
desrtgsettings: approximately 0%22:49
seb128I though that was easy once gvariant was done22:49
desrtmatthias wants to make the release as soon as gvariant is in22:49
desrtthe next release of glib will be on a relatively short cycle and will see landing of TLS support in GNIO, GDBus and GSettings22:50
desrtthat's the plan from our side, anyway22:50
seb128ok thanks for the update22:51
desrtso you get to decide for lucid:22:51
desrtdo you want to vendor-patch gsettings into glib22:51
desrtdo you want to ship a standalone gsettings22:51
desrti'm gonna guess #2 sounds nicer22:51
desrt(date of the release, btw, is probably late this month)22:52
seb128desrt, yes, 2 seems nicer22:53
RAOFEeep.  launchpad-integration looks like it's been half-converted from cdbs to dh7.23:08
seb128I don't think it ever used cdbs...23:11
seb128or dh7 rather23:11
seb128ie it didn't change for a while ;-)23:12
seb128it's basically cdbs tweaked for multi builds23:12
mclasendesrt: what is using gsettings at this time ?23:12
seb128due to the pythong versions23:12
seb128RAOF, what do you need to get changed there?23:13
RAOFseb128: Nothing, immediately.  There should be a binary package rename liblaunchpad-integration1-cli => liblaunchpad-integration1.0-cil is what I can see at the moment.23:14
seb128ok, thanks23:14
seb128I don't want to play binary renaming and transition today though23:15
RAOFBut the package I've branched seems to be a bit of a mess; it looks like it's meant to use CDBS, but doesn't import any of the CDBS rules, fails to build twice in a row, and I'm finding it hard to actually get a build happening.23:15
seb128I just want to get tomboy fixed and call it a day23:15
RAOFYeah, I didn't think you did.  Your .config fix will work.23:15
RAOFThat's right.23:15
seb128RAOF, right it is a mess, thanks for review23:15
seb128RAOF, the usual way I built it is debian/rules arch-build23:16
seb128which is a rule mvo added ages ago IIRC23:16
seb128would be nice to clean it a day ;-)23:16
RAOFWhile I'm looking at it...23:17
seb128RAOF, yes?23:19
RAOFOh, I was just going to clean it up and propose a branch-merge.23:19
seb128oh ok, thanks ;-)23:20
seb128I was just wondering if I should delay my upload23:20
seb128seems not ;-)23:20
RAOFNo.  Upload away.23:20
RAOFHm.  r140 *did* strip out all the CDBS includes.23:21
robert_ancellseb128, hey23:22
seb128robert_ancell, one day you will comment on your changes ;-)23:22
seb128robert_ancell, seems you sneaked some sort of cdbs to dh7 conversion with gal cleaning in lpi?23:22
seb128robert_ancell, is that an error or intended?23:22
robert_ancellRAOF, oh, that was because I needed dh7 to make the CLI stuff to work23:23
robert_ancellthere is the single rules include magic that makes it work but that required dh723:23
RAOFBut that does mean that all the custom python logic doesn't get called, and the clean target is broken.23:24
robert_ancellI hate dpkg23:25
seb128robert_ancell, all what that files seems to do is add an option to a debhelp command and set a variable23:25
seb128doesn't seem to be a good trade23:25
robert_ancellyes, and that causes dh to include a module of other code23:25
robert_ancellRAOF, any recommendations?23:25
seb128robert_ancell, well the dehelper < 7 example is quite simple23:26
seb128it's a few dh_ commands to call23:26
seb128you could have done that in the cdbs version23:26
robert_ancellfine, lets do that23:27
RAOFThere's even a cdbs example there, which looks like it calls the appropriate stuff.23:27
RAOFExcept that you want to pass a proper version to -V, rather than always requiring >= the current build.23:30
RAOFSo you'd want “dh_makeclilibs -V 'liblaunchpad-integration1-cil (>= 0.1.32)'”, I think.23:33
robert_ancellRAOF, right, I'm always confused as to what version to put in '-V'23:35
RAOFIt's just like regular shlibs; the lastest version that added API.23:36
robert_ancellhmm, it doesn't build with the cdbs example23:38
RAOFrobert_ancell: I think I've got it.  I'll push a branch up for you.23:58
robert_ancellRAOF, thanks23:59

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