arandIt would be nice to have a !pae factoid.00:24
erUSULarand: /msg ubottu pae is <reply>Your text goes here00:34
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ebel#ubuntu-ie, the irc channel for the Ubuntu Irish Team has lost it's ubot*15:44
jussi01ebel: as I mentioned, you need to ping jpds to grab ubot2.15:47
ebeljpds: can haz ubot2 pls?15:48
jpdsebel: Done.16:05
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Myrttigoodnight everyone20:45
erUSULgod night20:47
erUSULgood night20:47
* erUSUL atheist; freudian slip ?20:48
jpdserUSUL: I think you mean agnostic, my good fellow.20:49
erUSULjpds: becouse ... ?20:49
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