loolapw: Heya; on that ABI check issue with versatile, ISTR that you sometimes simply disable the ABI check and then download the ABI from the archive; is this what you would do in this case, or will you try updating it before upload?10:36
loolapw: let me know if I can help removing this (IMHO last) blocker before upload10:36
apwthere wasn't an issue with the abi in my build, it was failing to build full stop10:37
apwi am rebuilding it now to confirm i was not going mad10:37
apwthree scsi drivers i think it was, but i don't have the logs, hense the rebuild10:38
apw  CC [M]  drivers/scsi/advansys.o10:41
apw/home/apw/build/lucid/ubuntu-lucid/drivers/scsi/advansys.c:72: warning: #warning this driver is still not properly converted to the DMA API10:41
apw  LD [M]  drivers/net/e1000e/e1000e.o10:41
apw/home/apw/build/lucid/ubuntu-lucid/drivers/scsi/advansys.c: In function 'advansys_get_sense_buffer_dma':10:41
apw/home/apw/build/lucid/ubuntu-lucid/drivers/scsi/advansys.c:8352: error: implicit declaration of function 'dma_cache_sync'10:41
apw  CC [M]  drivers/net/hamradio/mkiss.o10:41
apwmake[4]: *** [drivers/scsi/advansys.o] Error 110:42
apwmake[3]: *** [drivers/scsi] Error 210:42
apwmake[3]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....10:42
apwlool there is one of them10:42
apwarch/arm/include/asm/dma-mapping.h: * Dummy noncoherent implementation.  We don't provide a dma_cache_sync10:42
apwand arm claims to not support it, so ... lool how did you build it?10:43
loolapw: See my latest merge request10:48
loolapw: I fixed this in my second pull request10:48
apwso you didn't test the first one?10:48
loolapw: I apologized in the email because "make modules" seemed to succeed, but actually failed earlier in the log10:48
loolapw: I did make zImage (works) and make modules wihch I thought worked, but failed somewhere in the middle of the log10:48
loolapw: I'm used to getting "make error blahblah" at the end, but the kernel build process didn't print this which is why I missed the error10:49
loolapw: Sorry about that10:49
loolapw: I actually tested a .deb build for my second pull request, and it failed in the abi check stuff10:49
loolWell I included the command I ran in the email10:50
apwthats fine, you probabally would expect that10:50
apwyou've changes things radically10:50
loolAh my radical changes cause the abi change10:51
apwyou've changed the configuration radically, if that didn't trigger an abi bump i'd be worried10:51
loolSo my question above is how you'd like to handle it, either by building and updating ABI before upload or whether you'll disable the check, upload and then download the ABI from the archive10:51
loolAnd whether you want a patch for that10:52
apwi'll probabally do none of the above, and integrate .7 which will naturally trigger a bump and upload that10:52
apwonce its building10:52
loolapw: Ok; I'm around if you have any question WRT to the latest pull request which should fix the first one10:53
apwso is that lot on top of your previous push?10:53
loolapw: No10:54
loolapw: it's really readable10:54
loolThere were 3/4 distinct issues with modules, and then I also added patches to enable the ubuntu/ tree10:54
apwit contains no information about what its based on that i can see and if its not on the previous push what is it on top of10:55
apwif you use git request-pull it would tell me for free10:55
loolapw: I didn't know about git request-pull10:56
loolapw: it should be based on master after you merged my patches, but I'll recheck10:56
apwahh, yeah that is how most people generate those emails10:56
apwok, so on top of your previous stuff then10:56
loolIt's on top of 7784853ab4d2cb97b636554909b9f08b9ca2231a10:56
loolWhich is the merged UBUNTU: [Config] Large update to armel/versatile10:57
apwok got it10:57
apwi'll juggle my tips to make it work out thanks10:57
apwlool can i assume you've boot tested the result of this build, or do you want me to make some test .deb's10:59
loolapw: I boot tested the zImages11:02
loolapw: As I note in my email, the only thing which was needed to have useful kernels was the RTC clock fix11:02
loolThe only two issues I'm aware of with the kernel are kexec hanging (but that's a while topic of its own) and virtio hanging if you try to force building them in, but that's not expected to be supported anyway11:04
loolhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/371586/ that's my TODO of stuff I worked on since the first pull11:04
loolNB: I don't actually have versatile hardware, it might be that the kernel doesn't work on versatile hardware, I only test in qemu -- that's probably obvious but just in case    :-)11:06
loolapw: How do you mention a branch with git request-pull?11:08
apwyou push it up, and while on it _locally_ you make the request11:09
apwthat then confirms that the local branch is exposed under some name and reports that one11:09
loolOk; it's interactive then, thanks11:09
loolI was surprized that the command-line flags and man page didn't mention that11:10
apw       git request-pull <start> <url> [<end>]11:10
apwits 'end' there, note though that its a _local_ sha111:10
loolYeah, there's no branch name there11:10
apwits an ending commit, the key is that some branch name on the remote points at it11:11
apwyou can in theory do11:11
apwgit push zinc <random sha1>:BRANCH11:11
apwand git request-pull <random sha1>~N <url> <random sha1>11:11
apwand expose N patches from that sha111:11
loolOk; I'm used to manipulating branches and mentionning branches to other people, not SHAs, but SHAs are probably more robust11:11
apwwell thats the thing, if you just use branches it works11:12
apwgit push zinc BRANCH11:12
apwgit request-pull BRANCH~N <url> BRANCH11:12
apwits just that the branch in the second one doesn't have to match what you pushed, and what its called UP THERE is what it gets named in the output11:13
apwgit push zinb FOO:BAR; git request pull FOO~4 <url> FOO11:13
apwwill mention BAR in the email, as thats what i a remote person can see11:13
loolapw: Ok makes sense, thanks11:19
loolapw: The wiki mentionned "SHAs" but it's really any revspec so a branch name will do and it's not as inconvenient as it seemed on my first reading11:20
apwgenerally they write commit-ish, which once you know it means 'anything' is fine11:22
apwi think the most confusing part is the disconnect between whether they are local or remote11:22
apwrtg whats the best way to review the currently built-in subsystems, we wanted to review whether them being builtin really helps us any for lucid.  perhaps i shoudl prepare a list of what we builtin and send that to kernel-team for discussion?14:28
tgardnerthat seems like a reasonable approach. I know BenC was annoyed by some of the PATA stuff being built-in.14:32
mirsalogasawara_, ayt ?14:43
ghostcubehmm ureadhead is crashng on my karmic sometimes 14:44
ghostcubehow can i get the problem inside any log ?14:44
ghostcubei see this on bootup deamon crashed for ....14:45
mirsalghostcube, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/CrashdumpRecipe14:46
mirsalghostcube, I don't know if this is what you are looking for14:46
ghostcubemirsal: thx, but maybe this isnt so well for what i wanna do The LKCD utility is not designed to gather helpful information in the case of a hardware caused panic or a segment violation14:47
ghostcubei think its caused by any hardware14:47
ghostcubebut i willt try :)14:47
mirsalok :/14:48
CShadowRundoes anyone know how to revert an update? my friend just did an update on a fresh install of karmic and is now getting "Kernel Panic - not syncing: for safety"15:52
CShadowRunor does anyone have any suggestions on how to debug this problem15:53
apwCShadowRun, they should have older kernels on their machine, hold left shift to get the boot menu and select an older one15:53
apw_if_ its the kernel which is broken15:53
CShadowRunyea, that's what I thought, but tried it but the problem persisted15:54
apwany idea what the panic itself is?15:54
apwas thats the last line of it iirc15:54
CShadowRunnope, it just says that15:55
CShadowRunwe saw it shortly after loading gdm and then switching to a tty15:55
CShadowRunis there any log file we can look at that might tell us?15:55
apwif gdm has come up it has booted most of the way15:56
CShadowRunyea, he says he gets to login and mull around for a couple of minutes then it dies15:56
apwi am pretty sure there is normally more than one line associated with that Kernel Panic line, either before or after it15:56
smbThen maybe try to run it nomodeset?15:56
apwif the machine is mostly up when it occurs there may be a full log in the /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages15:57
smbAlso is it crashing just sitting on gdm or when you try to log in?15:58
apwand can you login over the network when it crashes15:58
apwyou may be able to see the dump occuring on a pre-logged in remote connection15:58
CShadowRunapw yea, definitely that's the only line15:59
CShadowRunsmb: we'll try nomodeset now15:59
CShadowRunsmb it crashes after a few minutes of being up no matter what, whether we login, sit at gdm, or use a tty15:59
CShadowRunif nomodeset doesn't work we'll try and install openssh-server but it may well kernel panic during that16:00
smbCShadowRun, Hm ok, so maybe you might be able to switch to vt1 and do a tail of /var/log/syslog...16:00
CShadowRunsmb the tty freezes aswell when the panic occurs16:01
apwso it may be worth loggin in on VT1 and tail -f /var/log/messages ... also perhaps while :; do; dmesg; sleep 1; done on VT116:01
smbCShadowRun, The question was just whether you can quickly enough change to that and get log in before the crash. Another thing might be to narrow thing: to use "text" as kernel argument and avoid starting gdm at all16:02
CShadowRunwell we can do cat /var/log/syslog... before the crash16:04
CShadowRunbut surely that's useless?16:04
apwno what we are saying is sometimes you cannot type any more16:05
apwbut output and applications which are already in cache can continue16:05
CShadowRuni see16:05
apwso a script which output that file before the crash _may_ beable to do it later16:05
CShadowRunwe'll try to run while :; do; dmesg; sleep 1; then16:05
apwyeha something like that _may_ be able to output more16:06
apwyou could also make sure loglevlel is high, loglevel=8 on the grub line16:06
CShadowRunsyntax error near unexpected token ';'16:06
apwno ; after the do16:06
CShadowRunso we'll try booting with loglevel=8 and text this time?16:06
smbbooting with debug on the command line also increases the amount of messages 16:07
smbMeaning "debug" as a argument to the kernel command line16:07
CShadowRunok so ro text loglevel=8 debug quiet ?16:07
CShadowRunwe are just editing the line in grub16:08
apwdrop quiet16:08
CShadowRunI dropped splash too16:08
CShadowRunwe booted with that, still got the same single kernel panic line16:10
apwand how long after boot do you get it, 16:11
apwdo you get a login prompt on VT-116:11
CShadowRunhe says it freezes after about 10-15 seconds16:12
CShadowRunand yea we get a login prompt16:12
smbFrom the sound of it (as the original kernel now dies as well) it feels like either something not related to the kernel package or coincdental dying hw16:12
CShadowRunwhile :; do dmesg; sleep 1; then -> bash: syntax error near unexpected token `then'16:12
CShadowRunyea, maybe something else in the update is causing it16:13
CShadowRungot no idea what though.16:13
CShadowRunaha made the bash work :)16:15
smbTrue. Still the "panic not syncing" sounds like kernel. But normally that goes with a backtrace of th failing code...16:15
CShadowRungonna try to type that fast and hope for more information16:15
CShadowRunapw "while :; do dmesg; sleep 1; done" stops when the segfault occurs, nothing in the output about a backtrace16:21
apwand you booted thre with the loglevel=8 ?16:21
CShadowRunnot this time sorry, we'll boot with that now16:21
CShadowRunweird, the panic isn't happening this time16:30
CShadowRunalso, the number before the line in dmesg is the uptime right?16:30
CShadowRunapparently every time it panics, it's always 4216:30
tgardnerapw, plymouth ? I had to remove it from my nVidia laptop16:32
apwtgardner, yeah i think we are waiting for that to be resolved still16:33
tgardnerapw, i meant wrt to CShadowRun's issue16:33
apwCShadowRun, karmic or lucid in your case?16:33
apwok so not plymout16:34
apwCShadowRun, you said 'when the segfault occurs' what made you chose those words16:34
CShadowRunbrain fart, lol16:35
CShadowRunit doesn't say anything about segfault16:35
CShadowRunapparently it's just randomly stopped freezing16:35
CShadowRun...weird, maybe a hardware issue?16:35
CShadowRunit's very old hardware so that wouldn't suprise me16:36
apwits a bit scarey16:36
tgardnerCShadowRun, how old? has it run stable on any other release?16:37
apwdoes this have an adaptec scsi controller16:37
CShadowRuntgardner: uhh, amd 1600mhz processor, 256mb ram, 20gb hard drive sort of old.16:37
CShadowRunand no, he's just got it as a chuckout, it's been sitting in a cupboard for a while16:37
tgardnerCShadowRun, did you install X ? perhaps you should try just the server to begin with.16:38
apwCShadowRun,  does this have an adaptec scsi controller ??16:38
smbCShadowRun, Just trying to get down what could print that "for safety"... Is there an adaptec SCSI controller involved?16:38
CShadowRuntgardner: well yea, X ships with karmic, it's just a normal karmic installation16:38
CShadowRunhmm, how would I find out?16:39
apwwell if its up16:39
apwthen lspci16:39
smbor in the worst case open the thing... 16:39
tgardneror open the cabinet and look? something that old will likely have a discrete adapter16:39
tgardnerif not, the BIOS will display some info16:40
smbRight, those adaptec bioses had there own message whn booting16:40
apwok yeah if the message was "Kernel panic - not syncing: for safety"16:41
apwCShadowRun, that exact form, then its a panic for "for safety"16:41
apwand those seem to be only in adaptec code16:41
apwhrm ... recipent overload?16:43
tgardnerapw, its probably a HW issue, which is why it was in the chuckout bin to start with16:44
CShadowRunnope, doesn't look like it has an adaptec in it16:44
CShadowRunlspci | grep -i adaptec returns nothing16:44
apwlsmod | grep aic ?16:45
CShadowRunapw nope, nothing16:46
apwwell that interesting16:49
apwyou have no adaptec h/w and are getting mesages which only exist in adaptec drivers16:49
apwyou are a magician16:49
CShadowRunapw: I have a reputation in ubuntu-uk of breaking...everything, somehow magically16:50
CShadowRunso, that pretty much fits my everyday life :P16:50
apwso push your lspci to a pastebin somewhere perhaps16:52
apwand we can stare at it confusdly16:52
CShadowRunapw: http://pastebin.com/f27ed604916:54
CShadowRunhmm, check out that unidentified SCSI storage controller.16:54
CShadowRunmaybe that's an adaptec device in disguise...16:54
apwyeah could be, 9004 5078 would be one16:58
apwCShadowRun, can we have your dmesg please16:58
CShadowRunapw: http://pastebin.com/f8205eba16:59
CShadowRunapw this is from a suscessful boot obviously16:59
CShadowRunwith no crashes as of yet16:59
tgardnerpata_via ?17:00
apw[    0.838079] pata_via 0000:00:11.1: version 0.3.417:00
apwok ... i am suspicious that you have h/w issues17:01
CShadowRunI'm suspicious that it's a hardware issue too now since it's intermittant17:01
tgardnerapw, perhaps, but DMA issues might be intermittent.17:01
tgardnerCShadowRun, can you run the mem test for awhile?17:02
apwas the adapetek driver looks for 9004 and you have 9204 which is via when it works17:02
CShadowRuntgardner: yup17:03
apwit may be time to push all the cards in17:03
CShadowRuntgardner: we ran that yesterday and it passed17:03
CShadowRunOh well, seems to be working for now, I guess I'll chalk it up to hardware issue17:05
tgardnerCShadowRun, get the server edition and install that. it cuts out X and other GUI cruft17:10
CShadowRunhe wants it for office use though17:11
CShadowRunso that kinda defeats the objective :P17:11
=== johanbr_ is now known as johanbr
tgardnerCShadowRun, it will at least help isolate your issue. you can always install ubuntu-desktop after the fact17:16
CShadowRunI guess17:17
CShadowRunif it happens again we'll give it a shot17:17
mirsalapw, ping19:12
AlanBellping bjf - want to talk about mootbot and moinmoin?20:24
JFoapw or smb, I think we discussed at one point, but how do we set number of CPU's for the kernel?20:24
tgardnerJFo, you mean on boot?20:25
JFois it just a runtime option or can we specify in a config somewhere20:25
JFotgardner, maybe :)20:25
smbJFo, maxcpus=x20:25
smbJFo, on boot20:25
tgardnerJFo, there is also a maximum number supported, 64 on Amd6420:25
BugeyeDwhat's the upper limit set to when building the kernel?20:26
JFoI've been told that suse sets them way high. 128 for x86, 4096(!) for itanium20:26
BugeyeDsorry, too late20:26
=== chasedouglas is now known as cnd
smbJFo, hot removing them should work in theory but yields not to good results20:26
JFoI see20:26
JFoso we could, theoretically set them to some huge number?20:26
JFosay 200 if we had them?20:26
JFoBugeyeD, no problem20:27
BugeyeDis 64 the same for workstation and server kernels?20:27
smbJFo, I believe that requires more memory for the per-cpu arrays. Not sure how much the penalty is20:27
JFoah, ok20:27
JFobut it is doable. do we have upper limits on the numbers smb?20:28
smbJFo, I would have to use the source which I am too lazy right now... :/20:29
JFoBugeyeD, you mean x64 CPU numbers yes?20:29
JFosmb, I understand :)20:29
JFoBugeyeD, I think they should be the same then, based on what tgardner says20:29
JFoso 64 it looks like20:30
JFoas a safe bet20:30
BugeyeDworks for me. not sure why i'm seeing only 8, unless it's due to x86 arch20:30
JFoI'm just guessing though :)20:30
JFoah hah, so it is 20:30
JFothanks tgardner 20:31
BugeyeDthx guys20:31
JFoBugeyeD, :)20:31
JFoask in here anytime20:31
JFothere are people all over the world so the chances are good that you could get a relatively quick answer.20:31
bjfAlanBell, sure20:32
amitkdinh_fsl: does the tree clone now?21:06

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