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keesjdstrand, mdeslaur: ready for meeting?18:01
* jjohansen waves18:01
mdeslaurhi jjohansen!18:01
keesI'm on triage this week.  hopefully I'll be doing some updates as well now that the kernel update is out.18:02
jjohansenhey, mdeslaur, kees, jdstrand18:02
keesI've worked out the kinks in d2u, so this is updated daily now: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/d2u/18:02
keesthough being so up to date means we need to fix up a subtle bug in fake-security-sync18:03
keesin that it gets angry in lucid isn't newer than an earlier release18:03
keesanyway, I haven't looked into that yet.18:03
keesI think next steps on d2u would be to have something doing auto-builds with the debian delta applied to the ubuntu deltas (like MoM does)18:04
keesthat's it from me...18:04
mdeslaurI'll go18:05
mdeslaurSo, I'm working on mysql and gnome-screensaver updates18:05
mdeslaurand will also go down the list18:05
mdeslaurthat's it18:06
jdstrandmy turn18:06
jdstrandI'm on community, so I'll be doing that. That will include clamav on hardy (I know I said that before, but I'm mostly sure I mean it this week)18:07
jdstrandin addition to that, I plan to work on the ufw and apparmor TODO items on my blueprints. firefox will likely release this week, so I'll do that as well18:07
jdstrandwell, to all the apparmor ones-- the apparmor_notify and getent is what I hope to get to18:08
jdstrands/to all/not all/18:08
jdstrandthat's it from me18:08
keesokay, cool18:09
keesanything else from other folks?18:09
* jjohansen will work on the pam_apparmor stuff at some point this week18:11
jdstrandI might add that someone should get the latest apparmor trunk into lucid this week18:11
jdstrandI can take that, but it will be later in the week-- if someone else wants to do it sooner, that is ok by me18:12
keesyeah, I might take that.18:12
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