ubottuIn ubottu, erUSUL said: pae is <reply>Your text goes here00:34
erUSULsorry typo ;)00:34
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elky!staff plzkthx02:13
elky!staff | plzkthx02:13
ubottuplzkthx: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)02:13
ubottuTrek called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:14
Treki realize we've got superspammers in #ubuntu... you considered reporting them to the #freenode staff?02:15
Treksorry, i'm just wondering is all02:15
bazhangTrek, yep thanks02:15
elkyTrek, we have noted it to the dozen who sit here.02:15
Trekthanks.  :)02:15
tsimpsonthe bot should ignore them if they come back in other channels, that'll at least stop them from making the bot flood a channel02:19
tsimpson("the bot" being ubottu)02:19
bazhangthanks tsimpson02:19
rwwGood evening! I just noticed that DaemonFC, aka "Ryan Farmer", aka "not the most valued contributor to Ubuntu's IRC channels" is in #ubuntu. I don't know whether he's actually banned right now, but it might be wise to keep an eye on him either way.05:17
Tm_T!away > xnt14[sleep]05:31
Jordan_U"annecoulter" is trolling #ubuntu05:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:41
ubottuIn ubottu, rww said: !no, ubuntu+1 is <alias> lucid06:19
Myrttioh god06:26
mneptokplease do not invoke the name of the Almighty during a discussion of ReiserFS06:27
mneptoki just banned darthanubis from #ubuntu. his attitude is horrible, and he refers others to the rules while breaking them himself.06:52
mneptokdarthanubis: do you know why you were banned?07:12
darthanubisSo you people actually do know how to mod a channel?07:12
darthanubisAll the crap I see tolerated that goes on, and I get kicked07:13
mneptokexcellent. so you agree the ban was warranted.07:13
darthanubisOr perhaps someone got a bug up their butt?07:13
mneptokif there will be nothing else, please abide by this channel's policies noted in the /topic.07:13
darthanubisSince I can't idle here, am I banned from #ubuntu or what?07:14
mneptokyes you are.07:14
mneptokand if you wish to dicsuss the ban, and your behavior that caused it, return in 48h and i'll talk about it with you.07:15
darthanubisAnd no, I won'tclear my ignore list.07:15
* mneptok bets he's on that list07:15
Myrttiyes you are banned.07:15
darthanubisbecause ....?07:16
tsimpsonif you want to discuss it, you should take to the operator who banned you07:16
darthanubisThe message said kicked not banned?07:16
Myrttithat is usually a good indicator of who banned you07:17
tsimpsonthe ban was set after the kick07:17
darthanubistsimpson: thank you for understanding what I actually typed07:17
Flanneldarthanubis: You'll likely want to remove mneptok from your ignore list so you can speak with him.07:18
mneptokFWIW i would appreciate no other op remvoing this ban.07:18
darthanubisUsually you get a warning and so long as no other infraction is incurred you are not kicked much less banned.07:20
tsimpsonyou quite clearly knew the rules, and choose to disregard them07:20
darthanubisSeems that ignoring this "op" is what got me banned and nothing more.07:20
Flanneldarthanubis: I imagine he had no idea that you were ignoring him when you were banned.07:21
darthanubistsimpson: on the contrary, I knew the rules and stopped right at them07:21
darthanubisViolation, warning, and cease and desist.07:21
darthanubisI ceased, and desisted07:21
Flanneldarthanubis: If you call this ceasing: 22:46 < darthanubis> iflema: watch your fucking mouth07:22
tsimpsonthe warning is to inform someone of the rules07:22
tsimpsonyou knew them, so the warning was not needed07:22
tsimpsonknowing the rules is warning enough not to break them07:22
darthanubisFlannel: that was what incurred the warnning. You can't find anything after that. Because I ceased.07:22
Flanneldarthanubis: You were giving the warning yourself.07:23
darthanubistsimpson: So we make up these things as we go along then?07:23
tsimpsonif you know something is wrong, but choose to do it anyway, someone saying "don't do that again" is pointless07:23
mneptokfolks may also want to check the bantracker for an illustrated history of this type of behavior.07:23
Flanneldarthanubis: The fact that you were condoning the language of someone else indicates you were well aware of the language policies and knowingly chose to disregard them.  No warning is necessary.07:24
darthanubisWell, that is concensus then.07:24
darthanubisNow does an infraction such as this warrent a BAN by the might Ubuntu Lords?07:25
mneptokthis is not the first ban for disruptive behavior.07:25
Flanneldarthanubis: You're banned right now, yes.07:25
mneptokso yes, given the repetetive, unrepentant nature of this user.07:25
darthanubisYes, but I guess I'am asking how long does theban last?07:26
Flanneldarthanubis: Come back in a week and we'll talk some more.07:26
tsimpsonit lasts until one of use remove it07:26
tsimpsonno automatic removal07:26
darthanubisHa! Right07:26
mneptokagain, i would appreciate no one but myself removing this particular ban07:27
bazhangmneptok, understood07:27
mneptokxie xie07:27
darthanubisOf all the trols that pollute that channel I get the ban. I'm speechless. But amused. Thank you.07:28
Myrttimneptok: put it as anote in the bt07:28
tsimpsonyes, there are worse people in the world. no, that does not excuse your behaviour07:28
mneptokMyrtti: quite right.07:29
darthanubisI'm not asking to be excused Heir OP07:29
darthanubisjust having a good laugh about the grandious self importance on display07:29
tsimpsonwell, if there is nothing more, I direct you to the topic of this channel07:30
tsimpsonspecifically the part about idling07:30
darthanubisIs this being logged somewhere. I;d like to keep this and print it out for my wall.07:30
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/07:30
tsimpsonplease move the forward to a ban if not done already07:31
mneptokhe has an interesting defintion of "speechless"07:31
darthanubisI can't find the log for this channel07:32
tsimpsonit's there07:33
dholbachgood morning07:39
bazhanghi dholbach07:39
dholbachhi bazhang07:39
mneptokdholbach: moin07:39
dholbachhi mneptok07:39
Myrttiintresting conversation, that07:41
ubottudarthanubis called the ops in #kubuntu ()07:46
tsimpsonjussi01: he knows what it is07:49
bazhangubuntu game server? such a thing exists?07:58
MyrttiI had no idea07:58
bazhangfrom user Buzza07:58
Tm_Tjussi01: ^07:58
jussi01you can make a server for games on ubuntu, but is he looking for a finished ready product?07:59
bazhangwhoa secret game server for ubuntu members08:00
bazhangerr never mind, it exists08:01
jussi01I knew there was a debian server for pioneers.. :D08:02
Tm_Tjussi01: interested to act on #k ?08:03
Tm_Tif needed, that is, I need to do stuff around here08:04
ikonia@mark #ubuntu Linux-CLI is Panarchy ban evading - put a forward on his ip to catch10:28
ubottuThe operation succeeded.10:28
elkyi was wondering why i found that nick obnoxious.10:36
ikoniahe signed in as panarchy (same old IP address) found he was still banned and changed his nick10:40
ikoniaput a forward on the IP so he's forwaded here so we at least know before hand he's strying to ban dodge10:40
ikoniahello panarchy10:42
ikoniatalk of the devil10:42
ikoniaLinux-CLI: / panarchy - how can we help you today10:43
ikoniaLinux-CLI: / Panarchy we can see you are active in #freenode, do you need something from us ?10:44
ikoniaLinux-CLI: if you are not going to respond, please leave the channel and return when you have an issue10:47
MyrttiLinux-CLI: OHAI! how's things?10:52
MyrttiLinux-CLI: as ikonia said, if you don't have anything to say, please leave, or you'll be removed10:53
ikoniahe's also on line as BSD-CLI10:55
ubotturob_p called the ops in #ubuntu ()11:11
ubottuIn #bzr, vila said: ubottu: your humour is thick11:11
Tm_Twhops, that wasn't he plan ):11:15
MyrttiTm_T: ?11:15
jussi01Tm_T: /msg him please11:15
Tm_Tlatter one especially was mistake11:15
Tm_Tsorry again to all, I have way too sleepy eyes ->11:18
jussi01Tm_T: have you /msg'ed and apologised?11:23
Tm_Tjussi01: I have11:23
jussi01excellent :)11:23
* Tm_T shames11:24
jussi01Tm_T: no need, we all make mistakes :)11:24
Tm_TI'm too old for that? (:)11:25
Tm_Tmaking mistakes, that is11:25
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:04
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:04
Myrttiintresting stuff at #ubuntu, Gary are you available to have a look?12:07
Myrttiah, I see something is happening already12:08
DJonesHi, don't know if this is something to be concerned about in #ubuntu, but the last few minutes have seen a lot of joins with similar idents KLBKvTurk12:08
Myrttithey are being k-lined as we speak12:08
DJonesok, just noticed12:08
Myrttithere's still some joining12:13
Garyit's a game of whack a mole12:14
Myrttiit indeed is :-(12:14
jussi01oh cmon, dont you guys like whack-a-mole?12:15
Garynot when I am at work and busy12:16
* MenZa hugs Gary12:16
MenZaSomeone should seriously write an IRC client that outputs joins as a game of whack-a-mole.12:28
MenZaThat would be fantastic.12:28
MyrttiI'd want to know what he's up to12:29
MyrttiI've got a feeling that he's up to something bad with his access to /12:29
Myrttiwithout realising it12:29
Myrttiit's bound to end in blood and tears12:29
Tm_Tthat's the typical case in my experience12:29
Myrttifortunately nobody told him to gksudo nautilus yet12:30
Myrttithat would be outright disaster12:30
MyrttiI had to ask12:31
MenZaMyrtti: Installing icon themes in rootspace. ._.12:34
Myrttinothing surprises me anymore12:35
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
ubottuIn ubottu, gerry__ said: !remember <alias> putt17:21
* Pici rolls eyes17:58
Pici!cookie | Myrtti17:58
ubottuMyrtti: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:58
MyrttiI guess that was a bit snappy answer17:58
* Myrtti hangs head in shame17:58
PiciMyrtti: I didn't think so.17:58
PiciIt was fine, given the answer that you got,.17:59
Myrttinot even the "ask the pixies"?17:59
Myrttidoes anyone happen to have the ident of guest17851 in their backlogs?18:24
Tm_TMyrtti: pangeran?18:25
Myrttiso it is...18:26
MyrttiI wonder how common it is18:27
Tm_Tmy logs doesn't have it often, so not very common18:33
Myrttidummy didn't get a message on join18:34
Myrttithere it went18:37
Tm_TMyrtti: indeed pangeran appears only today in my logs in any form18:37
Tm_Texcept as part of sentence 3 weeks ago18:37
Myrttiwhatabout yesterday, it was the ident of the spam bot18:37
Tm_TMyrtti: yes, that and today18:38
Tm_Tfrom several years of logs (:)18:38
* Myrtti rolls eyes at -ot18:38
Tm_The doesn't need me? ):18:40
* jpds gets frustrated at ionut for Doing It Wrong.18:59
PiciThats not once an hour..19:01
Myrttithis Timmarshall is making very limited amount of sense to me19:49
PiciI think he means 'want' not 'wont'19:51
* Myrtti facepalms repeatedly20:14
* Pici sighs20:18
Myrttithe stupidity, it hurts20:19
Myrttitime for bed, methinks20:35
Tm_TMyrtti: sleep well20:45
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from `moose`)21:03
ikoniareally not comfotable with LuciusSir's advice in #ubuntu21:31
ikoniawhat's idory up to ??22:13
Tm_Tikonia: some antispam22:18
paul_bunyanI need to get my university unbanned22:59
paul_bunyanfrom #ubuntu22:59
paul_bunyanwho do i talk to22:59
paul_bunyanThe topic for this channel says you guys reserve the right to remove idlers...that means everyone should be gone except me I guess23:01
paul_bunyansome help u guys r23:01
Tm_Tyou may wait someone to contact you, I unfortunately have to go to sleep23:01
paul_bunyancant u guys hire some indians to answer questions23:02
hatpersonnice work with the narrow bans, guys.23:04
paul_bunyanid rather take a shit at a bag and stare at it than ask for help here again you guys are more useless than asshair23:06
tsimpsonwell, you certainly know how to make someone want to help you23:09
tsimpsonikonia: ping23:09
paul_bunyanwhy cant we pay some haitians in popcorn to answer support questions? they need the food and we need the support, its mutually beneficial23:10
tsimpson!guidelines > paul_bunyan23:11
ubottupaul_bunyan, please see my private message23:11
paul_bunyanok for real23:14
paul_bunyanyou guys banned the entire university of arizona from #ubuntu23:14
paul_bunyancan someone lift it23:14
tsimpsonyou are not convincing me that there are people there who should be allowed in #ubuntu23:15
paul_bunyanyou banned an entire university23:16
paul_bunyanif you learned how to ban properly maybe we wouldnt have this issue23:16
paul_bunyanif you want an entire university shut off from contacting ubuntu support so be it23:17
tsimpsonactually, I didn't, but you are failing to convince me that I should remove the ban23:17
paul_bunyanbecause you have banned thousands of people who had nothing to do with the banning..23:17
tsimpsonthere aren't thousands of people from your IP on this network23:18
paul_bunyanhow many are there23:19
paul_bunyanok thats besides the point23:19
tsimpsonthere is, in fact, 123:19
paul_bunyanif u dont want to unban a university go ahead23:19
paul_bunyanthts bs23:19
jpdspaul_bunyan: He's right.23:19
paul_bunyanbecause i have someone else right next to me trying to log on23:19
jpds23:19:29 [Freenode] [!]          * paul_bunyan H   0  ~victor@uawifi-nat-210-24.arizona.edu [purple]23:19
Tm_Tjpds: can you remove ubot4 from -fi please? ubot3 came online (:23:22
* Tm_T shouldn't set up jazz when going to sleep, brains full of action23:22
Tm_Tjpds: thanks (:)23:22
Tm_Tgood night you all and hugs!23:23
Picifyi: /who works differently now that users are set +i by default.23:58

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