davmor2morning all11:23
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cr3top of the morning, folks13:45
fader_cr3: Hey dude13:56
davmor2morning fader cr313:57
moustafacr3, fader Good morning!15:30
davmor2moustafa: Boo!15:30
cr3moustafa: hey dude!15:31
fader_moustafa: hey man15:31
moustafadavmor2: Ahh!  Didn't see you there!  Did you just pop out of the Tardis?15:31
moustafacr3: Hon hon!15:31
moustafafader_ : Yo!15:31
cr3moustafa: gerard depardieu15:32
* moustafa could go for a Croissant15:32
fader_moustafa: +115:36
moustafafader_: Maybe one day. :)15:37
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seven1how to restore ubuntu 9.04 from live cd...ubuntu will not load due to free veo graphics driver fail...fail happened post virtualbox installation...any thoughts ideas?17:44
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