TakyojiI'm ecstatic that the Ubuntu Marketing mailing list is actually active and collaboratively discussing00:28
TakyojiHah; if we had 2 more people, we'd have more people than those on the Ubuntu Marketing IRC channel00:29
TakyojiThere should be more commoners to the channel00:31
Takyoji(of the marketing channel)00:31
TakyojiIt seems that people get enthusiastic, and start something, and work hard, while nobody else is really responsive or caring about the work, then the enthusiastic individual gives up and doesn't put forth any more effort.00:32
Takyojii.e. Spread Ubuntu00:32
TakyojiThe person that started the Spread Ubuntu website tried to help create an active community for developing marketing materials, and started initiatives and goals, and nobody really was active, and the Canonical folk in charge of the ubuntu-marketing.org (which points to nothing) didn't care to ever point the domain to the Spread Ubuntu website. Thus due to the lack of activity, the person that started Spread Ubuntu has pretty m00:35
Takyojiuch given up working on it00:35
TakyojiWe should try getting members of the Minnesota Ubuntu LoCo also active in the Ubuntu Marketing group; it just needs a little love...00:37
Takyojior other dying groups00:39
* Takyoji continues preaching a sermon that nobody cares about. :P00:52
mr_steveHmm.. I like what you're saying; marketing is just one of those things that it's hard to get people excited about00:57
TakyojiI'd love to work on marketing materials for example; but if I ever ask for critique or ideas, I'll never get an answer00:57
Takyoji(at least on the IRC channel of Ubuntu marketing)00:58
TakyojiAnyone artistic, statistical, or literate can contribute, or even write materials on how to contribute00:58
mr_steveYeah, it's always tricky getting responses on anything in a timely fashion.00:59
mr_steveI treat the #ubuntu-motu channel almost like email now, I ask a question, and check my hilights window every few hours for a reply01:00
TakyojiAs with anything, I would love to actively collaborate with others in realtime, but it typically seems everyone just prefers doing their own little thing quietly01:01
mr_stevethat does seem to be the case, generally01:02
TakyojiI think more could be done, and more effectively, if people would discuss and work together more01:03
Takyojimore could be accomplished*01:04
mr_stevehmm, the Awseome window manager seems kind of... awesome02:33
TakyojiLooks interesting02:34
mr_steveI love the picture on their website of the workstation with like 7 displays02:34
mr_steveI want it02:34
TakyojiI'd love it too. :P02:35
TakyojiI wish I could just have monitors for everything02:35
mr_steveMe too02:35
mr_steveHey, you ever see the movie Grandma's Boy?02:35
TakyojiOne for some IRC channels, another for instant messaging, another for email, another from web browsing, etc02:35
TakyojiHaven't seen it02:35
mr_steveThere's a programmer who writes code laying back in a reclined seat with a bunch of huge screens over his head02:36
Takyojiheh ahh02:36
h00kmoar like Internet ready for a nobel peace prize.02:38
Takyojiand then have a little IDS on my servers, and have a client on my desktop that would do movie-like warnings whenever there is an attempted brute-force attack or something. :P02:39
Obsidian1723better to have an IPS actually as primary, IDS as merely logging.02:40
TakyojiI had a timer running on my desktop (the GNOME panel applet), and noticed when the pizza's ready. And my friend thought I had my oven rigged to detect when the pizza was done or something. xP02:41
TakyojiWell yea02:41
TakyojiI'd also love to have something to display activity and usage on any server I assist with in realtime02:41
TakyojiSuch as MySQL requests, CPU usage, RAM, etc02:42
TakyojiHTTP requests, connected IPs, etc02:42
TakyojiI would absolutely love such a solution02:42
TakyojiI love this as well: http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/items/free_games/Images/quake_24_screens.jpg02:44
mr_steveI like to have a terminal up showing my logs, preferably colorized02:44
Takyojiof course that might be a little excessive though. :P02:44
mr_steveIt's usually just information overload, but if I notice that something's acting screwy I can just glance over and see if something's breaking02:44
mr_stevehm, I think awesome is going to be my window manager from here on out, but it sure has a learning curve02:46
TakyojiI know I could probably do such with SSH; but I'm a freak that I wouldn't want to have a direct connection to the root account or anything of the server; I'd like something that would just tell me statistics, and that if it were ever "broken into" that all a person could do is get statistics rather than run anything on the system02:46
Takyoji(if that makes sense)02:46
TakyojiSomething that would be completely rid of system privileges, but able to get statistics/information.02:47
mr_steveTakyoji, for the SSH issue, you could just have all your machines set up for remote syslogging to one box02:47
TakyojiA possibility02:47
TakyojiOr I'll just write my own PHP page and client02:48
mr_steveAnd then you'd really just need some kind of pattern-matching script to count certain patterns occuring the logs. I'm sure something halfway decent already exists02:48
mr_steveI use zabbix for a 1000-yard overview of my network02:48
TakyojiI just can't sleep at night with the thought of something not being persistent. Just re-requesting for new information on an interval02:48
TakyojiWell, I guess it could work on a server-push basis, although it's hard to set the up server-side for the script to wait for input and maintain a persistent connection02:49
TakyojiI'm a person that can't sleep at night when something is working inefficiently02:50
Takyoji(just a hyperbole though)02:50
TakyojiPolling over HTTP is one of the things that I consider inefficient.02:52
Takyojii.e. a web-based IRC client that reloads every second to see if there's any new IRC messages02:53
Obsidian1723Why not just set all machines to use /var on one PC, make that the logging server, get stats from there?02:55
Takyojiotherwise I'm talking about separate web servers.02:55
mr_steveuh-oh. I think something bad has happened on my machine02:57
TakyojiI don't run a datacenter/server farm at all02:57
* Takyoji stops playing with mr_steve's SVGA cable02:57
mr_steved????????? ? ?     ?         ?                ? awesome02:57
mr_steveThat's what ls -l tells me in my ~/.config dir02:58
mr_steveI don't think that's a happy thing02:58
TakyojiQuestion marks, or non-UTF characters?02:58
mr_stevequestion marks02:58
mr_steveI made it with mkdir, now I can't cd into it, can't rm it02:59
Obsidian1723sudo nautiluscan you delete it via that?02:59
Obsidian1723sudo nautilus can you delete it via that?02:59
Takyoji(Did you know you can make certain folders on Windows in command line that you can't normally create or delete?)02:59
Obsidian1723You cna do that in Linux too.03:00
mr_stevecan't rm it as root either, no error, it just doesn't go away03:00
TakyojiThere's certain reserved names in Linux as well?03:00
Obsidian1723rm -rf name*03:00
mr_steveno dice03:01
Obsidian1723If it's Fluffy Bunny as the dir or file, cd to where it is, rm -rf fluff*03:01
Obsidian1723capital F03:01
Obsidian1723chmod 777 it, chown as root then rm -rf name*03:01
mr_stevecan't chmod it, no such file or directory03:02
Obsidian1723what is the name of it?03:02
Obsidian1723no non-standard characters?03:02
mr_stevenope, all I did was mkdir /home/steve/.config/awesome03:03
Obsidian1723so it's a hidden director03:03
Obsidian1723can you cd to it as root ?03:03
mr_stevehmm, I haven't tried that yet. standby...03:03
Obsidian1723sudo cd /home/steve/.config/03:03
Obsidian1723If sudo doesn't work, then su root and do cd to it.03:04
mr_stevenope, can't cd into it from a root shell, no such file or directory03:04
mr_steveI think a fsck is in my near to immediate future03:04
Obsidian1723I had a folder that wouldnt delete, so I su'd to root, then sudo cd'd to the folder.03:04
Obsidian1723what distro ya using?03:04
mr_steveUbuntu, Lucid. I believe I've found another bug.03:05
Obsidian1723oh fuck me...03:05
Obsidian1723Alpha shit. no wonder03:05
Obsidian1723I never upgrade until LTS .103:05
mr_steveYep. This is why I have backups. Hopefully a fsck will take care of it though.03:06
Obsidian1723Well, remastersys is good for imaging.03:06
mr_steveAnd then I have a bug report to file. FS bugs = A Bad Thing03:06
Obsidian1723Yeah, avoid the .10 releasese like 8.10 and 9.10 and while 9.04 is ok, best to stick to LTS, at least on production machines. If this is just a testing box, its a different story.03:07
Obsidian1723I'm on 8.04.4LTS and I refuse to upgrade until 10.04.1LTS03:07
Obsidian1723much more stable that way...03:07
mr_steveokay, so I ran ls again, and now it's a proper directory entry. Really weird.03:10
TakyojiThen it's just how it was read, rather than how it was saved.03:18
TakyojiIf only I could find a font that's a terminal-like font.04:02
TakyojiCourier New doesn't fit my desires04:02
TakyojiI wouldn't mind if it even looked like it was printed by a dot-matrix printer04:03
TakyojiWell I guess I just noticed a general issue with Ubuntu04:20
TakyojiThe large font theme is too large04:20
Takyojiand nearly impossible to click the System menu to get to the preferences to change it back easily04:20
Takyojimy mother just ran into that issue04:20
Takyojianyone have alternate suggestions?04:22
Takyoji(I was however able to revert it)04:22
TakyojiGah, too bad that I can't bolden specific words in a text block in The GIMP..04:30
tonyyarussosure you can - you just highlight them06:05
mr_stevehmm. My fileserver made some omninous clicking noises, and seems to have done an emergency remount-ro on root14:14
mr_stevenot my preferred way to start the day14:16
TakyojiSnow day.17:20
mr_stevenot for me :(17:21
mr_stevethe math class right before mine is cancelled, but mine isn't17:26
mr_stevetoo bad, since it seems I need to rebuild my file/web server today17:27
mr_stevethe hard drive holding the root LV decided to self-destruct this morning17:28
TakyojiOh fun17:28
TakyojiI'm working on a web design right now17:30
TakyojiI've been constantly tweaking it17:39
TakyojiTrying to reach perfection17:39
mr_stevethat's something I've never been very good at. I stoped writing web pages before the rise of CSS17:40
TakyojiI should probably be taking notes from the Ubuntu Marketing mailing list; various individuals are pointing out good details in terms of promotion/advertisement18:05
h00khalp, I'm debating upgrading my netbook to Lucid18:11
exigraffh00k: may want to keep one stable machine around18:45
exigraffh00k: just sayin18:45
h00kI know, I know...18:45
TakyojiI'd rather dual-boot Lucid rather than just Lucid installed alone18:55
h00kI had it dual-booting but got rid of lucid on the other partition on my laptop and upgraded karmic to lucid19:03
h00kand now I want to try it on my netbook19:03
TakyojiExperienced any issues/bugs yet with Lucid?19:26
h00kI had one related to cron19:30
h00ker, cron died and I reported it19:31
h00kI had GDM act silly and freeze up, too19:33
TakyojiEver time I boot into Lucid, GDM restarts after a couple seconds, then I try again, then I can login19:38
TakyojiAnd before it crashes/reopens, it has minor graphical issues on the top, with a few pixels flickering19:40
TakyojiAnyone planning an installfest?19:46
TakyojiYou know you all want to..19:46
h00kWe might have one in Wisconsin, yeah.19:53
TakyojiJust for the sheer curiosity; has anyone packaged RPMs at all?21:11
rlaagerTakyoji: I've done plenty.21:31
TakyojiAnything substantially different of it from creating deb packages?21:39
TakyojiSo. How terrible is my work? http://mnopensource.org :P21:45
TakyojiJust a little thing I'm working on21:45
Takyojicurrently just a static page21:59
mr_steveTakyoji, i like it :)22:03
mr_steveSimple, clean, and the GPL in the background of the header is a nice touch22:03
TakyojiI was trying to think what would be most emblematic of FOSS, thus the GPL came to mind22:03
TakyojiI'm making it into a Wordpress theme right now22:04
rlaagerTakyoji: It's not vastly different from debs. The biggest thing about an RPM is that it's all in one file. You denote sections of it instead of having separate files. Also, it's just generally not as nice as making debs (with debhelper at least).22:10
mr_steveThemeing wordpress is something I gotta look into. First I gotta rebuild my webserver and recover from backups tho...22:10
* mr_steve grumbles22:10
TakyojiGot my Linux Journal magazine23:07
* Obsidian1723 just had a guy ask ne in email to help him with an CMS install on a Linux box (via a web no less), but like I told him, I don't work for free either. Some people... I tell ya.23:14
tonyyarussosilly Obsidian1723, you should have replied with a quote23:16
Obsidian1723He needed to do it so HE could get paide. What am I? Chopped liver? I have certs, including a Linux one, but I also have 32+ years experience.23:18
Obsidian1723yeah, I should have told him @200/hr or RTFM.23:18
TakyojiOh, I see23:20
TakyojiI would die to have a rack of servers; I would worship it every night. xP23:24
Takyoji_Laptop froze23:25
Takyoji_The only thing responsive was the cursor23:25
Takyoji_Was my last geeky message received?23:28
Obsidian1723heh I have some old Cisco stuff....23:32
Obsidian17232507 router and 1923 24-port Layer 2 switch./23:32
Takyoji_I just have standard desktops to work with. I have nothing that's considerably enterprise-level equipment23:33
kermitif the cursor was responsive, that was just x-windows or your window manager freezing23:34
Takyoji_Next time it occurs I'll attempt Ctrl+Alt+Backspace then23:35
kermiti heard somewhere that was disabled in ubuntu23:35
kermitbut i havent tested23:35
Takyoji_Although that key combination has been changed23:35
Takyoji_I haven't had any success with the magic SysRq key yet at all23:35
kermitthat doesnt work in X23:36
kermitreally the only way to deal with X is to kill it with ssh from another machine23:36
Obsidian1723Tak, I'm looking to upgrade so this still is only 10MBPS, I need 100MBPS... if I can replace it, you can have the other stuff.23:37
Obsidian1723I want a Cisco Cataylst 290023:44
* tonyyarusso guesses you mean Mbps23:47
Obsidian1723Mb = Megabytes MB = Megabits23:48
tonyyarussoOther way around Obsidian172323:49
kermitwhat tonyyarusso said23:49
Obsidian1723brain fried, yeah.. I mean Mb23:50
Obsidian1723Is it Monday?23:50
Takyoji_Didn't you get the memo? It's Friday.23:52
Takyoji_(actually not, obviously)23:52
Obsidian1723parrrrrrrrrrrrrr tay!!23:52
Obsidian1723yah I know.23:52
* Takyoji_ plots world domination23:53

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