Raystonjust about to install Jaunty because alot of people with similiar problems mention that jaunty did not have these issues00:00
capronmhaedo, hope you find it , I think compile is the right way too go.  But have only done it for comipz plugins ,  Right now I will try compile the kernel00:00
MeerCatBlindsite1: did you add a repo for wine and didn't add the key to that repo?00:00
Asmobcan somone give me advice why i need use seperate partition for /home?00:00
sebsebsebAsmob: can be rather usefl if you want to re install Ubuntu or distro hop00:00
braden_mobi-sheep ok also virtualbox 3.0 won't install i keep getting kernall module compile failed00:00
ArsinMeerCat: Worked, thanks. ke1ha_: Working thanks, but I tried entering a passkey that I just created and I got invalid pass00:00
MeerCatAsmob: it gives flexibilty to have partitions on seperate disks00:00
MeerCatas sebsebseb mentioned is a reaason00:01
ke1ha_You have to go to Standford, and apply for a passkey, it will be emailed to you.00:01
Asmobsebsebseb, distro hop?00:01
sebsebsebMeerCat: seperate disks?  you just mean partitions on same hard disk?00:01
Blindsite1ah yeah00:01
Blindsite1added that in the other sorces area00:01
Blindsite1im getting 2 wines show up on the list, the beta and the stable version00:02
AsmobMeerCat, sebsebseb, so do i need make /home on seperate partition?00:02
cyberjunk502guys  anyone know is there some sort of tracker in nokia phones that are removed when the phone arrives in shops00:02
Blindsite1i want the install the stable ver bu it wont le me00:02
sebsebsebAsmob: distro hop as in,  get rid of Ubuntu and try some thing else,  and  then real proper distro hoppers will go through loads of distros like that,  not spending that long on each.  I think it's better to  run a distro that is good enough Ubuntu for example as the host operating system, and then virtual machine other distros, if people want to use others as well.  Or have another distro on another computer even.00:03
MeerCathome can be mounted on a seperate disk or everthing can be partitoned on one disk,, if possible its cool to have partitions on seperate disks,, one reason is in cause of a disk failure.. say your root disk failed however home didn't exist there,, then you can simply reinstall the OS on  the root disk and mount /home back00:03
Arsinke1ha_: Where would I go about doing that? I've been searching for a place to register or something. The only one I can see is for a team00:03
MeerCatAsmob: its not a requirement00:03
sebsebsebAsmob: by default Ubuntu puts /home  in  /00:03
ke1ha_Arsin: Also, it may have installed and downloaded the apps, but you still need to start it with ./foldingathome/folding start00:03
sebsebsebAsmob: and gives you swap space as well00:03
sebsebsebAsmob: creating a seperate home partition  is easier to do before Ubuntu get's installed, but it can be done after woulds00:04
Asmobsebsebseb, now i instaled / 20gb /home about 290 and /swap 2gb is that good?00:04
ke1ha_F@H Passkey Info: http://www.stanford.edu/group/pandegroup/folding/FAQ-passkey.html00:04
sebsebsebAsmob: ok you already instaled Ububuntu and set up like that?00:05
Asmobsebsebseb, yes but i dont now is it good00:05
cyberjunk502anyone know a irc server or a channel where i can ask questions about nokia mobile phones00:05
peepsaloti have a motherboard with some sort of integrated graphics, i can't find details on what the chipset is called.  how do i know what graphics drivers to use?00:05
sebsebsebAsmob: SWAP depends on how much RAM you have, and 20GB is more than you need for / when you got big seperate /home00:05
sebsebsebAsmob: with big seperate /home I would make /  10 to 12GB or a little bit bigger then that00:05
MeerCatyea i would put all that home if anywhere00:05
ke1ha_Arsin: once you started the client, do the install service with: sudo ./installservice and the server install script with do the checkconfig for you.00:05
mint_I need some help. I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a portable flash drive (8GB) but when I plug in my secondary monitor, and click resolution button, the whole thing freezes on me. And when I am able to get the changes on the resolution area, it does the samething00:06
MeerCatthats where the files you acquire would end up any way so give it more space..00:06
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duffydackbear in mind, most stuff you install goes in /usr so you for me, I need quite a lot for /  for games and such that install from repo or debs00:06
Asmobsebsebseb, sory / is 15gb and my ram is 2gb00:06
MeerCatyea duffydack thats correct as well00:06
sebsebsebAsmob: SWAP should be double your RAM00:06
duffydackit would be nice to have the choice00:07
MeerCatswap should be 1 - 1.5 times ram actually00:07
Asmobsebsebseb, / is alredy 21% taken..00:07
sebsebsebAsmob:  also SWAP isn't really needed unless your going to hibernate the computer00:07
rwwubottu: ot | cyberjunk50200:07
ubottucyberjunk502: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:07
MeerCati use LVM i can always add a disk and increase home or usr00:07
peepsaloti have some kind of integrated intel graphics on my motherboard.  does someone know what graphics drivers i need to install?00:07
cyberjunk502ubottu: ot| rww00:08
ubotturww: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:08
Asmobsebsebseb, somone sad that on new system i can do that on 2gb swap.. if i have 2gb ram00:08
sebsebsebAsmob: I think you should still really have 4GB RAM00:08
sebsebsebAsmob: I mean SWAP00:08
mint_Anyone in here with dual monitors?00:08
Dr_Willismint_:  i use dual monitors with nvidia cards all the time00:08
Asmobsebsebseb, but pc dont use it at all.. maybe just in hibernate00:09
ZykoticK9mint_, what's your question (if you aren't using Nvidia i'm no help)00:09
MeerCati use duals at work.. i use nvidia as well00:09
sebsebseb!swap  | Asmob00:09
ubottuAsmob: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info00:09
kayveis it a bad idea to install gstreamer when I already have flash installed?00:09
mint_Dr_Willis: Well I have an intel integrated chipset graphics card, and when I try to change the resolution and disable the mirror settings for whatever reason is set by default, my linux freezes00:09
mint_Dr_Willis: Is there a manual way to set my computer to use dual monitors, so when I reboot the settings will take effect?00:10
Dr_Willismint_:  intel dual monitor works on my netbook.. thats all ive used intel with.  The intel drivers are very much a work in progress in ways. I would say check the intel wiki/forums on the ubuntu sites00:10
Arsinke1ha_: installservice is not a command00:11
seanbrystoneHi whats the terminal command to eject cd/dvd? i cant get it open00:11
ZykoticK9seanbrystone, "eject"00:11
mint_Dr_Willis: Well thats the weird thing, I can boot into linux with my secondary monitor already plugged in but it just shows a mirror of my laptop screen, is there a way I can manually go in and set the resolution of both monitors and reboot and that way when I boot up, it works?00:11
ke1ha_you need to be in the ./foldingathome directory then run sudo ./installservice00:11
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seanbrystoneZykoticK9, thanks :)00:12
mint_Dr_Willis: Because the GUI simply freezes when I click the apply button00:12
Dr_Willismint_:  I plug mine in.. boot up. use teh resoultion tool. and it works for me. I can set 2 monitors up that way00:12
Dr_Willismint_:  sounds like some intel/xrandr/driver bug to me00:12
MeerCatme as well00:12
Davedanhow can I use fdserv to use port 80 as non root?00:13
OerHeksseanbrystone to close, use eject -t :-D00:13
mint_Dr_Willis: what you mean a bug? Would this happen if I am booted on a flash drive? Does that have anything 2 do with it, cause if so then when I had linux installed before on a dual boot, it often did the same thing I am describing00:13
Gananganyone have problem running asf formats on linux?00:13
seanbrystoneok OerHeks ty00:13
ke1ha_ArsinL here's the output from HFM.net that http://hpcmon.com/~fahuser/Myfolding/index.html  I wrote a big how too at OcUK forums to use this facility.00:13
Ganangas video streams?00:13
Raydiationhi im having problems with port forwarding and my router: it seems that although i forward port 80 to my pc, my router gets accessed; for instance if i type in my ip adress i see the router's login00:13
MeerCatports below 1024 need to be started by root,, i believe if the program used setuid its possible Davedan ..00:13
Dr_Willismint_:  the extent of my using intel is on muy netbook . and it works there.  The Intel Drivers for some chipsets are not as good as they should be.00:13
Asmobsebsebseb, hmm.. ok and than if i want fast change distr i can just reinstall and all my /home will stay... but how about programs..?00:13
capronGanang,  yes i had too look in the afs to find the right stream00:14
Blindsite1ok... i've double checked the source.  I've even added the authentication key even though its supposed to be supurfluous for 9.1000:14
DavedanMeerCat: setuid?00:14
Blindsite1and my system STILL won't let me download wine00:15
jiohdiI just booted to ubuntu from win7... not the nvidia seems messed up, giving me 860x640 or some such and no options for more... help00:15
mint_Dr_Willis: Would there be a manual way of setting the resolution through a text edit or something and then save changes and then boot and see if that fixes it? the GUI just freezes when I try applying the settings which is very very weird00:15
Ganangcapron: can you give a hint how u solved your problem?00:15
jiohdiI just booted to ubuntu from win7... no*w the nvidia seems messed up, giving me 860x640 or some such and no options for more... help00:15
AlanFanyone got a good online feed of the superbowl? I don't get CBS here and I tried googling but keep landing in spam holes. Thanks for any links00:15
MeerCatDavedan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setuid00:15
mint_Dr_Willis: Now when I don't have the 2nd monitor plugged in and try changing settings, nothing freezes which is weird 200:15
MeerCatBlindsite1: what happends now?00:15
Blindsite1*sigh* its too busy in here to get anything done00:16
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Blindsite1if anyone is willing to help me let me know00:16
sebsebsebAsmob: well in the other distro you would have to get it to use home properly etc.   If you re install Ubuntu or put another distro on,  you would remove / and make a new one,  and then re install programs.00:16
MeerCatMeerCat| Blindsite1: what happends now?00:16
darthanubisBlindsite1: use the forums00:16
sebsebsebAsmob: Re installing programs isn't  exactly an issue for Ubuntu and most other popular distros,  because of repos where  they can be easilly installed from.00:17
mint_Dr_Willis: What about manually configuring the Xorg file?00:17
Asmobsebsebseb, how i can get it to use home? and if i reinstall programs does settings stay?00:18
capronGanang, I am not that sure,  I think I only saved the asf as a link then open it in notpad sae that it then  then it pointed to a mpeg that i cud save using wget00:18
Arsinke1ha_:I can't seem to get that installservice to run hm... I'm in ./foldingathome right now00:18
kmelHi, how can i get a module to load on boot?00:18
Ganangcapron: i'll give a try !thanks!00:18
Raystonsorry, got disconnected, can anyone here help me with this resolution problem? https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+question/10017700:18
sebsebsebAsmob: If you re install  Ubuntu by removing/formatting /  and doing a new  / with Ubuntu,  then it should pick up /home no problem,  as long as your also using the same username as before.   It's if you switch distro you would have to get it using /home properly, probably.00:19
Xcellubuntu code looks like a dc tourist map.. it dont know wht to do 1/2 the time.00:20
MeerCatubuntu code?00:20
Xcellu know wht i mean00:20
darthanubiswhat "ubuntu code"?00:20
darthanubisno we don't00:20
MeerCatbash command line?00:21
sebsebsebAsmob: Once the old /home is being used,  it should pick up  .mozilla and most other program user data no problem00:21
MeerCatim lost =)00:21
Xcellget a job then00:21
MeerCatsource code?00:21
kayveis gstreamer a flash?00:21
Asmobsebsebseb, is out there... some page what u suggest i can read to find out more about install another distro?00:21
darthanubisa job?00:21
sebsebsebAsmob: How long have you used Ubuntu for?00:21
jolaren23What's wrong with this command?? sudo vol_id -u /dev/sdb100:21
darthanubistry again this time complete sentences in English please?00:21
* Xcell rolz a superbowl fatty00:21
darthanubisohhhh, your high00:21
MeerCatsdb1 is a partition...00:22
Xcell u still talk00:22
Asmobsebsebseb, like about 4days00:22
DavedanMeerCat: when trying to use setuid it tells me that I need to install it00:22
Xcelli waz talkin food00:22
ke1ha_Arsin : make sure you typing it correctly, it's: sudo ./installService   .. note the cap "S"00:22
Asmobsebsebseb, but i have some expirience also before..00:22
MeerCatand it it exists it should work00:22
Tm_TXcell: please stick in channel topic00:23
sebsebsebAsmob: ok I thought you are new,  right well in that case, I suggest that you  get used to Ubuntu first,  and then when your a bit more experienced you can virtual machine other distros or pshyically install them, if you would like to00:23
Xcelllol, i will,00:23
Asmobvirtual bos sebsebseb ?00:23
MeerCatDavedan: possibly you need to install it?00:23
sebsebsebAsmob: bos???00:23
Asmobsebsebseb, box..00:23
sebsebsebAsmob: yes Virtualbox00:23
Xcellanything concerning the ubuntu sys is on topic right   ?00:24
MeerCatDavedan: i think the actual program needs to be able to use setuid as well..00:24
sebsebsebAsmob: and not the one from the repo, but the website/webserver if you want USB support00:24
Ganangcapron: when i download the link, i receive a wmv file which says i dont have the plugins to play00:24
Ganangcapron: i have the w32codes installed by the way00:24
pw-toxichow can i set the language of my system to english?00:24
pw-toxicits currently all german ;(00:24
Asmobsebsebseb, i tryed it also.. :) from page.. instaled on it ubuntu windows xp and 700:24
sebsebsebAsmob: with what host OS?00:24
Xcellwhy do i have to reboot every 30 min or so for my /cdrom to initiate, and when it does, its wrong half the tome.00:24
darthanubispw-toxic: reinstall, this time do it right00:25
MeerCatsounds lke a hardware related issue00:25
Asmobwindows xp and 7 was ubuntu but for ubuntu windows 700:25
Xcellits not00:25
MeerCatwhat do you mean initiate?00:25
DavedanMeerCat:  reading again it won't be good for me because I might need to restart the server00:25
pw-toxicdarthanubis, wow this would be crazy because there is a lot of configuration on this server ;)00:25
MeerCatDavedan: ok00:25
MeerCatDavedan: why would you want to have that application listen on port 80?00:26
Xcellit wont mount any disc, and when it does, i have a hard time handeling it00:26
darthanubispw-toxic: backup the config. If you run a "server" you should have backups00:26
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MeerCatXcell: sounds hardware related00:26
DavedanMeerCat: a web server00:26
DavedanMeerCat: written in Erlang00:26
MeerCatDavedan: oh sorry i never heard of it00:26
Ganangcan anyone help with with wmv movies on ubuntu 9.04. I can't get it working00:26
Xcellits like i have to dedicate a special session to burning and reading cd/dvd's00:26
DavedanMeerCat: I could use nginx but want to simplify things00:26
sebsebsebAsmob: Have you used another Linux distro before?  I feel that we are starting to or are on the verge of getting a bit off topic here, so answer that, and it's probably better for us to continue a bit in a pm.00:26
capronGanang,  I am sorry I checked it was a asx file that I did like that on.   I googled asf is hard to play00:26
XcellMeerCat-  gentoo works, why iz this ?00:27
MeerCatXcell: how is the CDROM connected?00:27
Ganangcapron: thanks!!! i lost the video streaming of my best web site....shit!00:27
sebsebsebAsmob: ok pm it is then00:27
ArsinCan someone help me with FahMon?00:27
Xcelli use no usb, its all cable00:27
Asmobsebsebseb, yes00:28
MeerCatXcell: is it a sata or pata?00:28
ke1ha_Arsin: it's best to run FAHmon from Windows, but you can compile it from Sources on UB.00:28
Xcelland some times /dev/mount  will not work00:28
Xcellmost of the time00:28
MeerCator mount?00:28
DavedanMeerCat: what about iptables to redirect traffic from port 80 to 8000? will it scale?00:28
MeerCatDavedan: thats possible00:29
MeerCati was going to mention it00:29
Arsinke1ha_: I want to fold as I use my computer since this is the only computer I have; but if I can only monitor in Win, I'll be stuck in Win7 forever00:29
DavedanMeerCat: the performance will be as using a reverse proxy?00:29
ke1ha_Arsin: Here's the Ubuntu FAHmon How-Too. I've used it, it works: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=70318000:29
Xcellsudo mount /dev/cdrom  does not work00:29
tomatoes7i setup my desktop to accept remote desktop logins....and from my laptop i can login and see the screen, and i can control the desktop with both the mouse and keyboard....but i can't see what i'm doing...the image of the remote desktop doesnt update00:30
MeerCatDavedan: i imagine the performance depends on your system00:30
sarthorHi, how can i redirect my LAN clients all browsing requests to a web server running on on my lan, Using iptbales00:30
MeerCatXcell: i see00:30
DavedanMeerCat: thanks00:30
MeerCatXcell: what doesn't work about it? whats in logs when its done?00:30
Xcelland when i /  echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches   it sometimes works00:30
Xcellya, tell me00:30
jenia_hello everyone00:30
tomatoes7i have the same problem with vncviewer and vinagre00:31
welshboykevnot shure if i can ask about torrenting in here and im just lerning linux after only ever useing windows for 10 years but i was woundering is it posabul to use rtorrent and a back end app for torrentflux-b4rt becaus flux has a number of torrent clians inbedded into it but rtorrent gets much better conection and speeds duz any1 know if this is possable ?00:31
MeerCatXcell: and what is that variable set to in gentoo?00:31
Xcellubuntu 7.10 worked fine in most depatrments, it will be interesting tom see how things work without (hal)00:31
ke1ha_Arsin: here's a shorter version: http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?t=457296     Google is Your friend :-)00:31
jenia_i have a lenovo laptop, i want to set the "middle button" of the "mouse" to the following function: when i press the button, the mouse grabs the content on the screen and then i can pull up or down with the mouse and the screen content will scroll up or down00:33
dyekHi! parted command: "resize NUMBER START END" gave me this "Error: File system has an incompatible feature enabled." I suspect that this is caused by Ubuntu's FS utility cannot deal with ext_attr. Is that the case? Is there anything I can do to use Ubuntu (don't have a Fedora system near me at this time) to resize a Fedora-based thumbdrive larger?00:33
* Xcell rollz another superbowl fatty while inticipating how to get his hal, cdrom working properly00:33
Xcellmexican tortia00:34
jenia_anyone knows how to do this?00:34
sebsebseb!ot | Xcell00:34
ubottuXcell: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:34
d1gitalhey all, just moved a hdd from one machine to another, and everything works fine except the nForce ethernet.  ifconfig does not list eth0.  dmesg | grep eth0 returns nothing and modprobe forcecdeth doesn't help. any ideas?00:34
pw-toxicwhen i try to install ebox, i get the following message:  "Could not mark all packages for installation or upgrade" -> "ebox: Depends: libapache-authcookie-perl but it is not installable   Depends: libebox (>=1.) but 0.12.2-0ubuntu1 is not to be installed"00:35
pw-toxicwhat does this mean and how can i fix this?00:35
ke1ha_dlgital: is the NIC embedded or a PCI card ?00:35
=== bryan is now known as Guest90263
Xcelllol, well, it would sem , that with all the collections of hardware data from a vast pool of peoples resources, that they would have simple fixes for this,. you know, after being an electronics engineer 4 over 30+yrs, i see no reason why nothing should work properly..00:36
Xcellsimple logic00:36
adnchello, my window buttons are on the left side of the window-title-bar (close, minimize, maximize) does someone know how i can get them again to the right side?00:38
dsnydersadnc, change your theme?00:38
adnci tried00:38
dsnydersadnc, well, I'm out of ideas00:38
adncdsnyders, thank you, i did that several times, it still stays left00:39
z0d14rkHey can i get some assistance im having lots of problems00:39
dsnydersz0d14rk, ask your question00:39
PeterT!ask > z0d14rk00:40
ubottuz0d14rk, please see my private message00:40
darthanubislots of new ppl today00:40
Xcelli 1nce recently that there are over 2700 folks alone working on the linux kernel, if this is true, where are the benefits  ?00:40
jsecadnc, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=111399900:40
darthanubisadnc: what did you do to get them that way00:40
darthanubissince that is not default00:41
adncquite some time ago i used a theme, that changed it to the left00:41
aaronhey i have a question how come it says Disk has many bad sectors how can i fixed this?00:41
ke1ha_Xcell:  that's a good question :-) ... I see lots change, but benefit has yet to seen on my end.00:41
d1gitalke1ha_:  it's embedded.00:41
adncjsec thank you, i'll read it00:41
Dr_WillisXcell:  people tend to focus on one part/aspcet/driver of the kernel. so one guy may just be doing bug fix/optmizations on one little part00:41
Xcellout of 2700  ?00:41
Dr_WillisXcell:  go do some dev work and learn I guess00:42
ke1ha_Just checking, but have you checked the BIOS to make sure it's not been disabled somehow.00:42
Arsinke1ha_: I've installed I just don't know what to do with the monitoring part of it00:42
Dr_Williswe are not talking FULL TIME Jobs here.00:42
Xcellnasa dont have that many, and they sent man 2 the moon, lol00:42
ke1ha_Arsin: you add a client to it, and it tells you the status.00:42
aaronhey i have a question how come it says Disk has many bad sectors how can i fixed this?00:42
Arsinke1ha_: I added one, but what is "Location"00:42
AndyGraybeali'm running ubuntu 8.10, is there a way to install tmux package ??00:43
pw-toxiccan anyone tell me why the dependencies dont work in the synaptic package manager?00:43
d1gitalke1ha_:  no, it's enabled.  at one point i disabled it and plugged in another nic, to no avail.00:43
ke1ha_Dligital: Additionally, what Motherboard is in the box ? I though nForce used Marvell BICS ?00:43
pw-toxici cant install any ebox module..00:43
ke1ha_opps used Marvell NICS00:43
z0d14rkThank you, i recently installed 9.10 along side windows 7, i had windows 7 installed first and did a iso mount. Everything was running fine until i recieved the normal updates. However grub became became curupted after the update and i get the recover console. I then followed some directions on how to fix it and created a live usb. I reinstalled grub but now i get no boot menu to windows 7 or Ubuntu and i am completely lost for i can only00:44
z0d14rkuse my bootable.00:44
Xcellare you really a doctor  ?00:44
=== mewshi_ is now known as mewshi
sebsebseb!ot | Xcell00:44
ubottuXcell: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:44
nomnexwhere is the mplayer doc on Ubuntu Kamric > message mplayer DOCS/HTML/en/video.html00:44
adncjsec, thank you very much, that did the job. there is a gconf key for it00:44
ke1ha_man mplayer00:44
jsecadnc, np00:45
adncit did last for so long i'm not anymore used to have it on the right ;)00:45
XcellDr_Willis-  lets take this to #ubuntu-offtopic00:45
z0d14rkIn simple terms ubuntu updated grub got **** and now i have no boot screen00:45
cryptkok, so I am at a total loss... I have tried multiple distros... multiple versions... all of them have the same issue where my mouse randomly freezes....00:46
jef91z0d14rk Reinstall grub?...00:46
jseccryptk, new mouse?00:46
jef91cryptk - try a different mouse?00:46
z0d14rkAfter reinstalling i lost my boot screen00:46
Xcello, he cNT, SRY00:46
=== zz_b0w is now known as b0w
jef91z0d14rk Reinstall grub?...00:46
z0d14rkGrub was corrupted i reinstalled grub to try to fix it but in resulted in complete loss of my boot screen00:47
cryptkjef91 that is the thing... it worked great before... then my HD broke, I got a new one... reinstalled ubuntu and now I have the problem... I had it before but it stopped, I don't know what I did to fix it00:47
b0whello how can i get into grub screen instead of goign directly to ubuntu's session login?00:47
TCHebbcryptk: This might help http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=3003669&postcount=3200:47
cryptkjef91, the mouse works absolutely fine in Windows... it is a Logitech G700:47
jef91b0w press escape during boot00:47
cryptkTCHebb I am reading it now00:48
z0d14rkHow do i reinstall grub then so i can use my windows and ubuntu00:48
cryptkTCHebb I tried that before and Ubuntu booted to a black screen with a flashing cursor... I will try it again though and report back00:49
cryptkTCHebb I can make that change in grub2 to test it right?00:49
TCHebbcryptk: I think so00:49
z0d14rktcheb i have the same problem00:49
cryptkTCHebb ok, I will try it again and see if it actually boots this time00:49
snaythHey I have a friends older lappy that's not very fast - Couldn't get Karmic to run very good - Thinking about trying Slax, or Crunchbang - This person is a noob to linux though - Not sure what to try - Anybody  have a suggestion ? ?00:50
Akkernighthow do I download the 32bit development libraries for ubuntu00:50
seanbrystonesnayth, why not try an  older ubuntu version?00:50
jonzbccpidgin plugins -- how are third party plugins installed?00:50
ke1ha_sudo apt-get install ia32-libs00:51
Ari_Lazarushi guys. I'm trying to run a using Wine and have run into a few interesting things. I installed Fallout Online (uses Fallout 2 graphics) in Windows and in Ubuntu I can run the exe using Wine. However, I get some rather odd video artifacts. Is there a more advance configuration file I can access for Wine other than the default ones I see when I 'Configure Wine'?00:51
Ari_Lazarusrun a game*00:51
axisyshow do I install this ppa:aroth/ppa using apt short from adding the repo manually to the apt sources.lst ?00:51
dsnydersz0d14rk, do you have some sort of linux boot device (usb, livecd) that you can boot from?00:51
PeterT/join ##superbowl00:52
Utgardheya all, wondering if anyone knew of a good place for magicrescue recipes? ie for .mov files.00:52
jonzbccanyone understand pidgin plugins?00:52
jef91ari_lazarus - You can sometimes, but it is better to just install it under Wine instead of running it from widnows00:53
TactiCal_S3ktset configure00:53
Ari_Lazarusjef91: I considered that the first time, but way too much work involved - I'd have to install the .Net platform in Wine to even do that00:53
lostinspace_46While installing pygtk-2.16.0 I get this messege...configure: error: conditional "HAVE_GTK_2_16" was never defined.  Usually this means the macro was only invoked conditionally.  I'm not sure what to do about it  I don't which macro the message refers to.00:54
_CommandeR_how do you mount mdf file ?00:54
snaythseanbrystone: Which one might be best or least intensive?00:54
electromanhello all im noobs on ubunto :D00:54
cryptkTCHebb: so i tried what was in that link and again it would not boot00:55
cryptkIt showed the white ubuntu logo, then after that it went to a black screen with a blinking _ in the top left corner00:55
cryptksystem wouldn't change tty's, also wouldnt respond to an Alt+SysRq+B00:56
axisysgot it .. its add-apt-repository.. it really should be apt-add-repo or add-repo-add .. start with apt . not add00:56
cryptkwell... Alt+SysRq+R,S,E,I,U,B00:56
jef91Ari_Lazaurs - just use Wine tricks - its easy00:56
kinja-sheepaxisys: Use alias if it is bothering you that much.00:56
jenia_hi i need some help and im wondering if anyone here can help me?00:56
Ari_Lazarus!ask | jenia_00:57
ubottujenia_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:57
jenia_i have a lenovo laptop, i want to set the "middle button" of the "mouse" to the following function: when i press the button, the mouse grabs the content on the screen and then i can pull up or down with the mouse and the screen content will scroll up or down00:57
Utgardanyone recommend a data recovery software to retrieve deleted camera files?00:57
teageIs it possible to say, have a dewl boot with say Ubuntu and some other Distro, and tunnel the programs to work from one to another .00:57
jenia_hey lazarus00:57
teagehope i didnt confuse anyone00:57
ZykoticK9Utgard, photorec00:57
jribteage: yes, but why would you want to?00:58
jenia_you know how to do this by any change?00:58
blakkheimteage: only with your misspellings. and no that's not really a feasible thing to do00:58
Ari_Lazarusnewp :300:58
Utgardty, does that do .mov aswell?00:58
teageblakkeim: maybe for you it isnt00:58
teagei have my reasons00:58
kinja-sheepjenia_: It does not do that automatically for you? I just tried middle-click-down and scroll.00:58
jribteage: ok...00:58
ZykoticK9Utgard, you might need to use testdisk < they are both made by the same people00:58
jribteage: there's probably a better way which is usually why people ask that question.00:59
teagejrib: Im sure there is. well00:59
Utgardok, tx00:59
teagejrib: i know there is its just im lazy.00:59
jribteage: ok00:59
kinja-sheepjenia_: What software are you trying this on?01:00
teage and i like to explore a little bit01:00
jenia_im using ubuntu 9.04 and i tried it with nautilus and firefox and any other application like the irc client im using01:01
cryptkanyone else have any ideas about my mouse freezing problem... or why my system won't boot with "acpi=force irqpoll" in the kernel line (which is supposed to fix my problem)01:01
Mike_lifeguardIs it possible to rename system accounts after they're created?01:02
z0d14rkDoes anyone know how to install grub to my ubuntu partition01:02
TCHebbcryptk: Is you're mouse plugged into a hub or directly into the computer?01:02
Mike_lifeguard!grub | z0d14rk01:03
ubottuz0d14rk: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:03
cryptkTCHebb: it happens wether the reciever is plugged into the port on it's base/charger or directly into the computer01:03
kinja-sheepjenia_: You may have to configure your mouse, I guess.  Most mouses works correctly right out of the box.  Unless you changed something recently.01:03
kinja-sheep!mouse | jenia_01:03
ubottujenia_: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto01:03
jenia_sorry everyone i'm not using a extra mouse, its the buttons on the keyboard that have the function of the mouse; that is what i meant what i said mouse01:05
TCHebbcryptk: You could try disabling "Legacy USB" in your BOIS. Other than that, I wouldn't know01:06
kinja-sheepjenia_: Please don't PM me. Thanks.01:06
jenia_no probs01:07
kinja-sheepjenia_: I think you want keyboard shortcuts.01:07
kinja-sheepjenia_: Check System --> Preferences --> Keyboard Shortcuts01:07
jenia_no i checked01:08
jgcampbell300_can anyone suggest a free open source version of exchange for ubuntu01:08
jenia_are the mouse bottons considered like the rest of the button on the keyboard or do they have special name?01:08
ke1ha_as in MS-Exchange for UB ?01:09
kinja-sheepjgcampbell300_: Zimbra? Maybe.01:09
jgcampbell300_yahoo owns Zimbra01:09
cryptkTCHebb: I will give that a shot...01:09
Uqbarhello. I'm running 9.10 and geeqie seems to be lacking the "Editors" tab in the prefereces dialog. is this intended?01:09
b0whello! how can i check if i got bluetooth device or whats its name to use it, i know i got one because on Windows i use to have it but i think its on the same card as the wifi, anyone can help??01:10
kinja-sheepjenia_: You could try keytouch.01:10
infidis there a way to list what the last 5 processes were?01:10
kinja-sheep!info keytouch | jenia_01:10
ubottujenia_: keytouch (source: keytouch): A program to configure extra function keys in multimedia keyboards. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.1-1 (karmic), package size 175 kB, installed size 880 kB01:11
kinja-sheepb0w: Try "lsusb"01:11
KentrelWhen I press Ctrl Alt F1 to get the standard console I just get a blank screen? Wazzup?01:11
jgcampbell300_!info exchange01:11
ubottuPackage exchange does not exist in karmic01:11
b0wkinja-sheep: yeah already did but nothing appear on that, i know i got it on Windows but on linux its a lil bit harder01:12
jgcampbell300_thanks Kelha01:12
kinja-sheepb0w: Not even "lsusb | grep -i blu" or "dmesg | grep -i blu"?  Both appears for me.01:12
kameronany grub2 gurus around? i want to add my windows partition to the list. in legacy grub i would simply edit menu.list, but i don't know how to do it in grub2.01:12
Kentrelkameron, there's a command to update grub01:13
bazhangkameron, tried sudo update-grub ?01:13
KentrelI think its either sudo update-grub01:13
Kentrelah, yeah01:13
b0wkinja-sheep: http://pastebin.com/f511551c601:13
kameronbazhang, is that it? it auto-detects or what/01:13
ke1ha_Alternatives to Zimbra: Scalix OpenGroupware Open-Xchange01:14
jenia_thanks very much kinja-sheep01:14
kinja-sheepkameron: Yes. There are Operating-System-Prober script.01:14
b0wkinja-sheep: thats fro dmesg01:14
kinja-sheepjenia_: keytouch did the trick?01:14
Kentrelkameron, it should auto detect01:15
kameronokay ill check it out. reboot.01:15
KentrelAs long as your windows partition is bootable01:15
Kentrelno no, you shouldn't have to reboot01:15
jenia_well actually, i dont see any01:15
kinja-sheepb0w: You installed Ubuntu using LiveCD?01:15
jenia_option for setting this button to scroll01:16
b0wkinja-sheep: yes clean install01:16
jenia_yes i did, but i saw some plug-ins ill see what those are01:16
kinja-sheepb0w: I'll tell you what I have installed -- bluetooth, bluez, gnome-bluetooth. (I installed it from ground up so I had to include those packages).01:17
=== bbq^_ is now known as bbq^
lostinspace_46While installing pygtk-2.16.0 I get this messege...configure: error: conditional "HAVE_GTK_2_16" was never defined.  Usually this means the macro was only invoked conditionally.  I'm not sure what to do about it  I don't which macro the message refers to.01:17
b0wkinja-sheep: ok let me install those to see if i get it owrking01:18
kinja-sheepb0w: If you don't see Bluetooth-Applet on notification area, try "bluetooth-applet &" -- I'm not sure why you don't see it though. :o01:18
=== aaron is now known as TiMiDo
jriblostinspace_46: pygtk is in the repositories, you shouldn't need to complie it01:18
jenia_can anyone tell me, why cant i talk in channel firefox?01:19
jribjenia_: try #freenode01:19
lostinspace_46jrib,  I will look again.  Thought it was there, but didn't see it. Thanks.01:19
kinja-sheepjrib: I think they are on different server.01:19
jribkinja-sheep: there's a #firefox on freenode too01:20
jrib!info python-gtk2 | lostinspace_4601:20
ubottulostinspace_46: python-gtk2 (source: pygtk): Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set. In component main, is optional. Version 2.16.0-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 1503 kB, installed size 5456 kB01:20
jenia_okay, i want to report this question: how do i set the middle button on my laptop to scroll01:22
jenia_what i mean by middle button is the button that serves the purpose of the middle button on a regular mouse01:22
jenia_and what i mean by scroll is that i will press it, the virtual mouse will grab the screen and i will be able to pull the screen up or down01:23
lostinspace_46jrib, python-gtk2 is the same as pygtk?01:23
jenia_i want  to repost* my question01:23
* yru12bnvs slaps yru12bnvs around a bit with a large E71-201:23
titan_arkhey, can i not make the menu searchable?01:24
jriblostinspace_46: yes01:24
teagetotam_ark: what do you mean ??01:25
Excalibur43Ïðèâåò âñåì01:27
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke01:27
Excalibur43Eto mne?01:28
Excalibur43Ot menya krakozyabry?01:28
teagelooks like hebrew er somthin01:28
kaddihis ip is from moscow, that made me think russian01:29
jenia_excalibur privet01:29
jenia_kak mne pisat na ubuntu-ru01:29
jenia_mne pishut cannot send in channel01:30
bazhang!ru | jenia_ Excalibur4301:30
ubottujenia_ Excalibur43: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke01:30
teageshale break out the handy dandy translator ............*notebook*01:31
Excalibur43thanx parni01:31
titan_arkanyone with an idea on installing beagle? the search thing in the menu?01:31
b2bwildIs there any way to play QuickTime 7 files on Linux?01:31
kadditeage: let me know if you get anything useful from it. :P googletranslate failed miserably :p01:31
marcuyany virtuemart users out there?01:31
jamesbrinkhey guys im trying to do a simple if in bash, can somone tell me what i need to do to make this work01:31
jamesbrinkif `groups` |  grep -q "adm"  ; then echo "Welcome Admin"; fi01:31
dht123Hi, is there ANY way to get TurboTax working under Ubuntu?01:32
dht123I really need to get this working. :(01:32
BrainDancehey does anyone know if theres a lubuntu channel? The beta pretty much saved an old laptop of mine (runs perfectly, really impressive) but I'm having one minor issue I know how to fix in ubuntu, but not lubuntu01:32
teagekaddi: yes it is. I think it only translates words and not sentences01:32
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke01:32
BrainDanceor better yet, would anyone here be able to help me with my insanely basic lubuntu question?01:33
teagekaddi: the a complete sentence would sound retarded01:33
BrainDancewoah, confusing channel :)01:33
darthanubisdht123: virtualbox01:33
Trek!ot | BrainDance01:34
ubottuBrainDance: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:34
BrainDanceis it even alright to ask for help in this channel?01:34
gyles19The only way to use turbotax on linux that I know of is to use the online forms they started offering a few years ago. They won't make a linux-native Quicken or Turbotax, I've been nagging them for years with no results.01:34
Trek!ask | BrainDance01:34
ubottuBrainDance: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:34
darthanubis!ask | brand0n01:34
ubottubrand0n: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:34
administrator_My name is Liben01:34
darthanubis!ask | BrainDance01:34
BrainDanceoh ok, fair enough01:34
kaddiBrainDance: just ask, if someone knows the answer he'll probably reply even though it's a lubuntu question01:34
Trek@darthanubis: I already got him.  :)01:34
meowbuntuHi with unetbootin does that install a live or full os to a hdd. i know to a usb its a live ome..01:34
dht123Is there ANY native Linux USA Income Tax Software that is NOT open source, and commercially supported?01:34
bazhangmeowbuntu, full01:35
administrator_Who are you01:35
Trekdht123: no.  thats why Linux is Open Source01:35
darthanubisdht123: lol be serious. If it is NATIVE LINUX it would be OPENSOURCE01:35
meowbuntuare you sure wow. could it also install an full os to a usb hdd01:35
Trekdht123: you might be able to run TurboTax (commercially supported) using Wine01:35
meowbuntubazhang, are you sure wow. could it also install an full os to a usb hdd01:35
ke1ha_dht123, have you tried it with "wine" .. I know Quicken works under wine.01:35
darthanubisas if OPENSOURCE would mean your tax data would be insecure01:35
dht123I don't trust open source software to do my taxes properly -- I don't want to be audited...01:35
Kismethey my automount dose not work01:35
darthanubisdht123: logoff then01:36
d1gitalis it a good idea to mount /var/run when using a chroot?01:36
=== alan_ is now known as ahgilbert
darthanubisand trust your data to closed sources01:36
dht123TurboTax does NOT work under Wine. Error Message: Access Denied01:36
Kismeti pluged in a harddrive in my laptop in the cd rom slot and it dose not show01:36
darthanubisdht123: VIRTUALBOX01:36
BrainDanceThe issue is, my laptop has a crappy touchpad for a mouse, and when I'm typing the thing sometimes gets hit and I find out later I've messed up what I was typing. I know how to disable it while typing in ubuntu (edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf i beleive? Among other ways) but that doesnt seem to work in Lubuntu. Any other way to do it? Or even just disable to touchpad altogether since its useless and I just use an external mouse anyway01:36
meowbuntudht123, ay opensorce applications are just the same as anyother applications. only differance is that you have the ability to freely modify them from the sorce code if you know how.01:37
ke1ha_Only other option, VM .. and install WinDoze.01:37
darthanubisBrainDance: the mouse option in the system menu01:37
dht123VirtualBox is a pain to set up -- I'm not a very technical user... I'm used to windows.01:37
darthanubisat least in gnome01:37
darthanubisdht123: then windows 7 it is then01:37
darthanubiscase closed01:37
meowbuntuke1ha_, sorry y do you need windozzy01:37
teagewhy does gnome give me little freeze glitches?01:38
kaddiBrainDance: i have syndaemon -i 0.5 -d -t -K running as a background task. works like a charm01:38
ke1ha_Nope, Dont use WinDoze for much of anything.01:38
gyles19If you have a windows license to run under VirtualBox for accessing Turbotax,etc, then why do you need linux?01:38
dht123meowbuntu: not really. When it comes to tax software if I get audited, I can blame TurboTax. If it's open source software, I have no waranty. I'm on my own.01:38
BrainDanceI got to the "keyboard and mouse" utility, but couldn't find anything about turning off the touchpad, it gave me very limited options in lubuntu, just "accelleration" "sensitivity" and "left handed" for mouse01:38
teagekde runs good but gnome always has tiny glitch freezes01:38
kaddiBrainDance: 0.5 is the number of seconds to wait before reenabling touchpad after last key pressed01:38
bazhang!cn | administrator_01:38
ubottuadministrator_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:38
dht123darthanubis: your answers are not helping to solve my problem...01:38
dht123I just want to find SOME kind of commercially supported tax software. How hard can it be?!?01:38
BrainDancekaddi, I'm not that well versed in linux, skills limited to a community college class back in the day in redhat, so would that just be a terminal command or how would I go about doing that?01:39
darthanubisdht123: you don't have a problem except maybe in comprehension. Use Windows7 and you won;t have this tax situation01:39
ke1ha_Install VMware Player, then Windows x-version and install Turbo, problem solved.01:39
dht123darthanubis: why are you even in an ubuntu channel?01:39
darthanubisyou can't use any of the solutons I gave you because you confess your not too bright to do so01:39
darthanubisyou complain about linux not being trustworhty software01:39
meowbuntudht123, who can audit you. its on your computer. adn if you have firewalls its pritty muchscure.01:39
gyles19dht123, none of the commercial tax software makers believe the linux crowd is an audience worth the development time.  They only want windows users.  We have to use windows if we want their software, end of their story.01:39
BrainDanceSorry to take up your time being relatively illiterate. Stayed out of a CS major because of my lack in math skills :P01:39
dht123meowbuntu: The IRS...01:39
darthanubisyou want to use a cloed source windows only tax app01:40
meowbuntuke1ha_, sorry y do you need windozzy01:40
kaddiBrainDance: yes, that would be a terminal command. syndaemon --help will give you all the options you have. unless you set it up as a service (I believe) you will have to run the command on every boot01:40
Excalibur43Ïðèâåò âñåì01:40
darthanubisdid I miss anything?01:40
Excalibur43ó ìåíÿ íå êðàêîçÿáðû?01:40
bazhangExcalibur43, /join #ubuntu-ru01:40
darthanubisdht123: why are you here?01:40
teageHAHAHA, How is win7 gonna solve tax problems??01:40
dht123darthanubis: I want to use A TAX application on linux...01:40
BrainDanceWhere would I go to find out how to set it up as a service? I mean if its an involved process I wouldnt want to take up too much of your time01:40
administrator_thank you ubottu01:40
darthanubisYou don't trust the software, troll somewhere else then01:40
teageI am interested now01:40
BrainDancebut thank you a lot, for helping out kaddi01:40
meowbuntudht123, . they cant hack into your computer without your permission. remember linux is atm virus free. i dont understand ???01:40
darthanubisdht123: Then is none as google could have well told you01:41
darthanubisyou can use TT in VBOX01:41
Random832!ru | Excalibur4301:41
ubottuExcalibur43: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke01:41
dht123darthanubis: I trust Linux, I don't trust random opensource tax software made by 17 year old kids who think they can develop01:41
darthanubiswhat more do tou want?01:41
Random832can the people in #ubuntu-ru handle cp1251?01:41
darthanubisTen use what you trust01:41
darthanubisuse what you trust01:41
darthanubisin the environment you wish01:41
gyles19Dht123, you're wanting a linux-based tax application that comes with an IRS Audit warranty.  There are none.  You and I are both stuckk with Windows.  I borrow my Dad's machine once a year for the purpose.  Or I could do it with their Online Turbotax service if I couldn't borrow.01:41
ke1ha_Win7 is not going to solve Tax problems, only the user can do that. If the worry is gattign audited, hire an accountant, that's what they do for a living.01:41
darthanubisI gave you an app where you can do that01:41
dht123meowbuntu: you have to send tax return forms to the IRS by law in the USA. Do you even know what I am talking about?01:41
kaddidht123: noone would buy a closed-tource application for linux and no commerce will give warranties when there's no money to be made. so no such a thing doesn't exist01:41
crunchbanghey guys.... i'm a little unsure of where to go for crunchbang questions..  i'm terrible at navigating IRC01:42
bazhangdht123, you have been given some solutions. Please consider them and stop repeating.01:42
kinja-sheep!crunchbang | crunchbang01:42
ubottucrunchbang: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)01:42
darthanubiscrunchbang: #crunchbang01:42
dht123kaddi: I would buy a closed source app for Linux, why do you assume nobody would?01:42
darthanubiswhere else?01:42
igiewhenever i try to connect to open ssh with filezilla, using sftp, i get "error: could not connect to server" anyone know how to solve this?01:42
crunchbangdarthanubis, thank you, that was far easier than i expected01:42
gyles19Kaddi, I would, and have, purchased closed-source apps to run on LInux.  Games, mostly, that I couldn't get otherwise.01:42
teagekaddi: yes I would buy depending on what the app is01:42
darthanubiscrunchbang: yw, look before you leap ;)01:43
braden_how can i connect to  vpn network in jolicloud01:43
BrainDanceSo, in this channel, everyones just free to give out help? Thats actually surprising. Most times I've had problems with some kind of software or whatever, and go to an irc channel related to it, I get berrated01:43
BrainDanceI think this is going to be a useful channel :)01:43
dht123so let me get this straight -- there are NO tax applications AT ALL for Linux?01:43
darthanubisigie: soon as you tell us everything01:43
crunchbangjoin #crunchbang01:43
brand0n!ask | Trek01:43
ubottuTrek: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:43
woodyjlwin ubuntu when you remove a program like wine and then install it again latter it remembers all the old settings and installed programs. how do you remove all of the stuff so on fresh install of wine it dose not have any of old settings01:43
crunchbangi think i did that wrong...01:43
Trekbrand0n: huh?01:44
darthanubiscourse you did01:44
gyles19dht123, I've never seen a TAX application.  There are ACCOUNTING apps with tax packages attached, but those aren't what you're looking for.01:44
darthanubiscrunchbang: put a / before join01:44
crunchbangforgot my slash.. there we go01:44
brand0nsorry trek01:44
brand0nmeant to say01:44
dht123gyles19: is there even one that will work under WINE?01:44
chelzdht123: there totally are01:44
brand0n!ask | darthanubis01:44
ubottudarthanubis: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:44
igiedarthanubis: sorry, once i try to ChrootDirectory a group in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file, then I get that error, if I do not use ChrootDirectory, no problems01:44
ke1ha_not is you use the right flags it doesnt' leave anything, like -autoremove --purge it's all gone then.01:44
teageI tried turbo tax under wine till it wanted .net framework01:44
chelzdht123: http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/13071601:44
dht123I dont care if it's under wine as long as it works and I don't have to buy a copy of Win7...01:44
kaddiwoodyjlw: specficially for wine you can just go to ~\ and delete the folder .wine. In general you can do a apt-get purge <packagename> to remove the package and the settings01:45
chelzdht123: http://www.google.com/search?q=doing+taxes+ubuntu+OR+linux01:45
gyles19dht123: None of last years packages would, I haven't looked at this years'.01:45
braden_how can i connect to  vpn network in jolicloud01:45
chelzkaddi: moving is usually better than removing if it doesn't take up a lot of space, just in case it's needed later01:45
woodyjlwkaddi,  thanks01:45
BrainDanceIs there an expected timeframe for a release of a non-beta Lubuntu? Because seriously I'm impressed01:45
kadditeage if it's a .net application wouldn't it run under mono? Or is only part of it using .net?01:46
BrainDancethe laptop I'm on is terrible, Ubuntu barely ran, Windows XP barely ran, but the Lubuntu beta runs perfectly01:46
chelzbraden_: http://www.jolicloud.com/community01:46
gyles19dht123, Intuit has an ONLINE TAX form service based on TurboTax.  If I were so inclined/had no windows access at all, that's what I'd use.01:46
dht123Now is there a program that works under wine that lets you import a 2008 TurboTax file created under Windows Vista?01:46
chelzBrainDance: good to hear :)01:46
TrekBrainDance: you ever tried xubuntu?01:46
darthanubiskaddi: it all runs in VBOX01:46
BrainDanceI have not01:46
kaddichelz: (s)he specifically asked for remove, so I gave him/jer what (s)he asked for :p01:46
meowbuntudht123, yes you are saying that an opensorse applications are not secure i dont get y01:46
kinja-sheepBrainDance: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule01:46
TrekBrainDance: or some other lower-resource-sucking distro01:46
BrainDanceThe only distros I've tried are Ubuntu, Lubuntu, and I plan on trying Mythbuntu01:46
Excalibur43À òåïåðü?01:46
chelzdht123: that is probably something you'd have to research on your own. i'm guessing turbotax wouldn't work to get it easily imported into anything else, but there might be01:46
teagekaddi: not sure , the app completely blitzed when was time to install .net01:46
kaddidarthanubis: which would mean having a valid windows version to install on it01:46
chelzkaddi: ah i didn't see that, just trying to be helpful01:47
darthanubiskaddi: you assume too much01:47
dht123meowbuntu: I am NOT talking about security. I am talking about the reliability of Tax calculations that need to be very precise regardless of confusing tax laws and regulations.01:47
xander98989dht123: I just realized turbotax online uses flash. How cruel.01:47
harjotwatis the difference between an empty session and restore previous session? (startup)01:47
ke1ha_Im on D400 Laptop right, with two runnign in VM, UB-910 and XB-910 .. only 512MB ram and it's runnign like a champ.01:47
kadditeage: i've tried to install .net with no luck in wine, that doesn't seem to work01:47
LiBenassume'   what is meaning?01:47
kaddidarthanubis: how do you run windows applications in vbox without a full windows install?01:47
darthanubisharjot: the difference between the words empty and resume01:47
BrainDanceI had always thought before that a low-resource distro would be super bare-bones, and barely able to do anything useful, but really, lubuntu (while a little buggy, but its a beta) doesn't really sacrifice anything. Yeah it comes with less packages by default but everything runs and it runs with just as many features, just without killingn this old laptop01:47
dht123How do you people who have been using Linux for a while now file your taxes?01:48
igiedarthanubis: what other info can I provide you that would be of help in assisting me solve this problem?01:48
chelzdht123: in terms of software to automate the tax process, proprietary software does have the upper-hand atm. used licenses of windows aren't that expensive also. you might keep a small partition around to boot to for proprietary purposes01:48
kinja-sheepdht123: No. TurboTax file is a proprietary file IMO. Alternately, use form 4506-T and request a computer copy of your tax return. :)01:48
darthanubiskaddi: again, you assume I imply without01:48
harjotdarthanubis: i was trying to get at what is restored and wat isnt01:48
microlithdht123: turbotax online, manually, pay someone else to do it01:48
BrainDanceI convinced my fiancee' to put Ubuntu on her laptop, and she says it grew on her, and now that shes comfortable she prefers it over windows01:48
jiohdidht123: taxact.com01:48
ke1ha_Most people use Services for Tax's not Linux.01:48
teagekaddi: nope, I use vmware for things like that. love my linux but hate when i have to go back to windows for things like that.01:48
chelzBrainDance: i'd be curious how crunchbang is compared to lubuntu for what you do01:48
darthanubisharjot: I think a dictionay would suit you better than this channel01:48
jribdht123: there are plenty of free ways to e-file01:48
harjotdarthanubis: maybe so01:48
chelzBrainDance: ubuntu netbook edition just needs a bit more polishing and i'm going to try to get it onto all the laptops i can01:49
harjotdarthanubis: but seriously what type of things are saved01:49
kaddidarthanubis: since dht123 asked how to run the software without buying a version of windows I'm intrigued to see what you assumed01:49
woodyjlwkaddi,  that worked. I had to add sudo in front of it but it worked01:49
dht123jrib: I'm not concerned about e-filing as much as not making mistakes... filing taxes manually is very confusing.01:49
teagekaddi: I wonder if OSX has a handle on them sort of things01:49
BrainDanceIn all honesty, I hated linux for a while, back in 2004 I was a senure in highschool, dual enrolled and took a class in redhat, after that I hated it. I thought everything was just harder to do than in windows and took more time, so what was the point? But early last year I gave it another try, things have changed a lot01:49
darthanubiskaddi: I stopped paying him attentio a while ago so I missed that part01:49
BrainDanceWhats crushbang? Another distro?01:49
BrainDanceI thought about trying netbook edition, even though this isnt a netbook01:50
harjotdarthanubis: any idea?01:50
darthanubisharjot: the things you have running? or intentionally save. I mean, really, what else?01:50
microlithdht123: so you either try and make an existing package work in Wine, or use an online filing tool. or do it yourself with a calculator01:50
kaddidarthanubis: well next time i suggest you stop replying once you stopped paying attention to what the person asking is actually saying01:50
jiohdiBrainDance: a window manager bare minimum01:50
BrainDanceI have yet to have to compile anything on any install right now :) Unlike in 200401:50
darthanubiskaddi:  I did, I was replying to your nonsense01:50
chelzdht123: you might be able to import to quicken then from quicken import to one of these: http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/49400?theme=print01:50
harjotdarthanubis: what so if i have firfox open, then its gonna stay open?01:50
jribdht123: that's what I use, my taxes are simple...01:50
BrainDanceI'll have to look into it, even on decent computers I hate things that just useless resources, I hate itunes :P01:50
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darthanubisharjot: hence, resume01:50
chelzBrainDance: wait in another 4 years to see how much you have to compile ;)01:50
BrainDanceI think its because, back in the day the only computer I had was a 286 for a while, while P2s were out01:50
ke1ha_ hated RedHat for a long time too, until Fedora came along, but I've used Slackware, Slack, Debian, UB, I like UB the most for everyday use, then custom builds for HPC apps.01:50
harjotdarthanubis: ok i was just confused01:51
BrainDanceSo I had to be lean01:51
darthanubisharjot: I understand01:51
chelz!ot | harjot01:51
jiohdiBrainDance: if you have very very old low power machines crunchbang is good, but not for much else unless you just dont like gui01:51
ubottuharjot: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:51
BrainDanceIts even easier to install software in Ubuntu than Windows, just get a big list of free software, click and choose01:51
harjotdarthanubis: thanks for being an alternative to a dictionary01:51
dht123Can moneydance do US Income Taxes?01:51
BrainDanceI pretty much forgot most of what I knew about using the terminal, which is a shame, because in Ubuntu I dont have t use it01:51
jiohdidht123: there are at least a half a dozen online services that are free01:52
BrainDancebut I do want to re-learn01:52
kaddidarthanubis: like what? pointing out that you were assuming the person was having a windows install handy when he actually had stated he hadn't? :p01:52
ke1ha_dht123: Google + Linux + Taxes Applications01:52
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BrainDanceBut I cant think of what to do or what I'd even have to do?01:52
ekim1BrainDance, I have heard good things about Puppy Linux but never used it.  It is made to run with minimim specs.01:52
ke1ha_we're not tax experts here.01:52
jiohdiBrainDance: I generally use the terminal as a short cut to get programs I like01:52
LiBenHow can I log chian's channal?01:52
dht123TurboTax online doesnt seem to support Linux. I checked. It tells me to "upgrade" my operating system01:52
dht123... to Windows 701:53
chelzdht123: you have to spoof your useragent01:53
ke1ha_Call them, you know, pick up the phone.01:53
dht123chelz: I don't even know what that means.01:53
BrainDancejiohda, sadly every time I've used it I've just been pasting someone elses commands01:53
modulationzdht123: https://turbotaxweb.turbotaxonline.intuit.com/open/registration/Start.htm01:53
BrainDancebut is it really faster and more efficient to work with a command line?01:53
darthanubiskaddi: I figured a lover of all things closed source as he moaned about would have multiple copies of windows on hand. but seriously, they have windows vdis online. But he said he was too dumb and lazy for that even. So he is up a vreek regardless. Mind you, these are his self references not mine.01:53
chelzBrainDance: for some things that can be automated01:53
jiohdibraindance if you learn apt-cache search and then apt-get install whatever you can get programs loads quicker than synaptic01:54
BrainDancethats the thing, on this laptop its just firefox, xchat, abiword, pidgin01:54
BrainDancestuff like that01:54
teagedht123: konquror has a net feature to be recognized as many browsers, I wonder if it can fool the online turbotax.01:54
Jordan_UBrainDance, It really depends on what you want to do.01:54
ekim1seeing all this chat about taxes, what is a good linux accounting package?  Any recommendations?01:54
BrainDanceI'd like to tinker around with it more, but unlike in hgihschool I just dont have the time anymore01:54
jiohdiBrainDance: if you install lots of machines you will find the benefits, but if not... dont worry about01:55
chelzBrainDance: you might be lucky enough (from some perspective) to not need to leave GUIs01:55
darthanubisekim1: search the repos01:55
darthanubisfor "taxes"01:55
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darthanubislearn to use your software01:55
chelzekim1: http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/130716 and http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/49400?theme=print01:55
dht123I only used Linux because I hate Windows and tech-savvy people I know say it's better -- is it really that unsupported?01:55
BrainDanceis there a fully featured browser that runs on linux thats more memory efficient than firefox? I love firefox, but to be honest (especially with my tabbed browsing) it really is a memory hog. And I have issues with it not closing right01:55
BrainDanceIs googles browser any good?01:55
dht123Maybe I should just get a Mac...01:55
chelzcrossover office apparently works with quicken01:55
darthanubis!poll | BrainDance01:56
ubottuBrainDance: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:56
titan_arkhow can i add the universe repository?01:56
Odd-rationaleBrainDance: I'm on chrome right now.01:56
BrainDanceI stil use windows on my media center pc, might switch to mythbuntu though, I just use linux because generally it does what I want to do a lot better and quicker than a PC, with less the hassle01:56
chelzBrainDance: some use google chrome. i personally use chromium, arora, and epiphany in addition to firefox01:56
darthanubis!ot | BrainDance01:56
ubottuBrainDance: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:56
trineoxBrainDance: google chrome is decent i use it as well along with firefox01:56
Odd-rationaleBrainDance: you should also consider xmbc (ubuntu based)01:56
kaddiBrainDance: learn to use the command line and you can disable your touchpad all together. ;) TZhat's the main reason I use the command line as much as I do... using the touchpad for anything is just a pain :D01:56
BrainDanceWell, I guess I do have a support question, how do I go about installing chrome? I didn't see it in synaptic01:57
chelzkaddi: sounds like you need a usb mouse ;)01:57
jiohdiBrainDance: you can try opera its pretty good for ubuntu01:57
kaddiBrainDance: there's also opera as a browser01:57
Odd-rationaleBrainDance: go here: http://www.google.com/chrome01:57
chelzBrainDance: http://www.google.com/search?q=chrome+for+linux01:57
trineoxBrainDance: it has bin file for linux download google it with linux01:57
kaddihehe jiohdi beat me01:57
darthanubisjesus, there is a option to turn off the pad when typing01:57
ke1ha_You want commercial Support for Ubuntu, Call Conaical, you cna get all  the commercial support your wallet can handle.01:57
chelzwow everyone is talking to BrainDance01:57
darthanubisdo you people even use ubuntu?01:57
Odd-rationalethere is a deb file01:57
dht123... TurboTax says I need to install Adobe Reader, but I can already open PDFs. How can I make it stop asking?01:58
BrainDancealright, sounds good. Thanks for everyones help! This has seriously been the friendliest support channel I've ever been in!01:58
trineoxdarthanubis: yes i use ubuntu 99% of the time01:58
Trekdht123: install adobe reader01:58
titan_arkcould some one please help me with adding the universe repo and i also wanted to increase to 4 workspaces/01:58
kaddichelz I'm in to deep by now. Main reason I don't use windows it cause I can't get a working command line01:58
dht123Is that for Linux?01:58
chelzdht123: such is life with a proprietary program, gotta do what it wants01:58
darthanubistrineox: because not being aware of simple options in the menu is astonishing01:58
chelzdht123: no, you would install it with wine01:58
Trekdht123: they are multi-platform01:58
sebsebsebdht123: a lot of Tax stuff, if you want to run Windows apps try Wine, or with enough RAM a Windows virtual machine of real Windows01:58
Trekdht123: but install it under WINE01:58
chelzkaddi: happened to me too. i can't leave linux these days.01:58
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: right-click the switcher applet --> preferences01:58
ekim1darthanubis, I use it daily but I am new so I am trying to learn to do more with it.01:59
ke1ha_sudo apt-get install acroread01:59
jiohdidht123: I have absolutely no problem with taxact.com01:59
chelzdht123: looking into something like crossover would probably be a good idea if you really care about what you're doing, you seemed to consider taxes mission-critical01:59
darthanubisekim1: go through the menu and leanr what apps you have and what they do01:59
dht123Why does every company seem to HATE Linux?01:59
darthanubisget familiar with synaptic01:59
devrethmandarthanubis: I've used ubuntu forever, and I don't know where most stuff in the menu is. If I wanted to do everything with my mouse, I'd use windows.01:59
ubottusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:59
trineoxdarthanubis: i only use windows for my mmorpg's..thats it.01:59
titan_arkOdd-rationale, i did that and made it 2 rows and 2 columns, but it still gives me 2 only01:59
ke1ha_if you wnat the FF plugins as well:01:59
Trekdht123: there's many differemt linux distros thats why :P01:59
ke1ha_sudo apt-get install acroread mozilla-acroread acroread-plugins01:59
chelzdht123: it's just not that widely used. it took Mac OS X quite a while to finally get first class support for stuff like Photoshop02:00
dht123jiohdi: does taxact allow you to import 2008 TurboTax files?02:00
sebsebsebdht123: not every company, anyway I know what you mean, and  the simple answer to your question, since Windows has most of the desktop market share02:00
darthanubisdevrethman: utter nonsense02:00
ekim1darthanubis, I do that and also sit back on this channel and see what people are using and talking about.02:00
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: you don't have a 4x4 grid?02:00
LiBensudo apt-get install acroread02:00
pitlimitcan anyone tell me what buttons are EOF on ubuntu?02:00
pitlimitis it ctrl-d?02:00
devrethmanDarthanubis: You want to get into an argument with me over my own usage preferences?02:00
devrethmanThat's cure.02:00
dht123Can someone check if TaxAct can import TurboTax 2008 files02:00
tyler_dpitlimit: what do you mean?02:00
sebsebsebdht123: Even if you were using Mac OS X you would get issues with certain things that can be done in Windows02:00
chelzpitlimit: yep, in a terminal on pretty much all unices that's the key combination02:00
titan_arkOdd-rationale, no a 2x2, should it be a 4x4?02:00
darthanubisekim1: this channel is mostly noise. You'd learn more poking through your system, after backing it up of course02:00
tyler_dpitlimit: in terminal its ctrl-d to exit, ctrl-c to quit normal02:01
tyler_dpitlimit: or break, and force is ctrl-x02:01
dht123I don't hate Linux, it's just that nothing seems to work in it.02:01
meowbuntui need help i cant use the command y http://pastebin.com/d4a48e8fa02:01
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ke1ha_then dont use it.02:01
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: yes. try 4 col, 1 row. see if that helps.02:01
mrpink57dht123: a lot of new people say that...02:01
sebsebsebdht123: depends on what people are doing, and a lot works, or can get working, e.g. Wine or Windows virtual machine02:01
ZykoticK9dht123, I doubt (but don't know for sure) that installing the Linux version of Acrobat is going to resolve your issue -- you will probably end up having to install the Windows version in Wine for TurboTax to be "aware" of it -- i'm just guessing here, but something to keep in mind if the linux version fails.  good luck.02:01
microlithdht123: plenty works with it, but there are lots of proprietary applications that assume windows02:01
dht123I just recently installed Karmic to try it -- I'm not a Linux guru or anything...02:01
teagedht123: maybe you are doomed for windows02:01
chelz!es | papi02:01
ubottupapi: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:01
ekim1darthanubis, I really do go poking around each day but my main issue is not know what linux program replaces my windoz program, if there is one!!02:02
devrethmanteage: wait, what? How could someone be doomed to windows? That's a terrible fate.02:02
darthanubisekim1: google has a list02:02
tyler_dmeowbuntu: its wget "address"02:02
ke1ha_IIRC charts are not training courses, maybe that would be of more benefit to you.02:02
chelzdht123: turbotax will likely only recognize other windows things, since that's what it was setup to deal with. in this case the windows environment is everything within wine02:02
savidHi, I'm trying to install postgresql, and for whatever reason it's not creating the /etc/postgresql config dir...  What do I do?  I've tried re-install postgresql, I've also tried running dpkg-reconfigure (nothing happens) .02:02
kaddiekim1: osalt.com can be of help as well. IF they know the program02:02
chelzdht123: so you most likely need to install the windows version of acrobat02:02
tyler_dmeowbuntu: the -O- on wget will not save the output02:02
titan_arkOdd-rationale, yes i have got 4 now. i was trying to set up the cube effect ;) cant seem to get the up and down keys to function02:03
ke1ha_savid: you runnign it as sudo or a normal user ?02:03
savidke1ha_,  sudo02:03
chelzsavid: you might find into reading the stuff in /usr/share/doc/postgresql/02:03
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: for the cube, you need to install compizconfig-settings-manager02:04
ekim1darthanubis, kaddi:  I get that but there usually are ten programs that do the same thing so i always look for the recommended one or mostly used one to figure on less issues.02:04
ke1ha_Hmm .. interesting. sudo / root puts it in /etc .. have you ched the big rports ?02:04
titan_arkOdd-rationale, yes i did that and selected the cube and reflection etc02:04
ke1ha_oops checked ...02:04
savidchelz,  no this is an ubuntu problem, not a postgresql problem02:04
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darthanubis!poll | ekim102:04
ubottuekim1: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:04
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: ok. does it work now?02:04
ekim1there are some programs that are NOT done in linux that I can find so far. One is called TeamViewer.02:04
meowbuntutyler_d, i am trying to install http://www.playonlinux.com/en/download.html02:05
ke1ha_Yeah, it's a port thing. I'd go to the bugs section, that doesn't seem right. I used to use postg .. ubt moved to mysql. so I've not tried it lately.02:05
titan_arkOdd-rationale, no, it just keeps moving horizontally not like a cube02:05
chelzekim1: the chat program empathy has screen sharing capabilities02:05
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: did you enable the cube?02:05
ekim1yeah, i got all that but it is nice to get recommendations or to at least hear that people are using this program or not.02:05
titan_arkOdd-rationale, yes02:05
meowbuntutyler_d, whats rong with tj=hrer command02:06
titan_arkOdd-rationale, i even enables extras and get the wobble02:06
tyler_dmeowbuntu: huh?02:06
meowbuntui need help i cant use the command y http://pastebin.com/d4a48e8fa02:06
chelzmeowbuntu:  sudo wget http://deb.playonlinux.com/playonlinux_karmic.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list02:06
meowbuntutyler_d, i am trying to install http://www.playonlinux.com/en/download.html02:06
meowbuntutyler_d, whats rong with tj=hrer command02:06
chelzmeowbuntu: all on one line, you need stuff after the    -O02:07
tyler_dlol, just read that02:07
tyler_dinstruction set fail02:07
meowbuntuoh i see there link is wrong ther02:07
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: did you enable rotate cube as well?02:07
meowbuntu^ thanks chelz02:07
chelzmeowbuntu: just something you get from experience02:07
titan_arkOdd-rationale, yes02:08
chelzideally all of that sources.list.d creation can be handled in a similar way to the ppa: stuff is02:08
savidinteresting,   an strace on dpkg-reconfigure shows this:  http://dpaste.com/156005/02:08
meowbuntuchyes i missed it myself02:08
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: still no?02:09
meowbuntu^ chelz02:09
srlopez!help ubuntu02:09
julito^!help ubuntu02:09
sincero!help ubuntu02:09
miguel_ayu!help ubuntu02:09
enzo_29!help ubuntu02:09
g6035!help ubuntu02:09
h7673!help ubuntu02:09
jeff__i need help  please ... i cant get my sound to work with ubuntu02:09
tyler_djeff__: are you using alsa or oss?02:09
sincero!help ubuntu02:09
camila!help ubuntu02:09
g6035!help ubuntu02:09
srlopez!help ubuntu02:09
julito^!help ubuntu02:09
enzo_29!help ubuntu02:09
h7673!help ubuntu02:09
fabian28!help ubuntu02:09
verona|!help ubuntu02:09
joelito!help ubuntu02:09
miguel_ayu!help ubuntu02:09
alex^!help ubuntu02:09
z4021!help ubuntu02:09
ke1ha_jeff_ which version and kernel ?02:09
jeff__thats the odd thing i cant find any sound options anywhere02:09
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:09
jeff__hmm im not really sure ... is there a command i can use to tel lme02:09
savidWhat is the purpose of the files in /var/lib/dpkg/info?   How do I restore files that are missing from there?02:10
ke1ha_uname -a02:10
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titan_arkOdd-rationale, no :( i saw online i need to set cube caps but i dont see that option02:10
chelzsavid: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2007-August/000659.html02:11
ke1ha_well, before we go through the whole thing, I installed 9.10 sound worked, did the dist-upgrade, it broke, had to reinstall alsa completely from scratch, then all was well again.02:11
chelzsavid: http://mm.bbspals.org/linux/lost-var-lib-dpkg-on-debian/02:12
jeff__hmm guess i could upgrade to 9.1002:12
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: hmm... I just set effects to normal/exta, and enabled "desktop cube" and "rotate cube" in ccsm.02:12
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ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:12
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ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:12
tyler_dwhy is everyone doing that?02:12
ke1ha_jeff_ 2.6.31-32 alsa seems to be working properly.02:12
devrethmanWhat's with all the ubottu harassment?02:12
Trekits bots, devrethman02:13
IdleOnetyler_d: it's a botnet attack. the ops will get it under control in a minute02:13
ke1ha_opps sri. 2.6.31-19...02:13
rwwdevrethman, tyler_d: someone spamming the channel with bots. Best to ignoreit.02:13
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ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:13
devrethmanWait. There's bots harassing bots? What kind of world is this?02:13
CShadowRundevrethman: just some kiddie with tiny botnet who thinks he's clever.02:13
rwwubotu: don't worry, we don't :(02:13
jeff__cyber world lol02:13
chelzideally their IPs would get reported to freenode staff and zlined02:13
Trekif I were an op, I'd go do that02:13
brando753guys is there a tool on ubuntu which i can use to print raffle/event tickets? Something like glabels which i use when printing labels02:13
titan_arkOdd-rationale, it seems to rotate and i can move to all 4 workspaces but i cant see the cube and stuff as they show in the videos02:14
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ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:14
TrekWTF THEY'RE BACK!!!02:14
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jeff__so what do you think ... should i try to upgrade to 9.10 to fix sound02:14
IdleOneTrek: stop calling the ops. they are here waiting for them02:14
chelzbrando753: http://blog.worldlabel.com/2009/printing-labels-in-ubuntu.html02:14
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: try ctrl+alt+right-mouse and hold and move.02:14
ke1ha_Yes, I'd try 9.10 .. then dist-upgrade .. a new install went without a problem, no sound issues at all.02:14
chelzbrando753: http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/56209 and http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/11956602:14
chelzbrando753: all from http://www.google.com/search?q=print+labels+linux+OR+ubuntu02:15
jeff__kk thanks Kelha02:15
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: sorry, left-mouse.02:15
ke1ha_9.04 to 9.10 didn't work to well for sound. and initially, 9.10 broke it, but the latest 9.10-ISO-32 workes poretty good.02:15
titan_arkOdd-rationale, oh yes it works in a kind of circular way now =D but i dont see the small cube kinda thing :P02:15
sje46everytime I watch a youtube video, the sound stops after a few seconds02:16
Treki think i'll go hide in off-topic and the Pennsylvania LoCo Team's channels...02:16
chelzsje46: are you using the firefox and flash plugin from the repos? and does that happen with any other sites using flash besides youtube?02:17
bkssthi everyone02:17
chelz!hi | bksst02:17
ubottubksst: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:17
kaddihi :)02:17
bksstmy first time here02:17
sje46chelz: firefox and chrome.  DOn't know what flash plugin you're talking abot.  And grooveshark doesn't work well either02:17
titan_arkOdd-rationale, i was also seeing how to install the mac-style dock at the bottom, any ideas? i see that the universal repo needs to be activated. how do i do that?02:18
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: you can adjjust the zoom in the ccsm settings02:18
chelzsje46: in a terminal do:  dpkg -l | flash02:18
sje46although, chelz, with chrome, when I refresh, the music begins again, but that doesn't work with firefox.  I assume that has somethign to do with separate processes02:18
titan_arkOdd-rationale, okay shall check now02:18
`mOOse` sje46 right click on the youtube video box and then left click on the little envelope icon - make your cache unlimited02:18
bksstthanks for the info02:18
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: there are many dock applications you can use. My personal favorite is gnome-do with the docky theme.02:18
chelz`mOOse`: my player is set to no cache and YT works fine02:18
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: gnome-do should be in the repos02:19
`mOOse`has to do with flash sucking02:19
titan_arkOdd-rationale, could you help me set it up? i am not very well versed with linux02:19
sje46chelz,  No command 'flash' found, did you mean:02:19
sje46 Command 'flasm' from package 'flasm' (universe)02:19
chelzsje46: sorry in a terminal do:  dpkg -l | grep flash02:19
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: sure. first install gnome-do02:19
sje46ii  adobe-flashplugin                                        Adobe Flash Player plugin version 1002:20
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brando753guys is there a tool on ubuntu which i can use to print raffle/event tickets? simmilar to glabels not glabels02:20
titan_arkOdd-rationale, done02:20
`mOOse`but in the meantime02:20
`mOOse`make your cache as big as possible to give youtube a chance to read ahead02:20
brando753glabels dosent print tickets02:20
chelzbrando753: i linked you to a bunch of sites02:20
Odd-rationaletitan_ark: would you like to pm me? (or let me pm you?)02:20
tyler_danyone know how to hide the join/part in empathy?02:20
sje46'm00se' but it isn't working for firefox or chrome02:20
titan_arkOdd-rationale, yes please could you PM?02:21
sje46so it probably isn't the cache02:21
brando753chelz: those where for printing labels? im trying to print Raffle/Event Tickets02:21
chelzbrando753: probably openoffice using a template: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/openofficeorg-template-collections02:22
alabamahitI have a question. If I install Ubuntu with WUBI, would it be slower thatn if I installed it myself froma  livecd? Or would it be the same?02:22
bazhangalabamahit, wubi is slower, more of a demo02:22
sje46@ chelz "ii  adobe-flashplugin                                        Adobe Flash Player plugin version 10"02:23
Jordan_Ualabamahit, The install itself or the resulting system?02:23
chelzbrando753: http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.phtml?t=6413502:23
perlsyntaxHow do i see what the cpu speed are in ubuntu?02:23
chelzsje46: ah i saw that. thanks.02:23
alabamahitJordan_U, The resulting system.02:23
tyler_dperlsyntax: in terminal type top02:23
ke1ha_cat /proc/cpuinfo02:23
bksstdoes anyone have issues with youtube video not having sound when you play a couple of them02:24
chelzsje46: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=255422 - follow the instructions in the top post02:24
chelzbksst: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=255422 - follow the instructions in the top post02:24
tyler_dcat /proc/cpuinfo perlsyntax02:24
sje46bksst, does it crap out in the first few seconds?02:24
Jordan_Ualabamahit, IO will be somewhat slower because it has to write to an ext image file on an ntfs file system. Everything else should the same speed.02:24
semitonesbazhang, are there guides in place to installing a real ubuntu installation after trying it in wubi? Or does the user have to figure it out him/herself?02:24
bksstthanks for the link chelz02:24
ke1ha_if you just want the speed only, cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHZ02:25
IdleOnesemitones: the wubi website has instructions02:25
bazhangsemitones, migrating a wubi install to a hdd? is that what you mean02:25
sje46but, chelz, the same thing happens with chrome...02:25
ke1ha_sri, that' MHz with small case "z"02:25
bksstyeah, the fix is only for firefox02:25
tyler_dor a -i ke15SAABM2A02:26
chelzsje46: oss might fix it02:26
bksstI was told to either delete or install fsound02:26
alabamahitJordan_U, I installed with wubi, it took less than 10 minutes. from website. Was just curious if the OS itself will be slower.? Now that I have it installed.02:26
markymarkQuestion, where is the device manager?02:26
semitonesbazhang, yes, and does it warn the user that wubi isn't as fast?02:26
bazhangsemitones, not sure if it warns, but apparently the developer of wubi himself said it was more of a demo than a real install02:27
semitonesbazhang, IdleOne I want to know if I should recommend wubi to windows refugees02:27
chelzsemitones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How%20do%20I%20migrate%20to%20a%20real%20partition,%20and/or%20get%20rid%20of%20Windows%20entirely?02:27
bksstwhat's oss02:27
sje46okay, trying it, chelz02:27
Jordan_Ubazhang, Source?02:27
ke1ha_If you running anythign from within Windows, even Cygwin .. it's not in a true Linux state and the overhead of the host OS will affect it's performance02:27
alabamahitmarkymark, do you mean  (  System ->Administor -> System Monitor ) ?02:27
IdleOnesemitones: it is a good way for people to try it out02:28
chelzke1ha_: wubi only uses the windows partition, it doesn't actually load anything from windows02:28
ke1ha_best way to see "real" performance is a Native install.02:28
ke1ha_anythign other will be affected buy the Host.02:28
alabamahitwubi, don't run from "Inside" windows lol02:28
markymarkNo, not system monitor. I want to see the installed devices.02:28
chelzntfs-3g is fuse so it runs in userspace and that isn't good for speed02:29
ke1ha_If Widows is "running" it has an affect, if it's not running, it wont.02:29
alabamahitwindows is not running02:29
Jordan_Ualabamahit, ke1ha_: http://wubi-installer.org/faq.php02:29
ke1ha_then it should be close to true native Linux performance, aside from the File system, unless WUBI partitions it to EXT3 /4 or something other than NTFS02:30
alabamahitSweet :)02:30
alabamahitJordan_U, Thanks :)02:30
markymarkWhere is Device Manager in Ubuntu?02:30
chelzcoLinux/andLinux might be more of 'running inside' windows02:30
Jordan_Ualabamahit, np :)02:30
sje46chelz, etc/firefox/firefoxrc doesn't exist =/02:31
chelzmarkymark: linux does things different than windows02:31
sje46it's an empty file, I mean02:31
chelzsje46: yeah you have to make it02:31
semitonesmarkymark, what are you looking to do?02:31
blackmambaanyone having issues using that elementary GTK theme?02:31
Jordan_Umarkymark, "lshw" from the terminal, there is also a GUI application I can't remember the name of, but it doesn't come installed by default.02:31
sje46but I don't see "FIREFOX_DSP=”none” , chelz02:31
alabamahitJordan_U, what is messed up i looked there before coming here lol, didn't find it lol. just looked now and it says clear as day.. "The performance is identical to a standard installation, except for hard-disk access which is slightly slower than an installation to a dedicated partition."02:32
chelzsje46: are you on intel?02:32
kosharimarkymark gnome-system-monitor02:32
markymarkI have a CD Burner installed but system does not recognize it.02:32
sje46chelz, I have an intel celeron processor02:32
chelzsje46: see if this applies: http://downlode.org/Creative/Writing/Notebook/2009/11/fixing_sound_issues_with_flash_in_ubuntu_and_kubuntu_karmic_on_an_intel_sound_card.html02:32
b0whello! anyone can help with bluetooth? my pc recognize it but i cant make it work02:33
_CommandeR_anyone know how to install quake3 on ubuntu?02:33
ke1ha_Looks like WUBI is a boot time app, so it should be close depending on the file-system selected on the partition.02:34
sje46chelz, I don't know if that applies...it doesn't make random popping noises02:34
sje46chelz, what do I do abotu that empty file?02:34
Jordan_Usje46, Are you using Ubuntu 9.10?02:35
chelzsje46: sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree ; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree02:35
chelzi gotta brb02:35
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents02:35
sje46I am using ubuntu 9.1002:35
Jordan_Usje46, If you open System > Preferences > Sound, and go to the "Applications" tab, do you see chrome / firefox / flashplugin listed?02:36
sje46Jordan_U, no...02:37
bksstjordan_U I have firefox listed but no chrome02:38
markymarkI am using Ubunty 9.04. Where can I see installed devices?02:38
sje46I have rhythmbox, totem, and alsa-plugin(chrome), Jordan_U02:39
sje46so I guess that is chrome02:39
b0whello! anyone can help with bluetooth? my pc recognize it but i cant make it work02:40
Jordan_Usje46, When flash videos start having sound problems does rythmbox continue playing fine?02:40
sje46rhythmbox plays just fine, Jordan_U .  Also, I tried chelz's last suggestion, removing flash and reinstalling it (I think that's what it was), and I thought it was working, but it stopped playing ausio at the end02:41
kosharimarkymark for hardware scan the bus, ie lspci and lsusb, for drivers scam the loaded modules, ie lsmod02:41
kosharib0w what do you want to do with it?02:42
Jordan_Umarkymark, For a GUI you can install Sysinfo from Applications > Add / Remove02:43
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b0wkoshari: i want to connect my phone to my laptop02:47
b0whahaha so quiet, everyone watching SB02:49
Dr_Willisb0w:  Nope. :)02:51
b0whahah its not regular to see this chan quiet02:51
b0wbut we are not suppose to talk about this in here :P02:52
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bkssthow about audio issues while watching videos on youtube?02:53
christopherhi everybody02:53
bksston ff and chrome02:54
b0whello! anyone can help with bluetooth? my pc recognize it but i cant make it work02:54
Dr_Willisbksst:  it works here in flash on chrome. or try the html5 feature of chrome and youtuibe02:54
bkssthow do I install html502:55
lostinspace_46While installing      I get this message...error: Package requirements ( pygobject-2.0 >= 2.12.0     gst-python-0.10 >= 0.10.10 ) were not met:  Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable These pkgs are installed, but I can't find the executables.  How do I deal with this?02:55
lostinspace_46installing farsight02:56
b0whello! anyone can help with bluetooth? my pc recognize it but i cant make it work02:57
ubuntuserhow would i go about switching my laptop to my elevision monitor02:58
Dr_Willisubuntuser:  here iuse either the laptop special keys to swotch monitors. or the display settings tool02:59
brando753is there a way i can take photos from my digital camera hooked up to my laptop via usb02:59
Dr_Willisbrando753:  some cams do work as a webcam.. some dont. so it depends03:00
brando753if it did how would i03:00
Dr_Willisread the cam manual..03:00
Dr_Willisor check its menus.. or try it03:00
_CommandeR_how do i rename a partition in ubuntu ?03:00
Dr_Willisbye all.03:00
igiewhat do I type in terminal to see disk permissions ?03:00
Jordan_Ubrando753, Try a program called "cheeze"03:01
nawkI realize many screensavers  found in previous versions of Ubuntu are no longer available in Karmic Koala03:02
nawke.g. lattice03:02
kosharib0w ok first see if you can see your phone with hcitool scan03:02
nawkhow can I get them ?03:02
Phillips#ubuntu, how do I make that leap from hello world to fully fledged program?03:02
BluesKajnawk, install xscreensaver03:03
hyperstreamPhillips, depends what language you use ?03:03
Jordan_Unawk, Don't install xscreensaver03:03
lostinspace_46While installing  farsight    I get this message...error: Package requirements ( pygobject-2.0 >= 2.12.0     gst-python-0.10 >= 0.10.10 ) were not met:  Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable These pkgs are installed, but I can't find the executables.  How do I deal with this?03:03
Phillipshyperstream: python03:03
Jordan_Unawk, Install xscreensaver-gl-extra and / or xscreensaver-data-extra03:03
nawkJordan_U: okay, which package should I apt-get to get "lattice back"03:04
hyperstreamPhillips, try #python or googling python tutorials(best way for online)03:04
userzyvia GParted on an ubuntu install CD I completely removed all ubuntu partitions and extended my winxp partition to cover the whole disk, yet when I try to boot I get the GRUB rescue console.  What is wrong?03:04
PhosisThere is a good book on Python, called Learning Python...I have had some good results with it03:04
kosharib0w you need to use ppp protocon and you may need to bind the rfcom manually, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/41605603:04
PhillipsPhosis: Alright thanks03:05
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
Phillipshyperstream: I'll be frequenting #python from now on03:05
BluesKajJordan_U, well , I prefer to use xscreensaver as a vehicle to display my pictures on the , not as a source of images03:05
kosharib0w alternatively a 3g phone MAy be different03:05
BluesKajerr display03:05
Jordan_UBluesKaj, Yes, but there are many differences and consequences when installing xscreensaver, nawk just want's the latice screensaver, not to replace gnome-screensaver ( though he may decide to do that also )03:06
bcurtiswxanyone know what happened to the lyrics plugin for banshee in 1.5.3 ?03:09
bcurtiswxis it just me?03:09
jschalluserzy: you have to restore the windows boot loader using a windows disk.03:09
tp43I have been running ubuntu for about a week now.  I have had two crashes03:09
tp43it may be cairo or compiz03:10
jschalltp43: there's something wrong with your hardware or there's something wrong with your hardware drivers or your definition of "crash" is just too broad.03:10
gibby82can anyone help me with a display issue?03:10
nawkJordan_U atm, I'm using gnome-screensaver.  Do many people prefer xscreensaver over gnome-screensaver?03:11
tp43jschall, when you put in the windows install cd, you can skip install and go to repair, and a command prompt.  Type fix mbr, and in will install windows boot loader03:11
jschalltp43: i didn't ask about that03:12
savidUhhh..  why do I get "unknown host" when I do "ping localhost"03:12
tp43well, my screen freezes, and I can't move my mouse03:12
jschalltp43: also i think its "fixmbr," one word03:12
tp43I have to shutdown03:12
jschalltp43: start by testing memory with memtest03:12
tp43jschall, ok, lets see03:13
jschalltp43: then run mprime for a while (8-24 hours) with compiz or other compositing off03:13
savidmy /etc/hosts shows     localhost localhost.localdomain03:13
Jordan_Unawk, xscreensaver allows you to change the settings of individual screensavers, gnome-screensaver doesn't but integrates much better into Gnome.03:13
Jordan_U!sysrq | tp4303:13
ubottutp43: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key03:13
savidwhy would localhost be not found??03:13
voss749Ok the saints have won the superbowl, if the cubs win the world series , then I will take 2012 seriously ;-)03:13
fosser_joshI have a laptop lenovo y500 and I installed ubuntu 9.10 but now problem is that sound is not proper, there is a sound but its like a noisy sound no clear sound from laptop speakers03:13
lostinspace_46While installing  farsight    I get this message...error: Package requirements ( pygobject-2.0 >= 2.12.0     gst-python-0.10 >= 0.10.10 ) were not met:  Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable These pkgs are installed, but I can't find the executables.  How do I deal with this?03:14
_CommandeR_need help with quake3. When launching from terminal with command quake3 i get sound but when doing a menu launcher the game is silent.03:15
RPG-MasterOK, I'm playing a game, all is good, UNTIL the game randomly slows down and my CPU spikes. It'll stay like that until I close the game and open it again. This happens to just about anything that uses openGL03:15
tp43fosser_josh, that's crazy, maybe speaker is blown, is it brand new.  Sound usually works no problem.  Maybe it gets muted is the worst thing that could happen03:15
gibby82Trying to set an external monitor to 1280x1024. Toshiba notebook with Intel 945GMA, Ubuntu 9.10 x86. Currently just gives me an odd 1152x864 resolution03:15
RPG-MasterAlso, I'm using an NVIDIA card03:15
fosser_joshtp43: nah in external speakers sounds work fine but for internal speakers its giving problem03:16
tp43fosser_josh, oh, so I was right, your speakers are blown.  You bought it used?03:16
mezquitaleRPG-Master, do you have anything else open at the same time?  I've seen the same problem with npviewerviewer.bin-- flash03:17
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charles__anybody know what i may have done when formatting a drive partition to make it unmountable in  liveCD environment? is there some way i may have set a lock on the drive?03:17
fosser_joshits my friends laptop in xp speakers work fine but bow I Installed ubuntu its giving problem03:17
jschallfosser_josh: what i'd do is get alsamixer, go through and turn everything to half volume and see if it fixes the problem. sometimes max volume on certain things can cause distortion within the sound card.03:17
fosser_joshjschall: okh will see03:18
gibby82Trying to set an external monitor to 1280x1024. Toshiba notebook with Intel 945GMA, Ubuntu 9.10 x86. Currently just gives me an odd 1152x864 resolution03:18
tp43is there a way to make tpb program, for on-screen volume adjusting graphic, and screen brightness graphic run on startup, Cause I have to do xhost + and then sudo tpb & every boot03:19
charles__lemme see if i can put this another way: is there some sort of partition ownership that you can set under linux?03:20
mvsnhello. wondering if someone could help me... im a little confused, i setup vsftp, got everything working, but anything i upload the permissions are set to 600, i cannot seem to find the place to change that setting.. and what should the setting be if im ftping to my web server?03:21
BluesKajcharles__, partition ownership ? Do you mean boot order /03:21
ramirohi, how do I check if all files belonging to a package are properly installed?03:22
JoundillHey, I need some help setting up my Pixel ProView bt878 PCI TV tuner card03:23
BluesKajramiro, run it in the cli , to check for errors03:23
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
Joundilljeremy@jeremy-desktop:~$ lspci | grep Bt87803:23
Joundill02:0a.0 Multimedia video controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Video Capture (rev 02)03:23
Joundill02:0a.1 Multimedia controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Audio Capture (rev 02)03:23
_CommandeR_need help with quake3. When launching from terminal with command quake3 i get sound but when doing a menu launcher the game is silent.03:23
charles__BluesKaj: no, ubuntu boots up just fine and i have access to all of my drives and partitions. there is one partition, however, that i reformatted to ext4 (i'm coming over from xp). whenever i try to access the drive from any liveCD (as i go through different distros checking them out) the ext4 partition shows up in the file manager, but i cannot mount it to access the contents.03:24
k0rnCan someone answer a question for me about installing Ubuntu. I have used it before on AMD architecture. The download says AMD64. My question is im on a new box now that runs Intel Core 2 Duo. Will Ubuntu work with this?03:24
slashcheesehey guys, whats the best ubuntu iso for old laptop with 128mb ram?03:24
ramiroBluesKaj: run what in the cli?03:24
Joundillslash, I'd go for slackware with xfce, not Ubuntu :D03:24
slashcheeseim looking at 32bit 9.10 iso , not sure if the netbook version works03:24
BluesKajthe package name , ramiro03:24
mawstGentoo with CLI03:24
jschallk0rn: amd64 refers to the 64-bit version of the x86 instruction set. so, yes.03:24
ramiroBluesKaj: I want to check all packages that are currently installed03:25
k0rnOk Duh that makes sense03:25
tp43charles__, whats so great about ext4?  I still use 303:25
Jordan_Ucharles__, How are you trying to mount it and what happens when you do?03:25
jschallk0rn: its named that way because amd made the first 64-bit x86 processors.03:25
slashcheesei ran ubuntu 9.10 on a netbook and it runs fast with only 64mb ram03:25
JoundillReally, 64 mb?03:25
Joundillwhat DE?03:25
tp43slashcheese, all drivers?03:25
slashcheeseruns beautiful on my dell mini903:26
k0rnjschall: Thank you. I run Windows 7 64-bit on this laptop, but i also love ubuntu so its time to dual boot it.03:26
charles__tp43: i dunno, it just seemed like the thing to do03:26
slashcheeseso i thought ..... install the ubuntu 9.10 netbook version on the old laptop and ???03:26
k0rnNice Iso is done03:26
slashcheeseanyone try this03:26
jschallk0rn: try kubuntu too =P03:26
=== dm_ is now known as dminus
jschallk0rn: i guarantee if you use kde 4.3 for long enough you'll fall in love03:27
tp43charles__, I did it too, well, it came by default and so I didn't change it, and then I was having grub boot issues, and I am not sure if they were related, or I did something else wrong, but I changed everything back to ext303:27
BluesKajJordan_U, he's trying to mount it from a live cd03:27
ke1ha_ext4 was written from scratch, where ext3 was basically upgraded ext3. with all the options enabled on ext3, ext4 performance is very close, and it's a mature fs, where as ext4 is not proven is all areas yet.03:27
mrpink57_slashcheese: it may work but the kernel has Im sure a few customizations for a netbook03:27
ardchoille!ot | jschall03:27
ubottujschall: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:27
Jordan_Uke1ha_, ext4 was not written from scratch03:28
charles__Jordan_U: i go in through the file manager and click the drive like normal. all other drives mount just fine, except this one, which seems to either : A) dissappear from the list without warning or B) give me an error message which, sadly, i failed to write down03:28
k0rnjschall: I go to school for computer programming so a linux environment is ideal.03:28
jschallardchoille: you realise that i just used 1 line to recommend kubuntu, and you just upped it to 3 and now made me respond, upping it to 4 lines.03:28
ke1ha_if you have ext3 already, it's questionable whether you should upgrade, but new installs, probably the best option.03:28
tp43I like to use gnome, cause it runs the macosx style docks better03:28
jschallardchoille: all because you have a stick up your butt. 5 lines.03:28
slashcheesemrpink57: thats why Im asking this group. maybe Ill just do a usb live boot and test it out03:28
tp43But KDE was the reason I switched from debian, cause they still have kde 3.03:29
voss749I like to use gnome because kde 4 is a freakin mess03:29
Jordan_Ucharles__, Do you know how to mount via the terminal?03:29
tp43The desklets are better in kde though03:29
jschallvoss749: i see gnome as a bit of a mess.03:29
ardchoilleLet's take the KDE$ conversations to another channelplease03:29
voss749Gnome is now more like KDE 3 than KDE 4 is03:30
slashcheesewow, lots of discussions on desktops here. hahaha. reminds me of 1995 windows chat groups03:30
charles__Jordan_U: I.. should... i've been learning a lot of new stuff and sadly mounting was the first and i may have lost it already... one sec03:30
tp43voss749, I never noticed anything wrong with it, except the thing I mentioned already, macosx style docks run better on gnome03:30
JabberWalkiehey, so I have a program that needs to be pointed to a sound device like /dev/dsp...but im using pulse audio, what can I point it to?03:30
tp43slashcheese, I love the eye candy, I have cairo dock03:30
jschallardchoille: although i can see how mentioning kde in a gnome channel can kinda snowball.03:30
voss749I dont mind eye candy but it should not effect performance.03:31
nawkJordan_U: lattice is not there. :-(03:31
tp43I like the compiz interface too.  I have it set so I click mouse on the left edge to zoom out all my windows, and right edge window to alt-tab between windows03:31
nawkoh well03:31
voss749Im not fond of compiz either03:31
jschallvoss749: eye candy will always effect performance.03:31
tp43voss749, It doesn't at all.  I have dual core, gig or ram, if I don't run it, that computing power will never get used03:32
panfistwould a small private network (no internet connection at all) need a dns server?03:32
toastedmilkAnyone know how to enable direct rendering with the radeon driver in 8.04?03:32
mandii have an old desktop that i just converted to ubuntu today, an old laptop that converted earlier in the week, and two other newer laptops that are currently still windows - i'd like to know the best way to share files, mostly with the old desktop as a storage place - any suggestions?03:32
tp43I could put my system monitors on, and it will max out just the same if I don't have these eye candy on.  But there were two system freezes I experience that I bet are caused by compiz and/or cairo-dock03:33
Joundillmandi, google samba03:33
klappipanfist: if you want the hosts to have names...03:33
jschallmandi: ubuntu will automatically configure samba for you and share your files with your windows computers03:33
mandijoundill & jschall: thx03:33
lostinspace_46In karmic which repo is farsight in?  I can't seem to find it.03:33
jschallmandi: just open nautilus (the gnome file browser) and right click on something you want to share.03:34
mawstIs cedega really required for gaming anymore or does wine do the trick03:34
voss749The main reason I use mint not 9.10 vanilla is because I like my task bar on the bottom not the top!03:34
jschallmandi: go to properties, sharing. just like windows =P03:34
KreptaHello, I need help, I posted on ubuntu forum, and no response yet.03:34
jschallvoss749: o.O you can just drag it.03:34
tp43well you need compiz to run cairo-dock,03:34
Joundilljschall, mandi wants to share Ubuntu - Windoze03:34
tp43who is the commercial backing of Ubuntu?03:34
Joundillvoss749, you can move the task bar.03:34
kosharimandi samba03:34
voss749jschall, well mint is more stable in general but its the little things I like03:35
jschallJoundill: i know03:35
jschallJoundill: that's how it works in ubuntu iirc, i'm on kubuntu though.03:35
tp43voss749, lol, what is mint anyway?03:35
Kreptaa plant03:35
jschalltp43: an ubuntu-based distro03:35
voss749tp43, a ubuntu variant03:35
kosharivoss749 how do you determine mint is more "stable" ?03:35
tp43let me check it out03:35
voss749I run ubuntu 9.10 on my desktop and mint 8 on my laptop03:35
Joundilljschall: ahh :D03:35
mandialso, can anyone tell me how to resize vista for a dual-boot set up?03:35
jschalli haven't used mint but i would guess its less stable but has more tweaking into it03:36
mrpink57_tp43: i think the best way to describe it is what Ubuntu would be when it is full on mainstream03:36
jschallmandi: the ubuntu disk will do it for you.03:36
k0rnhmm new problem03:36
kosharimandi use gparted, remeber as always backup any critical data before attempting partitioning03:36
klappijschall: i havent used mint so i dont make guesses about it03:36
KreptaEven if it is NTFS5?03:36
jschallmandi: you install windows and then install ubuntu and the ubuntu installer will give you options to resize partitions03:36
k0rnWindows 7 disk image burner is telling me the image is not valid03:36
JoundillDoes anybody know how to turn off these "X has left the room" messages?03:37
JoundillI'm in Pidgin03:37
jschallKrepta: i would assume so. i haven't tried dual booting with windows (which i don't use) in a long time.03:37
KreptaI'm on the webchat app03:37
tp43mrpink57_ huh?  what do you mean, or are you talking about 'it'03:37
mrpink57_tp43: Mint03:37
KreptaAll of the tools I've used to rezise partitions don't allow resizing of NTFS5 partitions, I don't know if the newest gparted can do it.03:37
tp43mrpink57, oh, how is mint so mainstream?03:38
koshariJoundill tools > plugins, jin/leave notifier03:38
jschallJoundill: do you really want to be left hanging wondering why someone has stopped talking to you?03:38
Joundilljschall: sorry?03:38
KreptaI like knowing I'm not being ignored03:38
Jordan_UJabberWalkie, What program? ( Sorry if you already answered, I was disconnected )03:39
mrpink57_tp43: nevermind, I would google Linux Mint.03:39
bastid_raZorjschall: are you just an ass tonight or are you always this stupid?03:39
Viper1432Krepta,  you may have to get a copy of parted magic to do what you're wanting to do.  I thought gparted would, but ...shrugs.03:39
KreptaI'm having trouble getting windows vista to print to a canon pixma mp510 connected and shared from a desktop running ubuntu 9.10.  It was working fine two days ago.  Now, it sais access denied, cannot connect.03:39
jschallJoundill: if you can't see people leaving, then i could leave right now and you wouldn't know if i was ignoring you or had left the room03:39
Viper1432parted magic WILL do what you want with that ntfs partition though.03:39
KreptaI'm really getting frustrated.03:39
Joundilljschall: lol, fair 'nuff03:39
KreptaI've used partition magic, great tool, still can't resize ntfs503:39
tp43mrpink57, I did, I checked out there web site, I dunno, so many distros, Ubuntu is going good for me03:39
jschallbastid_raZor: how am i an ass, or stupid?03:40
Kreptawait, huh?03:40
JoundillI've got a rather big question to ask :P03:40
mrpink57_tp43: im not asking you to change, they just add a lot of additional non-free stuff03:40
JoundillI want to install my Pixelview Prolink TV tuner PCI card03:40
tp43But when debian does their next release, I will definitely try it and maybe switch back.  cause they have acpi all messed up these days, and I can't fix it03:40
KreptaIf anyone can help me with the network printing problem I'm having, that would be Really awesome.03:40
Jordan_UKrepta, Gparted can resize ntfs, you just need ntfsprogs installed.03:40
`mOOse`wait - let me get the life-rescue-inflatable-matress then Joundill03:40
panfistis synaptic multithreaded? would turning on hyperthreading on a single core processor increase performance? I ask because I have a 3.0GHz p4 with 1GB of RAM, and it hangs for over 30 seconds every time I mark a package to install03:40
tp43mrpink57, oh really, I like the sound of that, like what though03:41
Kreptajordan_u, excellent, that's what I wanted to know. :)03:41
Jordan_UKrepta, np :)03:41
mrpink57_tp43: read their site and google about Mint to see the changes maybe a Ubuntu vs Mint03:41
KreptaNow if only I could make this stupid windblowz vista print.03:41
`mOOse`panfist, welcome to linux03:41
jschallKrepta: i would look for logs on the linux machine.03:41
k0rnKrepta: upgrade to 7 if u can its great03:42
mrpink57_panfist: hyperthreading is going to improve since it tells the system you have two cores therefore more can be done.03:42
ArsinCan someone help me out with FahMon03:42
KreptaLinux reports nothing, as if nothing is even reaching it... where do I find the logs?03:42
JabberWalkieJordan_U: running Quake 103:42
mrpink57_Krepta: /var03:42
jschall`mOOse`: it doesn't hang for me. in fact, nothing does. ever.03:42
toastedmilkDoes anyone know how to fix a deleted kernel image?03:42
KreptaK0rn, can't, it's mom's laptop03:42
tp43I like debian cause they are very stable and fast, but I wanna install the best software free, open or proprietary.  I respect their software, and will be installing their bsd version as soon as it out and eventually hurd if ever.03:42
Kreptabrb, looking up logs03:42
jschallKrepta: http://oreilly.com/catalog/samba/chapter/book/ch09_01.html03:42
voss749tp43, mint is ubuntu with all the codecs pre installed among other things and its green...and the bar is on the bottom :)03:43
tp43mrpink57, I dunno, I can't imagine what else they could offer, I already have everything03:43
jschallKrepta: i think sharing printers with windows uses samba, right?03:43
tp43voss749, lol. what codecs03:43
voss749tp43 dvd playing03:43
`mOOse`jschall, synaptic doesn't lag your machine at ALL?03:43
tp43voss749, I just apt-get installed mplayer, no problem, and I can play dvd's03:43
panfistmtpink57_ that's only true for program which are multithreaded, and on a single core hyperthreaded pc, io bound03:43
* `mOOse` is skeptical03:43
jschall`mOOse`: i use kde03:43
BrainDancehey I have another problem. In LXDE on Lubuntu I started moving some things to my desktop, everything works fine except for firefox, firefox has test there and an area to click on, but no icon. I put it there by dragging it from the lxpanel (where it has an icon) and also tried changing the icon of the shortcut in lxpanel that I drag from, and nothing. No matter what I do no icon, so whats up with that? Any way I can manually force03:43
BrainDancean icon on it? Or other reason its not showing up?03:43
jschall`mOOse`: but i'll install synaptic now03:44
ekim1Krepta, tp43: linux mint is pretty good.  I have it installed and it is alittle more refined with less stuff included with the install but there if you need to install it.  I guess the say it is a "chopped down" version of Ubuntu.03:44
ke1ha_Jordan_I: I was generalizing, nothing is "from scratch" ... but compared to ext3 and it's cluge, its a fresh solution.03:44
voss749tp43, im talking about like libdvdcss03:44
`mOOse`what's kde use - yast?03:44
Jordan_UJabberWalkie, Try running "padsp quake" ( or whatever the binary is called ).03:44
BrainDancethe properties box for the shortcut gave me no help, and few options at that03:44
`mOOse`or is that suse?03:44
Joundilljschall, Krepta yeah, sharing printers linux-windoze uses samba03:44
JabberWalkieJordan_U: k, ill try that03:44
tp43voss749, hmmm, you can just add non-free to your sources and you are same as mint then03:44
BrainDancetried going into my desktop forlder as root and seeing what I can do, nothing new03:44
BrainDanceso I'm out of ideas03:44
jschall`mOOse`: yast is for rpm i think03:45
ekim1Krepta, mrpink57_;  Krepta sorry wrong guy, meant for mrpink03:45
jschall`mOOse`: kubuntu seems to use kpackagekit03:45
Joundill`mOOse`: Suse uses yast03:45
BrainDanceIs there a way to build my own shortcut on the lxde desktop that has an icon and points to firefox? Sort of manually recreate it?03:45
jschall`mOOse`: i tend to use aptitude or apt-get, though.03:45
JoundillBrainDance: yes there is03:46
voss749tp43, also wifi works out of the box.03:46
manpreetI want to uninstall ubuntu and install windows03:46
manpreetplease help03:46
JoundillBrainDance: first open terminal03:46
voss749Its just minty :)03:46
BrainDanceJoundill, how do I go about doing that? I assumed it'd be a right click option but for "Create new" all I have are "text document" or "folder"03:46
Paradoxanyone here the maintainer of the ChannelManager plugin?03:46
BrainDancealright, terminals up03:46
jschall`mOOse`: i'll test removing and reinstalling openoffice in synaptic. it's reasonably large. unless there's a better test you have for me?03:47
JoundillBraindance: type in firefox03:47
tp43voss749, yeah, in debian I had to install wifi separately, but in Ubuntu "it installed out of the box"03:47
johnnI am trying to get my svideo out working with karmic and a radeon x140003:47
JoundillBrainDance: see if that opens it03:47
BrainDancealright it opened it03:47
BrainDanceopened firefox that is03:47
JoundillOk, that's all good then03:47
Joundillclose that03:47
Joundill1 minute, googling03:47
Paradoxwell, if they see this, please msg me03:47
Paradoxthank you03:47
manpreetPlease help in uninstalling Ubuntu03:47
johnnwhen i install fglrx i lose my windows manager03:47
BrainDanceBetas of operating systems are fun, but not at 11 at night :P03:47
tp43well, see guys, nice chatting with yas, have a good night03:47
`mOOse`jschall,  no - that would be good ;-)03:48
voss749tp43, I just found it funny how ubuntu 9.10 NBR broke the wifi on my dell mini 9 until I manually downloaded a fix03:48
toastedmilkDoes anyone know how to fix a deleted kernel image?03:48
Jordan_Umanpreet, Did you install as a dual boot, or did you install over windows?03:48
manpreetI installed ubuntu over windows 703:49
jschall`mOOse`: so far on the removal, i searched for it and selected it for removal completely smoothly. no lag on synaptic's interface or any other part of the system.03:49
tp43voss749, oh, it was ok for me.  I guess lots of linux people buy ibm laptops so its a bit easier.03:49
manpreetI wanted to switch over to windows XP03:49
voss7499.10 was rushed03:49
mrpink57_manpreet: a kittie just died because you said that03:49
KreptaI'm in /var/log have no idea what to look for.  Cups logs, Samba logs, what?03:49
johnnhow do I get a dual-monitor going with an x1400? fglrx isn't working for me03:50
jschall`mOOse`: finished the removal, reloading the database took about 3-5 seconds03:50
`mOOse`congratulations jschall  :-)03:50
KreptaI really hope I won't have to replace ubuntu with a pirated XP, I really want this to work.03:50
voss749tp43, My compaq laptop had an atheros wifi so it was ok.03:50
jschall`mOOse`: and now i'm installing it again! seems to be smooth to me. maybe you need to upgrade your hardware.03:50
tp43voss749, cool03:50
voss749I just wind up these days sticking atheros chipsets in everything...works for me03:51
songerkreator,  what's yor problem?03:51
Jordan_Umanpreet, Then since you will have to install windows anyway, just tell it to use the entire drive and it will install over Ubuntu03:51
tp43voss749, talk to you later if you around, I am gonna watch an indian movie now03:51
ArsinCan someone help me out with F@H03:51
voss749tp43, which one???03:51
Jordan_Umanpreet, You may want to back up your documents somewhere of course03:51
tp43voss749, stiker03:51
manpreetI rebooted my computer and tried to boot from CD it is not using that option03:51
manpreetYeah Jordan, I have backed up all the documents03:52
Kreptasetup BIOS03:52
jschalltp43: american indian movie or a movie from india?03:52
mushy1hey i installed ubuntu9 on my computer and i forgot everything linux, everything worked right off the bat even whireless but the sound doesnt work03:52
voss749you mean striker?03:52
mushy1what do i do to fix sound03:52
tp43voss749, you heard of it.  Hey I love that song from de danna dan, and also that song from that bipashu movie about time travel.  I am from Canada born in Pakistan03:52
mushy1its an onboard soundcard and i know the sound worked on olderversions of ubuntu and freebsd03:52
gunawanany body,i need help03:52
jschallmushy1: check that everything is turned up in the sound settings.03:52
jschallmushy1: to start with.03:53
KreptaI also have sound issues, but that's on the laptop at home, I realy need to figure out why windows vista won't print anymore to ubuntu 9.1003:53
tp43karam board movie03:53
ZykoticK9mushy1, this "might" help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20544903:53
`mOOse`join the elite!03:53
`mOOse`jschall, all donations accepted03:53
voss749tp43, im like the only american anglo bollywood fan in my town03:53
tp43voss749, I like lots of foreign movies03:53
KreptaYay, ubuntu is here!03:53
johnnanyone have experience with the mobility x1400? I'm trying to use my svideo out.03:53
=== ubuntu is now known as teffers
KreptaAh, hello teffers03:54
voss749Its me and like 50 indian peeps at the local bollywood films03:54
manpreetI have around 450 GB space left, can I use dual boot option as WINDOWS XP03:54
tp43voss749, what city03:54
voss749boca raton03:54
manpreetI have install Ubuntu first03:54
ardchoille!ot | voss749 tp4303:54
ubottuvoss749 tp43: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:54
tp43my bad03:54
mushy1by default what color should the headphones or speakers go into03:54
tp43c ya laters dudes03:54
Kreptawindows hates sharing with other OSes, unless you trick it with boot magic03:54
mushy1green or orange03:55
voss749c ya later03:55
devrethmanmushy1: usually green03:55
jschallmanpreet: in order to do that you have to resize your ubuntu partition first, install windows, then go back with an ubuntu livecd and reinstall grub.03:55
teffershey guys i am having some issues with broadcom drivers03:55
panfistok for the record disabling hyperthreading increased my performance in synaptic majorly...i would estimate around 90% if not more03:55
devrethmanmushy1: although alsa has been known to mix them up.03:55
johnnanyone have experience with the mobility x1400? I'm trying to use my svideo out.03:55
teffersanyone delt with them before i heard ther nutoriously buggy03:56
devrethmanteffers: Yeah, but I did not win the battle.03:56
manpreetJshall, that's what I am trying to do, however it is not recognizing the windows CD after reboot.03:56
devrethmanso I cannot help you.03:56
mushy1hrmm weird it works03:56
jschallpanfist: disabling or enabling?03:56
mushy1i guess one of the updates fixed it03:56
mushy1<3 how easy linux has gotten03:56
`mOOse`you mean you DOWNGRADED your CPU performance and it's working BETTER panfist ?03:56
jschallmanpreet: are you certain its set to boot from cd first?03:57
devrethmanNot all programs that can multithread do it gracefully.03:57
teffersi got whayt apears to think its an eth card but has all wireless attributes which is super anoying03:57
johnnI am trying to get my svideo out working with karmic and a radeon x140003:57
panfistwell moose you must admit there are situations where multithreaded is useful even on a single core03:57
manpreetJshall : Yeah, I selected from BIOS03:57
panfisti find that no multithreading is better most of the time even on a shitty pentium 403:57
`mOOse`yes, and I'm being sarcastic pan ;-)03:57
panfisti know and im just saying that you can't universally deride hyperthreading03:57
mushy1random question probably wrong place but has wine gotten dx9 and older games nearly perfect?03:58
ZykoticK9ioquake3 giving error that "Point Release files are missing.  Please re-install the 1.32 point release" but Points is installed & working but no sound (expected longstanding issue)03:58
jschallmushy1: wrong place. go to #winehq03:58
jschallmushy1: it works ok for a lot of games.03:58
jschallmushy1: for example, eve online is dx9 and it works fine. i wouldn't try it, it is unbelievably boring.03:59
isidro1hi, a program crash in x mode, then i get into console mode to get the logon x mode, is this posible???03:59
meowbuntuhi how can i check what processes are running on my cumputer from terminal03:59
mushy1well i bought a lot of cheap games from half priced books03:59
devrethmanmushy1: it has DX9 down pretty well, but there's more to games than DX03:59
ZykoticK9meowbuntu, "ps aux"03:59
seanbrystonemeowbuntu, top03:59
mushy1i got morrowind which used to look perfect besides the water03:59
hapikhow can I add a starting option for default web-browser?03:59
manpreetJschall : I tried to went to the grub tried to use fdisk command, however it is not accepting that04:00
mushy1im trying to play one now called hammer and sickle04:00
devrethmanhapik: right click on the icon and hit properties04:00
mushy1which installs i just stopped because sound didnt work04:00
mushy1but now it seems to04:00
mushy1QUESTION RELATED: say sound works great, but doesnt work for some reason under wine04:00
devrethmanmushy1: #winehq would know much better than we would.04:00
mushy1is that a wine problem04:00
jschallmanpreet: the grub recovery console is not linux.04:00
mushy1is winehq on his server04:00
mushy1is this the ubuntu server04:01
devrethmanmushy1: it might be a wine problem, but the wine channel would be able to tell you if it is or not04:01
johnnis there another chat server that might know the answer to my video card question04:01
hapikdevrethman: it will work only with browser started with icon, not with browser being called from different applications04:01
devrethmanmushy1: this is a freenode server, so yeah, wine is here.04:01
devrethmanhapik: Oh... I don't know then.04:01
mushy1is ub 9.04 or 9.4 or whatever this version a beta or is it full04:02
isidro1how i can kill processes fron console mode????04:02
acalbazahow do i change my screen resolution for the command line?04:02
ZykoticK9isidro1, "kill $PID" or "killall $PROCESSNAME"04:02
devrethmanisidrol: killall <process name> or ps -e followed by kill <PID>04:03
johnnanyone have experience with the mobility x1400? I'm trying to use my svideo out.04:03
manpreetjschall : Is there any way to format the hard drive. Like booting to the command line after the system is restarted04:03
nabianmplayer whit gui is smplayer?04:04
becker_11I'm setting up #irssi and want to set it to connect automatically at startup but in the text here http://pastebin.com/m23229f9b is the <nick> it wants my nick or to identify the server I'm adding?04:04
nabianmplayer whit gui is smplayer?04:04
becker_11nabian: that or someone with interesting hobbies04:05
isidro1how i can get "logon x" from console mode???04:05
hapiknabian: it depends, can be gnome mplayer04:05
titan_arkthegeekyhaxor, hey04:05
mushy1can someone highlight me in 10 seconds, this is a test04:06
thegeekyhaxortitan_ark: hey04:06
KreptaI'm very unfamilier with windows vista, it confuses and frustrates me to no end.  I cannot make it print to a printer it can see on the network share of an ubuntu desktop, and it's driving me crazy.04:06
KreptaSee, there goes another marble rolling across the floor, I've lost at least 7 marbles now.04:06
becker_11Krepta: it's vista even windoze geeks hate it04:06
Kreptabecker_11, agreed04:07
intokI can't get video files to erase form the tmp folder after flash crashes, trashing them doesn't actually remove the files as emptying the trash doesn't free up the space that the files are using, is there a way to actually remove these files without restarting?04:07
KreptaSo, maybe the only solution is replace ubuntu with a pirated XP, since I have no money to buy it.04:07
isidro1how i can get "logon x" from console mode???04:07
binari0I was looking for in internet about how to put Imagen in the text mode in ubuntu like suse but I did't find it, somebody can help I will be so thankful to who can help with that.04:08
devrethmanSince when does a 4.5GB iso not fit on a DVDR?04:08
ZykoticK9isidro1, startx04:08
binari0I sorry by my english04:08
becker_11Krepta: some times we do things that aren't technically right but it's wise not to announce it to the world first04:08
becker_11I'm setting up #irssi and want to set it to connect automatically at startup but in the text here http://pastebin.com/m23229f9b is the <nick> it wants my nick or to identify the server I'm adding?04:08
KreptaBah, I don't care becker_11, let em fry me.04:08
isidro1thanks again!!!!04:09
mushy1can someone highlight me in 10 seconds, this is a test04:09
Kreptamushy1, what?04:09
`mOOse`intok, bleachbit04:09
`mOOse`in sudo mode04:09
mushy1perfect thanks04:09
Kreptamushy1, a test of what?  To see if anyone can see you?04:09
devrethmanprobably his IRC client's highlighting04:09
mushy1no to see if my notifications work04:09
Kreptamushy1, ok04:10
mushy1while i am off screen04:10
=== studio_ is now known as excalibas
mushy1it actually pops up a black box in the right corner of my monitors04:10
devrethmanis there a way to mount ISO files?04:10
Kreptamushy1, do you have some kind of loud sound announcing someone is talking to you?  Like crashing thunder, or a bomb going off?04:10
ZykoticK9!iso | devrethman04:10
ubottudevrethman: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:10
`mOOse`intok, btw, you should be able to sudo rm -r <filename> in tmp04:11
Kreptasudo is great04:11
KreptaI'm never gonna get this printer to print, I so hate windows.  DIE Microsoft!04:11
`mOOse`yea it'll nuke everything !04:11
binari0I was looking for in internet about how to put Imagen in the text mode in ubuntu like suse but I did't find it, somebody can help me I will be so thankful to who can help with that.04:11
Kreptasorry binari0, I have no idea how to do that.04:12
Kreptajust letting you know you are seen, there, binari004:12
`mOOse`Krepta, this is gonna really irritate you but I was at my brothers house the other night and he needed the wep key for the wifi lan, which was on my usb flashdrive install of ubuntu - I loaded it on his laptop, it found the WIFI printer, and let me print the txt file with the wep key in it LOL04:13
Kreptayah, that's really cool... FRAK!  I hate windows for being so horrible to me, and nice to others.04:14
`mOOse`I had to be impressed with that myself lol04:14
ZykoticK9binari0, this "might" help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer good luck04:14
`mOOse`well vista is like ME - get rid of it asap04:14
`mOOse`beg borrow steal win704:14
`mOOse`what a difference04:14
`mOOse`you will not regret04:14
mushy1is 7 > ubuntu04:15
Tm_T!ot | `mOOse`04:15
ubottu`mOOse`: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:15
KreptaI'll try to convince mom to convert over to win 7 on her laptop.04:15
KreptaThat's the computer I'm working with now, trying to make it fraking print04:15
=== b0w is now known as zz_b0w
isidro1hi, how i can kill "x" from console mode???04:17
Kreptasorry about talking about windblowz.04:17
KreptaOooo, shut down X, I wanna hear this.04:17
binari0 thanks ZykoticK9 you the best04:17
acalbaza 04:17
Tm_Tisidro1: Krepta: "sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop"04:17
KreptaWow, cool04:18
mawstinit 304:18
mawstkillall -9 Xorg04:18
Tm_Tmawst: no04:18
Kreptakillall, ahahaha04:18
Kreptablam blam, I love linux04:18
semitoneshehe, is any of this on topic?04:19
KreptaWell, since my printer problem is impossible to solve, because windows is too stupid to work like a proper OS, I'll just leave you guys to your discussions, may many problems be solved. Peace.04:20
`mOOse`that question is off topic04:20
semitones`mOOse`, META is offtopic, noooo04:20
`mOOse`I think that was off topic too but I'm not too sure04:21
charles__hey folks, when using the chown command, what owner would i enter to just set the thing as readable by everyone?04:23
ZykoticK9charles__, the owner doesn't matter so much as "chmod ugo+rw FILE" sorta thing...04:24
alankilacharles__: no such owner exists.04:24
semitonescharles__, do you have to use CLI? you can also do the same thing in nautillus with a gui04:24
unopcharles__, errm, you wouldn't use the chown command to accomplish that - you'd use the chmod command04:24
DravekxI have a problem.. I woke up today and tried logging into my forum and I cant get into anything04:25
Dravekxnothing is working. I tried changing ownership and permissions, but nothing is working... it's like I dont have permission to do anything.04:25
charles__well, here's the thing... i was here a bit earlier asking about a problem i was having accessing a drive. i went in to check a few things and realized that when i had formatted the drive, i selected "take ownership of drive", so while i can access the drive just fine form this install, it is unaccessable from a liveCD, which makes me worry that if i reformat and reinstall ubuntu, i'll lose access to the drive in question.04:26
charles__instead of losing all of the drive's contents, i'd like some what to just... set the drive free, as it were04:27
Joundillis anybody here familiar with the bttv driver?04:27
charles__it's not like there are other folks using this computer, so it being tagged to anyone in particular is needless04:27
toastedmilkMy card should be supported by the radeon driver and I can't get direct rendering to work.  Any pointers?04:27
DravekxI have a problem.. I woke up today and tried logging into my forum and I cant get into anything.. http://www.dravekx.com04:28
semitonescharles__, I think you just have to mount it as read/write in the live cd, but I could be wrong04:29
royceremerJoundill: is that for a tuner card?04:29
Joundillroyceremer: that's the one :D04:29
royceremerJoundill: what kind of card are you using, and what version ubuntu?04:29
ZykoticK9Dravekx, it is phpbb you're using right?  you might want to ask in #phpbb if it is.  good luck man.04:30
Joundillroyceremer: I'm trying to get a bt878p+ (rev 4c) card going on 9.04 Jaunty04:30
DravekxZykoticK9, its not phpbb.. its the server. i cant get into phpmyadmin or anything04:30
Dravekxif it was phpbb related, i would be there, but its not.04:30
Dravekxits ubuntu04:30
jheiselmanI am having problems getting my trackpad recognized on my Acer Aspire One 532h netbook.  It works, but I can't adjust any properties (i.e. tap-to-click).  I think it isn't recognizing it as a touchpad.  The TouchPad Control Preference says that SHMConfig isn't enabled, but setting the fdi file doesn't appear to work.04:30
DravekxI think.04:31
ZykoticK9Dravekx, ? i have no idea man ?  sorry - best of luck04:31
charles__semitones: so setting ownership of a drive means nothing then?04:31
DravekxI think its a permissions issue04:31
toastedmilkMy card should be supported by the radeon driver and I can't get direct rendering to work.  Any pointers?04:31
DravekxI cant even get into phpmyadmin04:31
=== zz_b0w is now known as b0w
Dravekxits like, all the submit buttons stopped working on the server.04:32
royceremerJoundill: good news, I'm fairly certain we can get it working on your rig, it's on a list of supported cards for a version of this driver (found Prolink Pixelview PV-BT878P+ (Rev.4C,8E)04:32
royceremerJoundill: that was here: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Bttv04:32
Joundillroyceremer: sweet, what should I do?04:32
Dravekxeven if I install a new program, the submit buttons do not work in ubuntu, but they work on my laptop04:32
Joundillroyceremer: yeah, I've seen that, card 70, right?04:32
semitonescharles__, I'll tell you now that I"m not that experienced in linux, but I think you can override ownership temporarily, without having to change it.04:33
royceremerJoundill: you  might find this useful: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/other-formats/html_single/BTTV.html04:33
alala/server irc.plasa.com04:33
huyledoes anyone know about socket?04:34
royceremerJoundill: some very detailed instructions, especially for Linux (although there's no simple package download it seems)04:34
charles__semitones: hmmm, well, thanks for your help. it looks like i'm going to have to reformat or something... or maybe read up more on chown, see if i can find an "anyone" tag.04:34
royceremerJoundill: assuming it's plugged in already, I'd just skip to this, run it step by step: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO/other-formats/html_single/BTTV.html#HW04:34
Joundillroyceremer: It's apparently part of the kernel now04:35
royceremerJoundill: drivers for this card? under what? do you have a link where you read that?04:35
semitonescharles__, good luck!04:35
ke1ha_charles_ what is it your trying to do ?04:35
voss749.join ubuntu-offtopic04:35
Joundillroyceremer: the link you just gave me04:35
obscurant1st my ubuntu is not mounting my mp3 player, when i do lsusb, this is what it shows http://paste.linuxassist.net/21515204:36
charles__semitones: i'll need it. :)04:36
obscurant1stand this is what it wshows for dmseg http://paste.linuxassist.net/21515304:36
royceremerJoundill: hmm, should pay more attention to what I give out I guess...04:36
Dravekxwhat would stop ubuntu server from responding to any logins??? I can get in via SSH and SFTP, but nothing via web is working04:36
albertolempirahey guys i'm trying to have sound on multiples apps at the same time with alsa on kubuntu karmic, can anybody help me with this? thanks in advance04:37
ChogyDanalbertolempira: isnt that what pulse is for?04:38
ke1ha_Dravekv: DNC or nameservers would cause those symptoms.04:38
ke1ha_oops DNS, not DNC ...04:38
ZykoticK9obscurant1st, user/pass???04:38
semitonesZykoticK9, hunter204:39
ZykoticK9obscurant1st, sorry - read it - got it, my bad04:39
obscurant1stZykoticK9: i dont want the data, i just want to mount it.. dtat loss is not a problem..04:39
Dravekxit all started when I updated GRUB04:40
Dravekxwhat would that hafta do with web logins?04:40
pyr0pathcan someone help me? ive been trying to use the make command all day long and im getting error messages. heres a pastebin of whats happening http://pastebin.com/m1b45edb004:40
=== gusan0r is now known as Gusan0r
ZykoticK9obscurant1st, that dmesg doesn't look too good... not sure what to recommend man, best of luck04:40
albertolempiraChogyDan: I had to remove pulse beacuse i had no sound out of my speakers...04:41
obscurant1stZykoticK9: can i do just the checkdsk on that by anymenas?04:41
=== ckw is now known as Brainy|phpBB
ke1ha_If your DNS can resolve the IP / or web-name, then yes, if you can get in with the IP, then I'd look at local DNS caches, then to hostname servers on the site your trying to resolve.04:42
=== Brainy|phpBB is now known as ckw
ZykoticK9obscurant1st, the kernel is basically kicking the device off with the "scsi 3:0:0:0: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery" so i don't think you can do much...04:42
ke1ha_Is the site your trying to SSH to a registered domain ?04:43
obscurant1stnot ready after error recovery, ZykoticK9, what does this mean?04:43
toastedmilkAlright how about this.  My grub contains image files, but won't load them at boot.  How can I get grub to recognize the files? P.S. they are on a different partition04:43
obscurant1stwhat kind of error recovery is it doing?04:43
frankdcodera good html graphic editor?04:43
ZykoticK9obscurant1st, not "totally" sure - but it seems like a USB / Device issue -- what kind of MP3 player is it - saw something about Philips but what model #?04:44
obscurant1stphilips go gear 2 gb04:45
toastedmilkMy card should be supported by the radeon driver and I can't get direct rendering to work.  Any pointers?04:46
=== Tehedra is now known as Tehedra|lt
quietonepyr0path: have your tried the suggestion on line 9 and 16  - 'make SHELL=/bin/bash'.04:48
semitonestoastedmilk, did you try enabling restricted drivers in hardware manager?04:48
toastedmilksemitones: im using the open source driver04:49
semitonestoastedmilk, afaik, the open source driver doesn't have direct acceleration -- at least not for nvidia04:49
toastedmilksemitones: I have an ati card04:50
Curly_QHello folks. I just downloaded Ubuntu from the so-called web site. There is a splash screen that seems to imply that there is a clause and price associated with it. What is the story with that?04:51
bikcmpHello all, what is the command for launching the mysql configuration wizard?04:51
semitonestoastedmilk, the rule of thumb with graphics cards, is the closed source driver always gives you more hardware acceleration, unless it's broken04:51
oniltonmacielI recently bought a toshiba a505 s-6005. it has a core i3 processor, and integrated intel graphics media accelerator 4500hd, 4gb ddr3 ram. When I try to install ubuntu from live cd it shows me a black screen, like it was running but not showing video04:51
semitonestoastedmilk, I'm 90% sure the open source one doesn't give you direct rendering04:52
ZykoticK9obscurant1st, i'm affraid my googling didn't bring up hardly anything about your model???  I certainly see other people with "Philips Go Gear"s working, but different model numbers.  A search for the "Device offlined..." did bring me to this post - might be worth a try (the waiting, trying different ports, turning on while plugged in stuff) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=60546104:52
Curly_QIs Ubuntu free or NO?04:52
svenbuntuoniltonmaciel: mine did that with my radeon 9250 pci card04:52
BiosElementCurly_Q: Yes, it's free.04:52
toastedmilksemitones: trust me, after checking the ubuntu documentation and the dri documentation, it does support direct rendering04:52
toastedmilksemitones: and the fglrx driver doesn't work on my rig04:52
semitonestoastedmilk, Oh, ok :) sorry I don't know then04:53
Curly_QThanks BiosElements.04:53
oniltonmacielI tried ubuntu 9.10 32 and 64 bits , and ubuntu 9.04 32bits. Any idas? What it is?04:53
obscurant1stZykoticK9, thx, i will hv a look at it..04:53
ZykoticK9obscurant1st, good luck man - i'm off04:53
becker_11where is the desktop wallpaper hiding in ubuntu??04:53
=== ahmed is now known as Guest76996
bikcmpHello all, what is the command for launching the mysql configuration wizard?04:53
Curly_QI did burn the CD and will install it now.04:53
obscurant1stok, thx for the help.. :D04:53
oniltonmacielI searched a lot but couldn't find anything concrete about this issue I got when installing ubuntu from live cd04:54
ke1ha_bikcmp: phpmyadmin is an easy to use admin app.04:54
`mOOse`oniltonmaciel, have you tried to right-click on the desktop and get the settings menu up?04:54
`mOOse`if you get that far, the right-most tab will allow you to turn off the aero level graphic candy and you might get your desktop back04:55
oniltonmacielmoose, I don't see anything, not even the usplash04:55
becker_11what is the location of the desktop wallpaper in ubuntu please?04:55
Curly_QHas anyone here played around with IPV6 with Ubuntu?04:55
oniltonmacielactually I think that in the exact moment the usplash enter, I don't see anything any more04:56
`mOOse`no window borders - nothing?04:56
travalasI'm looking for an alternative to LDAP.  I want to sync users accross a series of computers, but I don't have a dependable network.04:56
oniltonmacielI don't know if it's a issue with my video card: intel GMA 4500 HD04:56
toastedmilkMy card should be supported by the radeon driver and I can't get direct rendering to work.  Any pointers?04:57
tomoyuki28jpHow can I specify host's port in /etc/hosts file? This doesn't work ' domain'04:57
j-A_sonHello; I'm having trouble networking my Dell Dimension 8250; I'm fairly sure it's that I don't have the correct driver, but I'm not really sure. last year I was using this machine with Ubuntu, and all networking worked great. Then I had to reinstall Ubuntu over the entire thing to prepare it to give to a scouting group. When I reinstalled, it seems like the ethernet was not found. The ethernet interface was not detected no matter what I04:57
j-A_sontried. I also tried using a D-link wireless N (DWA-160) usb stick (which had also worked before) and it was able to detect my network name, but never able to connect. I tried everything I could find online and in the forums to no avail. I tried a live CD of Knoppix (just to see if it could detect the hardware) and that showed the same results. I then found the Debian device driver check & report for Dell/Dimension 8250, and it motivated04:57
j-A_sonjust try installing Debian, largly in the hopes that it would contain the correct driver(s) to make it work, but upon installation the Ethernet card was not detected. When I selected e100, the correct one according to the report, it stutters and goes back asking for another driver. After install, I proceeded to try a bunch of other stuff, none of which worked. I like Ubuntu better, so now I'm back to 9.10. Can anyone offer any ideas on 04:57
j-A_songet this thing connected to the outside world? Thanks in advance.04:57
FloodBot4j-A_son: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:57
vegombreiwhat is a ext2 partition ... how is it different from the primary ext3 partition??04:58
DaemonFCext2 is basically ext3 without a journal, few other minor things. question is how did you end up with one? :)04:59
vegombreiim trying to format a new drive i added to my system and ubuntu recommenda ext2 .. is this in any way faster or more efficient than a fat 32?04:59
ke1ha_vegombreiL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext304:59
LavaEagleSo then what is a journal exactly?04:59
DaemonFCvegombrei, You mean hard disk or a flash memory drive?05:00
LavaEaglenvm googleing05:00
xfactCurrently Ubuntu recommends ext4, right?05:00
Curly_Qi-A son it might be that you need to get rid of the Windows MBR. Start anew and see if it will work.05:00
DaemonFCLavaEagle, Journaling helps the system make sure the filesystem is consistent05:00
ke1ha_What is Journaling: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journaling_file_system05:01
DaemonFCext2 fsck might take hours after an unplanned shutdown (power loss, etc.)05:01
DaemonFCxfact, It recommends Ext4, I still use XFS05:01
=== pinoyskullv2 is now known as pinoyskull
LavaEagle@k1ha ty for both05:01
xfactdaemonFC: ohh05:01
DaemonFCExt4 is having some data loss issues that have been fixed in XFS for years05:01
DaemonFCnobody wants to admit that, but it's true05:02
j-A_sonCurly_Q: how do you recommend I do this?05:02
Curly_Qi-A son, try before installing the software this:   fdisk/mbr in the DOS mode if you are using Windows as a starter.05:02
j-A_sonmy full system is ubuntu I think...05:02
vegombreiDaemonFC: hard drive ... i have 3 x 1 TB hdds ... i installed ubuntu on hdd0 with ext3 . then when i added the other drives ubuntu recommmended i format them to ext2 ... i however think if i make it fat32 in case of system failure i can still remove the drive plug it into any other machine to retreive my data ... however i wanna know if i can do the same with ext2 .. also do you recommend it DaemonFC?05:02
DaemonFCXFS also doesn't reserve 10% of the volume like Ext2/3/4 do, because XFS has a defragmentation utility for if you ever do fill it up to the point it is fragged05:02
j-A_sonis that a terminal thing too?05:02
Curly_QIt doesn't matter what you are using, it matters what you did.05:03
DaemonFCyou use Ext* file systems, you lose 10% of your volume, you can override that but then you face massive fragmentation you can05:03
DaemonFC*can't fix05:03
LtHummusHow can I prevent Ubuntu's update manager from popping up?  I only want to update packages when I explicitly tell Ubuntu.05:04
Curly_QGo back to square ONE and recover your tracks.05:04
emghazalHow do I remove older kernels from grub? and is it safe?05:04
j-A_sonok, so how do I do that? sorry. Thanks for your willingness to help05:04
BsimsHaving HD issues... getting the following error messages: ata1: hard resetting link, sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Unhandled error code, and lost page write due to I/O error on sda1 however when it does it sets /dev/sdb to read only05:04
DaemonFCvegombrei, If you haven't put anything on them yet, just reformat them as Ext4 or XFS or whatever you wanted05:04
semitonesLtHummus, I think you can stop it from starting on login05:04
vegombreiDaemonFC: so should i reformat the drive to fat32 to be on the safe side?05:04
ke1ha_but, Ext FS is better for handling lots of files, where XFS is far better a large file storage.05:04
LtHummussemitones: how do I do that?05:04
Bsimssmartmon says its clean, and I am running the long test now05:04
DaemonFCvegombrei, FAT32 shouldn't be used if you can possibly avoid it05:04
DaemonFCmajor limitations in FAT32 make it suitable only for devices that only understand FAT3205:05
Bsimssmartmon says its clean, and I am running the long test now... anyone else see this after the last round of upgrades05:05
DaemonFCit's also a Microsoft thing, patents, fun stuff05:05
semitonesLtHummus, look under "sessions" I think, in preferences. I'm not in Gnome right now, so I'm not sure05:05
LtHummussemitones: i'll check it out, thanks05:05
=== s|k|test is now known as yay
jadamsI just got a new ipod touch.  I followed what I thought were the corret tutorials, and installed ifuse and gtkpod.  The touch doesn't have the correct dir structure, and gtkpod says it can't create it.  Furthermore, though I've mounted it at /media/ipod with ifuse, it has no dir structure at all (not even . and ..)05:05
=== yay is now known as yaya
ke1ha_if your storing ten's of thousands of files and types, Ext is probably a better bet, if your storage is for say ISO's or DVD's large volume files, XFS is the right choice.05:05
semitonesLtHummus, no problem :)05:05
vegombreiDaemonFC: its a new drive with no data on it yet ... im asking you to recommend a partition type that is optimal for my system ..05:05
Curly_QAlways remember this: "Never install any operating system without resetting the MBR  <---  Master Boot Record first. That is so very important.05:06
DaemonFCvegombrei, XFS is what I use on drives that size05:06
LtHummussemitones: just putting the final touches on my Ubuntu powered HTPC :)05:06
j-A_sonhow do I do this?05:06
DaemonFCmake sure you get the xfsdump package so you have the maintenance utilities05:06
vegombreiDaemonFC: so be it then ... brb .. need to tell gparted to make that drive xfs05:06
semitonesLtHummus, ah, I see, that sounds fun :)05:06
ke1ha_Boot = EXT2, /root and home dir's ext3/4 or riserrfs, or if your storing bog files XFS05:07
DaemonFCXFS is hellaciously fast and has better management tools than e2fsprogs (ext filesystem tools package)05:07
ke1ha_opps big files XFS05:07
LtHummussemitones: yeah it was...took the weekend but I basically have everything worked out except for one or two issues (this being one of them)....gotta love the Ubuntu community05:07
emghazalHow do I remove older kernels from grub? and is it safe?05:07
DaemonFCif you start throwing around files over 1GB around, XFS murders even Ext405:08
sloopyemghazal, use apt or synaptic05:08
Curly_QHey guys, another tech tip, your BIOS may not support the new Terrabyte drives SATA or IDE.05:08
semitones:D I'm glad!05:08
vegombreiDaemonFC: gparted doesnt give me an option to partition it in xfs05:08
LavaEagle@daemon what os do you use that has XFS or did you tell Ubuntu to install with it?05:08
DaemonFCvegombrei, It should..... hmmmm05:08
j-A_sonCurly_Q: how do you suggest I reset the MBR?05:08
ke1ha_Use the Package Manager, but make sure you know what Kernel your using now, and it's always a good thing to keep a known working older kernel.05:09
DaemonFCLavaEagle, Mandriva has supported XFS very well for years, even as /boot, Ubuntu was using the old buggy crappy GRUB until 9.0405:09
Curly_Qi-A Son, start anew. Go into the CMOS setup and start from scratch and do what you did to get the desired results you had before you had problems.05:09
DaemonFCGRUB 2 now understands XFS where original GRUB didn't05:09
snaythHi - Can someone tell me the main difference between Opebox and Xubuntu ?05:10
LavaEagleSo your talking about karmic?05:10
BsimsHaving HD issues... getting the following error messages: ata1: hard resetting link, sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Unhandled error code, and lost page write due to I/O error on sda1 however when it does it sets /dev/sdb to read only smartmon says its clean, and I am running the long test now... anyone else see this after the last round of upgrades05:10
DaemonFCLasBuntu, Jaunty was the first release that supported XFS on /boot, so if you want, all you need is a SWAP partition and one XFS partition mounted on /05:10
DaemonFCand Ubuntu will work like that :)05:10
rwwsnayth: Xubuntu uses xfce. xfce and openbox are different window managers...05:10
LavaEagleOh cool!05:11
ke1ha_isn't XFS also better suited to 64-Bit OS ?05:11
DaemonFCI've edited my fstab to speed XFS up even more, I would not suggest hand-editing fstab unless you know what you are doing05:11
Curly_QYou see, that most people come here in this forum and complain but don't realize that they may be using a computer that has an outdated BIOS or older BIOS. That is why so many questions are asked here.05:11
DaemonFCke1ha_, XFS will work on 32-bit or 64-bit OS's, the only difference is that your max partition size is 8 Exabytes on a 32-bit Linux, and 16 Exabytes on 64-bit Linux05:12
DaemonFCinode64 mount option also makes it unusable on a 32-bit OS forever05:12
DaemonFCso don't use that!05:12
DaemonFCExt4 max partition is "only" 1 Exabyte *grin*05:13
ke1ha_I've just not used it allot. We used XFS on some of out work clusters, but not anything at home.05:13
j5098i am trying to restore grub on my laptop after a windows installationg.  all the guides i've seen say to do 'find /boot/grub/stage1' as the first step, but i get "file not found"05:14
DaemonFCke1ha_, You probably used CXFS, a version of XFS tailored to clusering05:14
DaemonFCXFS is still heavily worked on all around and will be for years05:14
acclaimtechanyone using ESX server in here?05:14
DaemonFCso I don't think support for it will die this decade05:14
j-A_sonok, I'm not really sure what to do... sorry. can I update it somehow?05:14
Curly_QKe1ha are you working with SCISI drives?05:14
ke1ha_I may out one on a VM install, just to see if there's any real improvement. Clearly though, if your not accessing the file system on a high frequency, we probably won't "notice" a massive improvement.05:15
semitonessnayth, Lubuntu uses openbox. It's more lightweight than xfce or gnome05:15
DaemonFCke1ha_, Another nice thing about XFS is the minimal CPU use05:15
=== jon is now known as Guest5823
AscavasaionMorning.  I am trying to get GPRS connectivity via bluetooth so that my laptop can go online using my mobile phone.  I have followed the tutorial at http://www.spiration.co.uk/post/1307/Ubuntu%20Linux%20-%20Bluetooth%20and%20GPRS%20dialup%20connection and the one at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup and when I try to connect using "pon eitherdialupconffilename" I get an error that there is no /dev/rfcomm0".  I checked05:15
Ascavasaion in /dev and there is no device with that name.  Has the device name changed from earlier versions of Ubuntu to 9.04?05:16
acclaimtechCan you store vm's on a XFS?05:16
FloodBot4Ascavasaion: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:16
DaemonFCso it's not any one thing where XFS has a huge advantage over Ext4, it's a lot of little things that come together05:16
DaemonFCacclaimtech, virtual Machine images? Yeah05:16
DaemonFCwhy not ? :)05:16
acclaimtechnot images05:16
acclaimtechrunning vms05:16
ke1ha_At work, the arrays are all RAW write data sub-systems, then for the OS, and program storage, yes, it's SCSI, but 95% of all the nodes are PXE's so only data is stored on drives, not apps.05:16
emghazalWhat about btrfs? I think I read it was better than ext4, but not ready yet. Will it be better than XFS?05:17
* Ascavasaion kicks FloodBot1 in the nads.05:17
DaemonFChaven't tried that, acclaimtech05:17
DaemonFCemghazal, Yeah, Btrfs has more features planned, I've kicked it around once though and it was pretty slow, but that's just after it got merged in Linux 2.6.2905:18
DaemonFCthe best thing about it is that it will convert existing Ext3/4 partitions to Btrfs eventually05:18
DaemonFCExt4 is really just kind of a placeholder05:18
Curly_QI had the worst problem with INODE crashes years ago. it was all SCSI related and the source of the problem was a mismatched CPU Dual SCSI motherboard setup.05:19
acclaimtechHow long should it take to copy 100Gb from one sata drive to another?05:19
Roastedwhats the current scoop with BTRFS? Is it soon coming?05:19
ke1ha_It really comes down to what your using the box for. If you need fast read / writes, then you want the fastest FS you can get, but if your I/O limited to begin with, the FS probably wont have that large of impact.05:19
AscavasaionI am amazed that I am the only person in here who has ever wanted to connect to the Internet on his laptop using his mobile phone and bluetooth connectivity.05:19
ahmed_hi everyone05:19
j5098i am trying to restore grub on my laptop after a windows installation.  all the guides i've seen say to do 'find /boot/grub/stage1' as the first step, but i get "file not found"05:19
acclaimtechKelha what is the fastest FS?05:19
arandRoasted: Not in quite some time afaik.05:19
Curly_QIt was a problematic DUAL CPU Motherboard.05:20
iflemaj5098 one option is download super grub disk iso ... its only small that will get you in the once in reinstall grub.... itll be easier05:20
darthanubis!attitude | Ascavasaion05:20
ubottuAscavasaion: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:20
ke1ha_Well, I dont know what the "fastest" one is, but XFS is certainly faster than EXT's.05:20
ahmed_any news about core i3?05:20
j5098iflema: thanks05:21
fatumDoes anyone know if the Netgear wg311v3 wireless card have known support in 9.10?05:21
darthanubisahmed_: check i3 support channel05:21
Curly_QIt doesn't matter how fast something is, it is how RELI05:21
fatumhas *05:21
Curly_QAble it is.05:21
acclaimtechnot true Curly_Q05:21
_Paint_anyone know enough to offer some help with multi-booting?05:21
acclaimtechotherwise everyone would raid6 everything05:21
DaemonFCCurly_Q, That's why a lot of people still use Ext305:21
ke1ha_JFS and riserfs are really fast as well. All of them are good, aand all have pro's & con's.05:22
acclaimtechor raid5005:22
darthanubis!ask | _pedda_05:22
ubottu_pedda_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:22
darthanubis!ask | _Paint_05:22
ubottu_Paint_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:22
DaemonFCreiser is not good on multi-core cpus and Hans is in prison, JFS goes crazy if you try to grow a file05:22
acclaimtechWell I need something that is fast for vmware05:22
Curly_QFast is OK, but, reliability is more important. Not only that, what is most important is dependability.05:23
DaemonFCExt 3/4 and XFS are the only file system that should be considered out of what Ubuntu offers05:23
acclaimtechmy esxi box is super slow05:23
ke1ha_Yeah, he did not  do well on the lawsuit :-)05:23
acclaimtechit's taking over 5 hours to copy 100Gb05:23
kosharike1ha he murdured his wife05:23
semitonessnayth, are you still here?05:23
ahmed_any news avout core i3? i tried to install Ubuntu on my laptop but the video is not working. any help05:24
Tm_T!ot | koshari05:24
ubottukoshari: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:24
* om26er doubts if he is in the wrong channel05:24
_Paint_alrighty so lets make this a little more precise...i already had xp and ubuntu 8.10 dual booting fine so i made a partition and installed windows 7 on it and now GRUB isnt loading on boot...suggestions05:24
acclaimtechyep...Throw Windows7 out the window05:24
_Paint_lol alternative suggestions :P05:24
Curly_QWindows 7 is a toilette.05:24
koshariTm_T its more on topic than win 7 topics you clown05:24
ke1ha_Ok we're way off topic :-) .. If all ya want is a standard highly support FS, Ext3 / 4, If ya want to try the speedy stuff, XFS.05:24
`mOOse`with LVM ;-)05:25
DaemonFCWindows 7 will eat your GRUB, just like Vista before it, and XP before it, and Windows 2000, Me, 98........05:25
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.05:25
* om26er tries btrfs05:25
* semitones thought XFS was optimized for large files05:25
acclaimtechyou'll have to reinstall GRUb05:25
Tm_T_Paint_: see what ubottu said05:25
DaemonFCyeah, boot off the Ubuntu CD and run a grub-install05:25
j-A_sonCurly_Q: what do you suggest I do with my BIOS? I've never needed to change anything before.05:25
DaemonFCthere's guides to that I think05:26
acclaimtechor get a 2nd boot manager before grub and windows705:26
DaemonFCyes, you can also chainload GRUB off the Windows bootloader05:26
acclaimtechthat's really messy though Deamon05:26
DaemonFCthat way Windows is satisfied that its bootloader is there05:26
_Paint_okay so umm...bring that down to simple english for the ubuntu noob :)...05:27
* acclaimtech hugs Ubuntu05:27
Curly_Qi-A Son, I am not sure what you need to know. I do know that when I teach my students at the Academy where I teach, I teach them the basics on how to understand the CMOS setup and the BIOS structure and how the computer works.05:27
acclaimtechPaint: throw your Ubuntu CD in and do a Grub Install05:27
=== jordan is now known as Guest8280
j-A_sonso I guess it would be a good idea to update it?05:27
_Paint_technically i installed from usb cause its a netbook...but...same diff?05:27
=== Guest8280 is now known as Jordan_U
acclaimtechsame diff05:28
acclaimtechCurly what do you teach?05:28
_Paint_:) thanks...05:28
Curly_QI teach A+ and CCNA classes.05:28
acclaimtechfor how old of students?05:28
Curly_QAlso Engineering as well as Electrical Engineering.05:28
ahmed_why can't i install Ubuntu on my computer? please help me05:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:29
Tm_TCurly_Q: acclaimtech: please try to stay in channel topic, feel free to use #ubuntu-offtopic for chatting05:29
ke1ha_if the BIOS is not causing our probably better off staying wehre your at.you a particular problem, or there isn't any specific feature you "need" in a later version, y05:29
peepsalothow do i check which graphics drivers X is using?05:29
acclaimtechcome on man... I was just curious we're not flooding the channel05:29
Curly_QTM T we are on topic. The class here is asking how to install operating systems and how to work with BIOS setups.05:29
ke1ha_wow, that came out all wrong. If you dont need to upg BIOS, dont, if you need something n a later version,  upg it.05:30
Jordan_Uahmed_, It's impossible to help you without more information about what exact problem you are running into.05:30
mneptokacclaimtech: the channel has rules. please follow them.05:30
DaemonFCke1ha_, Don't touch the BIOS unless you're certain it's the problem and you know the update fixes it. Could end up having to take it into a PC repair shop and paying them to reflash it for you because it won't boot up. :D05:30
mneptokCurly_Q: "what do you teach" is not an Ubunt support question.05:30
mushy1so whats the latest greatest torrent program for linux05:30
=== xnt14 is now known as xnt14[sleep]
peepsalotmushy1, try deluge or transmission05:30
om26ermusca, deluge05:31
mushy1which  ones easiest and gui05:31
acclaimtechI use Deluge05:31
mushy1it got gui?05:31
ke1ha_rr. that's what I was trying to say the first time around, it just came out all jumbled .. lol05:31
acclaimtechyes and a webgui05:31
annecoulterliberals!!!! arrrggh05:31
mneptokmushy1: Transmission is installed by default. start there.05:31
RainbowEyestransmission is a pretty simple easy to use gui torrenting program05:31
mushy1oh already installed perfect05:31
om26ermushy1, deluge is better for speed. transmission's speed fluctuates all the time.05:31
Curly_QThe fact of the matter is that unless anyone knows and understands how BIOS works and how the computer talks with the OS , then, all of these questions would be moot.05:31
RainbowEyeswell, I've gotten speeds of around 1.5mb/s consistently with Transmission05:32
RainbowEyesso it doesn't seem that bad to me05:32
mushy1on ubuntu can i tell if i got a cd rom or a cd burner05:32
ahmed_i just bought Gateway laptop with core i3 processor and it is running windows 7 when i tried to install Ubuntu on it the screen goes balck but i can hear the iso image installing but i can not see anything. please help05:32
mushy1any easy way05:32
DaemonFCthe only thing that really miffs me is that the ATI Catalyst/FGLRX is not updated regularly. FGLRX is slow buggy crap, but if they fix some bugs, why are those not in the repo?05:32
mushy1the dirve doesnt days05:32
acclaimtechahmed: you should probably try a text install instead of graphic05:32
darthanubisannecoulter: are you really going to troll politics here?05:32
mneptokdarthanubis: please don't feed the troll.05:33
DuskinAhmed: try using the alternate install cd instead05:33
annecoulterno, i'm just testing webchat.freenode.net05:33
P1umb3rSystem:    Host johntop Kernel 2.6.31-14-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Distro Linux Mint 8 Helena - x64 Edition05:33
darthanubismneptok: I think I got this thanks05:33
ahmed_i am new to linux world and i want  to use gnome05:33
om26erannecoulter, it also support /part05:33
annecoultermibbit wont let me on freenode so...05:33
Curly_QAnyways, it was nice meeting you folks here. I must teach another class now. Take care folks.05:33
* acclaimtech feeds the troll darthanubis05:33
DuskinAhmed: gnome is the default gui for ubuntu.05:34
`mOOse`you like deluge better than others acclaimtech05:34
darthanubisahmed_: not enough information to help you05:34
acclaimtechyes M00se it's also accepted at every private torrent site as well05:34
DaemonFC(my opinion) the only thing worse than Deluge on *nix is Deluge on Windows B-)05:34
darthanubisdeluge works05:35
mneptokdarthanubis: please let channel ops deal with trolls, and do not incite them.05:35
`mOOse`I've used ktorrent transmission qtorrent....I don't like any of them05:35
darthanubistry downloading a large file collection with transmission05:35
peepsaloti upgraded my motherboard and now I have really terrible performance.  i think it's related to my graphics drivers but I'm not sure.  can anyone help me troubleshoot?05:35
ahmed_because i am new to linux i only can work with Gui i am still learning Unix commands05:35
darthanubisyou'll never get it05:35
darthanubisdeluge got it05:35
ahmed_and that will take a long time05:35
mushy1anyone know if i download xp on a linux hd if i can install from there05:35
mushy1or if i have to burn05:35
mushy1it seems to big for a cdrw05:36
darthanubisahmed_: don't experiment on your new box05:36
Duskinmushy1: you have to burn it05:36
DaemonFCWhy are we talking about burning XP on a CD-R? That doesn't sound......kosher?05:36
darthanubismushy1: rephrase05:36
ahmed_darthanubis . what do you mean?05:36
tonhi ^^05:36
darthanubismneptok: please stop addressing me05:36
* acclaimtech becomes a troll05:37
Duskinmushy1: the iso for a windows xp install should be around 650mbs, anything larger is extra stuff added to it05:37
koshariahmed_ a virtual machine is a good place to experiment05:37
acclaimtechyes try a VM ahmed05:37
mneptokdarthanubis: please join #ubuntu-ops05:38
ke1ha_VMPlayer3  and any 9.10 is a good playground, if ya break it, it's real easy and fast to restore / rebuild it. and it's all free.05:38
ahmed_koshari i am running Ubuntu right now on my desktop but i want to run it on my laptop too05:38
semitonessnayth, hey, are you here?05:38
Jordan_Umushy1, You can try installing via the alternate install CD, though you will likely still get a black screen on first boot after installing05:38
snaythsemitones: Yup05:38
ahmed_and i am using Vbox too05:38
DuskinAhmed_ try installing using the alternate install cd05:38
koshariahmed_ by all means go for it,05:39
`mOOse`well I like uTorrent in windows so every torrent pgm I find in linux I subliminally compare to it....I've yet to find anything close so I'm shopping05:39
shizuragirloh sorry05:39
shizuragirli don't know how to use this05:39
`mOOse`I'll give it a shot05:39
semitonessnayth, alright, to answer your question, lubuntu uses LXDE, instead of GNOME, which has been designed to be low-requirement and work on lower hardware05:39
snaythsemitones: So are you running the Lubuntu?  Could I run it with 256MB's ram & about 5GB'd HDrive space ? My friend keeps getting spyware.05:39
iflemaoi.... transmission... its great.... you get treated like a king even if you dont put out... if ya follow me. would ya like a calander with that?05:39
semitonessnayth, I'm running Lubuntu right now on 376 mb ram, and 5GB is enough to install it05:40
semitoneser, 384 mb ram05:40
ahmed_i burned ubuntu 32-bit and 64-bit  iso image  on dc but when i tried to install them on my 64-bit Gateway core i3, they did not work.05:40
snaythsemitones: Does it have a fairly easy to use and understand desktop ?05:40
ahmed_by the way Opensolaris is working but Ubuntu i have a problem with the video graphic05:41
Jordan_Uahmed_, You can try installing via the alternate install CD, though you will likely still get a black screen on first boot after installing05:41
semitonessnayth, it's pretty easy -- I would say that regular Ubuntu is slightly easier, but Lubuntu is pretty easy too.05:41
semitonessnayth, nothing out of the ordinary05:42
ahmed_what is alternate cd? please05:42
snaythsemitones: Sweet - Sounds like the ticket! I'll go check it out - Thanks so much - you're a life saver.....05:42
kinja-sheep!alt | ahmed_05:42
Jordan_U!alternate | ahmed_05:42
ubottuahmed_: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal05:42
j-A_sonis there a way to restore my BIOS to factory defaults?05:42
ahmed_ok i will try to find it thank you for your help05:43
kosharij-A_son theres usually a setting to load failsafe defaults which is pretty much factory05:43
LavaEagleAnyone here using Mandriva Linux Free?05:43
semitonessnayth, no problem :) Lubuntu is also fairly new, and is just being added to the Ubuntu roster, so expect lots of improvements to be made to it too05:43
kinja-sheepj-A_son: Most BIOS should have that option already.. in their BIOS.05:43
mneptokdarthanubis: did you see my request to join #ubuntu-ops?05:43
snaythsemitones: Yea - I was just looking at it - looks promising though.05:44
semitonessnayth, take a look at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/UbuntuLxdeDesktop05:44
LavaEagleis there a way to stop seeing all the people who leave and come back?05:45
semitonesLavaEagle, yes, enable conference mode. what program are you using?05:45
DuskinLavaeagle: it should be a setting in your irc client05:45
mneptokLavaEagle: depends on the IRC client.05:45
semitoneslook around for it, It'll be there somewhere05:45
koshariLavaEagle tools > plugins > join/patr hiding05:46
mneptok!es | NEGRITO05:46
ubottuNEGRITO: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:46
Kismetautomounting dosen't work.. anyone halp me05:46
j-A_sonmy BIOS is factory default already... I'm pretty sure I just need a driver.05:46
mneptokj-A_son: for what?05:46
j-A_sonnetwork card05:46
j-A_soni really don't know though.05:46
mneptokj-A_son: wireless?05:46
j-A_sonand ethernet05:47
Duskin'Ismet: what are you trying to mount?05:47
Kismeti would like to burn a dvd.. but my dvd-rom can't be mounted automaticly05:47
kinja-sheepI FORETELL SPAMS?05:47
felixsullaYeah no kidding.05:47
DuskinKismet: do you know what the drive path is?05:47
snaythsemitones, Wow - That looks so cool - I have been seeing people post stuff about not being to run the newer Karmic, etc. The guy's that wrote this responded - looks very promising - I have used DSLinux before but not really good for a linux noob.05:48
LavaEaglekoshari: It worked!05:48
KismetDuskin: no i don't know the path....05:48
semitonessnayth, yeah, I wouldn't recommend DSLinux for regular use, but Lubuntu works really well :)05:48
DuskinKismet: try in console: mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom05:48
snaythsemitones, Toddling off now to download - going to actually set it up in a virtualbox 1st.05:49
semitonessnayth, and if new users have problems, there's a great community for them to come to for help05:49
mneptokj-A_son: run "lspci -vvv" and see if the Ethernet device is listed there. if it is not, then you have BIOS or hardware issues.05:49
semitonessnayth, good idea. Does lubuntu have a live cd you can download?05:49
KismetDuskin, okay i try05:50
magn3tsI'm installing some software and it wants a file in /etc/event.d/<service name> and then run with "sudo start <service name>" but it is just returning "unknown job:"05:50
magn3tsAnyone know how to resolve it?05:50
=== Camaro_09_ is now known as Camaro_09
Ascavasaionubottu: hehehe  Relax dude.05:50
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:50
snaythsemitones, Yea - When I load Karmic on a friends computer one of the 1st apps I install is Xchat and show them - "look here are all these people that have a passion for what they do" and just waiting to answer your questions. Can't ask more then that!05:51
KismetDuskin, i get some error with : wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sr005:52
semitonessnayth: hehe, I'm glad :) and once you've learnd a little bit, you're able to help people newer than you05:52
j-A_sonmneptok: it list ethernet controller, but I still have no idea how to get it to work. Thanks for your help05:52
LavaEagleLol I was on pidgin portable05:52
j-A_sonwhat do you think?05:52
LavaEagleremoved by accident and oh shi*05:52
snaythsemitones, I can't say how times I've called MS and been pretty much frustrated and disappointed by the whole thing...05:52
DuskinKismet: is the cd a blank cd?05:52
KismetDuskin, it is a blank dvd05:53
mneptokj-A_son: "cat /etc/network/interfaces" and tell me if you see eth0 or eth105:53
snaythsemitones, Well thanks - I'am still learning - but it's worth it - cya05:53
mneptokj-A_son: do NOT paste results to the channel05:53
semitonessnayth, yeah, I have to say, ubuntu, and linux in general seem a lot easier to fix than windows. There, it either works, or it doesn't :/05:53
KismetDuskin, i don't know if that makes the difference05:53
DuskinKismet: you don't need to mount it, just open up the burner05:54
DuskinKismet: burner program*05:54
j-A_sonits just the loopback05:54
mneptokj-A_son: when you ran lspci, who makes the Ethernet chipset?05:54
j-A_sonI guess Intel? thats the only company here. sorry :P05:55
KismetDuskin, "could not display "burn:///".05:55
shadowrunihello all05:55
KismetDuskin, is the message if i try to open cD/DVD Creator05:55
om26er!hi | shadowruni05:56
ubottushadowruni: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:56
dj__hey guys.  Anyone know how to properly burn a iso file?  I tried right clicking on it and burning it, however when I was trying to install windows 7 from the burnt dvd, it says not all install files are there05:56
KismetDuskin, and with brasero i just can burn an image file05:56
dj__kismet: brasero is the default application yes?05:56
shadowrunidj, are you sure your iso is good?05:56
dj__i'm + my iso is good05:56
j-A_sonmneptok: I think Intel05:56
j-A_son"Intel Corporation"05:57
Jordan_Udj__, You can use brasero and enable the option to verify that the CD burned properly, beyond that this is really a question for ##windows05:57
mneptokj-A_son: i doubt it's Intel. 99% of Intel wired network stuff "just works" in Linux.05:57
LavaEagledj: you burning an iso from where?05:57
Kismetdj__, i don't know which one is the default application... I just used to use both05:57
dj__ftr I reallly hate windows, however I do like having my music on my subs :P05:57
shadowrunidj, generate an md5 chksum and paste it here and tell me the version you're using05:57
dj__lava i'm burning a iso from my external hardrive05:57
DuskinKismet: I don't know how to fix the programs, you'll have to ask someone else05:57
LavaEagledj: source?05:58
shadowruniI can compare that to my copies (MS gold partnership rocks) and see what's up05:58
j-A_sonEthernet controller: Intel Coporation 82557/8/9/0/1 Ethernet Pro 100 (rev 10)05:58
KismetDuskin, thank you for your time....05:58
mneptokdj__: discussions of software piracy are not welcome here.05:58
KismetDuskin, kind of you05:58
dj__software piracy lol...05:58
mneptokj-A_son: do you have the Live CD/DVD around?05:58
dj__you know I very well could of ripped the iso from a disc I purchased.  I do have a little niece that likes to destroy my cd's and dvds05:58
arooni_____hey folks; i have a 16GB microsd flash card in my phone that doesnt appear as a drive on ubuntu jaunty (usually it did) ; i cant even see it with gparted.  the partition is damaged so i need to reformat.  ideas?05:58
mneptokj-A_son: boot off that and see if the Ethernet interface works. if it does, something you configured on the installed system is causing the issue.05:59
shadowruniarooni, try sudo fdisk -l05:59
j-A_sonmneptok: it's a fresh install- it didn't work off the live CD before either. Should I try again? Thanks for your time.06:00
dj__anything better than brasero?06:00
iflemadj__ the desktop menus.... Applications / Sound and Video / Brasero Disc Burner will burn an iso image.06:00
KismetHey anyone an idea why i can't burn images or anything else to a dvd anymore06:00
dj__kismet: I'd check your disc burner itself.  Sometiems they will crap out on you06:01
DaemonFCKismet, Could be that the drive is dying06:01
mneptokj-A_son: desktop or laptop?06:01
DaemonFCsometimes they still recognize CDs for a while06:01
dj__iflema:  I know how to use brasero, it's just not burning the data I need burnt correctly.  I know my .iso is good to go06:01
mneptokj-A_son: examine the BIOS carefully. ensure the network interface is active.06:01
j-A_sonmneptok: Dell Dimension 8250, desktop06:01
KismetDaemonFC, It works with a live cd06:02
ke1ha_is you run cdrecord -scabus id the drive identified ?06:02
Kismetdj__, it works with a live cd06:02
j-A_sonmneptok: it's on the factory default settings- I'm not really sure what I can do06:02
DaemonFCyeah, but it's not recognizing DVD-Rs, right?06:02
ke1ha_opps cdrecord -scanbus06:02
dj__oh well...I guess i'll figure it out :)06:02
dj__thanks for the idea's though06:02
j-A_sonit worked beofre with the same settings- but when I removed and reinstalled ubuntu it stopped working06:03
iflemadj__ " Anyone know how to properly burn an iso file?" and the burner?06:03
Jordan_Udj__, I seriously doubt that changing software will help anything. Have you tried looking at the md5sum of the CD vs that of the iso?06:03
KismetDaemonFC, the live -cd is a live dvd06:03
dj__i'm going to look at that now06:03
snaythsemitones, Hey you still here ? Does the Lubuntu run restricted - like flash, etc ?06:03
semitonessnayth, yup. In most ways, it's like a lightweight skin on ubuntu06:03
DaemonFCsnayth, Just a guess, but I would assume Lubuntu is using gstreamer and Firefox and all that06:04
DaemonFCIt makes no sense at all to use Xine :)06:04
j-A_sonmneptok: it worked before with the same settings- but when I removed and reinstalled ubuntu it stopped working06:04
snaythDaemonFC, Sweet - Not a purist yet - but working my way there06:04
dj__ /leave06:05
mneptokj-A_son: which release? Live or installed?06:05
arooni_____whats a good way to transfer music over to my blackberry (or any mass storage device) that doesnt involve drag and drop?  (ideally like an itunes for ubunut)06:05
juan_iTunes runs on Ubuntu06:06
DaemonFCsnayth, The problem with bloat is not best solved by cutting everything out, GNOME is bloated because a users needs are big, not because it's harboring a lot of useless crap. (To borrow upon a Jamie Zawinsky quote)06:06
ke1ha_arooni_ rsync .. i use it to sync all my media folders.06:06
DaemonFCjuan_, Poor Ubuntu06:06
mneptokjuan_: is that a question?06:06
j-A_sonmneptok: it worked with 8.10, but then I reinstalled ubuntu 9.10 from disk to overwrite everything. I was going to give the computer to my scout troop, but I ended up keeping it for some home networking usage; now it's just not connecting to anything.06:06
Dravekx70 packages can be updated. 37 updates are security updates. , should I update?06:06
snaythsemitones, That's good to here - When you try to explain about codecs and proprietary to a regular windows user - there eyes kinda glass over and they just don't see your point.06:06
juan_sudo apt-get install playonlinux06:07
LavaEaglearooni: I have looked for something similar for my 3200 bb but the best way I could keep complete control of my phone was drag and drop or possibly acdsee06:07
Jordan_UDravekx, Yes06:07
DaemonFCsnayth, "codec packs! Sweeeeet!"06:07
dbluefieldcan anybody give a linux newb some advice?06:07
mneptokj-A_son: if you are donating it, try 8.04 on it. it's an LTS release. 9.10 is not.06:07
Jordan_U!ask | dbluefield06:07
ubottudbluefield: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:07
_Trulloheh, I run sudo apt-get update / upgrade atleast twice / day :)06:07
dbluefieldthanx Jordan06:07
Dravekxdbluefield, like what?06:07
Jordan_Udbluefield, np06:07
juan_Dravekx: update06:08
Dravekxjuan_, I am06:08
semitonessnayth, haha, it depends how you explain it, but yeah I know what you mean. They don't know why they should care06:08
snaythDaemonFC, Yea I totally agree - my machine is mean and lean with 8gb's ram and huge hard drive so bloat is not a BIG deal to me but is to allot of other folks.06:08
j-A_sonalright- I tried moving back to 8.10, but I don't think I have tried 8.04- come to think of it, that's where I started out- thanks for your help.06:08
j-A_sonI'll do that now.06:08
mneptoksnayth: "a lot." two words. :)06:09
dbluefieldI've burned the Ubuntu ISO onto disk and will try to boot it --my windows XP boc has a C/drive(windowsOS) and a partitioned E drive for extras -- where will Ubuntu install?06:09
snaythsemitones, yup - they just don't get it - but that's how it is06:09
juan_dbluefield: need an EXT4 and Swap partitions06:09
DaemonFCsnayth, GNOME is actually scrapping most of the $50,000 toilet seats anyhow06:09
DaemonFCmaking room for GNOME 306:09
JimmioHey all. How do I use dd to copy only, say, 2MB of a source?06:09
Jordan_Udbluefield, The installer will give you an option to resize your current partitions to make space for Ubuntu06:09
Dravekxdbluefield, it will install where you tell it to.06:09
semitonesdbluefield, you can rearrange your partitions using the installer06:09
dbluefielddidnt understand that juan06:10
juan_dbluefield: need to make 2 more partitions06:10
dbluefieldwill it add another partition?06:10
Dravekxdbluefield, or you can just run it off the CD and not install it. :)06:10
juan_dbluefield: 1 EXT4 / 1 Swap06:10
DaemonFCsnayth, It's not going to surprise me when GNOME 3 is out with all the features it has now and comes in lighter than vanilla XFCE06:10
semitonesdbluefield, the real question is, what would YOU like it to do06:10
DaemonFCXFCE is already overtaking the resource usage title away from GNOME and KDE anyway06:10
mushy1anyone know how to format off the security crap that is on kingston DTVP usb drives06:11
juan_DaemonFC: XFCE is not so lightweight now06:11
semitonesDaemonFC, but XFCE is so pretty :P06:11
DaemonFCa necessary consequence of doing more and being more things to more people06:11
dbluefieldwhen I turn the computer on - do I get a choice between windows and ubuntu?06:11
mushy1i want to make it a regular USB drive to work on windows and linux06:11
DravekxShould I reboot the server after updating?06:11
om26erseme, really ?06:11
juan_dbluefield: yes06:11
semitonesDaemonFC, LXDE is the new lightweight king (aside from fluxbox)06:11
snaythsemitones, You know though it only takes about two weeks for someone that I've put linux on their computer and there saying stuff like - Wow this seems so much more solid the windose and it doesn't crash - so they get the big picture quite quickly06:11
juan_Dravekx: only if requested06:11
dbluefieldis that in the Bios --what does it look like?06:11
Dravekxjuan_, ahhhh. k.06:12
semitonessnayth, yeah, it tends to be that way06:12
LavaEagledbluefield:  When you insert the disk it will give you 3 choices, use entire disk, side by side, or custom,  i believe side by side does ext3 with swap automatically, and custom you must define what partition type nad what the swap size is06:12
=== aksci is now known as thedancingdeer
indusdbluefield, it comes after the bios06:12
juan_dbluefield: make Back-Ups --->Data06:12
Jordan_Umushy1, You can format it with either fat32 or ntfs and both windows and linux will be able to read and write to it, though Mac OS only supports reading ntfs by default ( it supports reading and writing to fat32 though )06:12
DaemonFCLavaEagle, Side by side does Ext4, and way too much SWAP06:12
snaythDaemonFC, Gnome 3 ? Is that going to in Lucid ?06:12
DaemonFCjust like normal install does :D06:12
LavaEagleDaemonFC: ty06:13
indussnayth, no it will probably with 10.1006:13
DravekxIm not to fond of dual booting ubuntu and windows. :( I always have problems with it.06:13
DaemonFCsnayth, No, GNOME 2.30 will, GNOME 3 will ship in place of GNOME 2.3206:13
dbluefieldthanx - Im getting the idea - any best practises for installing?06:13
mushy1Jordan_U: right now my linux cannot read it at all06:13
mushy1and wine cannot run the DTVP exe thing06:13
LavaEagleDravekx: agreed, even though it is fairly stable it is always preferable to dedicate a comptuer to it06:13
juan_dbluefield: backup06:13
indusdbluefield, stick with ext 306:13
DaemonFCLavaEagle, The installer tries the 3.5 times physical RAM rule, which doesn't work out so well on systems with over 4 GB06:13
juan_dbluefield: use EXT406:13
DaemonFCcustom install is advisable06:13
DaemonFCerr, 2.506:14
snaythDaemonFC, I had heard about that ( Gnome 3 ) - Have to check it - Sounds great.06:14
dbluefieldmy disks are NTFS06:14
Jordan_Umushy1, Can you give more information about what exactly this device is?06:14
indusjuan_, ext4 has reports of data loss06:14
DaemonFCsnayth, You can preview it by installing gnome-shell06:14
thedancingdeerwhenever u close my gnome-terminal (using ctrl+d) after using the terminal a bit, my volume is set to mute! how do i check the scripts which run after closing any terminal?06:14
dbluefieldis ext 3/4 an install option?06:14
DaemonFCdbluefield, You can install to ext2/3/4, XFS, ResierFS, or JFS06:14
juan_indus: not confirmed, all FS can data loss06:14
petsounds!installation > dbluefield06:15
ubottudbluefield, please see my private message06:15
DaemonFCjuan_, GRUB was even corrupting ext3 at one point, in RHEL06:15
dbluefieldI have all my data on a seperate hard drive - its in the computer---any problems there?06:15
snaythDaemonFC, I'm running Karmic now - Would be best to setup in a virtualbox or something 1st you think?06:15
indusdbluefield, i say stick with ext3 its proven06:15
mushy1Jordan_U: http://www.kingston.com/flash/DTvaultPrivacy.asp   2gb version06:15
mushy1i want the security GONE preferably06:15
Dravekxindus, I've used ext4 for 3 months now, no problems.06:15
juan_DaemonFC: i never trusted RHEL06:15
indusi too, but have a look at this wait06:16
juan_DaemonFC: or Centos06:16
DaemonFCsnayth, gnome-shell is in the repository, you have to manually tell it to replace metacity -or- compiz by using gnome-shell --replace06:16
=== jon is now known as Guest38442
ke1ha_same here, 3 servers on Ext3 and 3 on Ext4 ... Ext4 seems very stable to date.06:16
DaemonFCand that's just for one session anyway06:16
juan_EXT4 is rock solid06:16
dbluefieldthanx -- sounds like 3 or 4:)06:17
juan_if suddendly power failure any FS can data loss06:17
DaemonFCI think it also adds an option to use it in the Appearance applet where you normally select metacity or Compiz06:17
juan_but its strange06:17
juan_on any EXT06:17
SpinachHeadwhere is the best place to download the lucid lynx development version?  The daily image won't install06:17
DaemonFCjuan_, I don't trust Ext4, you can format as many of your own drives with it as you care to :D06:17
indusjuan_, its not rock solid as ext 306:17
semitonesdbluefield, go with 4 -- newer = better support in the future06:17
ke1ha_for the average uer Ext3  or 4 is more than enough. if you want high performance, XFS.06:17
dbluefieldmy hysical data drive should be safe? (he asks hopefully)?06:17
snaythDaemonFC, I might install karmic in a VBox and try that - Don't want to screw up this setup I have now - it's running sweet06:17
dbluefieldthis is for basic web surfing06:18
indusjuan_, DaemonFC http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Nzk0OA06:18
dbluefieldunless I get into linux big time:)06:18
rwwubottu: ubuntu+1 | SpinachHead06:18
ubottuSpinachHead: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91006:18
DaemonFCExt4 is already far less reliable because it uses Extents, if you're paranoid you'll want to use Ext306:18
snaythDaemonFC, After all my HDrive is just itch'n to get filled up heh heh...06:19
rwwSpinachHead: sorry, wrong factoid. Lucid questions in #ubuntu+106:19
DaemonFCI know, XFS uses extents too06:19
ke1ha_snayth ... I run UB, XUB and EUB all 9.10 from a single laptop VM, works great, lets me eval all off them painlessly.06:19
Dravekxdbluefield, just back everything up. Run Ubuntu from USB or CD and see if you like it. THEN, if you want to dual boot,  go for it... but not unless you are sure. i would recommend against dual boot. It's better to stay 1 O/S per machine.06:19
DaemonFCXFS is also much more mature than Ext406:19
dbluefieldI want linux for security basically06:19
DaemonFCExt4 has only been tested on the masses for not even 2 years yet06:19
SpinachHeadokay, thx06:19
DaemonFCXFS dates back to 199406:19
snaythkelha, You like VM over VBox?06:20
juan_DaemonFC: no, i use it for years starting on Sabayon Linux06:20
dbluefieldsounds like good advice Dravekx06:20
indusDaemonFC, well, its an evolution of ext 3 so you cannot say its 2 years old /new06:20
juan_DaemonFC: the first to support it officially06:20
tkotuSup everyone. anyone know why I have cdrom2 that wont mount?06:20
ke1ha_I use for testing. All my real boxes are native installs.06:20
juan_DaemonFC: it sux :)06:20
xtagonQuick, easy question: Is it a bad idea to remove gedit? Aptitude says it'll remove ubuntu-desktop. Is that safe?06:20
snaythkelha, Was talking about Vmware.06:20
dbluefieldI use VMware on my laptop06:20
DaemonFCjuan_, The on-disk format of Ext4 is radically different from Ext306:20
rwwubottu: ubuntu-desktop | xtagon06:21
ubottuxtagon: k/ed/x/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.06:21
Dravekxdbluefield, advice from experience. I'm about a 7 month newbie still.06:21
dbluefieldso you guys think dual boot will cause problems?06:21
indusdbluefield, it will not !06:21
DaemonFConce you switch over to Extents, you'll never mount an Ext4 partition as Ext3 again (without deleting every file you touched since switching to Extents)06:21
semitonesdbluefield, no, dual booting is great06:21
ke1ha_rr. VMware .. I use Workstation 5.5.9 and it works, not the best, like I said, you want a real performance, Native Install is the way to go.,06:21
snaythkelha_, opps didn't see your underscore - So do you use Vmware and do you like it better then VBox?06:21
xtagonrww: Thanks. In the future, where do I check to see if a package is a meta package or not?06:21
dbluefieldI'm totaL NEWB..lol06:21
indusfrankly i too never had an issue with ext 4, that article is one off i guess06:21
mushy1what kind of dumbass still worries about dualbooting06:21
semitonesdbluefield, we were all in your place, once :)06:21
tkotucdrom2: why is it in my computer?06:22
mushy1niggas be quad booting these days while running multiple vms06:22
songerhello, i can't set my resolution06:22
mushy1with 10 monitors06:22
indusdbluefield, dual boot is the most pratical way of installing linux06:22
semitones!ohmy | mushy106:22
ubottumushy1: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.06:22
juan_i want LXC06:22
DaemonFCYou can create an Ext4 partition that's backward compatible by telling it to not use Extents, but then you've got yourself an overglorified Ext306:22
ke1ha_I also run a VMPlayer 8.04 UB install on my i7 box for Folding at home. Works well.06:22
rwwxtagon: If it's in the "metapackages" section, it's a metapackage. "apt-cache show packagenamehere" will show a bunch of information, including the section. I believe Synaptic can show it also.06:22
Dravekxmushy1, dual booting windows and linux as a newb is like telling a ford mechanic to build a GM car.06:22
dbluefieldI'd like to go for it -- if it craps my machine out - oh well06:23
xtagonrww: Great. Thanks for being so helpful :)06:23
indusdbluefield, here is some neat advice, one partition of say 10 gb for / , the rest for /home and size of ram for /swap06:23
semitonesDravekx, I disagree, for a determined user it's no problem06:23
mushy1no its not06:23
mushy1have the cat run the ubuntu live cd06:23
tkotuI feel invisible...lol.06:23
mushy1figure out if he even NEEDS linux06:23
songeri already install my driver06:23
mushy1then the partitioning is so easy these days06:23
mushy1with the interface it gives06:24
mushy1can you use a slide bar?06:24
juan_tkotu: whats t problem?06:24
indusdbluefield, thats of course if you have manual partitioning,06:24
mushy1if you can use a slide bar and click next you can dual boot06:24
mushy1end of discussion06:24
dbluefieldI guess what Im asking is -- my 1st physical drive has one partition C & E -- will Ubuntu make 2 more? -- the E drive has about 60 gigs left06:24
semitonesmushy1, please don't use enter as a punctuation :)06:24
Dravekxwell, nowadays there is really no need for dual boot.. windows and linux can do pretty much the same things.06:24
semitonesdbluefield, if you want it to, it will06:24
Dravekxits a matter of know-how06:24
DaemonFCyou're also not going to benefit much from Ext4 by mounting an Ext2/3 volume as Ext4, because most of your files are in the old format and there is no defrag tool for Ext4 (yet)06:24
indusdbluefield, ubuntu doesnt make any unless you tell it06:24
dbluefieldI've run Ubuntu - I like it06:24
ke1ha_Manual, after you've done it a couple time is the best way to go. Dead easy, and you can change things as you want to test them.06:25
DaemonFCyou need to format it to really get any benefit06:25
dbluefieldlinux cant play halo06:25
indusdbluefield, what is on E ?06:25
DaemonFCdbluefield, Yes it can06:25
juan_dbluefield: linux can play halo06:25
semitonesdbluefield, it can erase your entire disk if you want, or it can resize your existing partions to make room for ubuntu. it's whatever you choose06:25
juan_sudo apt-get install playonlinux06:25
MyrttiDaemonFC: eh... defrrag doesnt exist for ext3 either06:25
dbluefieldE drive has some programs06:25
indus!wine | appdb06:25
ubottuappdb: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:25
DaemonFCMyrtti, The defrag after ext4 conversion would put the old files into the new format06:26
indus!appdb | dbluefield06:26
ubottudbluefield: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:26
ke1ha_You don't need a High Performance FS on the /boot partition, swap is not formated, so that leaves you the rest to do testing with, maake one of each Ext2,3,4 XFS and riserfs06:26
dbluefieldseems like wine would be more trouble?06:26
tkotuI have a non-existent cdrom2. What do?06:26
indusdbluefield, first things first, just install it , then comes wine06:26
juan_tkotu: theres no CDROM 2 on Ubuntu CDs06:26
semitonesdbluefield, honestly, wine can be a hassle. I play games on windows, but use Ubuntu for everything else06:27
juan_tkotu: what CDS are you talking about?06:27
DaemonFCMyrtti, xfs_fsr essentially tries to find a more optimal place on the volume for the fragmented file, copy the file there, and delete the original06:27
dbluefieldthats what I was thinking semi06:27
DaemonFCit takes a lot of work to fragment an XFS volume seriously though06:27
ubottuAn explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier06:27
dbluefielddo my viral web surfing in winblows too:)06:27
=== Hannibal is now known as Neo|Desktop
DaemonFCExt4 already has the hooks for e4defrag, but e4defrag doesn't exist yet06:27
Dravekxwhats the difference in apt-get and aptitude?06:28
juan_Dravekx: apt-get got super cow powers06:28
DaemonFCDragnslcr, Aptitude has more options and isn't just a command line utility06:28
dbluefieldI guess there's only one way to see - me should install...lol06:28
DaemonFCit's basically a Synaptic for the terminal06:28
Dravekxjuan_, so they are the same thing06:28
indusDravekx, aptitude used to have better dependency solution than apt-get  , but i still find it is better06:29
indusapt-get is no better06:29
mneptokDaemonFC: being "for the terminal" makes it a "command line only utility"06:29
dbluefieldmy digital monitor doesnt show the BIOS - I hope it boots off CD first time:)06:29
DaemonFCmneptok, You know what I meant06:29
juan_Dravekx: more or less, yes, some people say that aptitude got more CLI option, bue doesnt, apt-get got the options too06:29
mneptokDaemonFC: no, i don't06:29
indusdbluefield, you need to enter into bios by pressing some key say f12 f8 etc or maybe del key06:30
ke1ha_apt-get is shorter to type :-) .. that's gotta be a plus :-)06:30
DaemonFCmneptok, It's an ncurses ui06:30
DaemonFCdoes that help?06:30
juan_some people say that apt-get dont have reinstall, but it have apt-get install --reinstall package06:30
mneptokDaemonFC: and ncurses is command line.06:31
DravekxNo packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.  << I guess that means Im good and up to date?06:31
dbluefieldthanx indus -- hopefully it will boot first try06:31
dbluefieldjust lurking here to see if there are any other bears in the woods06:31
xtagonmneptok: More like TUI than command-line. There aren't really lines of commands involved.06:31
juan_Canonical make nice package manager GUI too06:32
DaemonFCDravekx, aptitude it reallu best to use if you're on debian unstable because it gives you safe-upgrade06:32
mneptokxtagon: to invoke aptitude a user must type commands06:32
dbluefieldI was thinking of putting Ubuntu on my E drive (sounds like ext 3 would work)  will that be a custom job?06:32
indusdbluefield, good luck :)06:32
juan_1-SmartPM 2-Add/Remove 3-Software-Center06:32
dbluefieldthanx indus06:33
Jordan_UDaemonFC, aptitude safe-upgrade is exactly the same as apt-get upgrade IIRC06:33
Dravekxmaybe aptitude is more "user friendly" I guess you would say.06:33
indussynaptic is the best06:34
om26erindus, not efficient06:34
DaemonFCJordan_U, The last time I looked, there were things it held back that apt-get would probably have gone ahead and broken06:34
rwwaptitude has a minesweeper function that helpfully crashes it. Can't beat that.06:34
juan_SmartPM is nice06:34
indusom26er, compared to ?06:34
juan_SmartPM, Canonical 200606:34
DaemonFCjuan_,  RPMs on Ubuntu06:34
juan_DaemonFC: not for RPM06:35
dbluefieldthanx for the tips guys - have a great day!06:35
juan_DaemonFC: but can handle RPM and DEB at the same time06:35
DaemonFCsmart could install RPMs on Ubuntu, they tell you not to do it though :)06:35
DaemonFCbut you can :)06:35
juan_any LSB compliant got the capability to install RPM06:36
industoo off topic now06:36
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:36
Dravekxssl: good or bad?06:36
mneptokDravekx: that's offtopic, also.06:37
Dravekxmneptok, how do you figure? Im wondering if its good or bad for ubuntu server.06:38
dsnydersHi all.  I recently upgraded to 9.10 and now I can't view youtube videos.  What gives?06:38
lzfneed install flashplayer06:38
mneptokDravekx: it's not a support question. start using SSL, and if you have questions, ask them.06:38
juan_dsnyders: sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ; sudo apt-get clean06:38
Dravekxmneptok, k. :)06:39
gnomexcan i know..06:39
gnomexhow can i reload my Bootloader...06:39
mneptok!grub > gnomex06:39
ubottugnomex, please see my private message06:39
darthanubisdsnyders: do you know what flash is?06:40
dsnydersdarthanubis, vaguely.  It's some sort of internet video tool06:40
juan_flash is a nice malware to watch interwebs video and halt the pc06:40
darthanubisyeah basically06:40
snaythsemitones, Hey what version of Lubuntu are you running ? And where is the best site to download it from?06:40
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:41
tomatoes7i'm trying to run rootstock, but i keep getting the message "qemu not installed" even though it is installed06:41
semitonessnayth, I'll look for a link06:41
lzfadobe flash06:41
Jordan_UDaemonFC, From the aptitude man page it appears aptitude safe-upgrade is actually *less* strictly safe. apt-get upgrade will never add new packages or remove old ones, aptitude safe-upgrade will remove packages that it thinks are "unused" if needed to upgrade another package.06:41
snaythsemitones, Cooll thanks06:41
dsnydersdarthanubis, So what happened to flash when I upgraded?06:41
darthanubisit did not go along for the ride06:42
DaemonFCJordan_U, That's probably orphan packages that would be removed by apt-get autoremove06:42
darthanubisso now you have to read the link I shot at you06:42
darthanubis!flash > dsnyders06:42
ubottudsnyders, please see my private message06:42
DaemonFCit's only dangerous if the system flagged a needed package as an orphan06:42
DaemonFCand then you probably have a bug in the distribution anyway B-)06:43
dsnydersdarthanubis, Would have been nice if the upgrade told you about such things.06:43
archboxmanJordan_U: aptitude keeps a running log of files installed and uninstalled not every this is perfect with aptitude , I would combination of ideas for install removes...06:43
snaythsemitones, I found one version that is - lunbuntu-9.10 lynxis b23.iso06:43
darthanubisdsnyders: you are supposed to be aware of such things before you press buttons06:43
semitonessnayth, the thing to do is install regular ubuntu, then convert it to Lubuntu -- there's no separate download as of yet. See here http://gilir.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/lubuntu-9-10-and-plan-for-lucid/06:43
darthanubisdsnyders: all OSes still require some reading06:44
Jordan_UDaemonFC, Yes, but the point is that aptitude safe-upgrade is *less* conservative in all ways than apt-get upgrade looking just at the descriptions in each commands man pages. Look for yourself.06:44
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
iflemadsnyders its like java... if everone refused to use it we'd have something better.....  download the .tgz file from adobe and extract it /home/[username]/.mozilla/plugins06:44
juan_lxde is not so DE independent apps, i try to install lxnm and it brings half LXDE06:44
iflemadsnyders ive a 64bit link if ya need06:44
snaythsemitones, That's the big problem - I can't get regular ubuntu installed on this lappy - it's too slow. Any other suggestions06:45
darthanubisiflema: now why reccomend that, when he barely knows what it is. he should stay wiithin the repositories06:45
juan_snayth: mini.iso06:45
juan_snayth: minimalCD06:45
darthanubisdsnyders: you want to follow the PM I shot you. That is the supported method06:45
snaythjuan_, ok - will try anything right now.06:45
iflemadarthanubis get it from the shitty source....06:45
semitonessnayth, yes, if you install a minimal install of ubuntu (no graphics, commandline only really,) then you can install lubuntu on top, and it will run. See the link I sent06:45
indusshould i switch to kde, iam just worried aboutthe new applications06:45
darthanubisiflema: watch your fucking mouth06:46
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:46
* iflema :)06:46
rwwdarthanubis: watch yours.06:46
snaythsemitones, Ok will do - Always one step ahead of myself sorry....06:46
indusah shucks06:46
dsnydersdarthanubis, There are ten thousand different aspects to an operating system.  Most people don't have the time to investigate every nuance.  You just upgrade and hope.06:46
semitonessnayth, no problem06:46
dsnydersdarthanubis, anyways, thanks for the link.  I'm processing...06:46
darthanubisdsnyders: hope is for fools06:46
darthanubisdsnyders: your better than that06:47
juan_theres an app on repo to sandbox the upgrade06:47
tkotuHow do I fix a non-existent cdrom2?06:47
juan_tkotu: you can remove it using sudo06:47
Jordan_Utkotu, Do you mean a directory like /media/cdrom2 , a device node like /dev/cdrom2 or something else?06:48
archboxmandsnyders: not even a good Idea... upgrade and hope for the best... I don't upgrade I watch and see how many problems there are with a system like mine the wait 6 months and see if there are solutions...06:48
tkotujuan_, yeah, its also in places. it says I cant mount because it doesnt exist.06:49
=== aaron is now known as TiMiDo
archboxmandsnyders: I did what you said I would have stayed with ubuntu for ever... :) like debian and archlinux06:49
snaythsemitones, Sounds like an adventure - I'm up to it after all a year ago I tried installing Arch - That was loads of fun06:49
semitonessnayth, yes, it should be pretty straightforward though -- I'd recommend using a wired internet connection while you install though, if possible06:50
juan_dpkg -l | grep boobs06:51
snaythsemitones, Yup not problem here - I have fiber about 20mb's down stream06:51
archboxmansnayth: archlinux has gotten easier to use I think in the next 2 or 3 years they may slow down the idea of rolling releases , but only time will tell06:51
juan_do it06:51
semitonessnayth, alright, you should be set :)06:51
petsoundsmneptok, thanks06:51
semitonesmneptok, join/quit messages?06:52
ActionParsnipyo yo yo06:52
Darkmanhi there06:52
bryandunphyCan anyone help me with why "Hardware Drives" would still say "this driver is not activated" even after I click Activate and enter my password? The driver is for my wireless card.06:52
snaytharchboxman, Yea I see it's number 7 on Distrowatch - May have to give that another try one of these days - I hear tell it's very stable06:52
mneptoksemitones: don't concern yourself with it. let's move on.06:53
DarkmanI've a "small" problem with my ubuntu 9.10 - i use cryptodisks (at least one for swap and one for home) and after an normal update today, it won't boot anymore because i cannot enter the passphrase for my /home06:53
ActionParsnipbryandunphy: run: sudo lshw -C network     websearch for the product line06:53
Darkmani've got likely problems a few times but usually after a second reboot, it worked...06:53
semitonesmneptok, sorry, just curious06:53
snaythsemitones, Yup - I'll give the ol' college try - Can't be worse that a trip to the dentist after all heh heh06:53
Darkmanbut now, it's just fscked...06:53
m0nk3yusing ubuntu 9.10 and gnome, does anyone know how to change the folders shown in the places menu06:54
mneptoksemitones: no worries. but there are better things in this world to spend your time being curious about. ;)06:54
juan_Darkman: i use the ubuntus built-in Crypt, i never have a problem, i dont know these cryptodisk06:54
ActionParsnipm0nk3y: in nautilus, drag them to the left pael06:54
=== Mike is now known as Guest91713
Darkmanjuan_: you mean luks?06:54
semitonesmneptok, definitely :)06:54
juan_Darkman: ecryptfs06:55
ke1haUsing XChat 2.8.6 is there a way to turn of who joins and leave the channel ?06:55
ke1haoopps turn off ...06:55
Darkmanjuan_: mhkay, dunno about that but i use those cryptodisks since a few releases, the problems started with 9.1006:55
semitoneskelha: right click on the channel > settings06:55
m0nk3yActionParsnip: how do i open that - when i type sudo nautilus it just reinitializes dropbox and opens the file browser to root06:55
m0nk3yand i got a slew of errors in the command prompt06:56
ActionParsnipm0nk3y:1. sudo nautilius is NOT to be used06:56
m0arMy gnome-panel doesn't restart when killed, how can I start it from terminal without having the terminal open all the time?06:56
semitonesActionParsnip, is gksudo nautillus ok?06:56
ActionParsnipm0nk3y:2. just launch one of the items in places to run nautiluis as you06:56
stevecamm0ar, & exit06:56
m0arActionParsnip: Why not sudo nautilus?06:57
und3rgr0undz3r0Hey, I installed via wubi and then I uninstalled ubuntu but the grub4dos menu still pops up when I reboot, any suggestions on that one?06:57
ActionParsnipsemitones: thats the right way but we need to edit the user settings so we run it without06:57
ke1haAhh Hide Join/Part msg's seems to have solved it thanks.06:57
rwwubottu: gksudo | m0ar06:57
ubottum0ar: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:57
semitonesActionParsnip, gotcha06:57
m0nk3yActionParsnip: thank you very much :)06:57
semitoneskelha: good :)06:57
m0arstevecam: And without closing the terminal? :D06:57
ActionParsnipm0nk3y: not all apps need sudo etc. you will break your system if you do06:58
ActionParsnipm0nk3y: glad you got the gold06:58
stevecamm0ar, does it close the terminal when you run it?06:58
stevecamwithout  & exit06:58
und3rgr0undz3r0I removed my wubi but now its still there when I boot up my XP machine, anyone know how to get rid of it?06:58
ActionParsnipm0ar: sudo isnt made for x apps. it doesnt configure the enviroment correctly and you can screw up ownerships06:59
ActionParsnipm0ar: sudo is only for command line apps like ln, cp, mv etc06:59
m0arstevecam: If I run gnome-panel it's run in the terminal, which renders it unusable for me until I close down the panels07:00
juan_sudo su07:00
ActionParsnipm0ar; gksudo / kdesudo are for x based apps like nautilus07:00
ActionParsnipjuan_: sudo -s   is advised07:00
m0nk3yanyone know how to stop windows from going below the bottom panel on gnome in ubuntu 9.10 - i have a netbook so it's a really small screen07:00
juan_sudo -i07:00
dsnydersActionParsnip, you could do sudo -i07:00
ActionParsnipflannel: isnt kdesudo a symlink to kdesu?07:00
m0arHow to move a program that's run in terminal, as in gnome-panel, to the background?07:00
m0arJust shove it away from my sight07:01
ActionParsnipjuan_: -s uses the users profile. -i uses roots07:01
FlannelActionParsnip: kdesudo doesn't exist.  kdesu or gksu or gksudo (the latter two are linked)07:01
juan_use &07:01
ActionParsnipflannel: gotcha07:01
kosharim0nk3y dunno about that but sometimes you jsut need to use alt key to drag partly off screen, othewist autohide the panel07:01
stevecam& moves it to background and exit will tell it to leave the terminal07:01
m0nk3ykoshari: thanks i'll try that07:01
stevecamm0ar, "gnome-panel &"07:01
vilkaswhy there is no bitchx on the repositories? or i just dont know how to find it?07:01
m0arstevecam: Not really, since I get a newline BEFORE gnome-panel starts :P07:02
m0arstevecam: Aka, can't use the terminal07:02
ZykoticK9m0ar, "gnome-panel & exit" worked on my system...07:02
m0arOh nvm, after gnome-panel & I can ctrl-C the terminal :)07:03
m0arZykoticK9: That closes my terminal for me :P07:03
ZykoticK9m0ar, but it should start gnome-panel first then exit...07:03
stevecamm0ar, "gnome-panel &" will make it run as a background process, but as soon as you close the terminal the process will die, if you run "gnome-panel & exit" then it will run in the background and exit the terminal for you07:04
lankshi guys my wubi install wont boot ubuntu so I am wanting to know if it would be possible for me to mount the wubi ubuntu disk on another ubuntu machine? if so what would the commands be? the two files are root.disk and swap.disk07:05
tomatoes7i'm trying to resize my partitions using gparted, but it doesn't like NTFS, and wont resize it07:05
Jordan_Ulanks, Yes, it is possible. What happens when you try to boot from wubi?07:05
m0arZykoticK9: & = at the same time   && = afterwards07:05
kosharitomatoes7 install ntfsprogs07:05
m0ar&& not working07:05
lanksit just goes in to grub and when i try "boot" it just says error no loaded kernel07:06
juan_too fragmented NTFS can cause problemz07:06
ZykoticK9m0ar, i never suggested && ???07:06
stevecamjuan_, two not too?07:06
m0arZykoticK9: I just clearified, since you made a false statement :)  & doesn't do anything afterwards07:06
ZykoticK9m0ar, fair enough07:07
stevecamm0ar, && does something afterwards07:07
Jordan_Ulanks, That's easy to fix manually, once you have Ubuntu booting would you mind doing additional testing of a proposed package update?07:07
m0arGoodbye guys, have a nice day!07:07
stevecamalso, >> appends to a file07:07
dsnyderstomatoes7, did you log out of windows or just hibernate?  If you hibernated, the partition is marked as busy.07:07
ZykoticK9m0ar, if you want to get "technical" the && mean after the first command successfully runs, run the next command07:07
tomatoes7windows is not running07:08
m0arZykoticK9: If you want to get techical, yes07:08
lankshow can i fix this?07:08
fs002how to find IRC channel for trade?07:08
Jordan_Ulanks, I'm looking for the link now07:08
lanksok thanks07:08
fs002who konws?07:08
lanksis it the one on ubuntuforums because ive tried that?07:08
ZykoticK9fs002, trade?  what's that?07:09
dsnyderstomatoes7, I understand that.  However, how did you end windows?  shutdown or hibernate?07:09
Myrtti!bitchx | vilkas07:09
ubottuvilkas: bitchx (also known as ircii-pana) was dropped from Debian and subsequently Ubuntu (see: http://dy.fi/afb). Consider using irssi or weechat instead.07:09
juan_using irssi07:09
archboxmanirssi all the way :)07:10
fs002ZykoticK9>:oh,such as alcohol tester buyer or sell07:10
ZykoticK9fs002, ?07:11
mneptok!offtopic | fs00207:11
ubottufs002: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:11
tomatoes7dsnyders, shutdown07:11
mneptoktomatoes7: which version of Windows?07:11
fs002oh,sorry,i konw.07:11
mobius2attempting independant / dual head with an M-275 gateway tablet laptop with an external LCD mitsubishi M5507:12
mobius2anybody got a decent xorg.... would save me some ciggs07:12
tomatoes7gparted is giving me issues trying to format an sd card as well07:12
mneptoktomatoes7: boot to Windows, and use the correct procedure for resizing an NTFS partition from there.07:12
tomatoes7mneptok, thats what i'm about to do07:13
mobius2merging partitions?07:13
Jordan_Ulanks, I'm having connection problems here so I can't get the direct link ( and can't view that ubuntuforums link ), but look at comment #90 on this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/47710407:13
* mobius2 listens to mr shadow : los gangstas07:13
lanksok thanks07:14
fs002I just want search a IRC channel trade.07:14
mobius2I am surprised to see the level of decomplication required to envoke dual head07:14
Jordan_Ulanks, np07:15
mobius2have you guys ever heard what happens when you play a windows cd backwards?07:16
ttestti'm trying to make working backend for cups to print to fax (through pdf), but when i'm trying to print, i see window with "Authintication required for printing", that has only one input box. nothing i input here doesnt work. what should i do?07:16
rwwubottu: ot | mobius207:17
ubottumobius2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:17
shawnboyAny programmers here?07:17
juan_shawnboy: not the channel07:17
Jordan_Ulanks, Direct link: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/477104/comments/90 And it is not the same suggestion as the top comment on that ubuntuforums link, but it is the same as the one recommended by the last comment on that page.07:17
shawnboyjuan_: can u direct me?07:17
mobius2shawnboy, what are you doing?07:18
rwwshawnboy: which programming language?07:18
juan_shawnboy: ubuntu-devel i think07:18
juan_python here07:18
JunkyardHow do I configure apache2 daemon to stop running on system start?07:18
Jordan_U!boot | Junkyard07:18
ubottuJunkyard: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto07:18
JunkyardI dont want to manually stop it everytime07:18
mobius2grep the process name and kill it07:18
shawnboyI'm a procedural programmer wanting to dive into OO... wanting some opinions from Linux programmers about language to choose.07:18
mobius2then remember the running procs07:19
shawnboyand good resources to learn from.07:19
rwwshawnboy: #ubuntu-offtopic might be of more help07:19
ke1haand apache2 to init.d and checkconfig .. I think it's already there though.07:19
tonyyarussoJunkyard: The easiest way imo is to use the sysv-rc-conf command/package, to disable apache2 for runlevel 2.07:20
juan_./join #ubuntu-offtopic07:21
ke1hajust delete / add the run-levels you want when you checkconfig, you don't have to go with defaults.07:21
ke1hagoing to load lunbuntu, be back in a bit.07:23
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Speedy2Hey all.  Is there a repository that has a 64-bit Firefox 3.0.17?  I found Firefox 3.5.7 to have strange UI-pausing but 3.0.17 works OK.07:27
Speedy2I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic).07:28
ZykoticK9Speedy2, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa07:30
ZykoticK9Speedy2, sorry ignore my last message :)07:31
ZykoticK9Speedy2, i'm too accustomed to people asking for 3.6...07:32
Speedy2ZykoticK9: 3.5.7 was working OK, then I started to get issues where the UI would pause when I would click on anything in UI.  My machine is plenty fast.  I am running Firefox 3.0.17 from mozilla.org which works OK, but since it's i686, it gets screwed up with the gtk-qt theming engine.07:32
mneptoktsimpson: yeesh. slow down. :)07:33
ZykoticK9Speedy2, after many years of using Firefox I recently switched to Chrome - i'm liking it...07:34
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=== ahmed is now known as Guest93468
Speedy2ZykoticK9: This maybe taboo but how do I add jaunty to my sources?  Just do jauny main restricted ?07:35
ZykoticK9Speedy2, i'd image - just be SURE to remove it after you install FF!!!07:36
Speedy2ZykoticK9: Big 10-4.07:36
ZykoticK9Speedy2, s/image/imagine07:36
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=== flo_ is now known as uffiole
charles__heya, folks. could anyone give me a rundown as to what the importance would be for setting ownership on a partition? if it's a personal computer for one person, there shouldn't be any point to it, since anybody physucally accessing your computer would have access to everything anyway, and it would be pointless against internet threats as well since whatever you had mounted would be vulnerable regardless.07:39
gimpy530So I just installed Ubuntu Server 9.10 x64 on another box and it refuses to boot.  the BIOS gets up to where it should hand of to GRUB but just sits there, no errors.  Partitions and boot flags are OK, boot sequence in BIOS (even which HD boots first) is OK.  Any ideas?07:41
ZykoticK9charles__, if you don't get an answer here try reposting to #ubuntu-offtopic as your question is not technically a support question07:41
=== FeiRuoWa is now known as zz_FeiRuoWa
mark105hi i have a slight problem with grub2, i had my computer setup with vista and installed ubuntu, worked mint, then decided to format the vista partition and install windows 7, sweet, booted from live cd and restored grub, sweet my grub boot menu is back, run update grub to update grub for windows 7 (windows 7 is on same partition as windows vista anyways). reboot and windows 7 wont load just gives me an error and i push any key and go b07:42
mark105ack to grub. any ideas on how to fix this?07:42
Myrtticharles__: that's the way Linux/Unix filesystems work, since the history of the operating system starts with big mainframes, computers shared by multiple people07:42
Myrtticharles__: it's easier to keep the peculiarities of the filesystem, since most of Linux boxes are still used as servers, than make an exception for the (for now) rare case of the computer being used by single person07:43
charles__Myrtti: oh, i understand that much, but i'm just asking if, as a regular joe with a PC, is taking ownership of a partition necessary.07:44
Speedy2ZykoticK9: OK!  That worked!  I backed up sources.list, repalced karmic with jaunty and firefox 3.0.17 came along for the ride :)07:44
charles__as in, would it cause any security risks should i not do so.07:44
Myrtticharles__: normal unix partitions don't have ownership. their subdirectories have.07:44
ZykoticK9Speedy2, nice!07:44
Jordan_Ugimpy530, Can you try booting with super grub2 disk? Or possibly try reinstalling grub from a liveCD.07:45
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:45
Myrtticharles__: and the unix security model keeps the root user separate from the basic user, which makes installation of viruses and rootkits a bit more difficult. Of course, if the user is unexperienced and given the powers of sudo, there's possibility for all kinds of catastrophes, but the basic premise still stands.07:46
meowbuntuhi i have installed pidgin facebook and restarted pidgin its not shoing facebook chat what is wrong???07:47
charles__Myrtti: aye, which is why i don't run around as root doing things. :)  the only question i have is if having a partition full of MP3s accessable by anyone is a particularly bad thing.07:47
Chousukecharles__: probably not.07:47
Jordan_Umark105, What error?07:48
Myrtticharles__: set things properly, and there won't be any danger.07:48
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ZykoticK9meowbuntu, did you install facebook-chat from the repo or from the google-code site?  under Karmic i coudn't get the repo version to work, in Lucid it is though07:48
Chousukecharles__: as long as it's only mp3s though.07:48
Chousukecharles__: for any system files and user preferences you should have proper permissions07:49
charles__of course07:49
meowbuntuZykoticK9, from syapatic then from terminal http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-enable-facebook-chat-for-pidgin-in-ubuntu.html07:49
meowbuntu^ with no resaylts07:49
charles__what brought this up was accessing my files from a live CD... i coudl get into my ubuntu install directories just fine, but i couldn't get into my MP3 drive which i had set "take ownership" for when i formatted it07:50
rozbarwinekCould someone explain me why when I install some custom icons package in openSUSE 11.2 KDE 4.3 they don't replace icons in programs tab in KDE menu? I have even updated KDE to 4.3.5 but with same result, I have a same problem on my other 2 PC's :/07:50
tp43wtf the google os?07:50
hyperstreamQuestion: when updates are applied to ubuntu, do they apply it to the main ISO for download ? or its a standard thing, and you must update it?07:50
ZykoticK9meowbuntu, i'd try uninstalling your current version and download the DEB from http://code.google.com/p/pidgin-facebookchat/ - best of luck07:50
charles__it made me realize that if somebody gets into my system, access to a mounted drive of MP3s is a forgone conclusion regardless of who "owns" it07:50
Myrttirozbarwinek: this is #ubuntu, not #opensuse...?07:51
Chousukecharles__: yeah, filesystem permissions don't protect against physical access07:51
rwwhyperstream: LTS versions of Ubuntu get "point release" updates every so often with updated ISOs. Other than that, updates aren't applied.07:51
Chousukecharles__: on single user systems they're mostly there just to prevent malicious or erroneous scripts from wreaking havoc and to mitigate any security holes in web browsers and such.07:52
charles__Chousuke: well, i couldn't access the partition from a liveCD, so that was something...07:52
Chousukecharles__: that was probably something unrelated to permissions07:52
Chousukecharles__: but if you really want to keep your data safe, encrypt it. :)07:53
charles__Chousuke: well, i went in and started checking different files, to see what i coudl adn could not access... everything i was denied access t was tagged as "owned" with various r/w/x permissions toggled07:54
charles__Chousuke: so it was obviously a permissions issue07:54
hyperstreamrww, bugger ;/07:55
hyperstreamrww, thanks.07:55
mark105Jordan_U: it just says "error: (some big mash of characters)" new line "press any key to continue" and goes back to grub, im not sure if this is a grub error or a windows 7 error though.07:55
charles__Chousuke: it just got me thinking that the only use for "owning" a drive partion would be to deny acess to other users on the same system. but i wanted to make sure there wasn't something else i wasn't thinking of.07:55
Chousukecharles__: right07:56
Chousukecharles__: traditional unix permissions are based on simple user ids, and if you can boot a livecd on a computer, you get to access things as root which has access to everything.07:57
BuzzaHow does the Ubuntu game server work and what time does it run i live in australia so i don't understand UTC when im AEST australian eastern standard time GMT+10.0007:57
Myrtticharles__: though, what filesystem do you have on the partition?07:57
Chousukecharles__: I think the ubuntu livecd uses the "ubuntu" user by default07:57
Jordan_Umark105, Interesting, AFAIK all of grub2's error messages are plain english, but at the same time I don't think there is a way to "return" to grub after grub has chainloaded the windows boot manager.07:59
Buzzaanyone know how the Ubuntu game server works and what time does it run i live in australia so i don't understand UTC when im AEST australian eastern standard time GMT+10.0007:59
bazhangBuzza, game server?07:59
indusBuzza, what is ubuntu game server?07:59
Buzzahey i changed it back use easy bcd07:59
indusBuzza, THE one run by artificial intelligence of the forums?07:59
Buzzait's a game server for the members of ubuntu07:59
edomedahey guys, can anyone tell me how I can add new themes to firefox 3.5.7 on ubuntu 9.10?  When I go to Tools > Add-Ons > Themes it only shows me default and "find updates"  no get more themes or add anywhere...08:00
b4sakenxxhey does anyone have experience running ubuntu on the newer netbooks?  got any recommendations?08:00
mark105Jordan_U: i think i may have fixed it, update-grub was not working properly, i needed to use grub-mkconfig, there was some string that grub has set for windows booting that was wrong08:00
vilkashow do i run irssi from the terminal08:00
vilkasi have downloaded it08:00
meowbuntuhi what formats will unetbootin work with fat 32 is limited. what about ext2,3,4 ????08:00
Buzzadownloaded easy BCD?08:01
charles__okay, if a livecd uses root, which can access anything, then why does it not access drives i "take ownership" of when i format them? i went and tested it out with some new partitions i made, and none of them can be read once i take ownership...08:01
Myrttivilkas: "irssi" . run it in screen if you wish to keep it perpetually running08:01
meowbuntucharles__, mount them first08:01
charles__i click on the drive, it says i don't have permission.08:02
bazhangBuzza, you should ask in #ubuntu-gamers per the link you provided08:02
charles__i did 2 partitions. one i took ownership of, one i didn't. the "owned" one was totaly inaccessible.08:02
BuzzaIf you want to remove grub and replace it with windows boot loader goto this http://neosmart.net/downloads/software/EasyBCD/EasyBCD%201.7.2.exe08:03
Buzzaafter download run it and click boot loader08:03
Buzzathen click reinstall windows boot loader08:03
charles__what i'm worried about is taking ownership of a drive adn not being able to use it if i reinstall or switch distros. but i also want to make sure my system is secure. so i wanted to find out WHEN and WHY i should take ownership of a partition.08:04
Buzzaso creat a partion in windows and install linux on that partion with wubi then if you wan't to upgrade to a new release or another distro format the drive and install your new distro ect then you won't stuff up windows either if you make a mistake08:06
asdfffcan anyone help me troubleshoot my sound? A lot of the ubuntu guides are written for those without sound upon install, but mine was working like 2 days ago :308:07
indusasdfff, so what is the problem08:07
asdffflol can't believe I didn't mention08:07
asdfffI can't get any sound to emit08:08
asdffffrom my headphone out jack08:08
charles__Buzza: was that suggestion for me?08:08
Buzzawell thats how i do it anyway!08:09
charles__Buzza: so my concern is wanting continued access to my files, but wanting to be secure... and the solution is to install linux inside of windows...08:09
asdfffoh lol!08:09
asdfffmy sound works now08:09
asdfffnvm ^_^08:09
airtonix!enter | asdfff08:09
ubottuasdfff: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:09
asdfffmy deepest apologies08:09
Buzzayes though if you want to access your files linux has to be installed on a different partion08:10
charles__Buzza: i appreiciate the help, but i thought getting away from windows was part of the point of using linux...08:10
Myrtticharles__: installing ubuntu via wubi is the last way of doing it08:10
Buzzaif you want to access files on windows that is08:10
Myrtticharles__: there await the dragons08:10
meowbuntuhi what formats will unetbootin work with fat 32 is limited. what about ext2,3,4 ????08:11
Buzzaok well if you wan't to go flat out linux then backup your files music movies games all the good stuff and do a complete install of linux08:11
=== ae86-drifter_ is now known as ae86-drifter
airtonixcharles__, i recommend putting /home on a separate partition from /08:12
airtonixcharles__, its the same as poutting my docs on drive d:08:12
charles__i don't use windows anymore. i don't need access to my files in windows. all i need is to be able to use my files when/if i reinstall some flavor of linux, but also want to make find out if i should be clicking the "take ownership" option when i make a partition.08:12
dandamanso i just used http://cs.ucsb.edu/~hnielsen/cs140/cilk.html those instructions to install cilk++ but when i try using cilk++ i get this, "cilk++: command not found"08:12
airtonixcharles__, then just put /home on a separate partition08:13
Jordan_Umeowbuntu, If it's a large enough drive you may want to just do a standard install08:13
charles__that's basically it right there... should i take ownership of partitions... and if i do how do i keep access through reinstalls/distro changes08:13
Buzzawhy don't you take advantage of aernal hard driven ext08:13
Buzzaan external08:13
airtonixcharles__, "take ownership"? you mean when you install subsequent linux systems ? (i've not been presented with such an option)08:14
meowbuntuJordan_U, i cant its portable hdd and i cant butn iso images last time i tryed i wasted 10-15 cds overall08:14
charles__no... i'm using ubuntu, when i do into the "disk utility" application and format a partition, it gives you the option to "take ownership of this drive"08:15
Jordan_Umeowbuntu, You can put the iso on any file system you want and use grub2 to boot from it08:15
Buzzano i meant after install store your files on an external hdd aka a portable HDD08:15
meowbuntuJordan_U, really how do you do that08:15
meowbuntuthat would be handy to know08:15
airtonixcharles__, i create my partitions at the time of a clean install08:15
Jordan_Umeowbuntu,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128860408:15
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meowbuntuthanks Jordan_U08:16
Jordan_Umeowbuntu, np08:16
airtonixcharles__, ie: from the live installer so i don't see that option...08:16
charles__okay, but what about a 100gig partition full of media files that you don't want to lose every time you reinstall...08:16
charles__ah, i see08:16
airtonixcharles__, you dont have the option of getting another physical hard drive ?08:16
Geoffrey2Atheros chipsets...pretty well supported in Ubuntu?08:17
Jordan_UGeoffrey2, Yes08:17
Buzzai don't get all the distro's of linux though there is too many why not have just linux ubuntu then upgrades like kubuntu like microsoft has xp vista 708:17
airtonixBuzza, because thats not freedom08:17
Buzzaarg but there's not much difference with some of them\08:18
airtonixBuzza, you know this from first hand experience ?08:18
kelvinelladifferent distro is like different brand of cars08:19
airtonixBuzza, also... offtopic.08:19
Buzzakubuntu has a nice GUI THOUGH08:19
kelvinellahonda, toyota, nissan, etx08:19
kelvinellakubuntu interface sucks compare to ubuntu08:19
devrethmanBuzza: Kubuntu's gui is not superior to ubuntu's.08:19
Buzzait's verry simular08:20
FeasibilityStudyKDE rules08:20
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:20
b4sakenxxBuzza: finding the perfect disto is like finding the perfect car08:20
Buzzathough the theme is nice and the wallpaper but you can change that\08:20
b4sakenxxBuzza: you wouldn't drive home a car with features you didn't like, or that lacked features you wanted would you?08:21
Buzzadefinatly not08:21
charles__Okay. This is what is going on. I have Ubuntu installed. I make a partition on another internal harddrive for MP3s (for example). I am given the option to "take ownership" of the drive, which means that I can access it from that install, but not from a liveCD or another user. I need to know if this is something I SHOULD be doing, and if I will still be able to access that partition should I reinstall Ubuntu later or switch to another d08:21
charles__istro. Because so far, my experience has been that I CAN'T access it from a liveCD, and I want to cover my bases before I lose access to an entire drive's worth of data.08:21
tsimpsonBuzza: please take the conversation to #ubuntu-offtopic08:21
Buzzawell im off anyway catcha08:21
boo-boohi @ all, my java keeps crashing with firefox / opera on ubuntu 9.10 - 64 bit i allways have to sigkill java to get it even closet08:21
boo-booany ideas?08:22
b4sakenxxcharles__: if you reinstall ubuntu on the same drive its on, you should still have access to it.08:22
b4sakenxxyou should still have access to the mp3 drive08:22
gimpy530Whoever suggested re-installing grub for the problem I had, thanks, it worked08:22
Jordan_Ugimpy530, np08:23
b4sakenxxcharles__: it SHOULD autodetect your mp3 drive08:23
charles__b4sakenxx: even if i install a different linux distro?08:23
b4sakenxxcharles__: yep08:23
b4sakenxxas long as you don't delete taht drive, it should autodetect08:23
charles__b4sakenxx: the drive is detected just fine from a liveCD, but i can't access it becuase the permissions are set to somebody else08:23
charles__i can SEE it, i can't USE it08:24
b4sakenxxand the settings won't save08:24
b4sakenxxb/c its booting from a cd08:24
charles__see, that's all i needed to know...08:24
secretDoes anyone know how to initiate elements plugin for compiz fusion once its been enabed?08:24
charles__if i was never donig to have access from any other point, or if i just want' getting it from the CD08:24
b4sakenxxcharles__: the only issue i would think you would have is the permission issue. once you install if you can't access it, all you need to do is take ownership08:25
b4sakenxxits normal08:25
kelvinellacharles__, u have to mount the drive in liveCD to access it08:25
b4sakenxxcharles__: kelvinella has a point there08:25
charles__i have stated multiple times that i could not mount the drive.08:25
Jordan_Ucharles__, You can always change the permissions later as root with sudo08:25
b4sakenxxtho it should auto detect and automount these days08:25
kelvinellacharles__, what is the error?08:25
charles__i loaded up with a liveCD, i saw the drive, it woudl not let me mount it.08:25
charles__"permission denied" or something to that effect08:26
kelvinellasudo mount08:26
b4sakenxxyou need to be root to mount it08:26
b4sakenxx<kelvinella>sudo mount08:26
Jordan_Ucharles__, From a liveCD you can run "gksudo nautilus" to view the files from a GUI, but you should be very careful when running nautilus as root08:26
kelvinellai can mount all my hd in liveCD08:26
almark1I'm trying to get a version of Ubuntu called 64 studio to allow me to use xorg.conf, but when I config it my mouse is gone. And so I have to delete the xorg again to get mouse function, what can I do to get it work?08:26
charles__at this point, i'm almost positive i tried that, but after stating my issue worded a dozen different ways... i'm not sure WHAT i've actually tried anymore :D08:26
almark1I know Ubuntu doesn't allow xorg so where is the config files to manually fix in Ubuntu?08:26
airtonixkelvinella, so why won't gvfs allow him to mount it (which mounts things under a folder in the home folder)08:27
devrethmanalmark1: what do you mean we don't allow xorg?08:27
TiMiDocan someone help me with this error http://pastebin.ca/178990308:27
airtonixcharles__, are you using terminal to mount it or just double clicking on the drive you see in nautilus at computer://08:28
almark1when I use xorg.conf everything is fine but my mouse is missing, all I see is the arrow, I can't move it08:28
kelvinellacharles__, what command did u try?08:28
b4sakenxxcharles__: if you are worried08:28
charles__i'm going to get a glass of juice, and give this another shot. thanks for the help folks. (hopefully it really is just a root access issue and i was blinded by proximity and frustration)08:28
Jordan_Ualmark1, Ubuntu allows an xorg.conf it just doesn't have one by default08:28
kelvinellacharles__, and what was the error code?08:28
b4sakenxxcharles__: i would suggest formating at mp3 drive as fat32 or NTFS08:28
b4sakenxxthat way you can always access it from a windows install08:28
b4sakenxxjust a thought08:28
* airtonix lols08:28
Jordan_Ualmark1, And 64 studio is not a version of Ubuntu08:28
charles__<--- does not sue windows08:28
almark1and I have read that ubuntu doesn't use xorg anymore but you can make one yes, where are the config files in a Ubuntu server so I can fix the mouse thing or at least know what driver its using08:28
almark1I know08:28
almark1but they use Ubuntu from within08:29
devrethmanalmark1: mouse drivers are pretty standard. Have you tried thie mouse in the liveCD or any other OSs?08:29
almark1I know its not supported by Ubuntu so I was just wondering ;)08:29
almark1and it worked, you see what I want to do is use both my monitors for dual display, both work in this system but only at one time08:30
almark1and so I wanted to use xorg to fix the monitor problem08:30
Jordan_Ualmark1, No, 64 studio is based on Debian, and Ubuntu is based on debian. But this channel would still not be the correct place to ask questions about a non official Ubuntu derivitive08:30
TheMusicGuyIs it "safe" to check the integrity of an external hard drive using a bootable CD running inside a virtual machine?08:30
almark1but when I use it the mouse locks up because its a totally different config then this system wants08:30
almark1would debian be using a different way to config mouse settings ?08:31
almark1because the xorg was blank so I pulled my working xorg.conf from another partition to get it to work08:31
almark1I will check out debian thanks :)08:32
KurtKrautTheMusicGuy, I wouldn't rely on it. There is an aditional and unexpected layer between the hard disk and the software doing the analysis. This may lead to false negatives.08:32
TheMusicGuyKurtKraut: oh, ok.08:32
TheMusicGuyKurtKraut: Is there a tool I can use to check the integrity directly?08:32
TheMusicGuyie. while linux is still running?08:33
devrethmanTheMusicGuy: you mean like fsck?08:33
Jordan_UTheMusicGuy, System > Administration > Disk Utility will check the smart data08:33
TheMusicGuydevrethman: I don't know if fsck can do exactly what I need it to do. I'm trying to check to see if the device is physically broken.08:34
devrethmanTheMusicGuy: I think fsck does that, assuming the disk has an FS that there is an FSCK for, but I'm not positive. Anyone else know for sure?08:34
Jordan_Udevrethman, fsck just checks that the file system is sane, it will only detect hardware problems if they lead to filesystem corruption08:35
ke1haThe best source for true disk checking utilities are the drive MFG's themselves. Most offer extended disk analysis tools for their drives.08:35
iflemaalmark1  rename old xorg.conf > cd /etc/X11 and then sudo Xorg -configure08:35
TheMusicGuyRight now I'm running fsck.ext3 -c -y /dev/sdd3, and occasionally a whole bunch of buffer i/o errors will be printed at once.08:36
Jordan_UTheMusicGuy, Sounds like a hardware problem then08:37
Jordan_UTheMusicGuy, If you have important data on that drive back it up as soon as possible08:37
TheMusicGuySee, its actually an IDE drive inside an enclosure, which is connected to my computer through USB, so I'm not sure whether its a problem with the drive itself or the enclosure.08:38
Jordan_UTheMusicGuy, Again, System > Administration > Disk Utility will let you see the smart monitoring data which should tell you more precisely what is going wrong08:38
Lint01how to get grub menu on startup?08:39
Jordan_ULint01, Hold down shift08:39
TheMusicGuyJordan_U: Okay, but I'm just trying to find some backup options in case that doesn't work08:39
TheMusicGuyI can't do it now because fsck still has a long way to go08:40
Gryphon1Hi im having problems with ubuntu08:40
Lint01evryone does,go ahead08:41
devrethmanLint01: I don't.08:41
TheMusicGuyke1ha: I probably will check the mfg's website (SeaGate). I'm thinking its probably a hardware failure, but I want to be sure before ditching the drive because its fairly large and not that old.08:42
devrethmanTheMusicGuy: For what it's worth, I've lost a lot more enclosures than drives.08:42
TheMusicGuy(large = high capacity)08:43
TheMusicGuydevrethman: really? huh.08:43
Gryphon1my processor is constantly at 100%08:43
devrethmanYeah> i've only ever lost one drive, and lost 3 or 4 enclosures.08:43
meowbuntuhey is it possable to change an ext4 partition back to an ext3 without loosing the data stored there.08:43
Lint01my rc-sysinit process seems to hang, what can cause this?08:43
devrethmanmeowbuntu: I'm pretty sure no, but depending on how it's set up, you can sometimes mount an ext4 as an ext308:44
Lint01meowbuntu: yes, if you didn't enabled ext4-specifix functions08:44
ke1haTheMusicGuy: http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/troubleshooting_assistance/08:44
TheMusicGuyke1ha: oh, heh, thanks08:45
TheMusicGuysaves me some time08:45
Richlvubuntu installation (/etc/debian_version reports lenny/sid), fully upgraded - i can get apache repeatedly crashing. apache logs contain only "[notice] child pid 21982 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)"08:45
meowbuntuLint01,  how can i find out if i did08:45
Richlvany guidelines on how to obtain as much useful information for a bugreport ?08:45
Richlvi looked at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CrashReporting - that wasn't very helpful08:45
xiongI'm starting to get frustrated myself. All I want is to burn my entire system to DVD. I've tried several utilities now and none seem to be able to figure out whether they're likely to succeed before wasting a disc + plenty of time.08:46
ke1haThey have an External USB Drive Troubleshooter ... does not look like they have a Native linux app.08:46
xiongI've read all the obvious info and quite a bit of obscure info on the topic. I don't understand -- I don't really believe -- how nobody can have written a decent DVD backup utility.08:47
meowbuntuLint01, i have just been using my hdd as usual i dont know if i actually enabled ext4 stuff unless it has done it automaticly08:47
ke1haHow much data do you have to backup ?08:47
Gryphon1A Richlv, have any idea how to fix my processor constantly at 100%08:48
Lint01meowbuntu: use debugfs <device> to find out08:48
Gryphon1ye how?08:49
TheMusicGuyke1ha: 22+ GB08:49
RichlvGryphon1, i just joined the channel. i'm haivng a problem with apache segfaulting myself. why would you approach me ? :)08:49
TheMusicGuyThe data has already been backup up, and the most important parts of the data is very redundant...risk of permanent loss is minimal.08:50
TheMusicGuyBut its not my data. I'm doing this for my sister. I have to make sure its as safe as possible.08:51
Gryphon1i have also just joined myself and dont know what to do, know any one?08:51
ke1haHmm .. I assuming you need to span that backup. Backup's of that size are normally done to other disk arrays, you could always rsync it, bz2 or 7zip it probably get down to 1/2 to 1/4 of that size.08:51
Gryphon1that knows08:51
theadminGryphon1: Did what to yourself?08:51
Lint01Richlv: head to apache support?08:51
GeppyZHi all. is it appropriate to ask questions about problems with installing ubuntu trough wubi on windows 7 x64?08:52
ke1haUnless it's mostly binary media files.08:52
TheMusicGuymostly, yes08:52
theadminGeppyZ: Well, yes, but AFAIR wubi has it's own support08:52
Gryphon1got online theadmin!08:52
meowbuntuhoe do see a device list in terminal08:52
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TheMusicGuyke1ha: I think I'm going to have to convince her to buy a new external backup drive. :P08:53
theadminWhy does "Ubuntu Firefox modifications" ruin many other addons?08:54
Lint01is there a way to tell which files on my system had been changed?08:54
secretI have installed the elements plugin and I have enabled it, but how do I activate it?08:54
ke1haTwo apps I have used in the past are Amanda and mondorescue they both backup to DVD's. Your probably better off with an external HD08:54
mrpink57meowbuntu: the ls command can do this check the man page08:54
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ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:55
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Leoneofhi, i used Storage Device Manager and changed some properties in partitions, now my partitions wont ask about password, and everyone can access it, how to make it as default like before?08:56
theadminsecret: Don't ask twice or ask such useless phrases as "anyone?", if nobody knows, nobody answers08:56
ttesttcan anyone help with problem like this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=124931808:56
ke1haIf I recall, Amanda can use Samba, so if you have another box in the LAN, you could just back it up to a shared folder.08:56
mrpink57Leoneof: my guess is the permissions where changed, you will need to change them back, read: chmod08:56
theadminsecret: Never mind. Nobody ever reads the guidelines for some reason :/08:56
Leoneofmrpink57: i'm beginner -_-08:57
secretHow can I acticate my own key combination in CCSM?, I have chosen them but I can't initaiate them08:57
gerry__@ubottu I believe it's usually because the second question takes longer to type and think about. :P08:58
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions08:58
mrpink57Leoneof: read about it there08:58
Leoneofmrpink57: thank you08:58
TheMusicGuyke1ha: I've been using rsnapshot for my own laptop's backups. Of course, my backup drive is a 80GB SATA in an enclosure, and my home partition is 100GB, so I'm limited in how much I can actually back up.08:59
Lint01is there a way to tell which files on my system had been changed?08:59
sergi<sergi> hola08:59
sergi<sergi> resulta que mi disquetera no funciona y no me detecta cd08:59
sergi<sergi> y mi bios no me da la opcion de arrancar desde usb08:59
sergi<sergi> me pueden ayudar a habilitar esa posibilidad en mi computadora08:59
Gryphon1Dose anyone know why a processer would constantly be in use?08:59
Jordan_ULint01, Which files, since when, and in what way?08:59
mrpink57Gryphon1: because the computer is on...08:59
theadminGryphon1: Run "top", see what processes consume most CPU, close those08:59
gerry__beat me to it09:00
dandamanGryphon1: trying to calculate more digits of pi maybe?09:00
mrpink57Gryphon1: you can also run htop to see the highed used09:00
Gryphon1i have, its over loaded09:00
ke1haI'd tar tgz the whole drive  to that location then. if you use max compression, it should not be that bad.09:00
secretsergi: When you go in to your bios what are the boot options?09:01
TheMusicGuyke1ha: can rsnapshot compress automatically? And is that safe?09:01
TheMusicGuycompressed data is harder to recover if it gets corrupted.09:01
ke1haUmmm have to check, not used it, but most any sync / archiver uses some level of compression.09:02
Lint01Jordan_U: files that was installed by package manager09:02
TheMusicGuy"compress" does not appear in the man page.09:03
sergihard disk09:03
Gryphon1mrpink57: how do i run htop and what is its use?09:03
TheMusicGuyI'm going to take a look at Amanda.09:03
theadminGryphon1: Just go to terminal, type "htop" and hit enter (if it's not installed, you will get instructions on how to install it by running that)09:04
ke1hajust read the man page, does not talk about compression, but it's good for incremental BU's09:04
TheMusicGuyyes, it uses hardlinks to reduce space consumed09:05
mrpink57Gryphon1: open a terminal and type htop09:05
ke1hatar the whole thing then bz2 or gzip it.09:05
gerry__mrpink57, cheers for the tip about htop. I knew hopping in here as a lurker would pay off. :)09:05
Jordan_ULint01, There are different ways you can check what files have been modified and how, which to use depends on why you want to know. What is your end goal?09:05
theadminmrpink57: Beat you to it :D09:05
ke1ha7zip is supposed to have the best compression these days, although I've just started using it on UM builds.09:06
Lint01Jordan_U: I need a list of all files created by package manager which were modified after creation09:07
sergihay alguna aplicacion para que la bios te de la opcion de arrancar desde usb?09:08
Gryphon1Who knows how to get a 4th generation ipod to work on Ubuntu?09:08
mrpink57couldnt you grep "pattern" "files" something like that?09:08
TheMusicGuyke1ha: you're taking about compressing 60GB+ of data, most of which is binary media, at regular intervals. Is it even possible to do that without the archival/compression process taking the better half of a day?09:09
Jordan_ULint01, Why? I can't give a good answer without knowing.09:10
TheMusicGuyI mean, I'm sure there's a way, but how can it be done with tools like tar/gzip/7zip?09:10
ke1haSure, although we think 60+ GB is' allot, think of it in terms of DVD, 60GB is not very many 8GB DVD's it is.09:10
gerry__TheMusicGuy, when you said "it uses hardlinks" were you talking about Amanda?09:10
Lint01Jordan_U: how am I supposed to answer this question? also 'modified'='content changed', not just modification date09:11
mrpink57TheMusicGuy: I have seen some command scripts on Ubuntu forums on doing system backups to bzip2.09:11
TheMusicGuygerry__:  no, rsnapshot09:11
gerry__ah cheers09:11
ke1haGranted, your compression ratio wont be stellar on binary data, but it will still archive it.09:11
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meowbuntuhoe do see a device list in terminal i cant follow the first step in this tutoral there si no room on device ?????09:12
TheMusicGuyke1ha: I have no idea where to even begin with a project like that...09:12
meborcmeowbuntu: type "lspci" in the terminal09:12
ke1haIf it's critical data, or things you can't afford to loose, a hardware solution is the right answer.09:12
anodesniI start empathy, but there is no window showing up. Where is it?09:13
TheMusicGuyke1ha: what do you mean a "hardware solution"?09:13
theadminanodesi: Check tray for icons09:13
Jordan_ULint01, Possible options are etckeeper, dpkg log and bzr log of source packages, doing a diff from a fresh install and others. I refuse to explain all of them, and they all have different advantages and limitations.09:13
=== jason- is now known as jasonjang
anodesnioh, it is this envelope09:13
meowbuntumeborc, then09:13
ke1haIts pretty easy these days. UB supports all sorts of SATA RAID cards. get 3 1TB drives, but then on a SATA RAID CARD and you good to go.09:14
meborcmeowbuntu: then what? i mean... lspci will give you the list of devices... i thought that was the problem09:14
TheMusicGuyke1ha: O_o09:14
TheMusicGuyke1ha: first, I don't know what a RAID card is, second, I certainly can't afforce 3 TB.09:15
Lint01Jordan_U: are you kidding me? I'm not gonna install a second system for this09:15
gerry__TheMusicGuy, TB drives are pretty damn cheap now09:15
ke1haOr you could use SW RAID, but that is a bit more risky. Disk drives are cheap these days. You can create LVM's RAID's Mirrors all with a few key clicks in UB.09:15
TheMusicGuygerry__: I've also heard they're unstable09:16
Jordan_ULint01, That's only one of the multiple options09:16
Gryphon1mrpink57: do you know how to get a 4th generation ipod to work on Ubuntu? or what program i could use?09:16
gerry__TheMusicGuy, I hope not :)09:16
meowbuntumeborc, no ther is not enough room to do it09:16
mrpink57Gryphon1: no, i do not own a ipod09:17
TheMusicGuyke1ha: ahh, slow down. You're blowing my mind with terms. I'm a programmer, not a hardware engineer! :D09:17
meowbuntumeborc, read the first step it has specific instructions.09:17
TheMusicGuyke1ha: but thank you for your help so far, nonetheless. :D09:17
ke1haOne of my Ubuntu File Servers are just a bunch of drives in an LVM. granted, there's not back up for that, but I back up smaller boxes to it and it was cheap, already had the drives.09:17
mneptokGryphon1: when you lug it in, does it appear in Rhythmbox?09:17
Gryphon1yes mneptok09:18
ke1haLVM is a Logical Volume ( Logical Disk )  that cna be 1,2,3,4 et etc drives.09:18
Lint01Jordan_U: how dpkg log can help here? if it is impossible, just say so09:18
Gryphon1but i cant put music on it09:19
meowbuntumeborc, here is the resault http://pastebin.com/d547cd91e09:19
mneptokGryphon1: so what feature is not working?09:19
TheMusicGuyke1ha: don't you need a dedicated server for that?09:19
Gryphon1every thing09:19
meowbuntumeborc, i should mention the external usb hdd i have is ext3 atm09:19
meborcmeowbuntu: sorry, can't help you... i'm also lost now :)09:19
mneptokGryphon1: clearly wrong, as you say it appears in Rhythmbox09:19
ke1haDoesnt' need to be "deticated" .. just any UB box, and do a simple Samba share.09:20
sergiactualizar la bios me ayudaria a arrancar desde usb?09:20
mneptokGryphon1: it is being recognized. it is being recognized as a music player. so what are you trying to do that does not work?09:20
ke1haJust have to be able to spin up the drives.09:20
TheMusicGuyke1ha: what is UB?09:20
Gryphon1it come on rhythmbox, but thats all it dose09:20
mneptokGryphon1: can you copy music to and from it? if not, what is the error message you get?09:21
ke1haIt could be one disk, and a Simple Samba Share .. that technically is a file server.09:21
Blasturif i have a program that results a list of files, one path per line, how can i easily make shell command that cats each of those?09:21
Blasturi tried "myprog | cat" but that didnt work09:22
Gryphon1there is no error message, it wont copy music on to the ipod, when i did get it on it did not show up on the ipod09:22
ke1haBash loop for i in $n .. do something.09:22
mneptokGryphon1: run "df -h" and tell me the mount point of the iPod09:23
Myrtti!es | sergi09:24
ubottusergi: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.09:24
Gryphon1mneptok, it seams it only works on iTunes09:24
Jordan_ULint01, It may not be possible to easily do what you want, or it may be almost trivial, or somewhere in between depending on what you really want to accomplish. Please read http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#goal . If you do not want to give more information then I am sorry to say I can't help you further, your question as stated is hard but not impossible to accomplish. It is not worth my time or yours for me to explain the steps required to09:24
Jordan_Udo so when it is likely the wrong approach to solving your actual problem.09:24
TheMusicGuyke1ha: clearly I'm going to have to research this. It would be nice if I could set up a network backup server of some kind, but I really don't have the $$$ for the hardware I need for any real useful solution ATM. I have to make do with existing drives, possibly making use of DVDs.09:25
Gryphon1how do i run "df-h"????????????09:25
meborcGryphon1: type it in terminal... hit enter09:25
mneptokGryphon1: Apps > Accessories > Terminal09:25
mneptokGryphon1: no quotes09:25
TheMusicGuyGryphon1: make sure its df -h  (with a space after the "f")09:26
ke1haSamba is your friend on limited resources, just create a shared drive on any Local LAN PC and you've got a simple file Server  / Backup location.09:26
acusterhey all, sound recorder works fine but none of the im's pick up on my audio: ekiga/pidgin/empathy. How do I get started debugging things?09:26
acusterI've been through the 'tipical sound problems' page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems/KarmicCaveats09:26
induswhat is the ubuntu qa channel09:27
ke1haI would share the biggest drive you have, and use rsync to copy sync the files over your LAN.09:27
TheMusicGuyke1ha: do you think it would be possible to set this up on a router, ie. using custom firmware?09:27
ke1haBaring in mind, rsync will only ensure they are equal, if you need incremental backups, there's loads of Bash scripts for doing that.09:28
TheMusicGuyand some kind of usb/ethernet controller?09:28
Gryphon1 mneptok it mounted on /media/ipod09:28
ke1hawell, unless your on Dialup to this IRC, you've got a LAN already of some sort.09:28
mneptokGryphon1: ls -l /media/ipod09:29
mneptokGryphon1: who owns the mount point?09:29
TheMusicGuyyeah. My router runs DD-WRT, and I've successfully ssh'd into it once or twice.09:29
ke1haif you can SSH to a box on your router, you can do just about anything you need.09:30
Gryphon1mneptok: /dev/sdb109:30
mneptokGryphon1: ls -l /media09:31
ke1hathe Ubuntu docs on Samba shares are pretty good. Follow them for settigng up a simple shares drive / folder.09:32
mneptokGryphon1: you'll get something like "drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2009-09-10 17:17 cdrom0" and i want to know what it says in the "root root" bit09:32
mneptokGryphon1: not for cdrom0, but for the iPod09:33
Lint01Jordan_U: which part of my question did you not understood or which additional information do you require? It's rather clear in my opinion09:34
ke1haTheMusicGuy: yes, you need to be able to connect form one PC to the other somehow.09:35
Jordan_ULint01, I'm sorry, I can't help you.09:35
Gryphon1There is nothing like"drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2009-09-10 17:17 cdrom0"09:36
indusdoes kopete have yahoo voice and webcam support09:36
mneptokGryphon1: ipod09:36
om26erindus, google it09:37
mneptokGryphon1: you type "ls -l /media" (no quotes) and press <enter> and it should have a line about the ipod09:37
Lint01How to get a list of all files on my system created by package manager whose content had been changed then?09:37
indusom26er, well, that can be done by everyone, then whats the point of coming here09:37
indusom26er, you think i havent googled it already?09:37
TheMusicGuyke1ha: this sounds like an involved project. I'm going to need to...09:37
mneptok!google | om26er09:37
ubottuom26er: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.09:37
TheMusicGuy1.) mount a samba share _permanently_ either to or from each of the PCs that want to back up their data,09:38
TheMusicGuy2.) get my router to connect to the backup drives (somehow),09:38
TheMusicGuyand 3.) install software either on the router or on each of the PC's to be backup up to perform some kind of incremental and/or compressed backup automaticallt09:38
indusjust wanted to know , if anyone has info if the newer version has more functionality09:38
TheMusicGuyke1ha: do I have that right?09:38
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin09:38
ke1haTheMusicGuy: it's not really, it just sounds like it. In facts it's about 5 or six comman line arguments, and a few lines in smb.conf.09:39
TheMusicGuyOh, and I should probably figure out this LVM thing while I'm at it, assuming I can get ahold of some more backup drives. (It's possible, but unlikely.)09:40
ke1hayes, you need a router that you can connect 2x computers to, wired is better for this, the Add Samba to share a folder, that's it really.09:40
Gryphon1mneptok;is that it or should i copy the other stuff? lrwxrwxrwx 1 root  root     7 2010-02-01 09:49 floppy09:40
TheMusicGuyke1ha: hmmm. well, okay.09:41
mneptokGryphon1: is the iPod plugged in and mounted?09:41
Gryphon1Yes it is.09:41
mneptokGryphon1: then "ls -l /media" should have a line about the iPod09:41
ke1haIts a far better solution than DVD's, although DVD's could be used, it's not generally considered the best method.09:42
Gryphon1drwx------ 9 byron byron 8192 1970-01-01 02:00 BYRON lrwxrwxrwx 1 root  root     6 2010-02-01 09:49 cdrom -> cdrom0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root  root  4096 2010-02-01 09:49 cdrom0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root  root     7 2010-02-01 09:49 floppy -> floppy0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root  root  4096 2010-02-01 09:49 floppy0  thats every thing.09:42
mneptokGryphon1: did you use this iPod on a Mac or on Windows?09:43
TheMusicGuybtw, wireless is kind of required atm. I know wired would be faster and more stable but there is really only one computer in the house that can be connected wired all the time.09:43
TheMusicGuyand its pretty old.09:43
ke1haWireless is ok, just do do a 60GB backup while your trying to use the network for anything else, or it will be pretty slow.09:44
ke1haoops just dont do ..09:44
Gryphon1No i tryed it on linux first then when it did not work i put it on windows.09:44
linkiduuI am getting errors while compiling hydra gtk09:44
mneptokGryphon1: unplug the iPod. look in the Settings menu. the last item should be "Format" or something.09:45
ke1haOld is ok for the File server, processor power is not needed for a file server, just stable.09:45
motaka2i have created a .deb package of php 5.3 but it seems to take so long to install is that normal09:46
mneptokGryphon1: and you just bought this? from where? is it new?09:46
linkiduuI am getting errors while compiling hydra gtk.please help09:46
ke1haIn fact, Xubuntu is a good candidate for Older hardware, runes with less resources.09:46
induswhats difference between xubuntu and ubuntu other than light weight, i mean is there something i cannot do with it?09:46
TheMusicGuyke1ha: I think I'd rather have the router be the server (if possible) because I know it will be on all the time.09:47
psycho_oreosindus, xubuntu simply has xfce frontend instead of gnome09:47
om26erindus, no you can do everything in any desktop environment09:47
ke1hadont even need the GUI version, Xubuntu or Ubuntu server installs would be ideal.09:47
ke1hathen SSH to the box for whatever you need.09:47
Gryphon1from the uk a month ago and its still new09:47
secretHow do I make myu 3d sphere transparent, at the moment it just shows my wallpaper all around09:47
indusok , i have 384 mb ram, and i was wanting to install xubuntu, it doesnt have open office i think whhich i dont use anyway09:47
indusdoes skype install on xubuntu ?09:48
om26erindus, yes sure09:48
Gryphon1in settings at the its reset settings09:48
mneptokGryphon1: is it formatted for Windows, or Mac?09:48
ke1haA router, is just that, it routs things, unless you add a NAS (network attached storage), which is a whole other ball of wax, your file server needs to be another box.09:48
linkiduuI am getting errors while compiling hydra gtk.please help09:49
koryahi all09:49
Gryphon1how do i cheak?09:49
indusok 1 question, how do i open links in chrome instead of firefox from irc09:49
mneptokTheMusicGuy: does the router have a USB port that supports mass storage controller functionality?09:49
psycho_oreosindus, you'll need to set chrome as a default browser09:50
mneptokGryphon1: it's in the iPod menu system09:50
linkiduuindus: make chrome the defautl browser09:50
indusfrom where do i set it?09:50
=== lordmortis is now known as lordmortis|away
TheMusicGuyke1ha: a router is just a computer. It has RAM, internal (nvram) storage, a CPU, and in this case, MANY network interfaces.09:50
simplechatrandom question, is there any reason why volume would start off as 0?09:50
ke1haundus: im running Xubuntu on a D400 Laptop right now on a VM install, runs real well, no issues.09:50
simplechatie. boot up, no volume and the control is set to 009:50
DJonessimplechat: Does it get muted every time you shut down09:50
linkiduuSystem> Preferences > Preferred Applications09:51
Gryphon1stupidity is over coming me, Where?09:51
ke1haonly has 300MB deticated to the XB OS09:51
simplechatIt shouldn't be09:51
simplechatDJones, i don't set it to mute when i turn it off, but its muted when it starts up09:51
motaka2how long doesit usually take to install a deb package on ubuntu09:51
TheMusicGuymneptok: It does not have USB, but I've seen devices that can be used to make a couple of USB drives act like network file shares.09:51
indusmotaka2, 1 min09:51
DJonessimplechat: Have a look post 7 on this bug report, I had that bug and it's what I did to solve the problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libao-pulse/+bug/45535709:51
TheMusicGuymneptok: hang on, I'll find a product listing.09:52
indusok done thanks09:52
mneptokTheMusicGuy: do those devices have drivers supported by your router's firmware?09:52
ke1haWell, a computer can be a router, but generally, a router cannot be a computer.09:52
om26ermotaka2, depends on the size of file and speed of the computer. its quick09:52
TheMusicGuymneptok: the firmware is dd-wrt.09:52
TheMusicGuyIf it doesn't have the drivers, I can install them.09:52
ke1haUmm, not exactly. What type of router do you have ?09:53
motaka2om26er: I HAVE DEB PACKAGE OG PHP5.3 AND IT IS INSTALLING FOR MORE than 15 mins, is there something wrong with it?09:53
mneptokTheMusicGuy: oh, really? what if the only drivers provided are for Windows?09:53
TheMusicGuymneptok: Why would I need special drivers for a standard transfer protocol like SMB?09:53
indusok , i want a super quick desktop but with a slick look, iam not happy with gnome09:53
mneptokTheMusicGuy: how do you plan to connect the disks?09:54
mneptokTheMusicGuy: you do not have USB. CAT-5 is not an IO option for hard disks.09:54
mneptokTheMusicGuy: you either need a pre-rolled NAS solution or you need to create one yourself.09:54
TheMusicGuyThe device has an ethernet port and two usb ports. You plug the drive(s) into it and presents them to the network as file shares.09:55
ke1haYou can add NAA to a router without a computer attached to it, as the NAS has an embedded OS, but that's about the only way I know how to turn a router into a FS, but then again, it's not the router serving content, it's the NAS09:55
ke1haoppps.. can add NAS09:55
Gryphon1mneptok and TheMusicGuy any useful advice about my ipod problem?09:56
mneptokGryphon1: what format is it? Windows or Mac?09:57
theadminindus: Quick and sleek are quite... opposite09:57
TheMusicGuywhat is your ipod problem? (bear in mind I know little about interfacing linux with ipod)09:57
mneptokGryphon1: go and look. look through the menus.09:57
industheadmin, well,windows 7 is both09:57
Gryphon1which one in particular09:58
ke1hayeah, I agree, quick is usually not real cool look'en, sleek usually takes up some resource.09:58
opakavicrumpsy, where is he?09:58
mneptokGryphon1: i don't own an iPod. do a Google search.09:58
ObsidianXis there a way to install xorg without all of the superfluous drivers that the virtual packages seem to require?09:58
theadminindus: Did you even _try_ running 7 at 512MB ram? It's slower then anything09:58
industheadmin, i have another system 2 gb so its running dapper :)09:58
ke1haFluxBox is a real lightweight Desktop .. as is Xface.09:58
Gryphon1it looks like MAC09:59
industheadmin, so yes i understand your point,09:59
theadminke1ha: XFCE, not XFace09:59
ke1haUnfortunaly, Gnome, KDE all = Lots of stuff :-)09:59
industheadmin, i have a system with 384 ram, but i find windows xp looks better than xfce09:59
motaka2checkinstall command not found!   what should i do?09:59
theadminindus: Yes...09:59
skydromeHi, Im trying to add usrquota support to my /home partition > after i edit the fstab how do activate it?09:59
indusbut i think i havent seen the newer xfce09:59
mneptokGryphon1: then that's your problem. Mac-formatted iPods have numerous show-stopping issues in Linux. reformat it for Windows.09:59
indusmaybe it looks better09:59
ke1haYeah, I know XFCE :-)09:59
mneptokGryphon1: take it to an Apple store and they will do it for you.09:59
ke1haThe Mouse Face :-)10:00
ObsidianXoop, got it. just had to launch the installation from a driver10:00
theadminindus: It's quite ugly actually... Well, GNOME is the best for me. Fast AND nice :D10:00
Lint01How to get a list of all files on my system created by package manager whose content had been changed then?10:00
industheadmin, :D10:00
industheadmin, i think nautilus takes too much time to open the folders10:00
TheMusicGuyke1ha, mneptok: I know someone who is currently using DD-WRT on a router to serve files over the internet. It's that's possible, it shouldn't be hard to allow local filesharing through smb.10:00
industheadmin, i just installed xp yesterday and its a snap10:00
Gryphon1ok mneptok what contry are you in?10:00
mneptokGryphon1: USA10:01
indussomething wrong with gnome it seems like10:01
ke1haDD-WRT, who makes that router ?10:01
mneptokke1ha: DDWRT is firmware10:01
opakavicrumpsy is not helping me :(10:01
Gryphon1well i am in Zimbabwe and there are no ipod stores hear.10:01
monkeydusthow do i get kradioripper to connect to a stream to record it?10:01
mneptokGryphon1: so do a Google search for "reformat ipod windows" and follow the steps10:02
TheMusicGuyke1ha: the router is a Linksys WRT54G series router.10:02
ke1haFirmware embedded to hardware ?10:02
titan_arkhey is it possible to install chrome on ubuntu?10:02
DJonestitan_ark: Yes10:02
titan_arkor another browser besides FF?10:02
titan_arkDJones, without wine10:02
TheMusicGuyIt's a special type that has 8MB of internal flash storage.10:02
indusactually i hear kde is faster ,and of course it looks so gorgeous i can almost weep10:02
TheMusicGuy(more than other models in the series.)10:02
ke1haRight, Im not up speed on this DD-WRT firmware, I have a Linksys Game-Fuel router. But know of no way to make it a file server.10:03
indusbut i prefer gnome for simple menus, and kinda got used to the apps10:03
DJonestitan_ark: yep, I use either Chromium or Chrome, they're both available in ppa's, although not officially supported yet10:03
theadmintitan_ark: There is a Linux version of Chrome. Opera also has a Linux version10:03
TheMusicGuyke1ha: it basically just runs busybox linux with special software to access the router's...well, routing features.10:03
titan_arkDJones, okay, could u help me add it?10:03
Gryphon1Ive reformated the ipod 3 times, it works on windows but i use linux and i want to get it to work in linux10:03
llutzTheMusicGuy: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Samba_Filesystem10:04
theadmintitan_ark: Just... chrome.google.com and download the package from there10:04
ke1haYeah, Ok, how does it deal with Disk I/O ?10:04
titan_arktheadmin, i remember trying opera but it does not support flash right?10:04
TheMusicGuyke1ha: it would have to mount using samba.10:04
titan_arktheadmin, ah, i was hoping for a way via console :P10:04
TheMusicGuyke1ha: that's where the fileshare device I mentioned comes in.10:04
monkeydustcan any one tell me how to get Kradioripper to connect to shoutcast stream?10:05
ke1haPass, I'd have to read up on that, as Im using Ubuntu server SW for allmost all my LAN funcitons.10:05
llutzke1ha: there are a few 3rd-party firmwares for home-routers being able to use that router as NAS/fileserver10:05
Gryphon1So mneptok: whats the States like?10:05
DJonestitan_ark: I used http://dev.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel#TOC-Linux with either the beta/dev channel, dev channel is slightly less stable but I've not had problems with it, if you pick the beta channel, it'll add a google repository then you can just add google-chrome via synaptic10:05
titan_arkDJones, cool thx a bunch. i downloaded it from the site10:06
ke1haNow that's diffrent, if the firmware makes it a NAS, then yes, I suppose it's possible, but it's gonna need an OS even an 8MB OS could be possible.10:06
TheMusicGuyke1ha: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Hitachi+-+SimpleNet+USB-to-Ethernet+Adapter/9362021.p?id=1218091958703&skuId=9362021&st=ethernet%20usb&cp=1&lp=510:06
DJonestitan_ark: Don't forget that it isn't officially supported, so if you have problems, you might not always get support in this channel10:06
llutzke1ha: dd-wrt is embedded linux-os10:06
TheMusicGuyHa! It actually SAYS that it's linux-compatible. That's pretty rare to see.10:07
llutzke1ha: dd-wrt on my asus wl500gp: Linux router 2.4.37 #5193 Thu May 21 01:18:07 CEST 2009 mips unknown10:07
titan_arkDJones, yeah :) thx for reminding. i am a FF user by default, never used Opera on windows either :P just want an additional browser so thought il try it10:07
ke1haok, well I dont know enough about DD-WRT to comment furthele.r on that. But if you can get Samba on your router embedded OS< then I suppose it's possib10:07
theadmintitan_ark: FF is the best. It actually is the only Ubuntu browser on which flash works without problems10:07
llutzke1ha: theres a lot of other stuff you _could_ run with dd-wrt, but not all makes sense (to me)10:08
=== lordmortis|away is now known as lordmortis
titan_arktheadmin, well i cant say i have no flash problems on FF in ubuntu. but it was bug free in kde.10:08
ke1haI've never had a need to but that load onto a router, so iv'e not go down that path. I want the router busy routing, not file serving.10:09
ke1haIf I wanted the router & file server on one box, I'd put it on a Cmputer with 2 NICS>10:09
Gryphon1mneptok: are you also using UBUNTU?10:09
TheMusicGuyke1ha: After samba is set up, I still need to determine the best way to set up automatic backups for each PC. Should it be initiated by the server (the router), or should it be initiated by each client on its own time?10:09
ke1haand a switch of course.10:09
llutzTheMusicGuy: use cron-jobs on clients if they don't run 24/710:10
=== nosrepa is now known as aperson
ke1haBackups = Simple Incremental or sync script. Use crontab for scheduling.10:10
ke1haIncremental sill take up more room, but give more restore options, rsync, fast and  mirris the source tree.10:11
mneptokGryphon1: of course10:11
ke1haoops mirrors the source tree.10:11
llutzTheMusicGuy: look at rsnapshot10:12
=== GhostEyes is now known as RainbowEyes
mneptokGryphon1: but that's off-topic. you should go and learn how to reformat that iPod for Windows10:12
TheMusicGuyAt least one of my systems will be running windows; I can't use a purely linux solution10:12
llutzTheMusicGuy: there's rsync for windows too10:12
Gryphon1Thanks for the help10:12
TheMusicGuyllutz: rsnapshot too?10:12
llutzTheMusicGuy: idk, no windows to backup here :)10:13
mneptokGryphon1: np. good luck.10:13
ke1harsnapshot is good for incremental BU's like we talked abt earlier. What's the goal of the back up ?10:13
Gryphon1But i still want to get it to work on Ubuntu!10:13
mneptokGryphon1: it will, once formatted for Windows10:14
TheMusicGuyTo prevent a lot of important data from being lost once all these old machines I have finally die. :D10:14
llutzTheMusicGuy: http://www.stillnetstudios.com/snapshot-backups-howto/10:14
ke1haok, but do you need multiple restore points, does the data change dynamically ? or is it primarily static data ?10:15
Gryphon1Sure thanks10:15
TheMusicGuyke1ha: its a bit of both.10:15
TheMusicGuyI guess a large portion of it is static, but there are some things that get changed regularly.10:16
ke1hawell I'd say rsnapshot or rsync then.10:16
PupenoI need to add copyright information to lot's of files... any ideas how to do it without having to open file by file?10:16
ke1hacat >>10:16
TheMusicGuyIf I use rsnapshot, I basically just point its backup location to a mount point that is a network drive and then use it as usual, correct?10:17
ke1haBash for i in $n ... cat >>10:17
DocPlatypusare there any known issues with Lucid where a system sits at the login screen with a spinning mouse cursor?10:17
DocPlatypusfailing that... where can I see exactly what is causing my system to hang there10:18
DJonesDocPlatypus: You'll be better asking that in the Lucid support channel #ubuntu-110:18
DocPlatypusDJones: thanks10:18
ghostlinesmy paritions id is 83(ext3) but it's type still isn't recognized when i try to mount it10:18
DJonesDocPlatypus: You'll be better asking that in the Lucid support channel #ubuntu+1 (I mean)10:18
ghostlinesany ideas anyone10:18
ke1haI'd read up on rsnapshot and test it to makes sure you understand all it's features / functions and ensure it meets your needs.10:19
Pupenoke1ha: is that for me?10:19
TheMusicGuyah, I just read that it only runs on linux.10:19
llutzTheMusicGuy: continue reading10:20
llutz"....Rsnapshot only runs on Linux, but you can easily backup any machine running any OS with it......"10:20
motaka2can anyone help me upgrading php5.2 to php5.3 on ubuntu 8.04 ?10:20
ke1haYeah, use a simple for each Bash loop toe cat the copywrite into to the end of each file.10:20
TheMusicGuyllutz: that doesn't make sense...10:20
llutzTheMusicGuy: read how it works, then it will make sense10:21
ke1haassuming there test, binary may be a diffrent story.10:21
TheMusicGuyllutz: erm, I'll keep reading.10:21
Pupenoke1ha: copyright information generally goes at the top. I need it at the top.10:21
ke1haopps assuming they are text files...10:21
=== debes is now known as cdebes
ke1haat the top, well, that can be done too, but I'd have to think on that one a bit.10:22
llutzPupeno: cat file >> copyright.msg10:22
llutz(text only)10:22
=== Gryphon is now known as Guest55617
llutzPupeno: then just wrap a mv/copy around and you have it10:23
Quan-Timeanyone know a .jpg batch resizer ? for resizing like 20+ images.. ?10:24
llutzQuan-Time: convert10:24
ke1haid' do an expect or something like that Pupeno ( ex - coptywrite<<! ) something like that in a loop.10:24
Quan-Timellutz: awesome.. cheers10:24
Chousukeconvert may be a bit tricky to use though :P10:24
llutzQuan-Time: package is "imagemagick"10:24
Chousukemostly because it has approximately eleventy billion different options10:24
Chousukeand finding the right one requires careful reading of the manual page :)10:24
ke1hawow, we need to get on some Ubuntu topics .. :-)10:25
llutzChousuke: -resize AxB10:25
Quan-Timellutz: there a gui for it ? or all command based ? not a huge issue, but yer ;)10:25
Chousukellutz: hehe.10:25
sergimy floppy drive does not work and is incompatible with my bios boot from usb, how can I solve this problem?10:25
llutzQuan-Time: i don't know any10:25
ChousukeQuan-Time: for i in *.jpg; do convert -resize AxB ${i}.jpg ${i}-resized.jpg; done10:27
ben_qHello, can anyone help me with starting an ad-hoc wirless connection? when I click on "connect to hidden wireless network" I can choose the network I set up, but I cannot click the connect-button. it's deactive. anyone know why that would be?10:27
=== Lynx is now known as Guest26582
JoundillI need help with tvtime or MythTV and xawtv, I can get sound from my tuner with xawtv, but no sound with tvtime or mythtv. Can anybody help me?10:27
ChousukeQuan-Time: might want to run that with echo in front of the convert first10:27
llutzChousuke: ... convert -resize AxB "$i" ${i//.jpg}-resized.jpg10:30
sergiIs there any to boot from usb without bios support?10:30
theadminsergi: No. If BIOS does not support USB boot, you can't do this.10:30
Chousukellutz: ah, some bash magic I see :P10:30
DiverdudeFor some reason when i have installed emacs using the packet manager it has installed an old version...version 22.2.1...(even though i did it recently)...the newest version is 23.1 How come packet manage did not install the newest emacs?10:31
nixjrmy webcam apparently supports videos of upto 1600x1200, but the program cheese webcam booth, only lets me select upto 640x48010:31
llutzor ${i#*.}-resized.jpg10:31
ChousukeDiverdude: which version of ubuntu are you running?10:32
TupoyVolknixjr: Same thing with webcammax.10:32
ChousukeDiverdude: 23.1 is in the repositories for karmic10:32
sergiand if I update the BIOS might solve the problem or give me the option to boot from usb, I read that Windows has an application for it.10:32
DJonesDiverdude: Are you using Karmic or an older version10:32
Chousukeoh wait.10:32
nixjrTupoyVolk, im nto sure, this the first ive evre used a webcam in linux, ill install that priogram now and test it10:32
ke1hajust go into your /etc/bashrc and change it to what you want command-line and GUI for your defaults.10:32
Chousukeapparently not10:32
TupoyVolknixjr: webcammax has the same problem. + isn't opensource10:33
icerootke1ha: ~/.bashrc10:33
Chousukethe version string for emacs is "23.1+1-4ubuntu2+22.2+0ubuntu6"... I wonder what that's supposed to mean :P10:33
Lint01How to get a list of all files on my system created by package manager whose content had been changed then?10:33
nixjrTupoyVolk, ah sorry, i misread that as a question not a statement, this this is a limitation of the software?10:33
DJonesDiverdude: The latest version in the repo for Jaunty is 22.2, so if you're using Jaunty, that'll be latest version available10:33
=== ubuntu is now known as teffers
ChousukeDiverdude: try and see if you can install it from the "emacs23" package10:34
ke1hayeah, for the current user ... for all users created change the adduser bashrc or just add it to your profile10:34
DiverdudeDJones, but 22.2 is like way old...2 years old...newest version is 23.1 which is half a year old10:34
TupoyVolknixjr: Yes, I have no idea why. it's frustrating, on the software that comes with the camera (for windows at least) you can use the max resolution.10:34
ChousukeDiverdude: it's at least in the karmic-updates repository10:35
DiverdudeChousuke, should i then uninstall my old emacs first?10:35
ChousukeDiverdude: shouldn't matter. you can have both installed at the same time10:35
sergiI have acer aspire 1640Z if I update the BIOS can boot from usb?10:35
teffershey anyone got stepmania 3.9 working on 9.04 im tryign to compile sourcecode but havign a problem with it missing opengl librarys and or course the ubuntu package need libavcodec which is now depriciated10:35
ChousukeDiverdude: of course, if you aren't going to use 22, then go ahead and uninstall it :)10:35
nixjrTupoyVolk, im thinking of setting up the camera to take snapshots every few seconds for a few days, there are many program that do this, or ones that take single shots i could write scripts for, do you have any reccomendations?10:35
angrynerdis it possible to boot from live cd without having a harddisk??10:36
Chousukeangrynerd: should be.10:36
theadminangrynerd: Yep, should be10:37
angrynerdcan i then plug in the messed up harddisk after booting from live cd to format it?10:37
theadminangrynerd: Yeah10:37
teffershey guys on anyone nto so busy as to help[ me10:37
angrynerdok great10:37
teffersand brb10:37
TheMusicGuyllutz: I've spotted a couple issues: 1.) rsnapshot requires a filesystem supporting hardlinks, and I don't think samba supports that, 2.) the file server must initiate the backup process, which means backups will be missed for clients that aren't connected at the time the backup starts10:37
Chousukeyou can't plug in a hard drive while the system is running... unless it's USB or unless it supports hotswap :P10:37
ke1hayes, you'd just need to create a mount point for the drive.10:37
=== teffers is now known as teffers|tea-brak
=== teffers|tea-brak is now known as teffers|Brew
TheMusicGuyllutz: the second one may or not become a problem10:38
ke1hawell true, needs to be a USB deal or have it installed at boot the mount it.10:38
angrynerdchousuke why what happens then?10:38
rumpsyi'm here :)10:39
Chousukeangrynerd: well, it MIGHT work but I wouldn't dare try :P10:39
Chousukeangrynerd: why can't you just boot with the HD plugged in? :/10:39
TheMusicGuyI kinda need something that can do incremental backups over samba.10:40
sergisomeone can help me solve my problem please, I want my usb bootable bios, but it gives me that option10:40
TheMusicGuyI need to go, though. Sorry.10:40
rumpsysergi: ?10:40
llutzTheMusicGuy: checking for clients being online can be done by a simple cron-job. hardlinks in samba.. no idea10:40
l700bluetoothLast time I checked was May 2009. Does the ralink rt2860 chipset supports master mode now? I mean can it be used as an AP?10:40
ke1haI would not do it after the systems booted unless it's like Chousuke said, it's a hot swapable setup.10:41
angrynerdwindows7 messed up my harddrive I cant even get to the bootmanager when the hd is plugged in10:41
rumpsysergi: Give us a clear view10:41
Chousukeangrynerd: which boot manager? :/10:41
sergimy bios does not give me the option to boot from usb, as I fix this please?10:41
ke1haWell, you dont need the boot manager for the LiveCD, but does the drive allow you to get to the LiveCD?10:42
angrynerdno bootmanager, I mean it freezes at the bios cant boot from cd nor access the bios setup10:42
theadminsergi: Buy a new computer. You can't "fix" that10:42
Chousukeangrynerd: hm.10:42
rumpsysergi: so what kind of error message you get?10:42
angrynerdwhen I remove the hd it works just asks for boot device10:42
Chousukesergi: see if there is a bios upgrade available10:42
ke1haThat sounds more like a physical fault v.s. a BM fault.10:42
Chousukesergi: other than that, not much you can do about it.10:42
Chousukeangrynerd: can't you borrow a USB case from somewhere?10:43
barfAnyone got a recommendation for an SSD? How can the trim function be called from command line? Need 8-32GB10:43
Chousukeangrynerd: I mean, plugging things into a running system not designed for that is rather risky.10:43
Chousukeangrynerd: who knows how the hardware will react?10:43
ke1haIntel MX25 SSD or the Micron SLC10:43
angrynerdhm ok I'll buy one chousuke10:43
ke1haworks great with Ubuntu :-)10:44
Sargunhow do I find out who maintains a specific package10:44
ke1haThat doesn't sound right though angrynerd .. normally if the MBR is hosed up, the CD will still fire up.10:44
theadminSargun: Check the Launchpad, I believe10:44
macoSargun: nobody does10:45
macoSargun: ubuntu does not have specific people maintaining specific packages10:45
Koharsergi did you check new firmware for youre bios?10:45
sergino error message I get just one out the possibility of hard disk, CD, floppy and USB network and does not leave10:45
barfHere is the smallest one from my local dealer: http://www.netshop.no/aspx/produkt/prdinfovnet.aspx?plid=12586410:45
macoSargun: the MOTU maintain universe & multiverse. the core devs cover everything10:45
barfke1ha: How to run the trim function?10:45
angrynerdkelha i know no one believes me but I found many ppl with the same problem asus notebook + windows 710:46
barfIs there a package with tools?10:46
ke1hatrim ... in what excell :-) ?10:46
Lint01How to get a list of all files on my system created by package manager whose content had been changed then?10:46
barfssd trim10:46
Chousukebarf: why would you run trim manually?10:46
barfI have no clue10:46
Chousukebarf: the OS should take care of that.10:46
sergiThe problem is that you update the bios from Ubuntu, as I do?10:47
barfJust getting to know how it will affect my day10:47
ke1haOh I don't know... not into it that far. Just used a friends box the other day that had a pair of the SLC's in it, man the thing was fast !!10:47
barfupdate BIOS from Ubuntu?10:47
Chousukebarf: I don't think it even makes sense to command the drive directly. you'll just mess up the filesystem :/10:47
ke1haI ordered a  couple last week for another project, so will be testing over the next few weeks.10:48
=== magical_trevsky is now known as magical
barfke1ha: Which did you order?10:48
n00pguys, I have this entry "ifupdown (eth2)" in my wired network connections config... it appeared after I did something stupid, that's really my wireless connection. how do I get rid of it?10:49
ke1haI got the MX's ..10:49
theadminHow do I install .emerald themes?10:50
* n00p waits patiently for a response10:51
ke1habarf: SSDSA2M160G2XXX10:53
llutzn00p: have you changed eth2 settings at /etc/network/interfaces?10:53
Lint01is it a support channel or some club chat?10:54
xiongOK. I have just completed full, duplicate backups onto DVD of my entire filesystem (with a few deliberate and obvious omissions). I'm about to repartition and clean install of 9.10. Obviously, the benefit of this will be lost if I then reinstall everything from DVD.10:54
n00pllutz: I added it to that file yes, to access my wireless which now due to my bitching mother (who doesn't pay a cent to access the internet she was bitching about not being able to access) bitching about the internet... anyway, should I remove it?10:54
theadminLint01: Support channel. Offtopic chat in #ubuntu-offtopic10:54
xiongSo, how should I organize my reinstall? And what last-minute info should I stash in USB thumb drive?10:55
ke1haSound, NIC and VID Driver Iinfo.10:55
onaoghn00p, respect your mother10:56
theadminLint01: If you don't get your question solved here, try ubuntuforums.org10:56
ke1haonly the last few upgrades I've done, NIC and VID has been real good, but had a fair few issues with ALSA.10:56
n00ponaogh: no, I respect her, but I think she's a bitch. If she hadn't bitched about her computer not having access (when she doesn't even pay anything) then I wouldn't be bitching about my computer not having access... maybe I should just cut the internet and get a wireless chip just for this computer... she can pay for it10:57
grub_problemsi have just noticed that in windows "C:\ubuntu\disks\boot\grub" directory is empty.  is that wrong?10:57
theadmin!language | n00p10:57
ubottun00p: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:57
n00ptheadmin: are you offended?10:57
theadminn00p: Eh, not me. Just follow the rules.10:57
DocPlatypusn00p: profanity is out of line in a help channel. just as a general rule10:58
n00panyway, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me install my bcm43xx... the only drivers that worked (without crashing the entire PC and causing me to reinstall -- will not accept suggestions to change drivers!) are the ones that are installed currently, and they worked using iwconfig to set up the configuration... but iwconfig doesn't support WPA2/PSK and my mother's stupid computer relies on that for some stupid reason so I had to reconfigure the10:59
n00ps/install/connect to the wireless network10:59
theadminwhat the heck. Adress bar in Firefox dissapeared o_O11:00
theadmin...Got it back :D never mind. Creepy.11:00
Apust1kmiten saa kirjautettuu kaverin ulos linux11:01
ke1haI had one today, when I booted Xubuntu, after dist-upg, it would let my user log in, but let them log in as other.11:01
theadmin!fi | Apust1k11:01
ubottuApust1k: Tämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)11:01
ke1haopps it would not let ..11:02
ke1habeen scouring the Bug lists for that one, have seen anything yet.11:02
n00pso I removed my wireless device from /etc/network/interfaces, "ifupdown (eth2)" (my wireless with a weird name) still shows up in network manager as a "wired device"...11:03
Jimi_Neutralhi all, i have just downloaded gFTP. I cant find it though under applications. How do I start it?11:03
ke1hashould start from a terminal until you make a link .. just type gftp11:04
barfHow can I install ubuntu from memory stick?11:04
=== Mowee`Bnc is now known as Mowee
DJones!usb | barf11:05
ubottubarf: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:05
theadmin!unetbootin | barf11:05
kosharibarf use unetbootin, and hope your PC supports booting from it11:05
barfWhat is that?11:06
ke1hayeah, be prepared for a lengthy install though, those USB drives can really slow tings down.11:06
koshariJimi_Neutral the default place for the launcher is under internet also11:06
barfI just bought new machine11:06
theadminbarf: see http://unetbootin.sf.net11:06
ke1haAre you wanting to install from USB, or install too USB ?11:07
barfUsually when I make a bootable memory stick, I just have to do dd if=OS.iso of=/dev/memorystick11:07
n00pguys can I get some advice regarding my mysterious "ifupdown" in network-manager-gnome GUI that can't be removed due to a disabled 'delete' button?11:08
barfthen do another dd to patch the first sectors11:08
barfn00p: cat /etc/network/interfaces11:08
n00pI cleared it11:08
DJonesbarf: If you already have an ubuntu machine, you can use USBCreator from the menu which does everything for you11:08
barfn00p: I don’t know the GUI11:08
shutupbitchhello everybody!!!!!11:08
n00pthanks for your input. anyone who does know the GUI and the console know how to remove this network connection?11:09
shutupbitchrip off the wires.11:09
ke1haremive it form /etc/network.interfaces11:10
n00pke1ha: from where?11:10
n00pyou mean11:10
ke1ha.. it's late .. remove it from /etc/network/interfaces...11:11
n00p----I already did!----11:11
shutupbitchubuntu sucks.11:11
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!11:11
DJones!ot | shutupbitch11:11
ubottushutupbitch: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:11
barfDJones: I have several ubuntu/debian alternate installs and also some Mac workstations11:11
ke1hadid you restart your network ?11:11
nixjrdoes using "complete removal" in synaptic, remove all the dependencies?11:11
n00pke1ha: "restart your network"? what good would that be? the problem lies in network-manager-gnome!11:12
Myrttinixjr: no, it removes all the config files11:12
ke1ha--autoremove --purge does.11:12
n00pand yeh, I restarted my entire machine11:12
n00pmany times11:12
unimatrixdoes gnome-panel in Ubuntu Karmic support RGBA yet ?11:12
n00pthat doesn't seem to do anything.11:12
ke1haOk., pass, can't help ya.11:12
DJonesbarf: In that case, I'd be tempted to download whichever iso you want to use (Live CD/Alternate etc) and use the USB creator to do the work, I've never had a problem using that11:12
=== rohit is now known as Guest73848
macounimatrix: of course. has for years11:12
n00pthanks for trying. anyone want to ask some new questions regarding my problem?11:12
erUSULnixjr: no; it removes configuration files in /etc/11:12
macounimatrix: as long as i can remember, youve been able to choose a transparency level when picking the colour11:13
unimatrixmaco: are you sure, because when i enable it it's sort of broken11:13
mandi've configured my x-window-manager alternativ to sawfish and i've deleted my ~/.gnome2/session file to start with a fresh session, but gnome still uses metacity and does not execute x-window-manager11:13
unimatrixmaco: that's not RGBA11:13
macounimatrix: A = alpha = transparency, yeah?11:13
grub_problemscan someone give me a grub.cfg file?  mine dissapeared....11:13
unimatrixmaco: yes, but that's just the solid background color11:14
_lenin_hello all i have som problem with grub.  when i boot i see next message11:14
_lenin_       [ Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported.   For11:14
_lenin_         the   first   word,  TAB  lists  possible  command11:14
_lenin_         completions.  Anywhere else TAB lists the possible11:14
_lenin_         completions of a device/filename. ]11:14
FloodBot4_lenin_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:14
Jimi_NeutralOk i have started gFTP and changed the conf file to enable a remote pc access. What will the user and passowrd be cause it didnt ask me to set one11:14
unimatrixmaco: colors support RGBA, not the panel11:14
macounimatrix: in that case i'm confused. what?11:14
Slartunimatrix: the panel doesn't support transparency yet .. at least not on my 9.10 install11:15
unimatrixmaco: http://www.cimitan.com/blog/wp-content/rgba-murrine-170208.png11:15
unimatrixSlart: thank you11:15
Slartunimatrix: I'm not sure I should add the "yet" even... I'm starting to think it's not even on the roadmap =/11:15
macoSlart: wait so what's this not-a-colour transparency?11:15
macoSlart: how can rgba refer to anything *but* colours?11:16
unimatrixSlart: they've promised general RGBA support for Lucid, so i think it is11:16
macounimatrix: but lucid will have the same version of gnome as karmic11:16
Slartmaco: the panel will only do a blend between the solid background.. it won't show windows behind it and such11:16
erUSULunimatrix: i can make the panel transparent easily on the properties>background> (compiz enabled)11:16
Tm_T_lenin_: sorry again11:16
macounimatrix: at least, i think it will... cuz lucid's not going to gnome 311:16
macoSlart: aah ok. so unimatrix wants *true* transparency11:17
unimatrixerUSUL: that's not the same, it will make everything transparent, RGBA mode doesn't make the icons and text transparent, only the background11:17
n00pin my "wired connections" I have "Auto eth0" and "ifupdown (eth2)"... eth2 is actually wireless and it was placed there after messing around trying to get the bloody thing to work. The "delete" button is disabled when I highlight "ifupdown"... Does anyone know how I can remove this?11:17
unimatrixmaco: that's right11:17
Slartmaco: or rather.. it will show you the background wallpaper (not just solid color) .. but not windows and such..11:17
Slartmaco: yes11:17
erUSULunimatrix: Slart ok you are right it does not show windows behind it. is fake transparency11:17
theadminn00p: There are key-like icon in networkmanager. Did you hit that?11:17
macoSlart: it didnt occur to me that windows could go behind the panel.11:18
unimatrixerUSUL: no, that's not what true transparency is11:18
n00ptheadmin: the delete button -is- enabled for auto eth011:18
Slartmaco: then you haven't made it big enough =)11:18
n00pand there is no keylike icon for me11:18
macoSlart: made what big enough?11:18
erUSULunimatrix: i'm agreeing with you11:18
Slartmaco: the panel =)11:18
phimichi all11:18
theadminn00p: Oh wait. Strange.11:18
_lenin_I have some problem with grub. When i boot  i see grub>  next i type command boot i have error 8: kernel must be loaded before booting. When i manualy set kernel ubuntu hangs up. What is wrong?11:18
phimicanyone uses ufw with ulogd?11:18
n00ptheadmin: no, just a different distro.11:18
n00pdifferent style11:19
n00pit asks for authorization at a different stage11:19
n00p(ie after I click the delete button)11:19
Jimi_NeutralOk i have started gFTP and changed the conf file to enable a remote pc access. What will the user and passowrd be cause it didnt ask me to set one11:19
macoSlart: i think my window manager always puts windows *on top* of the panel if they're moved to overlap it11:19
theadminn00p: I use Karmic... I kinda forgot stuff already lol11:19
unimatrixerUSUL, Slart, maco: in Karmic you can actually enable RGBA for many programs like gedit, rhythmbox, system-monitor, etc... but not gnome-panel11:19
pedrovrmhi, I lost my hd and would like to use ubuntu in a pendrive, I already have it on a pendrive, but I would like to know how to install software in it11:19
macounimatrix: i have none of those installed :P11:19
Slartunimatrix, maco: actually.. I just made it transparent using the ccsm.. true transparency and all =)11:19
n00pSo is there any bearded wise man here who will rescue my broken GUI?!11:20
unimatrixSlart: it's not the same11:20
unimatrixSlart: that makes the icons&text transparent too11:20
MenZa!details | n00p11:20
ubottun00p: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:20
Oli``One of my RAM sticks occasionally drops out at boot. It's very occasionally so it's very hard to test (I have 6 sticks). Is there some way I can show which slots are running from within Ubuntu?11:20
Slartunimatrix: ah.. yes.. that's true11:20
n00pMenZa: I've given full details. Please read more accurately.11:20
MenZan00p: Well, give them on one line, and have patience.11:20
MenZan00p: There's a massive amount of activity in here which makes it easy to lose things. :)11:21
n00pMenZa, I'm repeating myself word for word for you: in my "wired connections" I have "Auto eth0" and "ifupdown (eth2)"... eth2 is actually wireless and it was placed there after messing around trying to get the bloody thing to work. The "delete" button is disabled when I highlight "ifupdown"... Does anyone know how I can remove this?11:21
Slartunimatrix: including the properties window.. and the "Add to panel"-dialog11:21
macoOli``: maybe "sudo lshw" might help11:21
macoSlart: ew11:21
MenZan00p: Excellent--no need to get bitey; I'm only trying to streamline communication here. :)11:21
unimatrixSlart: yes11:21
arvernusHello! I've got the latest Ubuntu 9.10 installed with the latest updates and Firefox 3.5.7. Whenever I try to enable the Firebug-Console, Firefox crashes. No matter what page I'm on or how many tabs are open. Any help, plese?11:21
MenZamaco: I think -c memory will only grab memory, ftr11:21
unimatrixSlart: we don't want that, we only need the panel background to be transparent11:22
Slartunimatrix: yup.. I agree11:22
n00phmmm... well I did first ask $uptime(mIRC,1) ago...11:22
n00phmmm... well I did first ask 34mins 43secs ago...11:22
unimatrixSlart: i actually found a brainstorm for this http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/23098/11:22
n00pI understand you are telling me not to be bitey for a reason11:23
n00pand I hate to seem impatient11:23
unimatrixSlart: aaand... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/44172711:23
n00pbut I feel as though I'm getting -nowhere- by being here11:23
theadminn00p: Oh? Try the forums, might be more helpful11:23
barfI want to put the ubuntu installer on a memory stick and make it bootable11:23
unimatrixSlart, maco, erUSUL go to that bug and click "It affects me"11:23
Jimi_Neutralhow do i set the username and passord on vsftpd so people can log into it?11:23
Slartunimatrix: will do11:23
theadminbarf: Told ya, use unetbootin.11:23
bazhangbarf, try unetbootin then11:24
Oli``maco: It does show the ram but it shows all 12GB present and correct. free (et al) think there's only 10gigs suggesting one is missing/faulty11:24
MenZan00p: Have patience. Someone will come around; perhaps check the forums while you wait?11:24
barfBut it appears to require GUI? http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/#other11:25
ke1haoli``` I checked /proc/meminfo .. looks like it lumps it all together as well.11:25
barfbazhang: theadmin: But it appears to require GUI? http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/#other11:26
barfIsn’t there just a bootsector file anywhere?11:27
bazhangbarf, correct; you never specified otherwise11:27
theadminbarf: Oh, you want a no-gui solution... sorry11:27
barfI have Mac GUI and ubuntu/debian terminal available11:27
ke1hayou may find this usefull oli```: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/468111:27
ZiagoAnyone having troubles with Mumble + Wine?11:28
ZiagoActually, I'm not sure it's Mumble + WINE. After booting, my microphone just stops working for whatever reason.11:29
Vampire0Hi there, I'm on Karmic and I observe very strange behaviour. I make changes for the autostart programs, but they are sometimes not save. I cannot really reproduce when it happens and when not :-(11:30
JaimieZiago; why not run native?11:30
meatbuni got this thing. and it corrupted my data. beware!!!!!!!!11:30
ZiagoJaimie: Oh, I'm using Mumble natively11:30
Ziagosudo aptitude install mumble11:31
ZiagoBut, I'm also using an application through WINE. Scratch the statement about WINE11:31
ZiagoFor whatever reason, my mic just stops working, and sound ultimately becomes very garbled and unusable after a while.11:31
ZiagoIt's a default Ubuntu install, aside from Wine and Mumble.11:31
Jaimiecant say ive had that before11:31
ZiagoI'm getting tons of messages like this in /var/log/messages: pulseaudio[1461]: ratelimit.c: 14 events suppressed11:32
Jason__Hi, why ubuntu server edition doesn't show all the processes status but just some? (e.g. I don't see mysql booting up, but there is apache). In this way cannot see if everything is booted up correctly11:32
theadminJason__: Are you running the process displaying command as root? Otherwise, it might not display not-owned processes11:33
Guest41226sudo aptitude install libsdl-perl libcompress-zlib-perl11:33
theadminGuest41226: And?11:34
Jason__theadmin: I mean when the system is booting, just before the login. I don't write any command...11:34
Guest41226Writing extended state information... Done11:34
Guest41226(Reading database ... 262778 files and directories currently installed.)11:34
Guest41226Unpacking libsdl-gfx1.2-4 (from .../libsdl-gfx1.2-4_2.0.19-2_i386.deb) ...11:34
Guest41226dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libsdl-gfx1.2-4_2.0.19-2_i386.deb (--unpack):11:34
FloodBot4Guest41226: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:34
ZiagoMeh. Heading back to Windows.11:35
unimatrixZiago: what's the problem11:35
Ziagounimatrix: Sound doesn't work =/11:35
lukjad007I'm following this guide: http://stringofthoughts.wordpress.com/2009/05/24/grub-error-17-debianubuntu/11:35
Ziagounimatrix: Sound works for a while, but then it dies.11:35
lukjad007I'm following this guide: http://stringofthoughts.wordpress.com/2009/05/24/grub-error-17-debianubuntu/11:35
lukjad007I have error 17, but don't know how to install grub since I use sda and not hda for my hard drives11:35
unimatrixZiago: ubuntu 9.1011:35
ZiagoMicrophone input works for a while, then it does. Tons of messages like these in /var/log/messages: pulseaudio[1461]: ratelimit.c: 14 events suppressed11:35
unimatrixZiago: ?11:35
ZiagoUbuntu 9.10, default installation.11:36
unimatrixZiago: what sound card11:36
ZiagoJust mobo sound.11:36
ZiagoI'll get you the lspci sec11:36
ZiagoATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)11:36
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:37
unimatrixZiago: when does it stop working11:37
Guest41226theadmin, and >>>E: /var/cache/apt/archives/libsdl-gfx1.2-4_2.0.19-2_i386.deb: trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libSDL_gfx.so.13', which is also in package sdl-gfx 011:38
m_fulderis it possible to connect to a ubuntu machine (while having a server on it) with my mobile phone? so I can use internet through my server?11:38
ke1haThere's allot activity on ALSA on the bug reports I had trouble when I did the dist-upg on an early ISO. worked on the same box with a later ISO, same base install.11:38
Ziagounimatrix: About 5 minutes after booting.11:38
ZiagoSound ultimately becomes very garbled, and the microphone just stops picking up sound altogether11:39
unimatrixZiago: what happens if you restart pulseaudio11:39
calrikHi all for some reason my ubuntu is jumpy, as in the mouse will occasional freeze for 1-2 seconds, I have the latest nvidia-drivers, ubuntu updates etc. My hard drives are healthy, cpu and memory not maxing out... any other ideas?11:40
Ziagounimatrix: It just tells me " * PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions "11:40
unimatrixZiago: you're doing it wrong11:40
n00ps00p@s00p-laptop:~$ service network-manager stop          stop: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.105" (uid=1000 pid=2448 comm="stop) interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Stop" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init))11:40
Ziagounimatrix: That's after issuing sudo service pulseaudio restart11:40
unimatrixZiago: yes that's wrong11:40
n00pany ideas about that error message?11:40
ZiagoOh. When I used /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart, it told me to use that command.11:41
unimatrixZiago: that's wrong too11:41
unimatrixZiago: pulseaudio doesn't run as root11:41
unimatrixZiago: just do killall pulseaudio; pulseaudio -D11:41
ZiagoDone. It says: E: main.c: Daemon startup failed.11:42
Jimi_NeutralHi all. I can create a directory on the remote box using gftp but my boss cant vreate a directory using his ftp client on a windows machine even though he is using the same username and password i am to log into the box....anyone know why this owuld be?11:42
indushi folks11:42
waltercoolhi indus11:42
unimatrixZiago: type pulseaudio -v11:42
calrikHi all for some reason my ubuntu is jumpy, as in the mouse will occasional freeze for 1-2 seconds, I have the latest nvidia-drivers, ubuntu updates etc. My hard drives are healthy, cpu and memory not maxing out... any other ideas?11:42
Jimi_Neutralcalrik, too hot?11:42
indushello waltercool whats up11:42
unimatrixcalrik: check dmesg for any errors11:43
induswaltercool, do i know u?11:43
ZiagoIt keeps saying "E: pid.c: Daemon already running." and "E: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed."11:43
unimatrixZiago: that's ok, it restarted on its own11:43
ZiagoOf course, I already issued a killall pulseaudio11:43
calrikJimi_Neutral: no everything running around avg 35 dergrees celcius11:43
calrikunimatrix: how do I check that?11:43
unimatrixZiago: yes, when u do that it's started automatically11:43
Ziagounimatrix: Okay. Sound still isn't working =/11:43
unimatrixcalrik: just type dmesg in terminal11:44
waltercoolindus: I dont think so, im just replying your "hi folks"11:44
unimatrixZiago: type killall pulseaudio; pulseaudio -v11:44
unimatrixZiago: try it a few times until it works11:44
induswaltercool,  ok :)11:44
ZiagoOkay. microphone still isn't working11:44
ZiagoIt worked. Now I have a terminal full of pulseaudio messages =)11:45
unimatrixZiago: that was the point11:45
unimatrixZiago: to see what's wrong11:45
root51how to update my grub in menu list11:45
ZiagoKeeps saying this: "I: protocol-native.c: Connection died." when I open sound properties.11:46
calrikunimatrix: seems like my logitech g5 usb mouse is disconnecting and reconnecting alot, maybe its not getting enough power?11:46
buffmangreetings to all11:46
unimatrixcalrik: yes that is possible, try plugging it in a different USB port11:47
buffmanAnyone got tips/links to getting a USB pinicle TV tuner going in Ubuntu 9.10 ?11:47
unimatrixZiago: try asking the guys on #pulseaudio they might not answer immediately, so be patient, but they know their stuff11:47
calrikunimatrix: awesome that fixed it thanks :)11:48
unimatrixcalrik: no problem11:48
waltercoolroot51: update-grub?11:49
ouyeshi , can anyone recommend me a tool to play DVDs? i have a few DVD films,11:50
DiverdudeAn rpm package can be opened by the packet manager right?11:50
ke1hasafest way if your not familiar with grub, is to use the startup-manager.11:50
iguannahi all11:50
unimatrixDiverdude: not in ubuntu11:50
unimatrixDiverdude: you usually need to convert it to DEB first11:51
ke1haor you can manually edit menu.1st in /boot/grub11:51
iguannacan anyone tell me why doing scroll the text on the windows doesn't display correctly?11:51
unimatrixbuffman: have you tried anything yet?11:51
buffmanunimatrix, tried mythTV11:52
unimatrixbuffman: did it work?11:52
buffmanunimatrix, boot up messages seem to find it11:52
Diverdudeunimatrix, aha, so if i want to install this package: http://ctags.sourceforge.net/11:52
buffmanunimatrix, no11:52
induswhy inst meebo used instead of empathy?i t has voice and video11:52
unimatrixbuffman: try tvtime11:53
buffmanunimatrix, ok will do11:53
corecodewhat's the best way to submit a bugfix to a package?11:53
corecodei created a new version11:53
corecodeshould i just upload the diff.gz or something else?11:53
unimatrixDiverdude: it's usually a better idea to compile it11:53
erUSULcorecode: attach a patch to the bug in launchpad or send the bugfix directly to the program authors11:54
Diverdudeunimatrix, ok, i did sudo apt-get install ctags....i hope its the same program and version11:54
corecodeerUSUL: which patch?  the dpkg-generated patch?11:54
buffmanunimatrix, does tvtime work for Digital tuners?11:54
unimatrixDiverdude: even better11:54
himanshu_could somebody tell me some complier / ide for c / c++ coding on ubuntu  ?11:54
erUSULcorecode: the atch to the sourcecode that fixes the bug11:55
unimatrixbuffman: hmm, i'm not sure11:55
erUSUL!info anjuta | himanshu_11:55
ubottuhimanshu_: anjuta (source: anjuta): A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++. In component universe, is optional. Version 2: (karmic), package size 1504 kB, installed size 3884 kB11:55
himanshu_also please tell me , in java net beans work upon ubuntu or not?11:55
Jimi_NeutralI cant create a new dir in the apache2 dafault site fodler remotley. I have tried three diff pc's with three different ftp clients and 2 diff O/S. So i am assuming it is a permissions problem. I can create files in the /home/james though. Could someone help me with this please11:55
iguannawhen a windows is moved up and down or doing scroll its content is not displayed right, why please?11:55
Myrttiouyes: vlc is my favourite11:55
corecodeerUSUL: is there a way to generate this patch?  there are ubuntu patches applied already when i use apt-get source11:55
erUSULcorecode: really dunno never played with packages. ask in #ubuntu-motu11:56
erUSULcorecode: thepatches i've done where to vanilla tarballs11:56
Dravekxis there a channel for ZEND?11:56
=== Gryphon is now known as Guest40603
himanshu_is there any release of turbo c++ for ubuntu . i loved working on it.11:56
unimatrixiguanna: can you post a screenshot?11:57
himanshu_how can i install anjuta ?11:57
Dravekxanyone know how to install zend optimizer on a 64bit version of ubuntu server?11:57
ouyesMyrtti, i have smplayer,but i feel it is not very good for playing DVD,(vlc, is it open source?11:57
m_fulderis it possible to crypt/hide your IP adress or the files you're sending/reciving through a ubuntu comp. ?11:57
unimatrixhimanshu_: try the Ubuntu Software Center11:57
Myrttiouyes: of course it's open source11:58
unimatrixm_fulder: no, that is never possible, because of the way the internet works11:58
erUSULhimanshu_: xwpe is similar to tubo c++ 3.0 ;P11:58
himanshu_unimatrix , what would you recommend - code:: block or anjuta ?11:58
unimatrixhimanshu_: anjuta11:58
FloodBot4marshmallow: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:59
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs11:59
himanshu_erUSL , how to install xwpe ?11:59
Jimi_Neutrali need to create a dir in /usr/share/apache2/default-site but the ftp client is not letting me, how would i rectify this?11:59
indus!info vlc11:59
m_fulderunimatrix : so there's no way at all to send/recive a file without my interprovider sees it?11:59
marshmallowwer ist der G?11:59
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-1ubuntu2.1 (karmic), package size 1586 kB, installed size 3808 kB11:59
unimatrixm_fulder: that is correct11:59
marshmallowey wer ist hier der G?11:59
ke1ham_fulder IP address may be a tricky, but, using the ssh tunnels already encrypts the data. You can set that when your generating leys.11:59
Dravekxanyone know how to install zend optimizer on a 64bit version of ubuntu server?12:00
marshmallowWer ist hier der Super G?12:00
marshmallowist hier auch hans vorhanden?+12:00
Myrtti!de | marshmallow12:00
ubottumarshmallow: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.12:00
spackenihr gays12:00
unimatrixm_fulder: what you're trying to do is essentially the same as trying to mail a letter to someone, without the post office knowing who it is for12:00
marshmallowey spacken12:00
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marshmallowsonja hartwig12:00
Guest51461you are all fucking gays12:00
iguannaunimatrix, how do i send the screenshot file?12:00
Guest51461sonja hartfick12:01
unimatrixiguanna: upload it to imageshack.us12:01
marshmallowauf wiederseheeeeeeeeeeeen12:01
waltercoolmarshmallow: /join   #ubuntu-de12:01
marshmallowist hier auch der hans?12:01
user01_ihr spastis12:01
waltercoolmarshmallow: auf wuedersehen ;)12:01
unimatrix!de > marshmallow12:01
ubottumarshmallow, please see my private message12:01
marshmallowwer ist waltercool?12:01
olonr1kto z polski12:02
unimatrix!pl > olonr112:02
ubottuolonr1, please see my private message12:02
iguannaunimatrix, http://imagebin.ca/view/30fBxb.html12:02
iguannaunimatrix, http://imagebin.ca/view/30fBxb.html12:03
himanshu_which IDE could be best for core java programming  on ubuntu ? when i was on windows i used to write code on notepad and compile it on command prompt , otherwise used net beans .12:03
jussi01!code | himanshu_12:03
ubottuhimanshu_: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, QtCreator12:03
unimatrixiguanna: yes i see12:03
unimatrixiguanna: does this only happen in evolution?12:03
iguannait is very annoy12:03
iguannait happens everywhere12:04
iguannasome place works better than other, I mean, Hotmail works almost perfect12:04
unimatrixiguanna: hotmail in firefox?12:05
Jimi_Neutralhow would i be able to create a diectory in this folder '/usr/share/apache2/default-site' using FTP. It wont do it at the moment because I am logged in as a normal user and i am guessing to create a dir in this path you need root access12:05
iguannaJimi_Neutral, yeah12:05
iguannaJimi_Neutral, yeah12:05
Jimi_Neutralso is it possible to configure vsftpd to allow a remote user root access?12:05
zilkomaaHi everybody12:06
unimatrix!ask > zilkomaa12:06