persiawhich model KVM is that again?  I want to add it to my blacklist :)00:42
TheMusopersia: Are you back in JP yet?02:42
persiaI presume you landed this morning?02:43
TheMusoCertainly did, and not feeling too bad either.02:43
persiaExcellent.  Sometimes sleeping on that last leg just fails completely.02:43
TheMusoSleeping on the long flight helps that though.02:43
TheMusoSteve and I actually managed to get premium economy somehow, and the extra leg room plus bulkhead seat row was just awesome.02:44
persiaThat helps a lot.  I was lucky once, and managed to get the far-front bed on a singapore->sydney flight.  Best sleep I've ever had on a plane.02:45
persiaBut the premium economy seats on those planes are really comfortable.  Much more so than on some routes.02:46
TheMusoSince that was my first premium economy flight, I have nothing to compare to.02:46
TheMusoAlso of note is that the flight was very light in passenger numbers. Business class according to Steve was practically empty, except for one person. Economy/Premium economy was largely empty as well, or so it seemed.02:46
persiaAh.  On some legs, "Premium Economy" means about 3" extra legroom.  On others, it rivals short-hop business class.  For singapore->sydney, I think it's somewhere in the middle.02:47
TheMusoWell I certainly couldn't complain about what we got for the flight from San Francisco to Sydney.02:48
persiaFor that length, I imagine it's well up into the short-hop business-class grade.02:49
persiaA victorian friend of mine once told me that the grades get better on the long-haul flights because that means less mass for seats and passengers, which means less fuel consumption, which saves money.02:50
ScottLi notice ubuntulog is here....that didn't take long02:52
persiaCool.  That was fast indeed.02:52
persiaOf course, it adds pressure to be on-topic, but we're not all that bad anyway.02:53
* TheMuso didn't notice that.02:53
* persia either02:55
persiaSems to have happened at 0:34 UTC from my backscroll02:55
TheMusobbl, got a blog post that needs finishing.02:56
persiaAbout a11y?02:57
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crimsunhmm, should push that MIR for j-a-c-k a bit07:51
jussi01crimsun: yeah, that would be good.07:55
jussi01what still needs doing?07:55
crimsunjussi01: someone on the MIR team to actually look at it.07:58
crimsunit's pretty much out of our hands; we need that someone to say "ok", and then we can update build dependencies and have j-a-c-k promoted07:59
jussi01ok, so should we be bugging then?08:00
* jussi01 is good at bugging people08:00
crimsunjussi01: yeah,someone on the MIR team08:06
crimsunI'll wait a couple more days then poke if I don't see activity08:06
* jussi01 goes to look for who is on that team :D08:07
aboganiAnyone know if I can release the same package through the same PPA for various ubuntu releases (kermic, lucid)?10:00
persiaabogani: Sure you can, you just upload to the oldest release, and copy to the newer releases.10:03
persiaBy the way, do you have a good summary of the differences between your non-rt preempt kernel and rtg's?10:04
aboganipersia: Unfortunately only the list of kernel configuration differences.10:05
persiaHrm.  That's tricky for me to interpret.  Based on the discussion between you and jussi01, I contacted rtg, and he seems willing to consider some additional modifications.10:06
persiaIf you have time, could you send me an email with comments on the differences?  I'm more than happy to try to get them merged.  rtg just wanted to avoid the -rt patches, but that's separate from the other stuff.10:06
aboganipersia: Ok.10:09
persiaThanks.  I hope I'm not causing you extra trouble, I just think you have a lot of experience in this area, and that there was some confusion in previous communication.10:10
jussi01ooh, yummy, James just synced ardour 2.8.6 to lucid11:13
jussi01cool scmool, looks like ardour built on lucid also! :D16:02

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