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Guest13864I'm looking for help getting audio to play on my newly installed Ubuntu Studio20:03
Guest13864I see aufio in the VU's but don't hear anything20:04
tucemiuxyou want to hear sound in headphone/speaker? do you have a laptop or desktop?20:07
Guest13864it's a desktop20:07
Guest13864CA1060 (if I remember correctly) is the driver20:07
Guest13864for the chip set20:08
Guest13864thru speakers20:08
Guest13864I had two soundcard in a previous install but removed the pci slot one to simplify20:09
Guest13864have since reinstalled20:09
tucemiuxis it detected?20:09
tucemiuxand it's card #0?  --> aplay -l20:10
Guest13864I see audio playing if I play a mp3 file20:11
Guest13864card 0 CA100620:11
tucemiuxGuest13864, and I assume you checked all the physical connections?20:11
tucemiuxtry killing all of your applications and then run this: aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Left.wav20:12
Guest13864yes I have20:12
tucemiuxYou checked the volume and made sure speaker is not muted using "gnome-volume-control"?20:13
tucemiuxCan you hear any sound by running this in a terminal: aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav20:13
Guest13864I don't hear anything20:14
tucemiuxopen up gnome-alsamixer in terminal and then raise the volume to the speaker, PCM, and Master and try playing your mp320:15
Guest13864gnome-volume-control is the speaker icon n the top right?20:15
Guest13864gnome-alsamixer is not installed it reports20:16
Guest13864should I intall it?20:16
tucemiuxsudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer20:16
tucemiuxgnome-volume-control is the speaker icon to the right20:17
tucemiuxLets find out what sound card you have, what's the output of this: "lspci | grep Audio"20:19
Guest13864ok it's installed20:19
Guest13864it seems I'm looking at inputs but I don't see outputs20:19
tucemiuxraise the volume in "Master" "PCM"20:20
Guest13864it's all the way up20:20
Guest13864I've got the pusleaudio volume meter on screen20:21
tucemiuxmake sure they're not muted, also try  clicking on "External amplifier", doesnt hurt to try the other options in the click boxes20:21
tucemiuxIm still curious, what sound card do you have?  "lspci | grep Audio"20:21
Guest13864it doesn't give me a response20:23
Guest13864but its a creative labs chip set on the mother board20:23
Guest13864using CA0106 driver20:23
Guest13864I believe they call the chipset CA0106 as well20:24
tucemiuxif it doesnt give you a response then the issue could be hardware, is the sound card onboard??20:25
Guest13864it's a MSI K8N Neo4 motherboard20:27
tucemiuxtry '"lspici -v"20:27
tucemiuxdo you get any output when you try "lspci -v"20:27
tucemiuxsorry -- its supposed to be "lspci -v"20:28
Guest13864Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs CA0106 Soundblaster20:28
Guest13864Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. Device 100920:28
Guest13864Flags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 32, IRQ 1620:28
Guest13864I/O ports at de00 [size=32]20:28
Guest13864Capabilities: <access denied>20:28
Guest13864Kernel driver in use: CA010620:28
Guest13864Kernel modules: snd-ca010620:28
tucemiuxit looks like everything is configured correctly, can you try using headphones?  Also try seeing a youtube video on firefox20:30
Guest13864sorry don't have flash installed yet20:34
Guest13864now it is20:35
tucemiuxsudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree20:35
Guest13864well it looks like you were right earlier on20:40
Guest13864I plugged earbuds in and it's working20:41
Guest13864something has happened to my speakers20:41
Guest13864I'm sorry sorry for the inconvience and my stupidity20:41
Guest13864the speakers had been working when I brought them from home20:42
Guest13864must be a bad connector cause it just started working big time when I plugged them back in again20:44
Guest13864thanks again20:44
tucemiuxGuest13864, not exactly - it could be your speakers.  Only way to find out is if you had a pair of speakers you know work, once youre able to figure out and youre still having issues then go to launchpad, the symptoms youre describing sound like a bug20:46

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