hapikhow can I add a starting option to my default web-browser?04:04
skritehi, what kind of option?04:16
Balsaqgood morning xubuntu. It is a pleasure to reside here with all of you. You are the finest coders in the world. Even xubuntu trolls are consistantly ranked near the tops of their charts!07:19
bazhangmorning Balsaq07:19
Psilocybin_ElfMorning all!08:51
induswhat does ubuntu have that xubuntu doesnt09:45
psycho_oreosonly different front ends09:47
industhanks, but iam thinking, it looks kinda dull, how to make it look better?09:54
indusoh ok i take a look09:57
indusok np folks, ill install it and later see09:58
* Psilocybin_Elf twiddles his thumbs...11:07
AquinaI'd like to help a guy but I'cant: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/yelp/+question/99985 Someone got a clue?14:08
blue2anyone recommend a long range usb wireless card?20:56
`mOOse`getting url hang on20:58
blue2ok thanks20:58
`mOOse`that seems to be a cheap one20:58
blue2reading the reviews seems good. thanks21:09
`mOOse`I want one too, soon...21:09
`mOOse`you can spend $$$ on one21:10
`mOOse`that one's cheap21:10
`mOOse`dunno how good it REALLY is21:10
blue2i see21:10
Sysi-seems that lucid can be THE xubuntu :)21:11
`mOOse`if you want the real monster ones I can give you another url but you're into the $400-500 range for the cheap ones and they're way outside of legal power-wise21:11
Sysi-already almost as working as karmic and very fast21:11
`mOOse`cool Sysi-21:12
`mOOse`Ima wait for release though - my stomach can't take the worry :-)21:12

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