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Nafaitedg: Hey03:10
tedgNafai: Good Evening03:10
NafaiShould app indicators have any problems with a menu constructed by GtkBuilder that has sub-menus?03:10
NafaiMy initial conversion of gnome-bluetooth has produced interesting results: http://www.travishartwell.net/gnome-bluetooth.png03:11
NafaiIf you aren't familiar, the original version has sub-menus off of each of the devices (such as TMobile G1)03:11
Nafaitedg ^^03:12
tedgNafai: In theory there shouldn't be any issue.  But I'm not sure if bratsche's GTK parsing code handles submenus.03:14
tedgNafai: It shouldn't make a difference whether it's GtkBuilder or normal GtkMenu.03:15
NafaiI figured that shouldn't be the issue, but I wanted to give the full details03:15
NafaiI need to look at how the menus are built, perhaps there is something else I need to call, but I thought I'd run it by you as well03:17
bratscheNafai: Does it work other than the submenu?03:19
bratscheI'm not sure if I added support for submenus.  If not I can do that tomorrow probably.03:20
Nafaibratsche: yes, the items that have actions associated with them do work03:20
NafaiOh, one thing I noticed, those items that are insensitive are not styled any differently than sensitive items03:20
NafaiFor example, in that screenshot, "Bluetooth: On" and "Devices" should be insensitive03:21
tedgNafai: Hmm, both of those should work.03:22
tedgNafai: You should file bugs on indicator-application for things that don't work so we don't forget them.03:22
NafaiNow that I think of it, I had the same issue with brasero03:23
NafaiSure thing03:23
NafaiI'll file bugs on the potential sub-menu parsing issue and the insensitive thing03:23
Nafai(either tonight or first thing in the morning)03:24
Nafaiglad I'm helping to find bugs :)03:24
tedgYup, that's the fun of running alpha code :)03:24
bratscheNafai: Can you assign the submenu parsing bug to me once you file it?03:24
NafaiSure, what's your username on launchpad?03:26
NafaiYou're Cody Russell, right?03:27
Nafai(I'm just as guilty, not using an easy nick -> name like tedg or jono or rickspencer3) :)03:28
tedgNafai: Yes, but he fixed it on LP too ;)  http://launchpad.net/~bratsche03:30
* Nafai files bugs03:31
NafaiShould I assign the insensitive one to anyone?03:31
bratscheYou can assign that one to me too probably.  If it turns out to be more of a tedg thing then I'll reassign it.03:32
NafaiThis one has it as the #3 item: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-application/+bug/51392403:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 513924 in indicator-application "Tooltips, formatting, and unsensitive items (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New]03:33
NafaiShould I file a separate one?03:33
bratscheThe submenu one as well.03:34
NafaiBut since the insensitive one is already reported, should I just comment on that one saying "Me too"?03:35
bratschetedg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-application/+bug/51392403:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 513924 in indicator-application "Tooltips, formatting, and unsensitive items (affects: 1)" [Low,In progress]03:36
bratschetedg: Have any comments on #1 and #2?03:36
tedgbratsche: I'll comment on the bug :)03:38
* bratsche grabs a bag of popcorn03:38
NafaiOk, bug submitted #51962503:51
NafaiPlz school me on better bug reporting, kind of out of the habit.03:51
nigel_nbis there a particular debug process if notify osd does not show up notifications?03:52
tedgnigel_nb: Check to see if notify-send works.04:01
nigel_nbtedg, it does not work04:01
tedgnigel_nb: Then probably look at the log in ~/.cache and see if there is anything getting put in there.04:02
nigel_nbtedg, its bug 51852404:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 518524 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) "Pidgins notifications doesn't show anymore (affects: 1)" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51852404:02
nigel_nbwhat should I be asking?04:02
nigel_nbis there an apport hook for notifications?04:03
tedgnigel_nb: Hmm, I'm not sure what else to look for.  That is odd.  I don't believe there is an apport hook.04:03
nigel_nbtedg, I'll ask for the log then04:04
nigel_nbtedg, is the current version of notify-send 0.9.24?04:05
nigel_nbbecause in karmic its only 0.4.504:05
tedgnigel_nb: No, they're versioned differently.  notify-send comes from the libnotify package not the notify-osd one.04:07
nigel_nbtedg, so, is there any info that I can get that would be helpful (besides log)04:11
tedgnigel_nb: Perhaps video card/driver.  I mean, the only thing I could think of at that point would be X bugs.04:11
nigel_nbtedg, will do, thanks :)04:12
jonotedg, did you see Nafai's mail?04:37
tedgjono: No04:37
jonotedg, he found a couple of bugs04:37
Nafaihe wasn't on the list because I talked to him here :)04:38
Nafaihe knows about the bugs04:38
tedgjono: Yes, we discussed them in the backlog :)04:38
jonoahhh sweet04:38
jonocool :)04:38
tedgjono: Were you eating dinner again?  Haven't I told you need to give up eating to keep up!?!?!  :)04:39
jonotedg, LOL04:39
jonomy mistake tedg :)04:39
jonohey mccann :)04:39
mccannyo jono 04:39
nigel_nbtedg, I have asked for the log and info about video card + xorg log :)04:39
jonomccann, hows tricks?04:40
tedgnigel_nb: Cool, hopefully something comes of that.04:40
nigel_nbtedg, :)04:40
mccannjono: not bad.  trying to smoke a cigar and not doing very well04:40
jonomccann, lol04:41
jonowrong end? :)04:41
mccannuneven burn and i didn't have a cutter so i had to bite it and came out bad04:41
jonoaha, gotcha :)04:41
nigel_nbtedg, for issues about notify-osd not working/intermittent, adding the log files would be standard work flow then?04:44
tedgnigel_nb: I think so.  We should probably figure out an apport hook for that....04:44
* tedg is scared of Pythons04:44
Nafaiheading for bed y'all, later04:44
tedg'night Nafai04:45
Nafaitedg: I'm scared of the seas than the pythons04:45
Nafaier, the Cs :)04:45
nigel_nbtedg, I'm not sure if I can, but I can kill some time trying to tame it ;)04:45
nigel_nbi'll let you know if i come up with something :)04:46
tedgnigel_nb: Cool, that'd be great!04:46
bratschemccann: Don't accidentally swallow the tip!05:22
mccannbratsche: ick05:44
vishseg|ars: hi.. when switching themes in gwibber , i think you should force the font colors as well..  ex: with Ubuntu gwibber theme , if you are using dark system theme ,[where the system fonts are white] gwibber becomes unreadable06:10
seg|arsthat's on my todo list. I'm going to fix the font colors in the ubuntu theme06:11
seg|arsmost of the themes for gwibber use system colors throughout, the ubuntu one is (I think) the only one that has statically colored backgrounds06:12
seg|arsit's a pretty trivial fix. I just have to look at what colors are used in the adium version and apply those to the css in the gwibber one06:12
vishhmm , even the gwilouche,flat becomes kinda unreadable[seem to use system font color] , but Ubuntu theme is the worse 06:17
seg|arsugh you are right06:19
seg|arsI should do more testing with a dark gtk theme06:20
vishseg|ars: should i reopen Bug #473515 ? or...06:25
ubot4Launchpad bug 473515 in ubuntu (and 1 other project) "Dark Theme results in white text on white background for updates (affects: 6)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47351506:25
seg|arsno, it's fine. I've added it to my todo list06:26
vishok.. thanks06:26
seg|arsthanks for bringing it to my attention06:26
nigel_nbjono, are you around? could use some help with notify :)07:12
nigel_nbI'm writing (trying to write) an apport hook for notify-osd... any suggestions as to what all info should be attached besides the notify-log07:12
jononigel_nb, I am about to head to bed07:14
jonoyou mean info in the bubble?07:14
nigel_nbjono, yep07:15
jonoapport hook is a cool idea07:15
jonomaybe summarize the problem07:15
nigel_nbyeah.  I was triaging bugs earlier and thought it might help.07:15
nigel_nbI'm still learning though.  right now, its set to only include the notify-osd.log from cache07:15
nigel_nbanything more you'd like me to add?07:17
jononigel_nb, maybe:07:18
jonoApp Name crashed: summarize problem07:18
jonosweet, pal :-)07:18
nigel_nbjono, I'll play around and let you know what happens :)07:18
jonook, I am heading to shower07:18
nigel_nbgood nite :)07:19
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invernizziHi there.10:22
invernizziI just finished to develop an appindicate integration for Getting Things GNOME10:22
invernizziI get a weird Segfault when the status is set the second time10:23
invernizziany chance to understand why?10:23
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NafaiGood morning13:57
Nafaiinvernizzi: Still around?13:57
jpetersenGood morning13:58
NafaiFigure out the segfaulting issue?13:58
invernizzinot really13:59
invernizziI found an open bug for that13:59
Nafaiso it happens when you call app_indicator_set_status?13:59
invernizzibzr branch lp:gtg, activate and deactivate the "notification area" plugin14:00
* Nafai looks14:00
NafaiI've got some code where I've done it multiple times without issue, I wonder what's different...14:00
NafaiHI jpetersen, how's your porting stuff going?14:01
invernizziwell, maybe I'm doing something wrong. That's why I asked14:01
Nafaitedg is a great person to help :)14:03
Nafaipython, hrm.  I wonder if it is a bindings issue14:03
Nafaiinvernizzi, Just run gtg in the root of the checkout?14:03
invernizzior ./scripts/debug.sh14:04
invernizzieither one14:04
Nafaiweird, it can't find configobj14:04
NafaiI'll install the deps14:04
NafaiI've been doing too much C the last couple weeks :)14:05
Nafaiokay, I can reproduce, let me put it in a debugger to find out14:06
jpetersenNafai, hi i am just working on gnome-settings-daemon14:07
Nafaithis has been fun so far, I'm starting my 4th conversion this morning14:08
Nafaijust a sec, installing more debug symbols so I can get a full stacktrace14:12
invernizzitake your time14:12
Nafaihrm, I'm not familiar with the insides of this, but I have got a full C stack trace14:19
NafaiDid you say there was a bug this might apply to?14:19
invernizzii'll find it14:19
Nafaiperhaps I'll post this stack trace to it14:20
Nafaitedg: Who do we bug about the Python bindings?14:20
tedgNafai: Probably the best person is kenvandine14:20
Nafaikenvandine: Hey! :)14:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 510169 in indicator-application "Segfault when setting status second time (affects: 2)" [Undecided,New]14:21
tedgNafai: He doesn't hate Python, yet.  I'm trying to teach him.14:21
Nafaiwhy would one hate Python?14:21
NafaiIf the alternative is C? :)14:21
jpetersenis it possible to have multiple app indicators in one application?14:21
jpetersenthat would be required for gnome-settings-daemon (screen, keyboard, a11y)14:22
tedgjpetersen: Should be, but I haven't tested it.14:22
tedgjpetersen: You might find bugs.14:22
Nafaiinvernizzi: Well, this stack trace is different14:22
tedgjpetersen: The key would be to ensure they all have different paths.14:22
kenvandinewow even included a test case!14:23
invernizziNafai, maybe because it's a differente application?14:23
Nafaiinvernizzi: I would guess, if it were the same bug it would still end up at the same place at the top14:23
invernizziright. But the description of the bug is really the same, so maybe they're related14:24
Nafaikenvandine: should invernizzi attach this stack trace and repro steps as well to that bug?14:25
jpetersentedg, yes it seems there is a problem that in app_indicator_init the second app indicator is registered with dbus_g_connection_register_g_object at the same path (/org/ayatana/NotificationItem)14:25
jpetersentedg, that seems to fail14:26
Nafaijpetersen: just checking, you are giving the new ones unique names?14:26
tedgjpetersen: Hmm, okay.  So there is probably needed a new "_new" function that can take a custom path.14:26
jpetersenNafai, yes but the path seems to be always the same14:27
Nafaiok, just double checking14:27
kenvandinein the example included in that bug i don't see the problem14:27
kenvandineand can't repro it in ipython14:27
kenvandinedifferent bug14:27
* invernizzi waves and goes to sleep, will report the bug tomorrow14:29
kenvandinethx invernizzi14:31
jpetersentedg, maybe one could include the id in the path?14:33
tedgjpetersen: Hmm... that works for me.  I like it.14:34
jpetersensomething like /org/ayatana/NotificationItem/@id and /org/ayatana/NotificationItem/@id/Menu14:34
tedgjpetersen: Good idea, thanks!14:34
NafaiLooks like vino is another one like brasero, their statusicon inherits from GtkStatusIcon.  You know this would be easier to share code if they would have used composition instead of inheritance :)14:35
jcastroNafai: I have some tips from mpt for vino14:52
jcastroRecommendation: Port menu directly. Change Preferences text to ?Show Remote Desktop menu:? ?Always?/?Whenever someone is connected?/?Never?.14:53
jcastroNafai: make sense?14:53
NafaiJust a sec, let me look at the preferences again (just had it open)14:53
NafaiAh, instead of the current "Notification Area", etc14:54
NafaiYeah, makes sense14:54
* jcastro nods14:54
NafaiSo behavior is identical, just tweak the preferences dialog :)14:54
jcastroNafai: what's the status of ken's reviews?14:54
* jcastro would like to get some patches sent upstream today!14:54
Nafaikenvandine: status? :)14:54
kenvandinesoon... sorry!14:55
Nafainp, just let me know if I can do anything14:56
kenvandinebefore lunch :)14:56
Nafaiwhat's your timezone btw?14:56
Nafaiok. I'm MST14:57
Nafaihopefully if bratsche figures out the bug I reported, I'll have another two for kenvandine to look at tomorrow (vino and gnome-bluetooth) :)15:02
seb128kenvandine, let me know if you need some help reviewing15:05
kenvandinenah, i already started, will finish it up real soon15:06
kenvandineseb128, thx though :)15:06
Nafaican't wait until my first code is installed on someone's machine15:13
Nafaifrom the repo15:13
kenvandineNafai, building brasero :)15:34
Nafaijcastro: How does this look? http://www.travishartwell.net/vino-prefs.png15:39
jcastrompt: ^^^15:40
Nafaimorning jono15:44
mptNafai, good15:45
Nafaicool, thanks15:46
mpt(I know I said "menu:" rather than "Menu", but that would make it inconsistent with all the other headings, and it would be a bit of a diversion to change them all)15:46
Nafaioh, heh, I didn't even notice the capitalization.15:47
jonohey Nafai :)15:47
Nafailooking forward to another jono webcast today :)15:48
Nafaijust think, during the last one I asked you how I could get a job with Canonical15:48
jonoNafai, should be fun :)15:51
kenvandineNafai, is there a way to test brasero without actually burning a disc?15:59
Nafaikenvandine: heh, yeah.  I just had it create ISOs15:59
Nafaijust a second15:59
Nafaimind you, I don't have an optical drive in this laptop at all so I'm not sure if it presented me the options differently16:00
kenvandinedidn't know it would do that :)16:00
Nafaiafter you choose "create new data project", there is a drop down at the bottom, mine defaults to an image file, perhaps you need to change that16:01
kenvandineNafai, ok the patch looks good16:09
kenvandineand it works... but i get a segfault in brasero16:09
kenvandineif at the end of the burn you click around in the indicator16:09
kenvandineshow and hide16:09
kenvandinethen click cancel16:09
Nafailet me take a look :)16:10
GogglesGuyHi, I want to add ApplicationIndicator support to my application. Can I run the indicator-applet under XFCE (it suppossed to support gnome applets)?16:12
kenvandineseb128, actually could you review the gnome-control-center patch?  16:22
kenvandinei think you wanted that one :)16:22
seb128kenvandine, sure16:22
kenvandinebug 49785716:22
ubot4Launchpad bug 497857 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Support application indicators (affects: 1)" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49785716:22
seb128kenvandine, well, I worked on g-c-c quite a bit over years and I'm fine doing reviews16:22
seb128so I'm happy to review this one yes16:22
kenvandineseb128, thx16:23
Nafaifor some reason I can't get it to show up as an indicator right now, it's falling back to a statusicon16:23
seb128is indicator-application-service running?16:25
tgpraveen12is gnome-user-share present in default install in lucid? it is reqd for bluetooth receive to work16:25
Nafaiseb128, Yeah, it is16:25
tgpraveen12i should ask in #ubuntu-desktop i guess16:26
seb128Nafai, try removing the applet and added it again maybe16:26
Nafaiweird, did a complete re-compile and it works now16:26
Nafaimust have been linking weird or something16:26
seb128tgpraveen12, no it's not16:26
seb128Nafai, ok16:26
Nafaikenvandine: Okay repro'd, now investigating16:27
* Nafai wonders if this is a case of finalize already being called16:38
Nafaigot look up the semantics of that16:38
Nafaikenvandine: So, a little C debugging advice, I can read the back trace: http://gist.github.com/30052016:43
Nafaibut when I try to print the values in the memory locations in gdb (print *self, for example, to see what values are in that parameter), I'm getting "cannot access memory address at 0xf00"16:43
NafaiI'm doing this by loading the program and a core dump, btw16:44
Nafaistepping away for a short break, bbiab16:48
tedgGogglesGuy: I've never tried, but I don't see any reason it wouldn't work if they support gnome applets.17:00
tedgGogglesGuy: There was also a port of the messaging menu at some point to a native XFCE applet, it seems like that could be updated to work pretty easily.17:01
tedgkenvandine: Have you heard much about that recently? ^17:01
GogglesGuytedg: thanks. I'm trying to build the various packages now17:02
kenvandineMark__T did it17:02
Nafaiok, back to tracking down that segfault17:54
jcastroNafai: which app are you on?17:56
* jcastro scrambles to get the bug #'s straight17:56
Nafaijcastro, brasero, ken found a crasher :)17:57
Nafaibut, otherwise, I'm working on vino17:57
jcastrowould it be safe to say that everything in the project is now blocking on ken? 17:59
Nafaiwell, technically, gnome-bluetooth is blocked on bratsche :)18:00
jcastroah this is the nested menu bits right?18:04
kenvandinehehe :)18:07
kenvandineNafai, any progress on brasero?18:07
kenvandinewhat else is waiting for me to review?18:07
kenvandineseb128 is reviewing g-c-c18:08
Nafaikenvandine: no, not yet, perhaps some help in debugging18:08
NafaiI've got the backtrace, and it's in gtk code.  but it can't find the code on my system because it is looking for it in /build/buildd18:08
* kenvandine isn't great at that18:08
jcastrokenvandine: g-p-m needs a look18:08
NafaiI did an apt-get src libgtk2.0-0 and added the appropriate source line in gdb, but that didn't seem to help18:09
kenvandineNafai, which package?18:09
kenvandineyou should install the -dbg packages for the libs18:09
Nafaiyeah, have those too18:09
kenvandineyou do?18:10
kenvandinedeb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com lucid main restricted universe multiverse18:10
kenvandinein your sources?18:10
kenvandineyou have that installed?18:10
Nafaiok, figured it out18:11
Nafaiby the time this function is called, the ui manager is already NULL18:11
Nafaiprobably because g_free(cobj->priv) has already been called in the finalizer18:13
NafaiI would think the indicator should go away by this time18:13
* Nafai reads the original code18:13
* Nafai tries something18:21
Nafaiok, interesting18:30
Nafaiin the tray icon  version, you left click on it when the burn is complete, the icon and dialog disappears and it goes back to the main window18:31
Nafaiis activate the signal that gets called when an item is clicked?18:35
Nafaikenvandine (or any other gtk hackers): around?18:37
NafaiHere's what is happening.  BraseroTrayIcon inherits from GtkStatusIcon.  So when finalize is called for GtkStatusIcon from BraseroTrayIcon's finalize, the widget is destroyed, etc.18:39
NafaiI'm not doing anything other than calling g_free on the private data structure of BraseroAppIndicator (which holds as a data member an AppIndicator)18:40
NafaiIs there something I need to call on AppIndicator to tell it to "go away"?18:40
Nafaitedg^^ perhaps?18:40
kenvandineor clicked18:41
Nafaibecause finalize has been called by this time, that's why we are getting segfaults because of invalid pointers18:42
kenvandinethe examples on the wiki don't show anything about cleaning up18:43
Nafaikind of a problem :)18:43
tedgNafai: You need to do a g_object_unref18:44
NafaiOf the AppIndicator pointer?18:45
* Nafai tries18:47
tedgNafai: Yes.18:47
kenvandinei think you did18:49
kenvandineif (priv->indicator) {18:50
kenvandineshould be 18:50
kenvandineif (priv->indicator != NULL) {18:50
kenvandinei think18:50
kenvandineright tedg?18:50
kenvandinealthough... i wonder why finalize is getting called a second time18:50
kenvandinei guess missing a unref then18:50
tedgkenvandine: I'm not looking at the code, but I would say that you shouldn't unref a NULL pointer :)18:51
kenvandineyeah... but if (priv->indicator)18:51
kenvandineis not the same as18:51
kenvandineif (priv->indicator != NULL)18:51
tedgThey're actually the same.18:51
kenvandinethey are?18:51
tedgIn some compilers.18:51
Nafaiyeah, the unref didn't change things18:51
tedgTRUE = !018:51
tedgNULL == 018:51
NafaiSorry if I'm slightly unresponsive for a few minutes; my wife forgot a short paper for her college class at home and I have to re-type it for her because she didn't save it only printed it.  :)18:55
Nafaiback to this19:03
NafaiTrying to figure out what's appropriate here19:05
qenseI've got a problem with actions used in a menu in AppIndicator. The custom labels aren't used, but the stock labels instead.19:11
qenseI've got no idea how to solve this, could anyone help?19:13
qenseThe changeset of the support can be found at <http://trac.transmissionbt.com/changeset/10133>.19:13
* Nafai looks19:14
Nafaiwhere is the menu constructed in that code?19:15
qenseNafai: in ui.h, give me a sec, I'm looking up a link to the files19:18
qenseNafai: Menu is 'icon-popup' in <http://trac.transmissionbt.com/browser/trunk/gtk/ui.h>, the actions are defined in <http://trac.transmissionbt.com/browser/trunk/gtk/actions.c>.19:19
qensethe menu is at the bottom of the ui.h file19:19
* Nafai nods19:21
NafaiI'm looking at the GtkActionEntry array, and it looks similar to the ones I've used before19:21
NafaiI'm not sure what could be going on19:22
Nafaitedg, bratsche?  Perhaps one of you could look at qense's problems?19:23
Nafaiqense: btw, are you qense on digg.com? (I assume since it is an unusual nick)19:23
qenseNafai: yes, that's what was bugging me, the 19:23
qensecode looks perfectly normal19:23
qenseNafai: tedg already had a look on it yesterday but couldn't find it19:23
qenseNafai: I am qense on Digg, yes19:23
NafaiWhenever I look at upcoming, digg tells me that you are the digg'r most like me19:24
NafaiI'm nafai7719:25
qenseNafai: that name does sound familiar19:25
bratscheqense: "The custom labels aren't used, but the stock labels instead."  <-- that will always happen if you use stock.19:25
bratscheBecause stock items are not just a convenience for loading icons, they really are a matched pair.19:25
qensebratsche: but according to the GTK+ documentation of GtkActionEntries/Array(What's it called again?) this shouldn't happen when the label is not NULL.19:26
qensebratsche: http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/unstable/GtkActionGroup.html#GtkActionEntry19:26
bratscheI'd have to trace through some code to see what the problem is.  There's a possibility that this documentation is wrong. :/19:27
bratscheI also don't completely understand how the icon naming spec stuff works though.19:28
qensebratsche: these action entries do work the way the documentation says it should when launching it next to a GtkStatusIcon, but not when sending it to AppInd via libdbusmenu.19:29
qenseHowever, I couldn't find anything in the code of AppInd or libdbusmenu that changed the menu or the actions.19:29
bratscheAh okay, then maybe it's a bug of mine.19:29
bratscheFeel free to file bugs in Launchpad and assign to me.19:30
GogglesGuyIs there a document that describe the differences between the  KStatusNotifier API and the added extensions?19:30
qensebratsche: OK, I'll file a bug.19:30
jcastrokenvandine: how goes the reviewing? I'm concious of not running into your release day of death tomorrow.19:42
Nafaijcastro: advice19:43
Nafaiso I found out why it was segfaulting19:44
Nafaiin the GtkStatusIcon version, when you click on it after the burning is done, it goes way, closes the dialog box and goes back to the main window19:44
kenvandinewe should do the same thing19:45
Nafaibut can I capture the mouse click?19:45
jcastrowe should not alter behavior I don't think.19:45
Nafaibecause doesn't it automatically just show the menu?19:45
tedgGogglesGuy: We're working on a wiki page for that, but you can look at notification-item.xml in lp:indicator-application and that's the basics.19:47
Nafaitedg: can I catch a mouse click event or something?19:48
tedgNafai: No19:49
GogglesGuytedg: ok thanks. (FYI I'm porting a non-gtk/non-kde to use the new status icon, so I'm using the dbus api directly.) 19:50
jcastroGogglesGuy: which app?19:50
tedgNafai: It seems to me the status should be update to "complete" and you can show the window with a menu item.19:50
NafaiIs the dbus api documented any where?  I'd like to be able to connect to app indicators with emacs, which has dbus support now :)19:51
tedgGogglesGuy: The only part of libappindicator that is GTK is the menu support.  You could probably easily comment that out and steal the rest of the code :)19:51
Nafaitedg: so I would change the menu item for "cancel" to "close" probably19:51
qensebratsche: assigned you to bug #52004819:51
ubot4Launchpad bug 520048 in indicator-application "Custom labels in GtkActionEntries aren't resepected by Application Indicators C-bindings (affects: 1)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52004819:51
tedgNafai: Makes sense to me.19:51
Nafaiokay, I'll do that19:52
Nafaishouldn't take too long19:52
GogglesGuyjcastro: http://code.google.com/p/gogglesmm19:52
jcastroGogglesGuy: cool!19:53
qenseAppIndicator support for byobu! :P19:56
kenvandinehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators#Automake fu20:18
kenvandineNafai, smithj: ^^20:19
Nafaikenvandine: Thanks20:20
smithjoh, nice20:21
kenvandineNafai, it is a little better than what i gave you this morning20:21
kenvandinebut it actually allows upstreams to disable it if they want :)20:22
smithji was banging my head against that a few days ago20:22
kenvandinei think they will be happier with that :)20:22
Nafaiokay, I'll update my patches :)20:22
* kenvandine does hate autotools20:22
Nafaime too20:22
smithjyeah. auto* is short-bus special20:22
jonoNafai, how is today's progress?20:34
seb128tedg, is calling app_indicator_set_status() with the current status a no-op call?20:38
seb128tedg, ie, is it worth to do "get current status; check with new one; set_status if different" rather than just setting it?20:38
tedgseb128: Yes, it should be a no-op.20:39
seb128tedg, ok thanks20:39
Nafaijono: not bad, fixing a bug that ken found in brasero, and have made decent progress on vino20:41
jonoNafai, awesome :)20:42
jonoNafai, based on your progress is it likely that Vino will be completed today, or more likely tomorrow?20:42
Nafaiprobably more likely tomorrow20:43
jonoNafai, no worries :)20:44
Nafaiok, good20:44
jonoI have one more to add to your list, I will mail you20:44
Nafaiok, good20:44
seb128Nafai, I just had a first look to the g-c-c change and commented on the bug20:52
Nafaiok, checking20:52
seb128Nafai, where has the "use 2 icons and no gradiant color" being discussed?20:52
Nafaiunfortunately, just in e-mail and a bit here on the channel20:53
seb128no problem20:53
seb128jcastro, ^20:53
Nafaireply to a comment in launchpad, or is it copy-paste?20:55
seb128or use email and reply20:55
jcastroseb128: what's up?20:57
seb128jcastro, bug #497857 20:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 497857 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Support application indicators (affects: 1)" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49785720:57
seb128"As agreed on with jcastro, this only supports showing green when plenty of time before locked -> showing red right before -> locking."20:57
seb128jcastro, ^ can we get some rational for that on the bug?20:57
jcastroright, there was some blinking or something before20:57
seb128I though we were porting things20:57
seb128not changing behaviour?20:57
jcastroright, but this had blinking20:58
jcastroand iirc tedg and maybe someone else was like "no blinking!"20:58
seb128can we get a rational about why we don't want that?20:58
seb128will avoid upstream asking20:58
* jcastro nods20:58
seb128I don't really care either way20:59
seb128I just want to be ready for upstream comments :-)20:59
jcastrotedg: thoughts?20:59
jcastroI remember this coming up and we mostly all nodded that blinking was bad20:59
seb128I'm not sure I agree21:00
seb128I keep missing people who im me since I use the message indicator21:00
Nafaipart of the issue, also, is that there is the gradual changing to a darker green21:00
tedgjcastro: I thought it was in the design guidelines...21:00
seb128no blinking is for sure less noticable21:00
Nafaiand I'll need pre-generated icons in order to do this21:00
seb128Nafai, you can use pixbuf the way upstream code is doing?21:01
seb128could rather21:01
jcastrotedg: the design guidelines don't mentioning blinking at all21:01
tedgjcastro: Hmm, no, just looking.21:01
Nafaiseb128: as far as I'm aware, no, unless I manually load the pixbufs into an icon theme with the right size21:02
Nafaiwhich I'm not sure how to find the right size21:02
seb128tedg, also is that normal that our menus don't respect the no icon thing?21:02
tedgseb128: No, we're not passing pixbufs to allow for panel theming.21:02
tedgseb128: The no icon thing is a bug.21:02
tedgseb128: It's been... low priority :)21:02
seb128Nafai, tedg: ok, thanks21:02
tedgjcastro: I think that we should probably work with mpt to get something in the design guidelines like that.  I could have sworn he wrote something about it already, but I can't find it.21:03
jcastrotedg: I thought blinking in general was frowned upon right?21:03
tedgI would say in general yes.  It's mighty annoying. :)21:03
seb128it's useful though21:04
seb128I would not keep missing message if the thing was blinking21:04
jcastroNafai: how much work is it to keep the blink?21:04
tedgseb128: There's rarely something important enough to justify blinking :)21:04
seb128and I'm not the only one by looking at user feedback21:04
jcastroI would rather err on the side of "that's how upstream did it before we touched it"21:04
seb128tedg, seems pitti got in trouble with his wife due to it :-p21:04
tedgseb128: Better grabbing of attention, I'm with you, but blinking... that's too much.21:04
Nafaijcastro: probably not too bad, really, just switching the icon21:05
Nafaiit's the gradual getting darker as time goes on that I can't yet do :)21:05
* tedg would love to see that conversation: "Honey, it's not you, it's the icon theme I swear!"21:05
jcastro<blink>Ok let's go with blink and then let the designers argue about it, this way we'll just follow what upstream does in the meantime.</blink>21:05
seb128tedg, ;-)21:05
seb128jcastro, Nafai: maybe try a first patch this way and wait for comments from upstream21:06
jcastroNafai: and we'll make a note when we submit it upstream the limitation with the darkening green21:06
seb128if we believe that blinking is annoying21:06
seb128we can update if they care about it21:06
jcastrook sounds good to me21:06
NafaiI'm almost done commenting on your comments seb12821:06
jcastrook let's do that21:06
seb128Nafai, cool21:06
Nafaiso I am unclear...we decided I should add the blinking?  I don't believe it to be too hard, really, just adding a couple of calls to set_attention_icon21:11
jcastrolet's leave it off21:12
jcastroand see what upstream says21:12
jcastroand if they care about the blinking we'll turn it on21:12
Nafaiso let's address seb128's other concerns he has commented on and then we're ready to submit upstream and package for lucid?21:13
Nafaibtw, it's great to be getting feedback like this.  It's been a while since I've worked somewhere where they care enough to take the time to do reviews :)21:13
seb128Nafai, ok, makes sense for the text change21:15
seb128Nafai, address the other comments and I think we are good for upload21:15
seb128Nafai, thanks for your work ;-)21:15
Nafaithank you!21:15
kenvandinetedg, ping21:19
NafaiI'll also update configure.ac to match the update kenvandine put on the wiki21:19
tedgAfternoon kenvandine21:20
kenvandinetedg, does libappindicator do anything that scales the icon size down?21:20
kenvandinelooking at gnome-power-manager, the icon looks pretty small21:20
kenvandineand i don't see anything that jpeterson did to cause it21:20
tedgkenvandine: I don't believe so.  There is no application control for icon size.21:21
kenvandinei am guessing the applet doesn't provide as much space to draw21:21
kenvandinelike extra padding21:21
tedgkenvandine: I bet that design put padding around it for the notification area, and now we don't need that.21:21
kenvandineso with a tall thin icon like the battery21:21
kenvandineit looks pretty tiny21:22
kenvandinetedg, so do you think the icon has the padding or the area we give it has the padding?21:23
* kenvandine changes icon themes21:23
tedgkenvandine: I think both, and I think that's the issue.21:24
jcastroNafai: so let's address seb128's other concerns he has commented on and then we're ready to submit upstream and package for lucid? <--- YES!21:24
kenvandinetedg, so where should that bug get filed?21:26
tedgkenvandine: Considering the padding is a GTK theme issue, and the icon is a theme issue, I think you should file it directly on kwwii ;)21:27
tedgkenvandine: I imagine the icon theme will be the one to change though.21:27
kenvandinehey jpetersen21:28
NafaiSo is the _( ) a macro for localization stuff?21:28
Nafaigeez busy birthday coding21:30
kenvandinejpetersen, see comment on the g-p-m bug, mostly looking good21:33
seb128kenvandine, tedg: the icon difference is noticable on rhythmbox too21:33
kenvandinetweak the autotools stuff, which i updated on the wiki21:33
kenvandineseb128, yeah i am not convinced that is the theme's fault :)21:33
jpetersenkenvandine, ok i will look21:34
kenvandinemaybe indicator-applet needs to give it more space that it is21:34
kenvandinewe have to assume apps have icons optimized for the notification area21:34
jcastrojpetersen: did you send a list of icons for gpm with your last report?21:34
seb128I think that's the applet having pading or something21:34
tedgseb128: yes, they will be smaller, just because we have padding, which didn't happen before.21:34
kenvandinetedg, so doesn't it make sense to reduce/remove the padding in the indicator-applet?21:37
tedgkenvandine: No :)21:38
jpetersenjcastro, i will send the list of icons to you21:38
tedgkenvandine: It makes sense to steal the padding patch from Fedora for the notification area ;)21:38
* kenvandine would rather not make the upstreams hate us21:38
jcastrojpetersen: no worries!21:38
kenvandinetedg, what does it do?21:39
seb128tedg, I'm not sure their patch is doing padding this way, it's rather doing spacing between icons21:39
tedgseb128: Oh, so only horizontal?21:39
vishtedg: the fedora padding was for 22/24px icons , the app indicators already use 16px and seem to have good pagging ;)21:39
seb128kenvandine, http://blogs.fedoraproject.org/wp/mclasen/2009/10/26/5-little-things/21:40
seb128tedg, ^ see screenshot21:40
seb128the firefox icon goes to the bar limit21:41
kenvandine"Status icons have any number of problems. Two of the bigger problems are that they are all crammed together"21:41
kenvandinei don't really think that is one of the bigger problems :)21:41
kenvandineseb128, yeah so just horizontal21:42
tedgHmm, honestly, I think we should pass that question off to design.  I think it is a gtk/icon theme thing.  Right now it's just menubar defaults.21:43
kenvandineoh right, so it knows it is a menubar21:44
seb128tedg, I'm still not clear what the visual difference is between active and attention status btw21:44
tedgseb128: It just swaps the icons right now.  So it depends on the application setting those icons.21:45
seb128how is that different of using set_icon?21:45
seb128Nafai, the patch seems to have a bug too21:47
seb128Nafai, I never get an another icon than the green one21:47
Nafaiseb128: do you have the latest app indicator libraries installed?21:47
seb128ie it doesn't turn red before the break21:47
tedgseb128: In many ways it isn't.  But, it's what we inherited from KDE :)21:47
Nafaithat didn't work until yesterday21:47
Nafaiwith tedg's latest changes21:47
seb128Nafai, I dist-upgraded one hour ago21:48
tedgseb128: I imagine in the future we could do something like remove some padding or something :)21:48
NafaiI hope it's not broken again :(21:48
NafaiI switch from const char [] to #define and now the compile is acting like it doesn't see the string :(21:49
seb128what line did you use?21:50
Nafai#define TYPING_MONITOR_ACTIVE_ICON "bar-green";21:50
Nafaidon't need the ;21:50
NafaiI've been away from active C dev for a while, it seems21:51
nigelbabutedg, looks like I dont have to write apport hook after all, its already written for lucid :)21:57
Nafaiseb128: hrm, I haven't dist-upgraded since last night and it still switches icons here :(21:58
tedgnigelbabu: Cool, thanks for looking!21:59
nigelbabutedg, I spent quite some time writing one ;) when I was about to generate a diff, noticed the new one :)22:03
Nafaiokay, updated patch for gnome control panel attached to the launchpad bug22:35
seb128Nafai, I'm wondering if the blink callback need to be called at all in the indicator case...22:58
seb128Nafai, would space cpu cycles to not have a timeout function called every second for something we don't use22:58
Nafaioh, good point22:58
Nafaigive me a minute22:59
seb128no hurry22:59
seb128I will not sponsor that tonight now anyway23:00
seb128I'm about to go to bed23:00
seb128that's for tomorrow morning23:00
Nafaithanks for the help23:01
jcastroNafai: ok so g-c-c is ready to go upstream?23:16
NafaiI'm doing one final test, where the blink stuff isn't even compiled/ran23:16
Nafaiif that works, I'm attaching and it should be23:16
jcastroI'm going to answer his question in the upstream bug tracker, and then you can attach the patch23:17
Nafaisounds good23:19
jcastroNafai: ok ping me when the final test is passed, and I'll click send. :D23:21
Nafaiok, got some tweaking so it will compile correctly without using app indicators, just a sec23:27
Nafaioh, nevermind, it was on auto so it detected I had it.  I'm recompiling with enable=no. :)23:28
GogglesGuyquestion: Can the menu property be set to empty?23:30
Nafaijcastro: attached my final patch to the launchpad bug23:33
jcastroNafai: can you attach it to gnome bug pls?23:34
NafaiSure thing23:34
ubot4Gnome bug 606671 in general "Support for application-indicators/StatusNotifierIcon" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed]23:34
NafaiDo I need to put much detail with the patch?23:38
Nafai(first time working with an upstream)23:38
NafaiIn the comment, that is23:38
jcastroDo something like, "Here's the first attempt"23:39
jcastroalso, do something like23:39
jcastro"Here's the link to our bug in Launchpad where it's been getting reviews"23:39
jcastrothat way he sees that someone has been reviewing it23:40
Nafaiok, patch submitted!23:42
NafaiOkay, finally back to brasero23:43
jcastroNafai: woo! one down!23:44
Nafaibratsche: Have you had a chance to look at the submenu parsing bug?  Or do you have an ETA?23:44
NafaiNot blocking my work entirely, I've got others I'm working on, just curious23:44
Nafaijono: btw, you mentioned you were going to e-mail me with another assignment23:45
jonoNafai, will do23:45
jonoon the list :)23:45
Nafaicool, just curious :)23:46
bratscheNafai: Sorry I haven't had a chance yet.. I'll let you know when I do.23:47
Nafaino problem, thanks23:48
bratscheHas anyone here ever used rsvg from Python?  The example code that comes with python-rsvg doesn't even seem to work.23:48
NafaiOkay, noooow back to brasero23:52

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