sbalneavEvening all02:01
Ahmuckhear hear ... I may be able to demo edubuntu in some form to one of the local schools :)02:04
Ahmuckat least there may be interest soon.02:04
LnsAhmuck, woohoo! If there's anything I can do to help, let me know - keep us in the loop!02:20
Lnshi sbalneav02:21
* Lns orders pints for the chan02:21
* sbalneav quaffs pint02:26
Ahmuckapache directory studio ?  LDAP ?02:31
Lnswow, looks nice02:34
Lnsanyone have any exp. w/it?02:34
sbalneavgq, this, etc are all nice, but I'm never sure who they're geared to.02:57
sbalneavThey're far to complicated for a non-professional admin (read: teacher) who just wants "to add a user"02:58
sbalneavAnd for a full time admin like me, once you get onto ldap, you find yourself scripting everything, and wanting to just deal with the command line tools so you can diddle with 500 entries at a single swipe, as opposed to plinking around in a gui.02:59
sbalneavI wish there was a good single GTK app for dealing with LDAP03:02
sbalneavSomething that's nice and simple.03:02
sbalneavgq's there, but it's buggy as all get out.03:02
sbalneavThis looks nice, but it's a packaging nightmare03:03
sbalneaveclipse + java + apache directory studio = a lot of work.03:03
sbalneavlast time it was touched was back in 200803:04
sbalneavLns: You deal with LDAP?03:06
Lnssbalneav, admittedly no.. I've tried at it a few times, I kinda get the structure (o= ou= etc.) but definitely haven't mastered it yet04:30
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SorellI have a question11:10
SorellI have 2 nics on my ubuntu LTSP box11:10
Sorelland am wondering why it needs 2 ports11:11
Sorelldoes it split the network traffic up or is one of them just used for the network boot service11:12
aflorio_hi guys.. i'm a teacher.. i'm searching for a software i can use to make tests... i want to test my students with custom question,,. you know.. as usual writing test, but made in front of a pc12:26
highvoltagehey all13:58
sbalneavMorning all15:02
stgraberalkisg: I'm pushing an updated tftpd-hpa to my PPA for testing15:07
stgraberthe server team's position is to restore previous behavior15:07
stgraberexcept for inetd where we'll switch to daemon15:07
sbalneavso tftpd-hpa will run by itself, no inetd now?15:08
stgraberit's a two line change to revert to the default behavior, except for the inetd thing, so we'll probably keep it as a daemon as long as it performs at least as well as inetd15:21
sbalneavYeah, I have no problem with that.15:29
highvoltagestgraber: hmm, I think the ship seed may need some tweaking, dhcp3-server and ltsp-server-standalone are not available in the packages pool on the disc15:32
stgraberhighvoltage: fixed15:36
stgraberhighvoltage: I change ltsp-server by ltsp-server-standalone which recommends dhcp3-server, so we should have everything after that15:37
highvoltagestgraber: thanks!15:37
highvoltagestgraber: imho there's some good potential for future (or maybe even this) implementations of the ltsp-live cd. I think we could have a little gui that asks you:15:39
highvoltagestgraber: 1. whether you want to export the whole livecd or a thin client session15:39
highvoltagestgraber: 2. what interface you'd like to run dhcpd on (if at all)15:39
highvoltagestgraber: 3. whether you'd like to load the ltsp.squashfs or the filesystem.squashfs into tmpfs15:40
highvoltageI guess even further on it could have some support for selecting a preseed and perhaps some puppet integration so that you could use it to deploy some machines15:41
highvoltagemight be too much but it might be something worth while to discuss for a future implementation15:41
stgraberyep, there's definitely potential there15:41
alkisgYeah too bad FF is so soon :)15:42
alkisgstgraber: thanks! Would you also have a look at the "nbd-proxy under vbox" issue (makes testing easier :))? Or maybe I should add support for a "no-nbd-proxy" kernel parameter to ltsp_nbd?15:45
stgraberalkisg: I'll try to have someone test it and debug it here. I don't use VBox ;)15:46
alkisglxc? Or real clients?15:46
stgraberI use KVM and real clients15:47
alkisg(or qemu / xen / kvm etc etc15:47
highvoltageI use VirtualBox because I'm a sucker for nice user interfaces15:47
alkisghighvoltage: did you also have an issue with nbd-proxy?15:47
highvoltage(oh and some of my machines don't have VT extensions)15:47
highvoltagealkisg: I haven't tried lucid ltsp on vbox yet, but it seems that I will soon :)15:48
stgraberhighvoltage: I don't know if Julien/David will be at the office this afternoon, if yes, they'll test with VBox. If not, then I'll probably poke you ;)15:49
highvoltagestgraber: ok, I'm installing Edubuntu in virtualbox now, so it will be pratically no effort for me to test, I will do so anyway then :)15:53
cheesykinghi all, got a problem with an ubuntu LTSP install, any experts around?17:28
cheesykingjust ran apt-get update on the client directory and I've got a pulseaudio problem17:30
highvoltagecheesyking: in the ltsp chroot?17:34
cheesykingunmet dependancy17:35
highvoltagecheesyking: in karmic?17:35
cheesykingI think the dependancy didn't install because it was trying to start pulse and couldn't17:35
cheesykingyeah karmic17:35
cheesykingdon't worry too much though, I've just wipped it and started rebuilding the client17:36
cheesykingbut I'd like to know what I did wrong... so I don't do it again!17:36
sbalneavWe'd need to see the exact error17:37
cheesykingjust copying and pasting...17:38
cheesykingit looked a little large to post on IRC17:41
sbalneavcheesyking: Did you remember to run: export LTSP_HANDLE_DAEMONS=false17:49
sbalneavYou need that in order to prevent the server from restarting it's own daemons when updateing the chroot.17:50
cheesykingsorry, no,17:51
cheesykingI thought I was forgetting something simple, thanks for being patient with me17:51
sbalneavNo problem17:53
sbalneav99% of the time, just doing an "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade" in the chroot works find.17:53
sbalneavbut if hal, dbus, pulse, etc, decide to upgrade, thats when it gets tricky.17:54
sbalneavi.e. you need to mount proc in the chroot, set HANDLE_DAEMONS, etc.17:54
sbalneavworks fine, sorry17:54
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joergcheesyking, welcome :o)18:22
stgrabermeeting in 1018:50
highvoltage meeting in one!18:59
highvoltage(or now, actually)18:59
joerghello meeting ^^19:00
alkisgLns, sbalneav, nixternal, mgariepy ^^19:00
joergit's a very productive meeting today, isn't it? :)19:05
stgraberjoerg: meeting is in ubuntu-meeting, not here19:30
joergokay :D19:32
sbalneavSo, just got finished with an Email convo with Dave Hopkins, apparently, it looks as if my LDAP tutorial got him going.21:45
sbalneavYou know what would be REALLY cool?21:46
sbalneavis if there was a GTK app, similar to Gnome Help, that you could point at raw wiki pages, stored locally, and it would render them.21:47
sbalneavSo, exactly the same as gnome help, but with wiki markup as the backend, and not docbook21:47
sbalneavthat way, the handbook could just be: the wiki21:47
sbalneavWe'd work on the wiki, keeping it up to date, and just before launch, we'd get a static copy of all the wiki .txt files from the web server21:48
sbalneavthen just dump 'em in /usr/share somewhere.21:48
alkisgThere are some moinmoin to docbook exporters available... but not in really good shape, afaik21:51
alkisgBut I think it would be simple to fix those converters, than to create such an app from scratch21:52
sbalneavWell, what I was wondering was is if Gnome Help has a plugin arch.21:53
sbalneavBut, moinmoin to docbook would be good too.21:53
Lnssbalneav: alkisg: what about simply pointing to the wiki directly? I mean, I guess if they don't have net access..23:23
Lnsbut dumping them right before release, it'd be like a solid snapshot for that release with no changes afterwards...that might be good (or bad too)23:24

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