rmrfslashnot that a lib "runs"00:00
KDeskrmrfslash: , yes, you dont have it00:01
KDeskrmrfslash: are you using chromium from the ppa?00:01
KDeskor chrome?00:01
rmrfslashfrom Google00:01
KDeskah, ok00:01
rmrfslashnow... as for skype00:02
KDeskdo you have the latest version of flash? 10.0 r4200:02
baron86hello there.. I want to ask how to install the new Kde 4.4 in kubuntu00:02
rmrfslashlemme check00:02
KDeskrmrfslash: shich skype version do you have?00:02
rmrfslashI installed it like a couple weeks ago (not months)00:02
KDeskrmrfslash: ah, didn't knew the beta was released00:03
rmrfslashI tried both the static and whatever the other one is... I think it was the deb for Ubuntu 8.0400:03
KDeskbaron86: the packages are not finished00:03
KDeskbaron86: maybe tomorrow they will finish00:03
baron86so i am gonna add the ropository and thats all?00:03
rmrfslashShockwave Flash 10.0 r3200:04
KDeskbaron86: yes, but i don't know which repo is goning to be used, but yes, add repo, update and upgrade00:04
rmrfslashI got this from adobe00:04
baron86okie thanx00:04
KDeskrmrfslash: the latest skype version for linux is
baron86are you from usa?00:04
KDeskbaron86: no, ecuador, south america00:04
baron86thats the same00:05
baron86i mean i am from greece00:05
baron86and its 10 wednesday and thought the repos would be ready00:05
rmrfslashSorry I have Skype (I was thinking of something else)00:05
rmrfslashI just checked.00:05
baron86hope they have fixed the issue with the virtual desktops-activities00:05
KDeskbaron86: sh, yes, but i read in #kubuntu-devel that they have problems, but manybe in some hours the packages will be ready for karmic00:06
baron86thnx a lot00:06
baron86i also got a problem with the Amarok if anyone can help.. when i turn it on it plays for 3 seconds and then stops again00:06
KDeskrmrfslash: i don't know what to do with skype. Did you make some change in ~/.asoundrc ?00:07
KDeskbaron86: be sure to use amarok 2.2.2, and then, try to remove the amarok config in ~/.kde/share/config/amarok*, and if it doesn't work, remove also00:08
rmrfslashmy ~/.asoundrc file just refers to ~/.asoundrc.asound.conf which contains pcm.!default { type pulse } ctl.!default { type pulse }00:08
KDeskbaron86: the ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/ directory00:09
rmrfslash+/- a dot00:09
KDeskrmrfslash: do you have pulseaudio?00:09
rmrfslashI removed it00:09
KDeskremove both, ~/.asoundrc and ~/.asoundrc.asound.conf00:09
rmrfslashas soon as I did that I got a message that I was switching to a "better audio" something-er-other00:10
KDeskrmrfslash: I use it, because it is the only way i can config my 5.1 peakers, but i have no problems, every app use it, so it works ok. The version from karmic.00:10
rmrfslashthose messages fly by too fast00:10
rmrfslashskype works now00:10
KDeskrmrfslash: hehe, that is only that i have many audio problems in the past.00:11
rmrfslashI'm so happy now.00:11
rmrfslashIf I can only fix this audio crashing nonsense00:11
baron86this worked... thanx00:12
rmrfslashrather, Chrome + Amarok thins00:12
rmrfslashmaybe this will fix that too00:12
baron86KDesk: that worked fine thanx :)00:12
rmrfslashseems to have00:12
rmrfslashI have like 16 different audio applications working simultaneously00:12
rmrfslashmultithreading ftw00:12
KDeskbaron86: good to know :)00:12
KDeskrmrfslash: ah, do you work with audio?00:13
rmrfslashI mean, I like audio00:13
rmrfslashI don't necessarily work with it00:13
rmrfslashI program though00:14
rmrfslashI like when I finally get tech that was introduced decades ago00:14
baron86KDesk: do you know how do i return to a previous edition of Amarok?00:14
KDeskrmrfslash: hehe, :)00:15
KDeskbaron86: maybe, which version do you have and which do you need? And what doesn't work in the current version?00:15
baron862.2.2 is installed need my previous.. 2.2.000:16
baron86the music is not constant.. makes blps00:17
baron86i have to go now :)00:18
baron86maybe sometime in the future00:19
KDeskbaron86: it is in the repo00:19
KDeskbaron86: you use aptitude to install the version you want00:19
rmrfslashhey guys thanks a MILLION00:21
rmrfslashI'm a happy camper00:21
rmrfslasha happy kubuntu user00:21
rmrfslashI gotta run though00:21
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Zhenyahi guys anyone here?00:37
ZhenyaI'm a total newb...will the repositry upgrade me to kde4.4 or do i have to do it manually?00:38
ZhenyaBonster: what does that mean?00:44
=== christian is now known as WierdAAR
BonsterZhenya, means is dist-upgrade00:45
Bonsternot regular00:45
ZhenyaBonster: ah ok how do i do that? or do we have to wait till like 9.20 or something00:47
WierdAARHello, I notished something quite wierd and hope that someone can help. When ever my laptop is untouched for a while is goes to a screensaver (blackscreen), but when I come back is seems as though is has been doing something that requires a lot of cpu. The fans are blowing, it's warm and until I move the mouse the CPU working diod is flashing almost constantly. Its really wierd. Any ideas?00:47
BonsterZhenya, well i no about the beta repos, just that the KDE 4.4 final was release today, so should take a few more day to come to kubuntu00:48
BonsterZhenya, otherwise if u want the RC version u can upgrade now00:48
BonsterZhenya, http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/how-to-install-kde-44-beta-in-ubuntu.html00:50
ZhenyaBonster: Ifit will come to kubuntu in a few days i'd rather wait!!01:02
Zhenyathanks :D01:02
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=== eric is now known as Guest15824
jeponganyone excited about kde sc 4.4?01:35
=== blackangel is now known as blackangel1306
kelopezHow can I upgrade to KDE SC 4.4? :D02:02
=== mike is now known as Guest68022
=== Guest68022 is now known as pulaski
MunchkinguyI am having trouble building the Raptor menu for KDE in Karmic. Could someone please help?02:26
Squidyhi.. when will kubuntu offer kde 4.4 in the karmic repository?02:26
pulaskiHello, This may be off topic, sorry. I run kubuntu 9.10 karmic koala, does anyone know the appropriate channel to ask user questions for the open office app that comes with this distro?02:28
MunchkinguyHmm. Maybe I will try asking in #ubuntu.02:28
jc0694any kopete experts here?02:28
Munchkinguyplaski: you can probably ask here.02:28
pulaskiMunchkinguy: yes?02:28
pulaskiMunchkinguy: I think that remains to be seen.02:29
MunchkinguyYeah, and if you don't get an answer here, you can try #openoffice.org02:30
pulaskiMunchkinguy: Aha! completely logical, thank you.02:30
MunchkinguyYou're welcome?02:31
MunchkinguyYou're welcome.02:31
Scunizipulaski: you could try here or in #openoffice.org  .. however most of them are on European time and in bead02:33
* Scunizi thinks it must be lag.. posting answers after answers given02:35
pulaskiScunizi: Thanks for responding, yes that appears to be the case.02:56
Scunizipulaski: never did see your question02:57
Scuniziabout Ooo that is02:57
Scuniziand I may miss it.. dinner time.. tritip, mashed potatoes and asparagus..03:00
pulaskiI run OOo 3.1 on karmic koala, I've created a large file perhaps 100 pages. Then I began to add footnotes starting at page one.  Today, after adding about 35 footnotes to the first two pages theyall disappeared from the bottom of those pages and reappeared many pages into the file.  How can I ge the footnotes back where they belong? ie at the bottom of the page on which the reference number appears?03:02
pulaskiScunizi: There's my question.  I'm an inexperienced OOo user.  I want to avoid rebuilding the file, however increasingly it looks like I should break it up into separate files for separate sections and limit the number of footnotes per page.  Do you have any other Ideas Scunizi?03:04
KDeskpulaski: you will get more help in the openoffice channel.03:10
pulaskiKDesk: thanks for responding.  I'm on #openoffice.org and #kubuntu-offtopic too but everyone appears to be sacked out.03:11
rmrfslashHey, it looks like one of the pixels in my display burst and now it looks like something is leaking down the inside of my display03:14
rmrfslashdoes this sound like a good thing?03:14
kebomixhow to remove official ati driver 9.10 ?03:25
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olskolircsomewhere in my system, my web pages highlight blue when I highlight and mouse over my tabs, how do I turn it green I don't see blue no where in my system color settings - and the scroll bars too are the same blue03:31
cpk1I have an odd problem I am not quite sure how to troubleshoot.  I can get sound from multiple sources sometimes but other times it seems like it might be amarok that is blocking my device, I have everything setup to use phonon and it seems to be off and on if I can get sound from multiple sources or not03:31
macisp2000Ok, I added the PPA/Beta for KDE 4.4, but it only loaded the RC2 version.  How do I get the final that was released today??03:34
kubiani'm guessing it will be in the ppa..it's in staging right now03:35
pulaskiScunizi: KDesk: Thanks for responding. gotta go....03:36
darthanubismacisp2000: this is kubuntu, we donn't do say dat releases03:36
macisp2000So if I have left alone, the the normal kubuntu updates will/would have installed 4.4?03:36
Kagemacisp2000: things don't come straight from release to getting to the user03:36
darthanubismacisp2000: it is not like we are fedora or opensuse, or gentoo or...03:37
darthanubismacisp2000: no03:37
Kagedarthanubis: this is madness!03:37
darthanubisKage: of course03:37
Kageyour suppose to say "THIS IS KUBTUNTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!"03:38
KDeskhehe, it will come  for karmic to day, or in a few hours, from what I have read.03:38
KDeskin lucid it is already, from lucid-changes03:38
macisp2000we don't do say dat releases????03:39
Kage*sigh*....    I look at all the awesome things the KDE-devs have done.... then I look at my project....03:40
Kagemy project is of little importance :(03:40
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ChrisNZhello - this working?04:16
ChrisNZanyone on?04:17
daskreechYes it is04:24
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eugeniahi all04:31
=== eugenia is now known as george_1984
george_1984hi all04:32
daskreechHi george_198404:32
eugenia_hi, were is your from?04:33
george_1984alguien habla español04:35
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:37
daskreechgeorge_1984: ^^ por favour04:37
jschallhow do i get 4.4 on karmic?04:42
GSF1200Sis kde 4.4 rc2 shown as kde 4.3.95 in the repos? I have added the ppa and reloaded apt04:43
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daskreechjschall: It'll be up soon.04:55
jschalldaskreech: yaaaaaaaaay04:55
jschalldaskreech: COMPILE FASTER! http://xkcd.com/303/04:56
jschallis there a good way to get the kde file picker in the gimp?04:57
daskreechA good way?04:59
jschallcode it myself? =P04:59
jschallok, is there any way to get the kde file picker in the gimp?04:59
jschallapart from coding it myself?04:59
daskreechA shim possibly04:59
daskreech Gimp is a funky beast with fingers ina lot of stuff05:00
daskreechhard to say what it can do but it's code so in short yes05:00
jschallalternative image editors?05:00
daskreechBut likely a hack05:00
jschallis krita good?05:01
daskreechNot as good as Gimp in some things but it's fantastic for painters05:02
jschalli don't think you'd like seeing a painting by me.05:03
jschallyou might not want to live any more05:03
jschalli'm not a very artsy person05:04
jschalltrying to use krita makes me realize how much i've learned about gimp over the years.05:09
jschallsomeone needs to make kimp05:09
jschallgimp 2.7 should be awesome. single window mode is something i'd very much prefer to having to hunt for the damn toolbox thing all the time.05:11
jschall14 years and gimp is finally getting the one feature that will make me look at it and say "wow, a real image editing program!"05:12
jschall"and its FREE SOFTWARE!"05:12
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qZonehi there, can soby tell me why I just can't save my nvidia-settings configiration file as root?05:53
=== dave is now known as Guest26855
Guest26855is there a free flashplayer  for konqueror?06:07
qZoneis there a way to configure Kubuntu to use dual 24" screens as one big screen?06:10
jschalldaskreech: 4.4 yet?06:12
jschalldaskreech: where will the package be when its done?06:12
jschallqZone: depends on video drivers i think06:13
Guest26855qZone: nvidia?06:14
qZonejschall: I've got nvidia-settings installed from the restrited drivers, but I can't save it after configuration... no matter whether im root or not!06:14
jschallqZone: you mean the settings don't stick after reboot or logout, etc?06:15
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Guest26855qZone: http://www.dwasifar.com/?p=86206:15
qZonewell i mean the settings allows me to enable both displays but doesn't allow me to save the new configuration to the xconfig.org06:16
jschallqZone: xorg.conf06:17
Guest26855qZone: read down to the 6th paragraph06:17
Guest26855qZone: hope that helps06:18
qZonelet me give it a go n I'll let u know in a min..06:18
Guest26855qZone: kk06:18
Guest26855Does anyone know of a free flashplayer forkonqueror06:18
jschallkde 4.4 packaged for kubuntu 9.10 yet?06:22
noaXessgood morning06:25
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noaXessis there a way to get a plug and play xorg.conf for my notebook? have a nvidia geforfe gt240m, with a additional hdmi output..06:35
noaXessi mean, a xorg.conf file, that allow plug in the externam hdmi monitor each time.. and auto reconfigur it..06:35
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Carutsuhello, I need to install libstdc++6-4.1, it doesn't seem to be in the mirrors06:44
Carutsuis there anywhere I can get it?06:45
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jschallnoaXess: i think xorg uses HAL fdi files for config now, especially for what you're talking about06:46
jschallnot sure though, i might not know what i'm talking about06:47
noaXessjschall: so not changing xorg.conf... have you any other information, faq about that?06:47
jschallnope =P06:47
jschalli don't even know if its accurate or not06:47
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noaXessif i install the nvidia driver from nvidia.com, need i first uninstall the build in nvidia driver from karmic?07:09
shadeslayernoaXess: yes07:10
noaXessokay.. so.. lets go :).. hope all will work as i want..07:10
shadeslayernoaXess: because if you dont,when there will be update,the driver will be updated07:11
noaXessreboot in konsole mode.. how to do that for one time?07:11
shadeslayernoaXess: reboot via konsole?07:12
noaXessreboot, so that kdm not start..07:12
noaXessor set it to off?07:12
lee_Good morning peopl07:21
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noaXessyeah..new nvidia beta driver, and problem with flicker screen on logout is gone.. :)07:27
oxymoronWhere is KDE?.07:29
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binarylooksThe "kubuntu on launchpad" mails on kubuntu-devel make me feel very sad today :-(07:50
andriijashow do i change primary monitor when running dual screen?07:53
binarylooksnvidia card?07:53
andriijashow do i make the taskbar move to my external monitor instead of my laptop screen?07:54
andriijasbinarylooks: yes07:54
binarylookssudo nvidia-settings07:54
andriijasand then?07:54
binarylooksX server display configuration07:55
binarylooksand then "make this ...."07:55
binarylooksthere is a bug in there somewhere, youi have to click it, close it and then clilck it again or something very strange like that07:56
binarylooksit works in my case, but i had to rearrange some plasma stuff07:56
binarylooksanyway, you can just drag the taskbar to the external monitor07:57
=== 77CAADML9 is now known as joerg__
binarylooksi just tried it on my dual screens07:57
andriijasits locked07:57
binarylooksandriijas: unlock it by right clicking on the desktop and saying "unlock"07:57
binarylooksthen click on the little symbol on the left of the panel07:58
binarylooksright not left07:58
binarylooksclick on screen edge and drag the whole thing over07:58
andriijasgraphical components are unlocked07:59
binarylooksandriijas: does it work with dragginf the panel to the other screen?08:00
andriijasbinarylooks: i dont know the guy who has the problems turned of xinerama instead. jeez.08:02
andriijasand know refuses to listen to what i have to tell him from the irc chan..08:02
binarylooksandriijas: hmmm?!08:03
andriijasbinarylooks: yeah i know.08:04
jschallhey when can i get kde 4.4?08:06
binarylookson karmic i'll take another couple of hours.08:07
oxymoronbinarylooks: Define a couple? :P08:09
oxymoronbinarylooks: 1-24 or more?08:09
binarylooksoxymoron: until there is an announcment on kubuntu.org08:10
oxymoronbinarylooks: Come on man ...08:10
binarylookspatience, lucid came first, now its karmics turn, and the developers need sleep also08:10
oxymoronbinarylooks: I have patience, I just want to know when approximatly I could excpect it :) BTW, why Lucid first?08:11
binarylooksbecause karmic is supposed to be stable with 4.3, 4.4 is a gift by the kubuntu developers who try to make lucid the best next distro. they have to start somewhere08:12
binarylooksHit F5 on this website: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports?field.series_filter=karmic08:13
binarylooksuntil you seee more packages arrive, this will be kde sc 4.408:13
binarylooksATM there are only language packs08:13
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oxymoronbinarylooks: Ah tthats the spirit, thank you so much :) Supposed to ... not have to :P No I understand how youre thinking, but 4.4 is so wonderful :P08:17
binarylooksoxymoron: NP, I know ther feeling :_)08:18
Torchapparently there's no 4.4 for lucid either, though.08:18
oxymoronbinarylooks: The new grouping windows and tab multiple windows in one is amazing and interaction between plasma and apps, wow :P I really hope Nepomuk and KAuth works flawless as well :)08:19
binarylooksTorch: hmm, i thought I saw the update this morning on my netbook. let me check again08:20
oxymoronBtw, may I ask whats the new features added to Lucid or planned features I mean :P08:21
Torchbinarylooks: i just dist-upgraded my lucid vm and it got an rc... that seems very broken right now.08:21
binarylooksTorch: u're right. I saw some 4.4.0 packages and supposed it was the whole thing. Parts are not there yet08:22
Torchbinarylooks: that might explain the brokenness, though ;-)08:22
binarylooksTorch: its dribblign in. We have to wait untill all is compiled. Currently I'm hanging on virtuoso dependencies08:23
binarylooksAhhh, the suspense :-)08:24
Torchi don't mind the waiting. i do however mind a broken system that can't run kdm.08:24
binarylooksoxymoron: check the blueprints page on launchpad for "possible" features08:24
oxymoronbinarylooks: Where to find blueprints then I dont remember where to look :P08:25
binarylooksTorch: Watch out for the "it's alpha software so no production quality" weapon08:25
Torchbinarylooks: hehe.08:25
binarylooksoxymoron: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid08:25
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oxymoronbinarylooks: LoL found it at the same time you posted it :D A little bit tricky to found but I managed :D08:26
oxymoronbinarylooks: Whats AppArmor and KMS? :P Btw I think we can expect some heavy boot time upgrade :P08:27
binarylooksoxymoron: AppArmor is some kinf of firewall08:28
binarylooksoxymoron: KMS means Kernel Mode Switching and allow for seamless resolution switching during startup. so no flickers08:28
oxymoronbinarylooks: Ah sounds logical :P08:28
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ubottuFor information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor08:29
jschallbinarylooks: any estimate on when the packages will show up on the ppa?08:29
=== Guest46818 is now known as pulaski
binarylooksjschall: don't ask me, I'm not a developer, i just look at kubuntu-devel sometimes and follow the ppas08:29
oxymoronbinarylooks: It seems they are optimizing the performance, stability and boot time in Lucid08:30
jschalli don't understand the whole "boot time" war.08:31
binarylooksjschall: estimation is about 3 to 4 hours, but things can still go wrong08:31
jschallwhy focus on boot time when you can focus on making suspend to ram, you know... actually work.08:31
jschallwhich it does... sometimes.08:31
oxymoronbinarylooks: Also mobile ARM support :)08:31
Torchjschall: because boot time is something kubuntu can affect. suspend to ram, not so much.08:31
binarylooksjschall: well suspend to ram is too much linked to the graphics drivers08:31
jschallyeah. anyway, suspend to ram usually works nowadays, so why bother putting SO much focus on boot time. I'd rather have cool features and bugfixes.08:32
binarylooksjschall: My guess is it is marketing related. I don't mind the quicker boot and there are still enough new features08:33
oxymoronI guess they maybe will focus on supension as well :)08:33
oxymoronmobile, server/cloud, boottime/maybe suspend to RAM, performance, stability sounds like the keywords for Lucid release for the moment :P08:34
jschallbinarylooks: yeah. the quicker boot is nice but unnecessary, especially now that we've already had what, two releases focused on boot time now?08:35
jschalloxymoron: cloud is such a stupid word.08:35
oxymoronjschall: I guess ...08:35
binarylooksjschall: non-drastic changes were done in karmic. in lucid you really feel the change08:36
=== Rav3nSw0rd is now known as Nev3rM0re
oxymoronbinarylooks: I think you are doing a great job anyway :) Sure, most of it is beneath the skin and KDE shows most changes, but I am sure you put some effort and love to Kubuntu as well.08:37
oxymoronIf I may I would recommend Kubuntu before Ubuntu even if Kubuntu is building on the Ubuntu core :P08:38
binarylookswell, we all do. you are part of it now that you hang on #kubuntu.08:38
binarylooksoxymoron: we got ya! (evil laughter....)08:38
oxymoronbinarylooks: I had to say :D08:39
=== Nev3rM0re is now known as Rav3nSw0rd
_gmhi, where can i find kde 4.4 sc final packages08:46
jschall_gm: gonna have to wait a few hours08:46
_gmjschall: thank you08:46
bazhangSpeedy1, dont spam here08:46
jschallhmm, does anyone else get stuck at "waiting for headers" when they try to apt-get update?08:48
jschalli am right now08:48
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=== coaboa_ is now known as coaboa
=== ocs is now known as faLUCE
BusMasterany idea when kde 4.4 will be available in kubuntu?09:09
BusMasterpeople here told me it should have been there by now :)09:10
mitjabHY ALL!09:10
jschallBusMaster: it'll be a few hours still09:10
mitjabi want to fight you09:10
BusMastermitjab, that;s too bad, because I'm not interested in fighting ;)09:11
jschallBusMaster: i think its done in lucid but being worked on in karmic09:11
BusMasterjschall, ah, ok09:11
manuelfhallo are u there?09:11
lukakbusmaster whats the name of your mother?09:11
mitjabi challenge your mother afather mothers fathers back in 198209:11
lukakIAM A MEGA BAT09:11
manuelfme no speaking09:11
lukakim a bat dude09:11
jschallmessing around with Ubuntu One09:12
lukakUBUNTU SUCKS!09:12
mitjabi want to fight you09:12
lukakwindows ftw09:12
lukakWINDOWS 7!!!09:12
lukak7 BITCH!09:12
=== mitjab is now known as megabat
lukakhallo awidegreen09:12
megabathy all09:12
manuelfim a megabat09:12
=== ikon is now known as vadviktor
=== lukak is now known as [Megabat]
[Megabat]i am a bat09:13
jschallwhat's going on?!?09:13
=== megabat is now known as MegaBat
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!09:13
[Megabat]hey ppl09:13
=== MegaBat is now known as MegaBat1982
MegaBat1982ROFL HY ALL09:13
manuelfare you drunk?09:13
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, tsimpson, jpds, seth_k, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, trappist, crimsun, seth, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici, jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok, ryanakca or maco09:13
bazhangtake the chat elsewhere please09:13
MegaBat1982woot chat09:13
jschalltoo many trolls09:13
MegaBat1982i don't know what you saying09:13
MegaBat1982i like trolls09:13
MegaBat1982especially shamans09:14
manuelfyea me too09:14
[Megabat]i like troll hunters  lmao09:14
manuelfi love rogues09:14
MegaBat1982no freaking way09:14
[Megabat]bazhang whats your gearscore?09:14
BusMasterjschall, and how will I know it is done for karmic? will there be a news post on the kubuntu website?09:14
MegaBat1982whats the name of your mother?09:14
jschallBusMaster: go to https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports?field.series_filter=karmic09:15
jschallBusMaster: and hit f5 a lot.09:15
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Tm_TMegaBat1982: stop that right there, read channel topic09:15
Manchywhat is channel topic?09:15
oxymoronManchy: Kubuntu? :P09:15
Tm_TManchy: Kubuntu support (:09:15
BusMasterjschall, thanks :)09:15
Manchyis kubunto your mothers name?09:15
jschallTm_T: thank you09:16
jschallTm_T: i think you scared them away09:16
oxymoronTm_T: Hahaha, removes priviliegies from himself :D09:17
tdnHow do I stop a service from starting automatically on system startup?09:18
ikoniathat's freenode policy09:18
jschalltdn: what service?09:18
tdnjschall, postgresql09:18
jschalltdn: sudo update-rc.d -f postgresql remove09:20
tdnjschall, ok. Thanks.09:20
jschalltdn: should do it i think.09:20
jschallanyone have a better way?09:20
Koliajschall: that can't be done from system-settings > advanced > autostart?09:20
jschallKolia: don't think so.09:21
Kolia.. maybe not for db server09:21
jschalltdn: to put it back sudo update-rc.d postgresql defaults09:21
tdnjschall, ok.09:21
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=== Nev3rM0re is now known as Rav3nSw0rd
oxymoronflazard: Is free, free free :D09:32
aapzakany news on 4.4 release date (in PPA)?09:36
Tm_Taapzak: "soon" (:09:36
aapzakI'm looking forward to it09:37
smellyno1erI have to press ` twice for it to show up once. The first time it doesn't register, the second time it shows up?09:45
smellyno1erAnybody know why that would happen?09:45
PascalFRis kde 4.4  available in ppa ?09:47
aapzaknot yet :)09:47
Tm_Tsmellyno1er: because in your keyboard layout that character is typically used as combination with some other character09:48
Tm_Tlike é09:48
aapzakmaybe wrong channel to ask, but I read quite often that people find fedora's KDE better than Ubuntu's. What's your take on this?09:49
smellyno1erHmmm - I don't like that09:49
Tm_Tsmellyno1er: that character is meant to be used like that, if you use it differently, something is wrong typically (:09:49
Torchsmellyno1er: pick a keyboard layout with no dead keys then09:49
smellyno1erTm_T: If you use the linux command line or PHP then you need to use it occasionally09:50
Tm_Taapzak: nonsense (and yes wrong channel, try "kubuntu-offtopic"09:50
Tm_Tsmellyno1er: no, you should use ' then I suppose09:50
aapzakI was thinking channel fedora :)09:50
smellyno1erAwesome - ` Is working as expected now :) Thanks Tm_T and Torch09:50
FeasibilityStudyThe KDE4.4rc2 borked my install last night..Had to reinstall the whole OS.  I am mad as a mofo09:51
aapzakDutch keyboard does that (in windows at least), thats why I always go with default keyboards and localization09:51
aapzakFeasibilityStudy: I didn't have that problem with rc2, what happened?09:52
FeasibilityStudyaapzak rebooted and it gave black screen over and over.09:52
FeasibilityStudyguy in #kde chat told me that it was known to be screwed up09:53
FeasibilityStudysaid Kubuntu devs suck09:53
aapzakok, worked for me though09:53
aapzakTm_T: see ;)09:53
_gmFeasibilityStudy: rc2 works ok09:53
Tm_TFeasibilityStudy: ah, you should use filter when getting information from IRC (;)09:53
ToxinPoweand for me and others09:53
Tm_Taapzak: yup, I don't care of ranting without proper argumentation09:54
ToxinPoweis "always" kubuntu devs suck? bullshit09:54
aapzakTm_T: you're right09:54
FeasibilityStudyhey this was from a kde upstream developer09:54
Tm_Tanyway, this is offtopic09:54
Tm_TFeasibilityStudy: many Kubuntu devs are also upstream developers09:55
aapzakaren't there kubuntu devs in the KDE project, strange that some #kde dev would make such a statement09:55
_gmFeasibilityStudy: if i had faced such problem i'd issued a rm -rf ~/.kde instead of removing whole os09:55
aapzak_gm: I guess you'll find quite a lot of people who'd reinstall under the ubuntu users, since is one of the easiest linuxes to begin with09:56
aapzakreinstalling is windows-user behaviour, they're used to that way of fixing the OS09:57
aapzak(not all of them obviously :) )09:57
_gmif i was a windows user that's what i would do when i'd problems with it09:58
FeasibilityStudyaapzak: in my case is was easier to reinstall rather than having to try and figure out how to downgrade09:58
aapzakFeasibilityStudy: ok, excellent. I hate all the extra tuning before I can actually use my system so I try to keep it running for as long as I can.10:01
_gmthe only think which is irritating me since ages is loosy loading of files/directories in dolphin,nautilus and file selectors10:03
ct529hi! I have difficulties on making flash player work on konqueror in kubuntu 910 64 bit, with kde 434 .... anyone who can help?10:06
_gmit's fast but files and directories container flickers when you go back and forward10:06
ct529actually even on MF it does not work too well10:06
ct529I have difficulties on making flash player work on *ubuntu 910 at 64bit .... in Firefox cannot use the BBC iplayer .... which I can easily do on 32 bit10:10
seraphim1i search an rdp client who support printer fowarding to the windows terminal server from a ubuntu client ....10:15
alvinseraphim1: rdesktop?10:22
alvinseraphim1: There is only one rdp client for Linux, as far as I know. (There is another one, but it's beta)10:22
Koliaalvin: krdc?10:23
alvinKolia: krdc used rdesktop10:24
alvinKolia: krdc used rdesktops/used/uses10:24
alvinWell... you know10:24
Koliabut doesn't look like talking of printers in its config10:24
alvinKolia: No, it doesn't. If you want that, you'll have to use the command line10:25
xtHow do you get version 4.4 on karmic?10:25
alvinxt: wait a bit :-) It's expected 'soon'10:25
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alvinWe can all start filing bugs later today10:25
xtshould I install the RC then?10:26
alvinxt: No, I would wait. The final is probably arriving today10:26
alvinThere will be some bugfixes between RC2 and final.10:27
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Koliaalvin: it's expected on the kubuntu beta ppa?10:31
alvinKolia: There will be an announcement on http://www.kubuntu.org I'd wait until the announcement, because then you know all packages are uploaded. Otherwise, you could end up with a broken system.10:31
xtkubuntu.org doesn't have RSS ><10:32
vi390hi - having problems with Workspace switching, using Key Shortcuts. It should be (ALT + STRG + Cursor r-l) I have a MAC keyboard, and it does not work. Is that done in Setup for Workspace mangement?10:32
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alvinxt: Hit F5 ;-)10:36
xtI don't see anything different10:36
Koliaalvin: just asking about the location, not about the "when". i'm not 'that' impatient :)10:40
alvinKolia: I understand you. What I meant was that the location will be posted there.10:41
Koliaalvin: ok!10:41
bobencetoAre KDE SC 4.4 packages coming soon?10:49
oxymoronWhat partition manager do you guys recommend if I should use one?11:00
binarylooksdoes anybody know what this {a} means that I get after package names sometimes?11:03
ToxinPoweoxymoron: I use gparted and works fine11:04
oxymoronToxinPowe: Why not qtparted? :)11:05
Torchoxymoron: kde partition manager, of course11:05
ToxinPowebecause I was a gnome user :)11:05
ToxinPoweI don't know qparted11:05
oxymoronTorch: Is it in ppa?11:05
Torchoxymoron: i think it's part of universe or multiverse11:06
Torchoxymoron: it's also on kde-apps.org for kubuntu11:06
oxymoronTorch: the package partitionmanager?11:06
Torchoxymoron: yes11:06
buckfastSo will kde 4.4 be available to kubuntu anytime soon?11:06
oxymoronTorch: Alright, yeah it looks real good. Is it possible to change partitions without rebooting?11:06
Torchoxymoron: not if the partition cannot be unmounted (home and root cannot)11:07
Torchoxymoron: no linux partition manager can do that, though11:07
oxymoronTorch: Yeah it is obvious if I am using the partition ... I mean access other partitions that are not in use?11:08
Torchoxymoron: sure11:08
Torchoxymoron: just unmount it from with kde partition manager before resizing it (the app will not let you do it otherwise)11:08
oxymoronTorch: Hmm does not start ...? Or does it scan units awhile first? :P11:09
Torchoxymoron: it does. if it takes ages.... do you have a floppy drive?11:09
ToxinPowewow I like Oxygen style theme for firefox, I recommend you guys :>11:09
vi390can someone tell the command for -changing Workspace- to add it to keyactions11:10
oxymoronToxinPowe: Sighs, thats the thing I HATE, why does it have to scan so deep? :S And no i do not have a floppy11:10
Torchoxymoron: make sure you have it disabled in the BIOS, then... known bug with all linux partition managers. or get kde partition manager 1.0.1 from kde-apps.org which works around that bug.11:11
oxymoronTorch: ... above xD11:11
oxymoronTorch: 1.0.1 is the one I got from apt-get so :)11:12
Torchoxymoron: weird.11:12
Torchoxymoron: still scanning?11:12
oxymoronTorch: But the application do not start, it just appear for some seconds and then disappear.11:12
Torchoxymoron: aha. please run it from a shell and pastebin the output.11:12
oxymoronTorch: Oh now it popup ... Why on earth does it not have a prelodaer? :S11:13
zibi_helolo guys11:26
zibi_can anybody tell me when the kde 4.4 be in repo ?11:27
Lyxalich habe eine frage, kann hier ijemand deutsch?11:29
ToxinPowezibi_: today or tomorrow I think, when is done :)11:30
mischasworldlyxal: stell deine frage doch in kubuntu-de11:30
Lyxalalles kla danke ich versuch mal da rein zu kommen11:30
Tm_TLyxal: you should use english in this channel11:31
zibi_on this repo is kde 4.411:45
zibi_can anybody tell me that this is beta or final?11:45
rethusis there a way to print files (pdf for example) directly with kde kontext-menu ?11:53
rethusis there a way to print files (pdf for example) directly with kde kontext-menu ?12:14
aapzakI guess noone knows12:15
_gmrethus: you can write an openoffice macro, which takes input file name as param and converts the file into pdf12:16
_gmrethus: you can call openoffice macro from command line12:16
_gmrethus: are you talking about right click menu.12:17
_gmrethus: i didn't got you at first12:17
rethusyes in dolphin12:17
rethusprint all marked files12:17
rethussuch like this12:17
aapzakexact, right clicking a pdf in dolphin -> print12:18
_gmrethus: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3088743.012:19
rethusaapzak: ther is no pürint option12:40
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aapzakrethus: I know, I was explaining what I thought you were looking for12:51
aapzakI believe _gm pointed you in the right direction with that URL, you can create your own context menu actions12:55
_gmrethus: don't expect a context menu would do all the magic, you would first need to know a way to print files using command line or you can create your own shell script which will take a file as input and send it to print queue12:58
Torchdbus should be able to help here.12:58
_gma context menu is basically a hook in the dolphin12:59
Torchhello mabz13:18
mabzhiya :D13:18
mabzI was wondering is this a place to ask questions?13:19
Torchmabz: just ask, don't ask to ask.13:19
mabzlol ok, I was wondering how do i reconfigure libnss-ldap from terminal13:19
mabzlike I installed it from: sudo apt-get install libnss-ldap13:20
mabzbut now I need to change it again13:20
Torchmabz: and there were some questions asked at the end of the install?13:21
Torchmabz: that you now wish to answer differently?13:21
Torchmabz: try dpkg-reconfigure libnss-ldap as root13:21
mabzit asked me some questions, this is the guide I used: http://developer.novell.com/wiki/index.php/HOWTO:_Configure_Ubuntu_for_Active_Directory_Authentication13:21
mabzok will have a shot at that13:21
mabzI got this as output:13:23
mabzmabz@silverbookclone:~$ sudo -s reconfigure libnss-ldap13:23
mabz/bin/bash: reconfigure: No such file or directory13:23
mabzmabz@silverbookclone:~$ sudo -s dpkg-reconfigure libnss-ldap13:23
mabz/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: line 6: my: command not found13:23
FloodBotK1mabz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:23
mabz/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: line 8: use: command not found13:23
_gmmabz: run "whereis dpkg-reconfigure"13:24
mabzdone: dpkg-reconfigure: /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure /usr/share/man/man8/dpkg-reconfigure.8.gz13:25
_gmmabz: great13:25
_gmmabz: now try to run "/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure libnss-ldap"13:25
_gmmake sure you are running this command as root13:26
mabzmabz@silverbookclone:~$ sudo -s /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure libnss-ldap13:26
mabz/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: line 13: syntax error near unexpected token `('13:27
mabz/usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: line 13: `use Debconf::AutoSelect qw(:all);'13:27
_gmmabz: seems like your dpkg-reconfigure binary is screwed13:28
Torch_gm: careful.13:28
Torch_gm: it's not a binary. don't guess.13:28
_gmmabz: Torch yeah13:28
mabzshould I get rid  of the package and try again?13:28
Torchmabz: something is broken on your system13:29
Torchmabz: either the debconf package or the perl installation is my guess, but it's hard to tell13:29
mabzit's a virtaulized system, could that be an issue?13:29
Torchmabz: no13:29
mabzhmm, I'll try running it on another machine then...13:30
_gmmabz: weird13:31
Torchmabz: wait.13:31
Torchmabz: sudo -s is wrong13:31
Torchmabz: that expects a shell13:31
crissihello. when kde 4.4.0 packages will be available for jaunty (http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu)?13:31
Torch(though it still works for me here...)13:32
mabz>< just noticed it's a kubuntu forum, I'm using Ubuntu13:32
_gmTorch: works for me too13:32
Torchmabz: doesn't make much of a difference here, though.13:33
James147crissi: I would guess in a few days, 4.4 was only just released13:33
mabzah ok13:33
crissii know13:33
_gmmabz: which version you are using?13:35
_gmmabz: make sure there is nothing wrong with your package manager (apt)13:36
_gmmabz: run apt-get update && apt-get -f install13:37
mabz I got: /usr/bin/apt-get: /usr/bin/apt-get: cannot execute binary file13:38
_gmrun as root **13:38
mabzsudo -s ?13:39
_gmsudo apt-get -f install13:39
James147mabz: just use sudo13:39
druiduhello! anybody know when KDE 4.4 packages will be up in karmic ppa backports?13:39
aapzaksomeone should change the topic :)13:41
James147druidu: Probally in a few days, there is always a small lag between kde releases and kubuntu packaging them13:41
_gmaapzak: that's what i was typinhg ;-)13:41
mabzused sudo, got this:13:41
robin0800druidu: just got them this morning for lucid13:41
mabzE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)13:41
mabzE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?13:41
druiduI see here https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/staging/+packages they already built some of them13:41
druiduisn't this an automated process?13:41
James147robin0800: lucid will get them faster as they are less worried about breakeges as its still alpha13:41
_gmmabz: you can only run one instance of package manager aka (apt) at a time, make sure apt is not already running13:42
druidumabz: are you sure you used sudo? the error is 13 - permission denied... what command did you use?13:43
robin0800James147: yes and they just downloaded automatically 99 of them so far13:43
gigasofthow to log in  as a root?13:43
mabzsudo apt-get update && apt-get -f install13:43
druidutry this:13:44
druidusudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install13:44
druidu&& splits the command in two, sudo will only work for first part13:44
James147gigasoft: "sudo -i"   but it isent advised, best to just run single commands as root "sudo COMMAND"13:44
robin0800druidu: aptitude is better and safe-upgrade13:44
gigasofti meant log in to system as a root not just in terminal13:45
James147gigasoft: there is no root password by default so no direct way of dooing it13:45
druidugigasoft: you can't, kubuntu doesn't use the root account directly, but you can open a prompt and run: "sudo su -" (without quotes) and enter your password13:45
llutzsudo -i    not sudo su -13:46
mabzHit http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com jaunty-updates/multiverse Sources13:46
mabzReading package lists... Done13:46
mabzE: Invalid operation instal13:46
mabz^last three lines13:46
druidurobin0800: I usually use aptitude gui and see there if there are any conflicts13:47
_gmmabz: please fix typos13:47
llutzmabz:   install    double L13:47
James147mabz: install  << two l13:47
druiduI can't wait to get the new backpages, plasma crashes all the time right now13:47
_gmdruidu: are you using rc2?13:48
James147druidu: what version are you useing?13:48
mabzyeah double l  in terminal13:48
satepcI just re-installed Kubuntu, with the windows installer.  Now I have like 10 gigs of unallocated disk space.. How can I use that disk space?13:49
mabzE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?13:49
_gmmabz: yes please make sure13:49
James147mabz: is another package manager open or running?13:49
=== satepc is now known as Sate
SateAnyone know by any chance?13:50
ToxinPowedruidu: crash even with a new config? mv .kde .kde-OLD13:50
mabzactual what I typed in terminal:  sudo apt-get update && apt-get -f install13:50
mabzyou mean sypnatic manager/?13:50
_gmdruidu: ToxinPowe: yes removing ~/.kde fixed crashed on my rc2 install13:50
James147mabz: yes, close all package managers13:51
mabzyeah closed them13:51
James147mabz: then try13:51
_gmmabz: okay now re run the same command13:51
mabzkeeps asking me if I'm root13:51
_gmmabz: this command is to make sure there is no broken package on your system13:51
Satesudo - s13:52
mabzgot: /usr/bin/apt-get: /usr/bin/apt-get: cannot execute binary file13:52
_gmmabz: :(13:52
_gmrun "sudo -s"13:53
mabzdid that D:13:53
_gmnow run "whoami" to make sure you are now root13:53
mabzyep I am root13:53
_gmokay now run the same command13:53
druiduToxinPowe: it's a Qt bug that crashes most of the time: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=22158613:54
mabzsudo apt-get update && apt-get -f install13:54
mabzyep it did it13:55
_gmmabz: yes13:55
_gmand what's the output of this command13:55
James147mabz: dont need the sudo if you are in a root terminal13:55
ToxinPowedruidu: and it's fixed on final release?13:55
druiduhopfully they'll upgrade Qt to 4.6.1 with the fix forthis13:55
mabzReading state information... Done13:55
mabz0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.13:55
_gmmabz: that's fine13:56
ToxinPowedruidu: ok13:56
_gmnow run "dpkg-reconfigure libnss-ldap"13:56
mabz* Running nssldap-update-ignoreusers...                                 [ OK ]13:56
_gmmabz: and there was no questionare ;)\13:57
mabznope :)13:57
_gmmabz: this is perhaps another dependency asked thos questions13:57
_gmdid you install libpam-ldap beofre installing libnss-ldap13:58
mabzI did it afterwards13:58
mabzbut I want to get back into libnss-ldap13:58
_gmmabz: run dpkg-reconfigure ldap-auth-config14:00
mabzawesome it worked :D !!!14:00
mabzthx man :D14:01
ToxinPoweI have 4.4 on lucid (virtualbox), I wish "move to" to Karmic now xd14:04
mabzquick question could PAM be used for logging out users by time? for instance user B is  only allowed  to login for 1hr at a time14:05
druiduToxinPowe: packages are not yet built for karmic, I'm waiting for them too :D14:05
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ToxinPoweyep, but I'm curious, is much diference from Lucid?14:06
_gmmabz: yes14:07
_gmmabz: http://thedaneshproject.com/posts/how-to-set-default-session-timeout-in-linux/14:07
Alejandro18Ola peña14:08
dsbonafeAnybody could explain me why my netbeans IDE (with all plugins) didn't acept include iostream or typedef enum {true, false} bool?14:08
Alejandro18algun español14:09
ToxinPoweAlejandro18: #kubuntu-es or English14:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:09
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.14:10
mabzso in theory if I used a pam_mysql module and got TIME feild from a sql table I might be able to use that to allocate time for each user14:10
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Alejandro18im sory14:18
Alejandro18im from spain14:18
Alejandro18Ubuntu 9.10 ¿?14:20
BluesKaj!ask | Alejandro1814:23
ubottuAlejandro18: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:23
Squidyhi.. when is kde4.4 going to be available in kubuntu repository for karmic?14:32
Squidydoes anybody know?14:33
Satenot sure14:33
Satetry the forums14:33
James147Squidy: Will probally be in a few days14:34
BluesKajSquidy, http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4-rc-214:34
Squidyi cant wait..14:34
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SquidyBluesKaj: but it's not the final version14:35
jadamczeI just installed 4.4rc2 on a netbook - it's a big improvement over whatever shipped with 9.10 :)14:35
James147BluesKaj: Think he means teh final release14:35
BluesKajoh, then say so :)14:35
Satewhats like the biggest improvements?14:41
James147Sate: In kde4.4? http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.4/14:44
aapzaksnapping and tabbing looks very useful14:44
SateSo we can download 4.4?14:48
James147Sate: RC2 is availble in the beta ppas, but the final release is not yet availble14:51
James147Sate: I would expect it to be out in a few days14:51
SateSo getting 4.4 now would be too soon?14:51
James147Sate: If you need it "now" you can get it (there is always the option to compile from source) but the easiest way is to way till they add it to the backport ppas14:53
SateHow do I get it from command line?14:53
markus___Sate: I recommend to wait for the final release, RC2 is a bit too buggy.14:54
SateI mean if I got it now, the final release would just be an "update"?14:54
SateLike in the add remove software tab, wouldn't it just update to the final version, or do you have to get that on your own?14:55
James147Sate: rc2 will be in the beta ppa and final in backports if you ahve both of them active then you can get rc2 now and final when it is realsed14:56
SateWill I still have the option to use 4.3?14:56
James147Sate: packagemanagers will detect th latect version and upgrade to that14:56
James147Sate: No, you will be upgrading not installing a new version14:57
James147Sate: and downgrading is very difficault and not supported so dont upgrade unless you are sure you dont want to go back14:57
SateSo does upgrading erase any personal data or apps?14:58
fire`lalaSate: make a backup before you upgrade14:58
James147Sate: It shouldn't do but I would advise a backup anyway... sometimes things just dont do what you want them to :)14:58
SateHow do you backup files.. Idk if you're noticing, I'm pretty new to linux :P14:59
James147Sate: I have had to delete config files before on upgrades (mainly during beta upgrades)14:59
James147Sate: All user files are in /home/USERNAME  back up anything in here that you want. User config files are in hidden files in that path (files that start with a . )15:00
SateSo make them unhidden, copy files and paste to like a external harddrive?15:00
James147Sate: in dolphin Alt+. (or use menus) to view hidden files and copy them over.15:02
SateDo I go to the package manager to get the 4.4?15:02
James147Sate: For release candidate 2 (This still has bugs in it) read http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4-rc-2   for final you will have to wait15:03
aapzakSate: you should wait15:04
James147Sate: If you cant live with bugs or crashing I would advise you wait15:04
SateWell I've been use to 4.3 crashing :p15:04
James147Sate:  :D15:04
SateARe you currently using 4.4?15:05
aapzakI've been using it, it's fine15:05
James147Sate: RC2 yes have been since the betas but I like living on the buggy edge :D15:05
aapzakbut just wait a couple of hours and you spare yourself the trouble of another upgrade15:05
SateSo this release is pretty close aye15:06
James147Sate: yes, kde 4.4 has been released, now we jsut ahve to wait for kubuntu to package it15:06
Sateoh so the 4.4 for other distros is out, but the bugs are still on kubuntu?15:07
Snarkfishhi, i have a issue with a fresh install on my hp pavilion dv7 laptop. installed 9.10 fresh had 158 upgrades installed those, then let jockey install my video drivers, and now i get just a black screen but i can see the mouse cursor15:07
James147Sate: 4.4 source has been released - http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.4/ - distros tend to release it slightly after it was only released yesterday15:08
Snarkfishhi, i have a issue with a fresh install on my hp pavilion dv7 laptop. installed 9.10 fresh had 158 upgrades installed those, then let jockey install my video drivers, and now i get just a black screen but i can see the mouse cursor15:08
aapzakSate: packaging can just take some time. 4.4 was released yesterday. It's just a matter of time.15:09
BusMasterhttps://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports?field.series_filter=karmic <-- does this page say that kde 4.4 is now avaliable for karmic? I can't interpret the contents :(15:09
aapzaktry again Snarkfish , maybe thistime some suddenly knows ;)15:09
philenaI upgraded to 9.10 but lost VGA settings.  stuck at 800x600. no desktop or task bars.  have to use shortcut keys to naviage15:09
aapzakwhats up with all the screen problems ...15:10
philenakdesudo not working either15:10
Snarkfishno idea, but this has never happened before15:10
Snarkfishto me that is15:10
aapzakwhich gfx chip?15:11
Snarkfishthen again i dont normally use jockey to install my video drivers.15:11
philenaI dunno aapzak, I've been searching, and it seems to be something quirky with 9.1015:11
aapzaknvidia, ati, intel?15:11
Snarkfishmine is ati15:11
aapzakand you Snarkfish ?15:12
philenatried to config my xconf file, but can't get root to work15:12
philena x server errors too15:12
aapzakphilena: I have intel gfx but no xorg.conf15:12
aapzakit could work fine without, have you tried?15:13
James147philena: what do you mean you cant get root to work? login as root or sudo?15:13
Snarkfishati radeon 320015:13
philenaright James, my kdesudo is not working because of x server errors15:13
raheemhey guys15:13
aapzakphilena: looks like you're going to go CLI mode now :)15:14
SateAh that sucks Sun corperation got bought out by oracle15:14
James147philena: use sudo in command line to fix the problem :) no x server errors in there15:14
raheempls am having problem with my desktop space in ubuntu9.1015:15
aapzakraheem: ubuntu or kubuntu? gnome or kde?15:15
James147raheem: Can you be more speific?15:15
philenaI tried.  both command line and using Alt-f2 to try to change settings or add VGA settings manually15:15
raheemkubuntu gnome15:16
aapzakphilena: have you tried booting without xorg.conf ?15:16
SateJames147: I have 10gigs of unalocated disk space.  Any Idea how I can add those gigs to my linux partiion?15:16
aapzakraheem: thats funny15:16
James147raheem: Kubuntu with gnome? thats ubuntu :)15:16
James147Sate: Yes.... but I need to know more aobut your setup first15:17
aapzakraheem: to go short: you probably have a gnome question and most of us are kde users15:17
raheemam new to d enviroment15:17
philenayeah, I tried to stop it, but still having permissions problems.  First I gotta figure out how to get root on.. I'm going to try to troubleshoot in safemode.15:17
SateJames147:  what would u like to know specifically?15:17
raheemok thanks james14715:17
aapzakphilena:can you open a terminal with ctrl-alt-f1?15:17
James147Sate: What operating systems you have, and what harddisks/partitions there are15:17
philenaand I think my HPlib is messing it up too15:18
SateJames147:  I have Windows XP and kubuntu linux , duel booting on the C drive15:18
raheembut am having the both kde n gnome???15:18
philenayeah, but since I don't have a desktop, once I'm in command line mode, I can't get back to firefox15:18
aapzakraheem: what is your question about?15:18
philenaI have to soft-boot15:18
Satefirefox in terminal15:18
James147raheem: did you install kubuntu and install gnome afterwards?15:18
raheemthe compiz setting is not working15:19
raheembut my defualt is kde15:19
James147Sate: what partitions do you ahve on the "C" drive15:20
philenaIs there a shortcut combo for back/forth from terminal to firefox without a desktop?15:20
SateJames147:  Can I just send you a pic of gparted?15:20
haasjedie ultimate ed 2.5 is kinda kewl15:21
James147raheem: is its a compiz problem you could try in #ubuntu you will find more ppl how know stuff about compiz there (its a gnome thing)15:21
raheemthanks alot15:21
James147Sate: a pastebin of the command "sudo fdisk -l" would do15:22
James147Sate: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15:22
aapzakphilena: I'm not sure what you want to do15:22
aapzakwith ctrl-alt-[1-6] you can open virtual terminals. With ctrl-alt-7 you get back into X15:23
aapzakin those virtual terminals you should be able to login as yourself and perform sudo commands15:23
SateJames147:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/373292/15:23
philenaFirst, I need to figure out if this is a driver issue.15:24
aapzakfor instance: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.disabled15:24
James147Sate: eaagg... you useing wubi by anychange?15:24
SateJames147:  yes15:24
aapzakphilena: I would rename the xorg.conf file to try how it works without15:24
aapzakor ...15:25
aapzakgrep EE /var/log/X.0.log15:25
aapzakgrep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log15:25
Snarkfishwhat is the new emergency exit for X15:25
nerdy_kidanyone know when 4.4 is going to hit the ppa?15:26
SateJames147:  crap james it copied my external hard-drive info too.. I hope that didn't mess you up15:26
aapzakhihi, when o when will we see a topic change :)15:26
James147Sate: Makes things more complicated :S I dont think you can do it from linux... it dosent handel resizing ntfs very well... I don't think xp can resize drive either though :S15:26
James147Sate: Not really can just see that you have two drives wither way with wubi it aint much use15:27
Snarkfishit used to be alt-ctrl-backspace, what is it now?15:27
SateJames147:  ouch that stinks just 10 gigs of disk space15:27
zegenie_Snarkfish: it's the same, it's just disabled15:27
SateJames147:  I have partion magic on windows xp15:27
James147Snarkfish: Alt+Print screen+K15:27
Snarkfishhow to enable it?15:27
Snarkfishthat didnt work15:28
genii!dontzap | Snarkfish15:28
ubottuSnarkfish: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap15:28
James147Sate: use that to extend your drive into the unallocated space then15:28
philenaok aapzak.. brb15:28
aapzakare you rebooting or grepping the log philena ?15:28
SateJames147:  I'll probably do something wrong and re-format my c drive :p15:29
=== betinho is now known as tumaix
SateJames147:  had a linux question though.. By default Konquour net browser is what it uses, how can I make it use firefox?15:31
James147Sate: There is always that risk with repartition and resizing partitions :S All I can suggest is back up your data first unplug any external hard drives before trying... Or if that 10 gigs isnt that important then just leave it15:31
James147Sate: Install firefox... when firefox runs it should ask if you want it to be your default browser15:32
SateJames147:  thats the problem it doesn't.. My friends send me links on pidgin, but it uses that konquour browser instead.. Same with that pastebin link you sent me15:32
Snarkfishset default apps in system-settings15:33
Snarkfishok now this is different.15:34
Snarkfishi can hit alt-f2 and get the run box but still nothing on the desktop15:35
James147Sate: System settings >> Default Applications >> web browser15:35
Snarkfishso the plasma-desktop isnt starting15:35
James147Sate: check "in the following browser" and type "firefox" in the box15:35
SateJames147:  yup thanks!15:36
James147Snarkfish: can you start plasma-desktop manually?15:37
Snarkfishdo i just alt-f2 and type plasma-desktop?15:38
James147Sate: yeah15:39
James147Snarkfish: Yeah ^^15:39
Snarkfishbunches of invalid index15:39
SateJames147:  hopefully i can install dropbox15:39
SnarkfishQGraphicsGridLayout::itemAt:  invalid index 115:40
James147Sate: In kubuntu? you can, dosn't work with dolphin (at least the version from the dropbox site) but I think there is a plugin to dolphin at kde-apps.org or kde-look.org to enable suporrt for dropbox in dolphin15:40
James147Snarkfish: ekk, not sure whats going on there15:41
James147Snarkfish: when did this start happening?15:41
SateJames147:  yeah I def need that working15:41
Snarkfishright after 158 updaes15:42
James147Snarkfish: Through kpackagekit?15:42
James147Snarkfish: where there any blocked updates?15:42
Snarkfishinstalling kdebase-workspace now15:43
James147Snarkfish: hmm, only thing I can think of is to try and run "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade" and reboot to see if it works15:43
Snarkfishok ill try that after it finishes what its doing.15:44
rmrfslashGuys, I just ran a aptitude update and full-upgrade and I'm getting a CRAPLOAD of broken packages and updates.15:44
rmrfslashThis is a little weird.15:45
rmrfslashCan someone take a look and tell me why all of a sudden everything needs to be upgraded15:45
rmrfslashoh wait.... is this KDE 4.4 upgrade?15:45
James147rmrfslash: it souldent upgrade to 4.4 unless you addded in the beta ppas15:46
rmrfslashI didn't15:46
rmrfslashso what's up w/ this then?15:46
James147rmrfslash: although it dose look like you ahve :S15:46
rmrfslashI don't think I have15:46
rmrfslashthere's no sign of "beta" in /etc/apt/sources.list15:47
James147check in kpackagekit15:47
SnarkfishAH!!! i typed systemsettigs in konsole and turned off composting and now i have a background.. stil no plasma tho15:48
rmrfslashI have like a zillion updates, a zillion blocked packages15:48
rmrfslashin packagekit15:48
James147Snarkfish: Alt+Shift+F12 usually reenables composting15:48
rmrfslashI haev 57 updates15:49
James147rmrfslash: It looks like your trying to upgrade to 4.4 but one package is missing15:49
rmrfslash65 blocked updates15:49
SateJames147: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/dropbox-servicemenu-kde?content=11533615:49
Snarkfishplasma-desktop now shows me my desktop15:49
SateJames147:  only thing I found related to dropbox15:49
rmrfslashI didn't add anything to anything15:49
James147rmrfslash:  try editing the software sources in kpackagekit and see if you ahve betta or backports15:49
rmrfslashI might have backports15:50
rmrfslashbut that's normal15:50
rmrfslashI assume15:50
aapzakI have backports but only 4 updates15:50
rmrfslashCan I reset my packagekit settings15:51
James147rmrfslash: backports will install 4.4 final when it comes out... which we are expecting anyday no15:51
Snarkfishhmmm my video driver must be screwed15:51
rmrfslashI have kubuntu/ppa/backports15:52
rmrfslashand staging15:52
rmrfslash"unsupported updates"15:52
rmrfslashshould probably uncheck that?15:52
aapzakstaging, isn't that the place where the packagebuilds are tested?15:52
SateJames147: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/dropbox-servicemenu-kde?content=11533615:52
aapzakI wouldn't use staging I guess15:52
rmrfslashhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/staging/ubuntu karmic main15:53
James147rmrfslash: could try,15:53
rmrfslashcould try what?15:53
James147Sate: Thats the one I think15:53
rmrfslashk I unchecked staging and "unsuppported updates"15:54
SateJames147:  well so how do I actually install dropbox from a terminal?15:54
James147Sate: I think you need to go to the drop box site and get it from there15:54
rmrfslashthat's better15:55
James147Sate: Once you have the .deb from their site jsut click on it in dolphin15:55
rmrfslash1 update 3 security updates15:55
SateJames147:  http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KDE+Partition+Manager?content=89595 found that as well15:55
rmrfslashso what do I need checked to get 4.4 final when it's out?15:56
James147Sate: Dont think it can do resizing of NTFS thoughDont know of any linux baised apps that can do that only windows ones15:56
rmrfslashjust backports?15:56
aapzakrmrfslash: yes15:56
=== ubuntu is now known as gurtubay
SateJames147:  just thinking of cool apps to get know any helpful ones?15:57
SateJames147:  Sorry for the constant questions btw, and thanks for helping15:57
rmrfslashcool. and you say 4.4 is expected soon for karmic?15:58
rmrfslasheven better15:58
rmrfslashAll better15:58
aapzakdefine soon :)15:58
rmrfslashdays, not weeks15:58
aapzakI guess so, yes15:59
Snarkfishafk smoking15:59
rmrfslashhours? days? weeks? months?15:59
aapzakjust a wild guess15:59
aapzakwe all expect days, just a couple15:59
aapzakdon't you?15:59
James147rmrfslash: I would think within one week at most15:59
James147rmrfslash: but mostlikly a couple days16:00
rmrfslashI'm not complaining about 4.3... my installation works great16:00
James147rmrfslash: Yeah, but 4.4 is take much better :D16:00
James147that ^^16:00
aapzaki hope my simple intel can cope with it16:00
rmrfslashI got help here to fix my audio (had to delete ~/.asound) last ngiht and I have to say my installation is really one of the best I've ever had w/ linux in general16:01
James147aapzak: running it on a netbook seems fine16:01
aapzakrunning rc2 now but gnome is noticeable faster16:01
rmrfslashI'm on a laptop too16:01
rmrfslashDell Studio XPS 16..... which btw is a giant turd16:01
aapzakD830 here16:01
rmrfslashLCD is totally fugged16:01
rmrfslashI think a pixel burst or something cuz I have some liqid looking sh*t running down the inside of my display16:02
rmrfslashI also had to re-seat the HDD like 900 times and the kayboard cable once16:03
MortimeR_what is the state about 4.4 KDE packages?16:03
rmrfslashcouple days... I just asked16:03
aapzakthey're not here yet ;)16:03
rmrfslashno one knows for sure16:03
Snarkfishyou could build them if you wanted tho16:04
aapzakwe're all just guessing and expecting16:04
Mamarokcheck the announcement, it will be on http://kubuntu.org and here in the channel topic16:04
rmrfslashalso my display seems to be separating somehow cuz I have a weird rainbow-looking glow at the botto16:04
rmrfslashso all-in-all, I am disatisfied w/ my Dell16:04
rmrfslashbut satisfied w/ Kubuntu16:05
rmrfslashand disatisfied w/ fglrx16:05
Snarkfishme to16:05
rmrfslashto a certain  extent16:05
rmrfslashtakes me like 1 second to maximize a window w/ desktop effects enabled16:05
rmrfslashnot sure if that's a fglrx problem tho16:06
SateJames147:  just thinking of cool apps to get know any helpful ones?16:06
rmrfslashSate: what do you do?16:06
rmrfslashwhat lang16:06
Satemostly java16:06
gwhipis there a way to upgrade to final kde 4.4 in kubuntu16:06
James147Sate: usb-creator[-kde]   <- if you need a live usb disk16:06
rmrfslasheh, I don't know any cool apps then16:07
rmrfslashother than eclipse... but it's not cool16:07
Satelol i agree16:07
Snarkfishits HUGE tho16:07
rmrfslashuses like 16 GB of memory if you let it16:07
rmrfslashpiece of junk16:07
James147Sate: You should already knoe about eclipse then :) but if you do any c++ then qtcreator might be a nice one or kdevelop (still beta (or alpha i cant remember) but looks very promicing)16:08
SateI really want to use linux, as my main OS, atm duel booting with XP, I'm just scared to do it atm16:08
SateI could really use the disk space for linux16:08
Snarkfishi have vista partition to just play games on..16:08
James147Snarkfish: same here16:09
Snarkfish60 gb, the rest is all kubuntu16:09
James147Snarkfish: well win7 now not vista16:09
druiduok, so I'm following the build process for kubuntu-ppa in the staging repo here: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/staging/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all16:09
SateI have a gaming computer as well, but I have lot of programming tools and movie tools to burn movies like dvix unless you guys could help me out with getting some good movie burning software16:09
Snarkfishi didnt get any offer to upgrade to win7.. is it worth anything?16:10
druiduit looks like the most inefficient build system ever... builds keep failing because of dependency errors and there's not a lot of parallelism although as I see it there are lots of virtual machines available16:10
James147Sate: k3b is a great burning app16:10
Snarkfishi use handbrake for conversion16:10
SateJames147:  the reason I liked dvix is because I could burn dvds pretty quick16:10
Snarkfishand ripping of dvds16:10
druiduand some dependencies fail even if the corresponding packages were successfully built16:10
James147Snarkfish: got it free from my uni... much better then vista but worth upgrading?? not really sure if your jsut gameing on it then not really16:11
SateXp for gaming, unless you like visual than performance16:11
rmrfslashqtcreator is nice16:11
James147Sate: check out k3b its the standad burner in kde and havent found and problems with it so far16:11
Snarkfishnot much choice with this machine.. XP will not install on it16:11
rmrfslashSate: just use a VM16:11
rmrfslashSate: that is, virtualize XP16:12
rmrfslashrun it under VirtualBox or VMware PLayer16:12
James147Sate: I hate XP... always crashes on my comp, andd when a game crashes it seems to lock up my comp entirly, unlike vista/win716:12
SateI heard its a resource hog16:12
daskreechdruidu: if the build system is Free Software you can improve it16:12
daskreechEven if it's just for yourself16:12
rmrfslashheard what's a resource hog?16:12
Sateno VM16:12
rmrfslashthey're not16:12
James147Sate: win7 not as much as vista and if you turn off all the extra crap it aint half bad16:13
rmrfslashin fact, they use surprisingly few resources16:13
rmrfslashunless of course you run Windows16:13
SateSo i install virtual box, install XP, and than install VM correct?16:13
rmrfslashWell you have a few options16:13
rmrfslashyou can go to easyvmx.com and make spec out and download a VM16:13
James147rmrfslash: Not much point in gaming under a VM, then you are running 2 oses and thus lose preformance16:13
rmrfslashno, for gaming forget it, but he wants to use Linux as a primary OS so I assume he's written off gaming16:14
druiduI don't know any details about the build system, I just look at those logs and it's not looking very pretty :)16:14
Snarkfishnever assume anything16:14
SateI have a gaming desktop, I just need to free up space and use linux full time16:14
SateI hate having to go on xp over and over16:14
=== desudesudesu is now known as desu
SateI just need the steps to make this happen :)16:15
druiduSate: what games are you playing? a lot of games work decently on wine16:15
druiduEve Online for example16:16
James147Sate: If you want to use linux full time (exept for gaming) then I would suggest fininding a native linux alternitive to all the software you use first, if you cant or they arnt good enough try running them through wine and as a last resort vm or dual boot16:16
Snarkfisheve doesnt16:16
Satedruidu:  I play counterstrike monstly16:16
rmrfslashSate: So like I was saying. You can go to easyvmx.com, spec out a VM and download it. Then you can use that VM on VMware Player or VirtualBox. With VMware, to make a VM with one of their products you have to use VMware Workstation which costs $$. With VirtualBox, it's just all free (but I've never used it, but heard it's good if not better than VMware)16:16
druiduSate: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=87116:16
Snarkfishvbox is freaking great16:17
Snarkfishcourse you can not run macosx on it tho.. vmware i hear you can16:17
rmrfslashSate: withe the VM, however you make it initially, you can boot it up w/in VirtualBox or VMwarePlayer and just pop in the Windows CD/DVD into your physical machine and the VM has a BIOS and everything. Just install like normal.16:17
Sateooo i bet thats buggy duid16:17
rmrfslashHackintosh it up.16:18
rmrfslashI did.16:18
rmrfslashbut it runs like crap.. no hardware acceleration at all16:18
Snarkfishyou macosx to run in a vmware box?16:18
rmrfslashIf it's in OVF format or even VMX format, there's no reason you can't run it in vbox16:18
rmrfslashthe problem is getting it installed into a VM in the first place16:19
Snarkfishhmm id like to see that16:19
SateSo okay heres the scenerio... I format my c drive.. Install linux, go to vm site, download that software, and dowload virtual box.  Install both softwares.. Load vmware, load virtual box and install winxp16:19
rmrfslashI have 10.4 in a VM... pretty dated now but I worked my way through it16:19
rmrfslashOSx86 might have tutorials16:19
Snarkfishstate you just need virtualbox16:19
rmrfslashif you go w/ vbox... that's all you need16:20
rmrfslashyou can make a vm and run it16:20
rmrfslashinstall windows16:20
rmrfslashinstall linux16:20
James147Sate: You only really need to use a vm for stuff that wont run in wine... vm will use a lot more resources then wine16:20
FloodBotK1rmrfslash: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:20
Snarkfishbut im sure you can find all that you need in linux..16:20
rmrfslashleave me along FloodBot I'm talkin16:20
rmrfslashyeah, but for sw devs (esp web devs) you sometimes need other OSes16:21
Sateso install linux as main os. install vbox, install xp.. run programs I can't on vbox correct?16:21
Snarkfishyou can vbox for windows first and make a linux machine to see how its done.16:21
rmrfslashit's that easy16:21
SateSo test it out first16:21
Snarkfishjust to get comfortable of course.16:21
SateHow does vbox run>?  like what kind of ram we talking?16:22
pickscrapeAny, anyone know where the best place is going to be to get kde 4.4 final for a Karmic machine (i.e. backports, PPA etc)?16:22
SateI got 2 gigs16:22
Snarkfishim guessing that your in xp right now16:22
rmrfslashvbox alone doesn't consume much. It's a regular userland app16:22
rmrfslashyou can assign RAM to each VM16:22
James147pickscrape: backports, but they havent finished bbuilding it yet16:22
rmrfslashas much or as little as you want16:22
Snarkfishpickscrape get it from the kde people or wait till the packages are built for kubuntu16:22
philenaOK.. I'm back: put grub2 in there.  But now I need to walk through startx16:22
SateOkay Im gonna install vbox16:23
pickscrapeJames147: cool, I'll wait for it in backports then. Just didn't know if 4.4 would go into backports or not. :) Thanks!16:23
Sateis that a package app?16:23
rmrfslashyou can even  (at least w/ VMWare) assign things like CPU cores16:23
James147rmrfslash: *as little as the os can run on ^^16:23
rmrfslashwell... yeah16:23
philenakdesudo startx16:23
philena_XSERVTransSocketUNIXCreateListener: ...SocketCreateListener() failed16:23
philena_XSERVTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: server already running16:23
philenaFatal server error:16:23
philenaCannot establish any listening sockets - Make sure an X server isn't already running16:23
FloodBotK1philena: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:23
philenaPlease consult the The X.Org Foundation support16:23
Snarkfishyou can get vbox from the repos or goto vbox itself and get the real thing.16:23
rmrfslashI mean, if Windows needs 16 GB then you need to feed daddy16:23
James147rmrfslash: you have to rmember that although vm software might not take up alot of resources you are also going to be running a nother full OS ontop of your current system16:24
rmrfslashyes... and there are issues w/ that i.e. double-swapping16:24
Koverthow do I find out who a matainer is for a package?16:24
philenaOh, how do I paste?16:24
Satesee windows xp doesn't offer this kind of support you guys offer16:24
rmrfslashwith Windows, you need a fast HDD and lots of RAM... or config windows not to use a paging file16:24
rmrfslashwhich you can actually do16:25
rmrfslashWhen you run Windows as a VM, you will IMMEDIATELY see how f*cking sh*tty it is16:25
James147Sate: Thats what makes the linux comunity great :D16:25
rmrfslashit just starts writing to thedisk fo no reason, it's chatty, and it just consumes unreasonable amounts of memory16:25
KovertSate: and the free Beer!16:26
James147rmrfslash: heh, just finished instaling win7 on my netbook in a vm :S16:26
rmrfslashI always joke, the only thing that can crash linux is windows (and the ati driver)16:26
James147Kovert: Haha16:26
SateYeah I bet my cpu is gonna get a workout running 2 os systems16:26
James147rmrfslash: *and the user :D16:26
ubottuThe "Maintainer" field in a package's information (debian/control) should indicate the Ubuntu team responsible for the Ubuntu specific changes to a package (often the !MOTU for !Universe packages). The original maintainer is preserved in the field "XSBC-Original-Maintainer".16:26
SateI just get sick of rebooting to xp16:26
druidurmrfslash: I tried running windows 7 in a VirtualBox... you cannot imagine the HORROR, the pure slowness I witnessed16:26
rmrfslashdude, you can run liek 16 linux VMs and you won't notice16:26
rmrfslashI do it all the time16:26
rmrfslashI routinely have 2 linux server OSes running16:27
rmrfslashyou can't tell. but as soon as I fire up one instance of a Windows VM......... yeah.16:27
rmrfslashSee ya.16:27
James147druidu: seems fine for me atm, (on a netbook as welll) but first thing i am going to do is ddisable all the crapo16:27
rmrfslashHope you weren't using those resources16:27
Satek I'm installing vbox atm16:27
rmrfslashhope you didn't need 99% of CPU cycles16:28
rmrfslashwindows is hungry16:28
druiduI only have 2gb of ram, I'd probably need 4 to run 7 in a vbox16:28
rmrfslashall the time16:28
James147rmrfslash: Not really, and needed to set it up for one of my uni courses... grrr dam windows incompatability16:28
Satewell it is duel core thats the plus side16:28
rmrfslashdude, tinycore linux. Nothing beats linux16:28
druidubut you don't need 7 if all you need windoze for is to run some app that you can't run on linux16:28
rmrfslashyou can run linux on ANYTHING16:28
rmrfslashdamn small linux. 50 MB16:28
SateI love linux seriously16:28
FloodBotK1rmrfslash: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:28
James147druidu: yeah, but I hate XP and dont ahve a copy of it16:29
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!16:29
KDeskrmrfslash: I have seen, that there are even smaller!16:29
bazhanglets take non-Kubuntu support to #kubuntu-offtopic please16:29
rmrfslashtinycore I think is smaller16:29
rmrfslash10 MB or something16:29
rmrfslashTry installing Windows on a 10 MB partition.16:29
geniiphilena: FloodBotK1 is a bot, he is just here to make sure people don't flood the channel with text, etc16:29
druiduthey give windows for free if you're a student (m$ academic alliance)... they're trying to infiltrate it into young minds :)16:30
rmrfslashOh and did I mention tinycore has a full desktop?16:30
SateI bet that baby runs good on slow comps16:30
bazhangrmrfslash, druidu #kubuntu-offtopic please16:30
geniiPlease remember this is the #kubuntu support channel16:30
KDeskrmrfslash: yep, hehe, 10MB, crazy.16:30
druidubazhang: sorry :)16:30
rmrfslashall right, bazhang is sick of my chatter. even though no one else is asking questions about kubuntu anyways16:30
philenaok, when I try to startx, it says x server already running on 016:31
rmrfslashexcept for the occasional "hey when's 4.4 gunna be out"16:31
Snarkfishok im utta here.. later thanx for your help16:31
philenaOn bootup I get: no command arguments supplied! Usage kdesudo [-u <runas>] <command> kdesudo will now exit16:32
philenaHPlip:  No system try16:32
KDeskAny news about 4.4 packages?16:32
James147KDesk: Nop16:33
SateJames147:  I installed vbox, its asking create a new hard disk?  This isn't gonna format my hd is it?16:33
philenaFatal server error: cannot establish any listening sockets16:34
James147Sate: vbox creates virtual harddisks, they are files that vbox used to look like harddisks16:34
James147Sate: so the guest OS thinks it has an harddisk where really all it has is a file on the hosts system16:35
Satehow big can the harddisk be?16:35
SateI set mine to 10gigs16:35
philenaCan any one else help with the "no desktop" problem. upgraded from 9.04 to 9.1016:36
James147Sate: as big as you like, I think 20gb is the default for vista/win7 8gig for linux but you can change it to what you like and can make it dynamically expanding so it wont actually take up that much space16:36
SateI put base memory at 51216:36
Satethat good?16:36
rmrfslashphilena: what graphics card so u have16:36
James147Sate: should be fine16:36
James147Sate: I would suggest leaving everything as the default for now untill you get useto it and learn abit more16:37
rmrfslashphilena: hmm... sounds like a driver issue. I know I had a graphics driver issue w/ ATI which would drop me to a command line on boot (after upgrade fro 04 to 1016:37
SateJames147:  no I just need to find my XP disk :)16:38
rmrfslashphilena: I have to go to ATI site, download the catalyst driver and install it in recovery mode16:38
=== ubuntu_ is now known as teque
rmrfslashwhen you mispell, to astrisx goes after the word? I've been putting it before.16:38
philenarmrfslash: ok.. how do i find my exactly graphics card model.16:39
olskolirchow do I bring up the Hardware Drivers settings from the command line please?16:39
rmrfslashphilena: look up your machine make/model16:39
rmrfslashphilena: if it's a dell, plug int the service tag16:39
philenagateway e series16:39
rmrfslashphilena: I assume other manufacturers have a similar system. you go the their site and plug in the service tag and they can tell you exactly what the machine has16:40
rmrfslashphilena: there could be a serial number/sticker somewhere on the machine16:40
rmrfslashphilena: go to gateway.com... I don't have a gateway so I can't help w/ that part16:40
geniiolskolirc: kdesudo jockey-kde16:40
rmrfslashthis is why you should always keep the docs w/ a store bought machine. sometimes you need to drill down to find the EXACT makes and models of things16:42
lup0Hello, anyone know where KDE SC 4.4 can be gotten for kubuntu 9.1016:44
James147lup0: it hasent been packaged yet for kubuntu wait or you can compile it from source... but it should only be a copuple days at most before it has been packaged16:45
lup0James147: ok, thanks16:46
druiduKDesk: it's fascinating to watch the 4.4 packages while they're being built :P take a look here: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/staging/+builds?build_text=&build_state=all16:48
KDeskdruidu: thanks, interesting, seems like they are having dependencies problems in some packages16:49
binarylooksdruidu: shhhh, that PPA is dangerous :-)16:49
BluesKajwell I wish they'd build a decent network wifi manager , the latest ones are flakier than french pastry and wicd is still broken for alot of setups16:49
James147BluesKaj: execpt for the network going really slow after I wake up my computer I have had no problems with knetworkmanager (and i think the problems i have are with network-manager as I have to restart that to fix the problem)16:51
druiduI suppose it's because the build system is unaware of package dependencies, so it builds them in an arbitrary order and retries builds until they work16:52
druiduif they would have been built in the correct order they'd be done by now16:53
BluesKajwicd is working ok on my laptop ..network manager worked for one day then quit . As for my usb wifi adapter for the desktop , wicd is giving me a "bad password" excuse for not connecting but it just doen't play nice with my router ....and beleive me Ive tried every tutorial and setup I could find or dream up , but nothing works16:54
=== petr_ is now known as sssssss
James147BluesKaj: weird, do live cds give you the same issue?16:56
ssssssssorry Mamarok   tomorrow I have problems with flash!  because was started flash-block program....  sorry man16:56
BluesKajyes , network manager and wicd are hopeless on a USB wifi adapter16:57
=== subshift is now known as Hyper_Sha
Hyper_Shaknock knock16:57
Hyper_Shahi all16:57
sssssssMamarok   all is fine    thenks16:57
KDeskdruidu: kde4.4 sources I think is now 3 day avaitable, I don't know what is the problem, other distros have already packages. With RCs, distros can also test there packages, so that they don't have last minut (hours, days) problems16:57
Mamaroksssssss: nice to hear16:57
BluesKajJames147, is network manager better than it was a few weeks ago ...maybe if they've upgraded then there might be some hope.16:58
James147BluesKaj: what version are you running? on rc2 here16:59
BluesKajyeah , James147 , same here17:00
druiduKDesk: 4.4 are already available for lucid, they seem to be slower for karmic backports17:02
KDeskdruidu: odd, I don't understand this, if it build for licud, what is the problem with 6 months older packages?17:04
Martijn81does anyone knows how long packaging takes normally?17:05
druiduthere's no problem really, it just takes a lot to build them... and they weren't uploaded in the correct order, so they weren't built in the optimal order (that's why some failed a few times)17:06
=== christoph_ is now known as natschil
druiduthey're being built for i386, amd64 and lpia, so 3 times more packages to build17:06
daskreechMartijn81: depends on how many problems you hit and KDE is by some metrics the largest FOSS project17:07
daskreechwhich gets delivered as one big package that needs to be split up into a few dozen hundred packages17:08
snewi have a big problem:17:10
druidufor the really impatient ones (like myself), we can just grab`em from the staging repo while they're really hot... even if they say we shouldn't do that, I guess it's ok if we know what we're doing17:11
snewdownloaded over 12 hours some flash files. Wanted now to put these on a stick. Marked everything and Strg+X. In the stick Strg+V... In about 52% the whole process stopped, nothing went further, stick stood at 200 hours left. Put stick of and on again, all files on stick are gone and the now i can't find the saved files on my Desktop17:12
snewwhere the hell do linux save these files which have to be copied?17:12
snewAny chance to restore the files in konqueror or dolphin? i don't want to reload everything17:13
druiduif you do a cut-paste, the file is kept at the source until the copy is finished, then it's deleted17:13
snewwell it wasn't finished17:14
druidubut even if the copy process is complete, maybe the buffers were not flushed to the stick (maybe it ran out of space too)17:14
druiduso none of the original files are there anymore?17:14
daskreechsnew: How much space do the files take up?17:14
snewNope, the files on the desktop aren't there anymore. I put the stick off and konqueror/doplhin asked if he has to overjump the files... auto overjump and nothing is there anymore...17:15
snewthe files are about 1 GB, but the problem is my slow connection and the even slower server i downloaded them from17:16
daskreechsnew: 1GB each?17:16
snewthe other point is that i have to click singularly on every of the 40 files and download them...17:16
snewno altogether the category was 1 GB17:17
druiduit asked *after* you took the stick out?17:17
druiduthen the stick was mounted somewhere in /media/xxx/ ?17:17
druidualthough you would not have write permissions... maybe it just created a folder in there17:18
druidulook in /media/stick17:18
druiduor in /media17:18
snewno the stick is empty17:18
druiduwhat I'm saying is that if the stick wasn't mounted anymore, maybe it moved them somewhere else17:19
=== christoph_ is now known as natschil
druiduyou should just search the entire partition for those files... do you remember the names?17:19
snewnothing under /meida17:19
snewi know the names17:20
snewsearch under my hard disk or under stick?17:20
druidudo it like this:17:20
druidufind / -size +25M -name '*.avi' -ls17:20
druiduthis will search for all files with size greater than or equal to 25 MB and with extension .avi17:21
snewflash files17:21
snewchange to .flv?17:21
druiduflv ?17:21
druiduyou can drop the "-size +25M" part to search for all files, regardless of size17:22
snewsome were bigger...17:22
snewjust need to find one file... rest should be also there17:22
=== [newbie] is now known as RussellAlan
snewlast time i used Strg+x...17:23
snewfind: "/var/lib/polkit-1": Permission denied17:23
snewfind: "/var/lib/postgresql/8.4/main": Permission denied17:23
snewfind: "/var/lib/postgresql/8.3/main": Permission denied17:23
snewnothing found17:24
FloodBotK1snew: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:24
oxymoronWhat does this mean, and my unlucky day as usual as i recently updated mysql packages, silly me: "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'"17:24
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
sneweven with sudo nothing found17:24
snewim sucked, right?17:24
Torchoxymoron: mysqld is probably not running. or looking for the socket in the wrong place due to missing or wrong config.17:28
=== christoph_ is now known as natschil_
druiduoxymoron: try: sudo service mysql-server restart17:29
sena--snew: maybe your files are in .swf format try searching for them with this extention17:30
oxymorondruidu: mysql-server: unrecognized service what a? :S17:30
daskreechsnew: looked in /tmp ?17:30
Torchoxymoron: what's that pastebin?17:31
oxymoron*Sigh*, why mysql, IT is impossible for me continue my work on my database abstraction in my web framework if it does not work :/17:31
harjoti recently installed the azenis theme for kde17:31
oxymoronTorch: Just showing I just updated recently the packages of mysql :P17:31
harjotit seemes the mouse freezes after a while\17:31
harjotand the desktop locks up17:31
oxymoronTorch: is it possible to rollback to the previous packages?17:32
harjotunless i do ctl alt backspace, which then makes the windows  move then it restarts17:32
harjotanyone have any idea/?17:32
harjotits really annoying17:32
Torchoxymoron: sure. if you have them.17:32
druiduoxymoron: try mysql instead of mysql-server, don't remember the name of the service exactly17:32
oxymoronTorch: I had them? :D17:32
harjotalso,, does superkaramba cause problems?17:33
Torchdruidu: mysql is the service name17:33
harjotim on 8.0417:33
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
druiduor just try a restart, maybe the problem fixes itself17:33
Torchoxymoron: try to start the service with service mysql start17:33
oxymoronYay: * Starting MySQL database server mysqld                                                                                                                                       [fail]17:33
Torchoxymoron: that is all?17:33
oxymoronoxymoron@oxymoron-desktop:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql force-reload17:34
oxymoron * Reloading MySQL database server mysqld                                                                                                                                             /usr/bin/mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed17:34
oxymoronerror: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)'17:34
oxymoronCheck that mysqld is running and that the socket: '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' exists!17:35
FloodBotK1oxymoron: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.17:35
oxymoronyeye, only 4 rows17:35
Torchoxymoron: reloading is pointless if it can't start17:35
oxymoronTorch: I just trying to figure it out why it does not start xD17:35
Torchoxymoron: are you familiar with bash scripting?17:36
geniiProbably because mysql user "root" or so is not allowed to server "localhost" but may be allowed to ""17:36
Torchgenii: no.17:36
oxymoronTorch: A little?17:36
Torchoxymoron: take a look at /etc/init.d/mysql17:36
Torchoxymoron: that's the script trying to start the server17:36
Torchoxymoron: you might insert some debugging echos here and there (IF you know what you're doing)17:37
Torchoxymoron: keep a backup copy of the file, though17:37
Torchoxymoron: you might also just try to run "/usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=/usr --datadir=/var/lib/mysql --user=mysql --pid-file=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid --socket=/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock --port=3306" as root from a shell17:37
oxymoronTorch: I think it is to complicated for me and i dont wanna mess it up.17:37
Zanewhat is a good php5 editor?17:38
Torchoxymoron: that's fine. then try to run it from a shell.17:38
* harjot thinks nobody has really taken notice of his question17:38
TorchZane: kate?17:38
oxymoronTorch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/373369/17:38
Zaneive used kate, i enjoy it17:38
Zaneis there a editor that adds the ending syntax for you17:39
Torchoxymoron: very good, that looks helpful.17:39
phoenix_hello everyone17:39
oxymoronTorch: Ironic? :P17:39
Zaneis there a editor that adds the ending syntax for you?17:40
phoenix_is it safe to enable the backports17:40
=== kb is now known as Guest91386
Torchoxymoron: no irony.17:40
Zanesay for html, php, or css17:40
Torchoxymoron: do what it says: run mysql_upgrade as root17:40
oxymoronTorch: Define run? sudo mysql_upgrade does not work? :P17:40
druiduoxymoron: check the logs, it might point to the real cause of startup error... sudo cat /var/log/syslog | grep mysql17:41
Torchoxymoron: you do have the package mysql-server-5.1?17:41
jtholmeswhere is the linux approved laptop list17:41
druiduah, nevermind that, you already know17:41
oxymoronTorch: Yes?17:41
Torchoxymoron: and you do have the file /usr/bin/mysql_upgrade ?17:42
Torchoxymoron: if not, that might be the cause of the problem.17:42
oxymoronYay, Dolphin crashed ...17:43
oxymoronHow do I check if A file exist?17:44
Torchoxymoron: in a shell with ls17:44
Torchoxymoron: ls /usr/bin/mysql_ <tab>17:44
Torchoxymoron: or ls /usr/bin/mysql_* and see what it shows17:44
oxymoronTorch: What, it seems like the previous update deleted mysql-server ... xD17:45
Torchoxymoron: i thought you had the mysql-server-5.1 package?17:45
oxymoronTorch: So did I ... :S17:45
Torchoxymoron: actually you don't? ;-)17:45
Torchoxymoron: that's unlikely, though, because mysqld exists...17:46
oxymoronTorch: I have been installed it before and with phpmyadmin and everything but I guess its removed when i updated the packages ...17:46
Torchoxymoron: please pastebin the output of: dpkg -l '*mysql*' | grep ^ii17:47
Zaneso i guess, no one knows of a alternitive to kate?17:48
Zanethank you for your time17:48
oxymoronZane: Zend Studio17:48
oxymoronTorch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/373373/17:48
Torchzanoi: i think kdevelop has php support, but i hardly ever use php, so i don't really know17:49
oxymoronTorch: Ah finally it works <317:49
Torchoxymoron: err? what works? and why? ;-)17:49
oxymoronTorch: Ine some mysterious way it could be so that I did not remember installed mysql-server and phpmyadmin since laste format of Linux partition xD - Mysql-server and phpadmin works ... because I installed them xD17:50
satepchey guys, I installed virtual box windows XP, is there anyway to make the windows xp window bigger?17:50
Torchoxymoron: ok, great. so it's fine now?17:51
oxymoronTorch: Yeah for the moment and hopefully forever :D Thanks for your hellp :)17:51
Torchoxymoron: yw17:51
oxymoronTorch: FInally I can focus on my web framework and not bug test mysql to ddiscover that I dont even have it installed ... lol :D What a retard I feel like ... and I should be good at computers and programming xD I even study master of engineering :D17:52
Torchoxymoron: stupid mistakes happen all the time. don't worry about it. ;-)17:53
oxymoronTorch: Yeah I know but still :P I dont think I am a computer geek after all xD17:54
oxymoronTorch: Damn it I lost my flow sense in the framework ... because of the interuption :(17:54
mistryniteshcan anyone suggest a blogging client for kubuntu available right out of the repos17:58
mistryniteshfor jaunty that is17:58
oxymoronIf someone here have some suggestions when you code a new blog engine/CMS I would be glad have a discussion and listen on #kde-offtopic18:07
oxymoronIf someone here have some suggestions when you code a new blog engine/CMS I would be glad have a discussion and listen on #kubuntu-offtopic*18:07
oxymoroncrap :D18:07
oxymoron#kubuntu-offtopic *18:07
=== ubuntu is now known as teque1
druiduhey! all the kde 4.4 packages for karmic are done building in the staging ppa (at least for i386 and amd64)18:17
jmichaelxdruidu: sweet18:18
=== gmiazreclian is now known as ma
jmichaelxdruidu: does that mean they are already available?18:18
druidubut they're not yet added to the backports ppa18:18
=== ma is now known as gmiazreclian
jmichaelxdruidu: ok, i assume they will make it to the backports ppa at some time later today?18:19
druiduso no, unless you really want them and add the staging repo, which is not recommended judging by its name "Kubuntu Package Staging (DON'T USE)"18:19
druiduI hope so :)18:19
jmichaelxlol, yeah, i will def not be adding the staging ppa18:19
buckfastI'm watching a video, fullscreen and every now and then the mouse icon flickers through.18:20
kde185hey at least you can watch a video fullscreen18:20
druiduprobably because you have an optical mouse... it sometimes moves a bit on its own18:21
jmichaelxbuckfast: is this maybe an issue with the combo of your vid driver and your compositing manager?18:21
jmichaelxyeah, moving mouse could definitely cause that18:21
* druidu can't wait anymore, 4.4 staging ppa should now work for amd64 imho :P18:23
buckfastjmichaelx: I have disabled desktop effects because I had problems with them18:24
=== stephen is now known as Guest12604
jmichaelxbuckfast: so you do not think this is an issue with your mouse moving ever so slightly? is it sitting on glass, or in a situation where it gets some vibration?18:25
rmrfslashno other OS has this problem. we can't blame issues like this on a mouse "moving on it's own"18:26
rmrfslashit;s a bug18:27
WicetAnyone, is there even somewhat universal keybind for bringing up console in GUI?18:27
buckfastjmichaelx: Mouse is on the table18:27
jmichaelxrmrfslash: ok, i did not know that other people were experiencing the same issue. i run kubuntu karmic on a half dozen machines and have not encountered this issue18:27
rmrfslashAlt+F2 then type "konsole"18:27
rmrfslashI'm not.... but to me it sounds like a bug in the movie player or whatever you're watching18:28
rmrfslashthe mouse should be masked out completely18:28
rmrfslasheven if it moves, you shouldn't see it18:28
Wicetrmrfslash, thanks18:28
geniiWicet: I'd likely just do ctrl-alt-F(1-6)  then later alt-F7 to return to DE18:28
rmrfslashit's a bug, go file it in launchpad18:28
buckfastjmichaelx: I dont think the mouse is moving, the optical light is off when the flicker occurs18:28
Wicetgenii, works even better - sweet18:29
jmichaelxbuckfast: if the light is off, then it isn't a matter of the mouse moving. have you tried experimenting with different video players?18:29
rmrfslashSee, I'm one of those realists. I want things to work as advertised. Like Toyota. They're not telling customers to "giggle the gas pedal a little" they say "it's a defect and we're in trouble"18:29
jmichaelxrmrfslash: bug reports made before a person has narrowed down what the issues are, are generally not helpful18:30
=== Shadow_mil is now known as Kage
jmichaelxalso, the idea that kubuntu is the only OS that ever has this issue is highly questionable18:31
rmrfslashthe mouse showing through a movie player in any situation? there's no investigation. and Im not saying kubuntu has ever had this issue... and I don't even think it18:31
rmrfslashs "klubutnu" it's probably vlc, mplayer, totem or whatever18:32
buckfastjmichaelx: No, haven't experimented other players. What do you recommend besides SMPlayer?18:32
jmichaelxrmrfslash: i thought buckfast was experiencing this issue, and you were not. maybe i misunderstood18:32
jmichaelxbuckfast: i would try possibly kaffeine and vlc, for starters18:33
Kagebuckfast: personally I just use straight mplayer from the console18:35
druidume too, mplayer-nogui rulz18:35
jmichaelxtrue, mplayer instead of smplayer might also have different behavior18:36
druidualso try dragon player, it's the official player for kde I guess18:36
Kagedragon player has issues with subtitles18:36
buckfastGUI is faster for me, I don't have to type in any directories or anything18:36
druiduthere's also gmplayer18:37
Kagealso... I think there is a kmplayer18:37
druidugtk gui for mplayer18:37
jmichaelxi have never seen the value of dragon player, but i could be missing something. i generally use smplayer/mplayer, kaffeine or vlc, when using KDE18:37
druiduyeah, definitely a lot of *mplayer players18:37
harolddongkmplayer is pretty good if you're running kde18:37
jmichaelxdruidu: did you decide to dl 4.4 from staging ppa?18:39
=== db is now known as Guest80934
druidujmichaelx: yep, downloading right now18:40
druidui386 and amd64 builds seem finished and kpackagekit didn't complain about any missing dependencies18:41
jmichaelxdruidu: sound very tempting, but i think i'll wait until it shows up in backports ppa18:41
druiduI'll disable staging after the upgrade anyway :D18:41
druiduwhat arch are you running? amd64?18:41
SiVA_anyway to determine what the file locations are of the songs in my amarok playlist?18:42
buckfastCan I somehow pause and minimize the video in mplayer with one keyboard press?18:42
jmichaelxSiVA_: in your amarok settings, there used to be a way to get the path to show up. in amarok 2, i am not sure whether or not that option is still there18:42
TorchSiVA_: via the properties dialog?18:43
jmichaelxbuckfast: did you still have your mose pointer problem in fullscreen with mplayer?18:43
TorchSiVA_: "edit track details", to be precise.18:44
* jmichaelx has still not cozied up to amarok 218:44
SiVA_There is an "Export Playlist as" feature, but doesn't seem to save18:45
SiVA_Torch: There are 50 files ... I don't want to go one by one. Would just like a list of the files, with directories, so I can work with it18:45
buckfastjmichaelx: I'm testing it right now18:45
druiduI like amarok, but I wish it did a better job in identifying artist names... I get a lot of duplicate entries because of casing differences or feat.X in id3 tags18:46
=== david is now known as Guest72990
jmichaelxdruidu: i just take the time to edit tags, etc, to eliminate that problem. do some players do a better job of *not* showing dupes, etc?18:47
BluesKaji don't understand all the playlist problems ppl have , i jus keep the music in a folder , when i want to listen to a tune i just choose it from the folder ...letting amarok organize you music seems create more grief than it's worth18:48
bob-has-an-imgbohi, i need help, i went to grub 2 after restart, choosed recovery mode, waiting, choosed "resume", tried to login with my nickname XYZ and my password nice123tree. btw these aren't mine but anyway i didn't worked, i just failed why? how can i fix it? i can still go to "root" instead "resume" BUT i don't want to be root in recovery shell. plz help18:48
buckfastjmichaelx: Don't seem to get any mouse flicker with mplayer playing from console18:48
jmichaelxbuckfast: ok, this may somehow be a problem you will only experience with smplayer for some reason18:49
jmichaelxbuckfast: what video adapter are you using?18:49
MamarokSiVA_: which exact Amarok version are you using?18:49
MaximBhi people18:49
druidujmichaelx: don't know, but I would definitely like a plugin that would do this for me... using some AI techniques probably18:50
MaximBwhen would kde 4.4 (final, no rc) be in the repros ?18:50
jmichaelxdruidu: that would def be nice18:50
Martijn81MaximB: it will be in the backports of 9.1018:50
MamarokMaximB: when the packages are ready, keep an eye on http://kubuntu.org18:50
buckfastjmichaelx: Adapter? You mean driver?18:50
jmichaelxbuckfast: well, what card are you using18:51
jmichaelxbuckfast: card = adapter18:51
druiduupgrade done, let's see how 4.4 behaves, brb :)18:51
buckfastjmichaelx: Radeon HD 397018:51
jmichaelxbuckfast: and i assume you are using fglrx?18:51
druidubtw, what config directory should I delete when upgrading kde? ~/.kde ?18:51
bob-has-an-imgbohi how can i login in shell of recovery mode (not root)?18:51
bob-has-an-imgbomy nick & pw aren't accepted by kubuntu18:52
jmichaelxdruidu: it has usually been .kde.... could be .kde4 or something. you'll have to look18:52
bob-has-an-imgboalthough with x i can log in18:52
druidu`sudo init 1' maybe18:52
MaximBstrange, it says that I already have kdebase-bin 4:4.3.218:52
MaximBand I didn't update18:52
buckfastjmichaelx: *3870 actually, and yes, I set it to use fglrx from the system settings panel18:52
SiVA_gotta run, thanks for the help18:52
BluesKajbob-has-an-imgbo, did try an update and upgrade at the prompt , what ever the problem is might have been fixed overnight18:53
druiduit's .kde alright18:53
MaximB4:4.3.2 supposed to be the latest ?18:53
jmichaelxbuckfast: ok, my guess is that you are more likely dealing with some kind of fglrx bug, instead of a kubuntu or mplayer/smplayer bug... proprietary AMD drivers have not been getting along well with newer Xorg versions the last year or so18:54
xvilaMaximB 4.3.5 was in the backports18:54
MaximBo...so 4.4 isn't there yet ?18:55
MamarokMaximB: not yet, just a little patience :)18:55
druiduMaximB: it's really close, should be in backports for karmic pretty soon18:55
MaximBwhy backports and not official ?18:56
shiro_I thought KDE said it was stable18:56
buckfastjmichaelx: I had problems with KDE desktop effects too, switching videos from normal screen to fullscreen was laggy18:57
jmichaelxMaximB: the policy of a number of distros is to not make (at least default) major package revision upgrades during the life of a release cycle18:58
bob-has-an-imgb1 is it normal that num-pad does not work in shell?18:58
MaximBk, I hope you will change the topic once 4.4 is out to the backports18:58
jmichaelxbuckfast: my guess is that this is an AMD/fglrx issue. i had the same problem in jaunty... i solved that issue by selling my AMD card on craigslist, and buying an nvidia card. harsh, but the easiest solution  available.18:59
MaximBk, see you18:59
vzhikЯ так понял это не русский канал?18:59
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke19:00
jmichaelxbuckfast: my guess is also, that you will see better performance with your AMD card in Lucid19:01
jmichaelxbuckfast: using FOSS drivers, instead of AMD proprietary19:01
BluesKajjmichaelx, nvidia isn't perfect in lucid either , there probs with some older cards , that worked in karmic19:02
buckfastjmichaelx: what are foss drivers?19:02
BluesKajnon proprietary, open source19:03
jmichaelxBluesKaj: that could well be. but a newer nvidia card that is supported by current nvidia drivers... although nouveau drivers are supposed to be in lucid, and that looks promising for older nvidia cards19:03
buckfastI sure hope it gets fixed19:04
jmichaelxbuckfast: what i mean is that you may get a better experience in Lucid with your card, WITHOUT fglrx19:04
BluesKajjmichaelx, well so far the nouveau driver hasn't lived up to expectations in lucid , but it's still early in the game19:05
jmichaelxBluesKaj: yeah, it looks really hopeful, but i have not used nouveau on anything yet19:06
jmichaelxbuckfast: do you have any other video cards laying around?19:06
buckfastjmichaelx: not really19:06
BluesKajI'm ok with the 195 driver for my 7600gt ...works fine right now19:06
buckfastjmichaelx: I also have some font problems with some applications, fonts look fuzzy and unreadable, for some of the KDE widgets for example19:07
jmichaelxyeah, i use 195 on my 8500gt19:07
jmichaelxit works really well.... far better than the amd radeon 2600xt i had previously been using19:08
jmichaelxdruidu: what have you got?19:08
jmichaelxawesomeness, i hope19:08
druiduyep, works perfectly19:09
druiduI decided to keep my old .kde dir though, too much stuff to reconfigure19:09
druiduI already had 4.4 rc2 anyway19:09
jmichaelxdruidu: ahh, well you did not need to delete .kde then19:09
druidu$ apt-cache policy libqtcore4 ... Installed: 4:4.6.1-1ubuntu2~karmic1~ppa119:10
druidugood, this should fix that annoying plasma-crash bug19:10
jmichaelxdruidu: i only did that when i upgraded the first time to a 4.4 beta19:10
BluesKajgood to hear some amd/ati cards are working well, I have an onboard (which is disabled) that might work as a backup if and when my aging nvidia bites the dust ")19:10
KDeskdid you install from the staging repo?19:10
bob-has-an-imgb1thx everyone linux works fine now so far19:11
jmichaelxBluesKaj: some older ati cards work great with FOSS drivers... depending on the distro. i have 2 radeon 9000's - one in fedora 12, the other on debian lenny - and both run super with FOSS drivers19:11
jschallwhere can i get 4.4?19:12
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i understand that radeon 9000s suck in kubuntu karmic, however19:12
jmichaelxk/ubuntu karmic*19:13
jmichaelxdruidu: i am so tempted to follow in your footsteps19:14
druiduKDesk: yeah, worked fine although there was one package which for some reason did not install at first, so I installed it using aptitude19:14
KDeskdruidu: hmm, lets see if I install it too from that repo. Are all the amd64/i386 packages ready?19:16
druiduI looked in the logs, amd64 and i386 seem complete... and I can confirm the amd64 ones work19:16
druiduI see there's a printer applet now19:17
druidudamn, dolphin still crashes on drag-drop with alt-tab19:18
druiduit is possible that not all packages are in yet... I see 2 packages were just added 18 minutes ago19:19
druidubut the basic desktop stuff is there19:19
druiduthey'll probably push it to backports when it's complete19:19
olskolirchow do I bring up the kubuntu resolution display box from the terminal please19:22
zegenieolskolirc: type "kcmshell4 display"19:22
zegenieis that the one?19:23
astrommeIs t planned to have 4.4 final in the Kubuntu Beta ppa?19:29
sikihey guys19:30
BusMasterhi, does anyone know how I can get kde 4.4 in my ubuntu setup? I intend to apt-get install kubuntu-desktop after adding the right repository19:30
sikii need some help with a bash script19:31
binarylooksBusMaster: its a matter of minutes. just a bit QA left19:31
sikii want to use a variable outside a while loop19:31
sikibut its always zero then19:31
binarylooksBusMaster: ^19:32
astrommebinarylooks: what repository will 4.4 exist in? kubuntu beta ppa?19:32
sikican anyone help me out?19:32
binarylooksBusMaster: wait for the announcment on kubuntu.org, it'll have instructions19:32
binarylooksBusMaster: and the PPA19:32
BusMasterbinarylooks, thanks. this helps al ot19:32
BusMasterbinarylooks, looks like I'll be pressing F5 a lot on kubuntu.org now :)19:33
genii!es | pep_19:34
ubottupep_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.19:34
binarylooksBusMaster: np: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports?field.series_filter=karmic19:34
binarylooksBusMaster: thats the ppa, but wait for the packages to arrive first :-)19:34
oxymoronI have been waiting a day now for 4.4, I want to know why it delays more and more?19:34
BusMasterbinarylooks, thinks. Once I add that ppa (and the packages arrive), can I just do apt-get install kubuntu-desktop to pull in kde 4.4? I read your link about pureKDE, but I'd prefer to have both Gnome and KDE for now19:35
BusMasterbinarylooks, s/thinks/thanks19:35
binarylooksBusMaster: yes19:35
zegeniebinarylooks: as soon as it is released, yes19:35
oxymoronBusMaster: What means yay?19:37
BusMasteroxymoron, its an expression of delight, expressing my happiness that I'll soon be able to test drive KDE :)19:37
oxymoronBusMaster: Really .... xD I meant if it was something special, thats all. I thought they have been released 4.4 or something :P19:38
BusMasteroxymoron, I last tried KDE in Red Hat 7.2 I think.. I keep hearing of how awesome it has become19:38
=== EagleScreen is now known as Guest67076
binarylookscurrently, there is Quality Assurance (QA) going on, plus they want to include some other stuff (like a newer version of digikam)19:39
druidusiki: what's the pb? pastebin the script or something19:39
oxymoronBusMaster: Yeah I have been using it since 3.0 I think, when KDE 4.0 was released I got really excited :) I think it really compares to Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows now :)19:39
BusMasteroxymoron, Microsoft Windows :(( ??19:40
BusMasteroxymoron, I got disillusioned with desktop environments and used something called Enlightenment all these years. KDE is the big change..I'm *itching* to try it out19:41
Guest67076i have registered name19:42
Guest67076how can I force to use it by me?19:42
oxymoronBusMaster: I know, Windows sucks ... but still my school force us to use it with some apps xD Then I need Photoshop as some other apps that still not is ported for Kubuntu or GN/Linux overall :P But KDE REALLY make a difference, I can really feel it now :) It is now just some more quirking, forking and designing left, but most of all focus on the applications and release more awesome apps togehter with some necessary protocols to get19:45
oxymoronin touch with a large target :)19:45
FloodBotK1oxymoron: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.19:45
oxymoronOh please come on ...19:45
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
muhammedhiç türk yok muaga burda19:52
muhammedvay arkadaş burda herkez ölmüs ben yaşamın olduğu bi yere gidiyorum19:54
mfondahow to upgrade to kde4.4?19:55
=== fmagno is now known as bombel
WaltzingAlongmfonda: through existing kubuntu packages? http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4-rc-219:56
mfonda4.4 released yesterday, not rc2 ?19:56
EagleScreenmfonda: wait for packages to be ready19:56
mfondajust wondering if actual version is available yet or have to wait a bit for package?19:56
mfondathanks EagleScreen19:56
WaltzingAlongmfonda: correct. 4.4 was released yesterday. afaik those packages are not yet ready for kubuntu19:56
EagleScreeni cannot connect to my wireless network using 4.4.0, so caution19:57
Goliathi suggest for the new kde to look something like this: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=sfl9qo&s=619:58
Goliathit will give kde a new and fresh look. many people dislike it a bit if it looks like windows19:58
Tatewakiomg No!20:00
Tatewakithat is just ugly if you ask me20:00
Goliathi wanted something which doesnt look like windows20:01
Goliaththis looks more like mac osx20:02
Tatewakiehh no not relly20:02
Goliathwhy not20:02
Tatewakiand if you wish for the mac osx look there is a project for that20:02
Goliathwhich one?20:02
Tatewakithe only mac thing is the bar20:02
Goliathi said looks like not that it copies max osx20:03
Goliathinspired by it lets say20:03
Goliathbut i hate it if it looks like windows20:03
oxymoronGoliath: Why do you even bother make it look like Apples OS? :S20:03
Tatewakiit dose not look like windows it just implements the same desktop filosifi20:03
WaltzingAlongGoliath: make it look like you want to look. provide different themes20:03
GoliathTatewaki: i am sick of this philosophy20:04
dashkalI'm in an interesting situation.  I'm on a machine still running feisty.  I can't find any packages anymore (404).  Is there a repository that still hosts feisty packages?  What I really want to do is get upgraded.20:04
Goliathhaving used windows so many years20:04
Goliathfor example the gnome philosophy20:04
Goliathis kind of nice20:04
WaltzingAlongdashkal: upgraded to?20:04
Goliathif they had a better toolkit, which they will get soon20:04
dashkalPreferrably all the way up, but anything still alive would sufice.20:04
Tatewakiit's using the same philosophy just it has 2 bars20:04
Tatewakiyou can get your kde to look like gnome if you wish20:05
Tatewakii like that i can make KDE look like i want20:05
Tatewakithat is what i think is the power of KDE20:05
Tatewakibeside you should not dismess a look just because windows looks a bit like that20:06
oxymoronTatewaki: I think the power of KDE is that it looks amazing by default xD20:06
KDeskTatewaki: I like lancelot,it is a bit slow.20:06
WaltzingAlongdashkal: take a look at the upgrade notes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes20:06
dashkalWaltzingAlong: Danke20:06
Tatewakioxymoron, i agree that it looks nice as it is, but it's nice that i can change the look if i feel like it20:07
WaltzingAlongdashkal: bitte. should be able to perform an upgrade. check the section on unsupported (obsolete) versions. there are 2 links there about upgrading from an unsupported version20:07
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
binnygHi, I installed 9.10 and it always hangs. I can login to the machine using ssh. Can someone point me to where to check for errors? logs? process that are hanging?20:07
oxymoronTatewaki: Yes it is nice :) I finally changed the KDM login screen for instance, the previous one was really ugly :D I though fixed autologin so I dont see that page now anyway :D20:08
WaltzingAlongbinnyg: when it hangs, you can still log in via ssh?20:08
binnygI checked top and memory and processor are ok20:08
EagleScreenbinnyg: that is usually for graphics drivers20:08
binnygthat is what I suspected but not sure how to fix it or where to look for errors20:09
=== EtienneP is now known as PenneitE
oxymoronTatewaki: I just wait on the freaking 4.4, I really want it badly now :D This RC2 is a little bit laggy, so I really want the real smooth deal20:09
Tatewakioxymoron, i could not get the RC to work so i'm also just waiting... Like a kid on Christmas hehe20:11
BusMasteroxymoron, that makes two of us, waiting for 4.4 ;)20:11
EagleScreenthe real smooth will come in Kubuntu 10.0420:11
BusMasterEagleScreen, what'll be so special about it?20:11
WaltzingAlongKDesk: along with the alt+f5 keyboard shortcut?20:11
oxymoronEagleScreen: Yeah I noticed on Blueprints, heavy perfomance is on its way :D20:11
WaltzingAlongBusMaster: lts20:11
binnygEagleScreen: What can I do to fix this?20:12
oxymoronTatewaki: RC works, but not smooth at the moment. SOme windows in taskbar just mess around and Lancelot hangs all the time as for notifier :P20:12
BusMasterWaltzingAlong, lts == smooth? why should that be?20:12
KDeskWaltzingAlong: hmm, i think it is a bit faster, can it be?20:12
EagleScreenbinnyg: fix what?20:12
binnygI am a programmer so any pointer to documentation or articles would be great.20:12
oxymoronBusMaster, Tatewaki: Yeah like kids waiting on christmas. But I want it now, every other distro has it for now I think :P20:12
binnygit hangs every now and then and you said it is a driver issue20:12
Tatewakiyeah but it looks like the compiling of the packages is failing20:13
darthanubisis there no one who can compile the packages?20:13
EagleScreenbinnyg: pastebin your /var/log/xorg*20:14
WaltzingAlongBusMaster: lts = long term service; afaik 10.04 will be the next LTS20:14
WaltzingAlong!lucid | BusMaster20:14
ubottuBusMaster: Lucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - Lucid is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+120:14
oxymoronTatewaki: Yeah, understandable but really annoying now, I have been waiting around 12 hours I think :P They said it should be out today but maybe I have to sleep one more night .D20:14
WaltzingAlong!lts > BusMaster20:14
ubottuBusMaster, please see my private message20:14
BusMasterok, got it20:15
Tatewakiyeah but id also like it to be stable so i can wait20:15
Tatewakibut it's hard20:15
WaltzingAlongTatewaki: src not an option ? :)20:16
WaltzingAlongna wait, will do you some good, Tatewaki20:16
Tatewakii know from gentoo how long it take to compile from src20:16
shiro_Hay everyone, can I get some help with this weird problem. When I play music in Banshee all the other programs  that are use audio like youtube seem to crash and when I'm playing a video then open up Banshee none of my songs work, Is this a Gstreamer problem?20:16
Tatewakiso if the bin is ready tomorrow it's proberly faster then me anyway20:17
Kovertshiro_: flash?20:17
oxymoronTatewaki: So long time it cannot take I think, even if the waiting is because it must be tested and so on before goes public :P20:17
Tatewakiwhen i compiled the old 3.5 it took 1 night20:18
Tatewakiand that was if nothing went wrong20:18
ToxinPoweoxymoron: I'm back, any news about 4.4 for karmic?20:18
oxymoronTatewaki: Slow CPU I guess ... I compiled KDE 4 before from trunk, took maybe 5 hours tops.20:19
oxymoronToxinPowe: Wlecome back from the dead :P No, I havent heard anything, just some more people joined the waiting :D20:19
ToxinPoweoxymoron: ok xD, thanks20:19
KDeskfor the 4.4 packages in karmic. python-kde4 depends on python2.5 Why 2.5 and not 2.6?20:20
Tatewakithat is almost a night for me ;) But yeah it was a slower cpu then the one i'm running now20:20
oxymoronTatewaki: Hehe alright :P20:21
WaltzingAlongKDesk: apparently not using anything in 2.6 which is not in 2.5?20:22
KDeskWaltzingAlong: but it depends on =2.5, not >=2.5. So now i have python2.5 and python 2.620:23
druiduI see they rebuilt the kdebase-workspace package for kde 4.4, wonder why20:23
WaltzingAlongKDesk: and now we are just touching some of the tip of this iceberg called packaging20:23
druidubtw, what's with the alt+f5 shortcut?20:25
=== 40FAAEJPO is now known as Tysek
oxymorondruidu: Define rebuilt?20:28
druiduwell, a new version was uploaded 1 hour ago and now it's rebuilding20:30
druiduin the staging ppa20:30
buckfastHow can I play media opened from filemanager with mplayer without having it open the default gui interface?20:31
druiduI'm out, have fun with 4.4 when it comes out ;)20:36
dasenDoes anyone know when will kde 4.4 final show up for kubuntu?20:51
Mamarokdasen: when it is ready, have an eye on http://kubuntu.org20:52
Mamarokdasen: there are still some tests to do20:52
WaltzingAlongbuckfast: which interface would you like it to open?20:52
dasenyeah, i know, was just wondering20:52
oxymoronMamarok: What tests? :)20:57
binarylooksi think its time for the F5'ing to beging again :-)20:58
oxymoronMamarok: I mean is the packages compiled but you just testing it? :)20:58
soeeyup, they will start soon :)20:58
Mamarokoxymoron: the packages are built and are now tested21:00
oxymoronMamarok: Which practicly means they are up in the near future, right? :P21:00
oxymoronMamarok: So if I am up at least 4 hours more I could maybe get 4.4 <321:01
Mamarokoxymoron: maybe, I can't tell how long it will take though :)21:02
ToxinPoweI don't wait more, give my money back! oh wait... :s21:03
oxymoronMamarok: Yeah I am counting on it :P If you take your best shot, what do you personally think? I mean I could go to sleep and get it tomorrow, but do you think it is worth waiting? :P21:04
binarylooksoxymoron: don't go yet, this time it'll really happen :-)21:04
Mamarokoxymoron: I can't tell since I am not one of the testers21:05
oxymoronbinarylooks: Yeah I hope so :D I really had been looking forward to it to be released ninth february but no, Kubuntu is slower than usual. I understand though, it takes time compile, testing and so on but still, I am like a little kid :D21:05
BusMasterrats! my F5 key just wore out21:05
WaltzingAlongoxymoron: guessing compilation time is not necessarily what takes the longest21:06
BusMasternow its the time of the left mouse button :)21:06
binarylooksoxymoron: I actually like the suspense and will be sad when it's over :-(21:06
oxymoronbinarylooks: I dont really like it really, I want it as when I expect it as the release schedule ... :P Sure Open SOurce, I shall not expect anything, but still :D21:07
BusMasteroxymoron, if you get it within 4 hours do you think you'll get any sleep after that? Arn't you forgetting the playing time once the new toy is in place?21:07
oxymoronWaltzingAlong: No they have been struggling around I guess and test it a lot :P21:08
binarylooksoxymoron: you could use the waiting time with learning c++ and helping out?21:08
oxymoronBusMaster: Hahaha, what too play with? :D The only thing i Want is the default eyecandy and smoothness everywhere :)21:08
WaltzingAlongoxymoron: go to bed. get 4.4 later ;)21:09
BusMasteroxymoron, good for you. I usually spend some time staring at it with stars in my eyes and drooling a bit21:09
binarylooksMamarok: maybe thats somethinf for the factoid "if you want faster releases, learn c++ and get into the dirt yourself"21:09
oxymoronbinarylooks: You wish :P I actually have been studying C++ 2 years at high school :D But I can say, I freaking hate the syntax literally by downgrading from PHP syntax to C++ even if C++ is far more powerful and complex :P21:09
Mamarokbinarylooks: learn packaging is already a good start I would say :)21:09
BusMasteroxymoron, where are you from?21:10
oxymoronBusMaster: Sweden :P You?21:10
BusMasteroxymoron, mee  too21:10
MamarokOK folks, please remember the topic of this channel, discussions should go to #kubuntu-offtopic21:10
BusMasteroxymoron, I kind of guessed you'd be from here21:10
oxymoronBusMaster: Yeah? :P Must be my lousy english then :D21:11
MamarokBusMaster, oxymoron: please, take this to #kubuntu-offtopic21:11
oxymoronMamarok: Yes sorry, it is in PM now :P21:12
Mamarokoxymoron: thank you :)21:12
oxymoronMamarok: You are welcome :) Sorry for going offtopic, I do it too often, but cant help it :D21:12
Mamarokwell, I am here to remind you, then :)21:13
apacheloggerheads up: landing of 4.4 for karmic imminent21:14
Mamarokapachelogger: keeping up the heat? ;)21:14
binarylooks(and he really knows what he is talking about)   :-)21:14
Koliadarn too much suspense now, can't go to bed early as expected. Damned apachelogger :D21:20
MamarokKolia: language...21:21
perry_ i am having problems configuring for two instances of squid running on the same box see http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d2a8d5bf121:25
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oxymoronWEEEEEEE want KDE 4.4 NOWWWWWW! :D21:46
genii!hi | orionns21:46
ubottuorionns: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!21:46
orionnskde 4.4 released?21:47
binarylookscopying is happening as of now21:49
oxymoronapachelogger: WHich launchpad source are we going to use?21:52
apacheloggeroxymoron: the one I mentioned on identi.ca :P21:52
binarylookshmmm, I have to see what this identi.ca is after all21:53
Mamarokbinarylooks: in the backports PPA21:53
oxymoronapachelogger: Link to tag? :D21:58
oxymoronapachelogger: Wow, what is this kind of theme and apps? :O http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_j9FwE_4iU7c/Sw1Og4GxeXI/AAAAAAAACgo/1qkF4piDWQs/s1600/snapshot056.png - Me WANT!!!!!!!22:00
binarylookssearch gaya on kde-look (or gaia)22:00
maurihow is it possibile to specify in menu.lst or grub.cfg a root directory different by / (i.e. linnux installed under a subdirectory)22:03
oxymoronbinarylooks: Hmm not so awesome that it looked on that screenshot :P22:04
apacheloggeroxymoron: you must modify it22:05
binarylookshmmm, it actually should look exactly the same (except that the notification can't say ubuntu one, because it lives in apachelogger's basement)22:05
apacheloggeras usual with themes22:05
oxymoronapachelogger: Ah too bad. I liked the silky glas touch on it and the icon layout :)22:05
oxymoronAnd btw my friends, dont freak out but 4.4 is UP :D22:06
apacheloggeris that so? ;)22:06
oxymoronapachelogger: Some of it anyway, not everyone :P22:06
binarylookshmm, that was a quick and smooth release :-)22:06
oxymoronapachelogger: I forgot dist-upgrade though :D22:06
mauricome si specifica in menu.lst un path divesdo da /22:07
maurihow is it possibile to specify in menu.lst or grub.cfg a root directory different by / (i.e. linnux installed under a subdirectory)22:07
oxymoronapachelogger: Btw, how do I reload KDE, do I just logout and in or reset x-server? And how do I do it? :)22:07
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apacheloggeroxymoron: logout, though I recommend reboot22:08
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GoliathKDE Configuration Center> KDE Components> Add22:09
GoliathEnter the commands for the program: cairo-dock -o (with OpenGL) or cairo-dock -c (without OpenGL22:09
Goliathwhere is this22:09
FloodBotK1Goliath: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:09
oxymoronapachelogger: Alright, thanks :) Well 5 MB/s download, nice server :D22:10
maco2Goliath: what?22:10
oxymoronSoon soon :D22:10
maco2Goliath: the first bit could be system settings, but "kde components"?? no idea22:11
Mamarokmaybe KDE ressources?22:11
oxymoronI hope nothing is broken, will be rebooting into the magic soon :D22:15
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mauriis it possibile innstall kubuntu in a posistion different from /22:17
Tophi'm just installing Kubuntu 9.10 again and the same thing happens every time,, after the language selection my screen goes blank and everything stops,, any way around that?22:17
maco2mauri: the top level of any linux system is /22:18
maco2mauri: are you wanting to chroot it?22:18
BusMasteri just did sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports;sudo apt-get update; am I now all set for getting kde 4.4 with just sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?22:18
maurimaco2: what i whant to do is tu put entire installation under a subdirectory22:18
maurimaco2: i dont know if it is possibile and how to coonfigure grub.cfg o menu.lst and fstab22:19
binarylooksToph: isn't that when the partitioner starts?22:19
binarylooksToph: maybe try strating the partitioner from the live cd22:19
BusMasteroxymoron, how do you verify before the installation begins if you are going to get 4.4 ?22:19
maco2mauri: i suppose you could chroot into the subdirectory and bootstrap it... but you'd always have to boot the host OS and type "chroot /path/to/kubuntu" to get to it. and it probably wouldnt be able to have a running X22:19
Tophbinarylooks: i'm not sure,, my screen is black,, the install is probably waiting for some input22:20
binarylooksToph: that sounds bad. do you even get a live desktop session?22:20
Tophbinarylooks: i've had trouble with kubuntu and my Radeon hd 2400 video card Is that an issue?22:20
maurimaco2: ok22:21
Tophbinarylooks: no,, this happens right after the language selection22:21
binarylooksToph: I'm not familiar with the Radeon cards, at which stage does everything go FUBAR?22:21
binarylooksToph: so you start the installer right from GRUB?22:22
Tophbinarylooks: i boot from the cd, i select 'Installation' and it begins until I select English as language and goes Black after that22:22
binarylooksToph: maybe try downloading a live cd or the alternative cd22:23
Tophbinarylooks: ok,, they will both give me the install for 9.10?22:23
binarylooksToph: yes and no....22:24
binarylooksToph: the first runs a live session from the cd from which you can install22:24
binarylooksToph: and the second has a different installer with no special graphics mode22:24
binarylooksToph: let me get the download site. wait a sec22:25
oxymoron_binarylooks: Awesome I get some wining from my screen about wrong input timing ... how to solve? :P22:25
Tophbinarylooks: ,, as i understand it, i have the live cd. I can run Kubuntu off the cd without installing it just to try it, and I have the option of installing22:25
binarylooksToph: thats cool, so try the live option (i could'nt remember whether live and install are always in GRUB)22:26
Tophbinarylooks: ok,, i do believe the live works,, i'll try22:26
Tophi mean, the live session works22:27
binarylooksToph: alternate can be found here:22:27
binarylooksToph: just in case22:27
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binarylooksToph: so if live works, try running the installer from there22:28
Tophbinarylooks: ok,, thanks22:28
=== apreson is now known as APERSON
binarylooksThanks everybody for joining in the larmic kde release fun. I'll hit the pillow22:31
oxymoron_How to solve this in Kubuntu when starting Akonadi and Kmail? "Could not access the outbox folder (Unknown error. (Could not fetch root collection of resource akonadi_maildir_resource_0.))."22:33
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daskreechBusMaster: apt-cache policy kdesomething22:34
daskreechBusMaster: kdebase-workspace works for me22:35
Lars_GThe hordes! the hordes!22:36
* Lars_G runs away22:36
BusMasterdaskreech, thanks. I see 3 version with 4:4.4.0 at the top. so that will be installed, right?22:36
TatewakiI get error when starting KDE 4.422:36
Tatewakiplasma gets a segmentasion fault and terminates22:36
oxymoron_My KDE 4.4 works well :)22:37
oxymoron_I updated and did dist-upgrade several times before rebooting though just to make sure nothing was broken :P22:38
BusMasterso when I sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, I get a string of packages which it depends on "..but it is not going to be installed" :(22:38
Tatewakii will try that oxymoron_22:39
Tatewakii can see that it will update more packages that way22:39
oxymoron_Tatewaki: Only problem I got was a input unsynced with my scrren :P22:40
TatewakiBusMaster, you have to update your system not install kubuntu package (If you are using Kubuntu)22:40
BusMasterTatewaki, I am using ubuntu.22:40
Tatewakioxymoron_, well i will fix any nvidia shit later :)22:40
MamarokBusMaster: sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:40
TatewakiOkay then the command should work22:41
BusMasterMamarok, ok..I forgot the dist-upgrade part. will try that22:41
oxymoron_Tatewaki: For me it just worked with press ctrl+alt+f7 twice to switch screen back and forth :P22:42
[[^_^]]bonsoir gens du salon22:42
oxymoron_Mamarok: Btw, how do you enable grouping windows?22:42
Tatewakiyay dist-upgrade worked oxymoron_22:42
[[^_^]]:) au revoir...22:42
oxymoron_Tatewaki: Nice :)22:42
Mamarokoxymoron_: have a look at the videos on www.kde.org :)22:43
oxymoron_Mamarok: Does not say how you do it? I have already watched them but I did not managed to do it myself xD22:43
Lars_Gand how do you choose/start the netbook plasma ver22:44
Mamarokoxymoron_: I can't remember off hand, but normally dragging should work22:44
BusMasteroooh, here comes 4.4 down the pipe :D22:44
MamarokLars_G: if you install the kubuntu-betbook package it will use this by default22:44
Lars_Gbetbooks are computers used by bookies?22:44
oxymoron_Mamarok: Drag and drop does not work, I think you must enable it in systemsettings but I dont know how ...22:44
BusMasterLars_G, only if netbooks are computers used by nookies!22:45
harolddongfor the 4.4 update there like a dozen different virtuoso packages now. which ones need to be installed?  I'm guess not all of them22:45
* Lars_G highfives BusMaster 22:45
Lars_Gwtf's virtuoso btw?22:45
harolddongvirtuoso is the backend that nepomuk uses22:46
Lars_GOk, gonna go 4.4 on the desktop22:51
BusMasterok, rebooting into the new 4.4 desktop in 3..2..1..*poof*22:52
jmichaelx<-- started downloading 4.422:53
harolddonganybody what the difference between installing the virtuoso-nepomuk package and the virtuoso-server?  Looks like you can only install one or the other22:54
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Mamarokharolddong: the virtuoso-server package is replaced in KDE SC 4.4 anyway23:03
ToxinPowewe can use the user password for virtuoso?23:07
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harolddongwell what about the new virtuoso-opensource package?  It seems to actually install the need libs that virtuoso-nepomuk doesn't but it asks for passes to be setup for some reason.23:12
ewoerneri don't see anything 4.4 related in backports yet :-(23:25
ewoernerany idea when the packages might drop in?23:25
oxymoron_Already have ;)23:27
oxymoron_ewoerner: Check backports repositoury23:27
ToxinPoweoxymoron_: me too! :_D23:27
ewoerneroxymoron_: i did23:27
oxymoron_ToxinPowe: :)23:27
ewoernerhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/karmic-backports/kdelibs5 <-- shows 4.3.523:28
oxymoron_ewoerner: Have you made an apt-get update then? :) Stupid question but still23:28
ewoerneri did23:28
oxymoron_ewoerner: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu karmic main23:29
oxymoron_ewoerner: If that does not work I dont know23:29
KDeskewoerner: that is the backport ppa, and the other is only backports. I think it is so.23:29
ewoernershame on me for not noticing23:30
ewoerneryeah, you're right :-)23:30
baron86Hello there.. I got a problem with the KpackageKit.. Anyone may help me..? i cant edit software Sources..23:33
harolddongafter upgrading to 4.4 I'm not getting a login screen, just garbled graphics.  anybosy know what the issue could be?23:33
baron86How to upgrade to kde 4.423:35
baron86How can i add a repository manually?23:39
KDeskbaron86: you need to add the repository to your sources list23:39
KDeskbaron86: edit /etc/apt/sources.list23:39
baron86KDesk:  thnx man.. I have a problem with the Kpackage23:40
KDeskbaron86: like this:  kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list23:40
geniior: echo "deb whatever" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo apt-get update       etc23:40
baron86i press edit software source23:40
baron86and nothing happends23:40
baron86i do prefer nano thanx23:40
KDeskbaron86: me too :)23:41
KDeskbaron86: for a graphical way:  kdesudo software-properties-kde23:42
baron86baron86@Pirate-VAIO:/etc/apt$ kdesudo software-properties-kde23:43
baron86Traceback (most recent call last):23:43
baron86  File "/usr/bin/software-properties-kde", line 34, in <module>23:43
baron86    from softwareproperties.kde.SoftwarePropertiesKDE import SoftwarePropertiesKDE23:43
baron86  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/softwareproperties/kde/SoftwarePropertiesKDE.py", line 40, in <module>23:43
baron86    from PyKDE4.kdecore import ki18n, KUrl23:43
baron86RuntimeError: the sip module implements API v7.0 but the PyKDE4.kdecore module requires API v6.023:43
genii!pastebin | baron8623:43
ubottubaron86: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:43
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KDeskbaron86: don't know exact;y the problem, but I suspect that you have some packages not in the right version. Try editing the sources list manualy and upgrading to KDE 4.4, and then I think it will work.23:44
baron86i inserted the ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports  in the source list and had a major problem and just deleted it23:46
baron86how do i upgrade to KDE 4.4 ?23:46
KDeskbaron86: sh, I think that is only for the graphical mode23:46
KDeskbaron86:  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu karmic main23:47
KDeskbaron86: that is the line you have to add to /etc/apt/sources.list23:47
p0lym0rf1chi all, why are half the kde 4.4 updates showing as blocked?23:47
baron86lets see23:47
p0lym0rf1cI show 96 updates an 72 blocked updates23:47
KDeskbaron86: after that, sudo aptitude update and then upgrade, or use apt, what you like best23:47
KDeskp0lym0rf1c: maybe you have some dependencies and conflicts problems23:48
baron86dont know the difference between them23:48
geniiblocked updates usually require first a kernel upgrade,reboot, upgrade again, etc23:50
baron86how do i update my kernel ?23:50
p0lym0rf1cthanks genii I wil give that a shot23:50
geniibaron86: The first round of something like dist-upgrade does whatever kernel updates.23:51
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brunociao a tutti23:57
=== bruno is now known as Guest10226
bazhang!it | Guest1022623:57
ubottuGuest10226: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)23:57
jmhohow can I invoke the grub menu in lucid?23:59
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