* mwhudson off home04:07
adeuringgood morning08:32
al-maisanmoin adeuring08:46
adeuringhi al-maisan!08:46
al-maisanGood morning mrevell09:01
mrevellDobro jutro al-maisan09:03
al-maisanoh wow!09:03
mrevellal-maisan, Heh, "Good morning in Bosnian" on Google.09:03
* al-maisan did not know mrevell as a polyglot :)09:04
asabilhi all09:05
asabilI have this failing import: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/38896393/prosody-im-trunk-log.txt09:05
wgrantHm, that's pretty awesome.09:06
noodles775asabil: jelmer should be able to take a look when he's around, but either way, please file a bug about it so it gets tracked :)09:09
asabilok thanks09:11
wgrantbigjools: lamont asked me this morning about publishing copy archives. I said it wasn't currently possible, and redirected him to you. Apparently it's going to be needed soon.09:13
bigjoolsthey're going to be out of luck then :/09:14
wgrantIt's not that difficult...09:15
maxbgmb: Hi, when you are around, could you initiate the landing of https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~maxb/launchpad/stop-using-deprecated-sets/+merge/18896 (approved; has commit message)? Thanks.09:15
bigjoolsdifficulty is not the issue09:15
gmbmaxb: Will do.09:25
thekornhi, how do I raise an error such that this error is exposed as a 400 HTTP error in the webservice api?10:13
=== matsubara-afk is now known as matsubara
wgrantthekorn: grep around for 'webservice_error'10:15
thekornwgrant, ok thanks10:16
thekornhmm, somehow still now working, it is always a 50010:19
thekornah, nm, I was missing: """This is only effective when the exception is raised from within a  published method[...]"""10:20
wgrantthekorn: What were you raising it in?10:21
wgrantA property?10:21
thekornwgrant, no, in a seperate method which compiles some BugTaskSearchParams for Person.searchTasks()10:22
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wgrantThe "Request a review" interface is... confusing.11:38
beunothe type shouldn't be on the bottom11:46
beunoblame rockstar and lazr-js11:46
wgrantIt would be entirely unobvious what to do, even if the type was at the top.11:47
beunowhy is that?11:47
wgrantForms normally have buttons.11:47
beunoblame rockstar and lazr-js  :)11:47
beunoI complained!  but there where some limitations, etc11:48
beunowgrant, I'm sure there's a bug for that, and I'm sure we can push it up the priority list11:48
wgrantbeuno: It took me a while to work it out, and I've used it before, so it's probably reasonably awkward for newcomers.11:49
beunoI'm sure it is11:50
allenapjml: I'm getting hangs in tests and I think it's related to Twisted. Specifically, when TestTwistedJobRunner and doc/externalbugtracker.txt are run, one of them hangs (depending on if I change the layer to TwistedLaunchpadZopelessLayer or not). They both start and stop the reactor. Do you have time to discuss this? If not, I'll talk to abentley later about it.12:04
jmlallenap, sure. gimme a sec first.12:07
jmlallenap, what's the branch?12:11
jmlallenap, and will "bin/test -t doc/externalbugtracker.txt" reproduce the behaviour?12:12
allenapjml: lp:~allenap/launchpad/twisted-threading-bug-491870 with an additional patch http://paste.ubuntu.com/373163/12:12
allenapjml: bin/test -vvct 'externalbugtracker.txt|test_runner'12:12
jmlallenap, ok. looking into it.12:12
allenapjml: It'll hang with or without the patch, just in different ways.12:13
jmlallenap, while I'm fetching branches, I need to get something out of my system that's not particularly helpful but tangentially related to this discussion12:13
jml"don't use threads"12:13
allenapjml: I know :)12:13
allenapjml: This is Step 1 on the Road To Enlightenment: Getting Twisted's Foot In The Door.12:14
allenapjml: I want to be able to convert each remote bug tracker one at a time to run async.12:14
jmltest_timeout hangs?12:21
allenapjml: Yes. If you revert the patch, externalbugtracker.txt hangs.12:22
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-lunch
jmlallenap, I haven't applied the patch yet12:23
allenapjml: Ah :) Maybe it's the other way round...12:23
jmlallenap, looks like the "hanging" is the reactor running with no events to listen to.12:24
allenapjml: Ah, that's interesting.12:24
jmlallenap, I found that out using strace and gdb, fwiw.12:25
allenapjml: I saw that it was hung in a select(...) with strace, but didn't really know what that meant. It feels a little bit obvious now! I don't know how to use gdb :-/12:26
jmlallenap, https://dev.launchpad.net/Debugging/GDB12:27
allenapjml: Thanks.12:27
jmlallenap, do you ever run the reactor in process manually?12:28
allenapjml: Do you mean at the REPL? Yes, sometimes. I haven't been doing so for this.12:29
jmlallenap, hmm. looks like it. afaict, updateBugTrackers calls reactor.run()12:29
jmlallenap, I mean in the tests.12:30
jmlallenap, there's this shitty thing about Twisted where you can't restart the reactor reliably12:30
jmlallenap, Trial works around this mostly by out-evilling everything around it.12:31
allenapjml: Heh :) Trial FTW. I wondered if there was an issue there.12:31
allenapjml: Is there an easy way to run these tests in a subprocess? ISTR that the Zope test runner does something along those lines when it can't tear down a layer?12:32
jmlallenap, that, I don't know.12:32
jmlyou could jigger something up with subunit, I guess.12:32
allenapjml: Yes, that would work.12:33
jmlsubunit.IsolatedTestCase() around the doctest.12:33
allenapjml: Do you know how it works in TestTwistedJobRunner? Is it simply that that's the first kid on the block to start and stop the reactor so it's been working fine so far?12:34
allenapjml: Ooh, that's cool :)12:34
jmlallenap, I think so.12:35
jmlIMHO, TestTwistedJobRunner should be tweaked to not call reactor.run either.12:35
allenapjml: Use a reactor test double instead?12:36
jmlallenap, maaybe.12:36
jmlallenap, I'm not sure.12:36
jmlallenap, I don't really have the headspace atm to figure out The Right Way of testing This Sort of Thing12:36
allenapjml: Okay, it's good to know that I shouldn't pursue the path of trying to get the reactor to restart. I'll look into IsolatedTestCase I think.12:37
allenapjml: Thanks.12:38
jmlallenap, np.12:40
thekornallenap, hey, I think a addressed all your comments on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~thekorn/launchpad/make_iperson_ihasbugs/+merge/18541  however there is one thing missing, I'm still relying on sample data - I forgot to mention this in my comment to the merge request13:07
thekornbut I can try to find out how to produce some data for testing purposes later13:08
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maxbNothing landed today? is PQM busy doing private things?14:07
beunomaxb, PQM is pretty empty14:09
maxbhmm. Maybe it'll do my branch soon then :-)14:09
beunomaxb, it's not queued up14:10
beunowho sent it to PQM?14:11
beunoit is queued up14:11
beuno12 minutes ago14:11
maxbah, great14:11
beunoit'll take a little while14:11
beunoit's the only branch on the queue14:11
kfogelshould I worry about seeing this on pqm.l.n ?   http://paste.ubuntu.com/373241/14:25
kfogeljml: should I worry about seeing this on pqm.l.n ?   http://paste.ubuntu.com/373241/14:29
BjornTkfogel: it means that the patch before yours failed because it had db changes14:30
kfogelBjornT: Oh!  Thank you.  I would never have guessed that from the output (it looks like both the failure and my change are in the "Now Playing" category, and thus I thought the failure was due to my change.)14:30
allenapthekorn: Awesome. I'll look at your branch this afternoon.14:31
thekornallenap, super thanks14:31
BjornTkfogel: well, they are. the problem is that it's a tail from the pqm log, which doesn't clearly indicate where a new merge request starts14:32
kfogelBjornT: ah, so the "cleaning working directory" part (say) is about my change, but stuff farther above is just from earlier in the log?14:32
BjornTkfogel: i think so, but i'm not sure14:34
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rockstarwgrant, beuno, I have a fix for the "Request a Review" picker, but it's ugly, and I'm tired of writing ugly javascript.  I just need to get some time to clean it up.15:44
beunorockstar, cool15:57
beunowhile you're here15:57
beunocould you or abentley take a look at: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~facundo/ubuntuone-client/lr-clean-trash15:57
rockstarbeuno, crapola.  :/15:58
beunorockstar, any idea how that got in that state?15:58
rockstarOh wait, this isn't an artifact from the other day.15:58
rockstarbeuno, no, no idea how it got like that, but I'd be curious to find out.15:59
beunorockstar, AFAIK, just pushing to it15:59
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rockstarbeuno, can you break the lock?  I'm under the impression that the mirrored copy is the locked copy.16:00
leonardrgary, you know how the version marker interfaces subclass each other for convenience?16:01
leonardrit turns out there's a place where that's very _in_convenient16:01
gary_posterheh, what is it?16:02
leonardris there a method like providedBy which only returns true if the object provides the interface itself as opposed to providing a subclass?16:02
leonardri thought there was something like directlyProvidedBy but apparently not16:03
gary_posterYeah I don't think so16:03
leonardrgary: the problem is in toWADL(). i go through the registered adapters looking for entry adapters.16:06
leonardrIBug_betaAdapter, IBug_10Adapter, and so on16:06
beunorockstar, I'll get him to try16:06
beunoit's odd that locks would get mirrored though16:07
leonardrthe problem is that if you ask for WADL for 'beta', it matches both IBug_betaAdapter and IBug_10Adapter, because IBug_betaAdapter is registered under the 'beta' marker interface, and IBug_10Adapter is registered under a subclass of that interface16:07
leonardrso you get an error saying that there are two classes called 'bug'16:07
rockstarbeuno, no, I'm assuming it got locked so that the mirrorer could mirror the branch.16:07
beunorockstar, I'll ge thim to try that and let you know16:09
gary_posterleonardr: thinking.  do you already have a work-around in mind?16:14
leonardrgary: no, i'm stumped. going through zope.component looking for a function that might help16:14
gary_posterleonardr: Can you give me a code snippet to look at of the pertinent lookup?16:16
leonardrgary, sure16:16
leonardrgary: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/373322/16:19
gary_posterso leonardr you need ``if not version.providedBy(self.request):`` to be more restrictive, right?16:22
leonardrgary: right16:22
leonardrgary: zope.interface implements providedBy by getting some kind of specification object and returning "self in spec._implied"16:29
leonardrif i could get that spec there might be a spec._directly16:29
gary_posterleonardr: you can call zope.interface.providedBy(obj) which will return a spec, which has an __iro__ that would have the right ordering.  Pretty roundabout but maybe that's all we can do.16:31
leonardri'll try it16:31
leonardrgary: changing to "if not version in providedBy(self.request):" worked16:40
gary_posterleonardr: great!16:41
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maxbWhereabouts in the PQM queue is lp:~maxb/launchpad/stop-using-deprecated-sets ?18:03
beunomaxb, PQM is empty18:04
maxbgmb landed my branch on db-devel :-(18:05
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
beunomaxb, I could try and land it against devel, but it will take me a while18:06
beunomaybe someone else here?18:06
* beuno looks around18:06
maxbEdwinGrubbs: With your OCR hat on, could you do a PQM submit for me? I have a branch which has already been through ec2test successfully (against devel), but somehow then went on to land on db-devel. I'd like it to re-land on devel, if that's ok. lp:~maxb/launchpad/stop-using-deprecated-sets is the branch. I can forward you the test results email if you'd like some corroboration concerning skipping ec2test18:11
jmlg'night all18:11
beunomaxb, if nobody volunteers in the next 20 minutes, ping me and I'll do it18:15
maxbIt is not that urgent. I'd like it done if someone's free, else I'll hassle gmb again tomorrow morning18:16
beunomaxb, I'll do it now18:16
beunoI don't want you to feel slowed down, we appreciate all your work a lot  :)18:17
beunoI'm in the London office anyway, so it should be speedier18:17
EdwinGrubbsmaxb: I can do it.18:18
* beuno control+c's and moves on18:19
EdwinGrubbsmaxb: out of curiosity, what is the problem with just waiting for the rollout to get it into devel, since your branch should already be on staging for testing?18:21
maxbI have another branch that conflicts with it that I also want to land, and following on from that my aim is to start trying to run the testsuite under Python 2.6. I guess I could just move all my efforts to being based on db-devel for this cycle, but that seems a bit awkward18:23
maxbEspecially with it being week 118:23
EdwinGrubbsmaxb: makes sense, I'll land it now.18:29
beunothumper, ping18:36
beunorockstar, ping18:36
beunois still trashed18:36
EdwinGrubbsmaxb: your branch can't be landed on devel because changes files in the database/schema directory.18:57
maxbEdwinGrubbs: Thanks for pointing this out, I failed to consider that, since I was merely tidying scripts, not actually thinking about db schema changes19:05
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mwhudsongood morning19:08
beunomwhudson, hey hey19:13
beunowhenever you have enough coffee in you19:13
beunocould you take a peak at: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~facundo/ubuntuone-client/lr-clean-trash19:13
mwhudsonbeuno: hmm19:14
mwhudsonbeuno: i got the puller to try again and it seems happier now19:19
beunomwhudson, that's very nice of you, thank you19:19
beunoany idea how it got itself into that situation?19:20
deryck+filebug is timing out on malone a lot today.  I wonder if we broke something.19:36
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deryckgmb, ping20:11
gmbderyck: Hi20:11
* gmb sees previous message20:11
deryckgmb, so +filebug seems to be eternally timing out today...20:11
gmbderyck: OOPS me.20:11
deryckgmb, I can only get the simplest of dupe searches to run.20:12
deryckgmb, that was my question... how do I get an OOPS number now? :-)20:12
gmbHah. Good question.20:12
gmbThere is a way, I think, hang on...20:12
kfogelderyck, gmb: either of you know wiki syntax for an xml charref?  e.g., &#321;ukasz Czy&#380;ykowski <lukasz.czyzykowski {_AT_} canonical.com> :-)20:15
kfogelAny way to convert that to something that will display right?20:15
deryckkfogel, you know, I don't know.  I proudly don't speak moin fluently.20:16
deryckkfogel, I assume the syntax guide was no help?20:16
kfogelderyck: not so far; googling20:17
gmbderyck: Ah, rats. No there isn't, because it's all compressed code so it's impossible to put a breakpoint in. I think it's a job for hte OOPS report.20:17
deryckgmb, and we don't have a way to get a list of OOPS other than the OOPS report?20:18
gmbderyck: Well, rooting around on devpad I found OOPS-1502EB617 for a start.20:18
gmbderyck: But no. And that sucks.20:19
deryckgmb, at least one OOPS is good though, thanks!  Some place to start debugging.20:19
gmbderyck: Ouch. 17000ms on the query to find possible dupes.20:20
gmbderyck: It's an FTI search though, so it's always a bit sluggish.20:20
deryckgmb, yeah.  But something has to be wrong'er than normal. :-)20:21
gmbderyck: Possibly.20:21
gmbderyck: if you grep -r for '+filebug-show-similar' in devpad:/srv/launchpad.net-logs/edge you'll find the OOPSes. you'll need to discard the launchpad access log matches.20:22
gmbObviously you can also limit by date; that helps :)20:22
deryckgmb, cool, thanks.20:22
deryckgmb, also, I'm trying queries on staging DB for a point of comparison.20:22
gmbderyck: Good idea.20:23
* gmb switches machines; brb20:24
deryckgmb, the 17000 ms query was 11064 on staging, which smells wrong.  queries always take longer on staging, no?20:25
deryckand repeats are wayyyyyyy faster.20:26
* gmb returns20:28
gmbderyck: That could be a caching / buffering / something-else-about-postgres-I-don't-understand thing, though.20:28
gmbMaybe its a db load thing...?20:29
* gmb clutches at straws20:29
deryckgmb, yeah, I'm sure it is.  But why not see the same on re-checks on lpnet?  and yeah, load is what I'm wondering too.20:29
gmbderyck: Well, the request should go to a slave, right, because it's a SELECT. So maybe the re-checks go to a different slave.20:30
gmbBut this is all guesswork.20:30
mwhudsonstaging is usually much less loaded than prod...20:30
deryckright, but +filebug for me on staging never works, but does in prod... so if staging queries run in half the time as lpnet today...  anyway, this is just guess work at this point.20:31
mwhudsonah ok, that does sound a bit odd20:33
deryckand hi mwhudson, btw :-)20:33
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mwhudsonjelmer: are you going to land a change to use lp:bzr-git tip for lp or should i?21:35
jelmermwhudson: is there sense in landing something now, or could we wait until closer to the rollout?21:36
mwhudsonjelmer: testing on staging, maybe?21:37
mwhudsonnot sure that's needed here21:37
mwhudson"being sure we won't forget" is the main one i guess21:37
kfogeljml: I'm sure you're not there, but if you are: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kfogel/launchpad/cc-script-new-world/+merge/1906022:48
kfogelThat contains, among other things, the community-contributions.py improvement we were discussing yesterday.22:49
jmlkfogel, cool. I'll do the code review tomorrow. Hip-deep in my own thing right now.22:52
jml(we gonna learn you some Python idioms!)22:52
kfogeljml: I see you must have looked at it already :-).22:52
kfogeljml: looking forward to the review, thanks.22:52
wgrantkfogel: Is that really the latest code? It calls people like Daniel Silverstone non-LP devs (which is wrong), but /Contributions/Draft correctly omits their commits from the list.23:00
kfogelwgrant: don't know how Daniel Silverstone ended up on the list.  I'll remove him.  It is the latest code, and so I wonder why Silverstone is omitted when he should be (wrongly) included right now.23:02
kfogelwgrant: did he formerly work for canonical on a non-lp team?23:03
kfogelwgrant: also noticing david allouche, same situation23:03
thumperkfogel: Daniel Silverstone did used to do LP work23:04
wgrantkfogel: He was pretty much the primary Soyuz developer at the start, so he was very much LP.23:04
wgrantddaa was Code.23:04
kfogelthumper: *nod*, fixing, thanks23:04
kfogelwgrant: ddaa is david allouche?23:04
thumperkfogel: yes23:04
wgrantAnd carlos Translations.23:04
thumperkfogel: it is wgrant being a young person and abbreviating everything he can :)23:04
wgrantMalcolm Cleaton was Soyuz.23:05
wgrantthumper: Pfft.23:05
kfogelthumper: stp mkng fn of ppl23:05
kfogelwgrant: thank you!  I'm fixing these (moving them to the known_canonical_lp_devs list) as you say them23:05
kfogelany others?23:05
thumperkfogel: you have a surperflous o in there23:05
kfogelthumper: it's not superfluououous23:06
thumperI wish I got red underlines under incorrectly spelt words23:06
wgrantSome of the others were probably on LP ages ago, but I couldn't be sure.23:06
kfogelwgrant: I'm sure I'll hear about them eventually.23:06
wgrantThey seem to be magically not showing up anyway.23:07
thumpermwhudson: did you want to have a call this afternoon about the build from recipe stuff?23:07
kfogelwgrant: that worries me; I wonder why not23:08
kfogelwgrant: maybe because their bzr identities were set up in some other way?23:08
thumpermwhudson: I was going to take the car down to get looked at, but we could do after23:08
wgrantIn fact, despite the list being quite wrong, the produced page contains not one person who even might have been on the LP team.23:08
mwhudsonthumper: yeah, sounds sane23:08
kfogelwgrant: that makes me worry if it's leaving out people who should be there23:09
mwhudsonthumper: i'm not going anywhere, when is good for you?23:09
thumpermwhudson: later :)23:09
kfogelwgrant: feel free to do a code review on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kfogel/launchpad/cc-script-new-world/+merge/19060  -- I could well have mussed something up.23:09
mwhudsonthumper: :-)23:09
kfogelwgrant: in fact, if you want, I'll put in a review request23:10
kfogel(so it's tracked)23:10
kfogelwgrant: (draft wiki page regenerated, btw)23:10
wgrantOh, also, Code Somerville is in both lists (the first one twice), when he should just be in the non-LP one.23:11
wgrantI didn't think John Lenton was ever LP, and Michael Casadevall never was. And neither was Sidnei, AFAIK.23:12
=== jamalta is now known as jamalta-afk
kfogelwgrant: fixed (about to commit and push up)23:15
kfogelwgrant: any others you spot?23:15
kfogelwgrant: oh that's right, sidnei works elsewhere -- I just talked to him a bunch before, so thought we were on the same team.  I guess I'm pretty informal about these boundaries :-).23:16
wgrantElliot Murphy is in both. I'm not sure about him. David Murphy I'm not sure about. Jonathan Knowles was an LP dev.23:18
wgrantOh, and Michael Vogt should be added to the non-LP list.23:19
kfogelwgrant: thanks.  I guess this is proof that we really should be using Launchpad to do these identifications!23:19
james_wDavid is non-LP23:19
mwhudsondavid murphy was an lp dev for a while23:19
* james_w backpedals23:20
kfogeljames_w, mwhudson: see, yeah, that's the thing -- the script has no way of dealing with people who changed roles.23:20
* maxb wonders what the cc script does re db-devel landings23:20
kfogelmaxb: punts23:20
kfogelmaxb: see note at top of wiki page23:20
kfogelmaxb: when they make it to devel, then they show up23:20
mwhudsonkfogel: it's pretty hard to figure that out i can see23:20
maxbah right, I'll get a bonus point in three weeks then :-)23:20
wgrantIt should actually be reasonably easy to make it consider both, I think.23:21
wgrantMaybe I'll have a look at that later.23:21
kfogelwgrant: you'd be my hero23:21
kfogelwgrant: its current state is a classic example of tech debt by design, IMHO23:21
kfogelmaxb: right :-)23:22
* maxb crosses fingers and commences a test run under python 2.623:24
wgrantmaxb: Is all your 2.6 stuff now merged?23:25
wgrant(apart from the actual version switch, of course)23:25
maxbwgrant: no, I have two branches totally pending plus 1 landed on db-devel not devel23:36
maxbOne of which can't land because of bugs in the tests of initialize-from-parent.py23:38
wgrantmaxb: What's the bug?23:40
maxbIt intends to check that the parent has no pending builds. That check was broken. I fixed it. However, the use of it in the testsuite actually does invoke it on a parent with pending builds.23:41
* maxb wonders why ubuntu/hoary in the sampledata has pending builds23:44
wgrantThe Soyuz sample data is awfully broken.23:45
wgrantIt's odd that a test uses ubuntu rather than ubuntutest, though.23:45
maxboh no, it uses both :-)23:51
maxbit creates a new series in ubuntutest, parented on one in ubuntu23:51
mwhudsonman, soyuz is so hobbled23:54
wgrantI believe ubuntutest exists because ubuntu got too broken in the sample data.23:58
mwhudsonbut too many tests depend on it23:58
* mwhudson lunches23:58

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