FlimmAre expired bugs still considered open?00:03
wgrantFlimm: Bugs are not currently expired.00:04
Flimmwgrant: huh? What happens to bugs that have been marked "Incomplete" for a considerable time?00:05
wgrantFlimm: They used to be expired after 60 days, but that feature is currently disabled due to complaints.00:05
Flimmwgrant: so why are there still messages like "this bug has been for expiration 221 days ago"? And what am I supposed to do with them? (In a project I manage)00:08
wgrantFlimm: I do not know.00:08
persiaFlimm: That's a side effect of the expiration logic still being there.  Depending on your project policies, you may wish to either ignore it, or take some action at some specific time.00:09
FlimmI found the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/33352100:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 333521 in malone "Enable bugs expiration for Ubuntu" [High,Triaged]00:13
FlimmI guess I'll mark those old bugs as invalid myself. Sigh.00:14
thumperseg|ars: damn, didn't notice your response as I rely on my irc client to beep and flash at me00:59
thumperseg|ars: one of the benefits of launchpad merge proposals is the active reviews page00:59
thumperseg|ars: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/gwibber/+activereviews is an example00:59
thumperseg|ars: it gives project owners an easy way to see what has been proposed and where its at in the review process01:00
thumperseg|ars: The page has a number of sections: Approved proposals, Reviews I have to do, Reviews I can do (where a team you are in has been asked to review), Reviews I'm waiting on (my work), Reviews I am doing, and other01:01
thumperseg|ars: I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it :)01:01
seg|arsI use it all the time. :-)01:01
thumperseg|ars: heh, didn't recognize the nick01:02
thumperseg|ars: of course you look at gwibber :)01:02
thumperseg|ars: speaking of which, I've had trouble getting it running on kde01:02
seg|arswhich version are you using?01:03
seg|arsthe 2.0 branch had a bunch of weird problems on kde with things like icons01:03
seg|arsI haven't actually tried the latest trunk on kde yet01:03
thumperI'm not sure actually01:03
seg|arsare you using the daily ppa?01:03
thumperI used to, but I think it was disabled when I moved to karmic01:04
seg|arsah, so you are using the version from universe? That one is super bad. :-)01:04
thumperwhat is the daily ppa?01:04
thumperfor add-apt-repository01:04
thumperseg|ars: I moved to Choqok when gwibber didn't work, but it isn't as nice01:05
seg|arsI'm planning to do a Qt frontend for Gwibber eventually01:06
thumperseg|ars: one thing that choqok does is not have a tweet/dent removed until you've marked it read01:07
thumperseg|ars: which I find nice first thing in the morning01:07
thumperhas gwibber changed in that respect?01:08
seg|arsno, we still don't do that yet01:08
seg|arshaving more than roughly 100 messages in the stream gets too heavy01:08
seg|arsI'm planning to make a log reader at some point so that you can easily go back and see older messages01:08
thumperstarting gwibber wants to start the gnome keyring01:08
seg|arswith the daily build?01:08
seg|arsthat would be desktopcouch that wants the gnome keyring01:08
seg|arsI hadn't thought about that01:09
* thumper shrugs01:09
thumperjust made a new one01:09
thumperhmm... still no gwibber window01:09
* thumper tries again01:09
seg|arsdo you see any errors at stdout when you do it from the command line?01:10
thumperseg|ars: nice facebook sign-up connecty bits01:11
thumperseg|ars: second time it started with the add account01:11
thumperseg|ars: it is working now01:12
thumperseg|ars: do you have any other questions for your article?01:17
seg|arsI think that covers it01:18
seg|arsI was just curious about what features of launchpad the developers like the most01:18
seg|arsit adds a dimension to the story that I think the readers will appreciate01:18
mwhudsoni really really should get around to using gwibber at some point...01:19
thumperlet me ping someone01:19
thumperdamn, he isn't online01:19
thumperseg|ars: I actually like the reviewing by email bit a lot01:20
thumperseg|ars: many places have code reviews, but with LP I can do it all over email01:20
spm*** FYI. ppa upload service is about to be momentarily interrupted for a code update ***01:24
spmppa uploads should be alive again01:26
spmand now for codehost... :-)01:26
spm*** FYI. bzr/codehost service is about to be momentarily interrupted for a code update ***01:27
mwhudsonspm: nothing actually needs to be restarted for that01:27
mwhudsonbut it might be easier/more consistent to do it that way i guess01:27
spmmwhudson: yeah? that sounds... unwise.01:27
crimsunin fact, thanks for all the work that you guys/gals do on LP01:27
mwhudsonspm: the bug is in the bzr lp-serve processes, they get started for each connection01:27
mwhudsonspm: but i can see how this might not appeal to the inner sysadmin :-)01:27
spmmwhudson: um. yes. :-)01:27
mwhudsonwe should be able to do more transparent upgrades anyway, but....01:29
spmmwhudson: restarted; can you do a quick verify?01:30
spmoh yuk. the old rewriters are left behind.01:30
spmhmm, maybenot; just slow to die; they were gone by the time my kill hit01:31
mwhudsonit seems to be working01:31
mwhudsoni'm not actually 100% sure how to verify the fix works01:31
spmah huh :-)01:31
spmahh this was that really funky error we saw. yeah....01:32
* spm wonders how wise it would be to go to lunch *immediately* after doing two CP's.....01:35
mwhudsonspm: the fix seems to have worked01:35
mwhudsonspm: i'm sure fixing things over ssh on your phone is heaps of fun!!01:36
spmseeing if the ppa one worked.... no. wooo.01:36
spmARGH. wrong revno.01:37
thumperspm: ?01:44
spmthumper: for the ppa update01:44
thumperspm: do I need to care?01:44
thumperspm: my pulling of branches got interrupted by your rollout01:45
poolieis this a full rollout or just a single change to codehosting?01:45
spmpoolie: cherry pick; to codehosting; and one to ppa - which was err the wrong one.01:45
thumperspm: which codehosting cherry pick?01:46
spmthumper: per LPS, and for bug 51343201:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 513432 in launchpad-code "AttributeError: 'Inter1and2Helper' object has no attribute 'source_repo'" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51343201:47
thumperspm: ah, cool01:47
thumperspm: should mark as fix released then01:47
spmthumper: heh, I guess :-)01:47
poolieso the next full rollout is about 3 weeks away?01:48
thumperpoolie: yes01:49
nhandlerIs there a way to view only indirrect members of an LP team?01:56
thumpernhandler: I don't think so02:02
nhandlerthumper: Dan, thanks.02:03
micahgI think we have another spammer02:48
micahgor random acting individual02:49
thumperseg|ars: where does gwibber chat live?02:49
Ippwn3dHello, I have recently been given administrator priveledges to a team, but I cannot for some reason commit successfully to the team's branch.  I can  push / commit all I want to any personal branches I create however.  Any ideas?02:52
mwhudsonIppwn3d: which team and which branch?02:53
mwhudsonIppwn3d: note that it's possible (but a bit weird, obviously) to be an admin for a team but not a member02:53
Ippwn3dMightyBox Core Team02:54
Ippwn3dthe branch is https://code.launchpad.net/~mb-team/mb/trunk02:54
mwhudsonIppwn3d: some links would be much more useful :-)02:54
mwhudsonah, thanks02:54
Ippwn3dhow would I check for the starnge admin, but not member condition?02:55
Ippwn3dthank you in advance for your help by the way.02:55
seg|arsthumper: chat?02:55
thumperseg|ars: like irc questions and the like02:56
mwhudsonIppwn3d: i was confused, i meant owner but not member02:56
seg|arsthumper: irc.arstechnica.com #gwibber02:56
mwhudsonIppwn3d: what's your launchpad id?02:56
mwhudsonIppwn3d: what error do you get when you try to commit to the team's branch?02:58
Ippwn3dgive me a minute to find the exact verbiage again, but it is something about not being able to lock the directory, mkdir() is not supported02:59
thumperaccess over read only transport02:59
Ippwn3dI followed the steps in the help guides to no avail unfortunately02:59
thumperIppwn3d: what comman are you using *exactly* ?03:00
mwhudsonIppwn3d: ah, you need to access the branch over a transport that supports writing03:01
mwhudsoni.e. bzr+ssh03:01
Ippwn3dafter "bzr launchpad <username>"03:02
Ippwn3ddo I need to do something else?  I have my public key listed in launchpad03:02
mwhudsonif you got the branch before you did that though03:02
Ippwn3dthere isn't a resolve all command is there?03:13
abentleyIppwn3d, yes there is.  It is "resolve --all".  But it will not resolve all the changes for you.  It indicates that you have resolved all the conflicts.03:15
Ippwn3dcorrect, I manually went through every file and sorted the conflicts03:15
abentleyIppwn3d, you can also just run "resolve", and it will auto-detect which conflicts have been resolved.03:16
Ippwn3daha!!  I also apparantly had to rebind, but I think it worked03:16
Ippwn3dit spit out a bunch of files that got modified,  but it hasn't given me a prompt back yet, it must still be working...03:18
Ippwn3dhmm, I think it might be stuck.03:22
Ippwn3dShould I close the window and try to recommit or let it sit for a while longer?03:22
Ippwn3dah crap, apparantly I locked it on myself03:25
Ippwn3dholy moses it commited!  grazie mille a tutti!03:34
RAOFInteresting.  Robert Ancell hit the “upgrade” button on lp:launchpad-integration, but it still seems to be Packs 5 rather than rich-root.04:13
thumperRAOF: hi04:17
thumperRAOF: how long ago?04:17
nhandlerI just noticed ~contributor-agreement-canonical . Can someone add me to that team? I should have a signed agreement on file (I have had branches merged)04:17
RAOFthumper: About 30 minutes ago.04:20
thumperRAOF: my bet is that it failed due to it being stacked on another branch which hasn't been upgraded04:21
thumperI could check the logs, but that is my bet04:21
RAOFHm.  It's now listed as stacked on ~ubuntu-core-dev/launchpad-integration/ubuntu, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't before.04:23
thumperI bet it was04:24
thumperRAOF: I'd say to reconfigure --unstacked but I think that is mildly broken04:25
RAOFI don't have commit rights there anyway.04:25
idnarhmm, what happens if I hit the "upgrade" button on a branch that has other branches stacked on it?04:26
thumperidnar: the branch is upgraded, but all those that are stacked on it are broken until they are upgraded similarly04:27
thumperidnar: at least in theory04:27
thumperidnar: I've not done it myself, but I'm told it works04:28
idnarokay, guess I don't want to do that then04:28
thumperidnar: you probably do at some stage04:28
idnarI don't want to break all the old/merged branches, and upgrading all of those sounds like too much work04:29
wgrantIt woul dbe really nice if there was a way to upgrade a project.04:29
idnaror does LP handle that somehow?04:29
wgrantAt the moment it's very difficult...04:29
thumperwgrant: yes I agree04:29
thumperperhaps upgrading a branch should also upgrade all those stacked on it04:30
idnarI guess the problem is that lots of users / teams can have branches of a project, which you don't necessarily have control over04:30
wgrantthumper: Probably.04:30
wgrantthumper: At the moment it's just about impossible.04:30
* thumper nods04:30
wgrantThe rich-root and CHK migration sucks badly already. LP should be able to take away much of the pain.04:31
thumperagreed, it should...04:31
RAOFwgrant: It's far and away the largest source of friction I've encountered in using bzr, yes.04:32
lifelessnhandler: please mail the project lead for a project who has merged your branches04:33
lifelessnhandler: IRC request is likely to be dropped, ETOOHARD04:33
idnarI wish I could move all of my projects to 2a alreadyf04:34
wgrantI should probably be in that team too.04:34
nhandlerlifeless: Alright, I sent a message to flacoste about it04:40
lifelessgreat one, thanks04:42
robert_ancelltrying to upgrade lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/launchpad-integration/ubuntu, it says it's upgrading but doesn't seem to change format.  any ideas?05:56
spmhrm. 17sec sql query/timeout.06:01
spm... which shouldnt have. crimsum, try again?06:02
crimsunspm: did, and it was fine the second time.06:03
crimsunI suppose this is due to edge's lower timeout?06:03
spmhrm. that's a new one on me; I was under the impression that edge and prod have the same 20sec total timeuot06:04
crimsunit happened once earlier in the past couple hours06:04
crimsunspm: I could be mistaken; I vaguely (mis?)remember being informed that edge has a faster timeout.06:04
spmin. ter. est.ing. the explain plan on both staging and prod seems identical (if very complex, 38 lines of; whee) on prod was fast - it's been run recently; on staging, I'd estimate 10+ seconds. maybe longer.06:06
robert_ancellCan anyone help with a bzr upgrade ^06:07
spmrobert_ancell: hrm, also interesting. 2010-02-10 06:00:16 ERROR   Not a branch: "/~ubuntu-core-dev/launchpad-integration/ubuntu/". (~ 10 mins ago)06:09
robert_ancellspm, weird, did something happen when we moved the branch to lp:~ubuntu-desktop/launchpad-integration/ubuntu?  (I only want to upgrade the former so I can upgrade the later so I can merge in a change from a new branch)06:11
spmrobert_ancell: in what way was it moved? I presume you mean branch/push to new location?06:14
robert_ancellspm, I'm not sure, I think mvo did it06:16
spmrobert_ancell: I can't help but think this is some sort of stacking/bzr-funky-tricks issue. just havng a brain implosion on it tho...06:18
robert_ancellspm, ok, thanks for looking06:20
spmsorry - haven't stopped looking - just getting pulled in about 3 diff directions at once :-)06:21
spmrobert_ancell: hrmness. it already has a backup.bzr folder. I wonder if that's causing issues... is old too. from April last year.06:24
wgrantWhich branch?06:24
wgrantThat generated that odd 'Not a branch' above which looks very stackish?06:26
spmnot helped by the oops folder being incorrect (now fixed)06:27
spmjust clicked on upgrade again, see if we get a better error06:28
spm30 secs....06:29
spmOOPS-1502UBJ1, 2010-02-10 06:30:16 ERROR   File exists: u'/tmp/tmpz-cgoq/backup.bzr/': [Errno 17] File exists: '/tmp/tmpz-cgoq/backup.bzr/'06:30
spmmv backup.bzr backup.bzr.old; try again....06:31
wgrantThat's a bit less insane.06:31
spmARGH. 2010-02-10 06:32:26 ERROR   Permission denied: "Cannot create 'backup.bzr.old'. Only Bazaar branches are allowed."06:32
spmrobert_ancell: upgraded. finally.06:34
spm... I hope. the log may be lying06:35
spmbranch: Branch format 706:35
RAOFNow you'll probably need to do the same for lp:~ubuntu-desktop/launchpad-integration/ubuntu, since that needs upgrading too.06:35
spm*cough* *coug* sudden severe illness... dying .... callling ambulance.........06:36
spmI wasn't convincing there was I?06:36
RAOFMost people don't type while dying!06:36
spmRAOF: that one already is branch 7?06:37
spmor am I looking at the wrong thing again...06:37
spmyes. nm.06:37
RAOFRepository format: packs 5 (does not support rich root)06:37
wgrantBranch format != repository format06:37
spmyeah, I always get that confused.06:38
robert_ancellI'm getting repo format "development.." now06:38
robert_ancellok, trying to upgrade other branch now...06:38
wgrantLP labels it incorrectly as development, right.06:38
spmthere's no backup.bzr dir on this one, so it should "just work"06:39
spmkerboom. OOPS-1502UBJ3 2010-02-10 06:40:13 ERROR   Not a branch: "/~ubuntu-core-dev/launchpad-integration/ubuntu/"06:40
wgrantYeah, that's a stacking mapping fail.06:41
spmlifeless: http://paste.ubuntu.com/372997/ any thoughts on fixing? is from a failed lp branch upgrade request.06:48
lifelessspm: roll it back06:50
lifelessspm: I don't know how the lp upgrade stuff works, I do know it works *elsewhere* and then syncs in some fashiopn06:51
lifelessso my bzr internal knowledge is useless06:51
* spm nods06:51
lifelessWAG: upgrade failed, then it synced the broken state.06:51
spmhmm. in this case, the upgrade was on the (alleged) stacked upon branch; I've rolled that back - but appears the issue remains.06:53
spmoh, no; caching I suspect; is good now.06:54
spmrobert_ancell: you *should* be back to square 1 again.06:54
robert_ancellspm, ok06:56
robert_ancellspm, gtg, should I raise a ticket about this?07:12
robert_ancellagainst lp?07:12
spmyes; bug against lp-bazaar integration07:12
spmlp-code, that'd be07:12
robert_ancelllifeless, thanks07:12
robert_ancellLP #51966607:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 519666 in launchpad-code "Unable to upgrade lp:~ubuntu-desktop/launchpad-integration/ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51966607:15
spmta, I'll add some notes from what I did07:15
robert_ancellgtg, see you guys later07:16
spmg;night robert_ancell07:16
spm*** FYI. ppa upload service is about to be momentarily interrupted for a code update *** (the right one this time...)07:17
spmal-maisan: hey there! your timing is impeccable! just did the CP to germanium (again...)07:18
spm*** FYI. ppa upload service is all systems go again ***07:19
al-maisanGood morning spm, thanks :) What do you mean by "again"?07:19
spmbleh; the revno desired hadn't landed on prod-stable; only prod-devel; I didbn't notice that and went witha CP one revno too low. gargh.07:19
wgrantWhich CP? The package diffs one?07:21
spmbug 51692207:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516922 in soyuz "process-pending-packagediffs breaking" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51692207:21
spmshould see if it worked in ~ 2 mins...07:22
* spm artificially tries to build suspense to see if he can make al-maisan nervous...07:22
al-maisanspm: :)07:22
spmI think we can call that a "Fail" on the suspense then... ;-)07:23
al-maisanspm: after (almost) 2 years of Soyuz I've had all the suspense I may wish for :P07:24
spmal-maisan: I'm sure I don't know what you mean by that07:25
spmbtw, working beautifully so far...07:25
spmand completed successfully. Woo!07:25
* wgrant wonders how a graph of CP count vs. team would look.07:26
al-maisanpheww ..07:26
spmwgrant: dont go there. please. you'll depress the ... something out of the losas07:26
al-maisanspm: join Soyuz and you'll know soon enough ;)07:26
spmal-maisan: the politically correct answer: But we already are! Us losas are honary members of ALL the teams! Aren't we the lucky ones!07:27
al-maisanspm: wow! I do envy you :)07:27
spmbonus points for saying without using a cynical tone of voice ;-D07:27
* al-maisan googles for "cynical" ;)07:28
spmal-maisan: "Commiting the transaction." ? are spelling mistakes bugs? - not that I care tbh, as it's usually only us that'll see, but just noticed.07:29
al-maisanspm: thanks for ponting that one out -- maybe I can do a "drive by" fix.07:30
spmal-maisan: the #1 result on that google is likely to be "See System Administrators"07:30
al-maisanheh :)07:30
al-maisanclosely followed by package build system developers ;)07:31
spmal-maisan: I can see that. agreed.07:32
spmheh, just watching lamont tear his hair out over the buildd's can be a weeks worth of entertainment all on it's own! :-D07:34
jelmerasabil: hi09:25
jelmerasabil: Unfortunately that's a known bug - bug 51676809:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516768 in bzr "bzr merge --uncommitted fails with TypeError (dup-of: 509343)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51676809:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 509343 in bzr-pipeline "merge --uncommitted results in a TypeError" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50934309:26
jelmerI haven't had time to look at it yet.09:26
jelmersorry, bug 51675809:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516758 in bzr-hg "cython import fails with unicode and infinite recurson" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51675809:26
asabiloh oki, thanks jelmer09:28
asabilsorry for creating a duplicate09:29
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LaibschI just tried to subscribe motu sponsors to bug 515805, but got http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_5.png What's going on there?11:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515805 in gjots2 "Sync gjots2 2.3.9-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51580511:48
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ne78Is it possible to move a project from a project group to an other project group ?13:20
wgrantne78: Click 'Change details'.13:32
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Lord-Readmanin launchpad translations how often does the "Overall Statistics:" figures update?13:47
dpmjtv, henninge ^13:52
henningeLord-Readman: Daily, I think.13:52
Lord-Readmanhmm i thought so too, but it was yesterday around 08:00 UTC and it hasnt been done today yet13:53
Lord-Readmanto maybe its 48hours or someone pushes abutton?13:53
henningeLord-Readman: no button, no13:53
henningeLord-Readman: can you please paste the link to where you see those statistics?13:54
Lord-Readmanthen click show all languages13:55
Lord-Readmando you see them?13:57
Lord-ReadmanClicking on the language gives you overall stats, or you can just look at the untranslated columns etc13:57
Lord-Readmanbut they do not update live with translations13:58
henningeLord-Readman: yes, I do see them.13:59
henningeLord-Readman: and you are saying the overall statistics have not changed in the last 24 hours, right?14:00
Lord-Readmaneven tried CTRL + F514:00
henningeLord-Readman: There have been some interference lately between the update script and a message sharing conversion script that is still running.14:02
henningeBut I checked the error reports and there was nothing on there today.14:03
Lord-ReadmanAre you able to request the job runs now?14:03
henningeLord-Readman: no14:03
henningeLord-Readman: I just checked the crontab, the script runs daily at 7:27 UTC14:04
henningeLord-Readman: oh, hang on, that is commented out14:04
henningeLord-Readman: yes, it's because of the problems it was causing. It will be re-enabled once the other script is complete.14:05
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Lord-Readmanah ok14:06
henningejtv: Do we have any ETA on the message-sharing migration script finally being done?14:06
Lord-Readmanso tomorrow at half 7ish to 8ish with all good luck14:06
henningeLord-Readman: no, it has been commented out since 18 January ....14:06
henningeLord-Readman: but the weekly script is still running14:06
Lord-Readmanah, it updated yesterday though14:06
Lord-Readmanso next week14:07
henningeLord-Readman: what day is "3" in crontab, I forget ?14:07
Lord-Readman0 is sunday14:07
Lord-Readman3 is wed14:07
henninge27 07 * * 3  is the entry for the weekly script14:08
ne78Can anyone register it's project to any project group ? or is it possible to moderate them ? For example i've added my own project to the /mysql project group, is there a way to forbid that ?14:09
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al-openerpi'll have to maintain the whole /openobject project group, but i would like to make two project groups, one official for officials project only containing 6 subprobjects one for unoffcials projects14:11
Lord-Readmanhenninge, well it didnt run today14:12
Lord-Readmanis there any reason the update script cannot run at the same time as the message sharing one14:13
henningeLord-Readman: database lockups14:13
Lord-Readmanhow long has it been running now?14:14
henningeLord-Readman: sometime last fall ... on and off. ;)14:42
henningearound karmic time14:43
Lord-Readmanso any guess as to when the stats will update? next wednesday?14:43
Lord-Readmanthey are already out by around 20,00014:44
Lord-Readmanwhich is why i was looking forward to an update14:44
henningeI have currently an admin checking if it actually ran today.14:44
henningeLord-Readman: admin says, it looks like it ran.14:56
jtvLord-Readman: haven't read the full scrollback, but the statistics update is running very slowly these days.14:56
al-openerpecho /openobject with only 6 projects and /openobject-community with all the crust, so that we can manage bugs excluding extra projects ?14:56
jtvLord-Readman: We try to run it once a day for the newer translations at least, but even that is taking several days now.14:57
jtvLord-Readman: however, when you work on a translation, some of the statistics get updated immediately.  Even then, for Ubuntu, there may still be a wait for a daily cron job to propagate those changes to the languages overview.14:58
Lord-Readmanbut the dailycronjob is disabled15:00
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danbhfiveI've been having trouble with ubuntu-bug, and I tried apport-collect but it just crashed with a 412 error from wildcard.edge.launchpad.net15:43
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raornis it possible to use methods other than ftp to use dput with lp?16:11
gesernot currently16:49
RoAkSoAxhey guys is dput to PPA's broken? i keep getting: Connection failed, aborting. Check your network [Errno 111] Connection refused17:00
bigjoolsRoAkSoAx: the ftp daemon crashed, someone's restarting it, thanks for letting us know17:12
RoAkSoAxnp bigjools ;)17:12
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DumbSpammerhttp://sq.armed.us/electric_car_operating_cost.html I see that this channel is logged, so I'm sending this link as an experiment to see how long it takes a search engine to find the page. Sorry of the spam :)18:04
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persiaDumbSpammer: Please don't do that.18:24
DumbSpammerpersia, how do I repay my debt?18:34
persiaDumbSpammer: Fix two bugs in launchpad?18:35
DumbSpammerhopefully something easy like spelling mistakes18:36
leoquantfix bug nr 118:37
persialeoquant: That'S asking a lot :)18:42
persiaDumbSpammer: Well, there's lots of bugs: some of them may be spelling mistakes.18:42
DumbSpammerLaunchpad itself - There are currently no open bugs.18:44
beunoDumbSpammer, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bugs?field.tag=trivial18:45
persiaAnd some of those are even wording/spelling issues, so trivial to address.18:48
maco2barry: happy birthday!18:48
barrymaco2: thanks!18:48
james_whow do I pass a list of people to an API method?18:51
marsleonardr, ^ ?18:53
leonardrjames_w: if just putting the people objects in a list isn't working, i don't know if we support that18:53
leonardrwhat is the method?18:54
james_wit appears like it should take the .self_link if the object is a REsource18:54
james_wRestfulBase has _transform_resources_to_links which does:18:56
james_w            if isinstance(value, Resource):18:56
james_w                value = value.self_link18:56
leonardrjames_w: it sounds like we should add code to do the same when the value is a list of resources18:57
james_wah, yeah, of course18:57
james_wI wasn't reading correctly18:57
james_wI'll hack around it for now and then make the branch18:57
leonardrjames_w: thanks18:57
james_wthanks leonardr18:57
leonardrjames_w: it might be difficult to add a test since i don't think lazr.restful example service has any such named operations18:58
leonardrlet me know and i can add one18:58
DumbSpammerWell I still can't figure out what launchpad is. Is it a program you run on your computer or is it a server side program running the website?18:58
maxbLOSAs: Loggerhead seems unhappy. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~maxb/launchpad/stop-using-deprecated-sets/files => "Internal Server Error"19:00
persiaDumbSpammer: server-side19:01
mbarnettmaxb: taking a look19:02
mbarnettmaxb: is it possible that was transient?  i am pulling it up fine19:03
maxbhmm... I repeated it 3 times before asking, but it works for me too now19:04
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mbarnettmaxb: let us know if it pops up again.  i don't see anything out of the ordinary at the moment, but maybe i just missed it..19:05
DumbSpammerSo how do you view/download the source code for launchpad19:06
DumbSpammerNo download files exist for this project.19:16
oojahDumbSpammer: Try https://dev.launchpad.net/Getting19:17
DumbSpammerHere to fix bug #455203 about visiblity spelling19:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455203 in malone "typo: "visiblity" misspelled" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45520319:23
DumbSpammergrep -i "visiblity" /path/to/source/code19:23
james_wleonardr: is it possible that lazr.restful is missing support for this too?19:38
james_wI'm getting 500s with ValueErrors back if I do it manually19:38
leonardrjames_w: it is possible. for some reason i thought you knew it would work19:41
james_wnope :-)19:43
leonardrjames_w: the best way to proceed would be to add a test to lazr.restful and get it to work there19:43
james_wI was just hoping19:43
bachi DumbSpammer -- if you want to fix that bug it would be great.  getting started is a bit time consuming though.  but after that it is pretty smooth sailing19:44
thekornjames_w, hmm, I think I have createMergeProposals() working somewhere with a list of reviewers, let me try to find it19:58
james_wthekorn: that would be great19:58
thekornjames_w, ah, now I remember how it is working: 1.) you need use .self_link in the list, and 2.) review_types must have the same length than reviewers to avoid a ValueError20:00
thekornbranch.createMergeProposal(target_branch=trunk, reviewers=[user1.self_link, user2.self_link,], review_types=["code", "code"])20:01
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doctormoWhat is the id required to fetch a branch from lp.branches ? it doesn't seem to be the url or branch name20:09
thekorndoctormo, you can use both, the short name "lp:*" or some bazaar.* url20:17
thekornit depends on which method you use20:17
doctormothekorn: from lp.branches.GetByUrl()20:17
thekorndoctormo, right, like     launchpad.branches.getByUrl(url="lp:zeitgeist")20:18
thekornor    launchpad.branches.getByUniqueName(unique_name="~zeitgeist/zeitgeist/trunk")20:21
persiaDumbSpammer: How is it progressing?  Could you find the offending code for visiblity?20:26
doctormoHuh is launchpad beta currently down?20:36
doctormossh: Could not resolve hostname bazaar.launchpad.net: Name or service not known20:38
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mwhudsondoctormo: no?20:43
BookmanI'm trying to use Launchpad to access the Ubuntu bug reporting and whenever I enter a search term all I get is an error:  (Error ID: OOPS-1502B4019)20:46
BookmanGreat, ubottu recommends a link that requires sign in....excellent.20:51
mwhudsonBookman: it's link for the devs (us) not you, fwiw20:52
BookmanAh, ok.20:52
Bookmanso, for regular folks that use launchpad with errors?20:53
persiaWe complain here, and post the errors, and the links show up, and the devs go investigate (ideally)20:55
BookmanMaybe that should be in the title!20:55
Bookman(Error ID: OOPS-1502B4066)21:01
Bookman(Error ID: OOPS-1502O3999)21:03
oskudehi, a newbie user question, administering my first program in launchpad. is a "series" in "Series Goal" (in blueprint) a branch in bzr ?21:05
cody-somervilleBookman, You're requests are unfortunately timing out.21:05
BookmanOk, I give up.....21:10
kfogelmwhudson: fwiw, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/revision/launchpad@pqm.canonical.com-20100205150750-blu72y9wn7k94sgw keeps getting "Please try again. Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server."21:11
GaryvdMHi - I'm trying to restore a branch that failed to upgrade.21:18
GaryvdMI tried to rename the broken .bzr dir, but I got a permission error.21:19
GaryvdMsee http://paste.ubuntu.com/373500/21:19
james_wthekorn: aha, thank you21:19
BookmanOh yeah, my time out error happens all the time.  Very frustrating.21:21
james_whas the diff generation cron job been made less frequent, or is there a backlog more often recently?21:24
BookmanOk, I've tried everywhere/everything.  I give up.21:25
kklimondaBookman, patience is a virtue.. I'm sure that administrators are either working on that or busy doing something just as important21:27
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GaryvdMOk - I'm guessing that the serve won't allow me to make anything other than .bzr and backup.bzr21:28
GaryvdMSo I'm going to take the plunge, and rmtree  .bzr && rename backup.bzr .bzr21:29
james_wGaryvdM: it allows .bzr.backup as well21:29
DumbSpammerpersia, well I want to search through the code to find the spelling error but it looks like I'll have to start a 250MB download to do that21:42
DumbSpammerIs this software really that big?21:42
thumperDumbSpammer: yes21:43
thumperit is a DVCS21:43
thumperyou're getting complete history21:43
DumbSpammerdev-util/bazaar <- is that what I need to download the sources?21:48
DumbSpammerversion 1.4.2-r121:48
mwhudsonyou need something newer than that21:48
mwhudsonversion 2.0 or better21:48
persiaDumbSpammer: It's probably faster to download the 250MB and run grep then to dig through each file on the web interface, but once you have the code, updates should be *much* smaller.22:08
DumbSpammerpersia now bzr won't run because pyexpat python module is missing22:37
DumbSpammerand there seems to not be a package for it on Gentoo22:38
persiaDumbSpammer: Hrm.  That gets tricky.  Is it available in the cheeseshop?22:38
DumbSpammerWhat's the cheesshop22:38
* persia waits for the browser to unhang22:39
persiaSeems the cheeseshop grew up, and became pypi : http://pypi.python.org/pypi22:40
persiaBut lots of that can just work without much ebuild.  Some of the modules require more.  I'm not sure about pyexpat22:40
DumbSpammerdev-python/yolk escription:         Tool and library for querying PyPI and locally installed Python packages22:44
DumbSpammerDo I need that22:44
persiaI'm not sure (I use Ubuntu), but it might help you get the right stuff in place.22:44
* persia hunts for other resources22:44
wgrantDumbSpammer: There are much newer versions of bzr in Gentoo...22:45
wgrant2.0.1 is stable except on some obscure archs.22:45
persiaDumbSpammer: You might also try #gentoo-python : they may be able to better guide you on getting pyexpat installed.22:45
persiaSorry to send you all over the place, but I just want to get you to the most knowledgeable people for each bit.22:46
DumbSpammerI needed to update-eix ... didn't see 2.0.1 version22:47
wgrantIt did seem slightly unlikely that Gentoo of all distros would have a version of bzr that was nearly two years old.22:48
persiaindeed :)22:49
DumbSpammerdev-python/setuptools-0.6.8-r1 dev-python/pycrypto-2.1.0_beta1 dev-python/paramiko-1.7.622:52
DumbSpammerThose are the dependences bzr needs on Gentoo22:52
DumbSpammerI guess pyexpat must be in there somewhere22:52
czajkowskimwhudson: https://login.launchpad.net/  copyright 2004-2009 slightly out of date no ?22:55
persiaczajkowski: Are you certain the code changed in the last six weeks for that bit?22:57
czajkowskipersia: not sure just wondered22:57
wgrantIt's not actually part of Launchpad, so it might not have.22:58
czajkowskiwgrant: ah fair enough, just wondered was it out of date, or just not updated :)22:59
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DumbSpammerTime to file Gentoo bug report. Python must need XML support enabled23:14
persiaDumbSpammer: Another alternative you might consider is to set up an Ubuntu chroot, and hack on launchpad in that.23:25
persiaMight be easier than fixing gentoo to be a great launchpad development platform (although that's a reasonable goal in it's own right)23:25
wgrantYou need python-apt to run Launchpad, and dpkg to run other bits, so running it on Gentoo might be difficult.23:26
persiaDumbSpammer: http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.php/Debootstrap_Ubuntu_from_Gentoo is instructions for a NAS, but it ought work for any workstation as well.23:26
persia(except you probably want to debootstrap karmic rather than gutsy)23:26
persiaOh, and you're probably not on powerpc :)23:27
poolie_mwhudson, thumper, re https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+question/10063123:30
poolie_does launchpad automatically remirror now when the source format changes?23:30
mwhudsonpoolie_: yes23:30
mwhudson(it always has done, modulo a few bugs)23:31
mwhudsonno known bugs in the area now though23:31
micahghttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu is timing out...is this known?23:31
poolie_micahg: it was not known to me, at least23:41
poolie_how much of the time?23:41
poolie_do you have an oops number?23:42
micahgpoolie_: seems to be working again23:42
micahgpoolie_: sorry, I refreshed it away, should I note them if it happens again?23:43
poolie_well, if it's a persistent problem, then it helps23:44
poolie_because it lets the devs match it up with the server side error23:44
poolie_they are logged though and people do analyze them\23:44
poolie_if it's permanently stuck please tell us though23:44
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