cooloneyasac: i think you are in the email loop of my ethernet ping email to fsl01:34
cooloneyi CCed you and oliver01:34
asaccooloney: hmm. ok01:35
cooloneyasac: no problem. you work so late, are you still in portland TZ?01:40
asacoff now ;)01:40
asachad to fiddle with specs01:40
cooloneyasac: good night,01:57
cooloneylool: just dowloaded your zImage in my qemu, it works.08:23
cooloneylool: but my zImage built from latest lucid tree, fails to mount root device08:23
loolcooloney: Ah09:01
loolcooloney: Did you build it from the lucid source package, or the lucid tip?09:01
loolcooloney: Could you try http://people.canonical.com/~apw/misc/arm/linux-image-2.6.32-13-versatile_2.6.32-13.18~masterapw1_armel.deb ?09:02
loolcooloney: unpack the .deb with dpkg-deb -x linux-image-2.6.32-13-versatile_2.6.32-13.18~masterapw1_armel.deb linux-versatile/ or something like that09:02
loolthen use linux-versatile/boot/vmlinuz*09:02
* apw looks blearily09:03
persiaapw: Just an incidental strike because you host kernel packages directly09:03
cooloneylool: i think, i messed up my build system.09:04
loolcooloney: Could be09:04
cooloneylool: i rebuilt the kernel from latest lucid09:04
cooloneylool: it can find the rootfs now09:04
cooloneylool: thanks09:04
apwcooloney, pretty sure i've not changed the tip significantly since that build09:05
loolI was thinking we should build daily rootfs-es just like we have daily UEC images09:26
persiaogra was talking about having a way to script rootstock to do just that.09:28
persiaThere's still the issue of kernel feature support, etc. but that's separable.09:29
loolpersia: What issue?09:50
loolI was thinking of reusing their image building infrastructure actually09:50
loolpatching vmbuilder to create armel images09:50
loolThe only major difference is bootloader on hard disk versus kernel on host09:51
loolI'd love to have kexec working to hide this fact completely09:51
persiaImage build infrastructure also works.  The main issue with kernels is that some of our userspace depends on features not available in some kernels.09:52
persiaBy using the distro kernel (or rcn-ee's kernel), one ends up with the features.  Otherwise, one may not.09:53
* persia doesn't know about other kernels)09:53
loolpersia: Oh yeah; in theory we should be using one in-disto kernel for each image build09:58
loolpersia: In practice this will only be possible with lucid09:58
loolFor <= karmic, perhaps we can provide backports?09:58
loolI'm not interested in redoing the work on an older kernel, but it would probably be doable to provide backports for karmic in a PPA or simply to use lucid kernel (a bit ugly though)09:58
persiaWill it be possible with lucid?  We're nearing FF, and I haven't seen that stuff land yet.09:59
loolI managed to boot karmic userspace with the lucid versatile kernel BTW09:59
loolpersia: Well it's in the git tree09:59
loolSo hopefully this will be uploaded soon09:59
persiaOoh!  That's excellent news.09:59
loolBesides, it's not like a versatile is a new feature; we're just fixing it  ;-)09:59
loolThe biggest problem ATM is that lucid glibc breaks gtk+ apps09:59
persiaThat certainly has some potential for regression.10:00
loolI don't think I will be able to research this; I mailed doko to ask whether he had any advice on this, or on trying out backports / rebuilds of eglibc, but it's a best effort thing10:00
loolI found a workaround to the glibc issue, but I don't know whether it's 100% correct10:00
loolEither set G_SLICE=always-malloc, or MALLOC_CHECK_=010:01
loolSetting G_SLICE is safe, I'm less sure about the second one10:01
loolIt would be nice if someone could chase that bug; it might turn out to be a toolchain, or linux or qemu or glibc bug10:02
persiaDoesn't that disable checking for available memory when allocating?10:02
loolDon't think so, I think it disables the sanity checks in glibc which do things like checking around your buffer, or checks for double free etc.10:03
loolIt's more of a security feature as I see it10:03
persiaDoes Qt also break, or just gtk+?10:03
loolEither it's broken, or there is a really dangerous bug, I can't tell10:03
loolI don't know about Qt, didn't try10:04
loolThat's why I would personally start with only setting G_SLICE as a workaround10:04
loolBecause that just changes the memory allocator of glib with another safe one10:04
persiaI was just thinking of ways that one might determine whether it's a gtk+ or glibc issue.10:05
loolI don't think it's a glib issue because it's only in qemu/versatile10:09
loolBut I could be wrong10:09
loolIt might be that it gets the toolchain calls wrong10:09
loolAlso, it only happens with a particular request size10:09
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
ogralool, why are you duplicating work ?10:44
loologra: Sorry?10:54
loolWe discussed a lot of stuff above, so please be more specific10:54
* persia suspects it's a rootstock vs. vm-builder things.10:54
ogralool, you seem to reimplement exactly what will be in rootstock by A310:55
loolErr I could argue that rootstock is a duplication of vm-builder10:56
lool(Which itself duplicates part of d-i, but that's a bit far fetched)10:56
ogralool, well, why not use vmbuilder as a backend then, the plan for rootstock is to actually use it for image building with L+110:56
loolI was proposing to reuse the vm-builder daily image build infrastructure instead of coming up with a new one for rootstock10:56
ograand i'd love (and was hoping) to have your help on the code ... thats why i gave you full commit access to the branch etc10:57
ograif you feel vmbuilder is a better backend feel free to change it10:57
loolYou effectively received help from me before doing that10:57
ograstarting a second project from scratch feels like a huge waste to me10:57
persiaThe backend now is debootstrap + apt-get?10:58
ograplus oem-config for the system setup10:58
loolHow is it from scratch??  vm-builder has been around for much longer than rootstock; I mentionned supporting armel even before you started rootstock10:58
loolI also discussed the design issues with you at the Dublin sprint10:59
loolWhy reinventing "set hostname, set password" etc. was not a good reuse of our debconf stuff10:59
ograthats why oem-config is used now10:59
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=== asac_ is now known as asac
mblighwhich bootloader do you generally use for ARM?17:46
ograwhatever bootloader the board needs :)17:47
ograit really depends on the board17:47
loolmbligh: hey Martin; we use either U-Boot or RedBoot17:47
loolmbligh: For dove boards, we only have U-Boot support from the vendor, for imx51 boards we get both RedBoot and U-Boot support with different features17:47
mblighok, any idea where the config file lives / what the flashing procedure for a new kernel is?17:48
mblighgrep -r vmlinuz /etc turns up nothing17:48
loolmbligh: That depends of the board; where is the kernel stored?17:48
loolIs this qualcomm?17:48
mblighit's in /boot17:48
mblighmmm. can't say ;-)17:48
loolQualcomm has multiple stages of bootloaders, so it's a tad complex, and there are signatures at various levels17:48
loolmbligh: Recent versions of U-Boot and RedBoot can load files such as kernels or boot instructions from a filesystem17:49
loolI would expect that's your case, but perhaps only the kernel lives on a fs17:49
loolmbligh: Check your BSP docs; there's certainly some info on writing your own kernel17:49
ograand surely some doc about the used bootloader17:50
* ogra hands asac a beer some chips and and https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mono/2.4.3+dfsg-1ubuntu2/+build/149586417:51
loologra: Does mono actually work properly in the recent versions?17:52
ogralool, no idea, it didnt build until some mins ago, the last version we had came from karmic into lucid17:52
asaclool: i think a testsuite is run in the build17:53
asacand the mcs compiler also is mono ...17:53
asacmaybe it doesnt work fully, but it probably should work somewhat17:53
loolasac: You might recall the weird banshee bugs17:53
ograwhich are still open :)17:53
asacno. that was before my time. i wanted to check if it now is better17:53
asaci think we might want to disable jit on arm17:53
asaci will try that in a ppa if we still have the problems17:54
* ogra is happy as long as the apps we ship are installable at least ...17:54
ograeverything beyond is a bonus17:54
asacogra: will you give some love the ftbfs list and give them back for a bit ?17:55
asaci have a call and would check afterwards what can be retried17:55
armin76dmart: get me a mwc2010 pass!17:55
ograas soon as its published, yes17:55
ograbut publisher will still take a while17:55
loologra: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/arm/build-arm-rootfs was an early version of rootstock, right?17:57
ogralool, yep17:57
loolI'll drop references to it from the wiki; I don't think it's a good idea to still point people at it17:57
ogralool, btw, do you think the lucid versatile kernel could work with jaunty qemu ?17:57
ogralool, where will you point to ?17:58
ograthere was no rootstock in jaunty and i havent tested it on jaunty since ages, build-arm-rootfs works for jaunty users17:59
loologra: it would be nice if you could test the new versatile kernels with jaunty qemu-system-arm17:59
loolI will point to rootstock for now17:59
loolIt would also be nice to provide backports of rootstock17:59
ograi will do so for karmic17:59
ogranot sure for jaunty since it wasnt available there18:00
loolI personally would prefer supporting a single tool with the latest Ubuntu release and then perhaps investing in backports rather than supporting different tools for multiple Ubuntu versions18:00
loolWhat wasn't available in jaunty?18:00
loolI was thinking of backports, so we could make anything available anyway18:00
ograyeah, thats surely possible18:00
loole.g. backports of debootstrap, rootstock, qemu-kvm, linux18:01
persiacan rootstock backport?  I thought it depended on features not available until karmic.18:01
ograpersia, the code is that bloated because it still works without qemu-arm-static18:01
persiadebootstrap is commonly backported, and tends to go through smoothly.  linux is almost never backported: that probably needs a PPA.  I'm unsure about qemu-kvm.18:01
ograqem-system-arm is all that counts18:02
ograand that used to work in jaunty18:02
loolConcerning linux, it's probably the one we can avoid backporting in any case since it's typically not installed on the system18:02
ograthe question is if the new versatile will work18:02
loolIt's more of a companion/helper to the rootfs18:02
ograi dont want to keep the different kernels in the script but unify on the archive version18:02
persiaSo just get debootstrap backported (can be very quick if people are willing to test), and then backport rootstock.18:03
ograbut its essential to know if the kernel works with qemu18:04
ograi want to reduce the bloat of the script if possible18:04
ogragiven that all the lucid features add a lot of extra code18:04
persiaWell, backport the current version to karmic and jaunty, and then trim it down for lucid fowards.18:05
ograi wonde if i should drop all the locale handling ... oem-config can care for that18:05
ograin case of the debconf frontend i could even drop the tasksel stuff18:07
ogranot sure about the gtk/qt UIs18:07
=== jds_ is now known as Hoonse
Hoonsehi guys18:16
persiaHey Hoonse18:23
Hoonseis anyone here who set up ubuntu on the beagleboard sucessfully? =)18:24
ograseveral people i think18:24
persiaThere's some instructions on the beagle wiki that are up to date18:24
* persia hunts18:24
ograHoonse, http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu18:24
persiaYeah, that's it :)18:25
ograthere should even be test images18:25
Hoonseyeah i read this already but for this you have to compile ubuntu for your own right?18:25
persiaYou have to create your own rootfs only.18:25
persiaBut you can do that from precompiled binaries.18:26
Hoonsethe rootfs is the "folder tree" ?18:26
persiaroughly, yeah18:26
loolthe bits and bytes!18:26
ograerr, that wikipage even has ready made images18:26
ograyou dont need to compile anything :)18:26
Hoonsecan i use for example the synaptic packet manager for installing things?18:26
loolSome people actually believe the rootfs is the soul of your board18:26
Hoonse"the thing where the magic happens" =)18:27
ograHoonse, yes, you can use synaptic/apt-get or aptitude18:27
persiaMost stuff should just work.  IF something doesn't work, we'd appreciate help getting it fixed :)18:28
Hoonsebut i think the "normal" programms that you use for the pc arent working. only a few right?18:28
persiaAnything that works for any other architecture *should* work.18:28
persiaThere are a couple things that just won't, like WINE, but those are exceptions.18:28
Hoonseoh my god that would be great...18:28
persiaThat's the point :)18:29
Hoonsei think i only need a ftpd a httpd and a java runtime env...18:29
ograpersia, if lool ever fixes qemu to run on armel you could theoretically run wine in qemu-user *g*18:29
persiaogra: That's advanced hackery though.  The reason WINE doesn't work is that there's a check in the build scripts that gets mad if it's running on armel.18:30
Hoonsei think i will try this now =) the only problem is that my only monitor is plugged into my beagle...18:30
persiaWINE does the same thing for powerpc, which annoys me, because I used to run windows on a powerpc.18:30
ograpersia, i men the x86 version of wine :)18:30
persiaogra: And that's the advanced hackery bit :)18:31
Hoonsecan i do this via ssh plugged the mmc card into my server?!?18:31
ograjust some binfmt magic :)18:31
persiaHoonse: Most people create the rootfs on their host workstation.  If you're just doing a server, you might try installing openssh server, and then logging in over ssh and using DHCP to set the IP, rather than connecting a monitor.18:32
persiaogra: The binfmt magic isn't the hard part.  The hard part is getting the binary installed in the first place.18:32
ogradetails :P18:32
* persia watches the publisher impatiently18:33
* ogra is eager for the first blog entries from people running IE under wine on armel netbooks *g*18:34
ograprobably in 12.04 or so :)18:34
rcn-eeogra, did you catch the blog/youtube where someone ran max os (powerpc) thru pear on a n900?18:38
rcn-eemax/ mac...18:38
ograno, cool :)18:38
ograhaha, i should try that on mine :)18:44
ogralool, you missed to remove a sudo qemu call :)18:44
* ogra fixes18:44
ograOMG ...18:50
ograi just ran rootstock -s gdm ...18:50
persiaAnd it worked?18:50
ograthat installs half the desktop18:50
persiaWell, yeah.18:50
jds_so i just did the formatting stuff for the mmc card... can i take the "normal" MLO uImage and u-bin files from the angström image or do i have to take "special" files?18:50
ograwhy the heck does gdm pull in nautilus?18:50
=== jds_ is now known as Hoonse
Hoonseu-boot not u-bin sorry18:51
ograarent they linked from the wiki ?18:52
* ogra thought they are18:52
persiaogra: gnome-session is the link.18:53
ograpersia, i thought there was a shrunk down gnome-session18:53
* persia checks18:53
ogragnome-session-core or -bin or so18:53
persiaRight. gnome-sessoin-bin18:53
* persia looks again18:53
persiaI don't see it immediately then.18:54
ograi hope my image size is enough ...18:55
* ogra doesnt want to do that again ... its just to test the logic for installing oem-config-gtk if gdm is installed18:55
* persia invokes the heavy artillery18:56
ograi think i'll forbid ll useradd stuff in rootstock in favor of oem-config18:57
ograup to now you can still use --user --password ...18:57
ogracan anyone tell me a reason why to keep it ?18:57
ogra(gievn its really insecure)18:57
rcn-eeogra, what would oem-config bring up on first boot then? would it require a gui? i'm thinking console installs...18:58
persiarcn-ee: There's a debconf front-end18:58
ograit brings up a debconf ui18:58
ogralooks like debian-installer18:59
ograbut only asks for username, passwd, language and timezone18:59
rcn-eeokay, that works.... wasn't sure.. ;)18:59
persiaogra: I think it's an issue with dependency resolution.  I'm *definitely* getting it through gnome-panel->gnome-session->nautilus18:59
ograand then removes itself18:59
* persia blames the lack of versioned provides18:59
Hoonsein the wiki there are "usefull packages" listed what should i do with dem?!?18:59
persiaHoonse: Install them on your workstation :)19:00
rcn-eeHoonse, you would install them thru the '--seed '19:00
ograor afterwards in the booted system19:00
Hoonseyeah but i need at least the wifi drivers do get this thing to the www19:00
rcn-eethe key ones are linux-firmware and wireless-tools for wifi devices... since ubuntu's repo gives us the firmware...19:01
Hoonseplease excuse my strange english skills... normally i speak german =)19:01
ograyour skills are fine ...19:03
Hoonselol thanks19:04
Hoonsewhen i spt-get install the xfce4 has this any affect on my PC UBUNTU system?!? i am a little afraid right now =)19:04
ograno, it wont touch your host system19:05
Hoonsehmmm the rootstock script is running... everything seems awesome =)19:11
ograit will take a while, get a beer and some dinner :)19:12
Hoonsewhen everything is done i want to put the beagle in my roomba vacuumcleaner with a webcam and wifi. prog a java tool or something you can enter via a web browser to controll the roomba...  i think i will create a domain like vacmyhouse.com or something so that people can clean my home =)19:14
cwillu_at_workooh, rcn-ee19:16
cwillu_at_workI has kernel config options for you!19:16
rcn-eehey cwillu_at_work19:16
cwillu_at_workif only my server wasn't wedged right now :p19:16
rcn-eeouch... i know that feeling, it's my day off and i'm rotating new harddrives on the beagle farm.. .;)19:17
Hoonsehmmm my girlfriend is screaming right now... i think i should go to her before she is making a scene AGAIN... -.- brb when script is finished^^19:17
* ogra wonders what hapens in ubuntu-system-service's unpack phase that reliably locks up his VM19:48
persiastrace it :)19:52
ograi cant19:52
ograits inside a VM19:52
persiaAnd you can't install strace in the vm, and strace dpkg while unpacking?19:52
ograi just want to get that codepath tested damned19:52
ograthat would require any kind of option to get *inside* the VM19:53
ograthe VM is spawned by rootstock as backend19:53
ograi cant easily get to it19:53
ograi suspect its the bug that lool just reasearched (and i think fixed too) with libc19:54
ograit simply takes 40min to get to that point, that the annoying part ... but i think i'll kill the build now19:54
persiaAh.  Yeah.  It would be painful to untangle that sufficiently.19:55
Hoonseholy sh this takes really a while...19:55
* ogra just goes back to the other kernel and tries again19:56
ograHoonse, yes, under which host release do you run it ?19:56
Hoonsei think 9.0419:56
ograyeah, that was really slow19:56
ograkarmic (9.10) wa a lot faster19:57
Hoonseseems so =)19:57
Hoonsehmmm i got some warnings... is this normal?20:09
persiaHoonse: What sort of warning?20:11
HoonseSetting up wdiff (0.5-18) ...20:11
Hoonseinstall-info: warning: maintainer scripts should not call install-info anymore,20:11
Hoonseinstall-info: warning: this is handled now by a dpkg trigger provided by the20:11
Hoonseinstall-info: warning: install-info package; package wdiff should be updated.20:11
ogradepends on the warnings :)20:11
Hoonsethis sort of...20:11
persiaHoonse: You can safely ignore those.  Those are bugs in the packages being installed.20:12
Hoonsegreat its cleaning up =)20:12
Hoonseaaaand done yeah20:12
persiaIf you're feeling especially adventerous, you can try to fix the bugs, but I'd suggest leaving them alone unless they are causing you issues.20:12
asacogra: how is the mono give back going?20:13
asacsomeone needs to take over? whats the status?20:13
ograasac, i simply gave back everything20:13
ogralest see what sticks to the wall and what falls off20:14
asacright :-P20:14
ograi'll do a second run tomorrow20:14
asacdo you get emails for give backs?20:14
asachmm. i think so20:14
ografor failures at least20:14
asaccoool. then be accurate ;)20:14
asactalk to you tomorrow20:14
ograi'll check the ftbfs list tomorrow morning and we'll see20:14
persiaOne only gets give-back fail emails if one was an uploader.20:14
ograejoy your evening20:14
ograpersia, well, the ftbfs list will have them20:15
ogramost of it still sits in the queue20:16
ogragnome-sharp2 is currently building20:16
loologra: I wasn't done with the wiki page, just went for dinner20:17
therealgalendoes anybody know of any ARM CPUs with compression offload or accelleration?20:31
Hoonseare these boot fixup for 9.10 to do or not (i am talking from the wiki page =))20:34
rcn-eeHoonse, just 9.10 for the moment... (unless you've installed a backup battery on your c3/c4..)20:35
rcn-eelucid (10.04) when released, hopefully won't require the fixup.. ;)20:35
Hoonsek then i really should do this... =)20:35
persiatherealgalen: Lots of them have DSPs available, but you'd have to check carefully to see if any of those vendors have kernels that do that sort of offloading.20:35
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, who doesn't install the battery on a c3/c4?20:36
rcn-eeme.. ;)20:37
rcn-eeand i have 3 other's beagles couple bx's and c2 with out the battery hookup..20:37
ograrcn-ee, whats that fixup ? anything we can pull into the distro to help ?20:38
rcn-eeit's the util-linux... missing rtc date, you had mentioned a fix was heading for lucid...20:38
ograah, k20:39
rcn-eemy fingers are crossed that debian picks that up the same fix for squeeze too... then no one would have noticed it was an issue... ;)20:40
Hoonsehmmm there is no ./tmp/etc/e2fsck.conf file on my image ?!?20:41
rcn-eeHoonse, that's correct.. by default the file doesn't exist...20:46
rcn-eeby default everything works perfectly.. ;)20:47
Hoonsei have to make it right?20:47
Hoonsewhen i try to umount the ext partition if the mmc card it says the device is busy but the "writing led" isnt blinking... i am afraid to all again when i just stick it out...20:53
Hoonse-.- i was ON the partition...20:54
Hoonseso guys its finished20:55
Hoonseplease cross your fingers =)20:55
Hoonseplugged in...20:56
ogranothing to cross ... it will just work :)20:56
Hoonsewoooohoooo i see tux on the screen *muahahahaaa*20:56
Hoonseholy sh... it works!!!20:57
Hoonsethanks guys!!!20:57
Hoonsehmmm i just got a terminal on a blue backscreen?!?21:02
Hoonsebut the login was at a gui...21:02
persiaHoonse: Well, what desktop environment did you install?21:03
ograi.e. what did you specify for the -s option21:03
rcn-eeahh Hoonse, by default it goes to 'xterm' you need to change it in the drop down on the bottom...21:04
rcn-ee(at the login screen)21:04
Hoonsek *reboot*21:04
rcn-ee'exit' should do it..21:04
Hoonseyeah thats the other option =)21:05
rcn-eethat would be a nother good fixup to list on the wiki.. just remove/move the xsession file...21:06
Hoonsethere is no drag down?!?21:06
Hoonsethere is login restart and shutdown...21:06
rcn-eeyou need to click on your login name... or type it.. then the theme changes...21:07
Hoonseoh there it is... sorry21:07
rcn-eei know.. it's weird... if you don't have a 'theme' installed it's impossible... ;)21:07
Hoonseis there a tool to setup the wifi device?21:11
rcn-eenetwork manager, once installed.... but you'll have to do... "sudo ifconfig -a", "sudo iwconfig wlanX essid "xxx"", "sudo dhclient wlanX"21:12
Hoonseiwconfig not found...21:13
rcn-eethat was "wireless-tools" one of the usefull packages... you have to download, copy, dpkg it..21:14
rcn-eehttp://ports.ubuntu.com/pool/main/w/wireless-tools/  it shouldn't have any dependices, dpkg will warn you...21:15
ograunder karmic qnd lucid you can just chroot into the SD card from your x86 host :)21:15
ograan just install NM21:15
ograqemu-arm-static ftw !21:15
rcn-eeyeah, that would be easier.. and while there, add the nework manager gui for xfce4, not sure on the name.. ;)21:16
ograeverything is so much easier in karmic and lucid21:16
ograimagine lucid+1 .... it will just work on its own, we wont even need to do anything anymore :)21:17
Hoonsewhats the difference between wireless-tools 29-1ubuntu... and wireless-tools 29-1.1ubuntu...21:19
Hoonsewich should i download?21:19
loolCool, linux uploaded21:25
loolHopefully a working versatile in lucid soon21:26
ogralool, doe sthat have the fix for the eglibc issues ?21:26
ograor do we need another libc upload for them ?21:26
Hoonsei have downloaded the files to my beagle desktop but i cant find any option in apt-get to install from disk21:36
loologra: I don't have any fix for the regression caused by libc6 update21:36
rcn-eeHoonse, from disk, use "sudo dpkg -i <file>"21:37
ograthen we wont have working versatile21:37
rcn-eeopps, thats why mkfs.ext4 took so long on my server.. usb 1.1 port...21:39
Hoonsehmmm i have to take the armel.deb files right?21:39
ogra1.1 ? ouch21:41
rcn-eeHoonse, that's correct...21:41
Hoonseno i took 2ubuntu...21:41
ogralooks ok21:42
Hoonseit says "packet damaged"21:42
Hoonsei translatet this...21:43
rcn-eesounds like it didn't copy all the way....21:43
Hoonsek i will do it again...21:44
ograHoonse, https://launchpad.net/~ogra/+archive/ppa/+files/qemu-arm-eabi_0.10.5-0ubuntu1_i386.deb install that on your x86 machine21:45
ograHoonse, then you can mount your SD to /mnt and do: sudo chroot /mnt apt-get install network-manager21:46
Hoonsevia ssh too?21:46
ograon your intel machine21:46
ograyou can do chroot via ssh too indeed, yes21:46
Hoonsei have istalled this21:49
ogranow you can execute stuff on the SD21:49
ograthrough the chroot command21:49
ogramount it to /mnt and run sudo chroot /mnt21:50
ograthat gives you a shell on the SD21:50
ograand then you can just install network-manager using apt21:50
Hoonseok now i am confused..21:51
Hoonsei have mounted the ext filesystem from the mmc card21:51
Hoonseyes but what do i do with chroot?21:51
rcn-eecwillu_at_work, the ehci looks good on the c4 with (tested and, using the same stress test i use for the musb port..  i really need to find another way to break it...21:51
ogranow you do: sudo chroot /mountpoint21:51
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, troubles?21:52
Hoonseangus@serv0r:~/Desktop$ sudo chroot /media/ext21:52
Hoonsechroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory21:52
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, or are things just working properly and you're sad?21:52
rcn-eenope, not troubles.. everything works good.. so it's a good sign..21:52
ograHoonse, make sure to mount it manually in /mnt or something, the automount in /media wont work21:53
cwillu_at_workI had a weird crash yesterday, don't think it was usb related though21:53
cwillu_at_workI've got better blinken lights now so I'll know for sure the next time21:53
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, I don't have it handy, but have you tripped over any omap-pm kernel config options?21:54
cwillu_at_workwas wanting to play with the thermal monitor a bit, which apparently requires a specific omap pm module;  additionally, this allows for bumping up the voltage when clocking a beagle at 720mhz, which I wanted to try re: the weird crash21:54
Hoonsei have manually mounted it on /mnt/ext21:55
ograand there is /mnt/ext/bin ?21:55
cwillu_at_workHoonse, typically you mount things directly on /mnt;  use /media for submounts21:56
Hoonsebut it seems there is no bash...21:56
ograHoonse, so the chroot command should work (at least if you are on a ubuntu machine)21:56
ograls /mnt/ext/bin/bash ?21:56
cwillu_at_workHoonse, you did chroot /mnt/ext or /media/ext?21:56
Hoonseand there is a bin/bash21:57
ogramight be a bug in the qemu-arm-eabi package but it *should* work21:57
ograits a pre release package i rolled under jaunty, the proper one went into karmic and is a bit different21:58
Hoonsedo i have to start qemu or something?21:59
ograits an automatic wrapper that wraps around armel binaries if you execute them22:00
ograyou can try to restart binfmt-support22:00
ograsudo /etc/init.d/binfmt-support restart22:00
ograthats where it hooks into22:00
rcn-eecwillu_at_work, yeap, now that musb/ehci seem to work, i really want to start enableing the power managment stuff..22:00
ograand then try again22:00
Hoonsenope doesnt work22:01
cwillu_at_workoh, goodie :)22:01
ograsorry then, might be an issue with the package22:01
rcn-eecrap... anyone know a good source for 3.3 volt pci usb adapters... my server is just a tad bit old only usb 1.1...22:01
ograHoonse, sudo dpkg -r qemu-arm-eabi22:02
cwillu_at_workI've got a good computer store locally, it's been a while since I've had to buy any standard parts online :)22:02
ograHoonse, try the karmic one http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/q/qemu-kvm/qemu-arm-static_0.11.0-0ubuntu6.3_i386.deb22:02
cwillu_at_workugh, 3.3 volts?22:02
rcn-eeyeap... 3.3... full length pci....22:03
rcn-eei think i can get away with a very low profile and left angle pci convertor..22:03
ograare these still built ?22:04
rcn-eeit's an old amd-8111 dual core opteron i got surplus a couple years back..22:04
ograi meant the PCI->USB cards :)22:04
rcn-eei have a couple, 5 volt, it doesn't look like anyone built them for 3.3... (just parrell/firewire stuff)22:05
Hoonsei think i will try this tomorrow again...22:06
rcn-eeokay found a 3.3.. newegg loves me..22:06
Hoonsei have to stand up at 5 am because it snows like hell22:06
Hoonseby guys and a big thanks for all your help22:07
Hoonsesee u tomorrow22:07
ogra*** glibc detected *** apt-get: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x000c7160 ***23:33
ogralool, ^^^ thats with the karmic kernel23:33
ogra(but i guess you tested that when nailing it down on libc)23:33

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