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suji11hi, here is my package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/iok , i couldn't understand the last comment, can anyone explain to me?04:32
arandsuji11: #uubntu-motu would be more appropriate for packaging help.04:52
suji11 arand: ok04:53
pabs3does anyone know when the Debian import freeze for Lucid is?05:17
micahgpabs3: Thursday05:17
tjaaltonslangasek: bah, still hangs with .33rc7. the session works for a while (terminal, access to home), but launching nautilus breaks it for good07:13
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pittiGood morning09:16
Keybukev: confirmed; automation doesn't work with 20100210 either09:26
Keybuk(or 20090209.1)09:26
evKeybuk: indeed, already looking into it.  Appears to be a casper bug, but I'm still digging.09:26
dholbachbah, my desktop machine hung itself for the second time today and there's nothing in syslog09:49
dholbachand gdm doesn't show up properly either09:50
seb128dholbach, do you have plytmouth installed there?09:50
Keybuk"hung itself" ?09:50
dholbachKeybuk: like the mouse pointer does not move any more, I can't ssh in, music stutters like a broken record, etc :)09:51
dholbachseb128: yes09:51
seb128dholbach, try uninstalling it09:52
seb128my box stop freezing since I removed it09:52
dholbachseb128: will let you know in a bit09:52
sebnerseb128: the plymouth/gdm freeze seems fixed /here though. Just did a normal boot. (I used a workaround the past week)09:52
seb128sebner, not there, I just did some testing for slangasek09:52
seb128I got it 3 times in a row today09:52
seb128until I uninstalled plymouth again09:52
dholbachsebner: it works on my laptop (i386, intel graphics) too, just not on my desktop (amd64, nv)09:52
seb128it's racy09:53
dholbachKeybuk: but at least magic sysrq still worked09:53
seb128so it will not happen every time09:53
dholbachseb128: yay - problem "fixed"! ;)09:53
sebnerseb128: dholbach : Well, as I said, I was seeing it too the whole past week (with nvidia) but tried a normal boot today and it worked. Maybe it was just luck09:54
dholbachI hope that'll fix the kernel/whatever hang too :-)09:54
seb128dholbach, ;-)09:54
seb128I blame it on Keybuk for forcing plymouth on everybody and running away ;-)09:55
sebnerdholbach: the funny thing is that on my box I'm seeing "self-healing" pretty often xD09:55
Keybuknot heard of that one being plymouth related09:56
Keybukif X is up, plymouth shouldn't be running09:56
sladenanother excellent one is if you shut the laptop lid during boot, and then reopen it to try and log in...09:57
dholbachKeybuk: I'm sure the hang is unrelated to plymouth :)09:57
seb128Keybuk, launchpad bug #51641209:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 516412 in plymouth "Pressing <Enter> causes X to freeze" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51641209:59
Keybukonly if your boot is very very fast and you never see plymouth09:59
seb128Keybuk, it's still the same vt1 conflict issue I think09:59
Keybuklike I said, only if your boot is very fast ;)10:00
Keybukotherwise X will be on vt710:00
seb128my boot is not very fast10:00
seb128it's my d63010:00
seb128it takes some 45 seconds to boot10:00
Keybukdo you see the ubuntu logo?10:00
chrisccoulsoni get X running on vt7 too, and i still see it crash when hitting enter10:01
Keybukchrisccoulson: then that's unrelated to plymouth afaik10:01
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - when i have plymouth installed, I noticed that all my keyboard input gets routed to the VT that X is running on10:01
seb128Keybuk, I see "Starting up..." for 15 seconds, "_" in text for 3 seconds, plymouth for 3 seconds, empty screen with xorg cursor for 3 seconds10:01
seb128then session10:01
chrisccoulsonif i stop X, everything I've ever typed is on the underlying VT10:01
seb128then box crash when I hit enter10:01
Keybukseb128: I can't see how that's caused by plymouth10:02
Keybuksounds more like an X bug10:02
seb128I doesn't happen without plymouth10:02
seb128so it's an interaction between both10:02
seb128slangasek says that plymouth is not supposed to exit that early10:02
Keybukbut plymouth has already exited by the time X starts, right?10:02
seb128ie I should still have plymouth on the spinning cursor time10:03
dholbachboohoooo, the machine hung again :-(((((10:03
* dholbach is very unhappy10:03
Keybukoh, does plymouth segfault for you?10:03
seb128not that I know, at least it doesn't trigger apport10:03
seb128but it's only displayed for some 3 seconds10:03
Keybukdo you have a segfault message in kernel dmesg?10:03
seb128ie it goes away before having xorg displayed10:03
Keybukyeah, sounds like plymouth crashed10:04
seb128no crash mention in the logs10:05
seb128it's a shame that the only 2 people not getting that issue are slangasek and you ;-)10:06
seb128in any case I can get debug informations if you need some10:07
seb128it happens pretty consistently there10:07
KeybukI'll take a look after FF10:08
seb128ok thanks10:09
dupondjemvo: had some time yet ? ;)10:23
mvodupondje: still on my list, but todo should be fine10:24
mdzis anyone else getting emailed about build failures in the kubuntu-ppa-staging PPA?10:26
sbeattiemdz: oh yes. It's going to the ubuntu-reviews list, for some strange reason.10:28
mdzRiddell: ^^10:29
persiaI think it's also going to all members of some group, to which kubuntu-devel belongs, and hitting ubuntu-core-dev as a result.10:31
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* Keybuk wonders why he's now getting kubuntu build failure logs in his inbox10:40
Tm_Twe thought you haven't had enough mails yet10:40
* Tm_T hides10:40
Keybuktm_T: I'll forward you the 2,000 odd mails in my LP folder shall I? :p10:41
Tm_TKeybuk: sure, I already have several thousand unread mails here10:42
maxbWhich package determines that Ctrl+Alt+F1 means VT switch when in X? I'm trying to determine what changed on my lucid system such that it now VT-switches with plain Alt+Fx even when in X10:47
Keybukmaxb: linux-image-generic...10:49
Keybukactually I think the Ctrl-Alt thing may be xorg-server ;)10:49
maxbWas about to say... didn't think I'd updated the kernel in the last few days10:50
Keybukit's not an update or change10:51
Keybukit's a bug10:52
KeybukI suspect this to be the same bug that causes people's X servers to crash when they press Enter10:52
maxbcrash as in display freezes on the last displayed image? I've seen that too10:54
maxb*blink* and the password I typed into gdm was displayed after the Login: prompt from a text getty after I quit X10:54
Keybukyou have the same bug then10:59
seb128maxb, uninstall plymouth...11:01
* maxb does that11:02
tkamppeterI need help: When there are updates available, update-manager gets somehow started automatically, probably via D-Bus. I want to do so with the firmware installation tool of HPLIP. Someone knows how this works?11:20
tkamppeterCan I use libnotify for that?11:20
cjwatsonit's done explicitly in update-notifier; grep that package and you should find it11:21
tkamppetercjwatson: Thanks11:23
pittitkamppeter: jockey recently grew the ability to listen for "needs firmware" uevents, and launch if it found something (currently used for  DVB-T sticks, which need firmware)11:31
pitti(the listening to those firmware events is also implemented in update-notifier)11:32
tkamppeterpitti, I have the following situation:11:35
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tkamppeterHPLIP recognizes with the UDEV rule /lib/udev/rules.d/56-hpmud_support.rules whether a printer needs a proprietary plug-in in order to work with HPLIP.11:36
tkamppeterpitti, the udev rule simply runs "hp-mkuri -c" with the model name of the discovered printer in an env variable.11:37
tkamppeterpitti, hp-mkuri checks whether the printer needs the plugin, and if yes, it simply generates a notification uing libnotify, telling the user to run the appropriate utility (which is part of HPLIP, "hp-plugin").11:39
tkamppeterpitti, I want that hp-mkuri starts the utility directly in that case.11:39
tkamppeterpitti, and that with a not too big patch on hp-mkuri, so that I can contribute the patch upstream to HPLIP.11:40
pittitkamppeter: how does it currently connect to libnotify? udev rules run as root, and are not attached to a particular user (session)?11:40
pittitkamppeter: ah, so it's not "firmware" in the linux sense? (/lib/firmware/)11:41
pittitkamppeter: can you please put /lib/udev/rules.d/56-hpmud_support.rules in a pastebin? (sorry, I don't have it installed)11:42
tkamppeterpitti, no, the firmware is not installed into /lib/firmware and the plugin can contain other things than firmware, like color profiles or binary-only driver add-ons.11:42
pittitkamppeter: ok, so it's more like a general package11:43
pittitkamppeter: that sounds like a case for jockey, except that it doesn't do hotplugging without further support (from update-notifier)11:43
tkamppeterpitti, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/373145/11:43
pittiRUN+="bin/sh -c '/usr/bin/hp-mkuri -c &'"11:44
pittiwhy doesn't it just run hp-mkuri straight away?11:44
tkamppeterpitti, here is the source of hp-mkuri: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/373147/11:45
tkamppeterSee especially the notify() function which generates desktop notification bubbles via libnotify.11:46
pittitkamppeter: so, adding this match to update-notifier looks straightforward (the firmware bit already listens to gudev and has an event handler)11:46
pitti(and drop that rule)11:46
tkamppeterpitti, I do not know why the UDEV rule launches the program through a subshell, when I run hp-mkuri manually it exits already while the notification bubble is still there.11:47
pittitkamppeter: I meant, why does it need that sh -c & hackery?11:47
pittitkamppeter: but anyway, if the rule goes away in favor of changing update-notifier, it won't matter anyway11:48
tkamppeterpitti, perhaps due to its non-zero exit codes, but for that one could also do "hp-mkuri || :"11:48
pittiit shouldn't care11:48
sorenDo we do anything to reduce swappiness when swap is on an SSD?11:48
ograsoren, i doubt that, usually the controller should care with recent SSDs11:49
sorenogra: What do you mean?11:49
ograsoren, on recent SSDs the controller does the wear out levelling11:49
ograso it shouldnt matter what your swappiness is set to with newer HW11:50
cjwatsonmvo: do you know what's going on with the return of bug 507842?  I'm seeing it here too11:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 507842 in python-central "Does not honor XS-Python-Version if debian/control contains a empty line before the Source: line" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50784211:50
tkamppeterpitti, I would like more to modify the notify() function in hp-mkuri as this is more streamlined with upstream. I do not need to add a dependency on update-notifier, so it is easier forgetting it accepted upstream.11:50
ograsoren, indeed there is that grey area of SSDs that dont do that ... i know cking did a lot of SSD work, he might be able to tell you what is on/off wrt SSD handling today11:51
persiaogra: That heavily depends on the filesystem used and the filesystems supported by the FTL (although many common FTLs do support ext2/3 now)11:51
ograpersia, swap is swap :)11:51
ograunless you use a swapfile on top of a filesystem indeed :)11:52
sorenpersia: FTL?11:52
persiaogra: Ah, right.  I have no idea if any available FTLs treat swap well.  I seem to remember a discussion regarding using swapfiles to work around that.11:52
persiasoren: Flash-Translation-Layer : is the embedded computer that sits between the disk interface and the flash.11:52
pittitkamppeter: this uses some weird trick to talk to an user session; I don't even see how it is supposed to work in the first place; it doesn't even do setuid(), let alone dbus connections to any user's session11:52
mvocjwatson: re 507842> I have a look11:53
pittitkamppeter: the update-notifier support would be ubuntu only indeed; nothing for upstream11:53
ograone solution with older SSDs was to have a swapfile and copy that around all the time ... i played with that, but thats horribly slow and wasteful11:53
persiaAnother solution is to use raw flash and UBI, but that requires motherboard support (and separate flash)11:53
ograwell, or use a modern SSD :)11:53
ograwith a proper controller11:54
ograits a matter of price11:54
tkamppeterpitti, you mean libnotify uses this weird trick? notify() in hp-mkuri only calls functions/methods of libnotify.11:54
* soren thinks his Intel X-25M is modern enough11:54
ograyeah, definately11:54
sorenWow. This thing boots fast!11:54
ograsoren, bootchart ?11:54
persiasoren: Check with Intel regarding swap support in the FTL.  You may find you want a swapfile.11:54
pittitkamppeter: yeah, and that's what I don't understand; I can't believe that this works at all11:54
ograsoren, i have a samsung, with the upgrade to lucid my system went from 45 to under 10sec11:55
persia(But you don't have to copy the swapfile around with an FTL that supports the underlying filesystem)11:55
sorenogra: Yeah, I'm way under 10 sec.11:55
tkamppeterpitti, is libnotify shouting into the D-Bus and some user session daemon (notify-osd?) is listening and showing the bubbles?11:55
ograsoren, i'm talking desktop though :)11:55
sorenogra: Me too.11:55
pittitkamppeter: it's not "the" d-bus; notifications are happening on the session bus, which is per-user11:56
pittiand an udev rule doesn't have their addresses11:56
sorenogra: It feels way less than 10 sec, at least. /me is doing a bootchart now.11:56
pittitkamppeter: did you test that this current rule actually works?11:56
ograsoren, temporary use autologin to get reliable measures11:56
sorenogra: I'm using ecryptfs, so no can do.11:57
sorenogra: Oh, i guess I could create a dummy user to test it.11:57
cjwatsonmvo: ta11:57
ogramy fastest was 8sec so far ... but it went up a little with the latest plymouth changes11:57
tkamppeterpitti, yes. I have the HP LaserJet 1020 which needs firmware. I have removed the plug-in and then power-cycled the printer and I got a notification bubble.11:57
ograits constantly around 9.5 now11:57
tkamppeterpitti, the bubble showed 30 sec.11:58
tkamppeterpitti, and the bubble is in notify-osd style (black transparent with white text).11:58
tkamppeterpitti, the magic must be inside libnotify.11:59
pittiapparently so11:59
tkamppeterpitti, it works both by power-cycling the printer (then hp-mkuri runs as root) and by calling hp-mkuri on the command line (then it runs as me).12:00
mvolool: hi, do you have a moment to talk about the latest python-central changes?12:00
pittitkamppeter: so, you can't use libnotify to launch a program in the user session, so if you want to do that, you need to patch update-notifier12:00
tkamppeterpitti, I do not know enough about the capabilities of libnotify, perhaps it can.12:01
pittitkamppeter: with notification-daemon you could attach an action, which could then launch a program12:02
pittibut notify-osd doesn't have actions12:02
tkamppeterpitti, notification-daemon is not used in Ubuntu any more?12:04
pittitkamppeter: not by default12:04
tkamppeterpitti, and hplip has a working dbus server only if hplip-gui is installed which is also not done by default in Ubuntu.12:06
pittitkamppeter: the session d-bus is launched by gnome, independent of hplip-gui12:07
tkamppeterpitti, how can I make use of the session d-bus the simplest way to let the udev rule launch an interactive program?12:08
pittioh, you mean it exports a service over dbus, nevermind12:08
pittitkamppeter: you can't12:08
pittitkamppeter: you need a program in the user session to listen to udev events (such as update-notifier)12:08
pittiwhich then can launch a program12:08
tkamppeterpitti, how will it work by using update-notifier?12:09
tkamppeterpitti, does it require a change in update-notifier?12:09
pittitkamppeter: update-notifier already sets up a handler for udev events (currently for firmware); this needs to be extended to match on that printer12:09
pittitkamppeter: yes, it does12:09
tkamppeterpitti, is there some general d-bus listener in the user's desktop session which I can use without modifying it?12:12
pittitkamppeter: no, mvo and I have always talked about this, but we never got to that12:12
pittitkamppeter: update-notifier should be fine, the code is our's, and easy12:13
* pitti needs to run out for some 30 mins12:13
Keybuklong-term, the idea would be that Upstart could be that general listener, even in the desktop session case12:13
Keybukbut that's YEARS off12:13
tkamppeterpitti, OK, can you do the changes on update-notifier?12:14
mvotkamppeter: what is required? I can probably do it too12:19
tkamppetermvo, the program hp-mkuri (written in C, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/373147/) should send a message to somewhere telling that a certain command line should be executed in the user's session, to run a GUI application.12:21
tkamppetermvo, the command line to be called is not a straight command line but a shell script one-line, like "if python -c 'import PyQt4.QtGui' 2>/dev/null; then gksu -- hp-plugin -u; else gksu -- xterm -T 'HPLIP Plugin Installation' -sb -rightbar -e hp-plugin -i; fi" so that it works on all Ubuntu systems.12:25
mvotkamppeter: but the command line is not send as wel, right? that will be encoded in the session and the singal just is there to know which one to pick ?12:25
mvotkamppeter: so when a signal like "plugin_installation_required" then u-n should call the above command?12:26
tkamppetermvo, one could send the command line, but one could also send only a signal. The command line does not depend onm the printer model or on its connection type.12:26
tkamppetermvo, but I would like that the HPLIP Ubuntu package provides this command line, because the command line can change with changes in future HPLIP versions.12:27
mvotkamppeter: sending a commandline like this is scary, I would prefer to have it encoded inside u-n12:27
mvotkamppeter: so just the signal, if future version require a different one, then I'm happy to update update-notifier12:28
tkamppetermvo, we could put it into a file which is part of the hplip package, and the part of u-n which executes it, reads this file,12:28
mvotkamppeter: thats ok12:29
chrisccoulsonmvo - on the topic of u-n - do you think u-n should check it is on the active console before doing things like launching update-manager and showing the reboot dialog?12:29
mvochrisccoulson: yes, good idea!12:29
chrisccoulsonmvo - want me to provide a patch to do that?12:30
chrisccoulson(if i get the chance)12:30
mvotkamppeter: I can make the required changes if you give me the signal name12:30
mvochrisccoulson: YES :-)12:30
chrisccoulsoncool, i'll try and look at that :)12:30
chrisccoulsonright, lunch time. bbiab12:30
tkamppetermvo, can you tell me where I should put the file and how to name it? Do not make it a conffile (not in /etc/) as it is only package- and not user-/system-dependent and so conffile update complications should get avoided.12:30
tkamppetermvo, I do not have a signal name yet and also do no know how to send such type of signal. Can you tell me what I have to do?12:31
mvotkamppeter: ok, lets take that off the channel into private conversation then. I can help with that12:32
tkamppetermvo, OK.12:33
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loolmvo: Sure, but I'm about to go for lunch12:36
loolmvo: Do you have issues with them?12:36
mvolool: I have a debdiff for review that fixes the most recent change http://paste.ubuntu.com/373188/ - I think its still not ideal, but works in my tests12:40
loolmvo: That's odd, I tested the code and it worked for me; do you have a sample control where it fails?12:41
mvolool: sure, try the atspi one12:41
loolmvo: Oh it's comments12:42
mvolool: the problem is that paraborder is set to "0" on the first line that is not a \n - but that means that control files with # this is autogenerated\ndo not\nedit\n\n will not work12:42
mvolool: so if you are fine with the above debdiff I will upload now and rebuild pyatspi12:42
loolmvo: how about http://paste.ubuntu.com/373190/ instead?12:43
pittimvo, tkamppeter: we shouldn't use hp-mkuri in the middle, I think; update-notifier can just listen to the device event directly and fire up the gui12:43
loolmvo: Sorry about that BTW, I forgot to handle comments, but I wanted to stop parsing of XS-PV in binary packages12:43
mvolool: yeah, that is fine as well12:44
loolmvo: Ok; I think my change is closer to what dpkg-dev does12:44
loolsee /usr/share/perl5/Dpkg/Cdata.pm12:44
mvolool: fine with me12:45
loolmvo: uploading12:45
loolmvo: Sorry again for the trouble12:46
loolmvo: Next thing on my list would be to turn on include-links by default in a PPA12:46
* lool lunch &12:46
mvolool: nice, thanks12:46
tkamppeterpittim I do not know whether it is a good idea, as the UDEV rule is also subject to change with the HPLIP package, and so hplip should provide it.12:47
tkamppeterpitti: ^^12:48
pittitkamppeter: make the udev rule ENV{ID_HPLIP_CHECK}="1" and only test the property in update-notifier, not the vendor/product ID directly?12:53
mvotkamppeter, pitti: we can make u-n run a script provided by hplip when we get such a event12:54
pittimvo: I thought that was by and large already there?12:54
mvopitti: yes12:54
mvopitti: I just wanted to decouple what is run from the u-n code, so that hplip can provide the command in a script12:55
pittithat makes sense12:55
tkamppeterpitti, mvo, hp-mkuri is needed to check whether a download of the plugin is really necessary. It sends notifications only if the HP device really needs the plugin and if the plugin is not yet installed.12:57
mvoand hp-mkuri needs to run as root? or could it run as the user?12:57
tkamppeterpitti, mvo, therefore I want to send the signal out of hp-mkuri, to not need to re-implement how to determine which device needs the plugin.12:57
pittimvo: does u-n listen to the system bus?12:58
pittiif it does, hp-mkuri could send a signal to the system bus which u-n could pick up12:58
tkamppeterpitti, mvo, hp-mkuri works also running as me. It gets the model by env variable, so it does not need to access the printer.12:59
tkamppeterpitti, mvo, so you can see how the notification looks like by running: hp_model='HP LaserJet 1020' hp-mkuri -c; echo $?13:00
tkamppeterpitti, mvo, no printer needs to be connected for that.13:00
mvotkamppeter: if its enough if it runs as the user we could just make it part of the script in hplip that u-n triggers ?13:08
tkamppeterYes, then u-n can trigger the script on any HP printer, simply when /lib/udev/rules.d/40-hplip.rules has set ENV{ID_HPLIP}="1"13:17
tkamppeterOnly problem is that we also need to know the printer model somehow without the script needing to re-detect.13:18
tkamppeterhp-mkuri needs the model in an env variable. /lib/udev/rules.d/56-hpmud_support.rules has it simply at hand.13:18
tkamppeterpitti, mvo, ^^^^13:19
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pittiasac: so it's still necessary to apply dozens and dozens of thumb2 patches to all kinds of packages? I thought that got fixed in gcc proper?13:29
ograpitti, that doesnt fix the broken code that uses hardcoded asm13:29
pittiah, so that's not just the workaround any more that we applied to gtk and such13:30
ograthere are lots of packages that use asm to add arm support, asm thats not supported in thumb2 mode13:30
asacpitti: not sure what you mean13:30
ograpitti, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Thumb213:31
asacpitti: there was a implicit-it fix that helped for a good bunch13:31
asacthe rest is assembler that isnt valid and needs to get ported13:31
ograpitti, look at "assembler errors" at that wikipage13:31
asacpitti: could you upload postgresql at some point before alpha3?13:32
asaciirc my patch is fix committed there13:32
pittiasac: I meant thsi: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/36400628/glib2.0_2.23.0-1ubuntu1_2.23.0-1ubuntu2.diff.gz13:33
asacpitti: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Thumb2PackageReviewList ... thats the fulll list of packages with assembler issues13:33
* asac checks13:33
pittiasac: yep, can do, it went to testing right before the sprint13:33
asacpitti: yes13:33
asacthats the kind of patches we do13:33
asacand other stuff13:33
asacfor atomics we can replace assembler with gcc atomic built-ins13:34
asacfor other stuff we need to add different assembler13:34
asacthats the howto13:35
loolpitti: the glib fix is upstream now13:35
loolIt's not a patch anymore13:35
pittiah, I remembered that it was a workaround for a gcc fix13:35
asacpitti: there was something else ... called "implicit-it"13:35
loolIt's a workaround to use gcc's functions instead of the builtin assembler implementation13:35
asacwe added that to a few packages in the beginning, but then doko made that default for gcc13:36
loolOh right, that's probably what pitti recalls13:36
tkamppeterpitti, mvo: Any comments on my last messages?14:07
james_wwas there anything that stops us from uploading v3 formats to lucid directly?14:08
james_wdoes that LP bug mean that you will only be able to upload -0ubuntu1 packages?14:08
cjwatsonv3 (.orig).tar.gz ought14:09
cjwatsonto work14:09
james_wbut not .bz2?14:09
cjwatson.bz2 and others were believed to be buggy, yes14:10
james_wok, I'll stop implementing it then :-)14:11
cjwatsonit should be fine for native packages14:12
cjwatsonwhich was the one I particularly cared about :-)14:13
james_wsorry, I mean I'll stop implementing the bit that makes v3 source packages with .bz2 tarballs14:14
james_wI have the import part14:15
cjwatsonjames_w: ah, right14:27
james_wI've added a --v3 flag to merge-upstream that will make it not repack .bz2 tarballs, should be good for this release14:27
james_wwe can make it more automatic when the toolchain is up to it14:28
cjwatsonjames_w: pristine-tar can repack bz2 - it's xz it has trouble with, if that's the problem you mean14:30
cjwatsonjames_w: is there a current bzr-builddeb release branch that doesn't require bzr 2.1?14:31
james_wcjwatson: that too, but I don't want to automatically create packages that will lead to problems later with Launchpad14:34
cjwatsonmm, fair enough14:34
james_wcjwatson: no, unfortunately not. You can just edit __init__.py to comment out that block if you want.14:35
james_wit's for the changelog merge support14:35
cjwatsonI just reverted to r398 :-)14:35
mvopitti: does "dbus-send --system --dest=com.hp.hplip --type=signal /com/hp/hplip com.hp.hplip.NeedFirmware" in the backend as a singal name make sense to you? for signaling u-n?14:39
sabdflProcessing triggers for initramfs-tools ...14:41
sabdflupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-12-generic14:41
sabdflcpio: ./lib/udev/firmware.sh: Function stat failed: No such file or directory14:41
sabdflupdate-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-12-generic14:41
sabdflshould I be worried about that?14:41
=== Hellow_ is now known as Hellow
sabdfljust happened on an update, i'm reluctant to reboot till i can get it sorted14:41
sebnersabdfl: did the update fail or did you just read the message? Because I did a update some minutes ago (with gui) without problems14:42
sabdflhmm.. was doing it under aptitude. i have some ppa's but don't think there's a kernel package in 'em14:43
sabdflit did say i needed to do dpkg --configure -a14:43
sabdflso i think it failed14:43
sebnersabdfl: oh, seeing it too now. I don't use PPAs so ..14:45
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
* sebner waves at Keybuk 14:47
cjwatsonsabdfl: bug 51985514:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 519855 in udev "update-initramfs fails: ./lib/udev/firmware.sh does not exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51985514:50
sabdflcjwatson: should i not reboot, or just go ahead?14:51
cjwatsonI'm not sure yet14:51
cjwatsonfirmware.sh was converted to C14:51
ionThe old initramfs should still be there unchanged.14:52
sebnercjwatson: It set it to confirmed and there is already a patch14:53
cjwatsonI was just writing the obvious patch :)14:53
sebnerah heh14:54
cjwatsonsabdfl: you should be able to apply http://launchpadlibrarian.net/39011493/udev-firmware.patch and then 'update-initramfs -u' again14:54
sabdflcjwatson: i don't mind waiting for it to come via update if it won't hose my system on reboot14:58
sabdflor should i just be the guinea pig14:58
sebnersabdfl: in the worst case you might be able to do the "workaround" in the recovery shell :P14:59
sabdflok. if you don't see me again soon....14:59
kklimondaI've just applied the patch, updated initramfs and rebooted - all works fine14:59
sabdflanybody reboot without the patch?14:59
kklimondasabdfl, someone on ubuntuforums did and it worked15:00
sabdflok, see you all soon then, and thanks for the help15:00
sebnerkklimonda: bah, you are spoiling all the fun :P15:00
sebnersabdfl: hf!15:00
cjwatsonreboot without the patch> that will depend on details of your hardware15:01
cjwatsoni.e. whether you need firmware to be loaded in order to mount the root filesystem15:01
cjwatsonmost systems don't, but a few SCSI systems need the firmware loader15:02
cjwatsonas do things like NFS-root over network devices that need firmware15:02
=== RoAk is now known as RoAkSoAx
kklimondacjwatson, hmm.. but if update-initramfs fails older version of initramfs is going to be used which still has /lib/udev/firmware.sh - at which point is it going to fail to boot?15:06
cjwatsonkklimonda: dunno15:07
cjwatsonmvo: do you want to mark foundations-lucid-dynamic-cdrom-handling as implemented (I figure you should get the karma!), or do you want to do something about the postponed WI there?15:09
mbuddekenvandine: Is there python-appindicator 0.0.12 build for karmic?15:12
micahgkees: ping re PIE for xulrunner15:12
cjwatsonKeybuk: BTW, you asked about my initramfs-tools branch at the end of last week; as far as I can tell I pushed the changes to bzr before I uploaded them, and everything looked up to date when I checked independently15:13
kenvandinembudde, oh... no... i need to do that in the ppa15:14
kenvandinembudde, i'll ping you when it is15:15
mvocjwatson: karma!15:15
mvocjwatson: I mark it implemented :) thanks. the remaining item is really small, I will see what I can do about it, but its not a big issue in the UI15:16
JFoKeybuk, I wonder if you would be interested in looking over some "Deleting plymouth seems to have fixed/created issues" bugs I have on the kernel?15:16
JFofor instance bug 51845215:16
cjwatsonmvo: righto15:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 518452 in linux "[Lucid] No longer boots with new 2.6.32-12 generic kernel" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51845215:16
mbuddekenvandine: great!15:16
=== asac_ is now known as asac
dholbachRiddell: could it be that kdebase in the kubuntu-ppa has ubuntu-devel@lists.u.c set as Maintainer address?15:43
t3rm1n4li tried to load "record" module X11 on 9.1015:44
t3rm1n4lbut i couldnt15:44
t3rm1n4li heard it is broken15:44
BlackZt3rm1n4l, I think it's better to ask in #ubuntu - if you think it's a bug you can report it (see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/) thanks15:51
pittimvo: signal> looks fine to me15:55
dholbachRiddell: kdepim4 and kdeutils4 too - we get mails on ubuntu-reviews because of that15:58
=== xomas_ is now known as xomas
cjwatsondholbach: isn't it just kubuntu-ninjas -> kubuntu-dev -> ubuntu-core-dev or some such16:06
cjwatsonsome team along the kubuntu bit of the chain probably needs to get a contact address set16:07
dholbachah ok16:07
cjwatsonit's not particularly new, just that some stuff failed recently16:07
tkamppeterkeybuk, hi16:40
cjwatsonfor those who were asking: I've done a new-source run, mostly.  I left out a few packages which collided with other source packages or whatever and needed some manual inspection; if you're still missing anything that's in testing and you can't figure out why it isn't in lucid, shout16:43
Keybukcjwatson: did you do contrib and non-free too?16:43
persiacjwatson: swt-gtk came up earlier : does that apply only for NEW sources, or also outstanding syncs?16:44
* ogra just wants that one package that magically fixes all our bugs ... but i guess that wasnt even uploaded to debian yet :)16:44
sebnercjohnston: alien-arena16:45
sebnerI guess that counts for contrib16:45
sebnerKeybuk: ^16:45
Keybukogra: did you boot with "nobugs" on the kernel command-line?16:45
Laneythat's not new-source :)16:45
ograKeybuk, awww, that might be it :)16:46
tjaaltonslangasek: http://linux-nfs.org/pipermail/nfsv4/2010-February/012075.html16:51
tjaaltonslangasek: so we might want to pull those for the lucid kernel. I'll try the patches tomorrow16:52
cjwatsonKeybuk: yes17:02
cjwatsonpersia: I didn't do outstanding syncs, is there a bug open about this one or is it just a sync from testing?17:02
cjwatson... the latter apparently.  I'll do it now17:03
persiacjwatson: Just a sync from testing : I don't mean to escalate it if it's in the category of "not done yet" rather than "something is wonky".17:03
sebnercjwatson: alien-arena is in testing17:03
sebnernot new-source though17:04
sebnercjwatson: will you also do a normal autosync run?17:05
cjwatsonsebner: it's running right now17:06
cjwatsonsebner: yes, I already did alien-arena, thanks17:06
sebnercjwatson: cool, thanks :)17:07
cjwatsonoh, maybe not, that's autosync not new17:07
cjwatsonI'll do it, it's running17:08
cjwatsonE: swt-gtk is trying to override libswt-gtk-3.5-java_3.5.1+repack~3-0ubuntu1 without -f/--force.17:08
cjwatsonpersia: which of swt-gtk and eclipse should win?17:08
* persia runs off to get an expert opinion17:08
cjwatsonif the answer is swt-gtk, then eclipse still needs to be modified to stop building that package, or the next upload will fail17:09
persiaRight.  I've asked nthykier, but there may be some time before I get the answer.  Given the work being done to get a working eclipse into Debian before sqeeze freeze, I suspect there's a good chance that this is sortable with the next eclipse upload.17:10
persiaBut at least now I know why it wasn't working.  Is the sync blocked in a useful way, or will this problem come inevitably?17:12
persiacjwatson: Will the "E: swt-gtk is trying to override libswt-gtk-3.5-java_3.5.1+repack~3-0ubuntu1 ..." error continue to block the sync until I get an answer, or is it certain that eclipse needs to be modified and reuploaded?17:13
cjwatsonpersia: we can override the error if instructed appropriately, although eclipse *should* still see an upload around the same time if at all possible; in the meantime, the sync will continue to fail17:14
persiacjwatson: The sync failing for now is the best behaviour.  I'll sort it between those working on eclipse and those depending on swt-gtk and try to get the sync and upload organised this week.17:15
cjwatsonok, blacklisted for the moment with a comment referring to you17:16
cjwatsonwow, somebody using .orig-COMPONENT.tar.gz (wmaker-data)17:16
persiaThanks.  I'll file a bug to unblacklist once it's sorted.17:17
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
Keybukcjwatson: you can always count on those Window Maker guys to be ahead of the curve17:25
Keybukit's the way they cling onto a window manager that was popular in the 90s17:25
ionkeybuk: Our present desktop still clings onto the style of window management that was popular in the 90s. :-P17:28
Keybukion: I've bitched about this a lot too17:29
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
gesercjwatson: is there a list somewhere with failed autosyncs so they can get investigated?17:42
cjwatsongeser: sadly not, the toolset makes it hard to generate too17:42
cjwatsonwhat happens is you run sync-source.py -a and it falls over somewhere17:42
cjwatsonthen you have to blacklist it and run sync-source.py -a, which starts over again from the beginning17:43
cjwatsonrepeat until very bored17:43
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
cjwatsonsebner: alien-arena runs into some crazy unpack failure too.  do you care about it?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/373384/18:11
cjwatsonthis is dpkg-dev 1.15.4ubuntu2~0.CAT.8.04; not *that* old but I suppose it might have been fixed in dpkg since then18:11
sebnercjwatson: I'll take a look18:12
cjwatsonblacklisted for now, anyway; FWIW the sync blacklist is here: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/sync-blacklist.txt18:12
sebnercjwatson: local lucid pbuilder fails, dpkg-source -x works locally though18:24
cjwatsonwho knows ...18:25
peciskit is known when Evo 2.29.x versions will roll in Lucid?18:48
persiapecisk: Never precisely, because of the wide number of factors involved.18:50
seb128pecisk, never18:53
seb1282.29 is a rewrite of many component18:54
seb128switching bonobo to dbus18:54
seb128and bonoboui to gtk18:54
seb128we don't think it's stable enough for a lts18:54
seb128and other distro will ship 2.28 for their lts as well18:54
seb128ie rhel618:54
peciskwell, it's understandable reasoing18:55
seb128you will probably have a ppa for 2.30 somewhere18:56
peciskseb128, yep, I thought about it18:56
peciskso it's probably worth to roll out my own PPA for it then18:57
peciskthanks for info :)18:57
nxvlkirkland: hey, are you around?19:03
nxvlkirkland: i just reported this bug: Bug #520004, and tracker it down until a fix you made19:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 520004 in initramfs-tools "Fail to Upgrade to Lucid due initramfs-tools broken package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52000419:03
kirklandnxvl: yo19:03
nxvlit seems that /script/functions is missing19:04
kirklandnxvl: i think that's a dupe19:04
kirklandbug 51985519:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 519855 in udev "update-initramfs fails: ./lib/udev/firmware.sh does not exist" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51985519:04
kirklandnxvl: you can hack it by symlinking firmware to firmware.sh19:05
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
nxvlkirkland: and the scripts/function thing is just a warning that can be ignored?19:05
kirklandnxvl: i'm not sure; i know that the firmware thing will break you though19:06
nxvlkirkland: just testing the firmware thing19:06
nxvlkirkland: huh, it looks like it worked, thanks, i got the other message aswell tought, but it worked19:07
nxvlkirkland: thank you19:07
kirklandnxvl: no problemo19:08
smoserslangasek, is there anything i can do for you for bug 50488319:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 504883 in udev "job with "mounted MOUNTPOINT=/ and net-device-up IFACE=eth0" blocks boot" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50488319:26
smoseri would really like to see it fixed sooner rather than later, as running cloud-init much earlier could cause some issues for me.19:26
Chipzzdirecthex: you were at fosdem?19:35
Chipzzcool :)19:38
slangaseksmoser: it's turned over to Keybuk now for follow-up with udev upstream19:39
smoseris it something that will likely be fixed in alpha3 or beta1 ? or should i just plan on it not being fixed.  any thoughts?19:40
slangaseksmoser: ask Keybuk :)19:41
slangasekif you're saying it *should* be fixed sooner in order to not push your changes back too far, we can milestone it, but you should still talk to Keybuk to see what he thinks our options are19:41
smoserok. thanks. I'll try Keybuk tomorrow at a more reasonable hour.19:42
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pittiurgh, our ancient lvm2 breaks more and more stuff :(21:01
pittikees: ^ is it still a possibility to merge it with Debian?21:02
persiaDo we at least have a good excuse to have an ancient lvm2?21:02
ograpersia, *because*21:02
pittiI guess just nobody had the guts/time to merge it21:02
* persia did specify "good"21:02
pittiit's ancient, thus it's hard, thus it becomes even older, and harder21:03
* pitti waves good night21:06
keespitti: I was planning to merge today, unless you want to take it?21:11
keesoh, no, you're sleeping. :)21:12
* slangasek chuckles21:14
micahgkees: did you need us to backport the PIE build hardening to karmic and jaunty for xulrunner 1.9.1?21:14
keesmicahg: no thanks, I don't want to introduce changes like that for pre-lucid.21:15
apwanyone else seeing their password in plain text in seahorse in an up-to-date lucid?21:16
apw(for gpg)21:16
micahgkees: great, it should go into lucid with the release next week21:16
keesmicahg: cool21:19
ograapw, not here21:21
apwogra, what is with this machine21:22
TheMusoapw: Yeah I saw that yesterday.21:29
apwTheMuso, not good ... gone again today?21:29
* apw updates to find out21:29
* TheMuso does also.21:30
shtylman_\sh: I responded to the google perftools issue... its kinda unclear to me cause launchpad shows the package (libunwind)21:57
shtylman_maybe its not built yet?21:57
=== EagleScreen is now known as Guest94638
Guest94638I see that usplash is in universe in lucid, is it going to be replaced by another tool?22:09
TheMusoGuest94638: Plymouth has replaced usplash.22:13
Guest94638I see22:14
directhexasac, well, mono on arm built okay - any idea if it *works*?22:50
directhex325 test(s) passed. 39 test(s) did not pass.22:52
asacdirecthex: not tried yet, isnt there a test suite run during build we could look at?22:52
directhexhrm. wonder how that compares to karmic22:52
asacdirecthex: what is the fail ratio on i386?22:52
directhex0 on i386/amd6422:52
directhex0 on ppc. 4 on sparc, 1 on itanium22:52
directhexlet's check arm on karmic22:53
directhex321 test(s) passed. 40 test(s) did not pass.22:53
directhexaha, not so bad after all22:53
directhexassuming it worked on karmic, anyway22:55
asacdirecthex: is there a test summary in log so we can check what actually failed?22:55
asacdirecthex: afaik, mono had issues on arm in karmic22:55
directhexasac, yes, there is. http://launchpadlibrarian.net/39020256/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-armel.mono_2.4.3%2Bdfsg-1ubuntu2_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz - search for "did not pass" and scroll up or down22:56
asachmm. often not really obvious  what it does22:57
directhexoh... actually, search for "show time", that's where the suite starts22:57
* asac looks at exception6.cs22:58
asacdirecthex: does that failed 512(2) mean that it returned exit code 2?22:59
=== EagleScreen is now known as Guest17512
directhexhonestly, i'm not sure. i've never really dug too deep into the test suite23:01
ograapart from lp-integration and nautilus everything built23:02
asacassuming it means 2 ... it would mean that mono doesnt throw exception for overflow of Int.MaxValue23:02
asacon arm :/23:02
asacmaybe i should really try --with-jit=no23:03
ogra** (/usr/lib/mono/2.0/gacutil.exe:9843): CRITICAL **: _wapi_shm_file_open: shared file [/root/.wapi/shared_data-huito-Linux-armv7l-312-12-0] open error: Permission denied23:04
asacwhat is .wapi?23:04
ograno idea, directhex ?23:04
asachmm. weatherapi23:04
directhexi think it's a thing it uses for storing semaphores. i think you can disable it23:04
directhexhang on23:04
asacbut not sure, because that is python ;)23:04
crypt-0does this have anything to do with monodevelop?23:05
ograwhy does it try to open /root/.wapi ?23:05
ograit shoudnt try to access /root on the buildd23:06
ogra** (/usr/lib/mono/2.0/gacutil.exe:2810): CRITICAL **: _wapi_shm_file_open: shared file [/root/.wapi/shared_data-palmer-Linux-i686-312-12-0] open error: Permission denied23:06
directhexogra, it's trying to do that on the buildd? i think we're supposed to be disabling that via debian/rules environment23:06
asacyes. its proably something trying to load profile data ;)23:06
ograaha, same thing on x8623:06
ogradirecthex, yeah, the package is screwed on all arches23:07
ograseems it was completely repackaged in cdbs23:07
=== EagleSn is now known as EagleScreen
ograi wonder why23:08
ogra- Revert from DH7 to CDBS and correctly do CLI build23:08
asacwho maintains that?23:08
asacyeah .... great move ;)23:08
ogranot as correctly as expected :)23:08
ograuploaded by robert_ancell23:08
directhexogra, to stop .wapi being an issue, it's neccessary to export an environment variable. i guess it's missing from launchpad-integration?23:10
ograwell, i wont fix it tonight ;)23:10
asacogra: nautilus seems to be waiting for a builder (e.g. didnt fail)?23:10
directhexyeah, seems the export is missing23:11
ograi just gave it back, it was failing before due to indicator-app not being done23:11
ograbut i-a is published now23:11
directhexexport MONO_SHARED_DIR=$(CURDIR)23:11
ogranext run should succeed23:11
directhex^^ add that to debian/rules for launchpad-integration23:11
directhexshould fix it23:11
Caesarzul: ping23:12
seb128ogra, asac: lpi uses cdbs for years23:15
ograseb128, then i wonder about that changelog entry23:15
seb128ogra, asac: robert_ancell changed it to dh7 to fix a mono binding packaging issue but broke all cdbs magic rules on the way23:16
seb128so we did revert to cdbs23:16
seb128and fixed the mono build differently23:16
* ogra didnt know23:16
ograno, you didnt :)23:16
bdrungcan a core-dev unsubscribe u-m-s from bug #407649 please?23:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407649 in scim-anthy "Sync scim-anthy 1.2.7-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40764923:16
seb128ogra, they copied the debian wiki snippet23:16
ograexport MONO_SHARED_DIR=$(CURDIR) seems to be missing according to directhex23:17
seb128why do we need that?23:17
seb128and is dh7 doing that for you?23:17
ogra* (/usr/lib/mono/2.0/gacutil.exe:9843): CRITICAL **: _wapi_shm_file_open: shared file [/root/.wapi/shared_data-huito-Linux-armv7l-312-12-0] open error: Permission denied23:18
ograit tries to import stuff from /root23:18
ograsame on all arches23:18
Laneyit is used for IPC afaik23:18
directhexyeah, ipc semaphore nonsense23:18
directhexit stores them in $MONO_SHARED_DIR/.wapi23:19
Laneyyou want to export MONO_DISABLE_SHM = 123:19
Laneyor use cli.make23:19
directhexoh, that works too23:19
robert_ancellcli.make required dh7 :)23:19
Laneywell, it exports DH_OPTIONS too, but I would hope that that's harmless23:20
Laneyif you do directhex's solution, you should make sure to clean up after it in clean:23:21
robert_ancellLaney, DH_OPTIONS makes everything complain in <dh723:21
Laneywhat has that?23:21
Laneyand isn't it just a warning?23:21
Laneya pointless discussion anyway since we are talking about one export :)23:21
seb128RAOF has it all fixed apparently23:22
CaesarI was wondering if someone would be able to sponsor an upload for me? It's a patch in #51911923:22
* robert_ancell wishes we could migrate everything to dh7 overnight23:22
RAOFdh7 is much clearer when you're doing strange things :)23:22
persiarobert_ancell: Too much breaks right now, but the time is coming.23:23
ograrobert_ancell, upload dh7-automigration23:23
ogra(and hope it does what the name says :) =23:23
persiarobert_ancell: Make python-central dh7 compatible :)23:23
cjwatson... it isn't?23:23
Laneysomeone should port the magic that is done by cdbs for gnomish things to DH723:23
cjwatsonLaney: yes, definitely23:24
asacbdrung: done23:24
bdrungasac: thanks23:25
bdrungasac: now you are my victim. ;) can you ack bug #517854 and sponsor bug #515230?23:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 517854 in mozilla-devscripts "Sync mozilla-devscripts 0.20 (main) from Debian sid (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51785423:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 515230 in lintian "Please merge lintian 2.3.3 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51523023:26
seb128robert_ancell, you don't want to migrate anything gnomish to dh723:26
ograCaesar, why did you assign it to zul ?23:26
seb128robert_ancell, we would loose language pack magic and all the gnome magic for gconf, schemas, etc23:27
robert_ancellseb128, we need a dh7 sprint23:27
Caesarogra: because we'd talked about it23:27
Caesarhe'd also created the problem I was trying to fix23:27
CaesarBut he also said he'd upload it yesterday, and he hasn't23:27
seb128robert_ancell, I've better to do that rewritting working packages with an another packaging system I think ;-)23:28
ograright, doing that now23:28
Caesarawesome, thanks23:28
persiarobert_ancell: If you *do* want to migrate the gnomish stuff, you might find the recent changes in pkg-kde-tools a reasonable guide to how to do it.23:28
robert_ancellpersia, not planning on doing it any time soon but thanks for the tip23:29
ograCaesar, hmm, seems he already uploaded it23:30
* Caesar consults rmadison23:30
CaesarSorry to waste your time23:31
ograno waste happened :)23:31
ograi'm just idling in front of my lappie waiting for image builds to finish :)23:32
CaesarAh :-)23:32
cjwatsonthe reason to migrate that stuff to dh7 is that then it would be possible to use that stuff in packages that are already using dh7 for other reasons23:34
cjwatson(the vast bulk of which don't care, but a few do)23:34
cjwatsonor it seems likely that a few do anyway23:34
cjwatsonby "migrate to" I mean "add support for it in"23:34
highvoltagehmm, I never realised that windows server also had its own release cadence: http://www.engadget.com/2010/02/10/microsoft-employee-raves-about-windows-next-in-a-blog-post-bl/23:49
slangasekaaaah, why is seahorse prompting for my passphrase in cleartext?23:50
ograslangasek, apw complained about that before, he might have filed a bug (or TheMuso wh saw it too) i couldnt reproduce it here23:51
seb128slangasek, I've a suspicious it's due to the upstream change to change the secure text entry widget23:51
seb128slangasek, bug #52009923:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 520099 in seahorse "gpg password prompt showing password in clear text" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52009923:52
seb128it's probably wrongly assigned to seahorse rather seahorse-plugins though23:52
seb128slangasek, http://git.gnome.org/browse/seahorse-plugins/commit/?id=ed6f046ff86e34925acb8ec045b150d26137d47223:53
seb128would be my guess as faulty commit23:53
* slangasek fiddles the bug state23:54
slangasekseb128: thanks23:54
seb128I will debug that tomorrow if nobody does before23:54
seb128slangasek, I'm wondering if that's again a bug due to the input method you use23:55
seb128or rather happening only when using one23:56
seb128we had one of those previous cycle23:56
seb128can you try without XIM_... or whatever the variable is called?23:56
seb128slangasek, try unsetting GTK_IM_MODULE?23:57

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